Did Kylie Jenner Exploit Black Culture For Cosmetics Empire? | The View

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lady bug
lady bug 9 kun oldin
Self made Neander Thief 2019 just cause stealing a Melanated woman's clothing line
lady bug
lady bug 9 kun oldin
Don't care what what's HER face Midler Don't Like. When it comes to black Women an our Truth Never Mattered......... Let Melanated women speak for ourselves..... ask some Real melanated women that these things are happening to an not a bunch of women with opinions
yortko1 17 kun oldin
Oh OK. So does that mean blacks will drop the English language, democracy, twelve tone music scale, etc and so forth......
Mini Gacha Storys
Mini Gacha Storys 18 kun oldin
Shut up
Hadassah X
Hadassah X 19 kun oldin
Propaganda creating a race war boom in ya face
Jocelyn Jones
Jocelyn Jones 20 kun oldin
Who is Kylie? Self made person? Like Mrs. Fields cookies? I thought for years this was a person who made it on her own only to find it was her corporate husband who helped financially and, she probably stole her housekeepers' recipe.
Alana's Take
Alana's Take 22 kun oldin
Meghan is seething when they talk about self made people. Kylie is a bird and so are all her fans.
Natalie Lang
Natalie Lang 22 kun oldin
Wait but black women straighten their hair and dye it blonde.. not the same?
Lucy Dempsey
Lucy Dempsey 23 kun oldin
Kylie has not exploited black culture, because large lips are not a part of black culture, they are a characteristic which many black people possess, however this characteristic is not exclusive to black people so it is not appropriation. Look at Angelina Jolie, who has naturally full lips vs Alicia Keys who has average sized lips !
Alice Mcclain
Alice Mcclain Oy oldin
Tyler Perry, self made!!
l l
l l Oy oldin
So, when are y'all gonna start knocking off these culture vultures?
Chantay Berry
Chantay Berry Oy oldin
Yes Sunny! Tell ‘em
Domanick Lucious
I’m mixed lmao girl bye!
Bogus Bozo
Bogus Bozo Oy oldin
Kylie Jenner is a man. "Kyle Jenner" was right lol
mamoudou Ndiaye
why is joy mad about that women's comment
Mary Salcedo
Mary Salcedo Oy oldin
Omfg and here we go making this racial!!!! Stfu already!!!!
Ashley Kohi
Ashley Kohi Oy oldin
That is so stupid not everything is exploiting black culture. She has style and she can dress how she wants. They started telling black people that they couldn’t dress “White “? So dumb
Always thinkpositive
This is the only time meghan is quiet because she knows she was born with a silver spoon. She never had to work hard!!!
Coria Cierra
Coria Cierra Oy oldin
Kyle 😂😂😂
Caryl Fletcher
Caryl Fletcher 2 oy oldin
supcharlie1 2 oy oldin
Sunny has a chip on her shoulder.
Tacorey Johnson
Tacorey Johnson 2 oy oldin
Sunny is spot on here. She was on the previous show as well.
Omar Kabanda
Omar Kabanda 2 oy oldin
Stop hating she made it
Sandra 2 oy oldin
Sarah's hair though...
onnielou70 2 oy oldin
So if someone crosses a cultural barrier and braids or straightens their hair they are what, stupid?
CCC 2 oy oldin
Sunny's nose looks like a product of white cultural appropriation
kimberly harris
kimberly harris 2 oy oldin
Ugly on us, cute on them amd they make $$$....#thetweetwascorrect
Mc buckshot_98
Mc buckshot_98 3 oy oldin
Whats going on?
Mike Lovin
Mike Lovin 3 oy oldin
I love the shady looks Meghan😍 b givin😂
MrsBeckyDaisy 3 oy oldin
First time I have agreed with Sonny.....born on third base.......but the BS about the big lips is ridiculous
Asia Roper
Asia Roper 3 oy oldin
Blake Lisser
Blake Lisser 3 oy oldin
I truly believe that Kylie Jenner is self made because if you really think she became successful from her family how come any of them aren’t billionaires and how many celebrities children are billionaires !!!
Coolmaster X
Coolmaster X 3 oy oldin
These people are haters.
Joy is so fucking ugly!!!!...everyone has lips, every race!!
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 3 oy oldin
Why tear her down tho....
people will find a way to turn anything into a race problem...... ITS MAKEUPPPPP stop reaching
Maverick Milestone
Wait, if these two black women are straightening their hair and dying it blond then they want to lecture Kylie Jenner and say it’s cultural appropriation to make her lips more full? You’ve got to be kidding me...
akathehnic 4 oy oldin
I'm a self made millionaire thung livin outta prison pistols in the air
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces
"Cultural appropriation" is fundamentally one of *the* most racist ideologies believed by ignorant ppl which keeps racism alive and ppl segregated and it isnt propogated by white ppl. How stupid can ppl be not to see through that.
TheWiLdOne Daniela
I don't support the Kardashians at all, but you can't say that only people who had no support can call themselves self-made. So she had 250k she made of the family show and turned it into a billion $ company. That is multiplied by 4000, right? So if you made 500k, you can't call yourself self made if you were helped by your family with 125$? I'm sorry, but most of the people are helped with thousands to go to college and if they make 100k they can still say they did it themselves. It was their work, their vision, together with other helpful factors of course, and other stuff that made them stronger.
Bart Branch
Bart Branch 4 oy oldin
Bart Branch
Bart Branch 4 oy oldin
Your dead on Sunny! Whoopi is a Uncle Tom and your Caucasian counterparts dont know jack about black people/culture!
Yazmina Ahmed
Yazmina Ahmed 4 oy oldin
What a culture "theft" its become.
Yazmina Ahmed
Yazmina Ahmed 4 oy oldin
Yeah about time this got addressed. All my African features are banked on. With no credit. By whom? The Kk Klan.
Elee'Ondra Williams
Yesssssssss thank you ! About time we touched on the subject she's only rich for trying to be like an African American woman
GreysAnatmoy Mcdreamy
Seriously cuz she got lip stuff done she’s appropriating black culture lmao they stupid
GreysAnatmoy Mcdreamy
I think she is mostly getting lots of attention because she 1 started with no help but also that she is so young
Isa Silva
Isa Silva 4 oy oldin
O que falta nos negros é eles aceitarem de verdade a sua raça, deixar de baixa autoestima. Enquanto isso não for superado a raça não tomará o seu lugar. As mulheres negras e pardas são tão lindas como as brancas. Cada uma com a sua beleza. O mundo estaria bem melhor, temos tão pouco tempo para curtir tudo isso, todos nós seres humanos.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 4 oy oldin
The Black community needs to demand the majority of her wealth. And the same should go for Bruno Mars , Justin Timberlake , Mariah Carey , Cardi B , Lil Pump , Elvis the list is very long. Really they should be thrown up under the jail. Any stolen amount exceeding 500-1000 dollars is a federal offense and these people have made billions from stealing our culture.
G 2U
G 2U 4 oy oldin
Sonny is right,,, kylie has everything she needs to start just like Paris Hilton and rich kids