David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure

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David Dobrik tries nine things he's never done before, from creating latte art and swaddling a baby, to performing CPR and sliding into Lana Del Rey's DMs. For more David Dobrik check out his UZvid: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure




21-Fev, 2019

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layla hernandez
layla hernandez Soat oldin
What a story for those babies 😂😂 Like they could be like in middle school or softball and be like “David Dobrik swaddled me when I was a baby and there is proof” 😂😂
Jessica Trace
Jessica Trace Soat oldin
David swaddling the baby omg I’m crying
Assthetic Soat oldin
** lisa koshy has entered the chat **
Lisa Doherty
Lisa Doherty Soat oldin
So hot. And hilarious.
god damn it karen
he looks so high the whole time
Jet Pham
Jet Pham Soat oldin
David: *is given baby* BURRITO TIME
meredith deferro
meredith deferro Soat oldin
David holding babies is LIFE
The literal discovery channel
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Deborah Rivera
Deborah Rivera Soat oldin
He is so cute! 😭
Alyssa Trabulsi
Alyssa Trabulsi Soat oldin
David: It’s like the baby! Also David: *Pushes as hard as possible
Brittany Alyssa
Brittany Alyssa Soat oldin
L Loaas
L Loaas Soat oldin
Everyone get my man Shakir Romeo Music to 100 subs
First Name Here
First Name Here Soat oldin
David dobrik is *definitely not* a horrible person
Gracie Grady
Gracie Grady Soat oldin
omg imagine david on *coffee....*
Umair Rashid
Umair Rashid Soat oldin
Free children
Davina Dyer
Davina Dyer Soat oldin
Lana my queen, you better respond!!
dina villoria
dina villoria 2 soat oldin
“ohh i get it. it’s like the baby” proceeds to use his knee to squish it down
WillowD4484 Thegamer
Babies :3
Big Boi
Big Boi 2 soat oldin
I would kill people to be that dummy
Davina Dyer
Davina Dyer 2 soat oldin
I'm loving David in that purple wig,lmao
Warlock Gaming
Warlock Gaming 2 soat oldin
Do Billie Eillish
Levi 123
Levi 123 2 soat oldin
Joze Reo
Joze Reo 2 soat oldin
Why wasnt "get a decent hair cut" one of the 9 things?
Fyan Renton
Fyan Renton 2 soat oldin
He looks so much like him from the office/John krasinski
Jaquie Parker
Jaquie Parker 2 soat oldin
why would you let him hold a baby
SoyaBeannn 2 soat oldin
Nina Irene
Nina Irene 2 soat oldin
I stan for *_soft david_*
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez 2 soat oldin
This made my semester 😭💕😂
Janet 2 soat oldin
Is my BABY trending????
Lazy Hazy
Lazy Hazy 2 soat oldin
Number 1 trending in UZvid
Morgan Kayla
Morgan Kayla 2 soat oldin
How’d yall know I would watch literally anything with David Dobrik in it?
Saud Marquees
Saud Marquees 2 soat oldin
your smile is infectious. 😍😍😍
V Medina
V Medina 2 soat oldin
What crazy woman let him hold her babies?! 😂
your dad
your dad 2 soat oldin
Did someone comb David’s hair
Moya Bailey
Moya Bailey 2 soat oldin
Literally smiled the whole time whilst watching ❤️❤️
Imran Shaik
Imran Shaik 2 soat oldin
who is he? why is this trending #!?
Chase Stoler
Chase Stoler 2 soat oldin
This dude famous famous
Sofia Covello
Sofia Covello 2 soat oldin
Saw David Dobrik holding a baby *CLICKS IMMEDIATELY*
Clorox Wipes
Clorox Wipes 2 soat oldin
David’s literally has not really dont anything
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 2 soat oldin
Was breaking up with Liza one of them?
Liliana Bucholz
Liliana Bucholz 2 soat oldin
Ok I’m 14 and I’ve swaddled a baby, I’ve performed cpr on a dummy, I’ve made late art, I’ve slid into Lana Del Ray’s dms and I’ve folded a fitted sheet smh
isabellagoria 2 soat oldin
The baby has been blessed
pixl 2 soat oldin
epic i guess
Sophia Ocampo
Sophia Ocampo 2 soat oldin
Morena Mollo
Morena Mollo 2 soat oldin
He needs some Marie Kondo
Sheri Donahue
Sheri Donahue 2 soat oldin
when he gets on the table to do cpr lolol
addienoodle 2 soat oldin
David would be a great dad omg 💖💖
Mya Hernandez
Mya Hernandez 2 soat oldin
i love everything in this video!!😁😁❤❤
jasmin derry
jasmin derry 2 soat oldin
“It’s like the baby” the proceeds to dig his knee into it
Paige Parkss
Paige Parkss 2 soat oldin
I’m in love
Ola K.
Ola K. 2 soat oldin
Liza seeing David holding those babies like...👀😍
Octavio Gomez
Octavio Gomez 2 soat oldin
2:09 "First I was a afraid, I was petrified..."
Lily Keating
Lily Keating 2 soat oldin
Of course David got you to #1
Best Edits 101
Best Edits 101 2 soat oldin
Can any of y’all subscribe to my UZvid channel and watch my latest video please thank you
Jordan Kapala
Jordan Kapala 2 soat oldin
My baby died... like if you agree
ILisy7 2 soat oldin
David 😍😍😍
JC Denton
JC Denton 2 soat oldin
David's laughs are hella loud
Madison Wise
Madison Wise 2 soat oldin
Literally love him 😂
Jasiel Rosas Almeida
*Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.* uzvid.com/video/video-EdIcEReU9gU.html
Gaurilla 2 soat oldin
you know who else looks like lana del ray, Natalie Noel.
Meghan Badger
Meghan Badger 2 soat oldin
Why would he be the best dad😩❤️
mxhdm 2 soat oldin
One thing he’s never done is not upset Trisha
Uniquely Adyson
Uniquely Adyson 2 soat oldin
Omg why are babies so cute omg omg omg omg omg
Just a Girl So yeah
Just a Girl So yeah 2 soat oldin
David is honestly so cute oml
Heather Rovner
Heather Rovner 2 soat oldin
He’s the cutest David known to man....ugh what a cutie ! I wish I was younger lol 😉😉
Jaki Fonseca
Jaki Fonseca 2 soat oldin
he’s the cutest omg 🥰
Kenzie Kenz
Kenzie Kenz 2 soat oldin
He is so cute 😍😍
Lily Downs
Lily Downs 2 soat oldin
I thought the facial thing was a water flosser
Idaology 2 soat oldin
Steven Martin Official
Who lol'd while watching this?
Sydney Nathan
Sydney Nathan 2 soat oldin
David Dobrik has reached peak dad level
taetae llama
taetae llama 2 soat oldin
Jasiel Rosas Almeida
*Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.* uzvid.com/video/video-EdIcEReU9gU.html
Jasiel Rosas Almeida
*Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.* uzvid.com/video/video-EdIcEReU9gU.html
Cora Hodges
Cora Hodges 2 soat oldin
Who gave dd that baby
Jasiel Rosas Almeida
*Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.* uzvid.com/video/video-EdIcEReU9gU.html
De Q
De Q 2 soat oldin
I love this man.
Jasiel Rosas Almeida
*Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.* uzvid.com/video/video-EdIcEReU9gU.html
지우 2 soat oldin
i wanna know if Lana actually replied
no_360scope 2 soat oldin
I thought this whole video was an intro to the actual video
Jeffrey Munoz
Jeffrey Munoz 2 soat oldin
Paola Caballero
Paola Caballero 2 soat oldin
First video with David to get #1 trending lol, and I think is the only one
Ryde Mk
Ryde Mk 2 soat oldin
“Ima make a scarf” *proceeds to tie noose around self*
Anne Henwood
Anne Henwood 2 soat oldin
He’d be a good dad
brieasy coleslaw
brieasy coleslaw 2 soat oldin
The only time David Dobrik will be on trending....
Lavender Glossier
Lavender Glossier 2 soat oldin
Who trusted David Dokbrik with a child?
Katie Nale
Katie Nale 2 soat oldin
*Lana del Rey has left the chat*
Josh Bracamonte
Josh Bracamonte 2 soat oldin
Ryde Mk
Ryde Mk 2 soat oldin
Tf did they get those babies?
Zing Vi
Zing Vi 2 soat oldin
But he’s held Josh’s baby...
Crazy Cross
Crazy Cross 2 soat oldin
Seeing David so gentle with those babies shocked me because I never thought David would have a gentle side
Kathleen Phan
Kathleen Phan 2 soat oldin
*That baby looks better than my future.*
kristin shim
kristin shim 2 soat oldin
this video would've been cooler if it was *4:20* long
Senkinz YT
Senkinz YT 2 soat oldin
Uploaded 9 hours ago
Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson 2 soat oldin
He looks like Lukas Graham!!
Peach Scone
Peach Scone 2 soat oldin
wait no you missed one, intercourse I think it was
Song Theory
Song Theory 2 soat oldin
A black mother should've came out and taught him to fold that fitted sheet. He would've been yelled at and bruised by the end but he wouldn've learned.
Clint Loepker
Clint Loepker 2 soat oldin
The babies are so fricken cute 😍
David Contreras
David Contreras 2 soat oldin
Dude I freaking love Lana del rey
Anton Mossberg
Anton Mossberg 2 soat oldin
Lana got so excited David wanted to go out with her and she got so crushed watching this and saw it was for the video
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