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DJ ESCO - Code of Honor ft. Future, ScHoolboy Q

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"'Code of Honor" Available at Spotify: smarturl.it/CodeofHonor/spotify
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Google Play: smarturl.it/CodeofHonor/googleplay
Amazon Digital: smarturl.it/CodeofHonor/az

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26-Mar, 2018



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Isaiah Stephens
Isaiah Stephens 8 kun oldin
Clarence Falcon
This beat is so hype, y’all hating for no reason. Future and Q both murdered this shit too. All around banger
Domani Dennis
Domani Dennis Oy oldin
Cordise Thomas
Sacred form did something stuck efforts trying enlightened flurry artistically
Cordise Thomas
Sacred form did something stuck efforts stoked incorporating flurry artistically
Jerome Beedles
ATL hoe
Pablo Guzman
Pablo Guzman Oy oldin
Bet chu none these rich rapper can't hang in minimum paid wage lol or overtime
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Oy oldin
What mixtape this from?
Youngin Successful
Esco said they ain’t holding me no more, put me on that camera! 😂😂😂
Dingani Makamo
Keep the 30cent raise
Asaf Beats
Asaf Beats Oy oldin
Don't like
Emma clergî
Emma clergî 2 oy oldin
Finally Q WAs revived 👏👏👏👏
Sydni Jobnson
Sydni Jobnson 2 oy oldin
Elanyobe knw what kind of shoes Esco has on?
Taemin SHINee
Taemin SHINee Oy oldin
Future's Reebok Furikazes
Isaac Miles Sr
Isaac Miles Sr 2 oy oldin
Straight Slapper Y'all 2019 DJ Really Real
Devine Legion
Devine Legion 2 oy oldin
Shit. 💩💩
Benjamin Mwanjala
Kafetti 2 oy oldin
Production cost seems pretty high😅
__ Escobart
__ Escobart 2 oy oldin
This Dope 🐐🔥
mazorecords 2 oy oldin
Ditroy R8
Ditroy R8 2 oy oldin
Dj esco ta duro grabando con estos tigeres
Abdelrhman Eleimy
Who is watching in 2019 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣
Angela Douglas
Angela Douglas 2 oy oldin
Tru Story
Tru Story 2 oy oldin
They are industry puppets sell outs. They have no code of honor. Gtfoh
Devin Daoheuang
Devin Daoheuang 2 oy oldin
Esco a clown 🤡😂
Dope Chris
Dope Chris 2 oy oldin
Esco ugly af
Jeanluc Chrysler Koffi
Américain nimber one
Young money
Young money 2 oy oldin
Future is your best friend I thing ?
TBF VEVO 2 oy oldin
Anthony Austin
Anthony Austin 2 oy oldin
Im kinda mad i just found this song. This beat aint to rough or to little, its a easy going beat why yall hating it?
Ketema Johnson
Ketema Johnson 2 oy oldin
Qs new album is about to be S E N S A T I O N A L
Yogi Wright
Yogi Wright 2 oy oldin
Fire collab 💯🔥🎬
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 2 oy oldin
War`n Peace
War`n Peace 2 oy oldin
Schoolboy got fat
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez 2 oy oldin
Joshua eww
Mundy Mondy
Mundy Mondy 2 oy oldin
T.I.G.E.R.S.= Terrestrial Independence Gains Eternal Rest Soulfully…^…^…*@M€N
yaya yays
yaya yays 2 oy oldin
🔥🔥 😂
BREEZ 2 oy oldin
Skip to Q’s verse omg!
Nathan Mitel
Nathan Mitel 2 oy oldin
Mundy Mondy
Mundy Mondy 2 oy oldin
Work nowadays lol…
Samuel Maina
Samuel Maina 3 oy oldin
Future u are the king when it come to this .....dj esco ...nig*r pulllllop
Latin Dan
Latin Dan 3 oy oldin
this is my favorite song of 2018
24 SAVAGE 3 oy oldin
Glo High
Glo High 3 oy oldin
DJ Esco really make nice videos
Jasmina S
Jasmina S 3 oy oldin
Nice bagpack 😂
themmystocles benedict
free band's
Rí Davis
Rí Davis 3 oy oldin
Ashley K. Daniels-Johnson
BGKO1992 4 oy oldin
What happened to Q
Andre3nd Osorio
Andre3nd Osorio 4 oy oldin
Freee supper future y
Joseph Argueta
Joseph Argueta 4 oy oldin
It really good
Klanna Laboranti
Klanna Laboranti 4 oy oldin
That place could use a good landscaper
FBG TMP1013 4 oy oldin
I did a million views alone lol, #Repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley K. Daniels-Johnson
I Diggggg This Song & My Dude Put Me On 3 Days Ago 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Arty G
Arty G 5 oy oldin
Q the only verse I come back to
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 5 oy oldin
👍 Collab
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 5 oy oldin
Sooooooo Dopeeeeeee
Andre3nd Osorio
Andre3nd Osorio 5 oy oldin
Ok homie okay this message x badest ......☃️
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 5 oy oldin
Qs verse
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 5 oy oldin
Real Life 4 Real. Fuck
M Mitch
M Mitch 5 oy oldin
Susana Fernandez
Susana Fernandez 5 oy oldin
Dj Esco is the Gayest rapper alive . In Latinoamérica he will starve as a rapper for lack of talent . Maybe he will be hired at a gay club as stripper . He didn't let me dance compite in his show maybe cause my skin is light but my country is full of Jamaican descent and we have been heavy dancing since babies, we have nothing to envy a black women dance
L p
L p 6 oy oldin
ACAEDEN LEE 6 oy oldin
THIS IS TRASH LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 6 oy oldin
From Somali🔥
adrian carrion
adrian carrion 7 oy oldin
I'm a fan of Q when he has nice beats and delivers a quality song. However, all this hype towards him is straight hype, and nothing more. Future did his thing. Q was cool: he just rode the beat and did his usual, nothing special.
Trev Wild
Trev Wild 7 oy oldin
I'd like to hear more Schoolboy Q with Future
David Talavera
David Talavera 7 oy oldin
Slug sauce my ninja! This song is the sauce!
Dreco Johnny
Dreco Johnny 7 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-RXGbhux_UW0.html Memphis Music Dreco Jhonny - Money Money Dreco Jhonny - Big Money Dreco Jhonny - The Opps Dreco Jhonny - Give My All Pick one off youtube. Like comment and subscribe Follow IG @drecojhonny
Raython Chee
Raython Chee 7 oy oldin
Everyone subscribe to esco he's the best dj/producer
The Humble Nation
School boy murdered this 😩😩
Dominique Walton
Dominique Walton 7 oy oldin
I love Future😍☺️💞
Taemin SHINee
Taemin SHINee 8 oy oldin
mistos african
mistos african 8 oy oldin
This shit is fantastic
Guilherme Augusto
Eita! Som pesado
Are Uinsane
Are Uinsane 8 oy oldin
2013 music is making a comeback in 2018 I see...
Robert Warfield
Robert Warfield 8 oy oldin
School boy jappin
Aisha M.
Aisha M. 8 oy oldin
This beat is sick. Escomo city.
Michael Czarnomski
Dj esco has to have the heaviest head on earth . pause
Wyte Mtr
Wyte Mtr 9 oy oldin
Schoolboy q is my most favoritist rapper star ever. I have all of his mp3 on my Amazon phone app. I can't wait for the new album this summer. I am going to buy it with my DASH coin. Thank you. Oh and I want to see the rap concert he stars in too. I gave myself a thumbs up because I like schoolboy q and my post. WyteMtr
Ian Burton
Ian Burton 9 oy oldin
i wanna know you the baddest
Chris G
Chris G 9 oy oldin
Schoolboy Q muthafukas!!!!
BEE the BEST 9 oy oldin
Im late AF on this gotta see Q more
Tia D
Tia D 9 oy oldin
Here for groovyq
Rick Sanchez Jr.
Rick Sanchez Jr. 9 oy oldin
This song is dumb lit
Rick Sanchez Jr.
Rick Sanchez Jr. 9 oy oldin
Content Publisher
You've been sleeping to much you lazy fat fuck
Lamont T
Lamont T 9 oy oldin
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 9 oy oldin
30 cent raise? Damn thats tuff
Brenteon Zapata
Brenteon Zapata 9 oy oldin
Q's part tho🔥🔥
Jp Tv
Jp Tv 9 oy oldin
This is so much shit smh
Why Bolo
Why Bolo 9 oy oldin
Fukn gay asf
Al Gucho
Al Gucho 9 oy oldin
Spark up the dodi then you check your rollie.... hol up hol up hol up HOL UP hol up
Lil Home State
Lil Home State 9 oy oldin
When these 2 link up 🔥 tracks drop
J Ger
J Ger 9 oy oldin
Strip club music
1:08 when you tryed to make wheelings 😂
whoisrachid 9 oy oldin
eww that beat smells like hot dog water
illuminati Reptile
It's J Dot Brwn
It's J Dot Brwn 10 oy oldin
They ate this shit. 🔥 too def.
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