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DJ Khaled - No Brainer (Official Video) ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo

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"No Brainer" available at smarturl.it/NoBrainerDJK
DJ Khaled online:
(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment




27-Iyl, 2018



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BIT- 2
BIT- 2 Daqiqa oldin
What Khalid is doin there
TheDeadDream 16 daqiqa oldin
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Samduef knack Soat oldin
Samuel Mendes
Samuel Mendes Soat oldin
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HOUTH Soat oldin
Jb look like a dad
Lala Life
Lala Life 4 soat oldin
Everyone subscribe to my channel
Bijay Bhusal
Bijay Bhusal 4 soat oldin
Who's here on march 22
Adam Oskar
Adam Oskar 4 soat oldin
It s the best music
Joshua Tan
Joshua Tan 6 soat oldin
I like this soug 👌🤘✌👍🖑
Marcus Armstrong
Marcus Armstrong 6 soat oldin
Quavo killed it
Hengky lie
Hengky lie 7 soat oldin
another one wkwkwkwkwkw
Social Trendz
Social Trendz 8 soat oldin
Chance the rapper wahat r u painting 🤣🤣
Christina Depree
Christina Depree 8 soat oldin
Quavo and chance part was so ass 🤦🏽‍♀️ Justin literally makes the song 🔥
Hot/FreeFire #yotube
Justin tu my love
I like if you hate justin bieber
Richard Burns arthur
Richard Burns arthur 10 soat oldin
First question is DJ Khalid beard real lol
Eduarda Santos
Eduarda Santos 10 soat oldin
Sophie Dawson
Sophie Dawson 10 soat oldin
Chance looking so confused
Suzanna Dias
Suzanna Dias 11 soat oldin
Beatriz Salas
Beatriz Salas 11 soat oldin
OH MY GOD I love justin bieber😍😍😍
Santix TrexRM
Santix TrexRM 11 soat oldin
Justin Bieber us the best
Guilherme _123
Guilherme _123 13 soat oldin
I love Justin💎💎
Alperen Çerçi
Alperen Çerçi 13 soat oldin
justin you dont hand some the movement 2019
Danial Saeedi
Danial Saeedi 14 soat oldin
God i hate that guy! He has no talent. His musics are really trash.
M.K xoxo
M.K xoxo 16 soat oldin
love that song❤
reza maulana putra
reza maulana putra 17 soat oldin
Dj Khaled > Audio Jungle
marge simpson
marge simpson 17 soat oldin
Justin the Trucker can sing too whoops
marek pompa gaming and reacting
2012=pants all the way down 2018=pants all the way up
elibiebs Mendes
elibiebs Mendes 19 soat oldin
Quang Huy - KID
Quang Huy - KID 19 soat oldin
So cool
G.W.T 20 soat oldin
Dj Khaled: where is JB trucker boi? Justin Bieber: It's a No Brainer ...
Kevin Gomes
Kevin Gomes 21 soat oldin
Just eu sou seu fã vem pro Brasil vai se legal
Hayabusa Shadow
Hayabusa Shadow 23 soat oldin
Justin in 2020 will be justin in 2010 simply he will back
Jodel Ntswo
Jodel Ntswo 23 soat oldin
yes dj khaled
AMRIT CHETTRI 23 soat oldin
Another 1 like if u are reading this ❤️
Jishnu Vu
Jishnu Vu Kun oldin
Justin only
Funny video &song
You puta
Funny video &song
Stupid bitch
Funny video &song
Fuck you Justin
Harun adane
Harun adane Kun oldin
who else is seeing with amharic subtitile
Girl 2008
Girl 2008 Kun oldin
justin hate you!!!!! Fuuuuu Meeee Beee👎
hakimuddin hakimuddin
Dj.khâlìd best in Justin bieber
V vida
V vida Kun oldin
Why ain’t they hit me up for this song 😑😑😑
Suplementos Deportivos Empire
xGrYn BRx
xGrYn BRx Kun oldin
Paul its you??
Ann Howard
Ann Howard Kun oldin
Yeah because you need to clarify if you physically blew someone’s brains out
Jitu Anota
Jitu Anota Kun oldin
Why are you so mean to people that are short l USF to be a big fan but when I saw a video of you being so mean and now I hate you
MrFish Fingers
MrFish Fingers Kun oldin
Kaike Escobar
Kaike Escobar Kun oldin
Ojan Baka
Ojan Baka Kun oldin
Liz Kun oldin
amazing dj khaled
Bro, Trevor Noah looks really good in this video
NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSounds
Francos Fun
Francos Fun Kun oldin
still love you to the moon and back though
Francos Fun
Francos Fun Kun oldin
he looks so better in 2010 well btw justin you need a small haircut but not a buzz cut or bald!Oh also just do some shaving on the mustashe!
Abba's Kun oldin
Bryan GamerH
Bryan GamerH Kun oldin
Chance the rapper is the Best
Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez Kun oldin
Justin really let himself go
Darcklighting Kun oldin
Where is a Lil Wayne ? Gims ft Lil Wayne and french Montana (corazon)
Excel titaN
Excel titaN Kun oldin
March 2019 anyone??
Electro IND
Electro IND Kun oldin
love for India JB Support me
Amer Mzara
Amer Mzara Kun oldin
Chance is like what the fuck am doing here
my tube
my tube Kun oldin
Great talent but that look is 🤮
Ggdjfjcj Jlgjgv
Ggdjfjcj Jlgjgv Kun oldin
Cine e roman sa dea like la com
DOO DOO Kun oldin
www.huda.tv/ 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
cattax s
cattax s Kun oldin
Eww that look doesn't suit Justin
Marcelo Legend
Marcelo Legend Kun oldin
This song reminds me of summer and hapinness
The Tattler
The Tattler Kun oldin
Justin looks not cute anymore. But he still looks ummm diferent🤔🤔🙄🙄🤐
PUBmemes BR
PUBmemes BR Kun oldin
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RyLuckyOfficial Kun oldin
catchiest song ever. people say our music is alike. I'm next. thumbs up if you piss on the side of the water in the toilet so it doesn't make noise
Am i the only who thinks he looks kind of good ??
يوسف احمد
Fortnite ha
Fortnite ha Kun oldin
I hate u so so much
Nehal Pawar
Nehal Pawar Kun oldin
Justin bebier 🎶🎶 nice
Sharukh Aansari
Sharukh Aansari Kun oldin
mayank yogu
mayank yogu Kun oldin
Marcus and martinus is best
Sathyamani Srujan
justin if you really watch my comment just keep a love symbol to my comment.
Mato Boyo
Mato Boyo Kun oldin
Justin bieber is like a gas station guy
kayquemit8421 Kun oldin
quem e br
Cloudboi Kun oldin
Yo chance, you dont got ye baseball cap on. 02:07
Oskar Aagaard
Oskar Aagaard Kun oldin
No Brainer > Im The One
nima barzani11
nima barzani11 Kun oldin
Go bxho
Mr Koushik
Mr Koushik Kun oldin
Any one now 2k19 ?
amar amat
amar amat Kun oldin
اكو عرب بالطياره 😂😂
dhruv bharadva
dhruv bharadva 2 kun oldin
I really miss jb....a die hard fan of himm....he should start making music..
Im 20 Nigga
Im 20 Nigga 2 kun oldin
Chance the rapper love love to you
Matty Healy Af
Matty Healy Af 2 kun oldin
No nip slip this time? I approve 👍🏻
Oskar Aagaard
Oskar Aagaard 2 kun oldin
DJ khaled & Justin Bieber togeater is a gift. honestly ⭐️⭐️
i am dennis
i am dennis 2 kun oldin
1 years later Lil wayne's new song, "So Brainer"
Dr. Hudeyfa DJ Abdullahi
Express Yourself
sr leo
sr leo 2 kun oldin
Justin mc livinho dos Estados Unidos kkkkk
Justin Mendes Puth 1D Maroon 5
Khaled was like "you must try this"
Ana Clara
Ana Clara 2 kun oldin
Brazilian? Walalalla
Mark 2 kun oldin
this would be a dead song without justin
crazy Ladys
crazy Ladys 2 kun oldin
Why the frick does Justin look like a mid life crisist man who has a crappy job as a trucker XD
XD Mcreamy
XD Mcreamy 2 kun oldin
This gives me brain damage Baby baby baby oooooooo
Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier 2 kun oldin
JB got ugly😬
Demonetized 2 kun oldin
Whos better Like: marshmello Reply: DJ khaled
Jenna K
Jenna K 2 kun oldin
My pizza was late just 4 dis
5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s
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