Do All Trump Supporters Think the Same?

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We brought Trump supporters together to see where they stand on issues related to Donald Trump.
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23-Dek, 2018



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Jubilee 3 oy oldin
Hey everyone - thanks for watching episode 2 of Spectrum! Regardless of our own opinions, we aim to create a safe space to share a diversity of other opinions. Editor's Note: We've flipped the visual image in the edit because we found it was confusing to have "Agree" on the left and "Disagree" on the right. As a result, any text on clothing is flipped, but aside from that, no alterations have been made and the participants' responses are true and accurate. Apologies for the inconvenience and hope you understand!
gamerfever13 0904
gamerfever13 0904 14 kun oldin
I like this because it shows opinions of others and respect
Shannon Quinn
Shannon Quinn 21 kun oldin
Jubilee just wanna say thanks for posting this, it's definitely hard today to be a Trump supporter and it's good to hear others who do support Trump, like me, speaking out thanks for letting our voice be heard
ozkan cil
ozkan cil 22 kun oldin
+Tookish u turkish?
Martin Herbert
Martin Herbert 22 kun oldin
Marina P hoo*
Martin Herbert
Martin Herbert 22 kun oldin
Marina P booo hook
Adrianna Morales
Adrianna Morales 3 daqiqa oldin
I definitely don’t agree with these people’s choice but they do open my eyes to see another perspective and they also seem like very respectable people who calmly speak of their thoughts and listen to others.
Young Chungus
Young Chungus 47 daqiqa oldin
I agree to a wall
Young Chungus
Young Chungus 48 daqiqa oldin
Good video
Ghalia Elby
Ghalia Elby 2 soat oldin
Why cant people just be one race??
Cameron Ramsay
Cameron Ramsay 2 soat oldin
“I come from a middle class family and don’t have money” middle class is so much better than working class middle class you still can have money
Big.N 2 soat oldin
Black and a trump supporter? Canceled. Every time.
Oliver 3 soat oldin
They all spoke so elequently and sounded so well educated; they make me proud!
Olta I
Olta I 5 soat oldin
5:08 aw sweet
Eric P
Eric P 6 soat oldin
WhoStoleMyFries 13 soat oldin
This is exactly the kind of delusion that politicians like Trump thrive on. Cashing in on insecurities, religion, suppressed hatred is the new political model across the globe.
alex 20 soat oldin
The interalised racism is crazy...wowwww
Abby Phillips
Abby Phillips Kun oldin
Wow. None of them made any sense. I am unaffiliated to political parties but this is nonsense
Actually not funny
why don't they put a microphone on the guy asking the questions?
Vic E
Vic E Kun oldin
Did this black guy just say issues of the black community are no different than issues of any community? Huh the stupidity
SS Robs
SS Robs 23 soat oldin
Vic E Then what's different?
De'Avionna Sanders
Joy thick lowkey😭🤪
Dakota Valdes
Dakota Valdes Kun oldin
Kaitlyn Jenner looking thick
Eyelash Kun oldin
Why I’m not part of politics lmaoooo
Eyelash Kun oldin
Sarah, the college student can’t get the scholarship because she isn’t part of the minority, for example if she was Asian she would get more benefits lmao it’s true tho
Cornisha Richmond
Keith is VERY annoying!
SS Robs
SS Robs 23 soat oldin
Cornisha Richmond You meant you're personally angry he disagrees with you.
Arturo Campos
Arturo Campos Kun oldin
SS Robs
SS Robs 23 soat oldin
Arturo Campos
Arturo Campos Kun oldin
This right here is a group of arrogant people
“Yeah he doesn’t tweet the best stuff but we all do that.” I’m sorry sweetie but he does it every god damn day
AdiBeee 2 kun oldin
At first I was like okay I don’t agree with you but you know it’s fine let me hear them out and I was fine and saw where they were coming from until the last question. WHY. America was never great. The fact that there is a great at the end of that sentence is one of the reasons why I don’t support him
Caguama Time
Caguama Time 13 soat oldin
Why was America never great?? Explain
Josephine Hope
Josephine Hope 2 kun oldin
I support trump he just trying to help us
kira h3art
kira h3art 2 kun oldin
That black man is a disgrace to his people and he is dismissed
kira h3art racist
maplecolor1 2 kun oldin
There's no higher abortion rates in Black communities
EsophagusEater67 2 kun oldin
maplecolor1 there are
maplecolor1 2 kun oldin
I don't see how any black person can support Trump
SS Robs
SS Robs 23 soat oldin
Because you're the actual bigote and think people's opinions should be based on what skin color they have.
EsophagusEater67 2 kun oldin
maplecolor1 because he’s a good president
Joram Ike
Joram Ike 2 kun oldin
I'm so confused about Gina. Trumps hates the LGBTQ+ but there they go support help me understand
Isabella rocks8
Isabella rocks8 2 kun oldin
Joram Ike no he doesn't
Onwaba Melane
Onwaba Melane 2 kun oldin
They all think the same
SS Robs
SS Robs 8 soat oldin
Onwaba Melane No its definitely you. You're just far too stubborn to understand it, and that's not okay. They stood on different lines for almost all the questions. And sometimes they moved after they heard other's arguments and reevaluated their opinions. Thats how it works for every single one of these videos. Thats why I'm saying you don't understand them. You just want to look down on people who have a different political affiliation and by extension different opinions than you. You're the problem here.
Onwaba Melane
Onwaba Melane 8 soat oldin
But like its cool u made a mistake thats all
Onwaba Melane
Onwaba Melane 8 soat oldin
The further they moved was to show how strongly they felt so they slide on different lanes and yah I understand u just commented not knowing what ur saying
SS Robs
SS Robs 9 soat oldin
Onwaba Melane So the answer no you don't understand the videos.
Onwaba Melane
Onwaba Melane 20 soat oldin
I understand ppl are getting pressured to change decisions
Gavin ASMR
Gavin ASMR 2 kun oldin
“I get death threats” - goes into disagree instead of strongly disagree -
Redis Shkreta
Redis Shkreta 2 kun oldin
4:00 she’s saying how illegals are getting scholarships but that’s probably because they worked harder for it. Instead of waving a flag at school how about you do your goddamn work so you can get one.
Lesley Reyes
Lesley Reyes 3 kun oldin
To that one white girl let me break it to you honey undocumented students get scholarships because they work there ass of. To make their parents proud and be something in life. At least you are part of the middle class. One last thing if you would start working harder for those scholarships instead of just wating for it to come you might have had one already honey
My small world
My small world 3 kun oldin
I’m glad they got a diverse group of people but we all know 99% of Trump supporters are old white people.
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
My small world Or you have your own preconceived misconceptions because you think in stereotypes.
kayla marie
kayla marie 3 kun oldin
shes the one who wore the “build the wall” dress at the grammys
Howtoeditforyou :D
Howtoeditforyou :D 3 kun oldin
I’m proud of European culture! You shall not build a wall I’m moving back to Europe!
Teemu 4 soat oldin
+SS Robs we sure need against people from Islamic countries and fast.
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
Howtoeditforyou :D No body's stopping you. But some may say Europe needs a wall even more.
SetTrender 3 kun oldin
I’m convinced *Keith* isn’t black
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
SetTrender I'm convinced you don't know what makes someone black
SetTrender 3 kun oldin
Keith has to be an industry plant
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
SetTrender You have to be a planted fruit.
Maddi Boyer
Maddi Boyer 3 kun oldin
“Is trump a good role model for kids?” Lady in the blue dress: he doesn’t always tweet the best stuff BUT he has PrInCipLeS ... ma’am I’m gonna need some specific textual evidence for that claim
Trayia Beals
Trayia Beals 3 kun oldin
Trying to watch this with an open mind but the CONTRADICTING nature of their comments was truly painful to watch. I disliked the video purely for the people involved not the actual channel.
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
Trayia Beals Not really what the dislike button is for but regardless what did you hate about their opinions so much?
Jaz&Kash. 3 kun oldin
soooo im still trying to figure since when was Trump EVER a good role model??!?
Teemu 4 soat oldin
Always the best president ever. We in europe should also ban all islamic people from raping our citizens.
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
Jaz&Kash. Always
Надия Якубова
Watching this is like listening to nails on a blackboard 😅
SS Robs
SS Robs 2 kun oldin
Надия Якубова Whys the board got to be black, racist?
The Coin Collector
The Coin Collector 3 kun oldin
Is Gina a woman, or a man?
Haley Bee
Haley Bee 3 kun oldin
The older black man is such a white people pleaser. I almost feel bad for him, growing up in the civil rights era and all and still ignore his past. Not only his past, but he's ignoring the issues that people still experience to this day. If you say that a black man's problems are no different than a white man's then you are choosing to be ignorant. If you can't admit anything else, you should at least acknowledge the fact that white and black people are treated differently.
SS Robs
SS Robs 3 kun oldin
Haley Bee In what way?
Maeve Moriarty
Maeve Moriarty 4 kun oldin
tell me she did not say “when i came out for donald trump” CAME OUT??
Nydia Stephenson
Nydia Stephenson 4 kun oldin
Wait... so every issue is important but black community isn’t?? Lmfaoo huh
SS Robs
SS Robs 3 kun oldin
Nydia Stephenson Maybe try watching again, because that's not even close to what was said.
Xitlali 4 kun oldin
I straight up am disgusted that people actually strongly agree that Trump is a good role model🤢 It’s one thing to support him but it’s another to kiss his ass like he’s so innocent and pure. These people need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that this guy is far from a good role model. I can’t believe this
Teemu 4 soat oldin
He is a good role model. We sould also in europe follow him and ban all islamic people from coming to europe.
Sullen Taylor
Sullen Taylor 4 kun oldin
If any of you can't understand what they are talking about you also watch CNN and hate Trump and you only hear what you want to hear.
Sealot 4 kun oldin
Turned this off when they were asked if trump was a role model. He is not a role model for children or adults.
raquel99gf 4 kun oldin
there was once a dinosaur that voted for the meteorite
Morbid Mizzy
Morbid Mizzy 4 kun oldin
Kynlee Shae
Kynlee Shae 4 kun oldin
Guys all these comments are sooo rude like seriously accept people’s opinions. I don’t agree with a lot of these commenters but I’m not hating on them just for their opinions. Trump supporters are human beings like all of y’all.
Kelly Perez
Kelly Perez 5 kun oldin
I just disagree with so many things they're saying but I heard them out but still disagree with pretty much everything they have said.. but it's ok we all have different beliefs. I personally do not think trump is fit to be president at all. I cant believe they actually elected him. He's just the worst sorry guys. Agree to disagree.
Pay and Bri Gaming
Pay and Bri Gaming 5 kun oldin
sweet samia
sweet samia 5 kun oldin
A black girl who's concerned for the hate towards police by blacks, a trans woman for trump, a latino who wants to build a wall and a white girl who things immigrants is why she isn't getting scholarships, and a black guy who can't distinguish black issues from all American issues. It took me all of 60 sec to realize that I clicked on a video of fun house characters.
Tine 5 kun oldin
What about healthcare as opposed to a wall? People spending hundreds on premiums a months to have pretty terrible coverage is an issue and impacts our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How did the Great Wall of China go? And to the college student, what a terrible view she has. No one stole her scholarship and no her grades didn’t plummet bc a political endorsement. This is terrible at best. Leaves so much to be desired and asks only the surface questions. Irking and unsettling.
Julian Antuna
Julian Antuna 5 kun oldin
They all agreed that trump is making America great again but I didnt hear a single solid point.
Julian Antuna
Julian Antuna 2 kun oldin
+EsophagusEater67 what kind of isolated arguing is that. I'm constantly seeing forecasts and futures dropping. So far there have been tons of huge drops and he does something every week that just makes it dip further. Does it go back too? Yes. But do you notice how more volatile it is now? Probably not
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
+Julian Antuna Trump has made the economy grow. No further questions.
Julian Antuna
Julian Antuna 3 kun oldin
+EsophagusEater67 the economy is unstable. Anyone can release the clamps and let it go up but when it all comes down again will it be before the end of trump's presidency or the start of a Democrat's and they have to clean another mess?
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
Julian Antuna economy booming
Julian Antuna
Julian Antuna 4 kun oldin
+Reigen Arataka that was going down since the last years of Obama. Next. Nobody is really getting money back when you owed more in taxes. Nobody got more the brackets just changed so it seems you get more every month but everyone also got less on their tax returns so it was a zero sum game.
anahi !
anahi ! 5 kun oldin
SS Robs
SS Robs 3 kun oldin
And what rights do either not have? Acceptance is not a right. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. What you probably meant was tolerance and it would just as illegal to hurt a black or gay person as anyone. Gay marriage is legal, as is people marrying of any race, obviously. Discrimination in terms of hiring practices and most other aspects is also very illegal. In fact if anything the opposite type of discrimination is in place in the form of affirmative action. So I ask again, what rights does either group need to fight for in modern society?
anahi !
anahi ! 5 kun oldin
Gabriel Black
Gabriel Black 5 kun oldin
I've noticed something. All the non trump supporters are commenting on this video. All of the trump supporters are commenting on their comments. Does this say something, cause I don't if it does. XD
Gabriel Black
Gabriel Black 3 kun oldin
pfffft, yeah "right". All the "best" facts
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
It says that the trump supporters have facts
Ahmed Osman
Ahmed Osman 5 kun oldin
You should ask if they agree on banning someone based on religion. For example, the Muslim ban
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
Ahmed Osman that wasn’t a ban on muslims. It was a ban on the top 13 most terrorism sponsoring countries that happened to be Muslim and Obama made that list
Abril Barraza
Abril Barraza 5 kun oldin
Tyanla Hayes
Tyanla Hayes 5 kun oldin
The fact that they giggled at the statement "trump is a good role model for our children" speaks volumes they don't take it serious 👀👀👀👀👀.........
Caroline S
Caroline S 5 kun oldin
Honestly, I don’t like trump, and I definitely don’t think he’s a role model for kids and I disagree with a lot of these peoples views, but at least they seem open to other opinions and are standing up for what they believe. 🤷🏼‍♀️
rachel taylor
rachel taylor 5 kun oldin
sounded to me like every one of those people were trump supporters
Nekii 5 kun oldin
They should do non trump supporters & trump supporters if they think the same .
SoulVibez 5 kun oldin
The contradiction of this group is like a Dave Chappelle sketch
Mel 5 kun oldin
“NaTiOnAL SeCuRiTy” this video made me want to shoot myself in the head...I literally can’t ughhhhhhhhhhhhh, there is a literal trans woman supporting a man who’s TRANSPHOBIC???????
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
Mel how’s he transphobic
iris e
iris e 5 kun oldin
trump supporters don't get why waving around trump flags upsets people? he blatantly disrespects minorities and talks illogically. i don't get why they all suck it up like he's preaching something wise and new
EsophagusEater67 2 kun oldin
alaska an example, not a claim that isnt true. Provide a link because I know you can’t
iris e
iris e 2 kun oldin
EsophagusEater67 for example he thinks mexicans are criminals and muslims terrorists. generalising negatively like that is racism. or eg his sexualisation of women. it is clear he is not here to support people of colour but to help white men stay rich
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
alaska example of discriminating against minorities?
iris e
iris e 5 kun oldin
ohh joy villa is that chick who turns up to red carpet events in pro life dresses. shes wack
Ethan Law
Ethan Law 5 kun oldin
He is delusional, a compulsive liar and too erratic to really run the country in a reasonable manor. I understand he sets out to do something to and most of the things he has said he will do he completes them however that isn’t really answering the question. It is about wether or not he is a role model for children. I think children should be taught that everybody can make mistakes but I don’t think that President Trump is a good role model from his hazy past to his controversial present.
VanDu 5 kun oldin
this comment section is aids
Rylek Rousell
Rylek Rousell 5 kun oldin
Can you do an episode on transgender people?
MsMusicAholic1 5 kun oldin
Trump is Racist and so are all of his supporters . Period.
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
MsMusicAholic1 example?
Richard Rackley
Richard Rackley 5 kun oldin
Don't hate me but I was looking at the dude the suit and hat on as if he were speaking when Gina started talking
zisforzoo16 5 kun oldin
I love how the black issue examples the two black people gave weren’t about the residuals of hundreds of years of oppression...it’s like they didn’t understand the question...and no building the wall will not slow down illegal immigration as most illegal immigrants are coming over legally, and are just overstaying their visas so a wall isn’t going to prevent illegal immigration...lol that girl said “benefits” but she most likely means a scholarship...what the American girl doesn’t realize is that she qualifies for financial aid, the immigrants don’t so most of them have to pay out of pocket so her school probably decided that they would offer a scholarship to undocumented students with excellent academic records. I don’t think a university would just allow students to attend their university for free just because...but hey what do I know...
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
zisforzoo16 You didn't answer the question, not sufficiently anyway. You just made a tremendous leap from naming past injustices (all of which not necessarily legitimate, more on that momentarily) and tied them to the present without actual correlation. I'm just going to mostly skip the housing topic all together, because frankly in doesn't really interest me personally but let's just say that youre over simplifying and overestimating it's overall impact like you are everything else here. Not to mention just skipping gaint gaps in American history that definitely did have impact on the situation, and bogging down everything in terms of black/white which it most certainly was not for everything you're discussing. I don't necessarily blame you for that but you atleast have to realize what a gross misinterpretation of history that is and completely ignores so much of the conversation and only acknowledges the parts that support your point. Now, the war on drugs is better topic that I'll willingly engage in because it is interesting to me. Like I was just saying about how you're falsely equating everything to race with housing, you surely must see that when it comes to drugs when you yourself have to add the whole entirety of the left anti war section to it. Is there a certain race associated with hippies in your mind? Why were they not feeling these residual effects the same way as the black community supposedly has? And while we're at it, "the false narrative that equated hippies with marijuana"? Really? I'm not saying Nixon didn't help to perpetuate that stereotype, but you're making it seem like the hippies themselves didn't do everything possible to make that sterotype real themselves. Don't get confused by what I've written so far and think that I agree with the war on drugs at all, I don't. I'll be the first to admit thats entirely the wrong way to combat and fix drug addiction all together. Drug addiction should be treated medically and psychologically, not through punishment that only perpetuates the problems further. HOWEVER, you're erasing personal responsibility itself, as you are for the larger conversation as a whole. Did Nixon or anyone else force people to become addicted to drugs? Did anyone make anyone else commit crimes? The answer is no. People choose to make those decisions themselves for the very vast majority of cases, especially when it comes to marijuana, cocaine, the sales of those two particular drugs, and the violence and crimes that stem from them. Is that your intent or is completely on accident and you honestly don't see thats what you're doing here? Just like I'm not making the case that the war on drugs is good, I'm also not making the case that no injustices or unfair treatment ever befell the African American community. But I'm also not going to let you ignore that bad behavior and poor choices shouldn't go unrewarded or go unnoticed. People are not all the same based on what race they are, or anything else for that matter. Everyone is an individual. Just like some white people have gone through hard times and faced poverty aswell (far more overall than the black community) and some have not managed to overcome that, the opposite is also true and members of the black community have received and seen enormous amounts of success through their own hard work and the good decisions they made. So I've got some very obvious questions for you. Do you not acknowledge those bad decisions had an impact aswell and are the fault of the people who made them? And what of the current society? Surely you don't disgree and think the same problems don't exist for any racial demographics today? More over, do you believe these supposed wrongdoings of the past are solely responsible for today's problems, even when systematic racism is nearly none existent today? As I was just saying poverty and drug addiction are very real within the white community aswell but the same levels of crime and incarnation are not. Please don't tell me you honestly believe that to be due to simply racism? Btw, I'm sure there's some opinions you don't like expressed above, remember this is just a conversation and are welcomed to disgree, I haven't began to be at all insulting towards you or your thoughts.
zisforzoo16 5 kun oldin
SS Robs during the 1930s after the First World War there was a surge in wealth, suburbs were a bi product of that, the issue was that African American people weren’t allowed to move into these suburbs...and I know what you’re thinking who cares it’s just some houses...well it’s not, with owning property it is akin to gathering wealth. White people would move into these neighborhoods, businesses would move into these neighborhoods and property value would rise, and when property value would rise white people would be able to sell those homes and acquire new larger properties...so while the white community was growing and booming, the black community was stagnant still stuck in the Great Depression, and what’s crazy is that in some states black people were actually forced to move into the inner cities...which leads to my next point which is education is fueled by property tax!!!! So after years of preventing African American communities of accumulating wealth, now we have to deal with going to horrible schools...next is the war on drugs which absolutely eviscerated the black community, when Nixon was President he was scared of two populations the anti war left (hippies) and African Americans which both communities had strong foundations in civil rights...Nixon started a false narrative that equated hippies with marijuana, and African Americans with cocaine...with this narrative they were able to justify horrible policing, they were raiding people’s homes, abused people on the street, treated people horribly all because Nixon was scared of civil rights... and what does that have to do with today? Well along with millions of people being thrown into prison, you lose your humanity when you receive a felony charge, so you can’t vote, you can’t receive welfare, in some states you aren’t eligible for financial aid so you can’t go back to school, and it is much much harder to get a job so you can’t support yourself!!! Let alone a family, so now black communities have all of this dead weight, which leads to massive poverty, and many mental, and emotional issues that parents unpack on our youth which leads to new problems. What’s scarier is that I don’t know everything, these are just some of the examples of residual racism from the past...this doesn’t even include new issues.
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
zisforzoo16 What residuals?
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 5 kun oldin
Protestants vs Catholics?
I don’t care That you broke your elbow
This video makes me mad. I understand that everyone has their own opinion and that’s ok. But I have my opinion aswell and I strongly disagree with all of them especially about the wall and race
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
I don’t care That you broke your elbow So why are you mad then? And what do you disgree with about race exactly?
Hallie Marie
Hallie Marie 5 kun oldin
4:00 not true. No school gives free college to anyone who is here illegally. It's incredible to me that this girl believes that. Just crazy.
Emma Elisha
Emma Elisha 5 kun oldin
As soon as I heard natural law from that guy I kinda tuned off honestly Trump is a good role model......what no matter how strong he is he's still an asshole, a role model INCLUDES how they act and how they treat ppl and trump is not a good person
Talon Sage
Talon Sage 6 kun oldin
Wow. I can't EVEN. I just can't. Wow.
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
Talon Sage Literally shaking?
Donut Worry
Donut Worry 6 kun oldin
this is what fachas americanos look like 🤩
Danosauruscreck 6 kun oldin
Can you do one with sjws next? That would be just as funny to me at least.
Danosauruscreck 5 kun oldin
+SS Robs hahaha or maybe they find out they don't think the and and it causes them ask to have some sort of internal crisis
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
Danosauruscreck Fair enough, that'll probably be one the few times they all actually do think alike though. Just 5 or 6 really sensitive brightly haired individuals crying about straight white male republicans/Trump for 10 minutes straight. That would be funny. Garentee they all call eachother some combination of sexist or racist in under 2 minutes.
Danosauruscreck 5 kun oldin
+SS Robs I noticed, but when they do it's mostly just like one or two really annoying ones, I wanna see a whole gaggle of them
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
Danosauruscreck They already sprinkle them in through out as it is. Check out the white people video to see what I mean. But yeah, a full video of only sjws would be entertaining.
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal 6 kun oldin
The black guy in the back is Libertarian
Lauryn 6 kun oldin
“The black mans dream is to get out of the hood” I love how ignorant people believe all black people are poor and live in the “hood”
Day T
Day T 6 kun oldin
Wait 9:20 bruh this be Joy i didn’t even recognize her
JohnnyNismo 6 kun oldin
I consider myself a centrist/moderate or whatever. I'm not far left or right. I found a lot of these opinions misinformed, broken, and/or illogical/irrational. It scares me that half of my country thinks in some of the ways that these people think or perceive the world.
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
Centrist WeirdChamp
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
JohnnyNismo Such as?
RyanTabes 6 kun oldin
Peter Paul looking pretty fine 😍😏
Cas Harris
Cas Harris 6 kun oldin
So many brainless people in one room.
Mariana Chung
Mariana Chung 6 kun oldin
Statistics say that only about less than 1% of the millions of immigrants, that are in the US, were reported to have criminal background or have participated in a criminal action. So what that boy said about all immigrants being criminals is 100% of a lie!!
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
Mariana Chung A. REPORTED B. All illegal immigrants are technically criminals by default.
Madeline Loyd
Madeline Loyd 6 kun oldin
8:47 You really are pushing that you couldn’t go to college because of immigrants but it sounds like you don’t really try You earn your grades They aren’t given to you You earn scholarships They are given to the most deserving I’m sorry but you don’t try
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
Madeline Loyd minorities get them free
Madeline Loyd
Madeline Loyd 6 kun oldin
7:33 WTF A president should only be a role model for ‘American Men’ So children shouldn’t look up to the LEADER OF THE COUNTRY and think ‘Oh, I want to be like (them) one day’ That makes sense
theo amentas
theo amentas 6 kun oldin
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
Farah 6 kun oldin
Okay..im shocked cus the voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:59
raven devil99
raven devil99 6 kun oldin
Trump has coloured supporters....what......🤯🤯🤯🤯
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
pretty sure all people are colored
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 kun oldin
raven devil99 There's too much to even address there so I'll just say "coloured".
Edd Palencia Vanegas
I watched this to allow myself to have an insight about Trump supporters ideas.... But it's really hard to understand their stupidity, gush
th k
th k 6 kun oldin
get rid of them all
th k
th k 2 kun oldin
EsophagusEater67 I just said you can’t be racist to white people.. what’s not clicking
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
th k you’re racist as well btw gimp
th k
th k 3 kun oldin
EsophagusEater67 can’t be racist to white people sweetie
EsophagusEater67 3 kun oldin
th k you said sure “whitey”
th k
th k 3 kun oldin
EsophagusEater67 I never mentioned their race but ok
Lorr Alexx
Lorr Alexx 6 kun oldin
Shorty in the blue dress kinda fine 🤷🏽‍♂️ dont @ me
Mrs. Edwards-Alexander
I'm late to this...I want nothing more than to understand the "other side" but I can't....this is a group of people who seem to not know all the facts, or even history. They are trying to live as if everyone is equal...the America we HOPE for...but the issue is that there is a lot more work before we get to a point where true equality can begin. If you feel like you can just wake up and the country have a clean slate from this point on, you're delusional or privileged. Trump supporters yell at the top of their lungs about their own specific issues or a specific issue without seeing the big picture, outside of their own boxes. This is the cause of the rift between Trump supporters and non-supporters. I've had a discussion with a trump supporter and even though I could acknowledge some of her points as valid and even agree with some, she could not do the same. The middle ground is hard to come to on some issues.
shizu the wolf
shizu the wolf 6 kun oldin
I just turned 18 about 4 months ago. I have no idea what to think about politics. I also don’t know who I support. All I know is what my parents believe and What i have heard from all the adults around me. I just want people to get along no matter what but, that may or may not happen for however long. I am young and inexperienced in the way the world works. People make mistakes and they may learn from them but I don’t think people should have their freedom of speech taken away. I know some may not agree with me and that’s fine but I can believe what I want just as you can believe what u want.
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