Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy gives Daniel Radcliffe a chance to react to some popular Harry Potter memes, and The Lifespan of a Fact star reveals how he's going to manage Fantasy football leagues while doing Sunday performances on Broadway.
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Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes




13-Sen, 2018

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Dip Them Chips
Dip Them Chips 9 soat oldin
hasan usman
hasan usman 17 soat oldin
Whoever wrote this segment is VERY behind on memes
Bagel_Unicorn Gacha
Bagel_Unicorn Gacha 19 soat oldin
My bff has the second me,e on her ipad
Finley Neher
Finley Neher 21 soat oldin
Subscribe to pewdiepie
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 21 soat oldin
He didn't even show the good memes dude really. My fave is the one with Malfoy : HOW FUCKING FASCINATING FATHER.
Phebe Hunt
Phebe Hunt Kun oldin
When Daniel suggested Harry Potter musicals.... AVPM!!
Abby’s Gaming
Abby’s Gaming Kun oldin
I may be stupid but is Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter????
Dylan Barker
Dylan Barker Kun oldin
Whatttttt you were the Hermione dancing
Zachary Tabz
Zachary Tabz Kun oldin
I feel quite sad when I stutter but I am not alone.
Yuzuki Betita
Yuzuki Betita Kun oldin
"I-I should I should be *educated* "
Simply Erica
Simply Erica Kun oldin
"Never felt cool playing that character" *Radcliffe, please, Harry Potter fans out there are watching*
Isavirs Kun oldin
You could see by Daniel's mouth movement that he was cringing internally on levels never yet seen on TV. They should have brought Guinness World Records to the show for breaking the record for "Most Cringe in 6 and a half minutes".
David Mu
David Mu 2 kun oldin
Daniel changed
Reidtubegaming2258 2 kun oldin
Unicorn Kid
Unicorn Kid 2 kun oldin
The Hermione dancing was #CRINGE
Lukrecija B
Lukrecija B 2 kun oldin
he is smol
Ana Banana
Ana Banana 2 kun oldin
Wow ok cool nice... ok PEPPER
Panicks28 2 kun oldin
I got a Harry Potter game ad for this video
Lifeof Twintutorials
Omg today i finished the first Harry Potter book today and this comes up in my recommended
Fridays With Fig
Fridays With Fig 2 kun oldin
Bangtan_ High
Bangtan_ High 2 kun oldin
I'm so glad he's so humblenand sweet..it hurts
SnazzyPotatoes 3 kun oldin
maggie :3
maggie :3 3 kun oldin
oh boy my man jimmy just whipped out the impact font, this'll be good.
Alice Plautz
Alice Plautz 3 kun oldin
Save him
Lori Hyslop
Lori Hyslop 3 kun oldin
I think it would be so cool to be in films at that age because if you’re ever feeling nostalgic for your childhood you can just go and watch 8 whole movies of you growing up and the amazing experiences you had playing one of the most famous fictional characters of all time and not even being fully aware of the gravity of that
Katona Queen of Darkness
Harry to Sirius: Surly you can be serious! Sirius: Harry stop calling me Shirley, my name is Sirius Harry:....
Katona Queen of Darkness
Who else thinks Daniel Radcliffe was WAAAAAAYYY cuter as a kid?
Amelia Leach
Amelia Leach 3 kun oldin
I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one 😁
Arik Buchy
Arik Buchy 3 kun oldin
I like his character on harry potter rather than the original character himself.. as harry potter he looks cool and serious but in reality he is more fun and entertaining..
Astronomy Club
Astronomy Club 3 kun oldin
Dairy Products
Dairy Products 3 kun oldin
Mmmmm I love me some Jimmy Fallon and top caption bottom caption 2012 memes
HappyDarx 4 kun oldin
Phoenix: Listen here little boy… Bring me some burgers and fries. That’s an *order*. *HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX*
yourlocalperson 4 kun oldin
Chen Samurai
Chen Samurai 4 kun oldin
I think he doesn't like *too much* attention, he's a humble guy and he seems to have a good personality. In the video his hands were a little bit shaking, I think it's because he was thinking about how to react to "memes" that *lacked amusement* and he cared about not to do mistakes in front of the crowd. Some of the celebrities love being extremely busy with these shows to become more famous and they sometimes act inappropriately just to get attention. So from what I've seen in the videos he has been in, this actor is probably a normal, healthy guy.
Shadow_X 4 kun oldin
Emma watson should react to dancing hermione
YOXYO 4 kun oldin
He is so nervous.
Dawna Dunn
Dawna Dunn 4 kun oldin
2:26 did the dancing Hermione like forget she was dressed up just like full Emma Watson mode
Alex Durst
Alex Durst 4 kun oldin
country city
country city 5 kun oldin
you can take the teen wolf 3 movie mask off now bigot ur karaoke movie career been over since harry the pot smoker 🤪 🙄👎🏼
iMeshu 5 kun oldin
Ashvin Lad
Ashvin Lad 5 kun oldin
uR a MeME hArRy.
KenDrei 5 kun oldin
I loov that accent
Skillfully Stupid
Skillfully Stupid 5 kun oldin
I am sure that all of those who have disliked the video are muggles!
PianoMan Jonesy
PianoMan Jonesy 5 kun oldin
Harry Potter as a lizard. YOUR A LIZARD HARRY
Shanti Nikhanj
Shanti Nikhanj 5 kun oldin
He still sounds like Harry..
Nick Ciminelli
Nick Ciminelli 5 kun oldin
Omg this is actually a thing
Lorena Montalvo
Lorena Montalvo 6 kun oldin
Abida Abida Abida Abida Abida
FFOrange 6 kun oldin
Wow this is shit
WebbNotic 6 kun oldin
Up yours Jimmy
Lauren Ball
Lauren Ball 6 kun oldin
This video made me want to die more than norma
Tierl 6 kun oldin
Meme Review! *clap *clap
10,000 subscribers with out any videos
*who made this segment very.... **_OUTDATED_** memes*
Abby Segal
Abby Segal 7 kun oldin
Rebecca Coldwell
Rebecca Coldwell 7 kun oldin
3:55 😹
Ann Howard
Ann Howard 7 kun oldin
Daniel: we should remake the films as musicians Darren criss in the corner in his A very Potter musical costume on: 😏😏😏 😂😂😂
FuTr Gucci
FuTr Gucci 7 kun oldin
Trisha Denneze
Trisha Denneze 7 kun oldin
His voice is still the same! I really miss Harry Potter. Like if you do🥰
be natural
be natural 7 kun oldin
be natural
be natural 7 kun oldin
That Hermione dance was everything 😂😂
be natural
be natural 7 kun oldin
His accent is everything
Amelia The Gymnast
Amelia The Gymnast 7 kun oldin
I’m watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Ahsaja Balakumaresan
I am such a harry Potter fan
Marian Rose
Marian Rose 7 kun oldin
"need to turn the films into a musical" hon have you heard of A Very Potter Musical?? or A Very Potter Sequel????
Thrilller Night
Thrilller Night 7 kun oldin
3:16 to publish or not to publish
Ethan Tran
Ethan Tran 8 kun oldin
Well, that was shit
Jung Kookie
Jung Kookie 8 kun oldin
TheMooskyFox 8 kun oldin
Daniel just knows these memes are old.
Katy Stephanie
Katy Stephanie 8 kun oldin
Look how bloody short he is
NeonCookiePlayz 8 kun oldin
Hagrid:Your a wizard harry Harry:i'm a what? Hagrid:a wizard Harry:- Me:shut up already harry your a wizard stop reapiting the question!
Nimita Siju
Nimita Siju 8 kun oldin
Jadk Muldoon
Jadk Muldoon 9 kun oldin
Where's the Noscopers Stone?
country city
country city 9 kun oldin
would love to take potters little wand to make these 2 waist of human spaces disappear for life 👍🏼
アール ラティラ My Name
Idk why but british people sound the same for me.. Just my opinion
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 9 kun oldin
watch tomorrow when Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Fallon have a soy-milk drinking contest on national television, then get fucked in the ass by a dominatrix with a 10 inch hot pink strap on
3l0 BngOoz
3l0 BngOoz 9 kun oldin
His uncomfortably made me uncomfortable
Dark Ranger illumin4t3d
Daniels girlfriend is ugly af imo
Anum Mehmood
Anum Mehmood 10 kun oldin
Bales boring
Anum Mehmood
Anum Mehmood 10 kun oldin
You look rubbish Daniel Raddclife
Anum Mehmood
Anum Mehmood 10 kun oldin
I thought Daniel would talk like a old man
Bleach. 10 kun oldin
he sounds like a squeaky fangirl
#Potter Head
#Potter Head 10 kun oldin
I really love Harry Potter 🐉🐍🦁
xKasumi Chan
xKasumi Chan 10 kun oldin
Pretty boring memes they chose.. xd
BSS Narayana
BSS Narayana 11 kun oldin
Love you 😘😘😘
Kaira Ng
Kaira Ng 11 kun oldin
Daniel legit looks like a another version of Shane Dawson
Teddy 11 kun oldin
Kelsey still relevant
kathy garza
kathy garza 11 kun oldin
I'm sitting here like get a degree in memeoligy like me 😎
Schae Cripps
Schae Cripps 12 kun oldin
Unskippable adds make me wanna shoot myself
hectic hedghog
hectic hedghog 12 kun oldin
Not memes btw
vReleventz 12 kun oldin
I love harry potter I never get bored of watching it ☺
EmmiJ 12 kun oldin
My grandpa's jokes are more good
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 12 kun oldin
Poor little Harry... these memes are killing him. Where my Ravenclaws? 💙💙💙💙💙
kaledmasterme 12 kun oldin
Didn't even use the dirty harry/ shocked hermione memes. Shameful.
Zodia Clan
Zodia Clan 12 kun oldin
I came here cuz of now u see me 1 and 2 in 1 u see well that dude and in 2 u see a Harry dude
Ria Gupta
Ria Gupta 13 kun oldin
All the movies have already been turned in an amazing musical that is called A Very Potter Musical. Check it out, it's pretty funny.
Reader B
Reader B 13 kun oldin
i bet daniel knows memes
Reader B
Reader B 13 kun oldin
these OLD AF
Gemma Simmonds
Gemma Simmonds 13 kun oldin
Harry:Voldemort has came back with somthing he never had before Ron:A nose?
Henryka Roz
Henryka Roz 13 kun oldin
A czy daniel radcliffe potrafi mówić po polsku???
pics pictures
pics pictures 13 kun oldin
Daniel is so mature
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