Do All Black People Think the Same?

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We brought Black people together to see where they stand on issues related to being black.
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14-Dek, 2018

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Zhanki _
Zhanki _ 12 daqiqa oldin
Maybe don’t commit half of the murders and police won’t target you
Lezien 38 daqiqa oldin
The one about dreads is kind of iffy because dreads don't originate from a culture they originate from a religion that wasn't even black some say it comes from India or Germanic and sometimes Egyptian religions
Cole Gagliano
Cole Gagliano 58 daqiqa oldin
No. Next!
Aidan Lyons
Aidan Lyons Soat oldin
Simple question with a simple answer. No. Of course not all of them think the same.
Mistie Medendorp
Mistie Medendorp 2 soat oldin
Love this!!!
Zacha Riz
Zacha Riz 3 soat oldin
To the question "i am proud to be black" (even if it was "i am proud to be ") i would've stayed in the middle. I couldn't care less about the color of my friends, who i talk to, who talks to me and their origins. Skin color is just a color. All humans have similar flesh under the external layer we all see (apparently it would look and taste like something similar to pork since there are similarities).
adni kelmendi
adni kelmendi 3 soat oldin
If white people cant wear dreads than black people cant straighten their hair 🤷🏻‍♂️
Renata Pittol
Renata Pittol 3 soat oldin
christian is fine oh my
maire 14
maire 14 3 soat oldin
I don't like kanya west and slavery wasn't a choice 😑
Amanda Lee Garza
Amanda Lee Garza 3 soat oldin
I love black ppl they’re so loving and cool ❤️ lol Take this comment however y’all wanna take it
Blesse Demisse Beleau
therealimlikewoa 3 soat oldin
Adib...nah bruh. lol
Frank Baptiste
Frank Baptiste 5 soat oldin
First of all they don't even understand how slaves didn't have a choice to leave she didn't under the heavy girl didn't understand that black slaves what up new note to Slaves because when were there white slaves I don't remember that I don't remember that being taught in history or by my family but anyway we didn't have a choice to run away when we had the chance and we didn't have a choice to become slaves they took us from our land and are still taking us not as common but it still happens and made us do all these horrible things and be us beats us and they're saying that Kanye West thinks he's D does things different differently because is there something new all the way right with his mind he is there's something wrong and then people wonder so when they were stuttering they were trying to make excuses Ally you should stay there but all the other people that were on the other side we're smarter and more educated then them know that yes the guy before the Kanye West thing did have a better thing to say about the dread thing a good reason but this he can think of anything because there was no good reason
//Ashlynn ARMY//
//Ashlynn ARMY// 5 soat oldin
No, of course not lmao
Artemis Angel
Artemis Angel 6 soat oldin
Please stop saying racist things to everyone... It hurts... It makes us feel like we don't belong... Please stop....
xo mazani
xo mazani 7 soat oldin
3:00 ~ did anyone else find it ironic that they were talking about kanye being Invited to a cookout but yet this guy could be a kanye look a like tbh lmao (not to be rude at all) 💀
Kourtnee Lynch
Kourtnee Lynch 7 soat oldin
When slave master took the men away from their wives, the wife would put “locs” in her hair as a symbol of her husband taken away so yes when white people wear locs as a style it’s a problem vs a white person that knows that history then hey do as you plead but know the history behind things is what I’m saying
Yourbeautiful666 8 soat oldin
Nobody owns dreads. Africans has dreads, Vikings had dreads. Just a hairstyle.
Jocelyn Rabinowitz
Jocelyn Rabinowitz 8 soat oldin
I feel like half of this video was them arguing over Kanye being invited to the cookout
Jorianny 8 soat oldin
When all of them agreed about the police
Islamia Rasheed
Islamia Rasheed 9 soat oldin
Whats the guy in the flannel shirts @???
Jeremy1 awesome
Jeremy1 awesome 10 soat oldin
Can you do Hispanic .
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa 11 soat oldin
Dreads are not just for the black. But for all. Just as much as straight hair.
Doyin Animashaun
Doyin Animashaun 11 soat oldin
why is this even a video? yall really think black people are simple
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus 12 soat oldin
I like Muja the best. I like people who are proud of their culture. I think that everyone should be allowed to be proud of their own culture, even if there are a few bad parts.
Garyson Dotson
Garyson Dotson 13 soat oldin
The qualifications of a police officer is not low
Alan Gresov
Alan Gresov 13 soat oldin
Dreadlocks didn't even originate in Africa... they originated in Europe
Saeedat A
Saeedat A 14 soat oldin
Well no duh you act different at a basketball court and at a job interview or business meeting. No duh.
LMBO_Genius 14 soat oldin
CinnaManBun 14 soat oldin
the last question proved they all think the same case closed
Alex Macdon
Alex Macdon 16 soat oldin
everyone code switch tf
white person
white person 16 soat oldin
they can disagree now, because they are a random group of people, but take a school class of black people and they must all think the same or they be bullied out of the group
XperiencE 16 soat oldin
I got a question for this comment section. We’re against racism right? So.. Why does every comment start with “White people” or “Black people”? Or am I racist for putting whites before blacks?
DJ Richardson
DJ Richardson 17 soat oldin
Dude just invite Kanye to the cookout bro
Petra Al
Petra Al 17 soat oldin
5:28 ... I hope this changes.
Pauline Aghamalian
Pauline Aghamalian 20 soat oldin
Tbh I think everyone kinda has their code switch, like I feel like everyone acts differently in different situations. Maybe not exactly code switch like what they’re referring to but like something similar. Because I don’t think people act the same around friends verses around coworkers
Mohamed Bahaa
Mohamed Bahaa 21 soat oldin
I ate fried chicken after this
Foxy Squad
Foxy Squad 21 soat oldin
Remember kanye is bipolar he crazy af
Dr.4c Kun oldin
It’s ridiculous how we literally are all watching a video where people respectfully disagree and calmly explain why the think or feel the way they do, but have a comment section, directly below, so full of pettiness, trolling, and conflict. We need to do better. Black people, white people, and every color in between.
Sunny Island
Sunny Island Kun oldin
True this!! Ain't nobody all agree No mattah who Yu are No mattah where Yu are Where Yu from What's goin on with Yu Or Whatever Yu talkin about No matter how black or inbetween or some kinda blackness
Bjorn Harper
Bjorn Harper Kun oldin
About the dreads thing lmao black cultures aren't the only cultures with dreads or similar braid type hairstyles but okay
Matthaus Camejo
Matthaus Camejo Kun oldin
Spent a whole 30 mins on that Kanye topic
Sartre Camus
Sartre Camus Kun oldin
I didn't expect that last question 😏
Miss Dee
Miss Dee Kun oldin
Dreadlocks are more than cultural they are religious, worn proudly by Rastafarians
Monster X
Monster X Kun oldin
Adib is very logical. Very smart guy
Cub Kun oldin
Taylor Britt
Taylor Britt Kun oldin
Interesting to see how a lot of the comments are only about dreads, one of the least serious topics in the whole video.
Loo Py
Loo Py Kun oldin
I’m gonna be honest here I have never heard this stereotype
Saeedat A
Saeedat A Kun oldin
The guy in the plaid shirt was speaking the truth!!
kiyani kelly
kiyani kelly Kun oldin
I loved this... go y’all 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Morgan Elizabeth
I can answer before even a single second of this video: no
Rachel Hodge
Rachel Hodge Kun oldin
Muja Is fine and speaking truth 😋
Xena Hollins
Xena Hollins Kun oldin
When I was younger I would change the way I spoke, my tone of voice, and the words I used whenever I encountered a white person or anyone who wasn't black. I used to believe that they would think I was less educated or "ghetto" since this is a common stereotype for black women. However, since college the only time I change the way I speak is at work. I know that I am intelligent and worthy and I no longer fear being judged, especially by random ass people lol. I know now that using slang or speaking a certain way does not make me less than. In short, I'm now comfortable with being myself.
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Kun oldin
Most black cultures don't have dreads
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown Kun oldin
1:44 she knows dreads are from the Irish Celtic culture right
Dr.4c Kun oldin
Hunter Brown no they are no. People just keep perpetuating this myth without doing research themselves
Caitpirells Kun oldin
The only people who care about color are BLACK PEOPLE
MultiKonrad100 Kun oldin
9:46 What??? Of course white people change their tone and manner when it is expected of them or if it's beneficial.
TeaTime Kun oldin
Why you need the "colour" in the title?
Elizabeth Hughes
I feel like everyone has a customer service voice.. like it doesn’t matter race like the Japanese say everyone has 3 faces one the world sees one their family sees and one only they see. You aren’t going to act how you act around your friends how you act with your boss
DEFNJE CC Kun oldin
"I'm proud to be black." Oh I see, it's an achievement now. I'm so proud that I have 2 arms and 2 legs.
Alaysha Lee
Alaysha Lee Kun oldin
I wish I could do something like this.
Dana Ruiz
Dana Ruiz Kun oldin
So can a mexican have box braids or dreads?
Liv Simmons
Liv Simmons Kun oldin
Who is going to stop you?
Pixel_Simmer Kun oldin
I don't see the whole argument with dreads. It's just a hairstyle. (Don't get offended)
Random Videos
Random Videos Kun oldin
Who other than black people are allowed to say the n word. Me myself I am Mexican and I am wondering.
Delt Bollim
Delt Bollim Kun oldin
muja is hot
ArwenMeow Kun oldin
You can’t talk slang at your job and you think it is because you are black? I talk slang with my friends and family too, but obviously that is unprofessional to do at work.
Asri Anugerah Gustini
I like black people because they are nice and the way when they talk is funny (gesture and voice). Also they are easy going yet don't care people say about them.😁
Naomi Pancake
Naomi Pancake Kun oldin
You know the sad thing is I had a friend who was black like a little drake then me say "OH black men scare me" and I think what the girl in 7:39 who said we need to adress that that shouldn't be a fear like shes right preach 🙏👏👏
KiLl Me PlEaSe
KiLl Me PlEaSe Kun oldin
If a black person straightens their hair no white ppl @ them
Devin Casas
Devin Casas Kun oldin
I hope they know it's the same way with any type of color with the last question
Crispy Liza
Crispy Liza Kun oldin
Many black people make a living in Europe by giving people dreadlocks and stuff and I think it's a great way to share their culture
Eltic Kun oldin
New Reality
New Reality Kun oldin
This is a decent video I agreed with some things and some I didn't but I wonder if there was a white one I wonder what they would say there proud to be white honestly. I say that in they'd all be sjw's probably
Landon Fonke
Landon Fonke Kun oldin
These people are dumbasses. Especially with the whole police thing
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Kun oldin
Intro sums it up...
LUAP Kun oldin
these r the worst black ppl
Domina Harvey
Domina Harvey Kun oldin
Supposedly Vikings had dreads. 🤷🏻‍♀️
ria reed
ria reed Kun oldin
I’d invite Kanye to the cookout..................... to reference him to seek psychiatric help 😂
M H Kun oldin
the lady in red sweater is so right about the qualifications to become police in the US are too low. In Norway there is a 3 year bachelor's degree to become a police and the school is difficult to get into. It is crazy to me that you in the US can take some short courses and then get the have so much power over others.
Parag Lokhande
Parag Lokhande Kun oldin
Why Sabrina acts white?
x xxx
x xxx Kun oldin
This video made me want to black😂
Tyrone Mawela
Tyrone Mawela Kun oldin
The guy in the front looks Somali, who are pretty much black people mixed with Arab
Tyce Bruursema
Tyce Bruursema Kun oldin
I mean everyone code switches. Nobody goes into a business meeting with the same tone they bring onto a basketball court.
Jade Wilson
Jade Wilson Kun oldin
As soon as miss Sabrina opened her mouth I was over already 😂
Jade Wilson
Jade Wilson Kun oldin
I don’t like chicken, like what??
Ben S
Ben S Kun oldin
I’m sorry but black people have the highest crime rate I don’t think police hate black people I think they profile because they know the stats for example if you see someone walking down the street with an AR15 sure they aren’t doing anything wrong it’s well within there rights but there a lot more likely to do something wrong no? So if we know a certain group of people are more likely to commit a crime then surely we should keep a closer eye on them, no?
Obaigbo Todun
Obaigbo Todun Kun oldin
I wish the short guy in black wasn't there. He talks way too much and was annoying in every way.
Obaigbo Todun
Obaigbo Todun Kun oldin
Who thought black people thought the same 🙄
Doxscund Kun oldin
Disappointed they didn't ask if whites should be killed.
Marc Kun oldin
i dont like Kanye but that argument was everything
shay Kun oldin
Do you have a white voice lol
Jaydon Young
Jaydon Young Kun oldin
8:42 when somebody says they have better clothes than you
Jaydon Young
Jaydon Young Kun oldin
8:42 I have never seen that face before
jordan_afk Kun oldin
All very intelligent individuals I loved how they didn’t argue they talked there differences out
by any memes necessary
White people have been wearing dreads for millennia. Just saying.
Derick Lewis
Derick Lewis Kun oldin
Great video!! Code switching, that is real! White people don’t have to do this, they’re culture is the dominant one based on numbers. Black culture and the beauty of it is that we are so creative and so adverse through our struggles that our culture although we are smaller in numbers is very potent and enduring on the human level bc what human being can’t relate to struggle. The answer is none, and black ppl all we know is the struggle and how to survive and that is what makes us strong and our ppl strong and being strong makes us attractive. There may be races that fear us out of ignorance or lack of exposure but Ik they know our music, our food, our players, our entertainment and our culture if they live in America. There may be Racist ppl who hate black ppl for no reason but they will put some respect in there voice when actually speaking to us 👌🏾
D S Kun oldin
More black people are arrested than white people because they have a higher crime rate.
D S Kun oldin
I hate when people let politics get in the way of friendship. As long as I’m not a politician I will never let the fact that someone is democrat get in the way of a true friendship. It’s sad that most people wouldn’t say the same
Aria Lynn
Aria Lynn 2 kun oldin
As somebody with Viking background on my mother in-laws family, I'd love to have you know that Viking were one of the first to wear dreadlocks (: Vikings are white. Therefore, dreads can be for anybody, but I ain't ever gonna wear thrm cause I look bad
Claire Fendy
Claire Fendy 2 kun oldin
The light skin man In the black shirt👏🏾 I love the way he talk and how he’s able to intellectually explain his opinions.
Aria Lynn
Aria Lynn 2 kun oldin
They should do a Native one of these with Status, Cops, Residential schools and such.. That'd be something that would shock people ahahaha.
Max White
Max White 2 kun oldin
CAN WE TELL THESE GIRLS THAT DREADS WERENT INVENTED ONLY BY AFRICANS????? legit i learned about this in hair school smh
SLIME (Music Video)
13 soat oldin