Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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And micro carrots for garnish?
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9-Yan, 2019

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cuttygrass Soat oldin
what does he know? hes a Michellan Star chef, thats what hes knows..
Howard Luken
Howard Luken Soat oldin
Did he say five seasons? I think it's called The Four Seasons.
Stephen S
Stephen S Soat oldin
Since petit(e) translates loosely to 'small' from French to English, saying "little petite" is redundant when used for size. Just thought I'd point that out
RT Jones
RT Jones Soat oldin
Joe's attitude needs adjusting.
Frank Maldonado
Frank Maldonado 2 soat oldin
Chef Mike wouldn't serve this type of meals in his restaurant
Mimi McNeese
Mimi McNeese 2 soat oldin
Woah he laughed!!!!
AzelfS 2 soat oldin
Take a shot every time the guy says 'carrot', 'petite', 'micro' or 'garnish'
StrivingFor Mindfulness
Mocking Gordon's accent in the kitchen. Interesting. 🤔 Both the owner and the big guy in the kitchen seem to be on the defensive, lacking confidence in their product, and replaced it with arrogance.
The Lifting Chief
The Lifting Chief 4 soat oldin
1 2 7 3 Oysters Rockefeller Street
Garrett Jephcott
Garrett Jephcott 4 soat oldin
At 3:28 the girl in the back sipping her drink when there is some real tea going on is literally me
streakersjt 4 soat oldin
Hold my carrot
streakersjt 4 soat oldin
Hold my carrot
neon 22
neon 22 4 soat oldin
I know French onion soup and that thing Gordon are is not french onion soup
Romancefantasy 4 soat oldin
I hope this business is kaput the owner is an ass.
Ave Vee
Ave Vee 5 soat oldin
Joe knows that he’s in the wrong. He’s all talk.
god church
god church 5 soat oldin
I watch this while I eat my instant ramen
Useless Page
Useless Page 5 soat oldin
Its always atleast once a week I end up watching hells kitchen when I should be sleeping
Chase Martinson
Chase Martinson 5 soat oldin
"You don't hand me raw food in my dining room" But you do to your customers
Nessa Skye
Nessa Skye 5 soat oldin
1:04 Thank u, next
Conqueror005 5 soat oldin
I would just like to mention how great the music is in creating drama over things like a ‘raw carrot’
Conqueror005 5 soat oldin
I would just like to mention how great the music is in creating drama over things like a ‘raw carrot’
Conqueror005 5 soat oldin
I would just like to mention how great the music is in creating drama over things like a ‘raw carrot’
Conqueror005 5 soat oldin
I would just like to mention how great the music is in creating drama over things like a ‘raw carrot’
brianna bri
brianna bri 5 soat oldin
Ya Boi Johnseyefish
Ya Boi Johnseyefish 6 soat oldin
Joes a dickhead
Joshua Head
Joshua Head 7 soat oldin
Bootaties 7 soat oldin
Our food is the most freshest!!! *puts in microwave*
Teach Better
Teach Better 7 soat oldin
"You don't HAND me raw food, in my dining room" he says, after serving it TO A CUSTOMER
meme lord
meme lord 7 soat oldin
Chef Ramsay is always making the ladies laugh
punker4Real 8 soat oldin
Freshly frozen from a few years ago
Awesome Dave
Awesome Dave 8 soat oldin
This chef is an A-Hole...upset over a carrot! really?
Awesome Dave
Awesome Dave 8 soat oldin
and not Ramsay I mean the microwaving fresh ingredients pos chef that does not deserve a 2nd chance in this business!
yung giraffe
yung giraffe 8 soat oldin
ive been there and the food was fine
White Marlin
White Marlin 8 soat oldin
How the heck is this fodder in the Trending ? Seriously. 😐
Yara E.N
Yara E.N 8 soat oldin
1:47 Grove RIP
Mightymousy Shnikins
If these restaurant owners are in financial trouble, and seek his help, why are so many of them such twats when he critiques their product? It doesn't make any sense that these people would act like they do unless they are told to act like that or complete imbeciles doomed for failure regardless of what Chef Ramsay does.
Melancholy Milla
Melancholy Milla 10 soat oldin
He looks *SOOO* much like fix it felix from the wreck it ralph movie😂
Beastly Dookie
Beastly Dookie 10 soat oldin
“Who makes the cake” “They come from Cleveland” Whaaaaaat 😂
Super teddy 75
Super teddy 75 10 soat oldin
Little carrot served by a little man lol
kawaii girrl
kawaii girrl 10 soat oldin
The Beast
The Beast 11 soat oldin
This guy really is an idiot.
Obsidious 11 soat oldin
owner: “we need help we don’t know why we’re failing” ramsay: “here’s what’s wrong” owner: “you’re incorrect”
58husky2011 11 soat oldin
Hahahaha, the funeral procession for the cake. Too funny.
Jobcenter 57
Jobcenter 57 11 soat oldin
2:35 xDD
Jacob Kuntz
Jacob Kuntz 12 soat oldin
Sheldon Adleson is celgrew
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 12 soat oldin
Same fucking show last year
Aisah Azzari
Aisah Azzari 12 soat oldin
The dish is not presentable
這種情況 12 soat oldin
rupertacdc 12 soat oldin
Can you see my rim?
Cheybaby xox
Cheybaby xox 12 soat oldin
I love how this guy is making fun of Ramsey acting like he’s richer and better than him when he CLEARLY isn’t.
0525loki 12 soat oldin
I don’t know why people tell Gordon something is fresh when it’s frozen, he can tell it’s not just by taste.
Donny Trumpet
Donny Trumpet 15 soat oldin
"Can you see my rim"
Scuba Tuba
Scuba Tuba 16 soat oldin
wOt EHn thE blOOdy AuEH oEh PUHTTin cARRoTs oAn eT eeEEH ThE pUHgF PAsTRey wHY woUld ye do thAHt Hm hm hm hm hmm...
khunt buster
khunt buster 16 soat oldin
wtf did you just hand carrots to me like that you little bitch, ill have know i graduated at the top of the whitehouse in micro-carrotology
Slickcz M
Slickcz M 16 soat oldin
"What does he know?" Not much. Just owns 5 star restaurants around the globe that GR doesn't even have to fly to because they run themselves. Pull your head in dickhead
Funnyrandomboy 16 soat oldin
"You dont hand me raw food in my dining room" But you served him raw food...
wuppieigor 17 soat oldin
You are supposed to stay off the rim of a plate
AMiah 18 soat oldin
It's all entertainment people need to calm down
Roarasaur 19 soat oldin
"Fuck does he know" I know, deuce acts like he is the owner of a 5star restaurant in France or something
Captain Lacklustr
Captain Lacklustr 20 soat oldin
Thought this video was going to be about a restaurant that orders fast food and delivers it to their customers
KOD 206
KOD 206 20 soat oldin
I love how Joe said "what does her know?" He is one of the most famous chef's I think he would know more than a little restraunt owner
Adrian Rangel
Adrian Rangel 20 soat oldin
Well I mean they did serve McDonald’s at the White House so... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Joe 20 soat oldin
Sanji would call gordan ramsey a cuck
Beanie Treasure
Beanie Treasure 21 soat oldin
5:42 its in the title
Easy Clip
Easy Clip 21 soat oldin
If trump was running a restuarant
Arthur C
Arthur C 22 soat oldin
Joe is eaten up with little man syndrome, LMS.
Sabrina Hards
Sabrina Hards 23 soat oldin
I've never heard of a micro garnish and frankly I wouldn't be impressed either.
Julianna Petraitis
Julianna Petraitis 23 soat oldin
He looks like the bad guy from wreck it Ralph
GuelphRacing Kun oldin
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day
HueTubeR Kun oldin
Ramsey is very disrespectful. He’s like an unwanted guest who insists on having things done his way. Fucking Brit wanker.
Key Strix
Key Strix Kun oldin
Sounds like the owner has a 'micro carrot'.
German Aderius
German Aderius Kun oldin
After what Trump fed the players from Clemson, I'm starting to think this guy's food is better than what's at the White House 😂
Jonathan Rojas
Jonathan Rojas Kun oldin
Kaif Qais
Kaif Qais Kun oldin
Is it just me or does Bill low-key look like Elon Musk?
Gregory Fluty
Gregory Fluty Kun oldin
The Five Seasons...
Why call chef Ramsey to help you and then fight him?
Into The UNREAL Kun oldin
Ramsay - You'll do fookin nuttin!
DJ_AAM Kun oldin
Remember kids, don't give micro carrots to the owner
sue JesusistheLord
If you ask for help you should be willing to accept some truths. And if you are blessed enough to provide help it should be done respectfully.
Luke Smith's Guide to Cringing
If it's on my plate, I should be able to eat it. Those micro-carrots can leave lmao
Secrecy Kun oldin
That chef is a dumb motherfucker.
A random nobody
A random nobody Kun oldin
This man thinks he's better a chef than G. Ramsay??????? hah?????? What is THAT??????
Osu Ghoul
Osu Ghoul Kun oldin
“ the food here is the freshest “ Me: *sees the chef microwave food* Gordon: *Fuck me*
discod Kun oldin
Where is the Five Seasons, is it better than the Four Seasons? 😆
FBI Undercover Loli
Next Up:Chef thinks his food is better than the white house
Billy Batson
Billy Batson Kun oldin
I have when the owners say "WhAt DoEs He KnOw?"
clevelandcbi Kun oldin
EVERY time the owner made a joke, the fat chef looks his balls are being squeezed.
xev1435 Kun oldin
why does the owner remind me of a fucking republican?
Bleach Kun oldin
1:47 wtf.....
Tank Slapper
Tank Slapper Kun oldin
3:36 he actually is really intimidated and you can tell because he's totally over doing it.
He's wrong, the White House gets their produce from McDonalds
Redom Kun oldin
This isn’t McDonalds though.
Okabim Kun oldin
To be fair, considering the trump McDonalds thing, he might be right.
Zach Trapper
Zach Trapper Kun oldin
Well apparently they’re eating McDonald’s at the White House so...
# SnoFootball
# SnoFootball Kun oldin
Your impression of Gordon is insulting you sound like a German farmer after 20 years of smoking
Rhonda Dargue
Rhonda Dargue Kun oldin
Did you see the size of the gross che I am English and would not eat that
Erik Kantor
Erik Kantor Kun oldin
"Don't hand me raw food in my hands" He was the one who put it there. Is he mental?
Free-dome Kun oldin
That woman in the back knows she about to get some bootleg food when gordan is arguing with the owner lmao 3:28
LaLA MAMA Kun oldin
An owner on Gordon Ramsey isn't an owner unless their delusional.
Leanne Milne
Leanne Milne Kun oldin
This guy doesn't even deserve help, what a tosser -his poor staff!