Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg on Working Together for the First Time | SEASON 2

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SEASON 2 EPISODE 11 [2013]
It’s a match made in movie heaven! Denzel Washington & Mark Wahlberg, stars of “2 Guns,” open up about working together for the first time. Plus, director Baltasar Kormakur dishes on filming with two of Hollywood’s biggest stars.
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6-Dek, 2017

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Annetta Jackson
Annetta Jackson 5 kun oldin
WOW I am sorry to hear that Walberg is truly a racist. I always thought Walberg was a people person and to think that it was black people who gave him his first taste of fame. Very disappointed to hear that Walberg is an undercover racist. Maybe i don't like this actor as much anymore.😒😣🙄😡😠
Mirquella Santos
Mirquella Santos 11 kun oldin
Denzel should not work with a felon with multiples convictions for theft........ Wahlberg even blinded one of his victims and threw rocks at little black children while he yelled the n-word. I don't understand why white criminals get so many free passes.
Harry Dickus
Harry Dickus 14 kun oldin
This is uniting the country. A black man and a white man (who’s has a racist past throwing rocks, chasing and screaming racial slurs at black kids; then upped the ante by beating 2 Vietnamese men badly causing blindness for one)....Hollywood bringing people together.
Sniper 11 N.D.
Sniper 11 N.D. 4 oy oldin
Those 2 have great chemistry.😎
Cynmethia Wheeler
Check out Mark's body language, he don't like black folks.
sash c
sash c 5 oy oldin
denzel why work with racist he attackted 10 year old black kids with rocks and blinded an asian man by beating him with a bat and called him slant eyed gook
Lisa G
Lisa G 16 kun oldin
sash c this is true he did but he was young then (I’m sure we’ve all done things we regret) and he hasn’t tried to hide or deny it. He’s apologized publicly as well as he had a private conversation with the Asian man and apologized to him. From what I read the Asian guy was very appreciative and said he forgave Mark as well as appreciated Mark admitting he was wrong.
Moonpie Spotlight
Denzel has the absolute best "troubled" expressions in film.
Paul 5 oy oldin
Larry King, you make every interview interesting. Great questions :)
Ka 6 oy oldin
Isn’t Denzel great!
Jason R Stanton
Jason R Stanton 6 oy oldin
You two should take a rest from church,,,, we're making a new heaven,,, with good people,,, the heaven of a good brotherhood, that exhausts their woman,,,
Jason R Stanton
Jason R Stanton 6 oy oldin
That was a great movie,,,, denzel, mark,, I hope your doing well,,, denzel, should have been done by now,,,
Ford Falcon
Ford Falcon 6 oy oldin
Jason Bourne and Denzel Washington 👌
Junior Raymond
Junior Raymond 3 oy oldin
This isn't Matt Damon :/
Al Blake
Al Blake 7 oy oldin
Two guns is new bad boys if they dont hurry up and come out with another 1
Rosanna Lantigua
Rosanna Lantigua 7 oy oldin
Two great actors put together right on 👍
ChrisMisc1 7 oy oldin
Why does Mark have such a shitty haircut
United States Navy 75
2 of the best Hollywood has to offer. Keep up the good work guys.
United States Navy 75
It's not bigger cause Larry is generally a progressive which can alienate non-progressive viewing demographics.
Angelo & Bulimia - Topic
Fuuuuuuuckkkkk wahlberg for life.. he beat up black kids for fun 😪
ARIES TONE 8 oy oldin
It's time for Denzel to do a full blown comedy movie, or does he already have one
Cwenga Zozo
Cwenga Zozo 9 oy oldin
Loved this film....
devlin7575 11 oy oldin
Mark: dodged more bullets? .... matey, what about Transformers? appalling. Other good work for sure, but those films were for dollars and nothing else.
Orly Oliveira
Orly Oliveira Yil oldin
Sievny Thav
Sievny Thav Yil oldin
Denzel, Tom Hanks are two actors I want to live forever, yet they're aging.
Junior Raymond
Junior Raymond 3 oy oldin
They're aging because that's life
Eritrea adey
Eritrea adey 10 oy oldin
Ya men
Neemael Lund
Neemael Lund Yil oldin
Mark is not my cup of tea!!!!!!!
Katlovescoffee 5 oy oldin
TheFlySociety32 6 oy oldin
Neemael Lund smh
Chrissy's Angels
Loving the purple 💜 Larry King
Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver Yil oldin
i wonder if the women who turned Denzel the garbage man down regret that now lol
rishi kumar
rishi kumar 7 oy oldin
Women don’t have the ability to see the real Man anymore, atleast not since 1970s. Once a man just needed to be just a nice guy, with some shillings in the pocket. And the woman just chose you, trusting her instincts and her God....... that one day everything would turn out good. Today all women, have to see how big is the car you drive, salary slip, how big is your house etc etc ...... while a man still looks for his woman to be trustworthy and pretty. That is all !! ...........A woman that he can introduce to his parents. Now we both want so very different things from each other !
The Empire Strikes Back
+Chris Oliver Ha.LOL!!!!
Keke & Smooth
Keke & Smooth 10 oy oldin
Chris Oliver I bet they do now.
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim Yil oldin
Two down to earth gentlemen
Kelly Kim So right
John Manett
John Manett Yil oldin
"Let's swing for the FENCES"... Conspiracy👽
Savej Blaque
Savej Blaque Yil oldin
Thought this was James Roday & Dule Hill from Psych.... disappointed.
harold danny
harold danny Yil oldin
9.30... "you don't sing well?" "no..." What? You're Marky Mark... I love 2Guns...
Gillian Landry
Gillian Landry Yil oldin
harold danny But if you remember he was rapping not singing in his only hit "good vibrations"
Such great chemistry
Abdalla Daud
Abdalla Daud Yil oldin
Hello Larry king Big Fan of your work. I want be a guest in your show. My name is Abdalla Daud and I am young entrepreneur who want meet people who inspire him. Hope to hear from you and God bless you. Abdalla Daud
dan coolinism
dan coolinism 7 oy oldin
Abdalla Daud Good luck with that 😩😂
chasetex Yil oldin
I'm really surprised this channel isn't bigger, I mean this is the Larry King.
Bob Black
Bob Black Yil oldin
He's not the best at social media. A lot of people don't know this is here. He has social media gurus in his life now. They must've not been able to convince him. He doesn't see the value in it. He's been doing it his way for so long.
Shiley Kay
Shiley Kay Yil oldin
I'm surprised too!
Paul Little
Paul Little Yil oldin
chase Yil oldin
D. Davis
D. Davis Yil oldin
Chase Craig TV --You have a serious immaturity problem. Get help.
xfghkhjfsejid Yil oldin
xfghkhjfsejid I think it's cute lol
D. Davis
D. Davis Yil oldin
xfghkhjfsejid - You have a series immaturity problem. Get help.
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