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Is the Monte Cristo Sandwich or the Turkey Leg the tastier Disneyland treat? We sample these and more! GMM #1317.1
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13-Apr, 2018

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MatrixMushroom Soat oldin
Link: *nibbles end of corndog* Rhett: *eats half of corndog in one bite*
Disney Watchers
Disney Watchers 2 soat oldin
Disney corn dogs are the best!
Ghost Cole
Ghost Cole 3 soat oldin
Who else is thinking wait it’s Disneyland I thought it was Disney world then I remember they live in California
Fire Playzz
Fire Playzz 5 soat oldin
Well dole whip can also be found in the dole plantation in Hawaii which is where it is actually from
HTakara82 9 soat oldin
these prices makes me wince.
StragglyWharf 94
StragglyWharf 94 10 soat oldin
I went to Hawaii and they had Dole Whip best thing EVER!
Jacie Guillory
Jacie Guillory Kun oldin
Because Louisiana does it right lol 8:00
mason jones
mason jones 2 kun oldin
The Turkey leg is my by far favorite and my second is the hot dog mac and cheese and chili so good
Chloe Lock
Chloe Lock 2 kun oldin
The prices gave me a heart attack!!
Nelson Camacho
Nelson Camacho 4 kun oldin
Was it boiled for safety?
Janace Bickerstaff
Janace Bickerstaff 5 kun oldin
When people change their opinions more often than their children's diapers Also the fact that they don't like turkey is criminal. Like do they just eat yams or something at Thanksgiving?
Kendall Dayton
Kendall Dayton 7 kun oldin
There churros are the best!
Jayleen Shropshire
Jayleen Shropshire 7 kun oldin
dole whip is at belmont park in san diego
brayan mccaa
brayan mccaa 7 kun oldin
You guys should try acorn dog with the chick-fil-a special sauce ( Chick-fil-A sauce)and when you do you will feel like in heaven
Sophia Lemerond
Sophia Lemerond 8 kun oldin
Holy Shirt
Revenge of The Shreks
Links laugh kinda sounds like Mickey Mouse
Syal Var
Syal Var 9 kun oldin
This is Disney land. You get on a Disney cruise and you get treated to stuff including venison, escargot, Creme brûlée, ect. It’s amazing
Emily draeL
Emily draeL 9 kun oldin
Robbie White
Robbie White 9 kun oldin
Horrid Chewing Sounds level 200
CharlesVillePro 10 kun oldin
Not to be that guy but let’s be honest I am. Disneyland you had right in the beginning is “the happiest place on earth” but at 0:30 you’re wrong in saying Disneyland is “where dreams come true” that’s Disney World.
AJ-n-Stuff 10 kun oldin
personal fav for me is the pretzels, but then again I don't like corndogs, so my list includes Mickey head pretzel, chicken strips, and ice cream cones
Bryce Collins
Bryce Collins 11 kun oldin
the thing I don't understand is how they talk about how the monte Cristo is better but they move it to number two because of something that has nothing to do with taste
RobloxCube771 11 kun oldin
m i c k e DIE
Sophia Danielle
Sophia Danielle 11 kun oldin
I still cant believe they would choose a corn dog over the turkey leg. Also the dole whip float is so refreshing especially on a hot day when you can go inside the tiki room and eat it. Plus if you go inside the tiki room the line for the dole whip is shorter than if you just waited outside
Cod swag
Cod swag 11 kun oldin
i’m just saying you can get dole whip at many other places besides disney
Shakira pangader
Shakira pangader 11 kun oldin
Me:My wife cheated on me😭😭😭 Rhett and Link:Let's talk about that🤔🤔🤔
Kid perfect Goat
Kid perfect Goat 12 kun oldin
I don’t thank they have been to the state fair they have the best corn dogs
Marie-Célèste Lefloch
The eating noises is intolerable😑😖😖 5:43
Merrick Douglas
Merrick Douglas 13 kun oldin
Troubled _Trollers
Troubled _Trollers 13 kun oldin
i think the lemon ice cream is the best (they did not review it)
ya ne russkiy
ya ne russkiy 15 kun oldin
The pizza in Tomorrowland is the best
Jesus Camargo
Jesus Camargo 15 kun oldin
TheGamingBaconator 16 kun oldin
I *want* that Mac and Cheese cone. So bad. But I really don't feel like either going down to Orlando or going all the way to LA. I bet you could make them at home, though. Probably some recipes out there.
Ozzylad 123
Ozzylad 123 16 kun oldin
Disneyland was the hospital that diabetes was born
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton 18 kun oldin
Probably my Favorite thing to get at Disney is the Mac and Cheese Dog
Keiya Smith
Keiya Smith 18 kun oldin
Tell me why when I came in my room it was dark so I turned the lights off and then I got my food and ate fork then Damnyell showed up and then I didn’t see him and put my clothes on and took a shower and then ate Disney world are the dole whipp?! Day crazy right !
GameGuideGallery #Triple G
You made me happy
Monika.chr 19 kun oldin
dying for a dole whip recipe tbh. reminds me of a pina colada for some reason.
Spookylady 21 kun oldin
Holy hot sauce, let's talk about Rhett's shirt. Wait...let's not.
Maizy since Starling
You can also get the Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou restaurant...and it's much better and comes with two dipping sauces.
LGC Lauren
LGC Lauren 23 kun oldin
I’m not upset I like yalls opinion
Aria Delmar
Aria Delmar 24 kun oldin
No, let's talk about Rhett's shirt
Anna K
Anna K 25 kun oldin
Ew Rhett's shirt 😓
Lily H pie
Lily H pie 25 kun oldin
You guys didn't dink it and sink it
Maddie Schefers
Maddie Schefers 25 kun oldin
I think I gained 15 pounds just watching them eat these meals
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie 25 kun oldin
I remember there’s a picture of me somewhere when I was 7 years old at Disney world eating one of these turkey legs and it’s dark and I have my ears on and that leg was bigger that my head and I have the cheesiest smile on my face with turkey juices all over my face. Good times
Gd Anstrix
Gd Anstrix 26 kun oldin
Wait. 6 dollars for a churro.
Gd Anstrix
Gd Anstrix 26 kun oldin
The retail price of that corndog was probably around 2 dollars.
Gd Anstrix
Gd Anstrix 26 kun oldin
Alex Van halen
Alex Van halen 27 kun oldin
It’s a corn dog you can get it any where it’s no special
Mark McFarland
Mark McFarland 27 kun oldin
No Bengal barbeque?
Sem 28 kun oldin
is it just me... or is that turkey leg a little too pink/dark
Cobi Klingsporn
Cobi Klingsporn 28 kun oldin
Please do a video on Orlando universal studios food!!
Gabriel Oliver Avery
holly? Not holly
bvbyknj 29 kun oldin
I heard that it’s actually an emu leg but idk
JeremyJasonA Oy oldin
HOW did they rate the turkey leg so low! XD That thing is UNBELIEVABLE!
katherine paulino
for someone that has an “abnormally small mouth” (according to him lol) rhett takes rly big bites
Willow And Chester
Rhett looks like a caveman wearing that shirt while eating that gigantic ass turkey leg 😂😂
drewski west
drewski west Oy oldin
the price tags are revolting
Hailey Renee
Hailey Renee Oy oldin
I’m sorry but the Monte Cristo is worth every penny. I could eat it everyday
Bree C
Bree C Oy oldin
I went to Disneyworld with my marching band, I couldn't afford anything to eat hardly so I had to snack on my trailmix all day... the happiest place on Earth, unless your hangry and broke.
Kahldria Leighsun
I have never wanted a corn dog more in my life.
Roken Oy oldin
$15 for a fried Turkey leg. lol. only in america.
Dizzy Oy oldin
Love his shirt but you TOOK THE SKIN OFF!!!
Alex Bishop
Alex Bishop Oy oldin
I’m sorry but 8.75 for a CORN DOG!? A CORN DOG!?
Anna Otto
Anna Otto Oy oldin
You have to try the cheeseburger egg rolls!!
Chief Kimball
Chief Kimball Oy oldin
Eight dollars for a corn dog?
Road to the NFR
A corn dog is meat from a pig
Steve Owen
Steve Owen Oy oldin
Dammmmmn Disneyland is hella expensive
irThumper Oy oldin
$21 dollars for a Monte fricken Cristo??? We have them at a local café for $9.99 and I thought that was spendy... O_o
Joe Norman
Joe Norman Oy oldin
I hate Disney as a corporation. I’d never go to Disneyland because it’s a waste of time and money. $5.25 for a freaking churro, on top of the price of admission? There are better ways to spend time and money. Disney has somehow convinced everybody that they are the best thing on the planet, which is frankly quite freaky.
Kiera Willis
Kiera Willis Oy oldin
I always called those turkey legs hamurkeys when I was a kid. They do just kind of taste like ham on a stick and they are massive!
Kassidy’s World
You forgot the Grey Stuff!!
Kennedy Oy oldin
Oh heck no, when you go to cafe orleans you need to get the Mickey donuts (Idk how to spell what it actually is). Also you put dole whip to low. Edit- YOU DID NOT JUST PUT A CHURRO THAT LOW. YOU DIDNT EVEN TRY A REGULAR ONE SO ITS NOT FAIR. Lol idk it just made me mad like lalskxjjdjd Edit again- I just finished “how many of you have we upset today” I’m one of those ppl lol
Jazlyn Thomas
Jazlyn Thomas Oy oldin
Your food is huge in the US, turkey leg is ginormous. The monte cristo does not look good, but I'd definitely try the Dole whip and churro
Bridget Dunn
Bridget Dunn Oy oldin
It not turkey it’s emu leg ..... someone I knew who worked at Disney told me
A A Oy oldin
5.25 for a churro i get a dozen for that price in Mex!
Heather Billy42
You can make Dole-whip at home. It’s easy, delicious and no standing in line forever for it. Bring your own food. You’ll save a ton! Plus is great to pull out a snack basically anytime. If you’re with young kids (seriously will save you at least one or more tantrums from a toddler) I’ve gone to Disneyland once... in July (my almost 2 year old nephew we think got heat exhaustion. He was lethargic and had a fever) he perked up after playing in the play fountain thing for awhile. I think in Toon Land? Idk. That was 2009. I’ve been to Disney world twice, both times in October, weather was warm, but nothing compared to going in Summer! And actually needed my sweatshirt leaving the park at night.
Dennis Hillberg
i have never been to disneyland. im 16
Katie F
Katie F Oy oldin
When I had a Disney pass... it was pretty much for the food and treats lol the snacks you chose in my opinion were not the ones I would have went for, but I know you tried the most cliche things. I never used to get corn dogs or turkey legs, and neither did the people I went with. It reminded me of cheap fair food too much, and Disney has much better fast snacks and restaurants to eat. I’ve never tried the Monte Christo but that looked awesome. Whenever I was in that section for NO I would get the beignets! So good. Personally, for things on the go (to walk around) I used to get the clam chowder sourdough bread bowls, Mac n cheese cones WITHOUT the rubbery bacon lol (from ca adv., which they tried last), dreyers Hand scooped chocolate dipped ice cream cones, churros, the sour worm goofy gummies they sell are surprisingly so yummy and sour!! If I had time to sit, I’d go for the jolly holiday restaurant or even the little southern restaurant that’s in the middle of Main Street, I forgot what it’s called. The food at Disneyland is a lot better than the stuff they tried in this video
Eric Wilsey
Eric Wilsey Oy oldin
C’mon Link...Meat is a mass term, it takes away from the individuality of the animal you are eating. Call it what it is, eat it off the bone and if you can, be the one that raises and kills it.
Lan Feng
Lan Feng Oy oldin
I don't like turkey legs too
shevonnie salmon
I just went to LA and had that Mac and cheese cone and it was AMAZING
ben sumen
ben sumen Oy oldin
I hate how u guys chew
I don't like turkey legs either! I always find them dry, and they aren't flavorful enough. Like it's just boring dry meat 😂
Sara Dewitt
Sara Dewitt Oy oldin
The Monty sandwich is actually french
GoldenGoose GG
Monte Cristo is amazing... Feels so wrong and yet so right.
corey degeest
corey degeest Oy oldin
Tickets I love turkey legs.😠😠😠😠
Noah McKinnon
Noah McKinnon Oy oldin
The turkey leg is sooo good
Turtle Man
Turtle Man Oy oldin
Is the Dole whip like a sorbet or is it like ice cream?
art deco
art deco Oy oldin
My mouth was watering seeing them eat the dole whip 😂 this makes me miss going to Disneyland, yet I live next to Disneyland 😭
Sarah Winters
Sarah Winters Oy oldin
I love the Monte Cristo! Always been my favorite sandwich.
Drop Bear
Drop Bear Oy oldin
Say what you will about Rhett's shirt, but that's a fantastic leopard print on it.
Paige Roarr
Paige Roarr Oy oldin
Y'all should do six flags. Their PINK things (in Texas) are so so so amazing.
Kayleah C.
Kayleah C. Oy oldin
Disneyworld > Disneyland
Jackson Potock
They have dole whips at kennywood in Pittsburgh PA
SierraJamesXo Oy oldin
They need to do a universal studios taste test. Or maybe a wizarding world taste test!
Rachel Frumkin
They make them so hammy by injecting ham drippings/juice into the legs.
Maleeha Ahmad
Maleeha Ahmad 2 kun oldin
Rachel Frumkin Wait is this actually true? As someone who can’t consume any sort of pig product/byproduct would this be something that I couldn’t eat?
eh513 Oy oldin
you missed the hot link corn dog!!! it is KINGGGGGG
Olin Dahlstrom
I Agree with the list. The turkey leg is to big and if you were walking around while eating that thing you would look stupid