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Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL releases in U.S. theaters on August 9, 2019!
Directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on the beloved book by Eoin Colfer, ARTEMIS FOWL follows 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl, a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, as he finds himself in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful, hidden race of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance.

The film stars Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Tamara Smart, Nonzo Anozie, with Josh Gad, and Judi Dench. Judy Hofflund and Kenneth Branagh are producing with Angus More Gordon and Matthew Jenkins serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Conor McPherson.

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27-Noy, 2018

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Rozaria Putri
Rozaria Putri Soat oldin
Oh my gosshhh!!! Dream exactly do come trueee!!! It's been so long since i wanted Artemis in a movie and finally it's coming true!!!!! Can't wait to see how Disney picture the famous Holly 😀
ViewtifulBeau 2 soat oldin
SuperN0IS3 2 soat oldin
honestly i'm just happy they didnt make artemis a girl that's how low my expectations are these days every book that turns into a movie gets raped
Shadowish 4 soat oldin
Keep in mind, That this "Disney's" Artemis Fowl, Not Eoin Coffers Artemis Fowl. That isnt a good sign.
Ynemey 7 soat oldin
Ultra Wide Resolution is retarded. The top and bottom is cut off with so much dead space on the sides.
Nana Murasaki
Nana Murasaki 7 soat oldin
When is this orchestral version of the song of Radiohead coming out? I truly loved it. The piano gives it an eerie sound and I love it!
Hypnotic Poison
Hypnotic Poison 8 soat oldin
I don't wanna be that person,but it looks like shit. I don't know about the book though, I haven't read it,but I'm sure that,as always, it's better than the movie.
y gyyydyy
y gyyydyy 9 soat oldin
why even bother to "base a movie on a book"?
Fitriani Mutiara
Fitriani Mutiara 12 soat oldin
I've been waiting for so long
Sradha Santhosh
Sradha Santhosh 14 soat oldin
I’m sorry, but how can I crush on Artemis if he is shown as an 8 year old
Sigfríðr Chapman
Sigfríðr Chapman 15 soat oldin
Film industry please stop turning our childhood books into shit films Thanks .
Megan Guerrero
Megan Guerrero 15 soat oldin
1:01 best dont judge me challenge ever...😅
Aiyie duFreaqoe
Aiyie duFreaqoe 16 soat oldin
I'm both scared and disappointed with this trailer. First they ruin Percy Jackson, then Miss Peregrine.. where is my walking shame??!!! Why did they appropriates him??!!!!
bubba bojanglez
bubba bojanglez 17 soat oldin
Remember how Mr. D was left out of the perceus jackson movies entirley? Lol, that was some shit right there.. I was looking forward to see how they casted the character and wondered what he'd be like in the films, but he was a no show. I was also looking forward to that part where percy is claimed by his father in front of everyone when theyre competing in the games. Looks like Artemis foul fans will feel our pain along with Eragon fans, wrinkle in time fans, etc..
Vanna Bella
Vanna Bella 18 soat oldin
Amongst many other (bad) feelings about this, my soul screams "HE DOESN'T LOOK OBNOXIOUS ENOUGH!"
lee 18 soat oldin
man i love men in black
majolie alinsub
majolie alinsub 19 soat oldin
Is that kook poo from how i met your mother??
Aodhan Reilly
Aodhan Reilly 19 soat oldin
Radiohead are genius
Mae L.
Mae L. 21 soat oldin
I'm so excited for this
FullmetalandtheFlame 22 soat oldin
As a fan of these books, I am worried...
디 트렐DetrellTV
디 트렐DetrellTV 22 soat oldin
What the fuck is this???!
Ushariranasinghe xx
Ushariranasinghe xx 22 soat oldin
please NO I would rather not have this movie than see the story slaughtered
Shaun Duquette
Shaun Duquette 22 soat oldin
Looks like Men in Black with Fantasy,lol.
Levi Snazzy
Levi Snazzy Kun oldin
Here we go...another horrible adaptation of a live action movie based on a book
John Kun oldin
And tonight on ruining good source material...
Leopard Kim
Leopard Kim Kun oldin
Sorry Kenneth I dont think its a good movie
Ben Risch
Ben Risch Kun oldin
I’m still going to see this no matter what, even if flips of this bother me
Kaytlin Melisa
Kaytlin Melisa Kun oldin
My name is Holly I am an elf But I don'tsit On human shelves I love little Arty He brings me joy But when he is stupid I smack the Mud Boy
Milagros Malpartida
So, apparently this movie is wrong? I mean, I haven't read the book, but so many comments means something right? KNOW I WANT TO READ THE BOOK! So Disney did something good 😅
Ethan b05
Ethan b05 Kun oldin
Wait... Wings are not natural in these books... 1:09 From where the hell do these wings come from ?
Mojjs92 Kun oldin
"Impressive. Every word in that sentence was wrong."
Rizka Akbar
Rizka Akbar Kun oldin
Is this some kind of a joke?
They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE
Imo the lead actor from the Book of Henry wouldve been a better fit
Chancey Nworka
Chancey Nworka Kun oldin
hehe. Artemis chicken
They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE
Things I hate about this trailer and the "movie" that I waited 8 years for. 1. The kid they picked to play Artemis looks so innocent and not like a prick, because thats what he's supposed to look like. A snarky, little prick that we all come to love later on. Honestly, did disney pick up this actor from one of their ridiculous sitcoms? The kid who plays the generic little brother? 2. I hate the fact that they made Root a woman. Diversity is good, but please don't mess with the original characters and DON'T do it for social justice when it ruins the plot and original intent of the books. Holly was suppposed to be the ONLY female officer, which was her motivation to actually join the LEPrecon. To prove all those sexist higher ups wrong. 3. Butler does NOT use a bow and arrow. Wheres his Sig Sauer? 4. C'MON! We all know Arty cant shoot! And he cant hold a gun to save his life, what with his extreme lack of coordination thats been mentioned countless times in the books. 5. Plus they cast a little girl to play Holly! Holly is an adult woman! 6. Nice. Very nice. So you whitewash the elves...BUT you make the bald Eurasian manservant/bodyguard black. Thats some ATLA movie logic right there. 7. Also at 1:10, why the frick does Artemis look shocked after he gave that old fairy the rejuventaing potion? In the books, he knew full well what its effects would be. In fact, thats exactly why he tricked her into drinking it. He's supposed to be two steps ahead of everyone else, and is poker faced in the rare case that he IS surprised. This was EXACTLY what I expected when I found out that Disney was going to be making this movie. Mark my words. Its going to be watered down, family friendly shit fest. Artemis is going to be a heroic little twat thats going to do whats right in the end, even though he probably didnt know what morals WERE till the middle of the series in the books.
They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE
Why does this artemis not look like artemis?
Pat Bun
Pat Bun Kun oldin
กรี้ดดดดดดดดดดดดด ขอให้เป็นเรื่องจริง​ สาธุๆๆ​
Michael Craig
Michael Craig Kun oldin
The books are amazing but this doesn't look like its gonna be any good. I'm still gonna watch it though.
Disney, you suck you greedy asshats.
Muhamad Anwar Jaelani
N_Alsafari Kun oldin
So Butler (the Eurasian bodyguard in the book) is a black man in reall like.. Thank you Disney
softiebastian films
Everything about this adaptation is so wrong. Artemis should look like a young promising grade A jerk, not some innocent lil boy who looks like he's gonna cry. And HOLLY IS THE FIRST EVER FEMALE OFFICER, THAT'S WHY SHE HAS AN ENTIRE ARC. Does Disney ever realize the ones whose childhood revolved around this entire book series are now adults who would trash over literal trash?
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta Kun oldin
Fuck you Disney. This is gonna be Avatar the last airbender/Eragon levels of bad with all fans of the series denying it's very existence. To think I've waited this long for one of my favourite childhood series come to screen as this hot pile of garbage is seriously annoying. You give this movie to someone like Taika Waititi with full control and just watch the money roll in. How do these high level execs have such little understanding of the property they're dealing with!?
vlados puppet
vlados puppet Kun oldin
loved the books but this looks like some hot trash
Ndima Silwana
Ndima Silwana Kun oldin
Looks terrible.
Brayden Penrod
Brayden Penrod Kun oldin
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that when people say that they want an Artemis Fowl movie, they want to see a movie based off of the flippin book and not something completely made up. Thank you, Disney, for ruining my favorite series.
Thomas Treaty
Thomas Treaty Kun oldin
If they mess this up as bad as Percy Jackson was messed up I’ll be seriously pissed
definetlynotaustins Account
I’m honestly excited to see what foaly looks like
Andy Davies
Andy Davies 2 kun oldin
is it august 2019 yet?!!
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 kun oldin
Another pass. Looks like another Wrinkle In Time for Disney.
rai mei
rai mei 2 kun oldin
This is Artemis Foul not Fowl!
Katy Cat
Katy Cat 2 kun oldin
Disney presents : the next box office flop
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson 2 kun oldin
Been waiting on this movie since I first read Artemis Fowl in 2003. Naturally, you fucked it up. Nevermind.
Asad Farooqi
Asad Farooqi 2 kun oldin
It's as if they actually thought that people would enjoy this B-tech version.
Asad Farooqi
Asad Farooqi 2 kun oldin
I honestly don't understand why Disney feel the need to just ruin the original epic plot.
batblurr13 2 kun oldin
So.... man in black jr?
Declan Corey
Declan Corey 2 kun oldin
At least we can all agree the trailer music is pretty good?
Lady Windermere
Lady Windermere 2 kun oldin
15 years waiting for a decent movie and Disney gives me this? No way.
Harry Fountedakis
Harry Fountedakis 2 kun oldin
FFS this is not a PG13 book so why make the movie like that? Jesus, same shit as Eragon. Take a wonderful book and make a shitty movie.
Sneha Nair
Sneha Nair 2 kun oldin
Matrix meets Lord OF The Rings ?
Shinnyou 2 kun oldin
Disney leave my books alone!
Dragonboy Delton
Dragonboy Delton 2 kun oldin
Do not look at the Screen play Writers, I repeat, DO NOT LOOK AT THE SCREEN PLAY WRITERS!
Dragonboy Delton
Dragonboy Delton 2 kun oldin
I've read the books, so... I'm trying to view this Trailer like someone who hasn't. Firstly, this movie is directed by Kennith Branagh, the only notable movies (IMO) he's "Directed" are: Thor(#1), Hamlet, and Cinderella. So... if this movie does well, ironically it will probably be ripped from his hands and passed onto a better director. That being said, had I not known anything about this movie, I do get a strong "Disney poop" vibe from this trailer. Like it's "just another" item in there archives they know they can dump out and make money on. Or something they want to get primarily children to watch since the child actor looks... (is struggling to say "not anything like how he's represented in the books), uhhh... innocent? The trailer is also incredibly boring, you barely get anything from the narrative of any serious note. So granted this trailer does feel like it panders to those who've read the book, while also hucking the book out the window... From someone who has read the book: I... Disney why... just... why? Unless the next trailer has some kind of revelation, I already have a strong feeling the only time I'm going to watch this, is if a friend's kid has it playing in the tv somewhere in the background.
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 2 kun oldin
Rossy Sánchez
Rossy Sánchez 3 kun oldin
Oh, look! Another adaption of one of my favourite books I'll be able to complain about. I'm having a Percy Jackson déjà vu right now!
Jupuxafrud Benjamin
I remember the book when I was 5..... All I remember was a smart boy with a fairy in a jar which my parents forced me to read which I could not comprehend so I cheated and read beginning middle and end XD
R3AP3R GAM3S 3 kun oldin
FUCK THIS AND FUCK YOU you already butchered everything!!
c de vaan
c de vaan 3 kun oldin
"Who saw you coming in here?" "The FBI, CIA, MI6... Oh and the EIB" "THE EIB?" "Everybody In the Building" 😂😂😂 Gosh it was a long time ago but I still remember that scene
Warrior Maiden
Warrior Maiden Kun oldin
*hugs* YES!!!! That line is where I got my Fanfiction.net pen name!!! XD
doodlecakememelord 3548
If Artemis Fowl isn't some genius child criminal mob boss that's an asshole then what's the point?
Blueberryparfait 3 kun oldin
John Justice
John Justice 3 kun oldin
As with RPO and JDatE, this movie will not be as good as the books that inspired it. But I'm going to watch it, like I did the others, and I'm going to enjoy it, like I did the others, for one simple reason: I can. I'm sorry if you can't. That sucks.
siddharth sivasankaran
thom yorkes voice in the background haunts me
tru e
tru e 3 kun oldin
it's like comparing Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with french movie with Vincent Cassel. or like movies nowadays use "based on real events", for fantasy like stories, like wtf, which part is the real events it can be an ok movie by itself, but not as ECRANISATION. also, old lady turning into young was a weird sequence, and not in a good way
tru e
tru e 3 kun oldin
Dear Disney, ARTEMIS FOWL AUDIENCE is not the same as FROZEN AUDIENCE, for God's sake! (I mean little girls torturing people with the theme song...oh wait maybe they are onto something) 1:12 if it was Zachary Quinto, I would totally ignore all the flaws. But it is probably not him. I would basically accept whole cast being him, he would totally be able to do it. Butler is the closest to how I imagined the characters. Pushkin's grandfather was black (extremely famous Russian poet), so Butler being black is not contradiction to his Slavic origins. For Holly Short, I actually can imagine girl (based on her photos) looking the part. But Artemis just had to scream charisma, which I do not see in the teaser. And, obviously, making Root a woman is totally wrong, I don't care that they got a legendary actress for it (I personally not a fan of her, lest to say). I was exited, even despite everything, till the end, until I saw Disney logo (I forgot, I knew, but I forgot). They dumb down all the good parts in stories to cater to children, forgetting that children are not dumb and can take in perfectly fine a mature story (example, everyone, who read White Fang as a kid). Let's just hope we'll get a great feature for the stealing gnome. It takes a special kind of stupid to ruin this character.
Djinsin 3 kun oldin
I love how people are looking at this TEASER already and going like "THEY RUINED IT!!! THIS MINUTE AND A HALF OF FOOTAGE IS COMPLETELY UNFAITHFUL TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!!!! WOE IS US, DOOM TO ALL!" Like chill guys. I love the books as much as anyone, but it literally reveals nothing except that Commander Root is female (it is kind of ridiculous that over thousands of years there's never been another female LEP captain besides Holly). Frankly, I'd be more upset if Opal Koboi isn't in the film.
Zoë P.
Zoë P. 3 kun oldin
Let’s stay positive! Hopefully they have good reasons for the changes! A little bit of changes is sometimes for the best. LET’S ALSO FORGET THE PERCY JACKSON MOVIE!
Steve Yorkman
Steve Yorkman 3 kun oldin
I wanted this
Eriam Callista
Eriam Callista 3 kun oldin
Great job Disney. You made me wanna reread the books.
Thelving the Wing
Thelving the Wing 3 kun oldin
Dude I am so glad I got the kids in my library reading _Artemis Fowl_ before this movie got to them first. I haven't lost all hope for it, but I have a sinking feeling it may transcend garbage.
TheRealLostfan78 4 kun oldin
This can’t be real! There no way Disney can think they can pass this as a movie based on Artemis Fowl 👎
Destroyah5000 4 kun oldin
I've waited years since Colfer confirmed they were making a movie, and once again, a book adaptation bastardizes the source material . Ahh, darvit.
Red Zebra
Red Zebra 3 kun oldin
Thanks for reminding me where that exclamation came from!
Queek headtaker
Queek headtaker 4 kun oldin
I don’t mind the race change as Kenneth Branagh is a fairly noted colour blind director but the personality’s are coming off a bit weird, I think an actual trailer with a decent scene may have been a better expose.
Honestly I don't understand how so many of you are angry at this trailer for "Not sticking to the books". How the hell do you know that the movie doesn't? This trailer reveals NOTHING about the story! Your assuming an entire movie based off of some characters appearances! That's plain stupid! Do I think they look perfect or even good? No, not really. Does that mean i immediately assume this movie is terrible? No! Give it a chance, like geez. I don't think how the characters look matters at all, as long as the actors put in a good and convincing performance( Except for Butler, the fuck is going on there). I think everyone should give it a chance, or at at last wait for more info about the story before assuming things.
Lucky Sandman
Lucky Sandman 3 kun oldin
I get what you are saying but: 1. As you said Butlers appereance is Strange. 2. Artemis fowl Shoots a gun while Weile in the books he dislikes firearms. 3. The Chinese fairy is way to beautiful for going Cold turkey after hundred years of alcolism 4. Dame judi dench ist for some reason the police Chief root. 5. an indian plays the it centaur. 6. And that is my biggest point -> artemis looks like a little Boy and is Not ittimidating enough.
Jeff Chan
Jeff Chan 4 kun oldin
Dear sweet jesus, what have you done Disney. U guys threw out a perfectly good book into the garbage and wrote some kind of garbage and called it Artemis Fowl. Like firstly, why is Butler african descent instead of Eurasian and not bald. Like his Eurasian descent and his baldness is suppose to give some kind of a military secret assassin look. When did Butler use a bow... Never. What happen to his famous sig sauer. WTF why is Root female, like by making Root female, it takes away from Holly being the first female Lep; furthermore it removes the hardships she had to face for begin female and her eventual overcoming of those sexist ideals. God i smell another Percy Jackson
Jaysa Hunter
Jaysa Hunter 4 kun oldin
Disney, sweetheart, I love you, you've grown up with me. You've helped me through some of my darkest moments by way of catchy cheer-me-up songs and iconic characters. You've helped me sleep at night with your fairy tales. *The being said* , no one wants to see your name on this. No one. I know you want to be hip and retro but some things are just not your cup of tea. This is more like pop cola. Stick to tea Disney.
Emil Pettersson
Emil Pettersson 4 kun oldin
Never heard of this before, didn't know it was a book but the trailer just screams bad YA adaption.
Christopher Kendall
Getting Golden Compass (Northen Lights) flash backs.
Esteban Navarro
Esteban Navarro 4 kun oldin
Not long till a house of scorpion movie.
Halle 4 kun oldin
Lol I didn’t even know they were making a movie adaptation of the book
Esteban Navarro
Esteban Navarro 4 kun oldin
The scene with the healing lady, in the book she was pretty much dying when being healed from the alcohol.
izzy smithson
izzy smithson 4 kun oldin
Is this Disney’s version of men in black?
Warrior Maiden
Warrior Maiden Kun oldin
The movie? Yes. The book? Hell no. This looks to be along the lines of Percy Jackson and Eragon.
Nathan Wade
Nathan Wade 4 kun oldin
This is apart of my childhood. If this is bad, I will be very very angry.
Lance Lunizo
Lance Lunizo 4 kun oldin
Oh no, they didn't just make Commander Julius Root into Juliet Root, right?
Hannah Kramer
Hannah Kramer 3 kun oldin
It's be difficult to do given there already is a Juliet.
John Wotek
John Wotek 3 kun oldin
Trouble too...
Eva 4 kun oldin
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Seriously why?!?!?!?!?!?! I *wanted* to give this a chance. I really did. But what even is this crap? Butler is suddenly black (double funny because if they wanted non-white representation and had actually *read* the books, they would've realised he's *asian* ), Root is female (?) which undercuts Holly's whole character and drastically changes their dynamic, Artemis looks like the most innocent goody-bag kid ever conceived, like, the exact fucking *opposite* of what he's supposed to, all the special effects look like shit, and what the asdfghjkl Seriously, if the had intentionally *tried* to tick every single box that would piss off fans, they couldn't have done a worse job at adapting this. My last sliver of hope for the human species is officially dead and buried. Nope! Fuck this! I've been planning to go watch this movie for years now, ever since I found out there was even a *possibility* it would exist. Buuuuut no. I will not be supporting this fucking cringefest. Not after what they did to Percy Jackson. WHAT DID HUMANITY DO TO DESERVE THIS ABOMINATION
Cryogenius333 4 kun oldin
Just from reading the description you know this is jacked. Artemis wasnt even thinking about his father in this one. He sure as hell didnt suspect the LEP of taking him. Artemis already KNOWS to a degree what happened: He went down with the containr ship in the arctic circle. Only thing he doesnt know is if he is alive or dead. ... Disney stop please. T...T why are you doing this?
Brian Grimaldi
Brian Grimaldi 4 kun oldin
Decks Dark!!!
siddharth sivasankaran
finally someone noticed,,,,,
Lone Doodler
Lone Doodler 4 kun oldin
Please, please oh God, let this be good, and not disappointing. Because that trailer doesn't fill me with hope. Wtf is up with the first fairy they encounter?!
Ben Magnez
Ben Magnez 4 kun oldin
It's about fuckin time
Kelly Marshall
Kelly Marshall 4 kun oldin
I’m already certain they have messed this up! Wen they make unnecessary changed like someone’s appearance (Artemis and butler are wrong Butler is REALLY WRONG) it means they really don’t give a crap about the book! They are such a great set of books I really hope I’m wrong and they do a good job!
Lana Geertse
Lana Geertse 4 kun oldin
Artemis looks too innocent he has to be more of a asshole XD I don't like this already They'll probably take out the troll killing scene too or something because they need to make merchandise out of this movie