Demi Lovato & Simon Cowell | Funny Moments [part 1/5]

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I was amused by some of the videos I'd seen of these two on youtube, so I decided to watch the second season of X Factor US and make this video. It's official; Demi will be back for season three!




2-Yan, 2013



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Haille curpuz
Haille curpuz 14 soat oldin
Simon is a perfect judge And i think every time demi is there with simon I dont like it but by the way im a fan of demi ✌️✌✌✌✌✌😊😊😊😊😋😂😆😊✌✌
Kimberly Martyn
Kimberly Martyn Kun oldin
They love each other if they didn't they wouldn't talk, great team
Carley Phillips
Carley Phillips Kun oldin
I love how he’s like a dad to her
it's me your mrs. cowell
Simon is right about what he told about demi. She is irritating.
MrGhostman Ghost
MrGhostman Ghost 4 kun oldin
Im actually jelous of their banter...
ima business
ima business 5 kun oldin
dude they remind me of father and daughter lol
Emily Lau
Emily Lau 6 kun oldin
1:32 Your in one of those moods again! They have such a great father-daughter type relationship
Jayde 6 kun oldin
I love their friendship😂😂😂
Jayde 6 kun oldin
I died when Demi spit her 12 mints in Simons hand..😂😂😂😂
Ariola n’ Canola
Ariola n’ Canola 7 kun oldin
Aww u have a heart
Firos Shams
Firos Shams 7 kun oldin
Isn't judge demi in and outta rehab
Nikki Khan
Nikki Khan 8 kun oldin
Demi & Simon 👉♥️
noor yahya
noor yahya 9 kun oldin
5:39 the woman behind simon looks exactly like britney
Lulu's World
Lulu's World 9 kun oldin
Is it....okay for me to.....ship them?
Olivia Manton
Olivia Manton 9 kun oldin
simon acts like demi father
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 kun oldin
What's the deal with Simon and white t-shirts?
Danna Lopez
Danna Lopez 9 kun oldin
A bunch of IDIOTS.American culture-WTF?!And this Demi have 0% class! Make America "great" again you ugly orange shit...
Madison King
Madison King 11 kun oldin
Demi is so funny LOL Simon totally loves working with her Demi calls Simon An OLD MAN! Simon calls Demi ANNOYING ITS TOTALLY FAIR 😂
karen k
karen k 11 kun oldin
Britney never looks like she wants to be there
“Aww you have a heart”
Keysha Zahwa Anandri
Demi and Simons relationship is like the father and daughter sassy duo that messes with each other
Karizma Valencia
Karizma Valencia 12 kun oldin
I love watching them work together they make a great team for AGT and we all know that Simon does think Demi is funny 😂💀
karrar k gold
karrar k gold 12 kun oldin
Doesn't he know that there is another clothes other than white and black underwear t-shirts ??! 🤔🤔
Mariam Al-Mughairy
Mariam Al-Mughairy 13 kun oldin
“Oh my god, you have a heart!” I SWEAR IM LEGIT DYING
Marcus Qualls
Marcus Qualls 13 kun oldin
Let them do that bc old and young are in there era and they like that nasty shit j think if you wanna go for someone older it should be a 6 to 8 years of age different haha
Marveltl Legend
Marveltl Legend 13 kun oldin
Omg simon has a heart
I Eat Light Bulbs
I Eat Light Bulbs 13 kun oldin
They know they love each other.
Minika Sieck
Minika Sieck 13 kun oldin
They Are so sweet together.! Love how they joke with eachother. And can i just say wowwww demi is a ultimative beauty! So gourgous! Specially when she have the middle blond hair with the pink in the ends.
Lunar Effect
Lunar Effect 14 kun oldin
They have to lock the spoon draw now on set.
Natasha Rossiter
Natasha Rossiter 14 kun oldin
This should be called demi Levato and Simon Cowell flirting/beef
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans 15 kun oldin
Bring back the Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell series!!!
onenighttoremember 15 kun oldin
Britney is always drinking Pepsi lol
Orla Maher
Orla Maher 15 kun oldin
At 9:24 , I never knew Khloe Kardashian hosted
Aj W
Aj W 15 kun oldin
It reminds me of Penelope and Ralph from wreck it Ralph
Amelie Isberg
Amelie Isberg 15 kun oldin
"Thats why you use autotune and i dont" hahhah
Kayla Jackson
Kayla Jackson 15 kun oldin
Britney Spears looks SO tired
son kam9001
son kam9001 16 kun oldin
Simon: if I had a dog I would call it demi Demi: if I had heroin I wouldnt be here
Bella Webb
Bella Webb 16 kun oldin
"aww you have a heart"
"By the way, Niall says hi." "Niall? From One Direction? Keep away from him, he's pure!" 😂
Pernell Adams
Pernell Adams 16 kun oldin
I ship it. There are cute together🙂
nabih sharif
nabih sharif 17 kun oldin
why do i feel that britney is an intruder ?
Mady’s Gatcha
Mady’s Gatcha 17 kun oldin
If Simon was younger I would kinda ship them Edit-if Demi wasn’t in a relationship
Lexi Shoemake
Lexi Shoemake 17 kun oldin
😂😂😂 2019? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rage Gaming24
Rage Gaming24 17 kun oldin
Now Simon is laughing whilst she’s shooting up
a⃞l⃞e⃞x⃞a⃞ g⃞o⃞m⃞e⃞z⃞
They are like bsfs that just rag on eachother love that 🤣💜
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 17 kun oldin
I honestly would be honored if somebody ever named their doggo after me ❤️
Alannah Falo
Alannah Falo 18 kun oldin
“Keep away from him he’s pure”- Simon Cowel and every one direction fan ever
Smedley05 17 soat oldin
Alannah Falo what is pure mean??
Kiarrr Thursh
Kiarrr Thursh 18 kun oldin
“That’s why you use auto tune and I don’t” *simon chokes*
Gabriella Pascual
Gabriella Pascual 19 kun oldin
Demi says, “By the way, Niall said hi” Simon’s face though
George Petropoulos
George Petropoulos 19 kun oldin
They should be a couple
Brandon Brothers
Brandon Brothers 20 kun oldin
Their relationship is precious
Henry5758 20 kun oldin
Meike 11
Meike 11 21 kun oldin
I laught sooosoooo hard when at the last second of the video demi said 'awh you have a heart'
petra ;
petra ; 21 kun oldin
britney spears feeling uncomfortable for ten minutes
Lewis topham
Lewis topham 23 kun oldin
Is this before or after Demi did heroin
Alex Terieur
Alex Terieur 25 kun oldin
who is she?! contestant 2297308 ?!
Tracy Said
Tracy Said 26 kun oldin
"Awww, you have a heart," gets me each time 😂😂😂
Marshmallow Minchi
Marshmallow Minchi 27 kun oldin
Simon is like that over protective dad who is always teasing his daughter
Francesca Gundry-White
Simon acts like demis dad
Francesca Gundry-White
2:11-2:26 Isn't he just describing himself No hate I think Simon is very funny
Mainor Marchorro
Mainor Marchorro 28 kun oldin
All the money in the world, and simon only shops at Walmart for those white shirts.
Santa Reyes
Santa Reyes 28 kun oldin
3:51 tho oooff
Huuup Huuup
Huuup Huuup 29 kun oldin
Demi with the blond hair might be the Most Beautiful woman ever.
Haiihaii Xoxo
Haiihaii Xoxo 29 kun oldin
I thought that demi did that bts sign XDD you know the finger hart
Peter Takashi
Peter Takashi Oy oldin
That burn on Demi😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Georgia Hill
Georgia Hill Oy oldin
The poor kids face at 2:57
the psycho lover
Is it wrong that i ship it? I know that Simon has a family and so on... but I still ship it... in some way...
Mariam K
Mariam K Oy oldin
Oh my god the last second of the video 😂
CaptainVoice Oy oldin
10:11 had me laughing so hard
When the X factor was good
Ebony Desirae
Ebony Desirae Oy oldin
I love their relationship they have like a father daughter type of relationship and it's so cute
Kaylee Haverkamp
I need coffee ☕️ and I'm only 12
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie Oy oldin
I ship them Demi x Simon
Angelica Amorim
They are like siblings haha 😂
Nicole Rivera
Nicole Rivera Oy oldin
oh you have a heart!!
Hessa Kwt
Hessa Kwt Oy oldin
00_ fab
00_ fab Oy oldin
u don't understand my love for demi :(
sepide k
sepide k Oy oldin
Ok ik the age difference ik simon is married ik they are friends but i do ship them
Triple Threatxxx
A fucking millionaire but goes to interviews in a white t and jeans
Pink Pastel
Pink Pastel Oy oldin
"don't pick on him. He's a kind man that never insulted anyone" 😂💀
Pink Pastel
Pink Pastel Oy oldin
Oddly enough I wanna see Simon in a movie
Fresh Mana
Fresh Mana Oy oldin
R.I.P 10:11 😂😂😂😂🤣
Henry Moodie
Henry Moodie Oy oldin
Jeff Cooke
Jeff Cooke Oy oldin
Flirt fest.
Flo Lanoux
Flo Lanoux Oy oldin
2019 anyone??
Derp Pineapple
Did anyone just laugh after the guy told Demi you use auto tune and I don't???? 🔥🔥🔥😱😱 #SAVAGE!!!!!!!!
Fruzsina Fanni Kiss
At the end😂😂😂 Demi: Oh Simon you have a heart?😂😂
Lindsey Weller
Awww you have a heart!! 😂😂😂😂😂LMAO
Jennie Hand
Jennie Hand Oy oldin
Demi kills me!
Kyra Johnson
Kyra Johnson Oy oldin
They argue like a married couple but sometimes Simon acts like her dad!😂
mr williams
mr williams Oy oldin
Simon has bit more then he can chew!
Nezumi Körner
I think they like each other in a cute way. A bit like father- daughter :)
Lillian Lee
Lillian Lee Oy oldin
that ending though DEMI: AWWW U HAVE A HEART~~~~~~ LMFAOOOO
Frank Krejci
Frank Krejci Oy oldin
All i see its a pure flirting between those two.
KittyCatAtCat 1235a
*Aw you have a heart*
Oliver Mackenzie
I love that their best friends I love it
KawiieChanChan GirlyXxX
Awwww it’s cute
reeny Oy oldin
demi's infectious! ....simon's just, gross
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Oy oldin
1:56 i’m literally crying😂😂😭
Naomi Ellis
Naomi Ellis Oy oldin
“Aww you have heart”
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