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Dennis - a sick, neglected Pit Bull gets abandoned on a bridge and left to die. Please share.

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
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Dennis was abandoned on a bridge and was left to die. When a

young man, Gabriel Sepulveda passed by on his skateboard, he saw Dennis and remembered watching the Hope For Paws video of Jordan, so he knew to call us.
It took Lisa Chiarelli and I two hours to get to the location, and what we saw was horrifying. Dennis was on the ground, unable to move, and was covered with ticks.
We picked him up, rushed to the hospital, and we started the process of taking all the ticks off and cleaning him up.
While doing that, we rushed Lisa's dog (Lola) to the hospital so she could donate blood for Dennis as he suffered from severe anemia.
For the next 5 days Dennis was seen by neurologists, cardiologists, and internal medicine specialists, but all of this was not enough... Dennis was too far gone, and his body was shutting down.
Not all rescues have happy endings... it's important to understand that!
Dennis was neglected somewhere for a long time, and no one spoke for him. If you see an animal in need, please say something... do something.
Please share so people will know to take action next time they see a case of neglect or abuse.
Thank you!
#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos

#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos




28-Mar, 2016



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Swetang Contractor
Swetang Contractor 37 daqiqa oldin
Denis Mari Simolde
Denis Mari Simolde 2 soat oldin
He died happy.
melabby 3 soat oldin
melabby 3 soat oldin
What are those pimple looking thing called?
Katrina Hill
Katrina Hill 4 soat oldin
If he didn't get rescued then his death would have been sooner so at least they tried😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. This is like the 60th time I have watched this and i m still cry every time. Just to know that there are dogs like Denise and people like hope for paws makes me wanna cry happy tears. R.I.P. Denise. We all love you
Wolfy The hacker
Wolfy The hacker 10 soat oldin
He is died like my dog rip
WILD WOLF 12 soat oldin
Thay- 13 soat oldin
não consigo parar de chorar....
CHEYANN HATFIELD 14 soat oldin
Who ever let that dog sit out there that long and 100s of people going by should be treated the same way! So many heartless people these days
John Fabicon
John Fabicon 18 soat oldin
Feed people for 3 years they can easily leave you in 3 days but feed dog in 3 days they wont leave you forever .
valentine 20 soat oldin
well shit i cried like a baby
_Bluem Kaat
_Bluem Kaat Kun oldin
I’m in tears right now... why would anyone put a dog, the most loving and innocent animal ever, to die? Unable to move at all, thousands of fleas on you, just fighting to LIVE.... I’m sorry that humans failed dogs. Dogs deserve to be treated as family..... this makes me want to just cry, for hours on end.....
Rona Fanai
Rona Fanai Kun oldin
Many of the case in youre videos, pitbulls got neglected... Why.... I know they can be aggressive but thats only if you give wrong love (??) why wont they just get another breed rather than abandoning them again😢
James &TheGiantPeach
Bro are you serious with the music right now.....its sad enough that that loor baby is hurt and alone
Prime Plays
Prime Plays Kun oldin
Fuck the owners that did that to Dennis
Sari cornejo avila
Sari cornejo avila
Que paso alfinal nose ingles lo siento
Alex Giles
Alex Giles Kun oldin
Ever since my dog died I couldn’t stand dogs either gonna die or left to die...... Sammy I hope your a better place now 😭😭😭😭😭
0 0
0 0 Kun oldin
April King
April King Kun oldin
This is the most saddest looking dog I have ever seen. I wish the law was on the side of all animals the way it is for human! Whoever made this dog or any other animal endure all of this should be jailed for life!
Cassidy Dill
Cassidy Dill Kun oldin
me: all of these rescues end happy end of video me- :O :(
Pinky Spike
Pinky Spike Kun oldin
I cried and I'm still cryin
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming Kun oldin
Came here from UZvidrs React To sad vids
Christina Paramo
kaylee !
kaylee ! Kun oldin
wasn’t prepared for THAT i can’t stop bawling
Tristin Peterson
When they said some resuse don't have a happy ending I bust down into tears
Biggus Dikkus
Biggus Dikkus 2 kun oldin
Damn this one fucked me up bad
mocs reid
mocs reid 2 kun oldin
May heart broke into pieces😭😭😭😭😭
A Random Girl
A Random Girl 2 kun oldin
I cried so much during this heartbreaking story that I had to calm down for 20 minutes after watching the video to write this comment. Just by scrolling through the comments I started crying again. The fact that Dennis was abandoned in the first place shows how humans can be so cruel and horrible, but you doing your best to save him just shows how kind-hearted humans can be. Rest in peace Dennis, I hope you will remember that though bad people exist, so do amazing people like the people that tried to save you and make your life longer than it would've been staying on that bridge.
Richar C
Richar C 2 kun oldin
けいたん 2 kun oldin
*。:゚(´っω・*)゚・。💓(U óェò)
veronica campo
veronica campo 2 kun oldin
god bless you for being so selfless and helping this poor creature, the people who did this will have their consequences, god bless you. you guys are amazing, we love you dennis
Rebecca Odell
Rebecca Odell 2 kun oldin
I have never in my life felt more disgusted by myself or the fact that I have to call myself a human... 😭
Serenity Johnson
Serenity Johnson 2 kun oldin
Who ever disliked has no heart!!
Fireballs Anamations
No not the music something bad is gonna happen and I know it. Don't show me dogs. Please. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. This poor pup. Step 1 don't use this music if something happy happens....... Noooo.😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 why did you post this
Sierra Wellington
Sierra Wellington 2 kun oldin
Some people these days are so stupid and dont get that dogs are like us they have feeling and who ever keeps killing dogs are stupid and deserve nothing in this world but to suffer for what they put these poor animals though😭😭😭 I love dogs I would die if it came to saving a dogs life for mine
Dee DeCorte
Dee DeCorte 2 kun oldin
I'm sooooooo sorry Dennis. RIP
TK Angel
TK Angel 3 kun oldin
😢😢😢😢😢RIP dennis
J F 3 kun oldin
Speak for them! Don’t let abuse happen. Any type of abuse PERIOD. BEAUTIFUL boy just treated sooo bad and so many people could’ve done something. Horrible!
Jasmine leveridge
Jasmine leveridge 3 kun oldin
im crying
Vebiola melinda
Vebiola melinda 3 kun oldin
Rest in peace,love you💕.thank you so much for you guys..GBU
Vincent Manalansan
Vincent Manalansan 3 kun oldin
This hurt so much. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that some people can do this to their "pets". You're in a better place now, Dennis, where you can freely chase the wind and get bellyrubbed by angels.
AtlisJR GamingTV
AtlisJR GamingTV 3 kun oldin
RIP denis
AtlisJR GamingTV
AtlisJR GamingTV 3 kun oldin
I feel really bad for denis
Ewa36 4 kun oldin
Napiszę komentarz w swoim języku: Bardzo mi przykro gdy widzę krzywdę jaką ludzie wyrządzają zwierzętą one na to nie zasługują!! Ludzie to najbardziej nie odpowiedzialna rasa jaka powstała na ziemi. Pamiętajmy że też możemy pomagać nie zamykamy się na krzywdę wokoło nas !!!
The Hawk
The Hawk 4 kun oldin
I swear that dog knew it was his time. You could see it in his eyes. He lost the will to live. So sad.
Rowan Lake
Rowan Lake 4 kun oldin
I’m not crying your crying god dang it why do I always end up crying in these videos most of them end up happy and I still cry it’s the music man
ItzCatucci 4 kun oldin
I will fucking kill them. I swear ill fuckin kill them.
Quanesha Rogers
Quanesha Rogers 4 kun oldin
No I love him 💛💛💛🌍🌍🌍we miss you
kiddie zo
kiddie zo 4 kun oldin
rest in peace dennis😓😪😭
Micro me
Micro me 4 kun oldin
Screw the owners of that dog. You don't deserve a dog. If you have a dog take care of it. If you can't do that do not take up that responsibility
Cyrus Andrei C. Diño
Alexandra Daigle
Alexandra Daigle 4 kun oldin
“I’m sorry that humans failed you” I can’t stop crying. Even through all the evil in this messed up world, my heart is warm to see this love and compassion for innocent beings
Victoria Hui
Victoria Hui 5 kun oldin
This always makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it
Gabrielle White
Gabrielle White 5 kun oldin
This is sad but he is in a better place now
Lily Bateman
Lily Bateman 5 kun oldin
Honestly to live such a bad life and die from sickness? I am heartbroken by how many careless people there are. It is sad in a way of how many videos this channel has because they are all rescue videos meaning that humans have done something to cause that 😖💔🖤
Micha Scharl
Micha Scharl 5 kun oldin
Oh no...if I knew he would not make it I would not have watched this...too sad to know he died
Daniel Tena
Daniel Tena 5 kun oldin
I’m feel emberesed that I’m human I give you respect denis for having to feel that pain
Rian Perez
Rian Perez 5 kun oldin
Maybe Lola's blood not suited for Dennis..just like human, I think
A Handsome Turtle
A Handsome Turtle 5 kun oldin
there is a place in heaven for all of our fur babies 💕.
Dynamites 5 kun oldin
松井八恵 5 kun oldin
悲しい悲しい悲しい。 彼の眼差しが胸を貫く。 安堵に包まれた最期だっただろうか、せめて…。 物言えぬ愛すべき者をこんな目に遭わせるのが一部の人間だ。 地獄に堕ちればいい。
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins 6 kun oldin
Sometimes rescue does not end well. The best, kindest efforts come too late. I think after we cry and feel sad, we rededicate to life. Sooner or later if you are in rescue long enough you will encounter a situation like this: brought on nearly always by human cruelty, abandonment and neglect. But the rescues go on. It is why we support HFP and admire Eldad and Loreta and all who do this important work - so much.
RichardYt Besarra
RichardYt Besarra 6 kun oldin
I cried but theres one thing dislikers didnt even care they coldblooded
Rita Oakes
Rita Oakes 6 kun oldin
I cried.
Hannah Mc Lana
Hannah Mc Lana 6 kun oldin
I cried at the end I love you Dennis you guys tried so hard to save him thank you for doing that R.I.P 😔
applehead honeybun
applehead honeybun 6 kun oldin
Im so sorry dennis😭...well at lest ur in a better place now..no more trubbles in life hope for paws thatnk you so much for giving dennis some love and hope for five days rest in peace dennis💖💖💖
Tami Tami
Tami Tami 6 kun oldin
Never thought it could have this ending, just speechless
mrvg style
mrvg style 6 kun oldin
I gasped, and quietly said, no. My heart just...broke. This dog deserved better.
Hobby Stephanie Tv
Hobby Stephanie Tv 6 kun oldin
Jazzy Gamer101
Jazzy Gamer101 6 kun oldin
Why do people have to be so cruel? It breaks my heart 💔😢 rest in peace Dennis
Hobby Stephanie Tv
Hobby Stephanie Tv 6 kun oldin
I cried so much 😭
angela drane
angela drane 7 kun oldin
May u rest in peace, u poor sweet boy. Run like the wind up there in heaven. God willing, I will see u there. I'm crying my eyes out, as I'm sure thousands of others, n all the wonderful people who tried so hard to save u are. XOXOX
Panama Rk
Panama Rk 7 kun oldin
Rachel Eileen
Rachel Eileen 7 kun oldin
I never cry. But this video made me sob. RIP Dennis
T Nug O'Donnell
T Nug O'Donnell 7 kun oldin
god bless you all for everything y'all are legend rip dennis
Shane Dawson is life
i don’t think i’ve ever cried so much, this is why i hate mist people omg. rip 😭❤️
LionsForces 7 kun oldin
i cried
Asu Alkhazraji
Asu Alkhazraji 7 kun oldin
People who did not care about you disliked your video. RIP❤️
exhoe-L 7 kun oldin
my fucking heart
Michael Gela
Michael Gela 7 kun oldin
I think i will cry necause it happens to dennis
Julio Fulgencio
Julio Fulgencio 7 kun oldin
We need more people out there helping mans best friend
Julio Fulgencio
Julio Fulgencio 7 kun oldin
La progamer 1#
La progamer 1# 7 kun oldin
One like is a year more of live for DENNIS
La progamer 1#
La progamer 1# 7 kun oldin
And i'm pretty ashamed of what humans Made him
La progamer 1#
La progamer 1# 7 kun oldin
I have two dogs and i well never let that happen i will fight for them
Jeanette Hald Pedersen
How can ANYONE just let a poor dog come to this extend - it has taken a LONG time for this poor sweet dog to become so sick!!!! SHAME ON PEOPLE!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Thank god the poor dog had a little time with Eldad, but I find it soooo cruel that a dog had to live his life like that without noone to care and protect him 😢😢😢😢 WHY DOESN`T ANYONE STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL 😔😤😭
Edna Espinoza
Edna Espinoza 8 kun oldin
It broke my heart but... thx for saving animals i love animals but i always fail on taking care of animals so they take them away but im a good horse person so im gonna own a stable and im not gonna abandon them
Edna Espinoza
Edna Espinoza 8 kun oldin
Daisy Laguna
Daisy Laguna 8 kun oldin
I am so sorry, I would donate but I don't have money ;( I want to save dogs like Dennis
shookdr m.d.
shookdr m.d. 8 kun oldin
damn onion...............
Jannah Ruth Santonil
My heart😭😭God bless you guys for trying
Heather Lynde
Heather Lynde 8 kun oldin
May you be in peace Dennis
Ellie Mata
Ellie Mata 8 kun oldin
I lost a dog not that long ago (March 26 2019) he was poison and this reminds me of him R.I.P Denis and Malcom (my dog)
byunbaeks 8 kun oldin
i broke into tears the second i realized..
II Fabo II
II Fabo II 8 kun oldin
It's been a long time since I cried this hard
theif ragedphoenix858
One like equals one family for this dog I’m so emotional🥺🥺😭😢
Claudia Dee
Claudia Dee 8 kun oldin
You guys are so amazing, you’re just the best. I have to admit this video made me cry.😔
Phoebe Geralis
Phoebe Geralis 9 kun oldin
The song choice really didnt help. poor baby, at least he got some comfort in his last moments
Amelia Holmes
Amelia Holmes 9 kun oldin
This is so heart braking they did everything they could it must be hard to let a pet go 😭🙏🏼
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