Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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That impression was...something.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Elle Lipa
Elle Lipa Soat oldin
The owner said “what does he know?” Nothing. Gordon got to where he is in life because he knows nothing. 🙄
Burpo Stockings
Burpo Stockings 13 soat oldin
I always think of that scene from caddy shack when i watch these "DOG FOOOOD!!!!" *grabs large cleaver*
gonzalez 01
gonzalez 01 18 soat oldin
When Gordon isn't piss at people he can be such nice and funny man. Also I need to slap the owner.
Xeno 18 soat oldin
I love that fat cook he just in the back shaking his head and dealing with bullshit 😂😂😂😂
Steven Samson
Steven Samson 18 soat oldin
"Those carrots go to the five seasons"???
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox 23 soat oldin
Why would they lie about their food. They should know that doesn’t and won’t get them anywhere. I’d tell these cunts straight
Nicole Scott
Nicole Scott Kun oldin
Why did he make them take their name tags off? He think they look tacky?
Brown Body Vlogs
Brown Body Vlogs 19 soat oldin
Louie shrewy
Louie shrewy Kun oldin
He is hands down the most delusional owner so far lol
Gotcha Hahaha
Gotcha Hahaha Kun oldin
He's in the wrong place of course he goes to people who can change and improve u don't like it FUCK OFF 😊
Harry van der Veen
Harry van der Veen 2 kun oldin
"I have staff to do that", that is not what a leader says. He should have been humble, serve his customer, not be a cocky prick.
Athul Nair
Athul Nair 2 kun oldin
"those same carrots go to the 5 Seasons..." There's only 4 Seasons.
that’s an egg
that’s an egg 2 kun oldin
“Those carrots go *GLOBAL* , okay?”
that’s an egg
that’s an egg Kun oldin
jusayen so // LMAOOO he literally sees himself just like how lord farquad saw himself, above the people of the public sksksksks
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
Hahahaha! This owner is going postal about his global carrots! "Don't hand me raw food in my dining room!" ....Just imagine how he talks to peon customers who have a legit criticism.
That One kid
That One kid 2 kun oldin
5:58 “what does he know” he’s talking to a millionaire famous chef smh
3WKS 2 kun oldin
'The 5 Seasons'
India Adams
India Adams 2 kun oldin
Owner: We need Chef Ramsay’s help Gordan: *gives help* Owner: WE DONT F***** NEED HIM!!!!
J. G
J. G 3 kun oldin
Gordan gives real opinion. I dislike pple who will pretend your food taste nice n lies
Natalie Najera
Natalie Najera 3 kun oldin
Ramsey is such a sucker for the thicc waitresses (;
Yeeter griffin :D
Yeeter griffin :D 3 kun oldin
When ever people/chefs/owners say Gordon going to love their food they don’t lol
Haven Levi
Haven Levi 3 kun oldin
Buddy needs to get the shit slapped outta him on jah
mikel carrow
mikel carrow 4 kun oldin
"What does he know" GR litterly owns numerous million dollar restaurants including at least 2 in NEW YORK..and your place is litterly on his show...wow..what a moron.
Jack 4 kun oldin
1:06 Re....becca......BACKS
Jason Victor
Jason Victor 4 kun oldin
My local white spot has more fresher shit then this look at that crap
Chloe Shishmanian
Chloe Shishmanian 4 kun oldin
4:00 😂😂
Karma 4 kun oldin
"He's in the wrong place" Me: Didn't you ASK him to come here?
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
Another good 'catch'. This owner has a massive ego! He actually acts like customers should be in awe of his unique great dishes! He's like the soup nazi on that Seinfeld episode...."no soup for you!!" ...you are in the Wrong place...leave!
88ntil 4 kun oldin
“Excellllllent” 😂
Cory 4 kun oldin
Freshest hands down, shows pulling something out of freezer and using microwave
EmilyLucille523 4 kun oldin
5:28 “i have staff here that will take care of that, you dont hand me raw food in my dining room” THEN DONT GIVE HIM THE FLIPPING RAW FOOD YOU IDIOT
UnknownArtist 720
UnknownArtist 720 4 kun oldin
I'm sorry but if you don't want me to hand you back the dinky little carrot you gave to me, don't give it to me. You ligit questioned it in a mocking manner, that shit should not have left the kitchen
OMGitsLexi 4 kun oldin
Maybe the carrots relate to the owners micro D**k
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
And Ramsey actually asked 5:01..."don't you think you should let them grow a bit?"....No wonder he got angry. He's probably that before .
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
Yes! He seems to like overselling how special these tiny carrots are....hmmmmm . Hehehehe
B B 5 kun oldin
This owner reminds me of bill gates with his tiny carrots... Bill Gates is MIRCO SOFT as well!
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
And "global" too!
GUMP THOMPSON 5 kun oldin
Haha just seen a video earlier with Gordon Ramsay using the same carrots as a garnish himself
chopperkid19 4 kun oldin
Same here but he used them the correct way unlike the owner
Vidyeah 5 kun oldin
Bevilliage 6 kun oldin
Meanwhile the White House serves luke warm fast food and no, they did not ask for it which is why theres a video of them being surprised that there is actually fast food being served to them at the white house.
Jourdan Taylor
Jourdan Taylor 7 kun oldin
Gordon is such a dork but it works for him really well
Epiko Perfect Noob
Epiko Perfect Noob 7 kun oldin
Fuct yeah so i eat better than Trump!
David Mackeown
David Mackeown 7 kun oldin
Guy is so arrogant and is such a lier
Ch Pe
Ch Pe 7 kun oldin
Every time Gordon complains about too much fat it makes me think of fat shaming.
Blaise Rondeau
Blaise Rondeau 7 kun oldin
last i saw the white house was full of wendy's and mc'dick burgers. so he probably does.
Task141ghostalt -FE2 Roblox Gaming & more!
Owner: *WE HAVE THE FRESHEST FOOD* **takes out raviolli from freezer and shoves it into the microwave** *seems legit*
Åce The Åłien
Åce The Åłien 8 kun oldin
“Not enough cheese.” Enough to start a war in America.
Åce The Åłien
Åce The Åłien 6 kun oldin
Horváth Benedek What?
Horváth Benedek
Horváth Benedek 7 kun oldin
You look like enough to start a war in my pants.
Steven Levernier
Steven Levernier 8 kun oldin
If you go out to eat its frozen. In the united states instant gratification = shit food. Ya you dont get it
Brandon B.
Brandon B. 8 kun oldin
6 minutes and 15 second of Gordon criticizing and FLIRTING
LunaTheLightFury :P
LunaTheLightFury :P 10 kun oldin
Pretty sure his carrot is as micro as the one that was being served to Gordon :/
Beautifully Deranged
Narcissistic personality uggghh over the owner smh
Fernando Contreras
Fernando Contreras 10 kun oldin
Wait, Gordon Ramsay laughing?! *_what kind of dark magic is this?_*
Kyocus 10 kun oldin
Nino would have taken the carrots
bobbycone2 10 kun oldin
This guy thinks he better than everyone around him. Bet he has staff to help him take a piss cause he's too important to hold his own dick. What a shit head!
Jer0da0sniper 10 kun oldin
What episode is this?? Anyone know?
john smead
john smead 10 kun oldin
“those same carrots wind up at the white house- at the 5 seasons...”
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 10 kun oldin
I would never eat there 😝
Mike Bastoni
Mike Bastoni 11 kun oldin
All my food is the freshest but I pull my food out the freezer
Alakye Angel
Alakye Angel 11 kun oldin
Yes! The FIVE seasons, my favorite hotel. Much better than that pesky FOUR seasons, you know, the one that ACTUALLY exists!!
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
Funny! Five...four. tiny...micro. fresh is frozen. No wonder he's no longer in business. All this nutcase had to do was was advertise himself as a comedy act during dining. He wouldn't need to figure out jokes either. Just have the dining audience ask him questions on anything and he'll have hilarious views on everything. He makes Don Rickles sound like an alter boy.
"Excuse ma'am but do these carrots go global?"
Smash_ Animations
Smash_ Animations 11 kun oldin
5:30 , and u dont hand over the costumers raw food , See how dumb it sounds when u do it
Brody Edwards
Brody Edwards 11 kun oldin
annnnd that's why this place is fuckin closed...... but this guys a genius making fun of the millionaire chef
Luis Almeida
Luis Almeida 11 kun oldin
"The food here at the bistros is the freshest hands down" beep microwave closes.
Oscar Marin
Oscar Marin 11 kun oldin
Im not even french and I feel insulted by the looks of that French Onion Soup, disgusting.
Jaz 11 kun oldin
When he was saying bloody onions 💀😭
K. S
K. S 11 kun oldin
Can’t believe he’s friendly
Francine Hinojos
Francine Hinojos 11 kun oldin
He looks like Elmer fudd
#guitarcovers 11 kun oldin
Why is it that my late night youtube scrolling always takes me to gordon either cutting onions without crying or him hating food on kitchen nightmares lol
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 11 kun oldin
I find it funny and ironic that people are like, “well what does Gordon know?” I mean he knows how to run a successful restaurant because he has 15 stars
Peter Ordinary
Peter Ordinary 11 kun oldin
0:14 Another reason why you cant trust guys named, Bill.
Its Ya Boi Carl
Its Ya Boi Carl 11 kun oldin
After having worked in nice restaurants kitchen for three months now im cringeing so hard rn omg 😂
Shaheer Alam
Shaheer Alam 12 kun oldin
Im just surprised like if a super master chief comes to my restaurant and says anything id like yeah ur right fuck everything teach me your ways senpai
ReviloWedj 12 kun oldin
1:10 *when you see the last person with alcohol at a house party*
Deffno 9 kun oldin
So happy
Glenn San Jose
Glenn San Jose 12 kun oldin
I may be wrong but the garnish should almost always be edible especially if it's on top of the food.
jeff jeffery
jeff jeffery 12 kun oldin
That onion soup looks like it came from a car engine
Stephy The Great
Stephy The Great 12 kun oldin
Owner: The food here at the bistro is the freshest Camera man: *hold my beer*
Me Reen
Me Reen 12 kun oldin
Asks for help then criticizes him
nejwa B
nejwa B 12 kun oldin
It's 3 in the morning. Oh my god.
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly 12 kun oldin
Calm your carrots big guy
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly 12 kun oldin
Fresh ftom the microwave
adhi nugroho
adhi nugroho 12 kun oldin
Thanks to this, i learnt how to cook,
LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 12 kun oldin
people can eat the garnish iv seen mini carrot can be ateb
dinein1970 12 kun oldin
Five Seasons?!?! If they are "Chef's Garden" carrots, then they do end up at The White House and such. Chef's Garden is in Ohio.
Dontthreadonme 12 kun oldin
I’d give Joe a round of applause for his acting or a round house kick to the face for his real personality.
L B 12 kun oldin
The Five Seasons!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DansApples 13 kun oldin
Pretty damn glad to know this restaurant was ran out of business. Dick heads like Joe not only do not belong in the restaurant game they don't belong in the business owning game. Any amount of power people like that get it goes straight to their head.
Ro3NBurG 13 kun oldin
Lol, dissing his micro carrots really got to him.
Hannah H
Hannah H 13 kun oldin
He’s always nice to the servers because they don’t cook the food they only serve it.
Oliver Mayo
Oliver Mayo 14 kun oldin
The food here is FRESHly frozen..... It was fresh right up until it was frozen to death. Those carrots go to the trashcan mate.
steven flynn
steven flynn 15 kun oldin
I love how ramsay and the girls where having fun that's the best part
Rachel Reeb
Rachel Reeb 15 kun oldin
You gonna hand me PETITE CARROTS!?!? Haha ooooooh my god im dying
Simon Kräutler
Simon Kräutler 16 kun oldin
What exactly is the 5 seasons?
Lauren Frisby
Lauren Frisby 16 kun oldin
“Those carrots go to the five seasons”
Chyna & Nkya
Chyna & Nkya 16 kun oldin
Owner : The food is the freshest here Also the owner : Pulls meet out of freezer
Alex M.
Alex M. 16 kun oldin
"This is for GR" like they we're old mates.
(。◕‿◕。) KAWAII
My local Boston pizza uses name tags lol wut
willj78 17 kun oldin
Something else I noticed, the waitress goes from a dirty rag to handling the food plate...
Richard L.
Richard L. 17 kun oldin
What's the fifth season?
nolan powers
nolan powers 18 kun oldin
this show makes gordon look like such a choch
Jamal Jenkins
Jamal Jenkins 18 kun oldin
Krystin Metz
Krystin Metz 18 kun oldin
Owner: “The food here is the freshest” Chef: (opens microwave )
Akyde 19 kun oldin
Gonna be honest here, I think Gordon handing the carrots to the owner instead of leaving them on the plate was a bit rude. It was an obvious power play.
Danielle  Hancock
Danielle Hancock 19 kun oldin
The best part about this is that the restaurant is closed now 😂😂😂
jusayen so
jusayen so 2 kun oldin
Darnit!! I was hoping to enjoy his tiny carrots that are "global"!
Operator Ben Me
Operator Ben Me 19 kun oldin
He reminded me of trump but not successful business wise
Toad 20 kun oldin
“What does he know?” Smh more than you. Be grateful Gordon even decided to go over there to help your entitled ass.
Ivorymagnus 20 kun oldin
"You don't hand me raw food in my restaurant." Literally moments after handing his guest raw food in his restaurant
Anirudh R
Anirudh R 20 kun oldin
That guys funny.. 😂🤣😂❤️❤️
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