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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the crew visit the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research gift shop in Hill City, South Dakota! This gift shop is full of dinosaur TREASURE… and one lucky Coyote Pack member may even win a real DINOSAUR TOOTH! Will you win?!
To enter the giveaway, be sure to comment which item you want to win. To be eligible, you must have your UZvid account activated so that we can contact you about your prize.

HUGE thanks to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Peter Larson and his team! Make sure to visit the Black Hills Institute website for more information: www.bhigr.com
Archive footage/media Courtesy of Black Hills Institute.
And don’t forget we have recently partnered with Universal Pictures to become the Jurassic World Explorers! Stay tuned, that series is coming this holiday season.

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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30-Sen, 2018

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Ella Win
Ella Win Soat oldin
I Soooooooooo want the velociraptor skull PLEASE
Antonietta Medeiros
Antonietta Medeiros 2 soat oldin
The shop has all dinosaur stuff and I got a Jurassic world preview what are the odds of that
Negra bandits
Negra bandits 3 soat oldin
velociraptor velociraptor.
Rafael juarezz
Rafael juarezz 8 soat oldin
Jamie D'Sylva
Jamie D'Sylva 15 soat oldin
velociraptor skull is coolest
Abel Laksana
Abel Laksana 16 soat oldin
I so much want toth of the dinosaur!
Stamatis Taramas
Stamatis Taramas 17 soat oldin
Velociraptor is dance best......Mark won
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan Kun oldin
Coyote when I grow up I want to be like u or even better
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan Kun oldin
Can I pleaseeee have velociraptor tooth or replica
Edward Lin
Edward Lin Kun oldin
Very lit coyotes
Graciela Ortiz
Graciela Ortiz Kun oldin
My son really wants the trex stuff
Trueshot2122 2 kun oldin
That 1.1 scale Velociraptor skull wins all the way
Anutttka 2 kun oldin
i want mark's tooth,please?
ohad goldfarb
ohad goldfarb 2 kun oldin
the tooth
Zane Thor Knake
Zane Thor Knake 3 kun oldin
The real dinosaur tooth
Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon 3 kun oldin
Carcodontosaururs name means sharp tooth lizard I think 🤔
Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon 3 kun oldin
Is coyote a T.Rex fan.I am a spinosaurus fan
BlessedJaguar75 3 kun oldin
I love everything in there. Dinosaurs are my childhood. I could maybe name most of the dinosaurs in that gift shop. For example, at 4:06, he picked up a Cryolophosaurus
Leo Puello
Leo Puello 3 kun oldin
Wolf Gamer69
Wolf Gamer69 3 kun oldin
I want it because it would be my first dinosaur collected item
Wolf Gamer69
Wolf Gamer69 3 kun oldin
I want the velociraptor skull
Wolf Gamer69
Wolf Gamer69 3 kun oldin
Pleeeeezzzzzz pick me to win
XoxDudeGamer 3 kun oldin
I want the tooth
Rayne Krige
Rayne Krige 4 kun oldin
I think Marks gift was the best and I would really like it because since I was a child i have collected many animal teeth and bones and im a dinosaur freak🦖🦕i really hope u choose me coyote!!!! It would truly be the best thing ever. thanks for all your videos they are really intertaining especially since I wabt to work with animals much like you as my career of choice is a game ranger.
scott 4 kun oldin
I think they are all amazing. But to be honest I've always wanted either a sharks tooth or better than that a real dinosaur tooth. I've always been a massive fan of BIG, SHARP teeth
Audrey HUANG
Audrey HUANG 4 kun oldin
i want the tooth
Kira Stocker
Kira Stocker 4 kun oldin
I love coyotes find with the poster, that would look amazing on my university dorm room wall!!!!
Enya Li
Enya Li 5 kun oldin
For sure Dinosaur tooth
Payton Rasmussen
Payton Rasmussen 5 kun oldin
The C. Tooth. Heck yeah!! I love fossils, and would so display it
Squash Head
Squash Head 5 kun oldin
I would love the charcharodontosaurus tooth as I am currently planning to start a collection up to take to university and study it. It would come into great use and help to fuel my ongoing ambition for the earths long ancient past
leahcoram 5 kun oldin
I would want that velocirapter skull for my collection
Princess Fun
Princess Fun 5 kun oldin
Hmmmmm.................. mario # 1 mark # 2 cayote # 3 me # 1000
Squishy Squish13
Squishy Squish13 5 kun oldin
Mark won for sure. Love these episodes and was here before 10 k
Lanz Dimaandal
Lanz Dimaandal 5 kun oldin
hi coyote me when I was a kid a really liked dinosaurs I loved every thing about them and it will be the world for me receiving the dino tooth and in our country there are actually no dinosaurs here so thanks for being amazing and keep the awesome work we love you guys
cable gamin
cable gamin 6 kun oldin
I love the dino teeth!!!!!!
REDSTONE YT 6 kun oldin
REDSTONE YT 6 kun oldin
Can please please please please please can I the tooth
k cha
k cha 6 kun oldin
I'm wont the trx scool
k cha
k cha 6 kun oldin
Please get me a shark teeth
GeneralMarmoset 6 kun oldin
The Velociraptor skull is awesome and a clear stand out piece. A crowning piece for any collection. I'm lucky myself that I have some fossil-rich chalks a few minutes from me in the South of England. I have a neat collection of Echinoderms that I've collected. Great job on this series, really looking forward to what's to come.
Shadow Rose
Shadow Rose 6 kun oldin
I am in love with that Carcharodontosaurus tooth! But it's not because I love that tooth, but it's because I've been studying paleontology my entire life! And that may just be around fourteen years but, for me, a high school junior, who has been obsessed with paleontology since childhood to add that tooth to my collection would make the child version of myself extremely happy. So happy, it'd be beyond happy.
Jeff Li
Jeff Li 6 kun oldin
Or maybe a spino toy
Krake 6 kun oldin
Dinosaur tooth? 😍😍😍
WOLF Thomas
WOLF Thomas 6 kun oldin
So who won the price ?????????
Air Assassin
Air Assassin 6 kun oldin
Air Assassin
Air Assassin 6 kun oldin
Los Raptors my favorite dinosaur and I'd really like to have a replica of it
Air Assassin
Air Assassin 6 kun oldin
Who will win???
Lisa Northfall
Lisa Northfall 6 kun oldin
I'm Voting For Mark Because I Love Carcaradontosaurus
kek van memes
kek van memes 6 kun oldin
Oh my god i wont get it anyway but i want that dino tooth so much
TCC Gaming
TCC Gaming 6 kun oldin
Wait who won???
Grayboss48 Boss
Grayboss48 Boss 6 kun oldin
Can I have one
500 500
500 500 6 kun oldin
I say marios was the best because I always loved velociraptors bexause of Juraasic Park the velociraptor always interested of them also if my friend came to my house and saw my raptor skull I would say say hello to my little friend!♥
Entrepreneur Insights
My son Jonathan (6) said the tooth is the best because it is a real tooth. He is excited about it and jumped up and down. He said he would live to win it.
The Emraldous CBD 13
By the Way how much Expenses they make to buy that???? But my Fave is the Charcharodontosaurus Tooth because it is the prize of a lifetime and it's "REAL" not a Replica,Not a Poster but Tooth coming from a real predator and my childhood dream is to get a Real Piece of a Skeleton of Dinosaur So PLEASE!!! GEMME THE TOOTH PLEASE!!!! (There is a chance because LIFE FINDS A WAY)
Rance Janryel Dolores
I wantt Velociraptor Replica skull
deborah woodkey
deborah woodkey 7 kun oldin
At 3:07 that was this prehistoric cat called gorganopsid and lived in the late Devonian period 255 million years ago
Perpetual Nova
Perpetual Nova 7 kun oldin
The raptor skull replica is definitely the best and would look great on anyone's shelf. (Preferably mine)
Jackson Perry
Jackson Perry 7 kun oldin
coyoty im new i think your 1is #1
Norma Olivas
Norma Olivas 7 kun oldin
I love fossil
Norma Olivas
Norma Olivas 7 kun oldin
john osborne
john osborne 7 kun oldin
I think the Dino tooth is definitely the coolest since I have Dinosaur related stuff but no real fossils, I have loved dinosaurs ever since I was young and started watching the Jurassic Park series, I think this would perfectly cap off all my dinosaur living kid memories
Jeremy Burnett
Jeremy Burnett 7 kun oldin
Man i would love the Tooth thats what aloowed them to eat to survive u know it. My sister brought me a shark Tooth from Florida and i just loved it it was awesome a year later she passed away from a car reck. When me and my mom moved i lost it. I wish i still had it.
Akara Soma
Akara Soma 7 kun oldin
The raptor skull, 100%!
Metaphosis 7 kun oldin
Wow, now that's how you do a gift shop! Personally, my favorite item was the Velociraptor skull replica, mainly because, as a collector of dinosaur models and replicas, I think it would look pretty impressive in my collection.
Tessa Auwens
Tessa Auwens 7 kun oldin
You guys are the best I am a big fan
Angeles Gutierrez
Angeles Gutierrez 7 kun oldin
I want the text ckomb
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips 7 kun oldin
Please i have been subscribed since the beginning i really want the real dinosaur tooth.
Samuel Teixeira
Samuel Teixeira 7 kun oldin
Mark won
Deep Space Discoveries
CrossPointe Family
CrossPointe Family 7 kun oldin
i love dinos i have a lot of toys i want this pake
Abbas Yawar
Abbas Yawar 7 kun oldin
And also, i could put it in my memory box, so when I get older, I'll bet you wanna watch this channel, cause I got this from it, it's called Brave wilderness, there's more like Blue Wilderness and still much more.
Abbas Yawar
Abbas Yawar 7 kun oldin
I would like to have a dino tooth because I know I will never get to be where you guys are, because I'll be busy and i know that. It would be also wonderful to get the dino tooth because I LOVE YOU GUYS sooooo much! I can't stop watching you your channel, so it would be so wonderful if I could get the tooth, A, I've never got something from you guys, B, I love you guys videos, C I just think it would be cool to be like, Hey! Look at my cool dino tooth! For a kid at least. So those are reasons why I would like the dino tooth, it would be very upsetting if I didn't get it.. So... yeah! 😁
laiju jivin
laiju jivin 7 kun oldin
I live in Uk and I would love to have a dinasour tooth pleass
TheGaming Cheetah
TheGaming Cheetah 7 kun oldin
I liked the raptor
Jianybannyman 7 kun oldin
If I could receive a prize could I please the t-rex I live in Nz- Auckland
Jianybannyman 7 kun oldin
Harry Thomas
Harry Thomas 7 kun oldin
I like coyote
ᑕᕼEᘔY 8 kun oldin
Its really hard to choose! I really love the replica of that velociraptor skull because it was very well done and had such detail! I also love that Caradontosaurus tooth. I would love to have a real fossil of such a large lizard that roamed our earth! Thanks for sharing!
Elizabeth Morales
Elizabeth Morales 8 kun oldin
I would like the dinosaur tooth because it reminds me of you guys and how you guys explore the world
dan moss
dan moss 8 kun oldin
Coyotes pick was my sons favorite!
Abbey Valente
Abbey Valente 8 kun oldin
The tooth would look good on display
I would use the tooth with and the others as a part of my collection, that I bring to my classes at school to show my fellow students and my teachers them, and educate them. currently, my collection is at my local library on display.
Obakawaii 8 kun oldin
The Velociraptor skull replica is way too cool to pass up. Tooth is a close second. Tooth would be a #1 if it came with the whole face. xD
Luke Konyer
Luke Konyer 8 kun oldin
The velociraptor skull definitely won and it belongs in my collection because ever since I was 8 I wanted a velociraptor tooth or bone or fossil but I live in Canada and have not been outside of Canada so there’s no chance I can get a tooth here because they didnt live here but thank you for making your Chanel and congratulations to whoever wins
USA Ball
USA Ball 8 kun oldin
The tooth is awesome !
Gizmo 3877
Gizmo 3877 8 kun oldin
I don’t care what I get if I get anything because I love dinosaurs
Kevin 8 kun oldin
Eric Hanstein
Eric Hanstein 8 kun oldin
No. The only thing I've ever won in life is my daughter. But the tooth is the coolest because it's real and not a replica
hacker files
hacker files 9 kun oldin
And bc I love collecting rocks fossils and I have a lot of fossils
hacker files
hacker files 9 kun oldin
Velociraptor skull bc Mario is amazing
Jonny Guinn
Jonny Guinn 9 kun oldin
My 6 year old son thinks the Velociraptor replica skull is AWESOME!!! That should totally be the winner!
Lucio Gonzo
Lucio Gonzo 9 kun oldin
I whould like to win the velocirraptor skull!!!
flash backs
flash backs 9 kun oldin
Korey Cabra
Korey Cabra 9 kun oldin
I collect a lot of different posters, and I use to be in LOVE with dinosaurs as a kid, so that place looks amazing. The poster was probably my favorite item of the lot.
Ctibor Hlavina
Ctibor Hlavina 9 kun oldin
Yelf 42
Yelf 42 9 kun oldin
Coyote gettig bit by dinosaur when?
Riccardo Todde
Riccardo Todde 9 kun oldin
wow the tooth are really cool! would be so cool to have them in my bedroom!
John Cairns
John Cairns 9 kun oldin
id love a dino tooth sooooo much
Diamondback RattleGamer
I like the raptor head because blue is a raptor
supreme kiddo
supreme kiddo 9 kun oldin
I want the poster and plaque because I love the t rex
Alessandro Gobber
Alessandro Gobber 9 kun oldin
Either the skull replica or the tooth, because aside from toys and 3 teeth replicas, I have nothing of high quality like those things!
PREDATOR 22 9 kun oldin
The T. rex plaque and poster are sweet and would go great next to me geodes !!!