Diamond Jack

Rachel Kim
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Here's my third year film at calarts!
I hope you have a blastt!!
Song: "The Villain I Appear to be" by Connor Spiotto
A huge thanks to my composer Connor Spiotto!
Check out his soundcloud:
Check out our vocalist's (Molly Pease) website:
Listen to the song on spotify!
Check out my classmate's films:

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12-May, 2017




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Kaileen Gauthier
Kaileen Gauthier Soat oldin
Ha i just noticed the slots referenced the diamond's true nature!! Really clever
klaudia :v
klaudia :v 2 soat oldin
Neonic Blade
Neonic Blade 5 soat oldin
1:27 ooh that foreshadowing
Internet Douchebag
Internet Douchebag 6 soat oldin
Im watching this again and im wondering if she wasnt even stealing the diamond but instead trying to get the bomb out of the casino. She seemed to know the diamond opened and she wasnt very surprised when there was a bomb in it.
_ SourPeaches _
_ SourPeaches _ 7 soat oldin
Goop Hoop
Goop Hoop 8 soat oldin
What does she blow up at the end
Akiko Anelim
Akiko Anelim 9 soat oldin
I Wish i can see more Videos like this on UZvid 👏👏👏👏👏
gabriel wrycza
gabriel wrycza 11 soat oldin
Animation is shit and lazy and the song is from somewhere else.
WeaBoii 16 soat oldin
Lupin the 3rd
Phương Vy Phạm Võ
is the guy that stole the diamond to safe that place is that a female or a male im sorry if you think this is stupid but they look like a girl to me
Internet Douchebag
Internet Douchebag 6 soat oldin
Phương Vy Phạm Võ Its a girl The animator said
Reese Griffin
Reese Griffin 16 soat oldin
Forget is Sock a girl or a boy . Is this waiter a girl or boy.
Internet Douchebag
Internet Douchebag 6 soat oldin
Reese Griffin Girl
bob the bob
bob the bob 17 soat oldin
save me from this
Carly Ronsovlogs
Carly Ronsovlogs 19 soat oldin
Wait.... is Jack a girl or boy?
Carly Ronsovlogs
Carly Ronsovlogs 4 soat oldin
Hmm... ok.
Internet Douchebag
Internet Douchebag 6 soat oldin
Carly Ronsovlogs Her name isnt jack thats just the title of the animation Its a girl
Meme Heyerdahl
Meme Heyerdahl 20 soat oldin
1:27 it literally told us what was going to happen
Owen Cole
Owen Cole 20 soat oldin
This reminds me of lupin the III.
xWariwap 18 soat oldin
kindly educate me of who's lupin III, anyone????
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 23 soat oldin
Seaboat 23 soat oldin
Next talent show I'm GOING to sing this
epic gamer
epic gamer Kun oldin
epic gamer
epic gamer Kun oldin
3:06 lol click it
epic gamer
epic gamer Kun oldin
Where did you get this music its awesome
Chief Doggo
Chief Doggo Kun oldin
I’ve been seeing this for a long time now and first time I’ve watched it
SelfishPinoy12 Kun oldin
I just realized, Diamond Jack, jack of diamonds. His red tie makes the symbol :) clever design!
SelfishPinoy12 2 soat oldin
+Internet Douchebag no shit sherlock
Internet Douchebag
Internet Douchebag 6 soat oldin
SelfishPinoy12 That’s just what ties look like
choose a CARD
choose a CARD Kun oldin
I wake up, I watch this, I go to school, I sing the lyrics in my head all day, I go home, I watch it until I can’t anymore I-I’m OBSESSED
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
Same. The animation fits perfectly with the music! Argh such perfection, it makes me jealous.
Ariana Butler
Ariana Butler Kun oldin
What genre music is this
Internet Douchebag
Internet Douchebag 6 soat oldin
Ariana Butler I think its broadway type music
Operator BG
Operator BG Kun oldin
I’m remember Lupin the Third.
Emiliano Carreon flores
me encanto☺😀😀
Larry Productions
0:12 insert Shrek meme here
Nolan Stewart
Nolan Stewart Kun oldin
microsoft paint? XD
Starlady12 Kun oldin
This is so amazing!
Giovanni Trevino
its a boy
Molly Ebert
Molly Ebert Kun oldin
This is amazing
minimal sweater
minimal sweater Kun oldin
awww he was a good guyyy
tristen trevino
tristen trevino Kun oldin
1:54 looks like a meme
Giovanni Trevino
i wonder is that a boy or a girl?
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
Ryan Beaule
Ryan Beaule 2 kun oldin
Anyone else getting major Lupin III vibes?
Fab Ass
Fab Ass 2 kun oldin
This is so cute omg
Jovan Topalovic
Jovan Topalovic 2 kun oldin
REPLAY BUTTONS FOR 1 LIKE PLEASE I NEED LIKES CUZ I WILL DIE IN ROBLOX 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
(But nobody liked...)
MissyMona 2 kun oldin
It's crazy, if you look at the first scene of the diamond you can see the hinges. I didn't even notice.
SauceReactZ 2 kun oldin
1:16 the chase begins ... OoOhHh
Call_Me_Raven_ King
Linn Grankull
Linn Grankull 2 kun oldin
God this is just so so exellent, this is the kind of stuff i dream of being able to make one day
fire mate
fire mate 2 kun oldin
I'm going to get alot of hate for this but... could have been a lot better with more detailed backgrounds and anamation that's less rough. Not to say its not good i just think you can improve.
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
This was made for a college entry, that and it was almost 2 years ago. You should see this dudes latest animation and decide if he improved or not.
Shadow Samurai
Shadow Samurai 2 kun oldin
This has such an Astroboy feel to it, I love it!
Penta Anims
Penta Anims 2 kun oldin
I would like to see the final animation. Because there's lot of unfinished things.
Morgan Hall
Morgan Hall 2 kun oldin
It's like Osamu Tezuka and Monkey Punch had a secret love child~
Karina Martinez Cicery
i want a cartoon of this
Antonio Mendoza
Antonio Mendoza 3 kun oldin
2:48 I have to TRYYYYYYYYYYYY!
Jack Alegria
Jack Alegria 3 kun oldin
Es buen material para serie Like si lo piensas
tos tada
tos tada 3 kun oldin
steven univrese
The Modern Bible
The Modern Bible 3 kun oldin
Ok so headcannon: Jack is a Rookie PI. It would explain how he knew that the diamond was fake, and how that helicopter helped him to the top of the golden gate. He was in disguise so nobody would panic about a bomb threat, because bombs are much scarier than a cat burglar
Jost the Joke
Jost the Joke 3 kun oldin
why does the style low key remind me of the good old classical Astro boy?
Jost the Joke
Jost the Joke 2 kun oldin
*I just realized how many people said the same thing and am dying lmao*
florencia leon
florencia leon 3 kun oldin
Omg he looks like edd from eddsworld
superior knack
superior knack 3 kun oldin
just noticed how on the slot machine it has diamonds and a bomb next to it
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
Foreshadowing is amaizing don't you think?
Tiny Sofia
Tiny Sofia 3 kun oldin
This reminds me of kaito joker a lot I love it so much
Definitely not one of Justin Y.'s bots.
Inspector Gadget goes after Astro Boy.
WaterMelonCholy 3 kun oldin
Reminds me so much of Lupin
Elle Renfro
Elle Renfro 3 kun oldin
0:30 Something I just noticed. They put hinges on the back of the diamond. AHHH THE AMOUNT OF DETAIL IN THIS IS AMAZING!
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
You should check the slot machines. They might have another foreshadowing of the diamond 💎💣💣
Fritz von D'zatrit
Fritz von D'zatrit 4 kun oldin
*"The Greatest Heist Rescue Mission."*
Play this at 1.25x speed you won’t be disappointed.
florencia leon
florencia leon 4 kun oldin
Omg i love him and he always have a smile in his face!!! Omg
Janick Films
Janick Films Kun oldin
Who? The inspector? Oh you mean Jack! Yeah "he's" a girl. Sooo....
Chris C
Chris C 4 kun oldin
who set the bomb?
Steve Sahs
Steve Sahs 4 kun oldin
At 0:31 the diamond has hinges and at 1:27 it shows bombs, which are very smart attention to details. Overall the animation is amazing, great work!
Erez playHere
Erez playHere 4 kun oldin
69/10 (-;
Kisaac Smith
Kisaac Smith 4 kun oldin
this video is gold
Ola hej
Ola hej 4 kun oldin
This boy reminds me of Percy Jackson
prickle 4 kun oldin
The main character is a girl actually : )
DespacitoGamer420 4 kun oldin
Ina Riebel
Ina Riebel 4 kun oldin
Bin ich die einzige deutsche hier 😂 2018?
KillerZone 1967
KillerZone 1967 4 kun oldin
It looks like it’s a rough draft of Steven universe
Maherr Jaeran
Maherr Jaeran 4 kun oldin
Am i the only one that notices at 2:09 her hair is breaking the universe by moving oposite to the wind
Scientin 4 kun oldin
You might even say he's a Jack of diamonds. Some might say he's an Ace thief. Oof sorry, I guess I need to put my heart into my puns.
User name
User name 4 kun oldin
Reminds me of Astro Boy and Lupin III
Kuna Muttero
Kuna Muttero 5 kun oldin
I came to a thought that when the song says "I'm not the villain I appear to be" means that Diamond Jack saved the plaza because there was a bomb in the diamond and he through it in the air and saved countless lives.
William Francis
William Francis 5 kun oldin
This video is so much fun to watch and the singer has a gorgeous voice.
armawillo 5 kun oldin
Chris C
Chris C 5 kun oldin
the best
Kura Oshino
Kura Oshino 5 kun oldin
So he was a diamond after all.
¡Kirito GG
¡Kirito GG 5 kun oldin
Tiene copyright? Is it copyright?
Howard Worlobah
Howard Worlobah 5 kun oldin
I can't stop watching this
ItsYavhush !
ItsYavhush ! 5 kun oldin
what... what is this.. glorious... MASTERPIECE
Geiwy 5 kun oldin
Smooth jazz will always have a place in my heart
Doge The meme that will never die
Jade Mitsurugi
Jade Mitsurugi 5 kun oldin
I think I have a crush on the waiter/waitress/thief.... IDC IF ITS A GIRL, I'M BISEXUAL!
Giovanni Trevino
메모지 5 kun oldin
볼때마다 드는 생각이 주인공 속눈썹 짱길어ㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜 맨날 보러옴 노래도 영상도 너무 좋다♡♡
Jessica Weininger
Jessica Weininger 5 kun oldin
Where's wolf and jiegen when you need them
Ricky Rebel
Ricky Rebel 5 kun oldin
Me 1st time : it's nice , guess ? Me 127th time : The slot machine at 1:26 in the casino hinted that the diamond was a bomb . PLOTS IN ADVANCE , PEOPLE .
MrTuxedoman90096 5 kun oldin
3rd time watching this, please help.
TGA GAMING 5 kun oldin
Looks like i can use this for christmas not bad👌
NAJE GARDNER 5 kun oldin
love it
Johnnie Johns
Johnnie Johns 5 kun oldin
I have enough to buy -drugs- stuff now!
Giovanni Trevino
good luck???
Johnnie Johns
Johnnie Johns 5 kun oldin
*hey I have a diamond and I have enough to buy weed!!!* -computer- we’re coming *FU***
Ice Cold Lemon
Ice Cold Lemon 5 kun oldin
My mind keeps switching between "Jack's a boy" and "Jack's a girl".
Warren Cherau
Warren Cherau 5 kun oldin
Just if you can't find the song it's called Not the Villain I appear to Be by Conner Spiotto
Jessica Weininger
Jessica Weininger 6 kun oldin
Ahem, 5 season series about cherecters please
Andrew 6 kun oldin
0:01 ok 0:13 ow good animation 0:53 wut ?! 0:54 Omg that's song 1:16 why i have miss that all this time ?? why there are so many dislike , 2.4k ?
Jack Alegria
Jack Alegria 6 kun oldin
Like si te enamoraste de Jack
rebefast 6 kun oldin
I think this is the story: There was a spy who got assigned to steal the bomb left by a terrorist, so he steals the diamond and everybody thinks he's a robber So the inspector and the policemen go behind him without knowing he's a spy, so he throws the bomb before it explodes. And saves the people at the party. So he's a Secret spy from the government
Nadia Colon
Nadia Colon 6 kun oldin
I want this to be a show 😍
Chibi Blaziken
Chibi Blaziken 6 kun oldin
1:15 SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO STEVEN FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE, huh always knew he would grow up to be awesome XD Probably got bored after peace was restored to Earth after saving all of the gems and giving Pearl garnet amethyst and the rest a homeworld to go back to, he had to do something to fill the void of being hero right? At least he found his place eventually after all it seems like Cartoon Network has thrown him off of their world, but seriously, I really hope he is going to get a new episode on the channel soon.
420Flaming0 Logan
420Flaming0 Logan 6 kun oldin
I don’t like the eyelashes it makes em look like he has the B I g G a y, and gay is bad
VGclassicVG 6 kun oldin
VGclassicVG 6 kun oldin
+NPC #11104827 Holy ass this is amazing! FORGET MY COMMENT THIS IS SO CATCHY! Never judge a book by its cover i guess lmao.
NPC #11104827
NPC #11104827 6 kun oldin
Dude, just try to watch the video, then come back here.
Burger Boss
6 oy oldin
The Heist
Yil oldin
Lovely Night
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