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I’m a 23 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.




30-Sen, 2018

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Kuni cookie
Kuni cookie 5 soat oldin
How is it scaring it children and and I understand his videos about jake paul but how does it not make senses explain with more detail I can't even understand u
your pal tiff
your pal tiff 5 soat oldin
Holy moly that was jarringly theatric. Take it down about 20 notches.
Virginia DiDomizio
Virginia DiDomizio 6 soat oldin
You say shanes scaring the children yet you posted a fricking video of a dead body and fricking posted it like wtf. Shanes better then you stop trying to make him look bad hes a good person. Sheesh
Virginia DiDomizio
Virginia DiDomizio 6 soat oldin
Wow Logan. wow.
raine broussard
raine broussard 9 soat oldin
Logan scared me when he was yelling😂
JR Wimberly
JR Wimberly 10 soat oldin
The dab is dead
Keturah A
Keturah A 11 soat oldin
*angry shane supporters enter the chat*
Fatima Montes
Fatima Montes 12 soat oldin
Logan your making it scary
omqpuppykiss10 13 soat oldin
i is just gonna unsub.. baiii
Yasmin S.
Yasmin S. 13 soat oldin
You shouldn't be making videos like this considering your past. I used to be a Maverick.
Familia Lehner Beltramo
Logan: "I'm friends with Shane" 0:35 Me: yeah sure you are buddy
Donald_the_savage 12
Donald_the_savage 12 14 soat oldin
Why do people still care about the dead body?
Clever Witch
Clever Witch 14 soat oldin
What a boring idiot
Kokichi is bae— yes my pfp is mochi
Every comment: lol u laf at ded body ur a bad dood stop being meen to shan :((((
발렌타인 17 soat oldin
Quit this video and go stream mono
cool kid 😎🤠
cool kid 😎🤠 19 soat oldin
the other day my friend said i’m heterosexual with homosexual tendencies like we love a queen who quotes logan paul 😂😂
Alyssa Brewer
Alyssa Brewer 21 soat oldin
8:31 😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭
azeller09 22 soat oldin
"your young and inpregnatable audience....no your young and inpenetrable audience...no your young and impressionable audience" i must admit that was pretty funny
Best friends Forever
Best friends Forever 22 soat oldin
Your scaring the children to...
Emilee Bickel
Emilee Bickel Kun oldin
people should really unsubscribe, he’s a hypocrite. he doesn’t deserve the love he gets, i will never forgive when he showed that dead body because that was just fucking cruel and the fact that he still EDITED IT, and posted it, AND he was still filming. is fucking cruel, that triggered me and it probably triggered a lot of fucking people too. i don’t know i just really don’t think he deserves the support he’s getting, just for being a complete monster on the internet
Julianne Escuadra
Hey he has more subscribers than you just stop ✋
Thatoneugly beaner
Caseofgames Kun oldin
5:10 #1 stupidest thing Logan Paul has said. LOL
//paisleyparkhart 03
I like how some ppl are talking about Logan about the whole dead body thing, one he wasn’t laughing like it was a joke and funny and stuff it was a NERVOUS LAUGH. You know how some people laugh at the wrong times by accident bc they don’t know how to react?? That was him, A YEAR AGO. GET OVER IT. If you don’t like Logan and are still mad about it then stop watching his videos and get off his channel like damn dude. Don’t @ me
llama drama
llama drama Kun oldin
Wth did u get a pig, where’s kong. I haven’t watched in a while
haidies the borzoi
oh my
Conchito Stylinson
Damn he’s annoying
Anime Otaku
Anime Otaku 2 kun oldin
Stop!! JUST STOP!!!! Dont ever leave your house. Dont think that incident has submerged. NO I hope karma bites you real hard.
Im proud OF YOU
Im proud OF YOU 2 kun oldin
How is he scary like your scary, have you looked in the mirror btw HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY
Sap 2 kun oldin
*leave my queen alone before I kick you*
Alyssa Mcknight
Alyssa Mcknight 2 kun oldin
You literally gave him permission to read the text messages. How do you think the viewers will react to you saying you have sociopathic tendencies. Shane was respectful and your being really rude to him by making your drama public instead of messaging him about what was bothering you
Zips Are hard to use
YOU'RE SCARiNG THE CHILDREN!!!! Me: Shane is bae. Leave him alone and GO hoMmeE
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 2 kun oldin
can you please leave shane alone i am a big fan of him and i am sick of people saying not verry nice things about him
pikachu ?
pikachu ? 2 kun oldin
lmao bitch he tried to save your carrer that's how you pay him.... uh uh nope
MoniMozarella 2 kun oldin
Lily Mendes
Lily Mendes 2 kun oldin
Can't handle jokes
Let's Play
Let's Play 3 kun oldin
Don’t come for the qeen because he’s going to get u bro
Master Shake
Master Shake 3 kun oldin
This guy is crazy
Kit Proulx
Kit Proulx 3 kun oldin
Logan: who has time to sit there and watch 45 minutes? Me: ummm... me.....?
Daily Kh
Daily Kh 3 kun oldin
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith 3 kun oldin
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is why I unsubscribe to Logan Paul and Subscribed to Shane.
Right Shane’s audience is normally 11 and + you’re audience are 5-10 Shanes following are not scared of the documentary and not to mention you filmed a dead body for you’re 5-10 audience Shane’s series is well edited and that’s why people watched this long documentary
Louis Barningham
Louis Barningham 3 kun oldin
Logan in the thumb nail you look homeless
VerdixilationZ 3 kun oldin
When Logan starts growing a beard
Ztevelikesapplz 2003
1:50 Shane is just keeping up the “I don’t know the trends” 😂😂😂
Ella Playz
Ella Playz 3 kun oldin
You scare me 😟
マライカ 4 kun oldin
I still don’t understand the purpose of this video
マライカ 4 kun oldin
Kids get scared of Shane but kids don’t get scared of video clips showing a dead body. That surely makes sense. 🤔
random bob
random bob 4 kun oldin
Also, he has more followers than you
random bob
random bob 4 kun oldin
Also its funny that all the comments are about the forest thing lol yes queen
Elijah Pales
Elijah Pales 4 kun oldin
I think im 98% of a sociopath, 2% not because i have empathy for myself.
Aliff Mikail
Aliff Mikail 4 kun oldin
I don't think the guy besides jake paul doesn't need to be in the video
☆Galaxy.Lunar☆ 4 kun oldin
Dear Logan Paul I *used* to watch you
Karlee Byrn
Karlee Byrn 4 kun oldin
Your kinda scaring me because of your stupid screaming Channing I mean Logan I’m not a great fan but I like u better than your brother and I really like your songs though Shane Dawson is a flipping meme queen now your just sad because he is better than u and your also sad that he’s funnier and just a bright and better person so don’t talk trash about the Man who got u to the top and when u got to the top you got your brother to the top and he got Tessa Erika and more he isn’t scaring me he’s just about to give a headache from laughing so hard
caмeron тιger
caмeron тιger 4 kun oldin
he filmed a fake hanging body, laughed at it, posted it online, and Shane is the monster? I think not.
Thewierdoneinthegroup -_-
(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ
Noelle Oof.
Noelle Oof. 4 kun oldin
Shane is *ICONIC*
Freya Og rose
Freya Og rose 4 kun oldin
Don’t you fucking dare attack THE queen!
EXTRA OFFCIAL 4 kun oldin
bro I get it he made a mistake this year. but fuck stop acting like you all are perfect. you cant berade somebody over a mistake forever you idiots have God Complexes 🤦🏽‍♂️‼️🙅🏽‍♂️
Kf rohan
Kf rohan 4 kun oldin
No bearded
BraidenTV 4 kun oldin
I hope some won films his dead body
Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee 4 kun oldin
For the first time, I think he is right
Briannon Bennett
Briannon Bennett 5 kun oldin
I watched my 1st doco ever Shane did it so well I was hooked
Esli 5 kun oldin
this video has valid points and he's literally supporting shane, he's just pointing out the over dramatization in the videos. yet people still throw shit at him for no reason at all. i legit don't understand why people still blindly hate him. i feel like people hate him just to join the majority
Teresa Rachfal
Teresa Rachfal 5 kun oldin
Okay dont come for my queen hes better then you in EVERY SINGLE WAY BACK TF UPPPPP
The Forest Assassin . Shadow 2.0
Oliver The Dutchie
Oliver The Dutchie 5 kun oldin
U made me sad when u showed the pig.. My pig died yesterday
Audrey Poyner
Audrey Poyner 5 kun oldin
“Then your f****ed quite simply your f****ed” 😂😂😂😂😂
Shister Squad
Shister Squad 5 kun oldin
Shane is more funny than you cause the Lo in Logan means you might have low grades so boom don’t come for him
Sagi Argo
Sagi Argo 5 kun oldin
i thought the logang trend died in 2017
Jason Dean is hot
Jason Dean is hot 4 kun oldin
I wish it ended :(
Radio Haven
Radio Haven 5 kun oldin
So this is what is worth $17 million a year?
wildwolf gaming
wildwolf gaming 5 kun oldin
0.25 speed at first part
RebelYTGod 5 kun oldin
This video is exactly why I'm against you AND your brother. Nice sociopath family. I don't have anything against sociopaths but, to all the people who are against this comment, if you decide to do a hate reply, then I will laugh mercilessly at your stupidity Btw, don't touch our Queen.😂 (This comment is purposely for a joke, do not take this seriously or I'll do what I said in the last sentence. "I will laugh mercilessly at your stupidity.") And I love how he doesn't understand Shane's humor 😂
RebelYTGod 3 kun oldin
+The Forest Assassin . Shadow 2.0 Thanks... I guess?
The Forest Assassin . Shadow 2.0
*By the way
stone 5 kun oldin
is there a losers bracket?
Noor Sultan Al-Jabor
If a person tasers died person then everyone will think ur sociopath
ToXc V3N0M
ToXc V3N0M 6 kun oldin
logan paulers? nah more like LOGAN BALLERS!!!!!🔥
LpsJay TV
LpsJay TV 6 kun oldin
I’m so fucking done with this shit GET OVER THE MISTAKE HE MADED IN 2018 JANUARY. Everyone makes mistakes. AND BEFORE YOU JUDGE LOGAN CHECK TO SEE YOU’RE PERFECT. And he’s not coming after Shane he’s just saying he’s scaring children, because personally I couldn’t watch it because episode 2 gave me the chills, So stop complaining. He can give his opinion. Logan messed up in January, but you need to move on..
Moussa Berri
Moussa Berri 6 kun oldin
Boi Shane Dawson put so much effort into this series so back off bitch, you think your good, well go to hell you sociopath. At lest Jake is normal and decent unlike you! And yes i am a hater.
lamp time
lamp time 6 kun oldin
Why are all these people still talking about Logan filming a dead body I know Logan made a *HUGE* mistake but if your we're Logan I'm sure you would want to be forgiven to
Br3nd3n By3rs
Br3nd3n By3rs 6 kun oldin
I now it's 3 months late. However it has nothing to do with you. Like stop being a sociopath this has nothing about you. Your more of a sociopath than Jake is. He didn't scare his audience.
It’s Just Monika
It’s Just Monika 6 kun oldin
Don’t come for the queen
Leanna Defilippo
Leanna Defilippo 6 kun oldin
D0nt c0m3 f0r 0ur qu33n *B*
matthewwalz1 6 kun oldin
Logan is on law and order special victims unit the eighteenth year
Angelina 6 kun oldin
Maybe Shane didn't even know there was a difference, that's why he mixed the words up
Nikki Eggerton
Nikki Eggerton 6 kun oldin
your scaring me
Caitlyn Olofsson
Caitlyn Olofsson 7 kun oldin
you showed a body and i know it is wrong i am 12 years old and you are scaring me and i have been a subscriber for years i am unsubscribeing
leon chips
leon chips 7 kun oldin
like i think shane is very very dramatic
Sarah Shoemaker
Sarah Shoemaker 7 kun oldin
When Logan Paul understands mental illness better than Shane Dawson who makes so many claims to be so knowledgeable on mental health repeatedly
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
Shane said he like children
kiwi joyy
kiwi joyy 7 kun oldin
*please... umm please, just. stop*
kiwi joyy
kiwi joyy 7 kun oldin
I think Logan is jelly of Shane because everyone used to love Logan and I think Shane took that spot now
Derps OfAmerica
Derps OfAmerica 7 kun oldin
Shane was way nicer to the Paul's than he should've been in his series. He could've destroyed them and nobody would've even bat an eye they'd be like "yes Shane go!" but Logan low-key made some good points here. He's a clearly a hardcore sociopath for his dead body stunts and stuff and that shouldn't even be debated, but Shane really did use sociopath like psychopath and I get his series was not designed to be educational or informative but shane should've at least some research with someone who is actually trained in on socio/psychopaths. Also this series was WAY more dramatized than the Tana or Jeffree one so the point on how unrealistically dramatic Shane was being was good. It made the series almost unbearable to watch because of the random pointless clips or something a sociopath wouldnt even do but it was enjoyable nonetheless I suppose
Hanif Pun Channel
Hanif Pun Channel 7 kun oldin
Dawson is crazy 😂😂😂
nani lotti
nani lotti 7 kun oldin
I actually really didnt know there were two of them….
Melanie Catapano
Melanie Catapano 7 kun oldin
You suck stop dragging him you have 0 fans and he has 19 million so stop dragging
Mel Burkhart
Mel Burkhart 7 kun oldin
Ok Shane has empathy he’s no sociopath he tries to help people he dosent want anybody to feel sad he wants to HELP people!!!!
Mel Burkhart
Mel Burkhart 7 kun oldin
I feel like Logan is trying to make Shane seem scary. But he is not scary.. it’s literally talking about how jake is sociopathic but at the end he said that he didn’t seem sociopathic...
1st MGSR
1st MGSR 7 kun oldin
Most terrifying 9 seconds of any video ive seen on youtube. 1am full blast volume
Joe Edz
Joe Edz 8 kun oldin
Who is this guy sitting behind you? What a beg
Fountainwell49man 8 kun oldin
Should I subscribe, On one hand I don’t like Logan anymore But on the other, i want to know if anything comes out that might be interesting Like=yes Comment=no
SparksFly 8 kun oldin
Hey I mean I fit all the descriptions of a psychopath. But... I haven’t killed anyone! Yet