Denzel Washington on LeBron James & Michael Jordan

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Denzel talks about LeBron coming to the Lakers, the best basketball player of all time, and being at the game where Michael Jordan made his iconic shot.
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Denzel Washington on LeBron James & Michael Jordan




11-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 409
Elaine Lennox
Elaine Lennox Kun oldin
Daniel Day Lewis is the greatest actor of all time
quantae06 7 kun oldin
He didn’t say who he thinks is the greatest. He might think Kareem’s the goat for all we know. Miss leading title.
Jesse Low
Jesse Low 18 kun oldin
freaking LEGEND
iDont Give aFuck
Sohrob Ganjbaksh
Sohrob Ganjbaksh 2 oy oldin
He only holds his tongue cause lebron is a laker now lol
Kratos 2 oy oldin
The best player? Man Bron play against defenders like JAVELE MCGEE ffs. If Jordan was at his prime today he would score every game more than 50 pts . NBA today is bullshit no defense at all. Think about did u see somebody like Malone, Ewing, Rodman, Laimbeer, Big Ben, Shaq ? Did u ?
Lloyd Capuyan
Lloyd Capuyan 3 oy oldin
I love this man...man of fire
Lloyd Capuyan
Lloyd Capuyan 3 oy oldin
#WeHoopin #WeHoopin
The GREATEST??AT what??😑Basketball 😂
Mc LBJ 3 oy oldin
Denzel and LeBron took over as the GOATs from Sidney and MJ. Men off great character on and off the court.
Mc LBJ 3 oy oldin
Every time a guest mentions LeBron it’s in the title. There is levels to stardom.
MLBB POGI X Youtube Channel
Denzel is getting old..
kumander jakiri
kumander jakiri 3 oy oldin
richard enston
richard enston 3 oy oldin
I'm the most hetrosexual man you know but I do have a crush on Denzel!!!
V W 2 oy oldin
richard enston 😂😂😂
King Super
King Super 3 oy oldin
The main question is how can you be the goat if you get swept in the playoffs two times in the first round. Lebron has never got swept in the playoffs. Smh, getting swept in the playoffs is worse than getting swept in the finals. No wonder why Michael Jordan got 6-0 as soon as he got help, Like Scotty and denis rodman he starts his winning a finals game streaks. Lebron took nobodies in his rookie year past the 1st round easily. Showed his clutchness, etc..Took Michael Jordan a bit to get to the finals finally. The reason why got no loses in the finals because he never got to the finals until he got "super help." No doubt, Jordan is one the greatest, but i'm not putting him over Lebron. Lebron beating 73-9 warriors greatest team ever established pretty much. I already know Lebron is the goat. People will finally see him as the goat when he beats this years warriors with 5 all-stars.
Jüdäs Röbbïñs
Bullish!t. Lebron is the GOAT
Walker Patrick
Walker Patrick 3 oy oldin
Lebron is the best to ever play basketball
daindigokid 3 oy oldin
Amazing.. Its become political to say Jordan is the best. Well done Media/Lebron. Denzel clearly didn't want to lose access with Lebron and/or the Lakers. Maybe he didn't want to offend Magic.
Darryl K
Darryl K 3 oy oldin
I don’t have to like you
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 3 oy oldin
I see Denzel, I click
Boshunz 3 oy oldin
Go ahead and just say yes Denzel
Joshua Swifte
Joshua Swifte 3 oy oldin
The NBA will never be the same, no?
bozz 400
bozz 400 3 oy oldin
he knows lebron is the goat
Bobby 3 oy oldin
He looks like an alcoholic to me. His mannerisms suggest alcoholism.
Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton
It’s crazy how the GOAT is starting to become debated now, whereas before it was a consensus that it MJ. Just goes to show how great Lebron is.
Jumanji Woe
Jumanji Woe 3 oy oldin
Kinda crazy that accomplished people and nba legend don't quickly pick MJ as th GOAT....but people always just dismiss them like they ain't know nothing or they jealous
Troyzswagger 3 oy oldin
You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in pelican bay when I get finished with you.
wm young
wm young 3 oy oldin
You can't just say "basketball". There are POSITIONS that different people play. For instance, in football, you have the "best" running back or quarterback or kicker...
Unstoppable 3 oy oldin
Can you imagine Jordan and lebron on the same team, MJ would have kicked him off the team for not being a tough player, Jordan doesn't allow bitches on his team.
perla masiel matos Jiménez
jajajaajaja 40k 10k 10k goat baby 2023
Jrtheth3rd Channel
NBA music and Good vibes here --> itunes.apple.com/us/album/allen-iverson-single/1184059842?app=itunes
Aneel Ejaz
Aneel Ejaz 3 oy oldin
One of my favourite actors!
SuavéG TV
SuavéG TV 3 oy oldin
Denzel is actually a really humble guy
JD 3 oy oldin
Denzel the goat !
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 3 oy oldin
Deborah W
Deborah W 4 oy oldin
Lebron is the greatest and u are Denzel! Lol!
HC DaVe 4 oy oldin
U know u made it when ppl think hard on who's the GOAT i take LBJ ove Jordan i don't care bout rings....or what you think...get triggered 😆
PrettyBoiKuda 4 oy oldin
1:03 Jimmy 😂😂
commentonaa 4 oy oldin
“He was that night”....
BugattiDreams 4 oy oldin
"he wont return my calls" lol
IG Mylegasi
IG Mylegasi 4 oy oldin
dateBOX 4 oy oldin
Why does this have such low views?
Harrison Reed
Harrison Reed 4 oy oldin
Lebron james all day.... jordan die hards are finding a shorter list of things to argue on
wm young
wm young 3 oy oldin
Adam Love
Adam Love 4 oy oldin
The difference between Jordan and LeBron is that Jordan is a sellout uncle Tom was kisser and LeBron is NOT!
whatitdo 4 oy oldin
Denzel trying so hard not to mention Kobe in this interview.
Ilham Suhendi
Ilham Suhendi 4 oy oldin
Lol denzel with nick young face expression
B Fit
B Fit 4 oy oldin
I fell for the click bait...
YourHomieHenry 4 oy oldin
Denzel is so well composed. I admire his magnetism.
lloganmusic 4 oy oldin
The GOAT ship has sailed away my friend. 6 finals loses and the only player to get swept in the finals twice. Sorry, Lesweep James just let it go.
Topinka Hatt
Topinka Hatt 4 oy oldin
Take team accomplishments away, who's the greatest?
Topinka Hatt
Topinka Hatt 4 oy oldin
Denzel is a special type of guy. Different type of think and very witty. Impressive man.
Vinayak Prabhu
Vinayak Prabhu 4 oy oldin
Why does he ask every brother about MJ ?
juan romero
juan romero 4 oy oldin
Hi guys! I'm only 11 years old but who is this MJ person everybody is trying to compare to LeBron? Why haven't I seen him play?
WHITEBOY 39TH 4 oy oldin
He put it to his lip 🤔🤔
Phronesis Olamide
He smartly answered the question by telling a story. You need a brain to notice. LeBron is a Lakers now, of course he wouldn't outrightly says MJ
Scott Hall
Scott Hall 4 oy oldin
Anybody who says LeBron is GOAT is in their 20s or teens. Its not even close
Luke Ware
Luke Ware 4 oy oldin
He thinks lebron is, but he dont want to admit it bc jordan is his friend
Michael Contreras
Jimmy is pure crap. If white privilege existed he would be king
Renata Rocha
Renata Rocha 4 oy oldin
Tee Morg
Tee Morg 4 oy oldin
You're friends with Magic right? Yes I know Magic.
yuddy palacios
yuddy palacios 4 oy oldin
Had to like before even watching
jordan the greatest all time...nuff SAID.....
Ples Banks
Ples Banks 4 oy oldin
What Denzel was trying to say is because Jordan was so popular. in addition to being great most people are bias when it comes to the debate between him and Lebron. Because anybody saying that it's not close is definitely bias.
Abel & CAIN
Abel & CAIN 4 oy oldin
and you are one of the greatest actors of all time
Julez Verne
Julez Verne 4 oy oldin
Just say it, Denzel. MJ is the goat.
Teff Majeye
Teff Majeye 4 oy oldin
He was on many nights🔥
bigboss05 4 oy oldin
yeah.... i think he was stoned out of his mind
Mister White
Mister White 4 oy oldin
i love how ppl just call him "magic" :D
MajorFacts 4 oy oldin
Gotta love his voice I can hear him motivate me to be successful in life and giving so much advice to learn from the dude
#TeamAlwaysGoneBrand: on that note, this the exact reason Denzel Washington is definitely 1 of my favorite actors of all time....Mount Vernon, New York y'all should be proud
Making Gainz
Making Gainz 4 oy oldin
King kong dont got sht on me
john stewart
john stewart 4 oy oldin
Earving "Magic" Johnson is the G.O.A.T. with Michael Jeffrey Jordan 2nd Kobe Bean Bryant 3rd Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 4th and Isaiah Lord Thomas III 5th.
Darren Bardwell-Jones
Anyone else excited for equalizer II
Ebi Hamedi
Ebi Hamedi 4 oy oldin
- who is the greatest basketball player of all time? + at what? - basketball :)
Gick Djoud
Gick Djoud 4 oy oldin
The Universe Galaxy
Magic Johnson was better then Jordan
Eddy Shluger
Eddy Shluger 4 oy oldin
MJ is not just the greatest ever. He is by far.
NatureBwuoy Traore
This great man is growing old and looking younger.
Michael Creighton Jr
Lebron is Goat
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann 4 oy oldin
And Mary a stripper named after a expensive car
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann 4 oy oldin
He should hit up melo and see if he will take a one year 15 million dollar deal and live in Vegas
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann 4 oy oldin
They need some more big men besides JAVal.......
Aswin A
Aswin A 4 oy oldin
He's clever by saying 'the greatest at what?' yes there's different criteria like winning, just scoring, being a team leader, defending.. Or just overal the average of all that
Joe Villegas
Joe Villegas 4 oy oldin
simple denzel and Jordan are the goats
wallydee 4 oy oldin
TOO MUCH CHARISMA.......... cant take it!!&÷¥#€$*#
Anfmethodjor 4 oy oldin
Lol, when a Laker fan says without saying it. MJ must be the GOAT.
Bim Boogie
Bim Boogie 4 oy oldin
Love Denzel. Got robbed as the Huuicane by Chester Molester Spacy. And the training day was mediocre and he got a make up award. That's Hollywood
M R 4 oy oldin
Jordan is clearly great but if I had to take one player I might have to go with a 7 footer type even though the game has changed, they can be too dominant and crush opponents literally every game
Chick Hearn4ever
Chick Hearn4ever 4 oy oldin
Jordan is ESPN sportscentries #1 Athlete of all time.. Picked over the greatest legends in 100 years.. The expression, "he is the Michael Jordan of"... is said about him..Nobody ever uses a different player to use an athlete in high regard.Instead athletes come along and are compared to his excellence..This originated with MJ and continues to be said.. It's about characteristics that are visual and can't be described by stats or accomplishments..People saw him in his first 3-4 years, and already knew they were seeing something they'd never seen before..Most basketball legends are bitter because of this, other than a few..I'll tell you this..in 10 years, People will still be saying Jordan and they will all forget Lebron.. The visual aesthetics in the raw footage will never add up.
HallyuOtaku Oy oldin
finally some facts! thank you
Rickey Lynoard Smith
Chick Hearn4ever no one is going to forget LeBron bro. Because of the last 15 years of coverage there going to be linked forever same with Kobe
Vlr Pachuau
Vlr Pachuau 4 oy oldin
Messi and Jordan are GOATs
MrTroyMarr 3 oy oldin
I would have said Pele but I wont argue against Messi.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 4 oy oldin
honestly, Denzel has to be the coolest MFer of all time
Arturas Alvidas
Arturas Alvidas 4 oy oldin
Mj is not the goat only stupid peaople can think that.
Arturas Alvidas not as stupid as u 😂😂😂
MAX AJ 4 oy oldin
He know Lebron is the goat but he dont wanna say it coz its gonna be headline lol
fwied wice
fwied wice 4 oy oldin
Gotta love Denzel man...everything he does is great
Paladin SG
Paladin SG 4 oy oldin
denzels teeth!!!
TheTlewis3074 4 oy oldin
I think maybe Kareem should have done more interviews or smiled at the camera more.
Yavor Boichev
Yavor Boichev 4 oy oldin
Hi guys, which is this Bulls game? Could someone find a video of this shot for me? thanks
Ali Hamade
Ali Hamade 4 oy oldin
I always thought Michael's famous move was the mid air hand switch vs the Lakers...what was Denzel referring to?
Mando Cam
Mando Cam 4 oy oldin
God damn he’s so charming
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson 4 oy oldin
The truth has been spoken denzel.. is the goat of truth....mj is the true & onley goat.he didn't even asks whos better mj or LeBron. ...he just said who's the greatest!
M 310
M 310 4 oy oldin
My man-Denzel W.