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DDG - Accountant

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"Accountant" available at smarturl.it/Accountant
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31-Okt, 2018

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Babyy_ Laylaa
Babyy_ Laylaa Kun oldin
BlueGodest _
BlueGodest _ 2 kun oldin
My nigga came a long way 😂💯🔥
Yann yowane
Yann yowane 2 kun oldin
Fire 🔥
HolaSoyPap 2 kun oldin
She only got $100
HolaSoyPap 2 kun oldin
Her ig is big head stank teeth no furniture in her type broke this song hella trash her brother stank wears the same clothes every day she lives right behind irvine high school in low come appts her daddys gay and yells at other dude wen he want it
Rasheen Robinson
Rasheen Robinson 2 kun oldin
Hi ddg
ASPECT SWAG 3 kun oldin
DDG this is my favorite song of yours this beat is lit
CEO Sleezy
CEO Sleezy 3 kun oldin
STILL... on repeat
Queen erinni
Queen erinni 4 kun oldin
Ok ddg you did that
Loren Beech
Loren Beech 4 kun oldin
That girl looks like *Cardi B* ....-.-
Joe Dope
Joe Dope 4 kun oldin
Hayes Habte
Hayes Habte 5 kun oldin
💯 this my real nigga athem..
The First Down
The First Down 6 kun oldin
Who here 2019
Josh F
Josh F 9 kun oldin
Everybody else's thoughts( if my accountance tells me to stop spending then I should probably stop spending?) DDg's thoughts(naw let's keep going)
Maliyah leonard
Maliyah leonard 9 kun oldin
I wish he was my daddy
Denice Hart
Denice Hart 5 kun oldin
lmao 😂
Isiah Mungro
Isiah Mungro 9 kun oldin
im sorry this song is so horrible its so off beat there are bars but the beat just ruins the song
Yann yowane
Yann yowane 2 kun oldin
King Jermarcus lol he doesn’t even know how to hate. So inaccurate.
King Jermarcus
King Jermarcus 9 kun oldin
Isiah Mungro he’s on beat you’re just hating lmao
kaiden carter
kaiden carter 10 kun oldin
ddg did that
Abshirkajaa Tv
Abshirkajaa Tv 11 kun oldin
2019 who?
uriah jennings
uriah jennings 11 kun oldin
His songs low-key be sounding the same
Asia white
Asia white 11 kun oldin
@DDG will u be my new future husband 😍😍
Darian Macon
Darian Macon 11 kun oldin
Jespencercrow 12 kun oldin
DDG and Baby 🔥
Jasmon Scott
Jasmon Scott 12 kun oldin
I call it quick tap (tap, tap)💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Shay Reed
Shay Reed 12 kun oldin
That's what's up
ImLee 13 kun oldin
Beats terrible
pro fifa HD hassan
pro fifa HD hassan 14 kun oldin
this is too catchy and cold
GHOST T.V. 14 kun oldin
Really in all Seriousness... DDG Not Better Than B.Lou
Yann yowane
Yann yowane 2 kun oldin
GHOST T.V. B Lou is not better than him tho. DDg has actually hits out here that are playing on Radios and have hella views. You’re gonna tell me that views mean nothing, but likes mean that people fuck with his songs.
Elissa Perry
Elissa Perry 15 kun oldin
Bonefish swim
Vextia ll
Vextia ll 15 kun oldin
Who still listening🔥🔥😎
We are the R Family
We are the R Family 15 kun oldin
2019? 😬🔥🔥
hod mzareb
hod mzareb 15 kun oldin
my accountent told me i need to slow down my spending...
Lexie Renee
Lexie Renee 16 kun oldin
Josh Green
Josh Green 15 kun oldin
Was that a pun?
Sly Slyde
Sly Slyde 16 kun oldin
Yea bro good shit niggas gone hate no worries keep grinding 🔥🥶💯 big ups to DDG and fam
CEO Sleezy
CEO Sleezy 16 kun oldin
I got what now?
Hitfire HG
Hitfire HG 17 kun oldin
Who’s still listening from 2019
Martez Govan
Martez Govan 17 kun oldin
We will be back in 10 years like only Day one Fans know this one 😂😂😂💯
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings 18 kun oldin
Dont go bankrupt ddg slow down your spining
Josh Green
Josh Green 15 kun oldin
Stfu he's got a million that's pending
Naja Lyons
Naja Lyons 18 kun oldin
Cute with his glasses 😎
Genie &Unique
Genie &Unique 19 kun oldin
This my song 2019 still listening to this bangerrrrrr
Kyng Virgo
Kyng Virgo 19 kun oldin
Tikeshia Mccray
Tikeshia Mccray 20 kun oldin
Do your thing ddG
Moneyboy AJ
Moneyboy AJ 22 kun oldin
Marty Scialabba
Marty Scialabba 22 kun oldin
underrated song bro re drop it on world star
People People
People People 23 kun oldin
One of my fav DDG tracks
Dezz 23 kun oldin
Ddg put all ur shit on worldstar thats how u shit gets views g
Finesse Kidd
Finesse Kidd 23 kun oldin
If U Smart You’d REUPLOAD This On WORLSTAR💯💯💯
hi I am nice
hi I am nice 24 kun oldin
Why is there so much dislikes
Camren Horton
Camren Horton 25 kun oldin
bilal !!
bilal !! 25 kun oldin
Ain’t no babies in the makin my pull out game is amazin🤭🥶
Tezhon Heard
Tezhon Heard 26 kun oldin
Damn thought this would be at at least 10Mill niggas still 😴😴
Fadedd X
Fadedd X 26 kun oldin
Is that ur house????