DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye

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NAILED IT or FAILED IT??? let me know! also move over urban outfitters cuz the #prettylittlelaur fam is coming for u, one episode at a time LOL. Also already so excited for episode 4 next week, I may or may not be half way done filming and it's hilarious omg. See u wednesday!!!
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10-Iyn, 2018

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Kaylee Meech
Kaylee Meech 53 daqiqa oldin
Make it look rustic
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Soat oldin
It’s a Fanail
Jasmine Sevilla
Jasmine Sevilla 16 soat oldin
failed it
Marissa Morales
Marissa Morales 16 soat oldin
U nailed them all
Where’s alex
XXKawaii and cuteXX
XXKawaii and cuteXX 18 soat oldin
Nailed it!
Olivia Aguilar
Olivia Aguilar 20 soat oldin
Nailed it
Keli Wilson-overcash
Keli Wilson-overcash 22 soat oldin
Nailed it
TheInfamous Mole
YOU nailed it
Happy Potato
Happy Potato Kun oldin
I haven’t finished the video yet (I just started it). You nail everything so I have no doubt you will do great!
Amanda Nance
Amanda Nance Kun oldin
I think the blanket should be a trapotrie
Julia Alexe
Julia Alexe Kun oldin
U were supposed to turn the pillow cases inside out. It still turned out great!
Messytessy C
Messytessy C Kun oldin
You should try to make a dream catcher
Yibrah Hagos
Yibrah Hagos Kun oldin
Nailed it
Yibrah Hagos
Yibrah Hagos Kun oldin
Your the DIY duchess
Bunny lover 178
Bunny lover 178 2 kun oldin
Omg You laugh JUST LIKE MY AUNT!!!
Keahi777 Salty ness
Nailed it
Gracie Okleasik
Gracie Okleasik 2 kun oldin
the shirt turned out to be sooo cute!!
Rylee LEWIS 2 kun oldin
*cuteeeee thooooooo*
Stephanie Rodriguez
Nailed it
chasity bunting
chasity bunting 3 kun oldin
Since it’s inside out it almost looks distressed and really cool
Erwen Lopez
Erwen Lopez 3 kun oldin
Nawar Ezzi
Nawar Ezzi 3 kun oldin
I love u
kat samson
kat samson 3 kun oldin
Addi Winsor
Addi Winsor 3 kun oldin
Nale it
Puppetboy Ounil
Puppetboy Ounil 3 kun oldin
🙁 Why is she so good at everything she does!!.🙁
Jillian Cutie
Jillian Cutie 4 kun oldin
Okay have fun goodluck!, Good luck with ur life!😂😂😂
John Silva
John Silva 4 kun oldin
you nailed it
Beller Nilles 07
Beller Nilles 07 4 kun oldin
Go to 9:05 in the video and look to your left. You see a Person. 😨😱😱😱😱
Taylor Lamb
Taylor Lamb 4 kun oldin
1:48-1:54 is roll call by twmaz
Zabrina Martinez
Zabrina Martinez 5 kun oldin
Absolute nailed it
Ella Brooks
Ella Brooks 5 kun oldin
Joanna Anderson
Joanna Anderson 5 kun oldin
Nailed it
The Happy Place
The Happy Place 5 kun oldin
You definitely nailed it : )
Annamika Agarwal
Annamika Agarwal 5 kun oldin
Do a life-size painting of Alex as a baby dino
manny ng
manny ng 5 kun oldin
i saw a shibori dress at a store
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn 5 kun oldin
OMG Lauren, your dimples are sooo cute!!!😍😍😍
Emma Harrier
Emma Harrier 6 kun oldin
The blanket has that like weird jeans feel to it idk why bit they just have the same design that jeans have
UNICORN Magic 6 kun oldin
Joseph Pena
Joseph Pena 6 kun oldin
Do you fly is so cool taco time now he made slime everythingmia
Michael Makauskas
Michael Makauskas 6 kun oldin
Nailed it!
Shey Ramos
Shey Ramos 6 kun oldin
Jamie Lemay
Jamie Lemay 6 kun oldin
Niki Young
Niki Young 7 kun oldin
you Nailed it!!!!!!!!!
Rhi Rhi N.
Rhi Rhi N. 7 kun oldin
Nailed it
SimJackie 7 kun oldin
maybe you were supposed to dye them inside out? And then the inside would look like "poop" and the outside would look "sick?"
Sydney And
Sydney And 7 kun oldin
Nailed it
Abbi LeRoux
Abbi LeRoux 7 kun oldin
The dye made her nails look soooooooo cute it's such a cute blue!!!
Sheni Thompson Smith
You nailed it 🦄
Leslie Hernandez
Leslie Hernandez 7 kun oldin
That’s from bring it all or nothing
Kendyl Klingler
Kendyl Klingler 7 kun oldin
I did this at school it was so much fun 😁🤣
Grace moore
Grace moore 7 kun oldin
At 9:05 you see Alex peeking lol
Serena VanO
Serena VanO 7 kun oldin
You should try a rainbow ombre henna
Hey It's Me
Hey It's Me 7 kun oldin
You could've turned it inside out in the dye.
Amandeep Sahota
Amandeep Sahota 7 kun oldin
Nailed it
Novia Cyr
Novia Cyr 8 kun oldin
Try making a pretty DIY thats edible.
Novia Cyr
Novia Cyr 8 kun oldin
kyah fashouer
kyah fashouer 8 kun oldin
nailed it for shure
Princ3ss_ROBLOX -
Princ3ss_ROBLOX - 8 kun oldin
OMG cute i need this is my life ♥️also luv u♥️ (nailed it)
Jay Sierra
Jay Sierra 8 kun oldin
Nailed it!!!!!😁👌
Emma Maier
Emma Maier 8 kun oldin
i loveee your hair
Gabby and Sami
Gabby and Sami 8 kun oldin
NAILED IT!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
sophia marin
sophia marin 9 kun oldin
5 rainbow light bulb with pant and nelpolish
Clara Piette
Clara Piette 9 kun oldin
Nailed it
Julia Pace
Julia Pace 9 kun oldin
Maria Villelli
Maria Villelli 9 kun oldin
I did this is in art chemistry class and it was so intense compared to this 😂
Marissa White
Marissa White 9 kun oldin
Nailed it
Bianca Di Angelo 455
I checked its pronounced she bori
AG setups and more
AG setups and more 10 kun oldin
Nailed it!!
Natali Aqua
Natali Aqua 10 kun oldin
You should go on UZvid rewind 2018 and do some DIYs with Alex. Idk I just think it’s a cool idea 🤔
lauran hastings
lauran hastings 10 kun oldin
nailed it
Grace Garlington
Grace Garlington 10 kun oldin
Did anybody else see anything drop in the back ground at 4:30
Maddie Gillis
Maddie Gillis 10 kun oldin
ur saying it right
Cyla pousson
Cyla pousson 11 kun oldin
the shirt!!!!!! BUTIFUL
Kiyah Green
Kiyah Green 11 kun oldin
Akshara Hihoriya
Akshara Hihoriya 11 kun oldin
Catherine Hanson
Catherine Hanson 11 kun oldin
I'm surprised my lil sis who draws anime just drawn a anime girl on a canvas and she ended up painting it in a rainbow unicorn way and now I see why she watches your vids
Mellisa Kar
Mellisa Kar 11 kun oldin
✨Nailed it✨
Kaylee Glass
Kaylee Glass 11 kun oldin
Kreete Liis Juksar
Kreete Liis Juksar 11 kun oldin
Shirt is my favorite
Eva jimenez
Eva jimenez 11 kun oldin
How is the camera person 🤔🤔😯😯??????
Little LuLu
Little LuLu 11 kun oldin
Nailed it
Angelina Contreras
Angelina Contreras 11 kun oldin
You should embroider and make a stuffie like if you agree
Alice Vlogs
Alice Vlogs 11 kun oldin
Nailed it again
1Lololy Potato
1Lololy Potato 12 kun oldin
Alize Noneofyourbusiness
awesome nailed it duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh
ASMR TACOS 12 kun oldin
Mackenzie Ang
Mackenzie Ang 12 kun oldin
8:28 😂
D-I-Y King
D-I-Y King 12 kun oldin
katie weinhold she is so good at everything she dose because she is the DIY queen and that is the royal elite
Puppy 4
Puppy 4 12 kun oldin
The runt was my puppy
erica cohen
erica cohen 12 kun oldin
You should add tassels to the inside out pillows to hide the seam
Michelle Menosky
Michelle Menosky 12 kun oldin
Nailed it
Hayley and Kamryn
Hayley and Kamryn 12 kun oldin
Victoria Carrillo
Victoria Carrillo 13 kun oldin
Nailed it!
Carmen Brown
Carmen Brown 13 kun oldin
Nailed it
Hannah Maw
Hannah Maw 13 kun oldin
Nailed it. Xxxx
Tinybox tv
Tinybox tv 13 kun oldin
I say you nailed it
Luisa Herrmann
Luisa Herrmann 13 kun oldin
Mimi Kiwi
Mimi Kiwi 14 kun oldin
LOL pause at 2:45 and look at her face
ash last
ash last 14 kun oldin
its a nail aso u should do a sweter for moose