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Derez De’Shon Feat. YFN Lucci "Beat The Odds" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Beat The Odds" by Derez De’Shon Feat. YFN Lucci.
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6-Sen, 2018

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Carl Wells
Carl Wells Kun oldin
Anyone know any good songs with nasty beats ?
BinkyMillz Kun oldin
This song go hard
Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin 2 kun oldin
Real shit
Tina Fountain
Tina Fountain 2 kun oldin
No t
austen jones
austen jones 2 kun oldin
Blessings to all . we are success
Johnny Lexer
Johnny Lexer 3 kun oldin
Fed up 🔥 🔥 🔥
Gerald Garner
Gerald Garner 4 kun oldin
Is it me or do they sound alike
Shydia Lee
Shydia Lee 4 kun oldin
Know all the words already 🏋️🔥
swathouseent6 4 kun oldin
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DECISIVE DA HICA 4 kun oldin
IamKILLASWAGG 5 kun oldin
Marcus Huffman
Marcus Huffman 5 kun oldin
I needed to hear this 🔥🔥
C45 Barber
C45 Barber 5 kun oldin
I respect this I grew up with the white folks in the Mudd..I'm so sick of this white folk enemies shit we all get it in the Mudd..wut up to south Cobb them dirty white Boyz going thru it..
Marcus Smalls
Marcus Smalls 5 kun oldin
Here before 15 million
oto ty
oto ty 5 kun oldin
before a mill
Kandi Kodak! Upcoming Artist
Dis shit go fedddddd. Love it.
jay clark
jay clark 5 kun oldin
they sound alike!!
Ahrde Ellis
Ahrde Ellis 5 kun oldin
this song is sooooooo real i been through soooooo much but i overcame and im here
Stanley Anderson
Stanley Anderson 5 kun oldin
Cuz I'm just trying to 8eat the odds
Toni Bermudez
Toni Bermudez 5 kun oldin
i like it before i listened to it.. i kno its bout to be some heat
tg aka papi
tg aka papi 5 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-azEXVq54534.html Can yall subscribe to my channel
Jah'Ron Smith
Jah'Ron Smith 5 kun oldin
Check out my new single “fuck love “ by hbk jah 🙏🏽 uzvid.com/video/video-k5bZ2GktggE.html
Marcus Smalls
Marcus Smalls 6 kun oldin
Before 12 million🔥🔥🔥 #YFNL&DD
King Jayzmusic
King Jayzmusic 6 kun oldin
Check out ma chanel n leave a comment then subscribe
compgeek43 6 kun oldin
Why both of them sound the same?
ItsHause86 6 kun oldin
A bigger yfn
Donte Spivey
Donte Spivey 6 kun oldin
he back
Eli Black
Eli Black 6 kun oldin
When I first seen the white boy I thought this song was for white boy Rick soundtrack or something. What the fuck is a white family doing in this video?
Darnell Hutson
Darnell Hutson 6 kun oldin
Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 6 kun oldin
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Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 6 kun oldin
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Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 6 kun oldin
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Isaiah Shelton
Isaiah Shelton 6 kun oldin
Why are people talking about the auto tune in this song when u would be surprised what your favorite rapper sounds like when that shit is off 😂 And yea he might sound not good with auto tune off but how r u going to judge him for it when at least he is actually talking about something in this song
Rico Kendrick
Rico Kendrick 6 kun oldin
Back up against the wall
luis ortiz
luis ortiz 6 kun oldin
Stay wavy 🙏
juanyta williams
juanyta williams 6 kun oldin
Y'all go subscribe to my UZvid channel @juanyta
Marcus McFresh
Marcus McFresh 6 kun oldin
He need to drop a video for "Wanna be down" 🔥🔥🔥
Nada Boyd
Nada Boyd 7 kun oldin
Omg they got a song together the perfect match to
Mariah Lynette
Mariah Lynette 7 kun oldin
This my nigga but that auto tune don't fit him 🤷‍♀️
menice 7 kun oldin
Damn cuz I wasn't looking at the video n Couldn't tell when the artist changed lol damn they sound the same bruh🤔
Official Kingtrouble
BlueDaBerry 7 kun oldin
Tanijah Jordan
Tanijah Jordan 7 kun oldin
PrettyRed Shiba
PrettyRed Shiba 7 kun oldin
Lord I love Derez De'shon 😍😍😍🤦🏾‍♀️
Chaunt From The 4
Chaunt From The 4 7 kun oldin
Nothing but blessings‼️💪🏾
jeremy199074 7 kun oldin
This shit need more views, too fire🔥🔥
Kiara Daniel
Kiara Daniel 7 kun oldin
Who liked the video before they heard it!! 💯💯🔥🔥🔥
BrownEyed Sierra
BrownEyed Sierra 7 kun oldin
Neva let ah nigga count yo bankroll
BrownEyed Sierra
BrownEyed Sierra 7 kun oldin
This shit be bammin in my trunk
ERIC Adams
ERIC Adams 7 kun oldin
New Chicago artist on the grind check out shorty out for a real taste of what Chicago has to offer “tarentino showing out” 💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❄️
Jaspartacus 7 kun oldin
I really liked the video and song, might check more stuff.
YourFavhabesha Lil bih
All my prayer about my forgivness
Alex Mahone
Alex Mahone 7 kun oldin
i clicked on it cuz it was tending nd i have no clue how any1 can consider this inhumane and unrecognizable noises lyrics or musics or anything close to human language, wht is this shit??
The Tick
The Tick 7 kun oldin
Kenny Smith making music!! Get it Kenny!!!
Tone Tone
Tone Tone 7 kun oldin
Get out the hood to be successful no negativity
KEYYDAGOAT Daddy 7 kun oldin
Astrum Stellar
Astrum Stellar 7 kun oldin
this a good ass song
Unleashed Killua
Unleashed Killua 7 kun oldin
This is lowkey that heat
Simone Gabriel
Simone Gabriel 7 kun oldin
ashgidds 7 kun oldin
Wtf is this autotune bullshit no real flow what has hip hop become
Tony Tony
Tony Tony 7 kun oldin
All his shit same same
Agent Ajax
Agent Ajax 7 kun oldin
Wow black ppl are great. This THIS is art! Also worldstar is the greatest I love the knock out game videos.
ATM Rambo
ATM Rambo 7 kun oldin
Rip dunk foreva!
Caleb Graham
Caleb Graham 7 kun oldin
Ain't lyin just trynna beat tha odds😎💪🤑
A.i. Ciel
A.i. Ciel 7 kun oldin
You are all stupid.
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant 7 kun oldin
Autotune I'm good luv enjoy
10,000 subscribers with no Video
Kevin 2Amos
Kevin 2Amos 8 kun oldin
I'm just tryna be the one odds yeah yeah ♨️
Tj Bryan
Tj Bryan 8 kun oldin
Tj Bryan mumbling fools
Shayneah Speakman
Shayneah Speakman 8 kun oldin
My 2 favs got a song together, fuck yea
Paul H. Kircher III
Drake was tryin to beat the odds.
YetitheGospel 8 kun oldin
on trending 💯🌎💪
Do You Need Money?
Do You Need Money? 8 kun oldin
Thumbs up
Pravenous 8 kun oldin
My boy in the back of the thumbnail looking like he just default danced on him
Vortex 8 kun oldin
I'm just tryna beat the diabeaties
Spitfire 8 kun oldin
cordaro black
cordaro black 8 kun oldin
This suppose to have over a million views
GDogg Vlogs
GDogg Vlogs 8 kun oldin
"every day that I wake up, I let God know I'm thankful" 0:50
ludwin mendoza
ludwin mendoza 8 kun oldin
If you're reading this... It's too late🙏 twix God.
Marisa Hope
Marisa Hope 8 kun oldin
Let’s break the cycle of addiction, abuse, and poverty...just trying to beat the odds.
Guilherme Lorenzoni
sound like riri from young thug
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 8 kun oldin
Auto tune
Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Lmao this shit isnt music
Rob Level
Rob Level 8 kun oldin
Ay this go hard though. Thumbs up if I should remix this like I did the new Lil Pump song.
Julian Chin A Foeng
Bruh stop low key repping yourself everywhere
OMGRecordstv 8 kun oldin
That man Rob is everywhere!
ihate illegals
ihate illegals 8 kun oldin
Give me a meal and some family..ill be rich.
Alissa 8 kun oldin
I done beat the odds! 🙌🏽❤
MB Porter
MB Porter 8 kun oldin
Mac Miller heard this and killed himself afterwards.
Keiyon 8 kun oldin
bigga zeen
bigga zeen 8 kun oldin
The truth
PlayBoy Young King
PlayBoy Young King 8 kun oldin
Im just tryna beat the odds!🔥💯🔥
Mykala Reid
Mykala Reid 8 kun oldin
brady50429 8 kun oldin
Waiting for Wayne remix of this
jerry huddleston
jerry huddleston 8 kun oldin
Alphonzo Coleman
Alphonzo Coleman 8 kun oldin
i fuck with it
Lee Xiong
Lee Xiong 8 kun oldin
Fucking hate music sound like this
Mystikal Wisdom
Mystikal Wisdom 8 kun oldin
Every crack whore from the mid 90s had a baby.. annnnnd they grew up and are now in this video.. 🙄
Vontricia Ward
Vontricia Ward 8 kun oldin
I love ur fucking music u say some real shit. U not like the other rappers u different keep up the good work.
__spencer__ 8 kun oldin
if u on world star you did not beat the odds lol
Eminem - Fall
15 kun oldin