Disney's Artemis Fowl - Teaser Trailer

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Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL releases in U.S. theaters on August 9, 2019!
Directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on the beloved book by Eoin Colfer, ARTEMIS FOWL follows 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl, a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, as he finds himself in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful, hidden race of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance.

The film stars Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Tamara Smart, Nonzo Anozie, with Josh Gad, and Judi Dench. Judy Hofflund and Kenneth Branagh are producing with Angus More Gordon and Matthew Jenkins serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Conor McPherson.

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27-Noy, 2018

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chat 453 58 daqiqa oldin
First Percy Jackson then Miss Peregrine's now Artemis Fowl is up. 😓 I'm already worried.
The Cringelord, Euan.
wait does this mean artemis fowl could be a kingdom hearts
The Cringelord, Euan.
Eva R.
Eva R. 6 soat oldin
Multiple issues: Artemis was supposed to be like, twelve, and he looks six. That is not the actor we should be using for his bodyguard, and that’s not what we were told the bodyguard looks like. If Disney blames the fairies for the dad I’m outta there. If the movie ain’t as good as the book, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed.
Julian Montgomery
Julian Montgomery 6 soat oldin
Y’all. A movie can be different than the book and still be good. Just saying.
Andrew Duggan
Andrew Duggan 13 soat oldin
How do you like a video more than once
3po c
3po c 14 soat oldin
日本人の方goodよろしく! When you are ready towards the Americans and the high evaluation,please
aCatThatMakesEclairs 15 soat oldin
That’s it- I’m going to watch Frozen 2 and that’s it. I done with Disney.
another human being
another human being 19 soat oldin
Anyway, David Mazouz is much more believable to be Artemis.
Maverick 13
Maverick 13 20 soat oldin
BIG FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R 22 soat oldin
Literally 20 years too late for this, lol Also, I tried to read the book very recently (after a hard time with mistborn, but I was able to finish the first trilogy at least)... and the first chapter made me cringe so hard... To think I got fascinated with harry potter when I was a kid, to read the books of that time who followed the "magic" trend is so goddamn cringy nowadays, I feel ashamed when I remember it. And even for the fans who remained loyal to HP and never grew up, I read some articles about the author ruining the canon of the series with those recent movies about fantastic beasts or something. I honestly think hollywood should try something else, forget these 00's abominations. Why not bring back dark fantasy? There are not too many options out there, series like the first law can work on a big hollywood movie.. or a high budget series?
Twigryph 22 soat oldin
After all this time...I finally get this movie. Been waiting since I was Artemis' age. Now I feel like Butler. It's scary how close this looks to how I imagined it. I never thought they'd cast Butler the way I pictured him, but Kenneth Branagh plucked him from my mind's eye. I can't believe my childhood favourite director has the reins. I love how this is coming together. Every change seems smart, and there's clearly artistry to the direction you can see even in this small sample. I'm glad it's coming.
Highglow66 Kun oldin
Nice symbolism.
Ktoś na pewno
Ktoś na pewno Kun oldin
Wohlf_craft SeniorElPommy
Disney if you screw up this movie, I have been waiting years for a real movie.
LiveingMc -
LiveingMc - 2 kun oldin
shouldnt Artemis like at least a little pale and a little skinnier? This is bad... I hope this is good after all, wouldn't want a repeat of Pearcey Jackson. Some people say history repeats itself but cmon Disney this is just too far...
Maya Bailes
Maya Bailes 2 kun oldin
FINALLY! I am...trying to be open-minded. I can see some good things... But ruin the books for me and I will never forgive you.
Sam Greenwald
Sam Greenwald 2 kun oldin
I think Asa Butterfield would have been a better cast role to play Artemis
BrontoSmilodon1 2 kun oldin
it's like if men in black and tomorrowland had a kid and that kid had a kid with the kid of Wrinkle in Time and Fantastic Beasts
Danni Kim
Danni Kim 3 kun oldin
I have 3 words for this trailer, Go Die Disney the plot doesn't even follow the books and you tone down everything for the kids who can handel themselves because they watched happy death day like 3 months ago. I am dissapointed Disney very dissapointed
태호강 3 kun oldin
"I have 3 words for this trailer" Proceeds to type 37 words
Alano Carter
Alano Carter 3 kun oldin
If it dosen't need to be fixed, don't try to fix it.
G VS 3 kun oldin
Cody Banks 3 looking good
FreakRuff 3 kun oldin
All i really Care about is the beautiful Radiohead song playing in the background!
Kalmnir 3 kun oldin
well this looks terrible... thanks disney, for probably murdering the plot of one of my favorite book series to make a half ass adaptation.
Aeshiryzen Aeschirett
The Butler is so wrong. Another The Wrinkle in Time catastrophe. Disney is so Xenophobic. SMH.
Margundy 3 kun oldin
Okay, it's that Indonesia?
Kony Vran
Kony Vran 3 kun oldin
I think the worst thing is that the kid doesn't have a slightest inteligent vibe in him...
Josiah Ferguson
Josiah Ferguson 3 kun oldin
aiden pizza
aiden pizza 4 kun oldin
where is the marketing for this film
Wakko's Wish
Wakko's Wish 4 kun oldin
i read the book last year :D I'm soo exciting
I love the book since I was in junior high. I really don't care what other people think about I just want to watch it and enjoy it
AGUSTIN LORIA 4 kun oldin
Give a movie to the creator of this trailer.
God of TOMATOS 4 kun oldin
Stop just stop and start making 2d films again
Disney is changing the plot again. butler has magic and opal koboi is in it, the gnommish isn’t even right.
Adizcool 4 kun oldin
Say whatever you want but that gnommish turning into Artemis Fowl at the end was cool
loke 4 kun oldin
I wonder why disney keeps making these sci fi movies when they always flop at the box office...
Arthur Curry
Arthur Curry 4 kun oldin
Max 5 kun oldin
It's been like five years since I read this series and I'm still fucking scared
Fatima Anees
Fatima Anees 5 kun oldin
Disney is really shitty at making remakes isn't it.
TunnelDragon44 5 kun oldin
The fairies do not look NEARLY tactical enough.
Hailey 5 kun oldin
Trailer by itself? Lit. Trailer knowing what the books are like? Ew. Female Root is a mistake. C’mon Disney. You have a black butler. Holly is already making a feminist statement but I guess that’s not good enough?? Gotta make the patriarchy female totally erasing not only plot points but important aspects of individual characters and character arcs???
VioletWolf Youtube
VioletWolf Youtube 5 kun oldin
For some reason it reminds me of Ciel from Black Butler
Chris Schieritz
Chris Schieritz 5 kun oldin
When I saw "Haven City Express" I almost spat my coffee out because I thought it was a Jak and Daxter film, then when I realised it was just more of hollywoods stupid bullshit I poured the rest of the coffee over the computer!
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales 5 kun oldin
I’m going to be THAT guy and say it will more than likely not live up to my own set of expectations that I have created for what I want for the film. I hope I am sorely wrong.
Sharon Allison
Sharon Allison 5 kun oldin
Eliza Schuyler
Eliza Schuyler 5 kun oldin
Why did you have to bring Radiohead into this? I love Radiohead so much and if this is gonna be anything like Aladdin 2019 (and of this as bad as people are saying and as it looks in my personal opinion), then leave Radiohead out of it, I don’t want their name to be tainted like this
JackDoesCrap 5 kun oldin
If they ruin this I swear...
kgpnerd 6 kun oldin
Song name please.
kgpnerd 2 kun oldin
+태호강 Thanks.
태호강 3 kun oldin
Decks dark by Radiohead
Yuliya Strizhova
Yuliya Strizhova 6 kun oldin
I already feel how I will hate this movie. What the hell with Dvoresky??? By the book he is tall, strong, bold white guy. I understand Disney want to be "talerant", but what they do is opposite. I'm so disappointed and really hope something happen and this movie would be never released.
COBALT BLUE 6 kun oldin
The moment the voiceover comes on, I automatically remembered the voice of delphi from the live action percy jackson film...
Tw 6 kun oldin
That's Radiohead!
John Park
John Park 6 kun oldin
How in the actual fuck... After Percy Jackson... How did they think this would go over well?? Let's make butler black and gender swap root and change the whole plot, everyone will surely love our Disney™ take on this beloved book series with a huge devoted following. Please someone make a Gregor the Overlander movie that isn't terrible so I can still have hope in book adaptations. If you can do Harry Potter and LOTR and make them work what's the excuse for movies like this?? They deserve so much better
dog hut
dog hut 6 kun oldin
it's better than youtube rewind...
Jonathan Choi
Jonathan Choi 6 kun oldin
If you are one of the people that actually read the books, let's hope Disney didn't change the plot in some crazy big way :)
Anabel Hill
Anabel Hill 6 kun oldin
If this teaser trailer was the first scene of the book with Artemis making a therapist look stupid I would be more interested.
Connor Workman
Connor Workman 7 kun oldin
Well this will fail
Tortoise Lover
Tortoise Lover 7 kun oldin
It's a GOOD STORY I hope they don't change it
aiden pizza
aiden pizza 8 kun oldin
wish we could get more things for artemis fowl
RavenClaw Potterclan
1:10 arty's face! he was not like that in the book! he sood there clamly not at all suprised
Fantasy Gacha
Fantasy Gacha 8 kun oldin
I have the books so....
inugirl1216 8 kun oldin
Disney, I swear to all the is holy, if you screw up this movie... If this is another movie where you take the characters from an amazing series and then fuck it to high heaven... I can tell you right now there's gonna be fans across the world screaming for your blood. And we will have it. We have been waiting for a movie adaption of this for years. Making due with fan made trailers, headananon actors, and 'what-ifs'. Now that there is an actual movie for it in production and there's a real trailer, I can honestly tell you the fan made ones looked more promising. If you fuck this one up beyond belief, there WILL be hell pay.
Venzhenzen 8 kun oldin
jerry fml
jerry fml 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the actor who's playing Artemis look like he should be playing Lucius from the Lucius game series?
jason william
jason william 8 kun oldin
You know I've only read the first book in the series and loved it but boy this trailer something else Artemis don't even look like him self neither does his butler . The book was dark and gritty sorta like sin city and I ain't getting that vibe
Melon Soda
Melon Soda 8 kun oldin
태호강 3 kun oldin
Rainman Noodles
Rainman Noodles 8 kun oldin
I was pretty excited about this until I saw some of the details. Commander Root being female is one of the most egregious changes. A very large and important part of the story is built on Holly's career and her success as the first female LEP officer. Now that Root is obviously the first and is more successful, where is that story element? It changes so many things, and not for the better. Butler being black and not Eurasian... I'm not quite convinced. But that's not the real problem. Butler is repeatedly shown to be fearless and stoic, and in the trailer he's just... not. That look of surprise at 1:10 says it all. If you have any knowledge of Butler from the books, you might as well forget it all now, because I don't think this Butler is going to behave like we expect. At all. I realize, of course, that trailers can be quite deceptive, but I have the awful feeling that this movie is going to be a disaster. We saw it with The Chronicles of Narnia (which started *very* strong, but got worse as it strayed further and further from the books) and Avatar: The Last Airbender (the animated version is *much* better, of course). I can confidently say that I have no desire or intention to see this in theaters - it'll almost certainly be a waste of money.
Drkwatch 8 kun oldin
So you made Butler and Juliet black for no reason going completely opposite to the book descriptions and Juliet's entire character, and you made Root a woman for no reason completely ruining Root and Holly's character arcs, all for the sake of diversity quota. Oh, and you made Artemis a wide-eyed whimsical child instead of a cold calculating criminal, and replaced the sig sauer with a mystical moonbeam bow. I will never understand how screenwriters can get handed a book to adapt, where basically everything is written for them and they just need to cut down the filler to fit a film flow, and they still REPEATEDLY find new ways to fuck it up.
Evgen Khersonets
Evgen Khersonets 8 kun oldin
Now we now that Aladdin is gonna be the worst Disney movie in the yeat...
Alex Men
Alex Men 9 kun oldin
Pls be as good as the books
Arkan NOA
Arkan NOA 9 kun oldin
I have good feeling that this will Disney next big franchise
MaJose F.F
MaJose F.F 9 kun oldin
Are we going to forget about Tony Stark’s arc reactor in 0:48?
Arthur Curry
Arthur Curry 9 kun oldin
Luna Who Loves Blue Things
Let's all just see it in a perspective that Disney thought bad film adaptations are a current trend. This movie smells like Spy Kids and Percy Jackson had a child somehow. 😂
viêt trung nguyễn
Lucy Mumma
Lucy Mumma 9 kun oldin
Guys... the trailer shows nothing but like, the first chapter of the book. I feel like you *might* be overreacting.
HannahIsABanana 9 kun oldin
Coincidentally I started reading the first book the same day this trailer came out and today I have finally finished the series. I have lost all hope for movie adaptations of books being good but I’m excited regardless
forelandstewards forelandstewards
Where is root at.
Ava Grasso
Ava Grasso 10 kun oldin
The book was good, so I hope this turns out well!
L&L 10 kun oldin
fuck u Disney ... this will be a big piece of shit... RIP BOOK
au searchlight da animator
*if this is gonna turn out like the Percy Jackson movies* *then Disney is going to have a angry mob of people trying to burn whoever made this movie*
Kim Endita
Kim Endita 10 kun oldin
Kim Endita
Kim Endita 3 kun oldin
+태호강 ok
태호강 3 kun oldin
+Kim Endita nothing
Kim Endita
Kim Endita 3 kun oldin
+태호강 what?
태호강 3 kun oldin
ur mom
Ringo Layne
Ringo Layne 10 kun oldin
darius richardson
darius richardson 11 kun oldin
Read the books, so this movie better be good man.
AnaDrawsLife 11 kun oldin
One of my favorite books ❤️❤️❤️
Ritchie dolera
Ritchie dolera 11 kun oldin
Disney now has a lot of movies
Ritchie dolera
Ritchie dolera 11 kun oldin
Disney now has a lot of movies
Lol11 Lol11
Lol11 Lol11 11 kun oldin
This feels like stranger things with Percy Jackson
EazyEVM 12 kun oldin
If you are looking for a shot-for-shot remake of the visions you saw in your head when you read the book, I have a feeling you will be disappointed. I, for one, am enormously excited to see Disney's interpretation of this story! I am going into it expecting to be entertained, not expecting to see a bunch of people reciting the scenes exactly as Colfer put them in the book. Peace!
Jiren the Grey
Jiren the Grey 12 kun oldin
Disney's biggest.....flop
Dirge419 12 kun oldin
Why is butler black......he looks like he belongs in demolition man.
Himon Roy Chowdhury
Himon Roy Chowdhury 12 kun oldin
You know the movie is shit when artemis looks innocent and butler is anything but definitely not eurasian looking.
Hunter Bartley
Hunter Bartley 12 kun oldin
You might as well as cancel this crap and restart now Disney. You already ruined it
Hunter Bartley
Hunter Bartley 12 kun oldin
Disney... if you screw this one up...
MUD PIE 12 kun oldin
this sucks
Tnecniw 12 kun oldin
It SEEMED promising... sorta... Untill they showed the elf going from the ugly hag into the beautiful form. AND DON'T YOU DARE CHANGE THE STORY?! HOW DARE YOU?!
Brian Stuckert
Brian Stuckert 13 kun oldin
still not that great of a teaser trailer, could have done a lot better and it goes through scenes too fast to figure out what is going on. But after later on hearing a little more about what the movie is based on and how this one is not all black and white like some other movies (which I hope they keep it that way), it got me interested to reading the series. So far I finished the first two books of the series and really enjoy them, the 2nd one seems better then the first. Already reserved a copy for the third one and look forward reading it! Very neat exciting series and such, I highly suggest everyone to read the series or at least the first book or two.
PerrinPansy 13 kun oldin
No. They're gonna fuck up my favorite book series as a kid. Damn.
Coralie 13 kun oldin
They changed so much things. The books were so entertaining... and now... I thought I would be amazed. I was sooooo excited! I kinda cannot wait! But the teaser, for me, is a flop. I’ve waited since i was 8 or 9 years old to have a Artemis Fowl movie because I loved the books so much! They did the same as A Wrinkle In Time, they changed the details in the books and all that shit, and it flopped. 86M$ in the trash. 6 words, 1 sentence : The teaser was disappoiting for me.
Gleb Partensky
Gleb Partensky 13 kun oldin
Looks shitty, and Butler was Eastern European
James T
James T 13 kun oldin
Ahahahhhahahaha (laughs maniacally) They ruined another one hahhaha omg hopefully those folks at WB who have the rights to Rangers Apprentice never make it. (Then again, WBros might be better suited)
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