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9-Noy, 2018

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sk1nny p1nus
sk1nny p1nus 4 soat oldin
Yo 1:58 dem feet are black trust me that's not her shadow
Bailey Gordon
Bailey Gordon 9 soat oldin
i just commented so you can make p
Gabrielle Baker
Gabrielle Baker 9 soat oldin
I recently found out that Priscilla didn't marry during that time. She actually left the Gypsy community, and is a semi-professional wrestler! The only drawback is that she can't see her family anymore because she left. She occasionally gets to see her brother though. She recently married a guy from wrestling, and she actually looks happy 😊💕
Ивац Илчев
Ивац Илчев 20 soat oldin
7:40 - hobo Jack Sparrow
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Hi I'm Pat!... Baby. I'm Pat Baby.
Artgirl 378
Artgirl 378 Kun oldin
Notice how the dad is only concerned with how the future husband would be happy forever, not his daughter. 😬🙄
Teenwolfs Bitch
Teenwolfs Bitch Kun oldin
3:43 It's a grilled cheese😂
brynn Kun oldin
It’s a cultural thing I think
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly Kun oldin
I'm 11 years old but to Daz I'm like -18 months old😂😂😂
Claryce Jones Jones
I thought dad's Would do anything to stop you marrying not the other way round
Oai productions
Oai productions Kun oldin
I love it when daz says “what is that” it’s so iconic 😊
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He has to watch a gypsy wedding
TheWildShow 2 kun oldin
just gonna say i think its cute but i'm going to agree with daz that you should get to know a person before you GET with them, as bf and gf
To you, I could be anyone.
She basically just said that because he didn't do one disrespectful thing that one night, we'll give him the rest of my life. ????
Cherryboo Tree
Cherryboo Tree 3 kun oldin
What got me was the 16,000 porcelain
Tea Bag
Tea Bag 3 kun oldin
9:20 *bird box*
Gatcha BTS
Gatcha BTS 3 kun oldin
"Looking for your first boyfriend" 12 North London ni🅱️🅱️as: ...
_kurupted_ 3 kun oldin
Nina Mendes
Nina Mendes 3 kun oldin
9:00 “Looks like a fucking CHANDELIER”😂😂😂
지 연박
지 연박 3 kun oldin
Just Kumo
Just Kumo 4 kun oldin
3:39 look away and think of Gordon Ramsay talking
Jayde Boeck
Jayde Boeck 4 kun oldin
"you never know, his wallpaper might be made of children" im dead...………..love you daz
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo 4 kun oldin
Gypsy families all get married every young
CandyCorn CocaCola
CandyCorn CocaCola 5 kun oldin
2:41 *Get the children to do it, that's why we breed*
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly Kun oldin
Lollllllll god 😂😂😂
Bryndley Jones
Bryndley Jones 5 kun oldin
What happened to friends with benefits
Kiwis Bears
Kiwis Bears 5 kun oldin
It’s grilled cheese
Brandy Workman
Brandy Workman 5 kun oldin
This show gives gypsies a bad name.
Grandmaster 3003
Grandmaster 3003 5 kun oldin
Ha lol he would be the first to leave her cause all the fuck boys play it nice at first
Olivia Al-Horoub
Olivia Al-Horoub 5 kun oldin
do you now TLC stands for the learning channel
Nikki Nikki
Nikki Nikki 5 kun oldin
"It looks like a fucking chaNDELIEEEEEER" HONESTLY
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 6 kun oldin
7:36, oh looooookkkk its crackhead sparrow
Gichingiri Muthoni
Gichingiri Muthoni 6 kun oldin
pAt tHe bAbY
Unknown 6 kun oldin
10:14 that scream
Jack corbett
Jack corbett 6 kun oldin
Holy shit there is a fire in the caravan run hold shit!!!
maximus webster
maximus webster 6 kun oldin
When you get a girlfriend in 5th grade a couple years later and high school you realize she's married at fifteen haha
maximus webster
maximus webster 6 kun oldin
OMG you said it you hate fortnite yay
ZoieFuia 7 kun oldin
The way the camera kept focusing on her while dancing made me really uncomfortable, like, shes just moving parts. Shes 14. I dont know how to really articulate it better.
TheDarkMage Is me
TheDarkMage Is me 7 kun oldin
Daz, THIS is gypsy life and tradition please don’t talk bad about it. I my self is a gypsy so please don’t be so rude 😡
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 7 kun oldin
Jack sparo walked into a random party
bishop goodman
bishop goodman 7 kun oldin
3:11 I'm right there with ya
THE GOD OF GAMING 7 kun oldin
Did he say his dad is gay when he started the video
Thumper 7 kun oldin
Dads drunk off his sparrow letting his daughter dress like a whoooer and choosing mr slick pancake personality and mom is losing her crap happy about it...
Thumper 7 kun oldin
The one that looks the best? Yeah that's a great method.
Thumper 7 kun oldin
That's captain dad sparrow to you
Thumper 7 kun oldin
Lurking about...yes...yes he is
Thumper 7 kun oldin
Honing her grilled cheese skills...
Retrocidal 7 kun oldin
She is pretty yes it’s legal the only way it is if the parents report the guy if it’s ok with them and the girl then no law is broken any where in America some states legal age is 15 hell if I was younger I would have married her for sure I had a few friends like that they where also pretty witch is weird hope she has a good life and finds a good man
KAYLEIGH KAY 8 kun oldin
Um it’s a grilled cheese sandwich
SzaboBeatz HD
SzaboBeatz HD 8 kun oldin
aahhhh ..... gypsies........ jeesus fking chirst what a "culture"...
Olivia None of your business
*PaT bAbY*
melissamcrfairy 8 kun oldin
You should react to big fat gypsy weddings that's 10 times worse lol
Slushi SockMonkey
Slushi SockMonkey 8 kun oldin
They said it was a Halloween right? She looked like she was dressed for a valentine party.
The Furry Sniper
The Furry Sniper 8 kun oldin
im 16 almost 17, i dont have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet
Galaxy Potato
Galaxy Potato 8 kun oldin
Slabs of arse meat
#Cute bunny
#Cute bunny 8 kun oldin
In a gypsy culture if u don’t get married before 18 the gypsy men might think there is something wrong with her when they turn 15 they have a party they look for a husband
Akward Sky
Akward Sky 9 kun oldin
Did anyone else hear that girl who steamed...”AHHHHH HE’S MINEEEEE!!!” 10:13
Samantha Gedville
Samantha Gedville 10 kun oldin
I’m 16 and my dad liked my ex boyfriend but then he cheated dad.... suddenly hated him I told them I was done dating for a while and he yelled THANK GOD.
Thomas Howes
Thomas Howes 11 kun oldin
09:45 that dacing tho
Lively Bubbs
Lively Bubbs 11 kun oldin
gypsy + hick = gyckie
Aireonna Johnson
Aireonna Johnson 11 kun oldin
I hate fortnite to!
Jack TAYLOR 11 kun oldin
Redwolf Alpha
Redwolf Alpha 12 kun oldin
fuck 12 kun oldin
I’m 14 now pretty much and all I do is sit in my room on my phone
Sean K
Sean K 12 kun oldin
Its like cultural and shit
Sean K
Sean K 12 kun oldin
Man Gypsies live in caravans
Nevaeh Pino
Nevaeh Pino 12 kun oldin
5:45 don't worry daz I'll say it for you, THE BITCH LOOKS LIKE A VAGINA!!
Ms UltimateCringe
Ms UltimateCringe 13 kun oldin
I’m 16 and I haven’t even had my first kiss or a boyfriend and she’s here getting married when she’s 2 years younger than me. Kids these days man
Bryson Newton
Bryson Newton 13 kun oldin
3:42 uh, here in *MURICA* we call those “slabs of a** TOAST IT IS VERY GOOD DONT DEFY THE TOAST
flipperwipper 21
flipperwipper 21 13 kun oldin
im part of the gypsy community and I will say that most of us are not like this at all XD
ChainZ 13 kun oldin
This was like a wildlife documentary
Mari Senek
Mari Senek 13 kun oldin
Do you know how to stand in a dress!!!!!! STAND STRAIGHT!!!!!!BACK SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE YOURS DO!!!!!!!
Sea Cucumber
Sea Cucumber 14 kun oldin
“GORE JA”??? excuse me honey it’s fucking “JEOR JA” yknow like the normal way to say GEORGE wtf
Kaylie's Music
Kaylie's Music 14 kun oldin
And the guy she chose looks like he had a ton of plastic surgery
Kaylie's Music
Kaylie's Music 14 kun oldin
Gypsys don’t get houses they don’t stay in one place they move around everywhere a ton
Luke Perrin
Luke Perrin 14 kun oldin
3:41 😂how fucking fake does that piece of whatever that thing is look
Luke Perrin
Luke Perrin 14 kun oldin
Don't gypsies fuck there own family
Erika Al Mary
Erika Al Mary 14 kun oldin
5:37 who else was dying to know what he was gonna say?
Gaming Engine
Gaming Engine 14 kun oldin
React to r/entitledparents
Zachary Young
Zachary Young 14 kun oldin
I also most dated a gypsy once in collage thank god I didn't could not get marry at that age mad
UniTheUni 15 kun oldin
Amelia Karnas
Amelia Karnas 15 kun oldin
She’s a wrestler now on WWE, Daz. How do you feel?
XxBumbleBee Xx
XxBumbleBee Xx 15 kun oldin
Turn on captions at 0:00. You're welcome.
Jewlz Animations
Jewlz Animations 16 kun oldin
Im 14 and jeez i cant imagine what its like to get married at this age.......
dude cx
dude cx 16 kun oldin
Jesus fucking christ .. This is terrifying
Cerys Lock
Cerys Lock 16 kun oldin
Sorry 3:10
Cerys Lock
Cerys Lock 16 kun oldin
3:13 finally someone who hates fortnite
Luna_ Demons
Luna_ Demons 16 kun oldin
At 10:15 it's like I heard a girl say *HE'S MINEEEE* did u?
I disagree when you say tradition is stupid becasue im mexican when im 15 im supposed to be able to cook and clean im a young woman but i agree when you say that tradition is dumb and ddont joke about suicide please
Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction
Gypsy wedding was like my favorite grown up show lol god I wanna watch it now.
dylan scronce
dylan scronce 17 kun oldin
Oh shit...14...nevermind dam
dylan scronce
dylan scronce 17 kun oldin
She loves to cook and clean...marry me plz
maud quilici
maud quilici 18 kun oldin
Poor girl I hope she escapes one day
Froggy Chris
Froggy Chris 18 kun oldin
Don't stare at her hearts. Then proceeds to state at her elbow hearts.
yunadustrialtwifan 18 kun oldin
And to think that girl is now a restler.
B o
B o 20 kun oldin
Dis funny as shizz
matthew Hughes
matthew Hughes 20 kun oldin
well apprrently she is a professional wrestler so she broke away from being a gypsy
kim Namjoon ARMY#BTS
I'm 22 and don't have a boyfriend she's 14 and looking for husband 😲
Adrianne 21 kun oldin
Yeah and I want a boyfriend but we don’t always get what we wanttttttttttttt Also watch for crypt videos
Kawaii_Pug123 22 kun oldin
boy play fortnite first and try some biscuits with that party
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