Did Kylie Jenner Exploit Black Culture For Cosmetics Empire? | The View

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Omar Kabanda
Omar Kabanda 2 kun oldin
Stop hating she made it
Sandra 8 kun oldin
Sarah's hair though...
onnielou70 9 kun oldin
So if someone crosses a cultural barrier and braids or straightens their hair they are what, stupid?
CCC 22 kun oldin
Sunny's nose looks like a product of white cultural appropriation
kimberly harris
kimberly harris 22 kun oldin
Ugly on us, cute on them amd they make $$$....#thetweetwascorrect
Mc buckshot_98
Mc buckshot_98 25 kun oldin
Whats going on?
Mike Lovin
Mike Lovin 25 kun oldin
I love the shady looks Meghan😍 b givin😂
MrsBeckyDaisy Oy oldin
First time I have agreed with Sonny.....born on third base.......but the BS about the big lips is ridiculous
Asia Roper
Asia Roper Oy oldin
Blake Lisser
Blake Lisser Oy oldin
I truly believe that Kylie Jenner is self made because if you really think she became successful from her family how come any of them aren’t billionaires and how many celebrities children are billionaires !!!
Coolmaster X
Coolmaster X Oy oldin
These people are haters.
Joy is so fucking ugly!!!!...everyone has lips, every race!!
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Oy oldin
Why tear her down tho....
people will find a way to turn anything into a race problem...... ITS MAKEUPPPPP stop reaching
Maverick Milestone
Wait, if these two black women are straightening their hair and dying it blond then they want to lecture Kylie Jenner and say it’s cultural appropriation to make her lips more full? You’ve got to be kidding me...
akathehnic Oy oldin
I'm a self made millionaire thung livin outta prison pistols in the air
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces
"Cultural appropriation" is fundamentally one of *the* most racist ideologies believed by ignorant ppl which keeps racism alive and ppl segregated and it isnt propogated by white ppl. How stupid can ppl be not to see through that.
TheWiLdOne Daniela
I don't support the Kardashians at all, but you can't say that only people who had no support can call themselves self-made. So she had 250k she made of the family show and turned it into a billion $ company. That is multiplied by 4000, right? So if you made 500k, you can't call yourself self made if you were helped by your family with 125$? I'm sorry, but most of the people are helped with thousands to go to college and if they make 100k they can still say they did it themselves. It was their work, their vision, together with other helpful factors of course, and other stuff that made them stronger.
Bart Branch
Bart Branch 2 oy oldin
Bart Branch
Bart Branch 2 oy oldin
Your dead on Sunny! Whoopi is a Uncle Tom and your Caucasian counterparts dont know jack about black people/culture!
Yazmina Ahmed
Yazmina Ahmed 2 oy oldin
What a culture "theft" its become.
Yazmina Ahmed
Yazmina Ahmed 2 oy oldin
Yeah about time this got addressed. All my African features are banked on. With no credit. By whom? The Kk Klan.
Elee'Ondra Williams
Yesssssssss thank you ! About time we touched on the subject she's only rich for trying to be like an African American woman
GreysAnatmoy Mcdreamy
Seriously cuz she got lip stuff done she’s appropriating black culture lmao they stupid
GreysAnatmoy Mcdreamy
I think she is mostly getting lots of attention because she 1 started with no help but also that she is so young
Isa Silva
Isa Silva 2 oy oldin
O que falta nos negros é eles aceitarem de verdade a sua raça, deixar de baixa autoestima. Enquanto isso não for superado a raça não tomará o seu lugar. As mulheres negras e pardas são tão lindas como as brancas. Cada uma com a sua beleza. O mundo estaria bem melhor, temos tão pouco tempo para curtir tudo isso, todos nós seres humanos.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 2 oy oldin
The Black community needs to demand the majority of her wealth. And the same should go for Bruno Mars , Justin Timberlake , Mariah Carey , Cardi B , Lil Pump , Elvis the list is very long. Really they should be thrown up under the jail. Any stolen amount exceeding 500-1000 dollars is a federal offense and these people have made billions from stealing our culture.
G 2U
G 2U 2 oy oldin
Sonny is right,,, kylie has everything she needs to start just like Paris Hilton and rich kids
Paris Roam
Paris Roam 2 oy oldin
Lol to answer the question, why yes of course.
Simz tan
Simz tan 2 oy oldin
Don't care never will about the Kardashians they're not on my page I'm not interested of the Jenners also if they want to still pretend to be black that's their problem they have to face. I'm just doing me and keeping it real. In the end I'm not the one with the 99 problems and aging..They're going to look like Sour Puss anyway. Kim is already aging in the light through that makeup or yes dare. They have to go to the doctors multiple times to look like me. lol while I'm still eating my spinach my ackee and selfish dumpling banana yums and orange juice, carrot juice and water. Still looking like my twenties😊🤘Beauty is not possession or something to play with.Insecurity issues it runs through their family. You got to love yourself more and stop with the Foolery.
Dazed and Confused
Like I don’t understand how they can where cornrows,big hoops,wigs,etc be called high fashion. But when someone who matches my complexion does it their called ghetto. How can you benefit of of something my culture has been doing for ages and be called high fashion
E Lo Marr
E Lo Marr 3 oy oldin
I hate that family! Yes they steal from us! Also white people standard's are way low now they accept a porn star on reality tv and they have a reality star as a president. White people are mentally unstable wake up real Americans this people are gonna end with the world if we don't unite and take over
Natalija Semanova
well they have to talk about something
basejump 3 oy oldin
you horrible, racist, over-privileged scum.
Shea Beverly
Shea Beverly 3 oy oldin
No such thing as the term "races" only one so called "race" its called human species
Are'anna Rodgers
Are'anna Rodgers 3 oy oldin
Stormy Lan
Stormy Lan 3 oy oldin
that is so true it is American culture that's doing it just like the heavy White model that's been seen all over the place and wrote the book I forget her name at the time why when we never accept it as being heavy only black women and Latino women and I must give the Kardashians this say what you want to but after they made their millions they did not denied it black friends they travel first class with them that's more than any other star has ever done all of them have black friends except Courtney so I don't know if we can make that statement that's who the Kardashians associate more and relate more to our African-Americans by the like or not it's the truth Kim Kardashian's best friends Kelly Rowland Serena Williams Lala
Queen Queen
Queen Queen 3 oy oldin
That wasn't $250 of her own money she made the money off the TV show where her sister sold her sex tape.... but basically
Queen Queen
Queen Queen 3 oy oldin
Queen Queen
Queen Queen 3 oy oldin
Of course she did she not use a lip fillers anymore because she's breastfeeding
Youtube Summer
Youtube Summer 3 oy oldin
The fact it's a topic proves that any hustle u got they talk about. Attention is Attention. Keep going Ladies
AJAY_123 3 oy oldin
jibber jabber mumbo jumbo..toilet time hosts on #theview
Deidra Leitner
Deidra Leitner 3 oy oldin
So happy the senators kid didn't get to speak!!! 😁😁😁😁
Ted Fujii
Ted Fujii 3 oy oldin
She invested in something she was interested in and made millions. Props. The show is filled with a bunch of haters. Jealous of others successes. Color of skin has nothing to do with it.
Jamie Christie
Jamie Christie 3 oy oldin
Has anyone questioned Tara online about her statement about her father not being black but being from Guatemala?? Isn't Guatemalan a nationality? Idk seems kinda off to me.
Obi 3 oy oldin
Jacob Glenman
Jacob Glenman 3 oy oldin
So if you’re putin a cosmetics on , that means you exploiting black culture ??? GTFOH 😂 Not everything’s about race sunny, u get a heat from ppl because you always playing the race card, YOU racist POS Plz fire racist sunny ASAP she needs to go , sunny bad influence on the view
Jacob Glenman
Jacob Glenman 3 oy oldin
Yeah sunny you self made oprah self made BUT Kiley not? Again sunny playing the race card again 🤦🏻‍♂️ sunny = racist POS sunny needs to go ASAP , the view doesn’t need a racist race driven shameless person like sunny
Mustbe Venus
Mustbe Venus 3 oy oldin
Oh please. How about black people selling, buying, wearing Brazilian hair, driving German cars, wearing white people clothes, using Samsung, buying Gucci bags, watching Hollywood movies (it was built by whites and Jews), working in banks owned by whites. Enough with the sob stories. Whites and Asians are launching rockets and you're complaining about butts and lips. No wonder!! Then why don't you use those same assets to launch your own empires? Koreans make the weaves you buy...and they don't need weaves. Always looking for someone else to blame. Like enough already!!
Revert Ninja
Revert Ninja 3 oy oldin
Sunny is a MAJOR nasty RACIST!!
K.I. R
K.I. R 3 oy oldin
I mean, the girl was photographed wearing a du rag as a fashion statement...
Elizabeth Havanna
Im sorry but black people make everything about them, its not only black people who have big lips, curls, big asses, and spicey food, middle easterns and Asians also have all of that, so just stop.
JustB3NJI 3 oy oldin
They're working for the Kardashians. They thrive on such scandals and everyone is the biz knows this to be the case. A load of bollocks.
Nick Stefanni
Nick Stefanni 3 oy oldin
Oh gawd! Here we go with the black thing again... No, Sunny, it’s not just black people who have big lips. My mom is white and she has big lips, Angelina Jolie is white and has big lips. So plz stfu with this culture sterling and inappropriation bull💩!!
Gera Robinson
Gera Robinson 3 oy oldin
It’s very true. America loves black culture. We are exciting . We are culture. But black ppl. They shoot us. Imprison us. Enslave is. Ridicule us. Stereotype us. Discriminate against us. But love is. That’s not true.
Carol Griffin
Carol Griffin 3 oy oldin
Kylie was teased terribly because her lips were thin. People made fun of her and she was a young girl and it was probably a grown-up teasing her so I don't blame her for trying to do what made her feel better. I think she just wanted to look or feel better about herself. Just my opinion though. I know they have done other stuff that maybe was more African-American but I dont think the lip thing was one. I had never seen anybody with such thin lips as Kylie had.
Sarah James
Sarah James 3 oy oldin
How is this news, this is old. Kardashian’s been doing it for yes 🙄
Be Baptiste
Be Baptiste 3 oy oldin
Kylie has seized the opportunity, isn't that what Business & Entrepreneurship is all about. Carpet Diem, it would have been foolish of her to worry as to whether or not it's culturally appropriate. The family happens to be situated in the right space and time, why is building a successful empire such a problem to some people? 🤔 business has always been and will continue to be about exploitation in some form or another, good luck Kylie, not that you need it.💙
Ana M.
Ana M. 3 oy oldin
You find a “tweet” fascinating?!? How low life are you?!? 😆😂 I can say the same thing about black women appreciating white women, having blonde wigs, out in blue contact lenses, like please.
Jude Graham
Jude Graham 3 oy oldin
Whole conversation was trash. Kylie in no way offended black culture by embracing the things we do with our hair and swag. I’m pleased when I see white people taking on our style because it means they want to be closer to us. Just like when I want to learn Spanish, am I stealing their culture too? Let me know because it sounds dumb. Any black person who hates this act is simply a racist. It’s just like white people disagreeing with us for have long blonde weaves. And most of the times they don’t say anything about it. And about Kylie’s success. The whole point of being a parent is to give your child a platform to be successful and kris Jenner did JUST THAT. Being SELF MADE is to take the platform you’ve been given and turn it into a billion dollars empire for your next generation. This whole conversation I see nothing but hate and downplay coming from other older woman who are jealous of a girl who is fresh out her teens and making an empire with the idea of makeup. Her makeup wasn’t inspired by big lips, it was inspired by the fact that she wasn’t born with them naturally and she needed a way to make them look bigger BEFORE THE lip fillers. I can’t stand to see woman hate so much on other woman and downplay their success with other woman from a different ethnicity. This is FUCKING crazy and racist and even made the white lady at the end uncomfortable. I think these woman need to re-evaluate themselves. KYLIE IS INDEED SELFMADE. She didn’t do what Kim did so LEAVE HER ALONE
Afro Atheist
Afro Atheist 3 oy oldin
Yes. Of course. Why is there even a question? Anyway, there is a Black Woman who has been a self-made billionaire for years, making moves in make up industry.
Roland Dunham
Roland Dunham 3 oy oldin
Whoopi wasn't there...lol
Truth To Power
Truth To Power 3 oy oldin
Meghan you don’t have to say anything! As usual your stank face says it all!
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 3 oy oldin
And Sunny is correct.
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 3 oy oldin
Of course she did.
Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson 3 oy oldin
Hostin: appropriation of white culture. Go on with your white girl hair!
Martinique Del toro
Why isn’t Rihanna a self made billionaire??!! Her makeup line is way more interesting then Kylie’s who cheats her customers.
Shaquasha Grant
Shaquasha Grant 3 oy oldin
Stop trying to make culture appropriation happen it’s not going to happen
Shantil Warner
Shantil Warner 3 oy oldin
Thank God Whoopi not there!
Arereal P
Arereal P 3 oy oldin
Take it back to Bring it On when the cheerleaders made fun of that one girl, saying a big butt is fat and ugly....
Jami Davis
Jami Davis 3 oy oldin
White people can have natural big lips.. not just the black people. Also black girls pay for the white girls hair and you don't hear us saying anything? These ladies need to stop!
Katelynn Simmons
Katelynn Simmons 3 oy oldin
Maybe because our natural hair is considered unkempt in the work place and mocked and put down. Ever think of that? No, of course you don’t.
Fatou Sesay
Fatou Sesay 3 oy oldin
how is this a discussion when there are literally no black people present for it lmfao
Mercy godinez
Mercy godinez 3 oy oldin
I agree with Sunny.. Self made is when you have nothing and become something..
Ani Nzesi
Ani Nzesi 3 oy oldin
Whew chile, the white fragility
m1ss0utsp0k3n 3 oy oldin
The statement is true. White people are backwards and confused
professorrob 3 oy oldin
Jealous are we sunny lol. I really don’t care tho. thought it was funny
Nicole Buik
Nicole Buik 3 oy oldin
Having big lips isn’t cultural appropriation lol bye. Black people aren’t the only oppressed groups who have natural big lips. Stop making yourselves the victims of everything
Yoshi more
Yoshi more 3 oy oldin
Should out to Guatemala! I wonder if she is Garífuna?
Yoshi more
Yoshi more 3 oy oldin
Thank God Whoopi Is not there to yell over everyone and force her fucking opinion down there throat
She’s correct in saying her father is Guatemalan. Is he melanated? Yes. But don’t say she’s ashamed for saying her father’s nationality and not calling him black. Black is a dead status in the eyes of the law. What land is called black? What land is called white? You don’t hear other nationalities calling themselves by crayon standards.
Sara S
Sara S 3 oy oldin
The single reason they ONLY date black guys is so theyd be respected by black ppl. Thats it. Black ppl have a lot of power when it comes to followers & potential customers. U appeal to them u win.
Sweet potato Pie
Sweet potato Pie 3 oy oldin
Nothing new the whole world has exploited black people
Stacia's Beauty tips
She started with $250000 And a platform
Bianca Bitch
Bianca Bitch 3 oy oldin
Did people forget about Angelina Jolie’s lips? Wasn’t that a trend too?
Melanin and Kisses
Big lips weren't considered conventionally attractive until Kylie started getting hers done. The same features I was shamed for (big lips, big thighs, etc.), things prominent in black folk, are now deemed as beautiful now that white girls are doing it. Are the Kardashians to blame for this? No, the problem is societal. But y'all forget that Niki got called ghetto when she wore cornrows, but as soon as Kim decides to invent 'Bo Derek Braids' (cornrows) she is now the authority on that hairstyle.
Melanin and Kisses
Blackness is shamed until it can be exploited
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 3 oy oldin
Are these dummies serious ?
MrAyoub007 3 oy oldin
What about black women wearing wigs that make their hair look like white women’s hair ?! Black culture appropriation they said ..
Lacedra Minor
Lacedra Minor 3 oy oldin
I love sunny she is wonderful
Lacedra Minor
Lacedra Minor 3 oy oldin
Yes she explored black culture
on the rocks with salt
Black folks complaining that white folks came along and got successful on things they claim are all theirs. Well, where have you been black folks??? What was stopping you from putting something together? I swear, I need my little tiny violin to get through this comments section.
Cantara Bella
Cantara Bella 3 oy oldin
Wow. The talking over is really bad in this episode. Almost a parody of the show.
C 3 oy oldin
Having a body type isn't a culture; I swear sometimes
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 3 oy oldin
so if black women sell wigs, they are appropriating white culture? smh
Rafa Rodhes
Rafa Rodhes 3 oy oldin
Oooh this topic. Girl, a whole show wouldn’t be enough to talk about all the shady crap going in America.
ed d
ed d 3 oy oldin
Rob Kardashian suffers from depression so don't compare Rob with Kylie. What Kylie has achieved still does not make her self-made.
Dsireee jmm
Dsireee jmm 3 oy oldin
The black activist sunny was talking about Amandla stenberg she is also actress
Ventura Tshilombo
Y’all need a new definition for “black culture “ . Big lips and butts isn’t a culture.
Angelica Quezada
Angelica Quezada 3 oy oldin
Why does she have to say she’s black-Guatemalan? If her dad is from Guatemala then she’s half Guatemalan. I was born and raised in USA. I lived a few years in Guatemala when I was older. My parents are Guatemalan, ladinos because they are mixed with Spanish/European and Mayan descent. So am I suppose state that I have Spanish-European descent and Mayan descent when asked? It does not make sense to me. I’m sure she would of given you the history if asked but she does not NEED to explain herself because she’s black. Guatemala has a mix of Mayan, Spanish, European, African, Caribbean, and even Asians recently, that is what Guatemala represents. Now look up the song called “Guatemala” on UZvid by Swae Lee and go visit Guatemala, Land of Eternal Spring.
Ivy Sayles
Ivy Sayles 3 oy oldin
Kyle lol
The Anonymous Black Kid
Doesn't everyone do this? Like I've been saying before, black people way too inclusive and thinks that anyone who rocks braids, has a lot of black "friends", and rides black penis is black people's allies. I'm am pretty sure Cardi B will be denying her newfound blackwomanhood once she has made a billion dollars off of the black community. These non-black and white people do not impress me, whatsoever. Black people continue to allow people to get rich off of their backs, while they sit in the corner poor as a motherfuckers begging for help that never comes.