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Is the Monte Cristo Sandwich or the Turkey Leg the tastier Disneyland treat? We sample these and more! GMM #1317.1
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13-Apr, 2018



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PJ Duz Graffiti
PJ Duz Graffiti 9 soat oldin
If I was on this I would eat everything I get given.
UPS ROCKS Hi Kun oldin
alekm6 Kun oldin
I love his rhcp gmm shirt
Lamarr Otems
Lamarr Otems Kun oldin
Rankings are in the wrong order - left to right vs right to left.
NIX 2 kun oldin
I am from Louisiana
Jonathan   Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 3 kun oldin
Could you guys do a Disney World taste test? So you can say “the most magical place on earth.”
CocoCatFTW 1
CocoCatFTW 1 4 kun oldin
Spent most of this just staring at Rhett's shirt
Ben 4 kun oldin
Unpopular Opinion Universal Studios is better than Disney
•Project Erin•/ Choco Girl
Where’s the corn dog QUEEN?
Miranda Ann
Miranda Ann 5 kun oldin
If you want a good turkey leg, go to a renaissance festival
Eryn Fox
Eryn Fox 6 kun oldin
Duckyduck Quackquack
The dole whip does not originate in Disney land. it originates in Hawaii at the Dole plantation. no hate just facts.
Dylan Lake
Dylan Lake 8 kun oldin
Dole Whip actually isn't a Disney exculsive. I got it in Hawaii at the Dole Plantation in Honolulu, and it was glorious
Cameron Lackey
Cameron Lackey 10 kun oldin
The Corndog King has dethroned himself! And has become... the Count of Monte Christo!
Hando Calhoun
Hando Calhoun 10 kun oldin
Had the pleasure of a Dole Whip sundae at the Dole Plantation on Oahu. It was a very large pineapple that was cut in half and scooped out then pineapple put back in then 3 tall spires of Dole Whip then extra sweet pineapple chunks added topped with shaved sweetened coconut and a cherry on top. Had it in 2005 and was about $10 then. Ruined the pineapples you get here on the east coast (NC) for years after. I always eat a giant turkey leg at the NC State Fair. Feeds myself and both my kids for lunch. They use tom turkey legs because the toms are larger than the hens.
KitKatCat 44
KitKatCat 44 10 kun oldin
I had their Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou and it was the best thing I have ever ate! So for sure it goes in the #1 spot!
Jsharp 11 kun oldin
The beignets are way better than the monte cristo and much cheaper
Mia Justine
Mia Justine 11 kun oldin
Of all food at Disneyland when I go (all the time) I HAVE to get a corn dog, pommes fries, or a bagel twist 😍
Don Tedlock
Don Tedlock 12 kun oldin
The Dole whip is also available at the State Fair of Texas. That is where you can also get the original Fletcher's corndog.
George Fitness
George Fitness 12 kun oldin
9$ for a god damn corndog! Are you serious?
Killer Tomato
Killer Tomato 13 kun oldin
I can't believe that out of all those foods, the Mante Cristo Sandwich is the only one that made me foodgasm, and I meen foodgasm. It was like tasting pizza for the first time. It was that hard of a foodgasm.
Lily Pretty
Lily Pretty 13 kun oldin
Didn't you guys get that monto Cristo sandwich in the pirate of the carrabian ride and restraunt??? If so, that ride is super cool. And those sandwiches are really just as good as they look. The experience is Well worth the money 😊
John Dearborn
John Dearborn 14 kun oldin
How come nobody pronounces Disneyland like they pronounce Portland?
JLConawayII 14 kun oldin
This is making me really hungry.
Mike Silverii
Mike Silverii 14 kun oldin
The Bacon Mac n cheese cone looks incredible
maluorno 15 kun oldin
can you also get taters and gravy at the turkey leg place? That's the only way I could do it.... and bring 5 friends to tackle that dino leg.
That One Trans Gamer
I remember that the Turkey leg and the corndog were good from my memories but I can't try them anymore even if I wanted to because of 3 years of being a pescetarian but I hope they are as good as I remember for other peeps sake lol
Roqeua 17 kun oldin
14:06 the only thing that upset me was the number 3
shawn F
shawn F 17 kun oldin
Turkey leg was outlet family’s #1 thing to eat put it with BBQ sauce and mmmmmmmm.
Trevor Loebertmann
Trevor Loebertmann 17 kun oldin
Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that links shirt is ripoff of Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lee Trevis
Lee Trevis 18 kun oldin
Rhett doesn’t mind how barbaric the turkey leg is...yet has to peel back the skin to eat it 😂 Also, he can’t bite on the same spot as Link, are they children?
Squid Poop
Squid Poop 18 kun oldin
The turkey leg made me drool
Matt Bonkowski
Matt Bonkowski 18 kun oldin
Link chews about 3x more than Rhett and I have to say , it’s really bothersome. Other than that , these two are great. I’m not a hater. But I wish they could mute links chewing 😂
Hebah 20 kun oldin
Why do i feel like every american dish has to have some type of meat in it?
RedWonder 22 kun oldin
Almost $10 for a corn dog?!?!?!?!
tiawong17 22 kun oldin
I’ve been to Disneyland like 8 times and have never tried any of those things 😂
liz lopez
liz lopez 23 kun oldin
Chili cone queso is amazing
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson 24 kun oldin
My #1 is the dole whip all day!
Jessica Rae
Jessica Rae 24 kun oldin
Turkey legs are generally always at California Adventure. One of the best gluten free things. I murdered one of these during Christmas and the best meal i had with my recent diagnosis
SköllYT 25 kun oldin
Looks like a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt
Yakisoba 7 kun oldin
SköllYT That was the first thing I saw lol
Bob Zarandona
Bob Zarandona 27 kun oldin
You can get dole whip almost anywhere I had some today at maceys grocery store
CoolAlien 47
CoolAlien 47 28 kun oldin
Dole Whip is the greatest scam Disneyland has to offer. It's literally just Dole pineapples and oranges in sherbet. It's not the most rare dessert in the world like many people will have you believe, especially Disneyland.
Nicole LaBoyne
Nicole LaBoyne 28 kun oldin
I’ve only been to Disney land once and I don’t think we got any food there sooo
kaitlynn wooyhn
kaitlynn wooyhn 29 kun oldin
i clicked on this video thinking it was the try guys
To everyone complaining about turkey legs: get the at your local renaissance festival! Usually decently price, tastes like turkey with a slight ham taste due to the smoking process and your looking at about 8 bucks and under for a leg
Also: last day of the fest they are usually half off and you can get like 4+ turkey legs for 20 bucks, they are perfect for making turkey noodle soup out of
Makayla Kolat
Makayla Kolat Oy oldin
Word on the street is that the turkey legs are actually made of ham 👀
goracks69 Oy oldin
$5 for soft serve? $8.75 for a corn dog? $15 for a turkey drum stick!? $21 for a sandwich!? In US dollars!? Holy shit!
Karina Lopez
Karina Lopez Oy oldin
I died when Rett did the king of thones reference 😂😂😂 a whiny kid who brags about corndogs. What like Jeffery. Lmao! Never knew the mid-evil days had corndogs
That it not a corndog that is a pogo
Zack Oy oldin
The only ones that u tried that I know of is the Turkey leg and the dole drink lol
Ham Fam
Ham Fam Oy oldin
When I went to Disney land my cousin bought a lot of chaos
get in
get in Oy oldin
Josh Wasia
Josh Wasia Oy oldin
Turkey leg would've been my favorite ugh I miss them!!
Sydnee Robinson
How dare you insult NC State fair turkey legs! *SMH*
Animal Adventures
The first part I thought I pressed the wrong video 😂
cali e-c
cali e-c Oy oldin
👧 👚 👖 This is Casey Casey wants to go to Disneyland But Casey is broke And needs money Give her money by clicking this button ( Casey will repay all of you after her flight to Disneyland :3) 👇
cali e-c
cali e-c Oy oldin
Casey means the like button not the Show less button xD
Disney World > Disneyland
Ashley Camden
Ashley Camden Oy oldin
monie cristos are the best
Leapord Gecko!
Rhett and link: Corndog= 😍😍😍 Me: corndog= 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Lamphia Alonso
11:00 5$ DOLLARS FOR THAT THING!? damm for that money you could get 24 on a normal stand on Spain
Sarah Sanderson
What is Rhett wearing?!?!?!
Henry Livingstone
😂😂😂 when link protects his corn dog
Bloody Oy oldin
I remember going to Disney with the family long ago, my grandma didn’t ride almost anything but she did get really hungry while we where in a ride, when we came back to her, she had bought a turkey leg and a coffee (she didn’t speak English) watching my grandma eat that turkey leg with such joy was amazing, just for that it would be my number one. She’s no longer here but I can’t thank you enough for bringing back that memory to me, damn I miss her.
Jen Oy oldin
I need that corn dog and some dole whip
I like your shirt Rhett
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson Oy oldin
Rip-off Land
mrgabest Oy oldin
Five dollars for a churro? Good grief, Disney...
Roger Collins
Roger Collins Oy oldin
8.75 for a damn corn dog? 15 bucks for a turkey leg (you can buy a whole turkey for less than that), and 5.25 for a single churo that costs less than 25 cents to make. WTF. Aren't tickets themselves expensive enough?
Emily Con
Emily Con Oy oldin
I remember getting the dole whip from Disney world and I remember thinking how much I hated pineapple afterwards
Nora Blevins
Nora Blevins Oy oldin
They have dole whip at other places besides Disney land
SuSu •
SuSu • Oy oldin
Guys don’t come at me but.. I never went to Disney land in my life
Desiree Delilah
Oh man you missed so many amazing treats guys!!
vUprising Oy oldin
It’s Emu
Victor Ha
Victor Ha Oy oldin
Churro, turkey leg and frozen lemonade is my go to diet at Disneyland
Edward Cloud
Edward Cloud Oy oldin
Dole Whip can be bought at other places too tho.
Audrey Hubatka
“Holly?!” “Not holly,,,,”
Touksaur Oy oldin
This one goes out to, Not Holly
DP91 Oy oldin
Link literally hates every food and flavor that I love lol. Am I the only one who loves strawberry?
Short Shots
Short Shots Oy oldin
After watching this, I'm hungry. I'm gonna go eat some waffles. :P
Celtix9 Oy oldin
We can all appreciate the portability of a corn dog
Joanna Bratton
Negative on the turkey leg!
aquaturtle75 Oy oldin
Turkey legs are the best. I wish we had them readily available in Canada 😭
Disney World has turkey legs also. I would know because I went to Epcot and ate one. It was delicious.
J Mac
J Mac Oy oldin
You guys are from North Carolina, where would you recommend a family move now if my husband got offered a job in Wilmington and we want laid back, nice people, safe, great schools, and close to water and affordable? Is there actually a ton of bugs there as I've heard and to let you know the top cart food belongs to The Cowboy Burrito and it's at the State Fair, Six Flags, Stock Show and the Art Festival in Texas and it's the best food ever!!!
J Mac
J Mac Oy oldin
Perferct dip for a corndog is mustard with a little bit of ketchup mixed up to a nice orange color and it's amazing
Chloe Thomas
Chloe Thomas Oy oldin
I, a lifelong vegetarian, ate an entire corndog at Disneyland the first time I went without my parents because they just look SO GOOD. also the whole dissociated thing played right into my love of those corn dogs. Definitely deserve that number one spot!
Aria Duart
Aria Duart Oy oldin
y’all needa try the hot link corndog at the corndog castle. me and my mom go every trip and we’re obsessed 😂
5trike_ Oy oldin
i could feel the grease on my fingers when they held those corn dogs
It feels like an ad
Discover Lexi
Discover Lexi Oy oldin
I've never been to Disneyland, but now I want to
Mithye Gaze
Mithye Gaze Oy oldin
wtf '-' hahaha
B H Oy oldin
You can by the powder they use at Disney to make the Dole Whip. It comes in several flavors, lemon,, strawberry, orange, and of course the pineapple. 😊
kevin beltran
kevin beltran Oy oldin
They did not just put the turkey leg on the lower end of the Mickey taste level
Medical Doll
Medical Doll Oy oldin
Ohhhh... I gotta make that New Orleans one. It’s like chicken cordon bleu lol.
hoi :3
hoi :3 Oy oldin
Brittany Sanchez
Daniela Vieira
Turkey leg is the most iconic disney treat
Cassie Johnson
The churros aren't even good in the park. They aren't fresh out of the oil like they are at a county fair. Also, the monte cristo is such a large sandwich you can split it. So the price point can be adjusted to account for splitting. Not trying the beignets is a travesty imo. They're so iconic. They should have been ranked.
Beautiful Puppy
Link: *listen to the mac'n cheese* "I can hear my future" By link- 2019.
Miles Chen
Miles Chen Oy oldin
Dole whip was so yummy after 3 hours of walking around best thing ever 🍦🍍🍍🍍🍍
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