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9-Noy, 2018

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Therese Mulcahy
Therese Mulcahy 3 soat oldin
Puppy Pranks
Puppy Pranks 5 soat oldin
He's ten! Me: well, uh I'm sorry day but she's 14 not much of an age difference there, my parents where 15 years apart so to me that's perfectly fine
Humplling 10 soat oldin
"Slabs Of Arse Meat" I lost my shit
Tsuni 17700
Tsuni 17700 11 soat oldin
Thank God I didn't talk to that gypsy guy when I worked retail because there are a lot of them where I come from.
Tsuni 17700
Tsuni 17700 12 soat oldin
Who's gonna clean all that porcelain? Get the children to do it that's why we breed!
Gilaehn Hayner
Gilaehn Hayner 19 soat oldin
Lol that's wired but daz u are awesome
mohamed ll
mohamed ll 21 soat oldin
Iam scared
Mary Golden
Mary Golden Kun oldin
Actually marriage at 14 is allowed in GA with consent from the parents. I had to go to an underage marriage. They are not fun.
stevi Morris
stevi Morris Kun oldin
pat baby is so funy
Dixie stone
Dixie stone Kun oldin
2:29 through 2:43
Adam Woodward
Adam Woodward 2 kun oldin
I’m from a gypse family and I’m so grateful because my dad told me he had to marry a woman that I saw a pic of and I almost threw up so anyway dad actually said to me he has a video saying I don’t want this f... gypse slag and left the tradition I’m not Lying that’s what happening and I’m praying to my dad I mean sh.. I can’t even clean my room yet alone the whole caravan every day I’m out
L Kk
L Kk 3 kun oldin
So Is putting up a Christmas tree a Crappy tradition 😂 Also he smells nice 😂
Asikiya Smith
Asikiya Smith 3 kun oldin
Can you watch ice eating
Rosemary Parnell
Rosemary Parnell 3 kun oldin
Same I hate fortnite too
Lily Yarmo
Lily Yarmo 3 kun oldin
11:06 '"His wallpapers could be made out of children" WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, DAZ! XD
Lily Yarmo
Lily Yarmo 3 kun oldin
9:00 "Like a fuking CHANDELIER!" im dying XD
Lily Yarmo
Lily Yarmo 3 kun oldin
Daz ur gonna be famous u r so funny and I mean it! im not kidding
rachel rabbit
rachel rabbit 3 kun oldin
No No No No No NO NO NO. That is wrong on so many levels
rachel rabbit
rachel rabbit 3 kun oldin
Lily Yarmo
Lily Yarmo 3 kun oldin
Fernando Santana
Fernando Santana 4 kun oldin
I'll be her husband
Lucy May
Lucy May 4 kun oldin
Not gonna lie jimmy was hot
Sully Wolfe
Sully Wolfe 4 kun oldin
@2:06 yes it’s legal as long as the girls parents, the boys parents, and the children ALL consent
Sooper Syko
Sooper Syko 5 kun oldin
Unfortunately child marriage laws suck in most of America. Recently an 11 year old in Florida was forced to marry her rapist and he was like 50+ years old.
Lacey Inman
Lacey Inman 5 kun oldin
" is he gunna drowned in his food"😂
poppy the bug
poppy the bug 5 kun oldin
my mom is a professional wrestler and is about to wrestler her soon 😬
MarshTopia Gaming
MarshTopia Gaming 6 kun oldin
I don't think she should be wrestling... She does not have the brain cells to lose
Katie Nethercot
Katie Nethercot 6 kun oldin
It's legal for travellers to get married and leave school at like 12 in England ... So weird
blue mold
blue mold 6 kun oldin
I'm 15, still fangirling over glorious korean men, and she's 14, but wants to get married already?
Bird Mcgroary
Bird Mcgroary 6 kun oldin
Please react to the gypsy call out videos
Kathy Palmer
Kathy Palmer 6 kun oldin
it is legal if your a minor you have to have parent permission
potato draws
potato draws 6 kun oldin
laughing my SHIT OF RN!!!!
Mr Flumperdinc
Mr Flumperdinc 7 kun oldin
Wtf I’m 13 and I don’t look so old
Izraya Aurio
Izraya Aurio 7 kun oldin
Ideal aesthetics msp
10:10 who was that screaming in the background lmao
terror gaming
terror gaming 8 kun oldin
I wached this guy this when he had 200 000
Cyn Jones
Cyn Jones 8 kun oldin
What? She pee on him🤣😂🤣😂
Dainty•peach 8 kun oldin
she definitely wants to die you can see it all over her face
Unicorn 4 Life
Unicorn 4 Life 8 kun oldin
OMG the way he says no made me DIE! 11:18
Penny Miller
Penny Miller 8 kun oldin
Glad I am not the only sane person on the planet.
CrazyBird 8 kun oldin
3:10 yeah now that you´ve said that 1k humans hate you now BUT NOT ME i hate it too 1 hour later oh hey look at that everyone hates me now
brooke montgomery
brooke montgomery 8 kun oldin
...........its grilled cheese
K S.
K S. 9 kun oldin
child marriage 😂😂😂
Countrygirl 777
Countrygirl 777 9 kun oldin
....that dress is stunning okay.
Caden the Cucumber
Caden the Cucumber 9 kun oldin
I need an adult
SabaThePotato 9 kun oldin
She looks exactly like a girls bicycle especially with them strings
Daz, it's a grilled cheese
Quack Silver
Quack Silver 10 kun oldin
Meelee Roberts
Meelee Roberts 10 kun oldin
1.25 Das reaction when he heard the girls dads name was PATBABY 😂😂♥️
Gabriel Walker
Gabriel Walker 10 kun oldin
Ha okay this is weird shit cause I’m fort teen and I can’t even get a girl but bet she got a divorce the next day
saphira chase
saphira chase 10 kun oldin
7:38 I cant fucking breathe 😂 I WASNT READY
אירנה סוסקין
Hey Daz! can I ask you something please? can you compress the sound of your videos a bit. your videos go from very quiet to very loud in a split second and its killing my ears! i love your videos they are very funny but because of the sound very hard to watch for me. thank you!!
Laura Aaron
Laura Aaron 11 kun oldin
In the U.S., 2 people below legal age can get married as long as both sets of parents agree and fill out the proper paperwork. America, ya know? 🤔
zombiepixlez gamer
zombiepixlez gamer 11 kun oldin
I'm 14 and wanting a girlfriend This bitch is 14 and getting married What am i doing with my life?
Little Book Bandit
Little Book Bandit 11 kun oldin
Is anyone gonna mention Daz's reaction to grilled cheese?
elite hunter
elite hunter 11 kun oldin
yo Daz! Traditions to man r helping old peoples & looking for golds! yo wut man got wrong!
nolan le geimer
nolan le geimer 11 kun oldin
You could go back to his caravan and his wallpaper’s made out of c h i l d r e n
Emily Kelly
Emily Kelly 12 kun oldin
'You could go back to his caravan and his wallpaper's just made out of children' HELP ME IM DYING 😂😂😂😂
Wolf ofDimensions
Wolf ofDimensions 12 kun oldin
No not my home state
Never Back Down Gaming
How to get a gypsy wife Step 1: say hi Step 2: do default dance in front of her Step 3: start doing the floss Step 4: complete
JACK ALS YT 12 kun oldin
I love your roasts😂😂💀
I'm a loser
I'm a loser 12 kun oldin
"dat makes me a proud mama"
TheLodjur 12 kun oldin
5:46 Her hair looks like a dead squid. 10:11 Wow, someone just went apeshit. His girlfriend? 10:42 _Very_ awkward dancing. Scratch that last one, it was his boyfriend screaming.
Mariam Bassam
Mariam Bassam 12 kun oldin
I love you so freaking much you make me laugh everyday and time I watch you! I’m so proud to be subscribed to you and have your notifications on so I get notified when you post a new vid and it makes me happy! 💚💜
Naomi []
Naomi [] 12 kun oldin
“Pat baby”
Madison Filpansick
Madison Filpansick 12 kun oldin
that “fried bread” is a grilled cheese🤣💀
Saffron Paige Hudson
Yes it is legal it's our culture and what we do
Jochem van Leeuwen
Jochem van Leeuwen 13 kun oldin
32 year old father, 14 year old daughter 32-14=18, this family is pretty early in life
sobaka2017 gweny
sobaka2017 gweny 13 kun oldin
You made me almost spill my tea Daz. Lol
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams 13 kun oldin
These big bling dresses were never actually the Romani tradition....
Cupcakes and Rainbows
I also hate fortnight
xDraxo Art
xDraxo Art 13 kun oldin
When I was 14, I was getting those fortnite W’s and still am
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten 13 kun oldin
I believe she’s gypsy .. to them it’s normal
Sabrina Haring
Sabrina Haring 13 kun oldin
Yeah shes definitely a single mom now 😂
Nevermore Raven
Nevermore Raven 13 kun oldin
Im 21 dont have a boyfriend and certainly not look to get married yet! I cant imagine being married for up to seven years already geez mo thank you!
Pg._.kitteh :V
Pg._.kitteh :V 13 kun oldin
I’m 14 and I had a relationship that lasted 5 years plus I’m with someone now and it’s been more than 6 months .
Koolkittens 4eva
Koolkittens 4eva 13 kun oldin
Anyone notice the girl dressed as batgirl????
Lasseboss 13 kun oldin
She’s doing it so she doesn’t have to go to school.
That One Raccoon
That One Raccoon 13 kun oldin
her dress makes me a very angry trash panda.
uwu the great
uwu the great 13 kun oldin
i wish i had a girlfriend
ky 10 kun oldin
uwu the great ?
uwu the great
uwu the great 12 kun oldin
ky 12 kun oldin
uwu the great why 5 billion and one
uwu the great
uwu the great 12 kun oldin
+ky i already have billions
ky 12 kun oldin
uwu the great y do u want a problem in your life
Sugar Snowflake
Sugar Snowflake 14 kun oldin
Watch one of the weddings
Amber Tyagi
Amber Tyagi 14 kun oldin
Srish Sachar
Srish Sachar 14 kun oldin
Let's all agree Patbaby was the main hero of the video
Elder Nugget
Elder Nugget 14 kun oldin
i turn 14 in 13 days; imma find myself a husband
Trippy gameing
Trippy gameing 11 kun oldin
Elder Nugget I’m hear if you need a husband, I’ll definitely be giving you that good dick 😏
panda bruv
panda bruv 14 kun oldin
I still don't know what chlomedia is
Sheriff of Nottingham
She looks like a plastic doll what you get from Poundland
Mees Swagerman
Mees Swagerman 14 kun oldin
Yes daz, Be Gone Fortnite!!!!
жопа - Vodka boi
a girl from my class is 12 and have a boyfriend thats 18 ewww
Glaze Universa Gladis
This felt like a documentary on national geographic.
Emily Bergevin
Emily Bergevin 14 kun oldin
*stops video* "what. in the unholy hell. is that." FUCKING DIED OML LMFAO
Cooper The Bean
Cooper The Bean 14 kun oldin
"A lot of people find fortnite fun. I hate it" *P R E A C H*
cannon prue
cannon prue 14 kun oldin
She got the flattest ass alever
Mia Paige
Mia Paige 14 kun oldin
2:30 😂😂😂
Lil Mae Foxx
Lil Mae Foxx 14 kun oldin
What if she choose the wrong guy who was actually some pedo??? FR FR THIS GIRL NEEDS HER EDUCATION!!!!
Samuel Hill
Samuel Hill 14 kun oldin
I’m Ireland our tradition is to drink 300 bottles of beer and then go skydiving while wrestling an angry bear...
Isah Girl
Isah Girl 14 kun oldin
If she was 18 it wouldn't be that wrong... I mean it's tradition
Ariana Daisy
Ariana Daisy 14 kun oldin
This is so cringey like they even look inbred 🤢
Abbi Pajak
Abbi Pajak 14 kun oldin
11:23 be fair daz, it’s hard to find a teenage boy who smells good
Zhac Ian Sanchez
Zhac Ian Sanchez 14 kun oldin
She look like a hoe or something
o o
o o 14 kun oldin
You shouldn't be called Daz Games because you hardly game:/
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2 yil oldin
Daz Watches JoJo
2 yil oldin
Real Or Fake?!
2 yil oldin