DeVon Franklin On 'The Truth About Men', Mastering The Dog, Love Vs. Lust + More

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Author and producer DeVon Franklin stopped by the show to talk about his new book "The Truth About Men", mastering the dog and much more.
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DeVon Franklin On 'The Truth About Men', Mastering The Dog, Love Vs. Lust + More
The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.




6-Fev, 2019



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Angela Y Zou
Angela Y Zou 2 kun oldin
So incredible. Thank you for this interview ! Just incredible
Kyra Thompson
Kyra Thompson 9 kun oldin
DeVon is a rare gem, definitely appreciate his transparency, and vulnerability.
Emmanuela Regis
Emmanuela Regis 13 kun oldin
"I thought masturbation was healthy" bruhhhhhhhhhhh
marz e
marz e 14 kun oldin
charlamagne I appreciate your honesty and realness. rewatch fight club. You cannot have anything until you lose everything. you're not supposed to know exactly who you are you're just supposed to be and follow your heart
marz e
marz e 14 kun oldin
this is sooo on point. ✊
Deanna Daniels
Deanna Daniels 15 kun oldin
Why is this interview so short? 😩
gfunkin2 15 kun oldin
I'm with a lot of what Franklin says, but he's also a bit of a fake nice guy. For instance, you should probably not disrespect a woman not because she's someone else's "mother, sister etc..." but simply because she's a human being. There's a strong market of so-called enlightened men revealing the "truth" about men, not primarily for a male audience but for a female one. That's why there's never any discussion of, say, how unforgiving women can be too.
Deanna Daniels
Deanna Daniels 15 kun oldin
Wow 😯.. that vision was REAL asf. You know that’s God talking to you Devon
Deanna Daniels
Deanna Daniels 15 kun oldin
I’m usually not on the “shut the f*ck up Charlemagne” bandwagon 😒 ...... but please shut the f*ck up Charlemagne. You got LUCKY asf that she stayed that long. 20 YEARS?!! 20 years and you JUST got faithful barely 3 years ago?! Talking about I don’t want to be that man that breaks up his family or hurts and lies his woman. Dude.. you were/are that man. You just got lucky that God blessed you with a woman that was either patient enough or stupid enough to hang on that long. I know I’m only 25 years old but I learned early (not early enough) that my time is way too precious to be wasted on someone that doesn’t value it or me 💁🏾‍♀️
Krystle Nyte
Krystle Nyte 16 kun oldin
It starts with Respect.....👌 I've been saying this forever
LG XO 21 kun oldin
Felt like she kept stopping the good flow with her questions. Relevant yes, but didn’t flow to me
You wot mate
You wot mate 24 kun oldin
Is there a girl equivalent of this book? That gives us the same honest truth about women?
Kristin Bowie
Kristin Bowie 27 kun oldin
He is speaking notthing but truth in this interview
Nicolas Nunoo
Nicolas Nunoo 29 kun oldin
I love it all.. very insightful!
Thadeus Banda
Thadeus Banda 29 kun oldin
Thank you for this: there is so much value and truth here.
Nana Yaa Oppong
This interview was great but as a christian man the master he is referring to is JESUS(God in the flesh) and the Dog is sin. We naturally have sinful natures as humans and we lust after things. It is natural to see another woman and start imagining however once he acts on the lust it makes it a sin and a problem. So to not act on the lust the man must know himself in JESUS first and follow GOD's principle on love and learn how to love himself first.God is love. I know he is trying to reach a general audience but it is important for people to know the power of Jesus and knowing yourself through him. Only he can renew man's heart and mind.Now there are people out there who believe they can do it with out God and state that it's common sense but in this case as a christian man like devon I think it is important to understand where his values come from and what we are talking about here Amazing interview and sounds like a great book~~~
Robert Michel
Robert Michel Oy oldin
Very much needed for us men ... 🙏🏽
Shannon G
Shannon G Oy oldin
speaks volumes and so true, glad to see a man be 100% honest with himself and others...
Joy Mosley
Joy Mosley Oy oldin
Humans are not God we are not divine, but I get that he didn't respond to it, bc it would've gone down a rabbit hole and distracted from the point.
D.Tilly Oy oldin
This is the second interview I’ve watched with DeVon, and once he talked about pornography, I used “buy now” on Amazon and got his book. He’s a breath of fresh air and a moral leader.
Love him to pieces!
river water
river water Oy oldin
He is right, men have been inflicted pain on women and it is part of history because women are seen as the ones who should sacrifice everything for love, marriage and babies while they say men are supposed to hang out to work, parties and sacrifice everything for sex.
Christal Amadi
I appreciate you guys for shining some light on this topic for all of the young viewers to see
This is the next Steve Harvey. Play off women’s emotions to get rich. Get his woman then burn the bridge down. You’ll never see a woman pulling these 100% beta male moves.
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn Oy oldin
Oh boy does all my exes and the father of my child both need to listen to this guy.
Nellie Bean
Nellie Bean Oy oldin
This man gives me bad vibes. And I'm not saying he's not speaking the truth cause even a broken clock is right twice a day. But it's something about him that says "controlling"/"manipulative". I know y'all gonna come under my comment with the B.S. but I'm rarely ever wrong about this stuff. And years later ppl be like "You said that".
king Richards
king Richards Oy oldin
Maybe one of the most important interview for men. Should have more views if you ask me. 💯👑🙏
Rob Clark
Rob Clark Oy oldin
Sounds good but women need to take accountability for their actions (opening their legs)/dress (dressing like whores) as well. Men are heavily visual creatures and women are suppose to cover their body's to keep us from becoming weak. You can go into a church today and all that's missing are the strobe lights smh. Ray Charles said that the same folks having pan sexual orgys in the basement of Aretha Franklin's father's church on Saturday were praising Jesus on Sunday. No matter where you go whoredome is rampant. How a women presents herself tells men whether she is pray or a prize. There are two types of herds of buffalo out here. One herd has a bunch of dead lions in its trail, and the other has a bunch of dead Buffalo with lions eating on them. Which herd of buffalo do you think the next pack of lions is going to go after? Well the herd with all the casualties (dead buffalo) in it's trail is like a club full of half naked females, and the herd with the lions dead in their wake are the women who studied to show themselves approved. Otherwise known as the Proverb 31 crew ya dig😉. Chose your crew wisely after all birds of a feather......
Olami@ Travelushious
Wow such frankness and truly (when the woman absent her love from the dog) the the man mastery will/may go to effectiveness!!!
Rog Lit
Rog Lit Oy oldin
FAR Too Much of an INTELLIGENT conversation for the Fake God
Andrea mcgehee
The men he speaking of..... Is a heavenly men.... Which is hard to find
Janice Jackson
Amen DeVon! We as “Women” have to take “Responsibility” as well...
Christian Benett
Priscilla Williams
Good men are willing to be continuously good; even when good men fall they have the courage to struggle, heal and do better. They are NOT perfectly good!
Priscilla Williams
Aaron Rondale
Aaron Rondale Oy oldin
Yo this is dope!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Patrick Brian
Patrick Brian Oy oldin
Government Sponsored Sexism 1) Real sexism is almost no shelters for male victims of domestic violence. 2) Real sexism is men getting harsher punishments for the same crime. 3) Real sexism is countries with compulsorily military service for men. 4) Real sexism, courts that takes children from fathers based on gender. 5) Men cannot even vote or get citizenship without enrolling for the draft. 6) Real sexism is numerous government departments dealing with women's issues but none dealing with men's issues. 7) Male infant circumcision/genital mutilation is legal and performed widely and even completely socially accepted but female genital mutilation is not. 8) A young boy raped by a woman can be forced to pay child support to his rapist if she gets pregnant, that's real sexism. 9) Many countries do not even recognize female on male rape. It can maximally only amount to “sexual assault” that's real sexism. 10) Real sexism is having no special laws like VAWA to protect men, even though men are the majority of victims of violent crime. 11) There are drives to fill quotas for women for the high paid roles but not in the dangerous jobs dominated by men, thats real sexism. 12) In the army, police, fire service or any other position women have to meet much lower physical standards than men. 13) Real sexism is services for men only given a fraction of the funds that services for women are given at a government and a social level. 14) For the same crime, irrespective of the gender of the offender, the perpetrator gets more punishment if the victim is female rather than male. 15) Most divorce laws are skewed against men, men can lose half his properly, money and children to a woman who decides to leave him. He is expected to pay for this betrayal, especially if he has already provided for and supported her, this is real sexism.
Gideon Oy oldin
I've never been a dog. Never cheated. When I'm in a relationship then I'm good with that. I have other interests and hobbies other than continuing to pursue more women. Cheating, lying, have never been my struggles. My relationships end due to me moving far away or incompatibility.
rob mac
rob mac Oy oldin
This is good and all but let’s stop acting like women are so pure and clean. Women love bad boys and men that will eventually screw them over. There’s so many men like Devon Franklin out there that constantly get overlooked because his “good guy” image isn’t perceived desirable.
Bridgette Owens
Really good!!!
Isis Palmer
Isis Palmer Oy oldin
Wow... this is powerful. This is good wisdom for us women too. I want this book
Baye Sylla
Baye Sylla Oy oldin
wwho would wanna cheat if they hadb meagab good
LA MUEX Oy oldin
Great Interview 👍🏾
Lennard Thomas
He think ah lot like me,is it worth it?
Chanel Lawlor
Chanel Lawlor Oy oldin
That was an amazing interview 🙏
Jake Jon
Jake Jon Oy oldin
Thank you for clearing that up. 99% DAAYUM!!! @6:05
China Eastern
China Eastern Oy oldin
Most men don’t reach the “awareness” stage...that’s the problem. & some just don’t care after a point
Robin Smith
Robin Smith Oy oldin
POWERFUL 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Message from Monnie
Looking at the comment section, I see a few complaints in here. It makes me smile to know I do not know you and never EVER want to. Defending your cheating does not make you look better; it makes you look weak.
Message from Monnie
It took me 12 minutes to realize this was Devon and not Trai Byers (the oldest brother on "Empire"). I was listening while driving. Never realized how much those two look alike until Charlamagne said "Megan" instead of Grace.
LadyBQnz Oy oldin
He just seems to perfect. He gives great advice but I don’t know if I believe he is this perfect now
Realladi 228
Realladi 228 Oy oldin
Does the book discuss the delusional illusion of open relationships?
Ms Mensah
Ms Mensah Oy oldin
Devon is the ideal husband. Hardworking, successful, level headed, loves the Lord, handsome and seems humble and sweet.
Realladi 228
Realladi 228 Oy oldin
I've been ride or die with "Charlamagne" from day one. ..but now I know why!!!!!
Tavia Startreuse
I read his devotionals on the Bible app(YouVersion)
Wholearmor Oy oldin
Tomi Janet
Tomi Janet Oy oldin
Very good communicator and you can easily engage to him
Shay Reese
Shay Reese Oy oldin
I’m so happy they touched on porn an masturbation. I do believe it’s a growing issue that is overlooked. I’m definitely excited to read the book
Chrissy R
Chrissy R Oy oldin
Help these little boys Devon 😭👏🏽
yellagirl419 Oy oldin
Loved this interview 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
thank your for this interview! This man is a gift of God to influence our men to take their role as men, husband, and father!
KetoJournee Oy oldin
Charlamagne's growth is major!!! On 100. I love it!!😍
Shani Ashley
Shani Ashley 2 oy oldin
And yet it’s mostly women in the comments. Are men trying to learn 🤔🤔
A C 2 oy oldin
Great conversation!
Lanesha Patton
Lanesha Patton 2 oy oldin
Very interesting very intelligent I see why Meagan good is with you your energy is amazing and you are very witty
Jbusy Taty
Jbusy Taty 2 oy oldin
glad I watched dis very inlighting my spirit needed dis
CK K 2 oy oldin
@CTHAGOD, you are in a good space, vulnerable but powerful nonetheless; Fill the void with God's word (i.e. bible scriptures) in time, who you are will begin to take shape! Also Bishop Jake's interviewed you and gave you really great advice, listen to his teachings, they are rich with Godly wisdom
CK K 2 oy oldin
Guys, please get his book, if you don't like to read, get the audio: you will do better, when you know better!
MegaDavidhd 2 oy oldin
Patrick Cuddy
Patrick Cuddy 2 oy oldin
This interview made me happy. Damn do a LOT of girls cheat though too.
Love C
Love C 2 oy oldin
The Life Of Me In Poetry!
I hate how they put everything on men! What about the hurt women have caused men?? Damn is it all our fault? There are some trifling women out there too!!
Jason P
Jason P 2 oy oldin
You not gon' trash talk spankbang my G. #ClicksAnotherEpisode
Olivia Octavia
Olivia Octavia 2 oy oldin
It’s never too late, but it’s also never too early. Most women get hurt/broken before they’re even 20.
WhoIsJiminy 2 oy oldin
You know what’s really sad is that I’ve been looking for a man like Devon to look up to. All throughout my life, I’ve had so many men I looked up to for relationships and they all cheated. That was always hard to make sense of, but to finally have a black man speak on being faithful to a woman is so important.
Peculiar Royalty Tv
A great interview.
Rahquieh Bryant
Rahquieh Bryant 2 oy oldin
Top 3rd best interview.
Jackie Alfaro
Jackie Alfaro 2 oy oldin
Been watching this for 16 min. & just realized Envy isn't there.
Accari Cuvell
Accari Cuvell 2 oy oldin
Super Simp
JinGai 2 oy oldin
Damm he don’t know shit about white men he just know about black man and no white guys don’t speak ghetto
Devon did not speak truth about men....
This is pure anti-men by feminists. Feminists want innocent men to apologize for their “wrongdoings” and feminists never apologize for their wrongdoings. Feminists want to be first in everything. Their feelings to be considered first instead of their husbands’ feelings. They think they are more important than men which is untrue. Feminists think they are better or do better than men. The point is men are head of the house and wives are to be submissive. I did not even hear Devon on dr.Oz stating to put God first. He said to put women’s needs before men’s needs. Feminists only care about themselves and use men to get what they want or need by controlling them. I love alpha men, they are nice and loyal and will not let feminists control or walk all over them. I would be glad to be housewife and loving my husband and doing anything for him and put him above everything else except God...
Evi Idoghor
Evi Idoghor 2 oy oldin
Speaking on the pornography issue, if it’s spoken about from the angle of sex trafficking, maybe people will understand how destructive that industry is. Most of the girls who appear in those movies are doing it against their will, they are slaves to their masters, and often use drug and alcohol to numb their pain. When people keep searching for and watching porn, they are creating a demand for the movies, hence helping in the process of scouting young women for this industry. It is not just about our insatiable thirst for lust, it is about the lives of innocent people, who don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Most of them end up taking their own lives, the industry is abusive. Say no to pornography. You could save a life.
Bad Boaz
Bad Boaz 2 oy oldin
Like this book gon stop women from dealing with these types of dudes. Yeah right😂😂
Mercy H
Mercy H 2 oy oldin
Such amazing information Devon provided.
Eshoemaker 2 oy oldin
Don’t care for this show. Minister Farrakhan is a racist!
zantrail 2 oy oldin
Lust of the flesh well said Mr Franklin
Davida Green
Davida Green 2 oy oldin
This interview is DEEEPPP! When he talked about the church I FELT that!
caren ceban
caren ceban 2 oy oldin
Rogelio Acosta
Rogelio Acosta 2 oy oldin
Great interview.
Height Above Sea Level
That book was written only for Bow Wow, it don't apply to the rest of us
S. Asante
S. Asante 2 oy oldin
That "hitting ROCK bottom" comment Devon made was oh sooooo real!!!.
S. Asante
S. Asante 2 oy oldin
What a great interview
Vvs Zda
Vvs Zda 2 oy oldin
Very educative but what about women THEY CHEAT TOO
Julius Lewis
Julius Lewis 2 oy oldin
Mr. Franklin is such an encouragement. He constantly challenges the status quo and calls us to be our best selves as men! I pray this book truly changes the narrative and makes us step up to the plate of responsibility. Salute.
R. M.
R. M. 2 oy oldin
"Sometimes the only thing a man will understand is pain....A man who's really in touch with the Master in himself, when the woman steps away, its a catalyst for change." I'm going through this right now! My girl of 5 years (on & off) wants nothing but space and time (w/ no deadline in sight) and its killing me! We've never gone w/o speaking, so this is torture. I've literally begged for her to start fresh but she needs to see a change in behavior, over time. That immediately sparked the need for change and the process of doing the work. I need to be a better man, and it took her cutting me off to take it serious. The scariest part is not knowing whether she'll fall out of love with me, start dating and fall for someone else, or just not want me back at all. She can be pretty cold when she's over something. We never had a cheating issue, more so not being vulnerable, verbal abuse, and treating her as if she wasn't good enough. Just trusting and believing that God will show her my efforts and restore her faith in me being the man she can trust to grow old with. I'm all the way committed to this change..it hit CTG at 37 and it's hitting me at 33. it's time! These are definitely hard times though man smh
RicoLamar987 2 oy oldin
That’s why men shouldn’t get married young, you are setting yourself up for some serious failure & instead of writing a book for women & teaching them how to deal with men. Write a book for men on how to master ourselves
mbgxxx 2 oy oldin
Y'all want a man to go against his nature and downgrade tobthese European ideals. But I do agree communication
Broderick Daniel
Broderick Daniel 2 oy oldin
@25:37 Angela is a lowkey savage 😂😂
Goodbye Drogo...I SHAVED!
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