Day three of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing

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7-Sen, 2018

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LUMA NATE Oy oldin
Spartacus corey booker
thomas gordin
thomas gordin 3 oy oldin
have fun in a country vivian
thomas gordin
thomas gordin 3 oy oldin
not a dime
thomas gordin
thomas gordin 3 oy oldin
to hell with vivian and her buddie
poop 3 oy oldin
And it was all bullshit. No evidence, no crime. Just false accusations and lies.
LATOYA HALL 4 oy oldin
It's time to get trump and all his fucked up crew out the white house
LATOYA HALL 4 oy oldin
Kavanaugh man up and put his yourself in the victim shoes if this was your daughter u would go all out too like theses women are doing they have rights and it's sad i think he violated theses women in some kind of way and don't deserve to be a judge
Reverend Ryan
Reverend Ryan 4 oy oldin
The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
Falconer Omen
Falconer Omen 4 oy oldin
Vicious lies and smears
bowtie3 4 oy oldin
It seems that Kavanaugh doesn't believe in the USA. He doesn't support democracy. He thinks a President can't be indicted . Kavanaugh thinks we are ruled by a king/dictator. Another thing it's a crime to participate in obstruction of Justice.
Oceanside Affirmations
Kudos again to the Washington Post. Keep the faith!
Geoff TuckFrump
Geoff TuckFrump 5 oy oldin
As long as the future Justice supports hate, racism and rape, he’ll fit right in!!
Third stone from the sun
This guy shouldn’t be in charge of a cheese sandwich.
JACK ROMO 5 oy oldin
The official statistics of the U.S. District of Columbia Circuit show that P. Trump SCt nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, P. Obama SCt nominee Chief Judge Merrick Garland, and their peers received during the 1oct06/30sep17 11-year period, 478 complaints against judges in their Circuit and exonerated 100% of them thus covering as a matter of policy for abusive judges regardless of the gravity of their abuse. So you see he is just another crook.
Frank Reading
Frank Reading 5 oy oldin
To everybody else who feels horrified at what is happening right now, when you read this comment section and see the indoctrinated mass of Trump supporters swarming like Zerglings... You aren't alone. I just want to say that, as somebody who feels genuinely suicidal after being exposed to such a toxic level of stupid in such high quanitities, that we have to stay strong together. Liberal values aren't Obamacare and social justice warriors. Liberal values are centred around love; humanity; compassion for your fellow man. Love will triumph in the end. Do not give up. Gaslighting is their weapon. We are the resistance to it.
MooseT 5 oy oldin
Liberalism truly is a mental disorder
Don Kosky
Don Kosky 5 oy oldin
Leahy was an a-hole yesterday and he's an a-hole today. What a jerk.
This Here
This Here 5 oy oldin
Ceeday survived Ligma!
MrChet407 5 oy oldin
the committee itself seems like a mess.
D D 5 oy oldin
This guy has 200k in credit card debt. WTH America.
M 5 oy oldin
This is a huge waste of time and money
Heather Brown
Heather Brown 5 oy oldin
Hilarious when Mr. Whitehouse (ironic, isn't it) points at the poster, the one w/ the word "criminal" under Trump's name, and the word "influence" is spelled incorrectly 😂😂🤣🤣🤣. These Democrats really need to learn some "R.E.S.P.I.C.T" 🤣🤣 as Al Sharpton would say. Omg could they look any dumber? So rude, so unintelligent.
The vaping Polisher
Shut planned parenthood down
Bradley Holston
Bradley Holston 5 oy oldin
4:20:30 fun times
Present Truth7
Present Truth7 5 oy oldin
Read/Listen to the book "The Great Controversy" by Ellen White. You can find it free on the Google or UZvid websites. This is absolutely voluntary and not forced. It is about the message and not the messenger.
Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith 5 oy oldin
democrats are a disgrace.
Marlon Fugon
Marlon Fugon 5 oy oldin
Como. Agua cabron para que las mentiras. Se agan mas faciles de pasar
Keith Richard
Keith Richard 5 oy oldin
Another High tech lynching, they tried it
fakingtrels 5 oy oldin
4:20:30 lmao wtf
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
fakingtrels they’re called “losers” in case you needed clarification
The Crook
The Crook 5 oy oldin
The military industry got it popping and locking looking for a way to justify the Wolfowitz doctrine.
farrellbarrell 5 oy oldin
And we wonder why things take so long to change......waste of time. Maybe at the end he will sign a 10,000 page confirmation document that requires 20,000 signatures, 2 per page.
Non Ya
Non Ya 5 oy oldin
Democrats are so fake, said they would vote against anyone Trump picked....before he PICKED THEM
Retro MouseX
Retro MouseX 5 oy oldin
Oh God. This country has gone to hell in a hand basket
Jan Max
Jan Max 5 oy oldin
If I knew this was a WP article was a would not even open it
Zeph 5 oy oldin
These Republicans are a bunch corrupt a-holes who paint themselves as perpetual victims and everything is unfair - even when they are in power. Sick of these men consistently whining.
Zeph 5 oy oldin
Im republican you clown.
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
Zeph damn you lack so much self awareness it’s astonishing. Every lefty wakes up every morning bitching about how life sucks because Trump is president. It’s obnoxious. Victimhood is literally one of the strongest pillars of the intersectional politics of the left/Democratic Party.
Mens Rifles
Mens Rifles 5 oy oldin
Who is that vixen behind him?
UnluckyClover 5 oy oldin
Brett Kavanaugh is going to be considered as a judge in the highest court of America and yet there seems to be a rushed sense to push this guy through without proper analysis. Shameful.
UnluckyClover 5 oy oldin
Andrew Maddox From what I had heard it appeared the Democrats were upset about a lack of documents they had been able to receive about judge Kavanaugh. While I agree an 11 hour hearing certainly can divulge a lot of information there could be more the American people do not know about him. This man is potentially going to be on the supreme Court FOR LIFE and will be making decisions that will impact all of America. Like you said though, he'll probably be voted through so none of this matters I guess.
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
UnluckyClover an 11 hour hearing doesn’t seem like a rush. If you can’t find out what you need to know in 11 hours, you have a learning disability. Everyone knows how they’re going to vote anyway. They knew how they would vote the moment Trump announced his nomination
Heather Huber
Heather Huber 5 oy oldin
The actual footage of the hearing begins at around 58:00
Heather Huber
Heather Huber 5 oy oldin
The show begins around 41:00 with commentary from the News corp. about the hearing and it's speakers.
The Republicans have the votes to confirm him. There's nothing the Democrats can do about. It was a done deal even before it started.
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
StalinTheMan0fSteel exactly. The democrats know this though. That’s why they’re throwing fits
dedmoney1 5 oy oldin
If you like any thing about the U.S......injoy it now....because need he is confirm welcome to the new world...
Zachary Henderson
*anything **enjoy "need" is not the proper word Nice try, Russian. приятно попробовать, хотя
9 6
9 6 5 oy oldin
Vote in midterms for pro christian pro america pro trump candidates this November!! May all cheating plots be exposed from darkness to light, may the plans to criminally cheat, using voter fraud be penetrated & exposed in every congressional district & every state.
RightWingKing 5 oy oldin
The Democrats are being such dick heads.
Yxnglame 5 oy oldin
Akash Pawar
Akash Pawar 5 oy oldin
Guitar Overkill
Guitar Overkill 5 oy oldin
Oust Booker just because he asked for it.
Daniel Sarnocinski
Democratic party is losing its grip and it’s wonderful to watch. Remember these people are all public servants we pay them to work for us. Not control us.
Pimplahdon 5 oy oldin
@3:03:25 - 03:55 = BEST EVER
FactO Science
FactO Science 5 oy oldin
I don't even know who this guy is
Don Kosky
Don Kosky 5 oy oldin
I cant believe the senate made Judge Kavanaugh sit through all the procedural arguments from the senate. He only has so much energy and you want him to concentrate on the questions not the back and forth from the partisans. What an awful day for the senate.
Matt Smith 612
Matt Smith 612 5 oy oldin
What is it a freaking mini series? 11 hours long ?
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 5 oy oldin
Trump is currently under an active FBI Investigation for Obstruction Of Justice....Why are they even confirming the pick of a potential criminal like Trump? The Republican Party is so corrupt and hypocritical it's disgusting 😂
Zachary Henderson
Английский язык, на котором вы говорите?
gomezy3k 5 oy oldin
So are you going to report on all the Soros paid demonstrators who tried to disrupt the hearing?
Hauptmann 5 oy oldin
The 2 house negroes aka booker and cali ho are jockeying for position of leader who's gonna run what's left of the democrats into obscurity. If anyone on the left still believes 1 word of what your maniac leaders say, you deserve all the pain and torture they have planned for you. Just remember, when you're in a socialist society you don't have cell phones, internet, cigarettes, cars, designer clothing, freedom, choices, purple hair, tattoos, nose rings, FOOD, etc. Is that what you circus freaks really want?
flicker the flame
Starts at 58:00
Subliminally Multicultural
Day 45: I ate some ice cream
A9je Chidorigafuchi
Who here watched the whole thing? And I'm not even an American. Riveting drama this makes.
SpaceManNation 5 oy oldin
12 hour hearing #11 on trending, I love it! Get involved people
Frank Seitz
Frank Seitz 5 oy oldin
This is more like a roasting session than a confirmation
alex davey
alex davey 5 oy oldin
When a fortnight video and a 11 hour news video are both in trending that's when you know trending is not reliable
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift 5 oy oldin
2013 comments by trump are not the responsiblity of Brett Kavanaugh the future ACA negotiations are to be guaranteed by Brett Kavanaugh
Anne Bray
Anne Bray 5 oy oldin
Ms. Fenstein is cute but I wish she would let her hair go gray. She and Senator Grassley are a cute couple. They remind me of my grandma and grandpa.
Anne Bray
Anne Bray 5 oy oldin
I’m sure a yes or no would do. Do him in is what is really the effort.
Anne Bray
Anne Bray 5 oy oldin
He does not have to believe it is “correctly settled “. Just that it is and is very entrenched at this point.
Anne Bray
Anne Bray 5 oy oldin
What he said was true
SharaRanks 5 oy oldin
Republicans are stupid and should not get involved with roe v wade
Learn English with Kiamehr
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Miguel Spagna
Miguel Spagna 5 oy oldin
Why the hell is this thing half a day long?
Shaylah Burrill
Shaylah Burrill 5 oy oldin
It was 4 days.
naywahn 5 oy oldin
Why is this trending? Aristocratic, oligarchial, divide-and-conquer, pendulum politics as usual.
Caryl Zook
Caryl Zook 5 oy oldin
Grassly needs to RETIRE.
Sayian Gamer
Sayian Gamer 5 oy oldin
Why is this on trending
Viral Pro
Viral Pro 5 oy oldin
Ad:NewHotMusic by Charmen Prinse (I'll Kiss Your Lips)
Chuck 5 oy oldin
good job brett
REAl REAction
REAl REAction 5 oy oldin
You guys should research how Abortions are done.... how can you support ripping up a baby piece by piece to pull it out of a vagina gushing baby blood?
REAl REAction
REAl REAction 5 oy oldin
Trump 2020
Jonah Torrisk
Jonah Torrisk 5 oy oldin
Can someone explain to me what happened and what’s the big deal?
potr64 5 oy oldin
why does he keep being deliberately obtuse ALL the time?
Virtual Insanity
Virtual Insanity 5 oy oldin
Brett Kavanaugh should’ve been aborted. When was he born? The 60s? Yeah, his mother had him out of expectation of society and her white male supremacist husband. Not free will. Women shouldn’t be conditioned into or coerced into having children. Kavanaugh is proof. Now we have to deal with him. White women stop having their children. Any means necessary.
Virtual Insanity
Virtual Insanity 5 oy oldin
Religious people shouldn’t be allowed on courts. It means they’re irrational and can’t be objective.
Harry Paul Garcia
+Andrew Maddox ..... exactly what I said, but at a level it may understand. Lol. Thanks brutha
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
This is a really stupid comment. That’s extremely prejudice and the notion that religious people aren’t capable of making decisions knowing not everyone shares their beliefs is ridiculous. Just another extreme secularist...
Harry Paul Garcia
Dum-ist koment eye evar readed
Its 12 hours who would want to watch something 12 hours
huckle berry
huckle berry 5 oy oldin
Democrats should be ashamed. Its absolutely cringy.
Jpegzilla 5 oy oldin
2:01:25 best part
This Here
This Here 5 oy oldin
How did you find that? 🤣
Irv Spielberg
Irv Spielberg 5 oy oldin
Why can't the "leg show" to the left of Grassley wear long pants? She's proving the Bible which summarizes human history as stretching from Eve (Garden of Eden) to Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots (Rev.17)!
Flying Spaghetti Monster
my grandma died like if you agree
Julio Jarquin
Julio Jarquin 5 oy oldin
Mɛ pɛ
Randy Ordonez
Randy Ordonez 5 oy oldin
The babe over Brett’s right shoulder make this watchable all day.
good army
good army 5 oy oldin
Congress is evil
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
good army you’re giving them too much credit
KITT FOXXE 5 oy oldin
Shane Wise
Shane Wise 5 oy oldin
trumptards! americas toothless inbreds
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
This entire hearing is so painfully stupid and pointless. I mean, come on people. We know Kavanaugh has the votes. He’s going to be on the Supreme Court. Democrats can complain all they want and Corey Booker and Kampala Harris can grandstand all they want and make themselves out to be the martyrs that they aren’t. We all know Booker and Harris want to run for President. The point is, everyone in that room knew how they were going to vote the second Trump announced Kavanaugh’s nomination, and no one’s vote is going to change because Corey Booker, who didn’t actually violate any rules, released documents showing Kavanaugh believes racial profiling is unconstitutional.
tj eastcoast
tj eastcoast 5 oy oldin
i dont read replies
No wall no lockup uneducated middle Americans realizing they got conned But as a doctor I get 15k more a year in tax cuts thanks trumpfags
Sonja Voigt
Sonja Voigt 5 oy oldin
GREAT? What's this? America was great for me once! I loved America and its people! Now I am afraid of them! Why? Because I have values ​​and America loses them! Trump's values: lying, blackmailing, threatening, America wants to grow up with that! NOT CORRECT!!!
SprayedPaint 5 oy oldin
You are free to leave whenever you please.
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
Ok sorry. Move to a country that does share your personal values. I don’t know what to tell you. If you live in a representative republic with political parties and elections, you have to live with the reality that a party you disagree with can take power. Just learn to live with it dude...
Hoeru 5 oy oldin
Blackmail? when? Threats? when?
Alex The Barber
Alex The Barber 5 oy oldin
Edie N.
Edie N. 5 oy oldin
Don’t have 11 hours could someone post the 30 min segments to watch. Please and thanks 🙏🏽
Fate Mandouh
Fate Mandouh 5 oy oldin
9:07:27 the kid in the back falling asleep is me
Fate Mandouh
Fate Mandouh 5 oy oldin
By the way I didn’t actually watch this whole thing
MrRednexus 5 oy oldin
Booker = shittycus
Vincent B
Vincent B 5 oy oldin
Feinstein: How do u feel about torture? BK: I support the law. Ok cool. Feinstein: how do u feel about abortion? BK: I support the us judicial system it is very patriotic
Vincent B
Vincent B 5 oy oldin
Andrew Maddox So what you’re saying is, we could have a literal nazi up for questioning who wouldn’t have to answer questions on nazism because someone else didn’t answer their questions? You do realize this amounts to “well he didn’t have to so why should I (do this thing that will benefit both sides)? If any candidate has nothing to hide they should be able to answer all questions directly and fairly.
Andrew Maddox
Andrew Maddox 5 oy oldin
Vincent B if you google the Bork Hearing, you’ll understand why Kavanaugh is giving vague answers to questions... nominees on both sides of the isle do thish
USA1 TRUMP 2020 5 oy oldin
Texeira Correa
Texeira Correa 5 oy oldin
Thank God for Trump and this fine supreme court justice.
cperception 5 oy oldin
He is a criminal. Another one who doesnt represent the interests of the people. Fuckin conservatives
Ana Benitez
Ana Benitez 5 oy oldin
What a circus
Rory Hensey
Rory Hensey 5 oy oldin
not homo-erotic enough. too soft. and clean.poor production. where are the otters?
Lebron James
Lebron James 5 oy oldin
Is that Saul Goodman
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