Did Kylie Jenner Exploit Black Culture For Cosmetics Empire? | The View

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13-Iyl, 2018



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Courtney Faith Bryant
Courtney Faith Bryant 11 soat oldin
The View is terrible because everyone is just yelling over eachother
Courtney Faith Bryant
Courtney Faith Bryant 11 soat oldin
Cultural appropriation is discrimination
Shahad 14 soat oldin
That is so funny, not only black people have big lips!!
oso822101 20 soat oldin
Kylie looks like a Tranny
Teaching My Daughter Daily Her Black and Hebrew Is Golden and Worth The World❤👑❤ history culture
ZomBiE_TraSh 2 kun oldin
Theres alot of white people born with big lips. Not only black people have big lips.
rr po
rr po 3 kun oldin
Kylie jenner is a retard. White people do not want to have anything to do with it. So, all of you black people can have her. Please take her, please, please take her. You don't want her either, them we will have the fake media have her.
Cessily 3 kun oldin
Y'all are fucking stupid. This craze of overdone makeup didn't come from trying to look black, ffs, it came from DRAG QUEENS. The contouring to create the illusion of a new bone structure, the exaggerated feminine features... unsurprisingly, it comes from people who really want to emphasise these things because they are MASCULINE (i.e. they are men styling themselves as women).
Nikolas Sifuentes
Nikolas Sifuentes 4 kun oldin
Ok but like did she just say Kylie is appropriating the black culture with her lips in like Incase you haven’t noticed or have read the story about her lips she is insecure about them because she thought that she was not beautiful with out them when she had took them out she had so much backlash for getting them removed. To say that someone’s lips are appropriation is crazy why are people so sensitive.... the lips on the box are based off of Kylie’s and not blasted off of a black woman’s.
Khaleesi Drogo
Khaleesi Drogo 4 kun oldin
So people are clapping in agreement that whites don't like blacks.. how about just identifying yourselves as American rather than your colour. Then you will have no divide
ngaupoko vaine
ngaupoko vaine 4 kun oldin
These women all need a tall glass of S.T.F.U....PERIOD
Ahmed 4 kun oldin
yo sersiouly, talk about cats and dogs. enough with these Kablahbians.
Vanesza34 5 kun oldin
Wypipo steal EVERYTHING and call it theirs from the beginning of time!!! We all know the truth and even they do but will deny deny deny!! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Nanpez 6 kun oldin
Like she really didn’t want to say she was black. We see you sis
Lea So
Lea So 7 kun oldin
Your just overthinking it!
holy crap
holy crap 8 kun oldin
black people : the biggest whiny cryingbabies of the 21 century. getting offended over hairstyles and spray tanning to cover their own issues
john smith
john smith 10 kun oldin
THEY ARE NOT SELF MADE. This came from a sex tape and Ryan Seacrest giving the family a show.
Brook 11 kun oldin
Big lips aren't exclusive to black people...... Cultural appropriation is hilarious
Wen Yad27
Wen Yad27 12 kun oldin
I need to know who the lady in the pink is the one that said she’s bi-racial?
Pablo A Vega
Pablo A Vega 12 kun oldin
When are black people going to acknowledge that straight hair is not for them. Black people need to stick to African dress and be proud.
Andri Ramirez
Andri Ramirez 2 kun oldin
you sound stupid af
Aizen Sousuke
Aizen Sousuke 14 kun oldin
Rob couldn't do the same cause he is a man
Kaelynn Keaton
Kaelynn Keaton 15 kun oldin
Bruh I’m dead when she said “Kyle” lmao 😂😂😂
Kiki Dejean
Kiki Dejean 18 kun oldin
Joy getting Kylie’s name wrong was complete shade! 😂😂😂
Jade Adliel
Jade Adliel 18 kun oldin
Wow America, the home of racisim!
Sabreyah Shabazz
Sabreyah Shabazz 18 kun oldin
Guatemala is black sorry
Craig Purvis
Craig Purvis 21 kun oldin
Throwing shade on a young girl. Kylie used money from her Instagram endorsment fees. If you want to argue that she wouldn't have the profile if it wasn't from KUWTK then you'd have to say if it wasn't for Kims sex tape. So Kylie turned her sisters porno into a billion dollar company selling lip stick. Thats a lot of lips. Thats alot of potential voters in 40 years.
Violet Johnson
Violet Johnson 21 kun oldin
This is so racist! When black women straighten their hair - is it culture appropriation? Indeed!
Wendy Rosser
Wendy Rosser 22 kun oldin
Who is the lady who said her Dad is from Guatamala? I've never seen her before TY IA
seyram kulewosi
seyram kulewosi 22 kun oldin
It is very true,white people like our culture(black) buh will kill us from earth if they have the chance...and Bi-racial people should watch wat dey say abt the culture,we not even sure how black u are,u still have dat cracker in u...😀
dnice 24 kun oldin
OMG JOY JUST LIKE YOU PAINT ALL TRUMP supporters with one ugly brush
dnice 24 kun oldin
JOY come on bc you are stupid
Chase Pond
Chase Pond 24 kun oldin
Looks like I’m going to have to tell my 7 year old daughter to get a lip reduction because she is exploiting black culture even though she was born with big lips.
Lana In America
Lana In America 25 kun oldin
And black women don't appropriate white culture??? Does anyone believe that the long blond hair Beyonce flips for Loreal is really hers???? Since when do Black women have Blonde hair????
kcbh24 25 kun oldin
I love Tera!
Kir By
Kir By 25 kun oldin
Lip injections is not cultural appropriation 😂😂😂
Anya Manson
Anya Manson 27 kun oldin
There are white people who have some racist beliefs but like rap and put braids in their heads🤣🤣 that statement is absolutely true
Patient Anonymous
Patient Anonymous 29 kun oldin
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis 29 kun oldin
I am 100% Caucasian as far as I know and I have very large lips naturally so am I just a Walkin talkin living breathing piece of cultural appropriation?
D T 29 kun oldin
Why isn't Rihanna's brand doing well??
Jwell Jrock
Jwell Jrock Oy oldin
White people don't like black culture
Nicolaus Romanoff
I agree with Sunny! Kylie is a byproduct of wealth privilege. She may be popular now (God knows why) but her celebrity status will not stand the test of time compare to that of Oprah who is the epitome of an American Dream (from humble beginnings to celebrity mogul)
Tabitha parks
Tabitha parks Oy oldin
Meghan never has anything to say when it comes to standing up for black people
Breeann Best
Breeann Best Oy oldin
If Kylie Jenner is self made then so is Trump. Does that make sense? Oh wait no it doesn’t because neither of them are self made. If Kim and Kylie didn’t use black culture to promote themselves they would be trash. It’s sad how people diss Cardi and Nicki for their assets, but love the fake hoes.
christine brandt
Sunny is so smart.
Ajie Oy oldin
Kylie and all the other Kardashians are all culture vultures who exploited Black culture to get where they are. And I also have to be honest and admit that black peoples support them as much as white peoples but we call them out a little bit. But we need to stop supporting them!!!
Ajie Oy oldin
Joy was mad mad 😂🤪
Ruth Bosquet
Ruth Bosquet Oy oldin
And it is not just the money aspect, she already had the platform, plus tons of people to learn from... what did ahe do exactly? Think of an unoriginal idea and make lots of money from her already established brand and name?
Jihanna Hainé
So because you're mixed you have a "different perspective " ? girl go sit down somewhere that was so ignorant
Edgar Cardenas
$#$#$#$#forbes lisr 1 gold tony stak nasa $#$# white house er secret service
loving life
loving life Oy oldin
She will probably be Kyle in 20 years.
Nikki Burris
Nikki Burris Oy oldin
⛔Kanye & Kardashians hosted Producer Rapper 🎤 "Ski Mask" during 2014 US introduction tour in LA🎶 The Mysterious Phenom he is known for Producing J-Lo Stefflon Don XxX Cardi B Bhad BHabie Adam Saleh Migos Young Money Zack Knight Anna Marie Post Malone Lil Pump Noah Cyrus Tekashi Halsey -Lucid Dreams Juice World MGK - 27 Florida Georgia Line Justin Bieber- Reba Rexha WiZ khalifa Lil Peep Lana Rose Ozuna Cassidy Marshmello Team 10 Linked to Grammy MoBo BET CMA awards
Yes sunny yes speaking truth an historic facts shame on forbes for selling Kylie a stolen identify title an she is just a billion forbes pls gave back that title to the rightful owners where it is due or shame on forbes forbes is a real donkey of the day
Madison Cabrera
All I can say is Sarah Barton!
Nanita Tillman
omg this why i don't wanna be famous
Carrie Groell
Carrie Groell Oy oldin
I am so tired of people saying that some white people take black culture and make it their own!! Hello America why is race even a thing anymore. People need to start teaching their kids, their are either good, or bad people in the world!
jxsilicon9 5 kun oldin
US was built on race. So it will always be a thing.
What white ppl do no matter how the tried to play victims no flip it an script it history never lies an if u erase or ever for get what the actually did an is still doing history could repeat itself ppl have to be really dummy's to wipe out historic facts an left their coming generation lost again an history happening all over because if the forgot coming generation could suffer cause the demon neanderthal could rise their head again to opress blacks
Beverly Palomino
All of them are I mimicking the black culture
birdie Oy oldin
That “Black culture” crap is ridiculous. 1st of all blacks are not the only ones with big lips! And second they want to talk about cultural appropriation, well the majority of black females in America wear WEAVE! About 99% Of The time They wear hair that is from another’s culture- White, Hispanic, Asian! And to top it off they wear BLONDE hair! Okay. And second blacks were the very 1st to culture appropriation just look at their names. EVERY name they have they stole it from ANOTHER culture! British, French, Spanish etc! None of their names are AFRICAN. So they can just stop with that crap!
birdie 18 soat oldin
jxsilicon9 They continue to use names from other cultures, EX : adding the LA to all the names Latisha Latonya Latoya Lashawna Lashawn etc etc ... the JA to all the names Jamarques J’sean Ja-Lisa J'vonte -those are French and Italian names - NOT African. The list goes on! They also use Spanish names ..... they choose those names no one is “forcing” the names on them as you claim.
jxsilicon9 5 kun oldin
Names were forced on them. And look at ministrel shows. They made fun of black features and music. Now they copy it.
elisa corasaniti
Chrissey Magnificent
" Thee BACKLASH continues over KYLS JENNER " lmao
sami ijaz
sami ijaz Oy oldin
Joy is so funny when it comes to the Kardashian’s 😂😂😂😂
C A R L I T A Oy oldin
Sunny is absolutely right
shimar oliver
shimar oliver Oy oldin
There was nothing wrong with her being called self-made. Alot of people who grow up rich don't become billionaires.
Natasha Chiware
Black people let's help each other by respecting each other and letting each other win and dont get jealous as aoon as someone get 20 pounds in there pocket. Black people wake up! Why are you mostly jealous! Stop beening jealous of each other and be jealous of these white people getting £20,000 every minute of the day.....Seriously u guys are dumb!!
Dear Peyton
Dear Peyton Oy oldin
But does it really matter? She's rich. Whether she's self made or not doesn't affect my life, and it certainly doesn't offend me.
otakutrash13 14
Now white girls want black girl features on a white body white girls be out there looking like the got smacked in the lips because of the lip fillers
People just now taking about this girl being a billionaire... AGAIN
Marks Spencer
Marks Spencer Oy oldin
So I guess that's pounds and pounds of makeup the lady in pink has on. She went around the black question?
Marks Spencer
Marks Spencer Oy oldin
That is fascinating.
Persia Lace
Persia Lace Oy oldin
This is fucking stupid because Kylie had her lips done it’s costing over to black culture Angelina Jolie have big lips 👄 that’s not black culture people here are too reset everything is about black culture you are offending the black community and none of the black woman that comes on their show where there really hair , people need to stop with this hate and let people be
jxsilicon9 5 kun oldin
And she was praised because it's rare on white women.
dead pool
dead pool Oy oldin
Black people should then STOP buying and STOP watching their tv show
A Jacobs
A Jacobs Oy oldin
They love our rhythm, but don't want our blues.
This has been going on for ages!!!
Tiffany Wihongi
Angelina Jolie has big lips and she is not black......people love her lips. It is not just african americans who who this trait and shouldnt just claim it as theirs only
jxsilicon9 5 kun oldin
She was praised for it because it's rare on white women. But ministrel shows were making fun of this black feature. Point proven.
pen pen
pen pen Oy oldin
So black women are gonna stop wearing blonde wigs yeah? Ok cool let's make sure we are all sticking to our own culture.- oh listen to yourselves you bitter bins.
Jasmine Carter
No brainer. How would she sell lip products with no lips?
Rah van Taaie
Rah van Taaie Oy oldin
Katherine Alvarez
I understand the big lips issue I’m Nicaraguan and i have huge lips, as a kid I was bullied for it but now everyone loves them. I do as well, but everyone thought I was half black because of my lips lol I didn’t mind that, just the bad jokes around it was hurtful.
Katherine Alvarez
I agree with that Brittany sister.
Aiyisha Anderson
Truth is NOT insulting. Truth is truth, some just don't want to hear it.
its not just her lips and its not just her its the brand of her sisters that change their bodies and wear their hair in ways that black women get called ghetto and they coin it as some new craze and as if they created it and they did not. profiting off of black folks with resect to history of that race relations in this country of white people always profiting off go black people.
mercedes corral
mercedes corral 2 oy oldin
Kyle Jenner 😂😂😂
Mr Slate
Mr Slate 2 oy oldin
Sunny is old and bitter
franchesca Monroy
They are dumb they are so mad .Getting filler does not make her a racist ok .Also so what her family helped her other families does to
sabala48 Sands
sabala48 Sands 2 oy oldin
Famous hoes
lady bug
lady bug 3 oy oldin
Self made Neander Thief 2019 just cause stealing a Melanated woman's clothing line
lady bug
lady bug 3 oy oldin
Don't care what what's HER face Midler Don't Like. When it comes to black Women an our Truth Never Mattered......... Let Melanated women speak for ourselves..... ask some Real melanated women that these things are happening to an not a bunch of women with opinions
yortko1 3 oy oldin
Oh OK. So does that mean blacks will drop the English language, democracy, twelve tone music scale, etc and so forth......
Mini Gacha Storys
Shut up
Knox 3 oy oldin
Propaganda creating a race war boom in ya face
Jocelyn Jones
Jocelyn Jones 3 oy oldin
Who is Kylie? Self made person? Like Mrs. Fields cookies? I thought for years this was a person who made it on her own only to find it was her corporate husband who helped financially and, she probably stole her housekeepers' recipe.
Alana's Take
Alana's Take 3 oy oldin
Meghan is seething when they talk about self made people. Kylie is a bird and so are all her fans.
Natalie Lang
Natalie Lang 3 oy oldin
Wait but black women straighten their hair and dye it blonde.. not the same?
Lucy Dempsey
Lucy Dempsey 3 oy oldin
Kylie has not exploited black culture, because large lips are not a part of black culture, they are a characteristic which many black people possess, however this characteristic is not exclusive to black people so it is not appropriation. Look at Angelina Jolie, who has naturally full lips vs Alicia Keys who has average sized lips !
Alice Mcclain
Alice Mcclain 4 oy oldin
Tyler Perry, self made!!
Chantay Berry
Chantay Berry 4 oy oldin
Yes Sunny! Tell ‘em
Domanick Lucious
Domanick Lucious 4 oy oldin
I’m mixed lmao girl bye!
Bogus Bozo
Bogus Bozo 4 oy oldin
Kylie Jenner is a man. "Kyle Jenner" was right lol
mamoudou Ndiaye
mamoudou Ndiaye 4 oy oldin
why is joy mad about that women's comment
Mary Salcedo
Mary Salcedo 4 oy oldin
Omfg and here we go making this racial!!!! Stfu already!!!!
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