DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye

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NAILED IT or FAILED IT??? let me know! also move over urban outfitters cuz the #prettylittlelaur fam is coming for u, one episode at a time LOL. Also already so excited for episode 4 next week, I may or may not be half way done filming and it's hilarious omg. See u wednesday!!!
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10-Iyn, 2018

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Buggy J
Buggy J Soat oldin
Allison Maldonado
You should take a razor to the inside out pillow cases and fringe the sides a little and or add white tassels to the corners!
Annie Weed
Annie Weed Soat oldin
You need to be on the show fle market flip on hgtv
Chiara Tabet
Chiara Tabet Soat oldin
Wow wow wow
Bugaboo θ
Bugaboo θ Soat oldin
You *freakin'* naled it!!
Sisters vs Bro Gjushi
Becca Cohen
Becca Cohen Soat oldin
Nailed it !!
Wishenu 。
Wishenu 。 2 soat oldin
How she said the title: shabori How I read it: hobo shi be
Mackenzie Eivers
Mackenzie Eivers 2 soat oldin
I just finished watching Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 and Donny died. I cried so hard and this is really cheering me up.
Mackenzie Eivers
Mackenzie Eivers 2 soat oldin
I just finished watching Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 and Donny died. I cried so hard and this is rally cheering me up.
Gwyneth Yung
Gwyneth Yung 2 soat oldin
nailed it!
felice dust
felice dust 2 soat oldin
Hiding Behind My Hoody
Amelia marie
Amelia marie 3 soat oldin
Shibori is the original traditional Japanese version of tye dye and tye dye is the modern day style
Amelia marie
Amelia marie 3 soat oldin
We r doing this at school and it’s rlly helpful ily xx
Chisame Momin
Chisame Momin 3 soat oldin
Nailed iy
Piper 102
Piper 102 4 soat oldin
Next time if there is if you use that fabric do it inside out maybe idrk
Piper 102
Piper 102 5 soat oldin
It’s raining alastics
Flamingo Is the best you tuber
Yolo means you only live once!!!!
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack 5 soat oldin
the pillow cases look like jeans
Jordyn Wong
Jordyn Wong 5 soat oldin
nailed it.
Joanne Elliott
Joanne Elliott 5 soat oldin
you totally nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynnsey White
Lynnsey White 6 soat oldin
Love your diy and love your shirt 😂😍👸🏽
Zaria Stoudmire
Zaria Stoudmire 6 soat oldin
She nailed it
Alexis Djohan
Alexis Djohan 6 soat oldin
I saw someones head peekmout in the background at 9.05
barbare abuashvili
barbare abuashvili 6 soat oldin
i love the blenket
Super Unicorn 101
Super Unicorn 101 6 soat oldin
7:45 who else was annoyed when it didn’t go all the way in?
Zee Yee2047
Zee Yee2047 6 soat oldin
You are awesome. BTW I don’t know what dye u used but you are supposed to use colour pellets so maybe that’s why they look like poop and of cause as well the fabric.
Brooke Rosesky
Brooke Rosesky 6 soat oldin
I love how you talk so much. Your like perfect. I love YOUUU
ShareShare The Gymnast
You obviously nailed it❤
Regina Powell
Regina Powell 7 soat oldin
Nailed it Lauren
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 8 soat oldin
Did anyone else see that head pop out by the kitchen? Lol 9:03
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 8 soat oldin
Did anyone else see that head pop out by the kitchen? Lol 9:03
KZ Splitz
KZ Splitz 8 soat oldin
I have that shirt 👚!!!!
Vanessa Pena
Vanessa Pena 8 soat oldin
The shirt WAS SO CUTE😁😁😁😁😁😉 nice job Lauren
Addesen Hader
Addesen Hader 9 soat oldin
i have a boho shibori tie dye swim suit
Mahenna Tockenstein
Mahenna Tockenstein 9 soat oldin
9:45 when your mom walks in on you watching LaurDIY when you're supposed to be cleaning
tereas ramos
tereas ramos 9 soat oldin
How to : get a blue shirt , put bleach 😂😂😂
Esperanza hernandez
Esperanza hernandez 9 soat oldin
you nailed it !!
Neomi Ng
Neomi Ng 10 soat oldin
Omg this isn't part of the video but Lauren's CLOTHES THO😍😍
Michelleing 0307
Michelleing 0307 10 soat oldin
8.14 did she said "fucking"?
Indira Torrentes
Indira Torrentes 10 soat oldin
Chloe Bartlett
Chloe Bartlett 10 soat oldin
Amber Fox
Amber Fox 10 soat oldin
Aaliyah95 10 soat oldin
Oh Alex
Aaliyah95 10 soat oldin
Aaliyah95 10 soat oldin
Question Are you still dating I forgot his name but his channel is wasab
Nour Sharaf
Nour Sharaf 10 soat oldin
Jahnavi Bhan
Jahnavi Bhan 10 soat oldin
Omg I dit the “shibori” and “tie” without the space XD I regret my mistake!
Jahnavi Bhan
Jahnavi Bhan 10 soat oldin
You can shiboritie die the blanket that you made in D.I.Y master 2!
annie rose
annie rose 10 soat oldin
do a house tour
Irelyn Beckham
Irelyn Beckham 10 soat oldin
Who else thought her shirt she was wearing was going to get stained
galaxy princess
galaxy princess 10 soat oldin
Only lauren can make a song about poop
Aaliyah95 10 soat oldin
I think you nailed it you always nail it
Irelyn Beckham
Irelyn Beckham 11 soat oldin
You nail everything sooooo NAIL
Joanna Lin
Joanna Lin 11 soat oldin
You should try to flip the cases inside out next time
Evelyn Sikes
Evelyn Sikes 11 soat oldin
You should tie die a sweater for moose 😀
Aaliyah Thammachack
Aaliyah Thammachack 11 soat oldin
georgia rose
georgia rose 11 soat oldin
Nailed it for sure!!!!!!
Kaity Bear
Kaity Bear 11 soat oldin
Brooklyn walker
Brooklyn walker 12 soat oldin
Andrea Ingel
Andrea Ingel 12 soat oldin
Whos Mat?
Carianne Chase
Carianne Chase 12 soat oldin
Isnt this just ... Tie dye ..
YankeyPeaches〈3 12 soat oldin
Nailed it
Bethany Williams
Bethany Williams 12 soat oldin
i feel like that derpy pillowcase had a *massive* glowup
Potato Gaming :3
Potato Gaming :3 12 soat oldin
*neals before my diy queen .... SAY It WITH ME NOW. ALL HAIL LAUREN
uniroblox channel
uniroblox channel 12 soat oldin
Kim Ranken
Kim Ranken 12 soat oldin
LCruz 04791
LCruz 04791 12 soat oldin
I like your videos you are the best youtube of diy ok like you just make it work you are also super pretty I also love your dog i also have on
Shi shi shibori roll call! that bring it on reference!!
Paintgirl .m
Paintgirl .m 13 soat oldin
Anytime I ear diy my brain hums * DIY queen...* lol but I love that song!
Hannah Hewang
Hannah Hewang 13 soat oldin
wait, whos matt?
Alisha Evans
Alisha Evans 13 soat oldin
Did anybody else notice Lauren started singing “the roll call” song by twaimz but with shibori?
Ani Carleton
Ani Carleton 13 soat oldin
Lol I'm legit wearing a shobori shirt that I dyed meself (shobori is aN ACTUAL process)
Leah’s Life
Leah’s Life 13 soat oldin
I really respect her decision to wear white.
shiqing chen
shiqing chen 13 soat oldin
OMG< sooo cuteeeee abd coolll!!!!!!:)Also,what if you do a homemade bookbag out of those fabic with measurements??PLZZZ!!!
Cat Momma
Cat Momma 13 soat oldin
Nailed it! ❤️
BunnyRanger 13 soat oldin
yyyyaaaaaaasssssssssss WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS BY QUEEN
Lol Love
Lol Love 14 soat oldin
sharlene amazing
sharlene amazing 14 soat oldin
Nailed it 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Maryam Zizi
Maryam Zizi 14 soat oldin
I love you so much Lauren❤️❤️
Margaret Dunn
Margaret Dunn 14 soat oldin
um your supposed to do shibori inside out
Lisa C
Lisa C 14 soat oldin
Bring it on!!! Yeasss
Kadence the guinea pig girl
Cheshire gonewrong
Cheshire gonewrong 14 soat oldin
Cookie Creations
Cookie Creations 14 soat oldin
Nailed it
Honey Pauly Pellissery
Casey Wright
Casey Wright 15 soat oldin
Go girl
Favor Mulalira
Favor Mulalira 15 soat oldin
That is so COOL!
poofy poofy
poofy poofy 15 soat oldin
Nailed it
LeahDeElephant :3
LeahDeElephant :3 15 soat oldin
Nailed it!
tidal teror
tidal teror 15 soat oldin
Rylees Roblox Channel
Rylees Roblox Channel 15 soat oldin
You should do like where u have to draw from a bowl of like different crafts on paper slips and close ur eyes and pick one and then try to do that craft with like 3-5 materials
Clarice Lim
Clarice Lim 15 soat oldin
This was amazing
Charlie Utting
Charlie Utting 15 soat oldin
Next next episode you should try to finger knit!! No offence but I think it would be hilarious 😂
Lizzy L
Lizzy L 15 soat oldin
You should try finger knitting
Kaylynne Haynes
Kaylynne Haynes 15 soat oldin
Can you plz do more hauls?!!!!
Some random TØP fan
Some random TØP fan 15 soat oldin
I give this a nailed it! This is awesome!
Emme DIY
Emme DIY 16 soat oldin
You nailed it
Chloe Hetherley
Chloe Hetherley 16 soat oldin
You should try to build a chair