DL Hughley at the funeral of Bernie Mac

Roland S. Martin
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DL Hughley, one of the Kings of Comedy, speaks at the public memorial service for fellow King, Bernie Mac, at Salem Baptist Church's The House of Hope in Chicago on August 16, 2008.




19-Avg, 2008




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Heather Metz
Heather Metz 8 kun oldin
Beautiful eulogy for Bernie Mac!
Ascetic View
Ascetic View 17 kun oldin
I remebr being a kid and always watching the bernie mac show. I eventually grew on his stand and movies and I honestly cried when he died cuz he gave me so much laughter. R.I.P
Michael Napier
Michael Napier 24 kun oldin
Damn that so sad even at Bernie Mac's funeral they slander white people, really I believe you're at one of the best comedians of all time you're not at a stand-up people keep it straight
P Mc
P Mc Oy oldin
30 seconds before had a White Man thought... what a drama queen
R.I.P Mac..
Kevo Banks
Kevo Banks 2 oy oldin
Lift every voice and sing is the name of the black national anthem.
ataricombat 2 oy oldin
Desperate and pathetic. DL was never a on Bernie's level and never will be. Bernie was funny. He had talent. DL has two things he can do: 1. Angry black man and 2. The "woke" black man. Neither are funny. Neither are intelligent. Both are just racist and childish.
Ramal Nottah
Ramal Nottah 2 oy oldin
This nigga steve harvey policing the funeral. DL you can cuss if you want to Bernie Mac would love to to hear you cuss before his casket closes.... NFC..... Lamar Hatton...
Jaylaann Rose
Jaylaann Rose 2 oy oldin
Laughter is medicine for the soul❤
Laby Bug
Laby Bug 2 oy oldin
I believe IF he had a true friend it was definitely D. L😀
Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones 3 oy oldin
Only real nigga up there, that’s why he got the shades on to block the fake shit coming from fake hating ass Steve and brown nose cedrick
FIRE SIGN 3 oy oldin
God Bless You Blackman❤
Charlinia77 3 oy oldin
He made me cry. You could see the hurt
Shanora Dickerson
aww DL 😢
33X 33X
33X 33X 7 oy oldin
He should not be wearing sunglasses its rude
33X 33X
33X 33X 6 oy oldin
TD i duno i thought he was just trying to look cool
TD 6 oy oldin
33X 33X no it’s not .not if they’re dark tinted.Some people rather not have folk see them crying
Mark Mace
Mark Mace 7 oy oldin
I also wanted to say about Bernie Mac he never said the white man this the white man that he always said the black man do this the black men do that be a black man be who you are that's the respect I had for him stand up for yourself and your people there will never another comedian like him one of the greatest men have our time. And I mean man no race no b******* like that Bernie Mac with a man
Mark Mace
Mark Mace 7 oy oldin
Everybody take what he says if you love somebody you tell them because sometimes you will regret it
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller 7 oy oldin
I know dl’s type of pain he tried to make people feel better when you got a good heart its hard to try and be serious when u see so much pain it conflicts you if your funny and got a good heart because you hate seeing people sad
Phil's Wife Forever
Dag, DL fuh got he was in church 😂😂
CASSANDRA 9 oy oldin
This is Laflare Tv
This is Laflare Tv 11 oy oldin
Brenda Scott
Brenda Scott 11 oy oldin
Del hugely well done💜
Andrea Morgan
Andrea Morgan Yil oldin
He had me crying when he cussed haha
herbert moore
herbert moore Yil oldin
Rest in peace Mac Man!
SUGARBEAR911 Yil oldin
John Williams
John Williams Yil oldin
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck Yil oldin
DL is really shaken by this. I feel for him.
Ashley Lee
Ashley Lee Yil oldin
Bernie Mac loved his fans. He always spoke to America!
Alinntatul Yil oldin
you just can't say "I'ma tell it like i t i s!" without Bernie's voice in your mind.
Juan Velazquez
Juan Velazquez Yil oldin
Hughley what a hating man... so glad he never did anything but junk tv....Steve Harvey a true man of class...Dont worry Steve Hughley will go broke ..
TD Yil oldin
Juan Velazquez fuck is you talking about
KT TERRY Yil oldin
Sincerely Diamond_
Awww this made me tear up :(. It was sad to see Bernie go so soon but I know he got everybody in heaven cracking up lol. Rest well king you won't be forgotten.
Aunt Betty's Virtual Thrift Shop
WTF does he have on sunglasses? Guilty eyes if you ask me.
Matt Canon
Matt Canon 9 oy oldin
While a few lacking integrity wear them at funerals to be fashionable, most who wear them do so to hide their suffering. Most likely they need to be strong for others, even if its just for appearance's sake. Out of al the facial features, when it comes to fake smiles or contrived neutral expression, the eyes are the hardest to control; and if someone is suffering as much as DL was (in case it somehow wasn't obvious....) hiding his eyes was the only option. -- As long as the person is wearing mostly or all-black and the sunglasses aren't flashy or tacky; its certainly not distasteful. "Guilty eyes if you ask me." I'm just going to put it like this. Unless you have proof to back it up with, making baseless allegations only reflects on *you* being the malicious one, not DL. www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Projection
G G ddfc
G G ddfc 10 oy oldin
Aunt Betty's Virtual Thrift Shop the nigga couldnt even get his words out and steve gripped his back
#1 Negans Girl - the original
GUILTY! GUILTY! ALL GUILTY! DL Hugely, Cedric and Steve Harvey. ALL GUILTY AS CHARGE!!!!
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones Yil oldin
Good looking out Dl, always funny. Rip great comedian one of the best lived his tv show and his comedy he wz not fake. I know what it means to be real and speak real new was not fake.
Max Castle
Max Castle Yil oldin
Am i bad person to laugh at the last person
Jennifer Oviawe
Jennifer Oviawe Yil oldin
I can't stand D L hughley. my mom met Jaime Foxx and him and she said Jaime was very nice and D L was extremely rude and looked at her like a low life. bed not even funny.
Blue Waves
Blue Waves Yil oldin
3:15 grab some tissue 😭
john cena
john cena Yil oldin
0:20 that shit so funny😂😂
Songbyrd Kay
Songbyrd Kay Yil oldin
dL please dont cry
Dee shortstuff
Dee shortstuff Yil oldin
J bo Mo
J bo Mo Yil oldin
Damn dude. Shid, that made ME cry.
Theodora Mcreynolds
GOD BLESSING TO Bernie Mac'S Family TO Die is a Joy Rest in peace
micjakes1 Yil oldin
Forgot where I was
Patricia Dilacio
cant stand rhis mother fucker
Patricia Dilacio
dudes an asshole
Louis Neals
Louis Neals Yil oldin
Love you DL!!! your a good brother
BlackMadonna HEIRLOVE
Bernie Mac my T.V. bro! as I've adopted saying "what imma do Lord" !? (as if it was a quick prayer) whenever I have to shake something off. ALL BECAUSE OF MAC MAN"
Sonny Jaz
Sonny Jaz Yil oldin
that last bit is so true its unbelievable..made me swell up! rip bernie love u bro
Mark Marsh
Mark Marsh Yil oldin
D.L. showed his love for Bernie beautifully in this tribute .... Very few people have ever touched more people more deeply than Bernie Mac did. .... He is Everyone's Family
Veth Phoeng
Veth Phoeng 2 yil oldin
Bernie the man!
Malika Zaiahna
Malika Zaiahna 2 yil oldin
Sometimes I randomly think of Bernie Mac n get happy and sad. He's one of few that make me proud to be from Chicago. I thank God his wife is holding strong
quickc57 2 yil oldin
I have to watch this, or clips from his shows, concerts or interviews. I miss this brother more than words can say. I never met him but I miss like I would a family member. R.I.P B-MAN
Malika Zaiahna
Malika Zaiahna 2 yil oldin
MMM hmmm it sho feel like he was family
Dom Chap
Dom Chap 2 yil oldin
Love you DL. I feel you bro.
Sao Salazar
Sao Salazar 2 yil oldin
that last part hurt like hell
John John
John John 2 yil oldin
Brandee Payne
Brandee Payne 2 yil oldin
oh I forgot where I was I'm sorry
angela Edward
angela Edward 2 yil oldin
I cried... I so so miss Bernie Mac. My heart cries. You can tell the kings of comedy had love and bond beyond comedy. so so sad 💔😢
joseph robinson
joseph robinson 2 yil oldin
I'm gonna just be honest after I saw Bernie on Kings of comedy I wanted to be just like him he didn't have no filter when it came to his jokes which is why he was the funniest out of all of them he said what was on his mind and didn't care how u felt about it
antoinette5000 2 yil oldin
DeChane Grinton
DeChane Grinton 2 yil oldin
seeing true friendship n love n support is really heartwarming if you didn't feel something idk how
Garrett Guillory
Garrett Guillory 2 yil oldin
DL hughley
Steve Jaramillo
Steve Jaramillo 2 yil oldin
Class Act
James Kelly
James Kelly 2 yil oldin
Bernie my cousin
RealChristianSimon 2 yil oldin
"But the point is" lol
lovinglife beautifulmelodies
read his memoir..Maybe You Never Cry Again. He loved his mom so, so much it touched my heart. a certainly must read book.
Thomasa Coleman
Thomasa Coleman 2 yil oldin
lovinglife beautifulmelodies Who Bernie? Wrote a book?
Queen Heart
Queen Heart 2 yil oldin
That one white man was to good looking
MontUHURU Mimia
MontUHURU Mimia 3 oy oldin
You're mistaking jealousy for pity, sugar. *Cause if Black women realized just how bad a reputation they've given themselves with every kind of man, they'd change their (bad) attitudes tomorrow.* And bless your crotch--cause with these comments, you're showing men that this is all you have to offer us.
Bint Dubai
Bint Dubai 3 oy oldin
@MontUHURU Mimia - OMG, how you're jealous!! hahaha everyone has the right to like whatever they want. Bless your heart
Kayla Harris
Kayla Harris 3 oy oldin
Yes lord Jesus.
MontUHURU Mimia
MontUHURU Mimia 4 oy oldin
*If all you got outta' this was how good lookin' that white man was, you deserve to be oversexed and alone at 50.*
Daniea Jackson
Daniea Jackson 7 oy oldin
Yesss baby yesss
ms lyci
ms lyci 2 yil oldin
i was like arent they at church lol nice words about an old friend
Anthony Sanders
Anthony Sanders 2 yil oldin
how you are
quackinggee 2 yil oldin
Man i cried rest inpeace to Bernie my momma and my dad Ray.. God bless ya
Ken Rivers
Ken Rivers 2 yil oldin
omg dl gonna make me cry maannnn! damn it man
Kello Bello
Kello Bello 2 yil oldin
I love you guys on UZvid. *group hugs*
All-in-All 2 yil oldin
Terrible loss... and I agree with jacie9799..him and Robin Williams.. both were such an impact
Anthony Prevost
Anthony Prevost 2 yil oldin
DeadK 2 yil oldin
Bernie cara vc e o melhor ator do mundo cara pq vc se foi pq :´( te amo
DeadK 2 yil oldin
+AndresGamer Br quem e br curti e comente mas quem for USA Curta
jack marlow
jack marlow 2 yil oldin
Pookie Gibson
Pookie Gibson 2 yil oldin
ANyone know where in the audience Bernie Mac shows wanda, Bryana, Jordan and Vanessa.?
YaGurl Pae
YaGurl Pae 2 yil oldin
None, but they were in the front row on the left.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 2 yil oldin
This is how it should be no crying just rejoicing
JMC RSA 2 yil oldin
If God exists, he has some explaining to do...
B19 MOB 2 yil oldin
yo im a grown ass man... but the end of that speech... yooooo tear whooop there it is😊
YaGurl Pae
YaGurl Pae 2 yil oldin
I miss him
ebkikibo 2 yil oldin
DISRESPECT, to honor the dead with sunglasses on.
Matt Canon
Matt Canon 9 oy oldin
Rather hypocritical. To preach about disrespect while showing it at the same time.
James Vaughn
James Vaughn Yil oldin
ebkikibo not your funeral. Not about what you want. You can have an opinion and others have the right to oppose your opinion.
ebkikibo 2 yil oldin
Isaiah Brown I TOTALLY "understand" the reasons, do you? All this hollyweird shit goes deeper than a damn pair of shades. Let me just say, sheeple!
ebkikibo 2 yil oldin
Thank you, dumbshit people worried about someone else's opinion, do u fuckers have one? I for one, would NOT want any one wearing shades at my funeral, and I would not do it. Do you though.
elsuenosalvadoreno 3 yil oldin
Yo this still kills me
Trey Wigzzz
Trey Wigzzz 3 yil oldin
he gonna say hardest thing to do as a black man is...... the race shit is so overrated
Dantes Prophet
Dantes Prophet 2 yil oldin
That's good it's all you see but unfortunately it's not what a lot of others see. Especially employers and cops.
Karen Umana
Karen Umana 2 yil oldin
+CryWolf And that's the way it's supposed to be, but reality is a lot of employers and people tend to pre-judge. It's just what happen when too many situations are tied to race and we start to assume.
Dwayne 3 yil oldin
+Trey Wigzzz im sick of hearing it, you know what i see when i look at a black man, asian man, asian woman, black woman....mexican man, mexican woman....all i see is another human being with a beating heart. Thats all i see. I don't see race, or color, i just see a person.
jacie9799 3 yil oldin
R.I.P. Bernie, I don't cry often at the deaths of celebrities, but Bernie Mac, watching this, the tears are coming back. What a life to take. Another great that still has me in tears, Robin Williams. whew....
nicole smith
nicole smith Yil oldin
definitely Mr Mac will be missed
Bernadette Negila
jacie9799 agreed
jacie9799 Word this Chokes me Up and Robin Williams was great as well Mrs.Doubtfire will never be forgotten🙏🏾
Alana Victoria
Alana Victoria 2 yil oldin
+jacie9799 I agree. I cried like a baby watching Bernie and Whitney's funerals.
maryellen richards
maryellen richards 3 yil oldin
+jacie9799 just had the same thought!
darnell veal
darnell veal 3 yil oldin
Its how now he can say good stuff about him after him and Steve and ced told on him and got him killed then show up and say good stuff about him get the fuck out of here
YaGurl Pae
YaGurl Pae Yil oldin
Sparkle Terrell
Sparkle Terrell 2 yil oldin
you sound stupid
Sparkle Terrell
Sparkle Terrell 2 yil oldin
what the FUCK are you talking about
Joe Who
Joe Who 2 yil oldin
+j readdy It's too bad.
Wealthy Wealthy
Wealthy Wealthy 3 yil oldin
love this dedication R.I.P. Bernie Mac
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 3 yil oldin
That was such a great speech, funny and EXTREMELY heartfelt, that last part was just so true...
Debra Simpson
Debra Simpson 3 yil oldin
Love this...RIP Bernie
Vonsdy 14
Vonsdy 14 3 yil oldin
The good die young....RIP Bernie Mac.
Olethea Brown
Olethea Brown 3 yil oldin
OMG he made me cry again I Loved me some Bernie Mac and DL is right tell your Loved Ones how you feel as much as you can....
kidortega402 3 yil oldin
Not Even Close
Not Even Close 3 yil oldin
+Ben C Because a few seconds before he that he said damn.
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 3 yil oldin
xavier elkins
xavier elkins 3 yil oldin
The best of comedy
simmsw1 3 yil oldin
Does any one know who's the white guy?? 😀
Queen Heart
Queen Heart 2 yil oldin
I was thinking the same thing
Rochelle Cast-A-Spell
+simmsw1 I don't know, but he looks so good! Lol.
Shanti  Harris
Shanti Harris 3 yil oldin
You and me both!! I have been wondering who that is for years.
Trash Wizard
Trash Wizard 3 yil oldin
one white guy
Erica Knighton
Erica Knighton 3 yil oldin
Loved it.rip Bernie
Three 3 yil oldin
God Bless them all and Mac's family
Patricia Mcknight
Patricia Mcknight 3 yil oldin
Rip Bernie Mac
andreabatom18 4 yil oldin
He was hurting bad he was supposed to talk 4 5 minutes he only talked for 3 he couldn't take it
Roxxe Glover
Roxxe Glover 9 oy oldin
andreabatom18 it is a shame that these people forget who they are who they once were and I don't even think they know who they will become
lovemybentos 4 yil oldin
I have never laughed and cried so much at the same time. RIP King
Katie Goes Viral
5 kun oldin
Cooley High
5 yil oldin