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Hey Larlees, todays video I tried the Labelle Ultrasonic Skin spatula. This product is meant to deep clean pores and get rid of blackheads. Did the product work or was it a gimmick? Keep watching to find out more! xo - Laura
THUMBS UP in the name of tylers face lol.

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Labelle Ultrasonic Skin bit.ly/2VuMIxD

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6-Yan, 2019



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Laura Lee
Laura Lee 2 oy oldin
Thumbs up for Tyler :)
Akesha Chapa
Akesha Chapa 2 oy oldin
Laura Lee poor Ty!! Thats true Love!! Love ya guys!!💜 From the California Valley❤
Kelly M
Kelly M 2 oy oldin
Blackhead Betty! 🤣🤣
Itsonly Jackie
Itsonly Jackie 2 oy oldin
Dr. PimplePopper is out the house 🤣💁🏻‍♀️
beby 2 oy oldin
thumbs down for u
Ben Hampton
Ben Hampton 2 oy oldin
Remember when you faked cried lol
Chase ☑️
Chase ☑️ 17 kun oldin
Looked like it was just tearing skin off honestly.
sundragon1976 23 kun oldin
His face should have been WET, and you should have cleansed before treatment and then again before the infusion part.
a. 25 kun oldin
First time watching Laura Lee's videos, all I wanted to know is that, does she even know how to use tissue? lol
Salomé A
Salomé A 29 kun oldin
This video interested me because I wanted to try a device like this one !
Paulina Kehler
he gives you the eye ….ur hurting meeee
Paulina Kehler
ur torturing tyler haha poor guy
Madi Kaye
Madi Kaye Oy oldin
Anybody else catch her nail being chipped at 5:40? 😞😫 #rewatching #lauralee
Ashley Herring
There are so many licensed estheticians in these comment. 🕵🏼‍♀️
samler pill
samler pill Oy oldin
It’s sebum. And natural oils
K Whitney
K Whitney Oy oldin
anyone else only came here bc you thought she was going to use a kitchen utensil? clickbait.
Brooklynn Love
I was expecting for there to be more..
Ashley B
Ashley B Oy oldin
I kept flinching each time you got near his eyes lol...he could probably rock an eye patch though
Vovan Hz
Vovan Hz Oy oldin
I have a cheap ultrasonic skin scrubber and I've made a close-up FullHD video with it - uzvid.com/video/video-COu2w82wjCs.html
Chelena Yahyel
😂 You funny girl
Rebecca Pagan
Rebecca Pagan Oy oldin
"ow it hurts" keeps cleansing pores
coloringbluee vlogs
N S.
N S. Oy oldin
I can literally tell how much you two love each other from this video.
Brooklynn Love
I loveee candels😍
Stacy Hillenbrand
I love u and ur husband! U guys r so cute ❤️
C Momtoboys
C Momtoboys Oy oldin
Got a great one for 40-50 bucks on amazon. Works great.
Taagol Oy oldin
You get the same amount out of your pores just dragging a fingernail across =/ Seems like a waste of money tbh
Michelle Lewis
I own this product and I swear by it during the summertime for pore clean out and for the winter to warm the products/serums I use into my skin. I enjoy it overall but use it about 2 times a month. If you don't use this right, it'll dry out the skin really bad and there's steps you have to do before you use this ever. You'll feel like a sunburn if you don't use it right. I have other tools I use and products I use that do about the same thing. The only thing different for me with this product is the warming part. :) Love the video, dear
K Sterling
K Sterling 2 oy oldin
Try this again but steam your face first
Jackie Sos
Jackie Sos 2 oy oldin
i bought this for 50 dollars in amazon and work very well.
Kristie W
Kristie W 2 oy oldin
Ty is so funny! Y'all are perfect for eachother!?! What's his sign?!?! lol
Where I watch videos
Everytime you make a joke you scream. Loud does not equal funny💀.
Jessica Long
Jessica Long 2 oy oldin
Did the storage unit video get deleted??👀
i am chocking
i am chocking 2 oy oldin
Oh see! I just found that the fake ass girl still does videos! Wow! And she still has views! Wow! More stupid asses on the planet earth!
Anabel Kütt
Anabel Kütt 2 oy oldin
Grace Gattuso
Grace Gattuso 2 oy oldin
The mascara on her eyelid is LITERALLY ME😂😂😂
Alexander Leimone
How does the tool work?
Deborah Reaney
Deborah Reaney 2 oy oldin
It seems you could do this with just a little scraper type thing that costs $2 and not waste $150.
Attila Takács
Attila Takács 2 oy oldin
Who's this hot guyyy?
Ynesia Sanchez
Ynesia Sanchez 2 oy oldin
STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE WHILE YOUR PORES ARE STILL OPEN. You’re putting oils back into your face. This tool isn’t a gimmick, it just needs to be used correctly
Zuhaily Son
Zuhaily Son 2 oy oldin
Pause at 0:08
Allison Miller
Allison Miller 2 oy oldin
*deep cleaning twitter with a spatula*
Katie Hoyt
Katie Hoyt 2 oy oldin
get you a mans like tyler who lets u use a pore cleaning knife on his face
Shrein Darzie
Shrein Darzie 2 oy oldin
Tyler after the gizmo: basically knows what a dry piece of toast getting buttered now
dotty roads
dotty roads 2 oy oldin
I've wanted one of these since cosmetology school!!!
kyia whoriskey
kyia whoriskey 2 oy oldin
8:25 look what's coming out
Wombo Chrombo
Wombo Chrombo 2 oy oldin
Omg he's really cute
Heather Hernandez
I have this an esthetician said to get get this. It works
Veronica Roberts
Veronica Roberts 2 oy oldin
I use one of these tools for work because I’m an esthetician! They are so great for cleaning pores! They would really come out if you used it right after a shower when your face is hot and pores are open! I love this tool!
Genevieve W
Genevieve W 2 oy oldin
It doesn’t show how many likes and dislikes the video has???
Ashley Hurley
Ashley Hurley 2 oy oldin
Fairy Clot
Fairy Clot 2 oy oldin
Love you!!!!
Veronica Duran
Veronica Duran 2 oy oldin
Omg! Please try that suction pore cleaner on ty!!!!! I see it all the time on Facebook and have been wondering about it. I think that would be so cool!!! Please think about it :) love u
Coffee's Cup
Coffee's Cup 2 oy oldin
Ewwww, the thumbnail
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 oy oldin
Maybe to increase your results steam your face to open up your pores.
Bianca Chow
Bianca Chow 2 oy oldin
Lol why is she wiping it on an ENTIRE ROLL of toilet paper???? Like what a waste just get a small part of it!!
Caroline Quedenfeld
Oml one of my bffs is going to mexico for a wedding and she is going to be on the same plane oml she is really lucky she loves u
Catherine Perrier
So satisfying
the psycho
the psycho 2 oy oldin
Ummm gross.
Heidi Cameron
Heidi Cameron 2 oy oldin
Sending some love your way Laura!!!!!
Evelyn Boggs
Evelyn Boggs 2 oy oldin
this seems like it would produce bacteria!
Evelyn Boggs
Evelyn Boggs 2 oy oldin
omg pooooor tyler!!!!!!
Ayaila Sims
Ayaila Sims 2 oy oldin
thumbs for ty😤
Loo Loo
Loo Loo 2 oy oldin
You should try and do asmr love youuuu ❤️❤️💗💗💗xxx
Gloriana Gressel
Gloriana Gressel 2 oy oldin
I work at Amazon and when I tell you your boxes are getting thrown like frisbees I’m not joking. 😂
sammiemarie14 2 oy oldin
trayleemia 2 oy oldin
No Tylers were harmed in the making of this video.
Mandela Residue Research
WOW I’ve never bashed you, never put you down, stood up for you on drama channels and you have ME blocked? Obviously not THIS account lol but I did a test and guess what? My comment that I made a minute ago isn’t showing hmmmmm. UNLESS you’re holding ALL comments for review? Either way, Disappointed.
Sandy DiVa
Sandy DiVa 2 oy oldin
Thumbs up for Tyler but ewwwwww lol! (Love how autocorrect changed Tyler to Taylor 😂)
Janna Hamade
Janna Hamade 2 oy oldin
why did i think laura was the thumbnail
Priya Thomas
Priya Thomas 2 oy oldin
You know what a pore is right?...
Priya Thomas
Priya Thomas 2 oy oldin
The toilet paper tho...
Jenna Garcia The Cuban
You honestly look so beautiful with and without makeup
Erin Briggs
Erin Briggs 2 oy oldin
Your hair in this video is amazing 😍
Autumn Arrieta
Autumn Arrieta 2 oy oldin
In love with your stacking ring on your left hand, do you mind sharing where it’s from? Xo
xraag.x 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know where Laura got her heart ring ?
Michelle Houlgrave
Order and try the one that's like a suction cup. It will pull/ suck everything out. Then do a video
Melissa Zambrano
Melissa Zambrano 2 oy oldin
I love you giiiirrrllll thumbs up for Tyler 🤪
Morfin/Baza family
Can you recommend some retinols please
Ines Matute
Ines Matute 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one that felt bad for Tyler?? Poor guy, he’s such a trooper 😂😂
BangtanArmy Boi
BangtanArmy Boi 2 oy oldin
the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe
Elena Medina
Elena Medina 2 oy oldin
Why don’t you wear a wedding ring ? Or do you have any wedding pics of you guys? I’m just curious and you could do a video of how your makeup was on your wedding day
Mel Herrera
Mel Herrera 2 oy oldin
You have to open the pores to actually get it all out
amshirah83 2 oy oldin
Ty is such a good sport!
Carmen Sleewa
Carmen Sleewa 2 oy oldin
Omg I could watch pore extractions all the time😭
Courtney Robertson
Being a licensed esthetician, this video was painful to watch. The bacteria you spread, the damaged you caused your skin. Ugh please stop!!!
Kimberlea McCall
Kimberlea McCall 2 oy oldin
I use string and it gets lots out of your pores if you do it right. (The string not this tool). Love you
Samantha Stanley
Samantha Stanley 2 oy oldin
Love your honesty! And love Tyler being a team player!
Gabriela Georgieva
“Con sellar”
emma owen
emma owen 2 oy oldin
who wants to be youtube friends?!
BattleCat 2 oy oldin
Could it just be the top layer of skin coming off?
Angel Cross
Angel Cross 2 oy oldin
Part of me feels like it’s just scraping the top layer of dead skin off.
Buhayraa Shah
Buhayraa Shah 2 oy oldin
I legit found about u from ksi's new vid making fun of u hahahhaa
Brittany Stryminski
I feel like the biore strips pulled out more pore gunk then this machine. Such a gimmick lol. Ty "you can press harder" Laura tries "owe.owe.owe"-same
Karissa Ellis
Karissa Ellis 2 oy oldin
You should try out the pore vacuum sucky thing!!! It’s on Amazon & they have videos of people using it & it seems like it works but you guys should try it so we can get the real tea lol LOVE YOU GUYS😍
Aiffam1 2 oy oldin
This video is so satisfying. I feel like I'm watching a Dr pimpelpopper
Brittany Olson
Brittany Olson 2 oy oldin
Ty is such a trooper such a lucky girl to have such a great guy!
Autumn Taylor
Autumn Taylor 2 oy oldin
Ty's life flashed before my eyes every time you got near his eyes..hell no lol
Lin1031 2 oy oldin
Was so exited to check out this new pore thingy BUT... she’s so annoying I just can’t 😒 Isn’t she like 30-40 something so why she still acting like she’s 20?
HeyMizzBellaMAC 2 oy oldin
*her saying REALLY killed me every time 😂*
Jen 2 oy oldin
Yep my dad used to do this all the time, just by scrunching his nose with his fingers. Called it "nose cheese" lol I don't know why this is so revolutionary
Zoe Christiansen
Zoe Christiansen 2 oy oldin
Had to go back because I thought he said “balls chattering” 😂
Tammy Brock
Tammy Brock 2 oy oldin
It’s more than likely a sun spot. Not a age spot although people do refer sun spots as age spots. No worries Black head Betty. lol.
Amanda Whoso-Ever
OH mugh gawd look at poor Ty's face after!!! It looks so painful
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