Do All Black People Think the Same?

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We brought Black people together to see where they stand on issues related to being black.
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14-Dek, 2018



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Mercedes Broadway
Mercedes Broadway 6 daqiqa oldin
The guy in the plaid shirt is a mood
Mercedes Broadway
Mercedes Broadway 7 daqiqa oldin
Pro-College vs Anti-College
Maria Honez
Maria Honez 36 daqiqa oldin
I think it's easier to be a black man in a black woman in America because black men are often more accepted by the black race because they are embraced by white women and their families and not only that because they are easily molded to fit in versus a black woman who will stand her ground and be who she is and wants to be accepted for who she is and not what she is when a man will try to adapt to adversity and blend in
camster185 2 soat oldin
Do black AND white people in the room
Mama Yako
Mama Yako 4 soat oldin
I peeped the Kenyan bracelet on the girl w the green pants!! Same here, sis!!
N P 10 soat oldin
So if I'm married to a black man and his family made me breads or Dreads, i don't have to because you don't like it ? They enjoy it on me, the like to do this on me. I wear what i want, as a free woman, and everyone on his family are enjoy to share their culture with me... So what ?
Paris Whithead
Paris Whithead 16 soat oldin
After 1:42 it was so hard for me to watch this lmao
Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart 20 soat oldin
That guy with the plaid shirt looks like Ernest.
Elizabeth 22 soat oldin
Corporate America is not just non-black people....as a black person who was raised by a white mother and was homeschooled my “normal” attitude is a more proper one...I know how to act in a professional setting as well and generally when I speak on the phone no one knows what race I am...I don’t change my body language just because your not black and I don’t change my Norma tone or vocabulary because your not black I change because they way I am with close family and friends is not the way I want to be with a person I just met
chill dill
chill dill Kun oldin
why does Adib lowkey look like a black paul mccartney 😂
Sallys logic
Sallys logic Kun oldin
But..what is a cookout
Brunette Bastard
Do all gay people think the same Do it
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown 2 kun oldin
Dudes in the back are😍😍😍
Tamara H
Tamara H 2 kun oldin
I think its just weird to call people you don't know your family only because of their skin color.
Tamara H
Tamara H Kun oldin
+Dominique Akins I see.. But in my opinion, if it's just love and acceptance, it shouldn't be based on a color. Can't we all be family
Dominique Akins
Dominique Akins Kun oldin
Yeah, kind of. But black people are known to do that. "What up, fam?" or "What up, cuzzo?" I think it's just our loving/accepting nature.
BlackRadiance 2 kun oldin
Everyone Loves Chicken!!! Right? 🤔...except Vegetarians.
Fire Crumbs
Fire Crumbs 2 kun oldin
came from the politically charged white people video only to hear the first question is "do you like fried chicken?" nice one
Nayem 001
Nayem 001 2 kun oldin
Personal bookmark, ignore 5:20
Idoreviews 2 kun oldin
I just want to ask. Why didn’t y’all do a “do all biracial people think the same” because clearly when doing job applications being two or more races is classified as a race of its own. Just asking .... tf
clear as crystal
clear as crystal 2 kun oldin
The guy with the full beard, black long sleeves and blue jeans is hot. The other dude in the black t-shirt is trying but I would disagree with him especially wid the Kyane answer
Apex 2 kun oldin
Black is beautiful, i love it im proud of it. ✊🏾
Natalia González Domínguez
I think that this was "soft", comparing it with the white group. Fried chicken, dreads,... Not so deep (at least at the beginning). Other thing was that we don't know the background of this group, I mean: are they american black people or did they include any other black people from different countries? (different points of view, etc). The same happen with the white people group, there are only white american people? Or Europeans doesn't exist? Or white people are only "english" natives speakers?. Aniway, these videos are "gold" to see and learn about different point of view, experiences, etc. 👌
Hannah 3 kun oldin
can you guys please do more spectrum videos they're my favourite
Ivonne Dueñas
Ivonne Dueñas 3 kun oldin
You guys should do one about Latinos
Howtoeditforyou :D
Howtoeditforyou :D 3 kun oldin
Is it bad that I wanna be black?
Dominique Akins
Dominique Akins 3 kun oldin
Mmmm, yeah. 😔
Homer Simson
Homer Simson 3 kun oldin
Do you think charity’s give the money to the charity
eichiXfma 3 kun oldin
The questions are not interesting :/
Thabani Matangi
Thabani Matangi 3 kun oldin
Nah Adib ain't even black
Dominique Akins
Dominique Akins 3 kun oldin
He's African. Ethiopian to be exact.
Franco Franco
Franco Franco 3 kun oldin
This is 100x better than the white people video.... these mf are real with eachother. The Asian one was good too
White_CIS Internet_Males
True, because non whites are forced with white guilt 24/7.
thebigZ25 3 kun oldin
“Somebody as smart as Kanye” Kanye: Poopity scoop THE MAN USES WORDS A 2 YEAR OLD WOULD SAY
Aren 3 kun oldin
Black people from different countries y’all!! We need that
waltter zane
waltter zane 4 kun oldin
Lol I hate racism 😂😂
Max Gillin
Max Gillin 4 kun oldin
Adib looked somalian
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt 4 kun oldin
Do All Black People Think the Same? No... Why is this video 11 minutes long?
Tbeast 4 kun oldin
I like how they all strongly agree on if they are proud to be black, BUT YOU ASK THIS QUESTION TO THE WHITES, oH No YoU jUsT OpEnEd ThE GaTeS Of HeLl
Sean Burnett
Sean Burnett 4 kun oldin
That last question made my soul and spirit happy. 😅👍🏾
Dead City Rebel
Dead City Rebel 4 kun oldin
"I enjoy fried chicken" I always think of Dave Chappelle talking about how people look down on black people for liking chicken and watermelon. He goes, "If you don't like chicken and watermelon, there's something wrong with YOU"
Tanishah Nisha
Tanishah Nisha 4 kun oldin
I died at “I enjoy fried chicken”😂
Andrew Bellinger
Andrew Bellinger 4 kun oldin
OJ - guilty or innocent? Lol, I would die if they asked that.
Fernanda 4 kun oldin
Dreads weren’t made by black people, vikings use it before
Killary Klinton
Killary Klinton 4 kun oldin
Can we get a redo? These aren't hard hitting enough questions. The N-word. Affirmative Action. Welfare. Education vs Entertainment. There are sooo many things.
Houda 4 kun oldin
3:23 allow me to interpret it for you: google the self-fulfilling prophecy
Jinto117 4 kun oldin
I am proud to be white. 👌🏻
White_CIS Internet_Males
+andrew clark I care.
andrew clark
andrew clark 4 kun oldin
No one cares
Abdurrhman 5 kun oldin
she doesn't like fried chicken ..! yeah right ..!
RandomLiving 5 kun oldin
i couldn't even finish the white people video but im here about to watch this 3 times😂
Anthony Risso
Anthony Risso 5 kun oldin
2nd question is asking a question about white people? This entire video is garage because of the questioning.
Riddler 5
Riddler 5 5 kun oldin
Those of you claiming "Kanye is misunderstood" is part of the problem.
Brianna Sanders
Brianna Sanders 5 kun oldin
"They're accepted worldround - like VISA!" hahahahahahahahahahahah sadly accurate right there :"D
LogicalSuppository 4 kun oldin
So not accurate. People who say that have no idea what Europe looked like before EU.
Christina Nettles
Christina Nettles 5 kun oldin
Dreads have been around forever and Blacks have not been the only ones to wear them in history. Just don't be nasty with it. Take care of them and maybe people will see it differently. Although it is more appropriate for white people to wear them now whereas black people doing it as a protective hairstyle are seen as unkept.
MADISON BAILEY 5 kun oldin
I knew in that opening clip that that one dude was gonna be the type to back Kanye. He just looks like it.
Pedro van Eijk
Pedro van Eijk 5 kun oldin
Just the tittle itself....are you kiddin?
Djolee Gajic
Djolee Gajic 5 kun oldin
Lolol that whale doesnt like chicken?? Hahahahahahah i bet she can swallow whole chicken in one bite
Xavier McQueen
Xavier McQueen 5 kun oldin
Here’s the deal, white people can have any hairstyle they want. If they like it, it’s all good. But most times I see a white person with dreads, their hair is... Nasty. I don’t mean that as an insult, I mean it literally, one dude had mold growing in his dreads. I feel like if that person knows how to take care of their hair then all good but if you don’t, don’t get that style. It’s gross.
Kambez Saidi
Kambez Saidi 5 kun oldin
@10:16 look at look at the biracial girl stare at the camera. hehe
Samantha Sierra
Samantha Sierra 5 kun oldin
I thought that I should address their perception about code switching. I think they don't understand that white people use slang too and they also have to change the way they talk in different situations, but I do agree that white people don't have to do it as much. I'm half white and white people have to learn professional language as well.
SheDoseItALL 5 kun oldin
Everybody agrees with the police in some way !
Supreme Bape
Supreme Bape 5 kun oldin
Y’all got the most whitest black people for this segment... the only dude that was close to being black was the dude in the plaid
Supreme Bape
Supreme Bape 5 kun oldin
Come on bro now we know black people like chicken especially fried
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 5 kun oldin
What I don't get is why people who have no police background say they should rework the police. I'm from Baltimore, most of the police force is black and I have yet to speak to my friends who are cops or my friend's parents or whatever where they've said that they're trained to target minorities. If anything they're trained to target styles. If youre wearing certain colors, they'll target you. If you're wearing a button up and nice pants, they'll leave you alone. I have no experience as a cop so I can't say what should and shouldn't be changed, but what I am saying is that other civilians really don't know either.
Red Glitch
Red Glitch 5 kun oldin
bro that one girls is whiter than me
Malik Houston
Malik Houston 6 kun oldin
10:00. I am proud to be black. They're all on the same page, and I agreed with them too. Black power! ✊.
LogicalSuppository 4 kun oldin
Now change Black to White and see what was wrong with your statement. Sir, you make me sad. I hope you are a good person even though you are being racist right now. I get that it comes from a place of hurt and pain, but you should try to heal rather than hurt. Otherwise you are not different from those extreme feminazis who hate all men. Two wrongs do not make a right. Have a nice day.
Zes 6 kun oldin
Everyone smiling so damn hard at the dude with the plaid shirt
Girl Fieri
Girl Fieri 6 kun oldin
Why does she assume that just because someone is white,they don’t know how to properly care for their dreads.
Danosauruscreck 6 kun oldin
Abib is the man Can you do one with a mixed bag, maybe do all Americans think the same. But actually ask better questions lol. And idk about the police one because I just honestly think they said what it really is, poor people. I have the same feeling every time I get pulled over, but it's because I've been fucked up by the police for no reason before, and it only takes one time to think any cop is out to beat you up for fun. NYC is a tough city for anyone who isn't rich, that's just how I feel about that
Lauryn 6 kun oldin
I don’t really mind when white people wear black hairstyles. Most of the time they look foolish anyways. But I’d prefer white people admiring our culture over them systemically oppressing us.
Lauryn 13 soat oldin
Marlon Moncrieffe lmao is that a real question or did you just wanna piss me off?
Marlon  Moncrieffe
Marlon Moncrieffe 13 soat oldin
What systematic oppression? We have had equal rights for how long now?
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown 6 kun oldin
When I tapped on this ik this was gonna be hella good👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Timepiece Enthusiasm
Adib seems like a homie I get along with
CrimsonSlayer7 6 kun oldin
"If you dont like it, it ain't on me it's on you." Love it
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe 6 kun oldin
"their aceepted worldwide like visa"LMFAOOO true tho
th k
th k 6 kun oldin
this video was much more entertaining than the one with the whities
Leila Guluzade
Leila Guluzade 6 kun oldin
I saw a white people video before this. And most of them did not say they were proud to be white! I am so disappointed, why can’t we just own and be proud to be white?
Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki
someone offers me a one-way ticket to become white, do you accept?
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 6 kun oldin
*a genuinely funny/ creative comment* = 10 comments *one small comment about racism* = 300+ comments...🙄
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe 6 kun oldin
The last question. I literally shouted "HELL YEA!!!" lmfaoo i love being black although its difficult as all hell.
DRO CITY 6 kun oldin
Why in the white people video you all asked more in depth questions while in this video y’all asked “is Kanye invited to the cook out” 😂😂😂
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe 6 kun oldin
im kinda upset they put a biracial girl in here instead of a non biracial african american girl! i think biracial black people should have their own video. They dont go through the same experiences.non biracial.blacks do at all
Tom A
Tom A 7 kun oldin
What has the world come to?
kemiade24 7 kun oldin
Do all youtubers think the same
Sam Mo
Sam Mo 7 kun oldin
Adib shouldn't even be there, he's east african and totally negating the african american history and plight, they're all still black, but his experience isn't mutual to the others in that room so his lack of empathy and insensitivity is SHOWING. He needs to learn to speak with context & empathy. So embarrassing! I'm a black/east african person myself as well and i'm so disappointed in him. this is why there is such a divide among black people across the world, from afro latinas, black brazilians, africans, african americans, black indigenous people of australia, +. We are all in some way systematically oppressed wherever we are, so we need to come together with understanding and openness. Not always try to sound like the smartest person in the room you know. also, the questions? so embarrassing jubilee. Sounds like ya'll took it straight from twitter.
Sam Mo
Sam Mo 5 kun oldin
princetongirl818 I clearly said that there was a divide and if it was going to be all black people, make it all different black people. In this case it was just African Americans VS 1 african and this african speaking on the african american experience even though it ISNT mutual to the entire BLACK experience. ALL BLACK PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE SAME CULTURE. COOK OUTS ARE NOT AFRICAN CULTURE, ITS AA culture. Fried chicken stereo types pertain to AA not all black people, ETC, but go off!
princetongirl818 5 kun oldin
the title of the video was “do all *black people* think the same” NOT “african americans”. in fact they shouldve included black people from other countries. he wasnt insensitive, it was HIS opinion. the fact that you cant understand that people from your community have different opinions than you and refuse to have a hivemind mentality says a lot about you. the questions were disappointing, though.
X Life 1.0
X Life 1.0 7 kun oldin
Is the lady with the red sweatshirt Fantasia sister ? 😂😭
Rona 7 kun oldin
Okay why is the first question “I enjoy fried chicken” but on the white people video it was a whole different mood. As if African Americans can’t be serious enough to answer in depth questions.
Meshea462 7 kun oldin
Black people get discriminated against things in their culture but when another race that is more socially accepted does it it’s considered edgy
rpenguinboy 7 kun oldin
lol the backlash at 3:41
applejuicyjuice 7 kun oldin
Muja ♥️ speak on it
joshualup10 7 kun oldin
Of course you gotta act different in a business meeting versus on the basketball court.
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe 6 kun oldin
Its also around regular everyday white ppl. Not just in business settings
Zena Rose
Zena Rose 7 kun oldin
Is adib Ethiopian?
Dominique Akins
Dominique Akins 7 kun oldin
That's exactly what I thought. Or, mixed (Arab and Black).
I AP 7 kun oldin
POLICE same around the world 👎
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose 7 kun oldin
every time i see one of their videos, i ask myself, do all ____ people think the same way? of course not. no one color, sex, employee, or sexuality are the same. people need to realize that everyone is different- and celebrate it, accept it, and treat everyone with respect.
Adam 7 kun oldin
I'm proud to be black - Empowering I'm proud to be white - racist
Gisa R.
Gisa R. 7 kun oldin
Die Bitch333
Die Bitch333 7 kun oldin
Do all humans think the same?
Spicy Bunny
Spicy Bunny 7 kun oldin
Adib seems like the kind of guy people would pick last for a group project. Not because he's a bad person, but because he'll debate all the research.
Lucas Corbisier
Lucas Corbisier 7 kun oldin
Is whites we don’t have the right hair for dreds
Loc Tran
Loc Tran 7 kun oldin
This more interesting than Ninja
Anya Manson
Anya Manson 7 kun oldin
Kanye was sayin’ that slavery mentally is a choice like today most of us are enslaved mentally and we deny it so much that we don’t even believe it
daff152 7 kun oldin
Why do biracial people always have to putt hat out there that they are biracial like that separates from black struggles. You still black sis
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe 6 kun oldin
Because they do seperate from black struggles...same goes for blacks raised in the suburbs vs blacks raised in the hood...black ppl are just extremely dysfunctional (same goes for other races to but AAs are just....whew)
Zaire Floyd
Zaire Floyd 7 kun oldin
I feel like some of these questions were stereotypical ... fried chicken and cookouts really???
freckled fox
freckled fox 8 kun oldin
I want to hang out with the guy in the plaid shirt so bad. He seems like a cool dude.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 8 kun oldin
This was the best one
Charles Devine
Charles Devine 8 kun oldin
I want to see the same video in Africa, chin- - no North Korea and Japan, Europe, and Mexico. And the same countries included with the white version
Mr. Game Zombie
Mr. Game Zombie 8 kun oldin
The thing is, the reason there are more black people in prison is because more of them commit crimes than whites. And that’s not a racist comment, that’s a fact. And it’s upsetting that cops are being berated because it’s believed that they target blacks when it’s not as common as you would think. I’m not denying that there is probably some racists cops, (because there is some out there) but that being said, it’s very exaggerated.
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