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Deontay Wilder Knocks Down Tyson Fury in Round 12 | SHOWTIME PPV

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WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder lands a right hand and left hook combination that sent the 6-foot-9 Tyson Fury down for the second time in the fight, hitting his head on the canvas, but manages to miraculously get up.
#WilderFury #DeontayWilder #TysonFury
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2-Dek, 2018

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Don't Worry
Don't Worry 11 soat oldin
Fury was on the ground for 13 secs, count it out. Fury was KO'd....
Duane Sparks
Duane Sparks Kun oldin
Everyone knows who won this fight
Jagua Ztec
Jagua Ztec 2 kun oldin
Great Camera shot..the ref cheated...he slapped the canvas next to Fury's head...1:00-1:02..can hear a slap. Is this Showtime way of exposing inappropriate behavior by ref. Also why is ref looking outside ring when starting count instead of at downed fighter? 🤔
Ian Peters
Ian Peters 2 kun oldin
This was a really food fight.
massacrene1 2 kun oldin
:23 when your mom gets home and you havent washed the plates
Mike Rollman
Mike Rollman 2 kun oldin
Hits the canvas at 2:21, back to his feet by 2:11. No slow count at all.
boss melo
boss melo 2 kun oldin
Slow ass fucking count
GoHard4Home 3 kun oldin
Fury looked like that GTA character in the San Andreas gym that CJ keeps knocking out in the ring
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett 3 kun oldin
What a fight that was!
George Haro
George Haro 3 kun oldin
fuck fury
Josiah Paz
Josiah Paz 4 kun oldin
Post fight interview he said “I saw Jesus “I don’t doubt it it wasn’t his time
Fitness Fanatic
Fitness Fanatic 4 kun oldin
If wilder worked on his technique, he would have completely destroyed this guy.
Calabuluz 4 kun oldin
I wanted tyson fury to win, but even I know that wilder won because when fury gets knocked down, if you look at the clock one the video you can clearly see that it reaches 10 seconds before fury gets up.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 5 kun oldin
That KD alone make it even!!!!!!!!!!!!Fury did fight good though!!!!!!!!!
QuIgYx 6 kun oldin
Wilder got 2 knockdowns....10-8 rounds. He won 3 rounds besides knockdowns so he should have won? This is a robbery but probably allowed for the rematch. Meanwhile AJ is fighting bum after bum...
bryon dominguez
bryon dominguez 6 kun oldin
Fury gave Wilder a boxing lesson that fight !
tyson fury looks alot bigger and still got knocked down.
Saul Sixto Velasquez
Punched him so hard the score cards reset.. I see
Barry 8 kun oldin
His fight plan is to disguise his right and it works. One punch from his right and you're out. Joshua is to robotic and no head movement. Hearn is smart for not letting AJ fight Wilder. Hope Fury wins and fight Fury instead of Wilder.
El Donshred
El Donshred 8 kun oldin
The right hand on the temple got him real clean messed him up but the dam warrior Tyson is, he got up on and survived asweome fight👍🤙
blackspades0000 9 kun oldin
When you see those crack pipes dangling above your head like stars you can do nothing but get up.
blackspades0000 9 kun oldin
Clearly, fury won the fight against his being knocked out cold. Brain damage.
Andre Jordan
Andre Jordan 9 kun oldin
Joe louis rocky marciano mike tyson evander holyfield ray mercer george foreman riddick bowe larry holmes lennox lewis joe frazier..... Any of these guys kill deontay wilder..... Some would kill him faster than others..... Lacks skill and his punching power is overrated and accuracy is poor as piss.... Furthermore no real power puncher ever tested that chin as yet.....i didnt mention Muhammad Ali because that would be so one sided and unfair it wouldn't be fun to watch
CHRISTIANNWO 5 soat oldin
+Andre Jordan, he knocked out all but two of his opponents, he almost knocked out Fury, and the only top opponent Wilder hasn't faced yet is Joshua, but I see Wilder knocking out Joshua since Joshua barely got passed Wladimir. It's clear to me that Wilder has his technique down; he's a great champion.
Andre Jordan
Andre Jordan 6 soat oldin
+CHRISTIANNWO height and reach are wasted when you lack sharpness and accuracy..... Ill say rhis he needs a better coach he has all the physical tools but lacks tecnique and alsi he isnt battle tested yet
CHRISTIANNWO 9 soat oldin
You underestimate Wilder. He's taller & longer than most of the guys you listed, and he has more KO's too.
Vladiator 9 kun oldin
Till this day!
Got2LoveAmerica 9 kun oldin
Hella props to the ref for actually going to a count.
micheal lee
micheal lee 9 kun oldin
💪😎👊Great video upload just what I was lookin for lol... #BRONZEBOMER
Southside Wild100s
Southside Wild100s 10 kun oldin
Bottom line is Tyson Fury won the fight in terms of boxing. BOTTOM LINE IS HE GOT KNOCKED OUT (Slow Count) .. & WITHOUT A SLOW COUNT HE LOST TH FIGHT. Fuck the score card it shouldn’t of came down to that
Cedric Williams
Cedric Williams 10 kun oldin
This is why scoring needs to be changed. Idc how many shots Fury got, dude got knocked down TWICE!! Shouldn’t have been anywhere close to a draw
Zack Klein
Zack Klein 11 kun oldin
(((showtime))) favors black fighters too much. Even when they lose.
Jason Mason
Jason Mason 12 kun oldin
Wilder needs to come in heavier. 6'7 at 212lbs is WAY to small.
CHRISTIANNWO 8 soat oldin
+Jason Mason, I heard Wilder say he couldn't really explain it, but he just kept losing weight. He promises to come in heavier for the rematch.
Jason Mason
Jason Mason 5 kun oldin
+CHRISTIANNWO He was 209lbs??? Thats not big.
CHRISTIANNWO 5 kun oldin
jeg3301 12 kun oldin
If nothing else, Wilder can PUNCH! Even that late in the fight, he's able to put out a 270 pound, 6 foot 9 elite fighter with one or two punches.
Rayyes 13 kun oldin
Fury got up like Arnold in any Terminator movie
Cobra The Gamer
Cobra The Gamer 13 kun oldin
Wilder look like Apollo Creed when he seen that boy get up
i love vicodin
i love vicodin 14 kun oldin
Fury was like Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 after taking a breather.
DJ KHAN 14 kun oldin
That’s a real ref at least he doesn’t jump in and stop the fight there need to be more referees like this
somalia today
somalia today 14 kun oldin
Fury got up like he got a midnight diarrhea
Spenser Mitchell
Spenser Mitchell 15 kun oldin
Everybody was mad when Mayweather beat Pacquio by points. But when Wilder knocked Fury down twice, “boxing is scored by points”.
Zack Klein
Zack Klein 5 kun oldin
+CHRISTIANNWO In boxing, if you stay on the outside the entire fight we're all entitled to call you a pussy. Fury showed us how to dodge bombs without running.
CHRISTIANNWO 5 kun oldin
+Zack Klein, in boxing, and almost any other combat sport, it doesn't matter if a fighter is walking forwards, backwards, or sideways. All that matters is who's being landing the bigger, cleaner, shots. Wilder Fury though, I thought Fury beat Wilder. I never sat down and carefully reviewed the fight, but my first impression is that Fury won. Fury outboxed Wilder for most of the fight, but Wilder came back with the two knockdowns. Even so, it appeared like Fury was ahead on points. It don't really matter. I enjoyed the fight, and am hyped for the rematch. It's gonna be awesome.
Zack Klein
Zack Klein 5 kun oldin
+CHRISTIANNWO I'm pretty sure golovkin chased canelo around the ring mayweather style for the first fight. The 2nd fight looked pretty even. They also say nobody landed on canelo better than golovkin. I think Golovkin, Pacquiao and Fury all get cheated by fighting in the u.s. They can even land more shots but judges fuck up the scores. You're like adelaide byrd mistaking canelo and mayweather's running for defense.
CHRISTIANNWO 5 kun oldin
+Zack Klein, compubox is simply an estimate, which can be off significantly. Not only that, stats don't tell the whole story. Watching the fights, it's Canelo who threw the bigger, cleaner, shots. GGG has a great chin, but you don't get points for taking shots.
Zack Klein
Zack Klein 5 kun oldin
+CHRISTIANNWO I'm reading compubox right now for fight #2. Canelo has a higher accuracy and throws less punches but Golovkin threw more and landed more. Probably owing to jabs. I'm assuming the 1st fight is even more like that. Remember canelo was guilty of steroids between the 2 fights.
Pop Boxing
Pop Boxing 16 kun oldin
Tyson fury getting up is possibly the best moment in boxing history, the heart he displayed is insane.
MAG 16 kun oldin
Man.. why don’t they have a Tyson fury highlight for dotting up wilder. This is one and maybe 2 other rounds that looked “good” for wilder. #Fury
James Hunt
James Hunt 17 kun oldin
In that case, fury is out of his mind. Lol
Allen Abernathy
Allen Abernathy 17 kun oldin
12th round k0 damn 40 knock outs damn
Wayne Cockerham
Wayne Cockerham 17 kun oldin
slowest 10 count ever .
EX IV 17 kun oldin
Announcer says Fury looking like an upset... and Fury drops three seconds later.
Heath Blasted
Heath Blasted 18 kun oldin
One round vs eleven, get off wilders nuts
james moore
james moore 18 kun oldin
Knocked that’s ass out 😂😂😂
NilezII 19 kun oldin
The Ref gave fury a little California Test-"walk over there & come back to me". Never saw that before.
E Rob
E Rob 21 kun oldin
That Fury S O B is tough. ANYBODY else goes to sleep. Got to respect a man for not quitting. My hats off to you brother!!
Tanoro Edwards
Tanoro Edwards 21 kun oldin
They cheated the referee counted a long one count then looked back for 2 seconds smh he would have never made the ten count rematch equal more money and he might knock him out in 6 rounds stupid was boxing
Shotgun Arms
Shotgun Arms 21 kun oldin
Fury was robbed.
real one
real one 21 kun oldin
Wasn't gonna beat my brother.....💪🏿
Graham Krueger
Graham Krueger 21 kun oldin
Anyone else not like Tyson Fury because he's such a fat fuck?
Adalia Francisco
Adalia Francisco 21 kun oldin
Don Who
Don Who 22 kun oldin
Paulie's expression says it all! We'll never know how many people Fury inspired through this entire event.
King BS
King BS 23 kun oldin
That’s bullshit. I counted to 20
XG Mac
XG Mac 23 kun oldin
That punch wasn’t wild either damn
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 23 kun oldin
What a great fight.
Humbaba Lo
Humbaba Lo 24 kun oldin
Fury has a body like a character in a Pixar movie
Thomas Mahoney
Thomas Mahoney 24 kun oldin
Fury ducked under that right hand all night. Finally, Wilder threw it tight and low like his corner was screaming for all night and Fury ducked right into it.
Ricky Griffin
Ricky Griffin 24 kun oldin
He didn’t get up in time the ref took to long on count # 8 and 9
Perfect Gaming
Perfect Gaming 24 kun oldin
That get up though. That is the stuff legends are made of.
M4Boxer805 24 kun oldin
That was a completely viable count
Brock Audibert
Brock Audibert 25 kun oldin
Prime Mike Tyson would knock both these guys out on the same night easily, neither one would get pass the 4th round, might not make it that far.
Will 25 kun oldin
WOW. That took epic mental fortitude and courage to rise up the way Fury did. Dude looked legit KTFO at first. Incredible.
GucciGodSailmanFTST 14 kun oldin
Crack head strength
Max Gregory
Max Gregory 25 kun oldin
That was such a close count I can’t even tell. Fury still finished the fight fine though so I guess the ref made the right decision
Stanlayy7000 25 kun oldin
Those Irish Travellers can sure take a punch. Wilder had 2 minutes to finish this guy off. The answer was negative.
Joshua DeLaCruz
Joshua DeLaCruz 26 kun oldin
The way Fury comes to and gets back up is so uhfcking hilarious. Tough as nails.
Erwin Wu
Erwin Wu 26 kun oldin
Still laughing at the undertaker meme of him rising to the funeral bells hahahaha
Barry 26 kun oldin
Deontay Wilder knows he can't outbox Fury or Joshua. He knows he can knock them both out. Klitschco doesn't have the power Wilder has. Joshua wouldn't be getting up if Wilder caught him. His defense isn't close to that of the Gypsy King . Wilder would test his chin all night.
Juz rhyme
Juz rhyme 26 kun oldin
I think Wilder could knocked out AJ, because AJ gets hit alot compared to Fury
2k M.A.R.s
2k M.A.R.s 26 kun oldin
That hit sounded like a horse kick
Karl Kindle
Karl Kindle 27 kun oldin
the greatest get off the canvas of all time
osas201 28 kun oldin
Wilder can’t box they say but that was one hell of a combination man. That man just carries bombs on those hands
blackrednek 28 kun oldin
That last left wrinkled the back of his skull.
Diomed Alvarado
Diomed Alvarado 29 kun oldin
Damm - straight up--Fury got up just as if he was the Undertaker 😂🤙
Nathan iel
Nathan iel 29 kun oldin
1:42 the way he walks off is the dopest thing to me
Wilder has no boxing skill .. just power .. Joshua would kill him
bLaCjAcK Daniels
Man Deontay throws BOMBS! He’s like Clubber Lang.
Big Fire
Big Fire Oy oldin
0:52 what the ref looking at and why he stop counting???
Big Fire
Big Fire Oy oldin
Why the ref stop counting 🤔🤨🤨🤔🤔
Shane Daniel
Shane Daniel Oy oldin
Wilder went the whole 12? No one can say he isn't a champ
s marz
s marz Oy oldin
1:48 if fury had not been rubbing his nose the KO would not have happened, he wouldve WON
s marz
s marz Oy oldin
Can someone please explain the nose rubbing fury keeps doing with his gloves which got him KOed
GodHimself 11 kun oldin
Withdrawal from doing cocaine
Shabazz Oy oldin
Why does the clock keep running when a boxer is down? You can waste a good 10-15 getting up. Imagine if someone was super close to pulling off a comeback and knocked someone down with 20 seconds left. They wouldn’t really have a chance to follow it up.
Brandon Nikolajevic
Idk why but when the ref said “can you continue” I got goosebumps
Fizzywhoamac Avenue
That should of been a KO the ref saved the fight for fury. He counted too slow he gave him an extra 5 seconds
Ima Onnafone
Ima Onnafone Oy oldin
Everyone is saying Wilder got robbed over 9 seconds but Fury was dominating with 1 minute breaks in between. That's why it went to a draw. Also: DAMN Fury is tough!!!!
Miguel Valencia
Im sure the ref took a bit longer to count to 10 because he knew if Fury got up it would make a more interesting and dramatic fight
Stone Oy oldin
Wilder: Gets *Knocks fury down* Fury: *Pulls his inner strength and will out to get back onto his feet and continue fighting* Wilder: *Starts swinging like a middle school boy in his first fist fight*
Legendary 401x
Wilder should of killed fury He ate all Fury punches wilder needs to be smarter
Onur Gunes
Onur Gunes Oy oldin
If he was not knocked down in 12th .100% Fury was winning . God damn it. Why you let that punch bro.
Kyle Elpel
Kyle Elpel Oy oldin
I'm more of an MMA fan than a boxing fan, but Tyson Fury getting up was one of the greatest moments in boxing history. Too bad the sport is corrupt.
Hugh Banks
Hugh Banks Oy oldin
Hesitant delayed and slow ass count.. Ref was talking to Fury when he should have been counting..
zwebackshyper Oy oldin
one of the biggest robs in boxing history feel bad for wilder he easily won this fight.
RatatRatR 22 kun oldin
Looks like you've accidentally mentioned the wrong guy.
norvinzor Oy oldin
Las Vegas was Robbed of this fight!!! This Fight should have been in Vegas Man!!!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Oy oldin
Heavyweights now a days suck ass
Leon Elonis
Leon Elonis Oy oldin
So many sour blacks in the comments.
Leon Elonis
Leon Elonis Oy oldin
roronoa zoro lol proving my point even more. Buddy, melanin is a curse.
roronoa zoro
roronoa zoro Oy oldin
You wish you had melanin goofy
balej83 Oy oldin
I am a Deonte wilder fan, but Tyson fury won this match. Regardless of this last minute knockdown, which gave wilder an 8-10 round, Fury boxed Wilder all night and won 115-112. (In my opinion). Open for discussion!!
noisy ramos
noisy ramos 6 kun oldin
balej83 in my opinion I actually had the fight a draw but if Fury could have avoided at least one of those knockdown he would have won
RatatRatR 22 kun oldin
In the course of winning almost all 12 rounds, you can afford to get beat up a couple of times.
roronoa zoro
roronoa zoro Oy oldin
Fury got beat up bro.
P4T21CK K1NG Oy oldin
If two people got in a fight in the street and one walked away unharmed and the other fell to the ground twice and had a bloody nose, who would you say had won the fight?
Proffesional idiot
Alec Baldlose Thats a street fight. This is a boxing match. There was no ten count therefore the match went to the scorecard.
Jake Sprunger
Jake Sprunger Oy oldin
HEAD DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH THE FLOOR LOL, also it was a knockdown which is not a knockout.
Spookii Oy oldin
Howard Miller Thank you !
Howard Miller
Howard Miller Oy oldin
1:00 his head touched the floor
Infinity Mixtapes
That was some Creed shit, the way he got up
Kz Mo13
Kz Mo13 Oy oldin
Wilder won this fight. Ref was counting so slow i took a nap then woke up and he still counting
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