Damian Lewis Lost A Sword Fight Mid-Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Billions' star Damian Lewis' first Broadway show was 'Hamlet.' It was also the first show in which he took a sword to the face.
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12-Mar, 2019



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bust nut
bust nut 20 soat oldin
why doesnt he have his british accent, is he a method actor?
Jay Torr
Jay Torr 2 kun oldin
He's so chill... haha!!
Tanujaa Ravikumar
Tanujaa Ravikumar 3 kun oldin
Aww he's so cute 😂❤❤❤
Skinny boi _
Skinny boi _ 4 kun oldin
He will always be Winters for me
Tara Severa-Miller
Tara Severa-Miller 4 kun oldin
He will always be Bobby Axelrod, to me.
twyfordlion 4 kun oldin
why is he speaking like an American, he is British or is he just pissed up ............... as we Brits would say.
Alice's Rabbit
Alice's Rabbit 5 kun oldin
Hahaha! I've been out of town all week, and now I'm finally home sipping a dirty martini and catching up on the missed Colberts. Perfect start. Cheers!
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 5 kun oldin
Damian looks like he's already blasted from the get-go. Remember him from DREAMCATCHER.
Tyleride16 5 kun oldin
We solute the rank, not the man.
Wired Weird
Wired Weird 6 kun oldin
6:00 For a second I thought Damian was re-enacting a scene from "Inherit the Wind"
Shan Hussain
Shan Hussain 6 kun oldin
The eyes Damian... You eyes. A bit of a giveaway
Daniel Verberne
Daniel Verberne 6 kun oldin
What ... what is wrong with his accent?
T Mox
T Mox 6 kun oldin
I thought he was British
Raoul Fleckman
Raoul Fleckman 6 kun oldin
Why did the band play "PsychoKiller"?? anybody?
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 6 kun oldin
Major Winters..
Chris R
Chris R 6 kun oldin
Did Damian get a head start on that bourbon..? Or has he just 'gone native'? He hardly sounds like the old Etonian of yore.
Povl Besser
Povl Besser 6 kun oldin
Uhm, excuse me, Stephen. I know Damian Lewis from Band of Brothers and nothing else matters.
Ravi Hooda
Ravi Hooda 6 kun oldin
He killed it as Winters and axelrod. I love him
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 7 kun oldin
Ummmmm.... why’s he using an American accent?
bellajuventina 7 kun oldin
He’ll always be Brody for me.
El Chungo
El Chungo 7 kun oldin
I legit thought he’d farted
Kinga Kristóf
Kinga Kristóf 7 kun oldin
That glass clink dance mid-video was smoother than the bourbon.
Weirduncle Bob V
Weirduncle Bob V 7 kun oldin
Never heard of Damian or Billions but YNWA, anyway, lad! :D
Isabel Climent Aroz
When Stephen introduced him I thoght, ok, some random guy I don't know. And then Major Winters comes out!
Jojo Dizon
Jojo Dizon 7 kun oldin
Isnt he the original Steve Mcqueen from The Great Escape?
Marquise 7 kun oldin
*Loved him in band of brothers*
sdfkjgh 8 kun oldin
2:27 "If the doublet fits..."
Ivy King
Ivy King 8 kun oldin
And, stephen, ofcourse; Band of brothers. I am from Holland and watch band of brothers once every year.
D Harrison
D Harrison 8 kun oldin
This show sucks... Should be canceled!!!!
Ron Jon
Ron Jon 8 kun oldin
Damian’s accent improved ever since My Brothers Band
jesscateyeSQUAD 8 kun oldin
He kind of looks like a 40 year version of the main kid from malcolm in the middle😁that was the most awkward toast they did of their shot glasses
Sandrine Marie
Sandrine Marie 8 kun oldin
Favorite actor in homeland
Kevin Conrad
Kevin Conrad 8 kun oldin
I live with an actor, the fart noises is correct.
Peter 8 kun oldin
MORE LIKE KNOWN FROM BAND OF BROTHERS! Greatest TV series of all time!
CatherineAnn923 8 kun oldin
Why wouldn't Stephen mention Band of Brothers?! 😨👿 That's Damian's most iconic role, IMHO. 😍😀
bob burroughs
bob burroughs 8 kun oldin
Couldn't Damian get a jacket his size? And he's pissed.
Cy *
Cy * 8 kun oldin
Cocaine's a hell of a drug
That walkout song... Tomasso Ciampa would be proud.
Guitar Portal
Guitar Portal 8 kun oldin
British royalty rich kid here! Wake up sheeple!!!
byindani 8 kun oldin
I know him from Band of Brothers and Life. Also he seems a little juiced.
Diego De La Vega
Diego De La Vega 8 kun oldin
Also never going to look at major winter the same way again
Craig Baily
Craig Baily 8 kun oldin
Dont care...
Ellen Spear
Ellen Spear 8 kun oldin
Okay, what's with the American accent, Damian Lewis? Please be yourself.
Legacy Robot
Legacy Robot 8 kun oldin
Bobby Axelrod, Brody this guy is simply a screen legend!
Jerry Bot
Jerry Bot 8 kun oldin
From the youtube thumbnail at fist I thought it was the dude from Malcom In The Middle, but then it turned out to be the guy from Band of Brothers.
Rentendo 64
Rentendo 64 8 kun oldin
7:54 the respect for Broadway was immaculate just here lol
Sean Inness
Sean Inness 8 kun oldin
Even blunt blades can maim and/or kill. Don't f@#k around.
Mrs. S
Mrs. S 8 kun oldin
Why do I remember him having a much much thicker accent?
Saltyprograms !
Saltyprograms ! 8 kun oldin
Loved him in Romeo and Juliet has lord capulet and loved him in band of brother as major winter
VC YT 8 kun oldin
He was a great King Henry 8th !
Tomahawk Tom
Tomahawk Tom 8 kun oldin
But no mention of Dick Winters? Punk
Steph Bottorff
Steph Bottorff 8 kun oldin
This makes me want to re watch Band of Brothers. Its been awhile.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 8 kun oldin
Hello, Humans. There is a place that doesn't have sand or water. A place that allows you to manipulate the very fabric of reality. Nothing can prepare you for the unknown. The water and sand throughout the universe will create life. That life will end, in order to create more sand and water. Sometimes in life.... TERRANCE OUT
dugfriendly 8 kun oldin
Third season of “Life”!!
RKMurphy 8 kun oldin
Ever since winters had that one drink with nixon he couldnt handle himself. For real though he sounds (and looks) pretty sloshed during this. Wont be surprised if there some stupid controversy about it soon.
J P 8 kun oldin
The three shows he said I would know him from..... haven't heard of any of them. Why not just say Band of Brothers?
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards 8 kun oldin
What's with the wanky American accent?
Wyatt King
Wyatt King 8 kun oldin
Who the hell cares that his accent has changed over the years? That ginger is a damn national treasure!
schizomania 8 kun oldin
Why does he look like a coke addicted Frankie Muniz
Ash bash 8717
Ash bash 8717 8 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 I just spit water across the room. Lmao. That was good.
joolsca 8 kun oldin
His accent is so Americanized for this audience...when he's at home he's still British
iamtrevo 8 kun oldin
Axel rod!!
Philip Mansour
Philip Mansour 8 kun oldin
Dude this guy could play the next Grinch!
Apple Lynch
Apple Lynch 8 kun oldin
Love him in billions Bobby Alxrode
Apple Lynch
Apple Lynch 8 kun oldin
Love him in billions Bobby Alxrode
B V 8 kun oldin
Stephen: ...you know him from Wolf Hall, Homeland and Billions Me: ....never heard of any of those shows.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 8 kun oldin
A SH2018
A SH2018 8 kun oldin
Is it only me or he's looking a bit like Steve McQueen
Simon Worrall
Simon Worrall 8 kun oldin
What's with the american accent??
Claire Poole
Claire Poole 8 kun oldin
Why is posh Etonian actor speaking in American accent
Yang Ji
Yang Ji 8 kun oldin
Billions is a great show. I need to get back to season 3 soon to catch up.
Daemoncles RatHeir
Daemoncles RatHeir 8 kun oldin
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Jeremy 8 kun oldin
Dude is tanked, wow
Corey Dunlap
Corey Dunlap 8 kun oldin
I didn’t realize the lead singer of queens of the stone age was so cool
C J 8 kun oldin
Looking at the number of thumbs up, this interview was really underrated - this was funny 😁
Francophone Scandinavian
Ah, Soames Forsyte, you haven't changed a bit 💙. But your accent sure has 😉.
Austin Williams
Austin Williams 8 kun oldin
That dance with the drinks when they tried to clink glasses was hilarious
Magnetar 117
Magnetar 117 8 kun oldin
Stephen broke the drinking rule with the bar ice cubes. It's 2 cube per glass not 3 come on Stephen you should know better.
Metalhead777 8 kun oldin
Sergeant, Captain or Major, he will always be Winters!
vijay narasiman
vijay narasiman 8 kun oldin
the crowd kind of sucks
mav 8 kun oldin
sounds drunk in american accent
Elektro_pionir 8 kun oldin
Hello Colbert people! THE. BAND. OF. F***. BROTHERS!
Raven Fields
Raven Fields 8 kun oldin
Having done living history and professional show fighter for 20 yrs I can sympathise with the wound . My most weird was a freak accident resulting in stitches on the back of my throat
B-dog McFlannigans
B-dog McFlannigans 8 kun oldin
he’s doing an American accident the whole time?
WarBoyz 95
WarBoyz 95 8 kun oldin
Major Winters sir!! (Salute)
punknaught 8 kun oldin
You broke Damien Lewis America...good job, he goes from accent to no accent to part of an accent to full british, to none and back again all in a span of 2 mins. But that could be the drinks before and during.
Mohamed Alfalo
Mohamed Alfalo 8 kun oldin
@6:06 No wonder the movie had underwear budget. 🤣
Jim Maughan
Jim Maughan 8 kun oldin
Hope he doesn't get in a sword fight after the show. He sucks when he's pissed.
Luz Rosas
Luz Rosas 8 kun oldin
I was missing the funny interviews, lastly you had just commercial/non-funny interviews
Chaotic Cinema
Chaotic Cinema 8 kun oldin
Can't wait to see him play Steve McQueen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ?
RyshuPicchu 8 kun oldin
sorry =/
Chrissie K
Chrissie K 8 kun oldin
When Stephen took out ice 😂😂😂
Gaussamer 8 kun oldin
yall need to see damian's friends romans countrymen speech
Nitro_Strike 8 kun oldin
Well... it’s time for another Band of Brothers marathon. Happens every time I see an actor from that mini series.
Mark Pemberton
Mark Pemberton 8 kun oldin
Holy shit that was some terrible acting in that clip.
PumpkinEskobarr 8 kun oldin
I love the scoring to Billions.
PumpkinEskobarr 8 kun oldin
Eh eh, he's getting real Yankee now. He's probably one of those people when he hangs out with his own it comes back like speaking another language. And maybe he dilutes it when he's speaking to non-Brits. I see that in my family a lot. hanging out with west indians it's thick and get's thicker and then when at work, it's super washed out.
Ganiscol 8 kun oldin
Steve McQueen's younger brother, ladies and gentlemen!
Bailo Descalza
Bailo Descalza 8 kun oldin
My info button of my DVR said that the guest star was Idris Elba...
jojo 8 kun oldin
Okay everyone - first, if you were to name everything this man has been in, the intro would have gone on too long. Second, he is definitely from an upper-middle family, married to Helen McCrory, and he spent many summers with family in the US, hence his excellent American accent. Which he chooses to use, but, unlike Charlie Hunnam, he has NOT lost his British accent.
Brian Forrest
Brian Forrest 8 kun oldin
Thank you for that intro, Jon.
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