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29-Avg, 2018



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Valsly Oy oldin
Yet he still proves he's a sell out..
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste Oy oldin
Ali also traveled to the middle east and asked the leader to let the American prisoners come back home to the US with him. The leader told him you are a man of integrity and a hero around the world and you will not leave here empty handed. Ali talked a man from a 10 story ledge from jumping to commit suicide. Ali then grabbed the man and pulled him down.
Chas Stack
Chas Stack 2 oy oldin
D L is what a mature man sounds like . There are people that know me now and can't believe my black ass has been to jail
Cindy King
Cindy King 2 oy oldin
He sure was against the MLK HOLIDAY and when he realized that he was sick a few years ago he did change.
Lorraine Mayberry
I'm glad I'll NEVER be kicked out of the GED section. keep doin you DL. like you I forgave McCain an others that correct themselves before it's to late. I watched when McCain was campaigning for POTUS take the mic from a woman trying to make disparaging comments about Obama, than correct her with truth and facts. At that point I knew he cud gracefully lose rather than lie to win.
In Black America Radio
DL is a sell out for way more than what he said bout McCain.......
The joker
The joker 2 oy oldin
He is a black POS. SELL OUT, RACIST. He was a shitty comedian and horrible actor. DL STFU.
Cordell Walton
Cordell Walton 2 oy oldin
Deep thought process often comes with opposition..
Man 2 oy oldin
Bullshit. It's easy to right your wrongs after the damage is done. And Obama...DL bruh just stop.
Gwendolyn Howard
Gwendolyn Howard 2 oy oldin
Say it again D, I don't think you 've been heard. Say It Loud!
Carolyn Merritt
Carolyn Merritt 2 oy oldin
He knew he was dying, so he made what he knew he had done wrong, right. Maybe there is hope for lil donald, ya think? 😐 We should not have to wait until the end to do what's right. You don't have to put in any real time and work then. I'm glad GOD is GOD, otherwise...
Jerell J
Jerell J 3 oy oldin
Why must we Black men be subject to ostracization when we speak truth in our conversation.
Deborah Thompson
Deborah Thompson 3 oy oldin
Mark miller
Mark miller 3 oy oldin
That’s the problem with people who call themselves Christians. They give Kevin Hart shit because of what he said 10 years ago or whatever or when DL says something positive about John McCain as if DL isn’t allowed to agree with anyone who’s not black. Moses committed murder, Saul (Paul) murdered Christians. It’s possible for people to change but some of you so called believers in God think if someone makes a mistake they shouldn’t be forgiven but you expect GOD to forgive you??
Darryl Dailey
Darryl Dailey 4 oy oldin
Doc Ellis
Doc Ellis 5 oy oldin
I can RESPECTFULLY disagree w/ anyone (including Bro. D. L.). That being said, my contention w/ him and other Black celebs is 2 know several truths. 1. Bcauz Black people are emotional more so than anything intellectual / rational, anything said by Black entertainers will b taken as the gospel. This is how Black people are by and large. 2. Bcauz that 1st statement(s) is very valid, Black celebs have 2 have their facts straight and not just talk opinions. Why? Bcauz of the influence factor that comes w/ being a celebrity. My main issue W/ ANY AND ALL BLACK ENTERTAINERS is that they (like Bro D.L.) need 2 learn (for example) how the political process works while advocating and encouraging Black people 2 vote. NONE OF THEM ever tell Black people FINANCIALLY support INDEPENDENT candidates. Why? Bcauz they dont!!! HAVE U EVER NOTICED THAT? All they ever say is "go out and vote" That's what D. L. did like all the other Black celebs during this current mid term election cycle. Hanging on a Black celebrity's EVERY WORD (for those that do so) is VERY DETRIMENTAL. Why? Most Black people are 2 lazy 2 do research and would rather b spoon fed by someone they trust (like a celebrity). T or F? Begging 2 differ IS NOT ATTACKING!
RanMan 7
RanMan 7 5 oy oldin
McCain did more for this country than most of these idiots would ever think Of sacrificing, including trump!!!!! So shut your piehole!!!! And sit at the back of the short bus ,you retarded trolls, the ignorance is at an all time high....kick rocks losers.....
David Berry
David Berry 5 oy oldin
Well said
Susie K
Susie K 6 oy oldin
Thank you DL. We'll said!
amrcnBUFfONS lib/conserv IDIOCRACY
ricky rhodes
ricky rhodes 6 oy oldin
Stuttering fuck you still a sellout either way
True Hunt
True Hunt 6 oy oldin
The fact that a White man was in the MINORITY and opposed a day to commemorate MLK, imagine the policies that he enacted OR declined that adversely affected the Black population in Arizona?! But because he stood up for a fellow politician and said something nice at the end of his life, you would give this man your support?? You got Black men supporting Donald Trump, Kanye West, Bill Cosby, and now John McCain. The revolution will NOT be televised (or broadcasted on a SIRIUS radio station).
mr Dennis truth
mr Dennis truth 6 oy oldin
Why do people open a forum on the internet and the minute someone disagrees with them they say go to another Channel stop following them you need to take your emotions out of the situation and listen you talk about that flag like it's a thing of Honor for black people that flag wave high and proud as black people were being hung and murdered and raped and burnt it represents the Constitution that treat our people like animals to this day
mr Dennis truth
mr Dennis truth 6 oy oldin
You asked the question is Obama a sell-out hell yeah that's why he gave the speech that's why he did absolutely nothing for the benefit of black people
mr Dennis truth
mr Dennis truth 6 oy oldin
+Karolyn Issup well you just wait Donald Trump is going to show you exactly what he's going to do for white people that Obama refuse to do for blacks just be patient and you're about to see that exactly what a president can do
Karolyn Issup
Karolyn Issup 6 oy oldin
Actually, Mr. Trump threatened Chicago with military force, but it was an empty threat. I have not heard about anything new happening in that city. It is not a presidents job to outline the designs of cities. It is his job to defend the the rights of the American citizen as defined by the constitution. If Mr. Obama did anything for women, homosexuals, or immigrants, it was to the design of federal law. it was a lie to have ever called him the Black man's president, a mockery. and had he been, it would have been unethical. He was to serve impartially and justly. as far as i knpw he did that. so yeah, I disagree with you but thank you for not being harsh with me. peace out.
mr Dennis truth
mr Dennis truth 6 oy oldin
And you said Donald Trump didn't do nothing for Chicago you do realize Donald Trump is white and he cares nothing for black people and we expect absolutely nothing from him but we did expect something from Obama and got absolutely nothing
mr Dennis truth
mr Dennis truth 6 oy oldin
+Karolyn Issup you need to do your research and stop listening to people Obama had the power of executive order he signed into law all types of things for women for homosexuals for immigrants and he did absolutely nothing for black people Obama wasn't for black people and he had power to change the condition of black people so you are wrong if he wanted to do something he could have he stood on national TV and call black men animals so you can miss me on that one he was raised white and he live his life White and his presidency
Karolyn Issup
Karolyn Issup 6 oy oldin
Whatever Black people wanted Mr. Obama to do as potus, he couldn't. it was out his scope of power. people like say that Chicago was something he could have done about... but Mr. Trump has done nothing about it. No one is pointing that out because they already know he can't do anything about it. there are 3 levels of govt. They are separate... local, state, and federal. I am think someone told or let people believe that Mr. Obama was going to do things that he could not do. Another thing... what happened to people being beheaded on tv? People wanted Mr. Obama to do something about that, but he could not. Oddly, it suddenly stopped when he was out of office. I am glad it stopped... but how? on conclusion, people were deliberately mislead into thinking the man was a superhero when he was not. He was just doing his job. Has Chicago changed since Mr. Trump been on office?
Bakura98 6 oy oldin
And I don’t think him fighting in Vietnam was protecting the country, not like WW2 vets, it was a war fighting against a group of people that wanted independence, so I can’t say he was a war hero, but you can say that he didn’t dodge the draft like Trump, which is ironic since trump and his supporters are suppose to be these war loving patriotic motha fuckas
Bakura98 6 oy oldin
My problem with McCain was he never liked and helped support America to be an inperalist power, that’s my issue with him. Yeah he was respectable at the end, but some of his crimes I don’t think can be forgiven, just because he opposed trump and said nice things about obama, and he did do some good, but in my view that bad outweighs the good. That’s my view on it and I think you should try to look at it more critically because you are a smart man, but I don’t think I can fully agree with you on this
Bakura98 6 oy oldin
So I can’t forgive him, sorry but that’s honestly how I feel. I don’t think me saying that makes me a trump like motha fucka because I don’t even support the shit he does. I’m just being more realistic, one is free to chose whether or not someone is worthy of forgiveness, yes people change and you can forgive them, but I don’t think I can forgive McCain for war hawk supporting and reactionary politics. I just have to disagree.
Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner 6 oy oldin
Wheres all the usual black bigots?... you can't side with these edomites if you're a israelite It's not safe
Nina Kupchenko
Nina Kupchenko 6 oy oldin
McCain was not my favorite but I respected him because he was a decent person.
Bakura98 6 oy oldin
No he was not
Guy Lee
Guy Lee 6 oy oldin
Wow. I just subscribed after that...
Arlecia White
Arlecia White 6 oy oldin
I'm with you....DL
Doyen Redeux
Doyen Redeux 7 oy oldin
Tina's baby
Tina's baby 7 oy oldin
I love DL so much I found myself giving a thumbs up before I even listened to the clip...I shouldn't do that but we know he's going to get the thumbs up
SParkApCider 7 oy oldin
Sunshine 7 oy oldin
I'm so sick of these in ignorant people! 🤔
Samuel Dumas
Samuel Dumas 7 oy oldin
McCain was a war hero that was held captive and even the old enemy that did it had nothing but positive things to say about McCain yet our President had nothing to say good
Bakura98 6 oy oldin
War hawk and war criminal*
Samuel Dumas
Samuel Dumas 7 oy oldin
Thank you man so true but our society will not let you change
Nikki Lashay
Nikki Lashay 7 oy oldin
I agree with you 100% But at the end of the day John McCain died because he had cancer so for all we know he could have known he had cancer for a long time and decided to get his life together because he knew he would be dying soon
Roman Beal
Roman Beal 7 oy oldin
Jollie Bear
Jollie Bear 7 oy oldin
alpha omega
alpha omega 7 oy oldin
Respect homie I agree with what you said. McCain deserved better.
Apostle Sheila Beander
This man was torchured in vitenam for five years. He was in pain and not able to do many things others take for granted the rest of his life. Some us are so petty and complain and have no thought about what comes out of their hearts and mouth.
Apostle Sheila Beander
No he is not a sell out. He was intitled to his political beliefs as we all are. That does not make the man; what makes the man is the grace to realize when you are wrong and make changes. This also speaks to the fact that this man realized that his humaness was more important that his political fews and he realized that he could have friendshipps even though his friends were sitting on the other side of the ile. YES THANK YOU. MY FATHER RECEIVED THE FLAG AS WELL.
Sosa W.
Sosa W. 7 oy oldin
Thanks Dl now that's what I call straight talk
roger thornton
roger thornton 7 oy oldin
D. L you all ways keep it 💯and u all ways b right on the $$$$
willie417 7 oy oldin
listen to DL podcast with Omarosa Manigault, now it's true she's all about her self, But DL can forgive John McCain who had way more power on policies from 1982 until death in 2018, But he can't forgive Omarosa who had Zero power on policies, black people do feel free to attack other black people
Tekoa washington
Tekoa washington 7 oy oldin
That's right DL
Bionus Davis
Bionus Davis 7 oy oldin
Well said my Brother
horus44102 7 oy oldin
We have very short memories
horus44102 7 oy oldin
Do you are such a forgiving spirit, but this as help to lay the the foundation which as killed thousand of people across the globe and continues to do so This was evil and because he now dead your are forget the evil he has done.
Karen Spencer
Karen Spencer 7 oy oldin
You are so right that John McCain did change as a human being
Bakura98 6 oy oldin
And kept pushing for wars that ruined lives
Vic C
Vic C 7 oy oldin
McCain was very nasty and fought President Obama The whole Eight Years He Was In Office!!
Zen U
Zen U 7 oy oldin
Quite agree with u DL. He was a decent human being in the end.
niecybaby1960 7 oy oldin
Ignore these fools!
prtmanprtGod 7 oy oldin
BS. Eff McCain
Winston Elliton2
Winston Elliton2 7 oy oldin
Very well said.
Florine Taylor
Florine Taylor 7 oy oldin
McCain said he had made decisions he regretted. I agree with you DL. Ppl can change. He has a black granddaughter. Ppl can see the error of their ways. Ppl want to hold you there in your past. Everyone has seen something or heard something that made them change their mindset.
Bonita Hobbs
Bonita Hobbs 7 oy oldin
Wait a minute!!!! You can't talk about MY D. L. !!!!!!!!!LOL. This is " MS. Bonita", who called in to The D.L HUGHLEY SHOW" approx. 4 years ago, n told him to start studying more information on his history... "African, and African- American History" and GOD KNOWS, HE WENT FULL BLAST, AND I AM MORE THAN PROUD OF HIM FOR HIS OUTSPOKENESS, BRAVERY, WISDOM, ENTREPRENEUR'S SPIRIT, AUTHOR, COMIC, RESPONSIBLE DADDY, HIS EMPLOYING OTHERS, HIS BEING A BRAVE BROTHER!!! N, STYLISH.. LOL!!!! I WANT TO SAY, HE IS BORDERING ON AN BEING AN " ENIGMA" , BUT HE MIGHT THINK I AM TALKING NEGATIVELY ABOUT HIM..😉😉😊..RE: The Big word...enigma and his GED THING!!!! 😉😊😉 Which is WAY better than being an educated fool!! 😊😉 P.S. FURTHERMORE, DL remember, the story I relayed to you: of a little known fact, regarding a conversation, with the brave and talented, Singer/ Actor, Civil Rights Leader...Harry Belafonte. He said, Dr. King is reported to have said, " Harry , we are integrating, but we are integrating into a "BURNING HOUSE"!!!!!!! No, wiser words have EVER been said!!!!!!! Please all think about that...before we had Black , nurturing Teachers, Principals, Farmers, SeamstressesHistorically Black Colleges, still some,, etc. schools, stores, etc. Some of you younger guys will have to go to the "EBONY MAGAZINE" ARCHIVES!!!!
D MAN 7 oy oldin
mcain is a Liar and a Traitor,fact he ran on replacing Obama care and he voted no,that's a liar.traitor cause he read th statement for his captors
D MAN 7 oy oldin
Obamas mom is white,th black guy ran out.thank you white woman.
D MAN 7 oy oldin
well you sit behind your mic,what's th difference,hypocrite
Courtney Stanley
Courtney Stanley 7 oy oldin
Trump is one of the biggest back peddlers. DL is right he demonize the football players for so call disrespecting the flag. But he wouldn't raise the flag for a military man a war hero who served his country. White man speak with forked tongue.
I agree with DL don't waste time w the haters. There's plenty of racism on the other channels.
Napunzel 7 oy oldin
When did we become so rigid and unforgiving as a society? Jeeezzz
R B 7 oy oldin
mccain bombed days straight innocent women and children. voted for things that held working class people down for years, was against mlk jr day. those are things that off the top of my head. being a decent human being at the very end of your life doesn’t excuse the things that you have done. dl is wrong and it’s ok. mccain was a terrible human being.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 7 oy oldin
Not how you start BUT how you end has alot to do with your ending life. SALUTE
Syl W
Syl W 7 oy oldin
We did not celebrate Commander McCain political life but his Military Career. Being one of the last American Vietnam hero, is what we honored, The hero that Trump could never be. When his GOD, His FAMILY, His COUNTRY called on him McCain answered, Trump did not. If you knew the brutality of the Vietcong they way those of us who fought in the Nam knew and Commander McCain survived, he's a hell of a hero. The Brutality, the hunger, the beating, the demoralization, the inhumane treatment, if you knew what we know you would celebrate him too. We fought for this country and earned and paid our freedom, what the hell did you do??. Where were you when The Constitution and Democracy called on you?? You are a freeloader on freedom like The Russian Gutter Rat in Office named Trump. When any of you talk about America and bad mouth this country and talk down about this country and believes the lies, take your ass to Vietnam and live, go to Mexico, go to North Korea, take your ass to Russia, well shut the hell up. Do something for America other than talk foolishness, you what freedom and to damn stupid to pay income tax to help pay for your freedom, you think this country owe you something and all you do is complain and do nothing to make the country better but spread Black Racism and want to get rich for doing nothing, shut the hell up, at lease D L Hughley is a man with good character, i can not say the same about you. a sellout. that sounds like you to me
Queentee Onehundred
He is telling the truth that’s why they calling him a sellout. They can’t handle the truth
Robert Rios
Robert Rios 7 oy oldin
A3Religion 7 oy oldin
You make a compelling point. I wasn't sure what you were going to say but I'm pleasantly surprised how well thought it was.
Pacific Heights
Pacific Heights 7 oy oldin
Does anybody remember "DL Hughley Breaks the News?" That was some of the most shameful shit I've ever seen. That made him a sellout at the time.
demondharris_ 7 oy oldin
Perfect example of riding the fence.
Valerie Carre
Valerie Carre 7 oy oldin
Hear what peoples ideas are. I change thinkc Mcain was good hearted perfect no but his intentions in his last few years does not seem like the same man
Valerie Carre
Valerie Carre 7 oy oldin
You right DL. I didn't see it that way but that why you listen to people
Croff Man
Croff Man 7 oy oldin
Thank you DL... I was critical over what went on during the Vietnam war. But what you said touched my spirit and I will not hold it against him... Be blessed.
Steven Tilmon
Steven Tilmon 7 oy oldin
...well stated, & well ended! 🎓
Eh.. you saying “you can sit behind your little computer screen” is whack.. and leave Christianity out your mouth... this negro crumbling bruh
Ra Nev hahaha you’re definitely white right? 🤔😅
Ra Nev
Ra Nev 7 oy oldin
astheskylarksings He be needin to stick to comedy. Das wha he need to do. And quit bullshitting. Al not so Sharpton don't need replacing jus yet.
Robert Severson
Robert Severson 7 oy oldin
Another racist piece of shit who don't know politics but runs his no talent stupid mouth
BlackRobbb 7 oy oldin
Why is someone always sticking a microphone under the nose of people who know nothing about political and social issues.
Coco Brûlée
Coco Brûlée 7 oy oldin
Trump is a different person now and is doing wonderful things for the country why doesn’t he get a pass for his past. DL is FOS and he can’t be trusted with his cherry picking people based on what they do in the end
Cher P
Cher P 7 oy oldin
Oh, and DL Hughley is a comedian. And after that he is just like the other 320 million Americans when it comes to opinion. His is not worth one iota more than mines or yours.
Cher P
Cher P 7 oy oldin
Trump flew the flag at half staff for a day. And then he raise it. McCain was only a senator. He was not a president. That is his decision. You want Trump to respect McCain which he doesnt, but yet you refuse to respect the office of president of the US. HYPOCRITES!!!! All of you who are stuck on that stupid failing SJW train!!! Just be freaking FREE like the white people. Don't let anyones words or hangups limit you.
Clifford Crear
Clifford Crear 7 oy oldin
Thanks DL! I feel the same way!
Darnell Lewis
Darnell Lewis 7 oy oldin
A few good deeds does not make up for a lifetime of being horrible to us.
Darnell Lewis
Darnell Lewis 7 oy oldin
Name one piece of legislature signed by Asshat McClownface that has actually benefits anyone but the wealthy. Otherwise stfu with your dumb ass.
Ra Nev
Ra Nev 7 oy oldin
Darnell Lewis Don't know bout you. But everybody that wants a job can have one. We couldn't say that when Obama was president. He rather we feel sorry for ourselves.
Durand Davis
Durand Davis 7 oy oldin
FireSign SC
FireSign SC 7 oy oldin
SAY IT! 👍🏾
Micheal Johnson
Micheal Johnson 7 oy oldin
DL is absolutely correct John McCain stood up for a black when his party told him not too. A prisoner of war for 5years, RESPECT That MAN!
Ra Nev
Ra Nev 7 oy oldin
Micheal Johnson the way he respected his first wife? Start reading. Beacise of him 133 navy guys died.
bryan crowe
bryan crowe 7 oy oldin
Well said brother👍🏾
Mitzi Ivey
Mitzi Ivey 7 oy oldin
Amen DL!! I’m so sick and tired of ignorant, negative people! No matter what you think of John McCain, and trust me, I didn’t agree with everything he said or voted on or against, he still served this country as a POW for FIVE years and a Congressman and Senator for over 35 years! This is NOT the time for criticism. Thank DL for addressing these crazy trolls!
Lemuel Cordice
Lemuel Cordice 7 oy oldin
Look around u idiots look who doing the most killing on blacks our own blacks we should start taking care of our own first
Frank Robinson
Frank Robinson 7 oy oldin
it seems DL is working for the Democratic party, the people you take our votes for granted, an DL america was great before liberals killed the american dream. Remember the democrats is the party that fought for slavery, formed the kkk, jim crow laws, built confederate monuments, an they killing black babies with there abortion clinics. The Republican party was started by free slaves an anti- slave white folks, Malcolm X said beware of the white liberals DL
Emailgroupie Education
Actually New Hampshire was the last state. I should know. I lived in that hell hole
Acbdc82 7 oy oldin
Straight respect!!
Rufi No O
Rufi No O 7 oy oldin
So does this apply to Trump or...???
O Fasho 5150
O Fasho 5150 7 oy oldin
DL I know you not listening too these ignorant fools
O Fasho 5150
O Fasho 5150 7 oy oldin
What? Hell no DL a sellout, never this man right here have had battles with some of racsit FOX NEWS empolyee that you can imagine an stood his grounds dont put that sellout nonsense on DL
Caller Shot
Caller Shot 7 oy oldin
Thank you Mr. DL Narrow minded people always quick to pass judgement and Can't think outside the box. All in all McCain was a good person and he deserves to get respect. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about certain orange creature currently residing in the White House... Yikes
mike becker
mike becker 7 oy oldin
Shut the fuck up you race batting dipshit..
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