Do All Trump Supporters Think the Same?

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We brought Trump supporters together to see where they stand on issues related to Donald Trump.
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Note from Jubilee: Jubilee does not endorse or advocate for or against any opinions shared in this video. On set and in our content, we aim to create a safe space for sharing a diversity of opinions and ultimately inspire empathy.
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23-Dek, 2018

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Jubilee 27 kun oldin
Hey everyone - thanks for watching episode 2 of Spectrum! Regardless of our own opinions, we aim to create a safe space to share a diversity of other opinions. Editor's Note: We've flipped the visual image in the edit because we found it was confusing to have "Agree" on the left and "Disagree" on the right. As a result, any text on clothing is flipped, but aside from that, no alterations have been made and the participants' responses are true and accurate. Apologies for the inconvenience and hope you understand!
Joey Down
Joey Down 19 soat oldin
We need more of this series.
Dr.4c Kun oldin
You guys should do one with the opposite now. Do all anti-trump(ers?) think alike.
Alexander Simmons
Alexander Simmons 6 kun oldin
Jubilee where’s the all white people think the same video
Everything Utube
Everything Utube 7 kun oldin
I wish I could take part in one of these
Shannequa The Sadist
You should put someone who isn't part of the group on trial and only reveal who that is at the end!
spring roll
spring roll 39 daqiqa oldin
Who’s the black lady
No Name
No Name 41 daqiqa oldin
God, it's so... itchy... to hear these answers and not be able to respond to them. I vehemently disagree with almost all of their points. Donald Trump is in no way, shape, or form a good role model for children (or for adults). He is a proven liar, and a quick visit to any fact checking website at all will provide multiple sources to confirm that. He is unwilling to compromise, even when his demands are entirely unreasonable and emotionally driven. He is quick to anger and insult, and is never willing to listen to any other perspectives on the issues with an open mind. He thinks (really assumes, because he doesn't think anything) that he is an expert on everything, despite literally bragging about being uneducated during speeches, in order to better relate to his voter base, which is ridiculous in itself. He embarrasses the United States every single time he interacts with foreign leaders (except for his beloved Putin, of course), including our closet allies in Europe. It is absolutely asinine that he is taken seriously by anyone at all. He is ruining the government, and if there is any intelligence left in this godforsaken country, he will never get to serve a second term as president. I will say that I did like the guy in the bowler hat's response to the wall though. It is important that we fix immigration by simplifying the process. It is too difficult to gain citizenship, and that is why we have so many undocumented immigrants living here illegally. We do not need to build a wall to keep people out. We simply need to build a path to citizenship, while maintaining reasonable standards.
Nonya Bizz
Nonya Bizz 2 soat oldin
So really a wall is why these people voted for Trump. It's easy to target and blame all of your problems on a group of people that cannot fight or defend themselves publicly. We have done it in the course of all of world history. We have much bigger issues to worry about, a wall is not fixing anything. Check your facts and insecurities and actually see what the real problems are.
Nonya Bizz
Nonya Bizz 2 soat oldin
"The black runs and he fights back", this guy hates himself.
Valerie Pritt
Valerie Pritt 3 soat oldin
Amanda Lee Garza
Amanda Lee Garza 3 soat oldin
Natural law boyyy lmao I hate this man
Amanda Lee Garza
Amanda Lee Garza 3 soat oldin
Lmaoooo he said all our issues are the same boyyy💀💀
Leigha Gippo
Leigha Gippo 4 soat oldin
the woman wearing the blue dress is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS
Frank Baptiste
Frank Baptiste 5 soat oldin
I do not understand this even though they're giving these example less than understand why first of all there's in lgbtq person in here II there is a black man in here third there is this guy that was saying that he got spit on and then the KKK he saw something or Donald Trump shaking the hand of the KKK fourthly I just don't understand how you kind of disagree on how black people problems are they don't matter as much they do matter just like everybody else's like car problems matter
SB Syncings
SB Syncings 5 soat oldin
Someone tell me how is trump racist
Jalen Taylor
Jalen Taylor 5 soat oldin
They all said he’s making America great again...how? What evidence do you have to support that ? What has he actually done that’s been beneficial to the country?? I’m waiting...
Braydin Sims
Braydin Sims 7 soat oldin
This honestly makes me so happy to see people who aren’t scared to share their opinion about trump. Nowadays, people automatically shut others down for agreeing with trump, so it’s nice to see people not be afraid to express their opinion. As a fellow trump supporter, this gives me peace. (Btw, idc what you say, I’m not sorry for supporting trump nor will I ever be, so please don’t waste your time by trying to persuade me otherwise)
Zaida Wilson
Zaida Wilson 7 soat oldin
Remember when Keith said it's not the end of the world. Well it is now
Kourtnee Lynch
Kourtnee Lynch 7 soat oldin
Hint: Not every black man is from the “hood”
Moe White
Moe White 8 soat oldin
That "he has principles and he stands for what he believes" argument is so lame. Like, everyone has principles? You could say something like "Mussolini was an alright guy because he had principles", it makes no sense. Maybe say what you LIKE about his principles, not just that you like that he has them.
Zander E
Zander E 8 soat oldin
why is there a trap there please delete
war 9 soat oldin
Even though i disagree with keith a lot hes a cool guy
Nikatha Queen
Nikatha Queen 9 soat oldin
Sarah is selfish , yea they didn’t work hard for scholarships but that doesn’t mean you stop trying hard to receive one also .
Jonathan Love
Jonathan Love 10 soat oldin
Black dude killed it for me... couldnt get past him
Mali Graham
Mali Graham 10 soat oldin
This negro Keith.. smh
Jack S
Jack S 10 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Star 11 soat oldin
I’m 100% not a trump supporter but my best friend is and I don’t care even a little bit it doesn’t matter to me because she’s her own person and I don’t think he’s as bad as people say he is at times
your mom
your mom 11 soat oldin
if gun laws won't stop gun violence how will a wall stop emigration
Jeniffer Enriquez
Jeniffer Enriquez 3 soat oldin
I agree very much, but spell immigration correctly so the trump supporters won't come at you.
Brooklyn Crespo
Brooklyn Crespo 11 soat oldin
I wanna know how they feel about the Muslim band??😡
coco_ bhadie_
coco_ bhadie_ 13 soat oldin
why am i here
My JinjΙ Falls
My JinjΙ Falls 13 soat oldin
America was built by immigration
sisi429 13 soat oldin
This video shows how main stream media is villainizing Trump supporters. Every major media source predicted Hillary would win and Trump won! Just because Democrats are more vocal doesn't mean they are right! Just because the media reports one way doesn't mean it's unbiased.
Marin Prusac
Marin Prusac 14 soat oldin
This video shines my day!
Marin Prusac
Marin Prusac 14 soat oldin
This video shines my day!
maggierose Ray
maggierose Ray 15 soat oldin
Abir Kazi
Abir Kazi 16 soat oldin
I very much enjoyed this video.
Sali D
Sali D 17 soat oldin
Trump supporters make me sick and I’m not even from America 😂🇬🇧
Rokki Fofana
Rokki Fofana 19 soat oldin
Although I disagree with a lot of the thing they say, this video was interesting to watch.
Catz 19 soat oldin
DESTINI FAME 22 soat oldin
I don't support the president but I'ma listen to these people opinions
Salizwa Nongauza
Salizwa Nongauza 22 soat oldin
I hate that high school teacher
Spicy Ramen
Spicy Ramen Kun oldin
I wonder what they think of him now. Sure. Sure. He's making aMeRiCa GrEAt aGaIN WoOoOoOoOoOoOo
saucegxy Kun oldin
Not gonna lie, Gina pissed me off.
Jayinthemix _
Jayinthemix _ Kun oldin
So, grabbing women by their vaginas, putting PEOPLE in cages, and shutting down the government is a good role model... 🤔
Jayinthemix _
Jayinthemix _ Kun oldin
I cannot be believe the coontastic statement that came out of Keith’s mouth about the black community issues🙄
Layla K
Layla K Kun oldin
ya'll this was hard to watch
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Kun oldin
I saw so much contradiction, my nerves fried. Like so much within the people in this video.
SS Robs
SS Robs 13 soat oldin
Ella Smith Care to name the contradictions?
LifeAsAdama Kun oldin
Gina is trans and supports trump I can’t wrap my head around that why support a present who doesn’t support you and is trying to take away your safety rights and doesn’t want gender neutral bathrooms
leedle leedle leedle lee
I'm not really into politics but I'm pretty sure he supports trans if not tell me what I'm missing
Taylor B
Taylor B Kun oldin
My only comment is that insulting people is not helping anything.
Chrissy Boo
Chrissy Boo Kun oldin
Keith sir , I - ok
Razberry monstah
It's sad to see all these wonderful opinions on the republicans spectrum but no one wants to talk about them in the comments. They just want to talk about trump or the wall or illegal immigrants.
coolest freshman ever
can we get a feelsbadman for all of the people who are taking offense to peoples opinions and telling them why they’re wrong in a disorderly fashion. why not just respect people’s opinions on things and have your own? i identify as republican and dont agree with some of the things these people said, but i dont rant about how wrong they are and how much of a disgrace they are. it’s just immoral.
Victoria B
Victoria B Kun oldin
I think I had a stroke...Can someone comment one good thing Trump has done since entering his presidency? I'm asking for a friend
Dick Mittens
Dick Mittens Kun oldin
Do all brainwashed people think the same?
Meatballs Yes 2
Meatballs Yes 2 Kun oldin
There aren’t any natural laws about who you’re attracted to or what you want to be, if it was a natural law then it would be unstoppable and unable to be broken. What that guy said was just an excuse for bigotry..
Rachel Hodge
Rachel Hodge Kun oldin
Lady in the blue dress cut from the community, black card revoked!!
Fifi Oginni
Fifi Oginni Kun oldin
that black high school teacher is responsible for educating our future?! excuse me?! he has clearly on been reading from a 1996 social studies curriculum. i pray he sees the light of day. a black man?! im disgusted and saddened
Ebony Coleman
Ebony Coleman Kun oldin
Joy is brainwashed
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Kun oldin
I like the the guy in the hat. I thought alot of what they said was wrong but I still respect them. And who is that woman in the dress, am I the only one who didn't know she was famous till she said she was
Sofia-Alex Parlando
Who also wanted to smash there phone on the ground ...
Orla perry
Orla perry Kun oldin
Stan Heize
Stan Heize Kun oldin
i lost some braincells watching this
Bean Ghghdhgh
Bean Ghghdhgh Kun oldin
The highschool teacher is the best
Tropix Kun oldin
These comments make me laugh. Ima stick with Trump cuz I enjoy having more money in my pocket 💵
Clementina Franceschi
sorry Sarah but girl you didn’t get a scholarship because you weren’t smart enough and that illegal or daca semilegal was and worked harder than you. don’t participate in these type of videos until you can defend your opinions with intelligence. Don’t be ignorant like that. It doesn’t look good on you.
GoldyLox Kun oldin
I thought Gina was my spanish teacher for a second
NikolajMic Kun oldin
Joy Villa is actually on spotify
Jasmine Emery
Jasmine Emery Kun oldin
I wonder if they still feel this way.
leila glassey
leila glassey Kun oldin
This video was honestly really interesting. But it did twist my stomach a little bit. Bc I have the opposite opinion about almost everything they said... I shook about them saying he's a great role model for CHILDREN... OMG Yeah sure if you want your children to be close minded, with very little empathy, no respect for women... I'm getting carried away... It was still very interesting to hear their point of view.
Joshua Eseer
Joshua Eseer Kun oldin
Latin brother and Black brother got some self hate going on.
ria reed
ria reed Kun oldin
Don’t like mainstream politics, in fact I hate politics but it’s nice to see that not every trump supporter is a redneck cousin kissing beer drinking straight white male. 😂
Such a Bad Ash
Such a Bad Ash Kun oldin
I'll keep mean comments to myself but these individuals are delusional
Chyna Green
Chyna Green Kun oldin
If Keith was my high school teacher, I’d lose hope.
Landry Coday
Landry Coday Kun oldin
the mixed woman is honestly STUNNNINGG
junglespark Kun oldin
Omgggggggggg y’all that is Olivia Pope’s dad! I bet he’s a secret super spy too 🤣
junglespark Kun oldin
“Keith” The “high school teacher” mmmhmm 🐸☕️
Alex Bravo
Alex Bravo 2 kun oldin
"It's not a matter of racial issues. It's a matter of national security." National security and racism share a very tight link in this country. If the argument is about illegal immigrants are "slapping the faces" of those who are waiting to come here legally, then it is our responsibility as Americans to facilitate the pathway to legal citizenship. No one ever stops to think about why people immigrate to this country illegally. Everybody in this country (save for the indigenous tribes of native americans) is the descendant of a long line of illegal immigrants, and through historical, cultural skews, dominant ethnic and socioeconomic groups dictate who is and isn't allowed in this country, how they are allowed into this country, and why they are allowed into this country. This concept has been perpetuated again and again. It becomes a matter of race when the concept of a wall is introduced on the southern border, but no other border. It becomes a matter of race when immigrants are stereotyped, exploited, and marginalized.
Alex Bravo
Alex Bravo 2 kun oldin
"The same issues of the black community affect all communities" This is not true at all. Different social groups experience differing forms of oppression, and a hierarchy of oppression does not exist. White people do not experience the same issues as people of color; LGBTQ people do not experience the same issues as heterosexual people. Able people do not experience the same issues as disabled people. Though we are all Americans, ignoring our own social diversities and falling into the "colorblind" mentality, oppression becomes justifiable in a way. It is our responsibility as Americans to foster diversity and inclusion as those are the roots of this country.
SS Robs
SS Robs Kun oldin
Alex Bravo What are some issues that are exclusive to one group but not another?
Yes Qween
Yes Qween 2 kun oldin
jesus Santiago
jesus Santiago 2 kun oldin
Gina is a guy
Squishy Bangtan
Squishy Bangtan 2 kun oldin
I just want an educated president that doesn’t act like a 5yo and doesn’t tweet like a child throwing a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way again.
Atay 2 kun oldin
Trump will never make America great again because of the simple fact that America was never great. When has America ever been great.
Anakin Sandwalker
Anakin Sandwalker 2 kun oldin
4:52 Johnason was like: I want to disagree, but there’s a transgender right behind me, what am I gonna do😵😵😵
Brooklyn Koellner
Brooklyn Koellner 2 kun oldin
i personally do not support trump. but i will say that these people seem very open minded about current issues which i think is great.
Squishy Bangtan
Squishy Bangtan 2 kun oldin
Today I learned that no matter how bad you are, people will support you. Smh
Conner Rain
Conner Rain 2 kun oldin
Unpopular opinion but this comment section a little salty...
Brainz 2 kun oldin
y’all this is during the government shutdown.. i really have to laugh.
下iяетоne 2 kun oldin
“that drives us all a little bit nuts,” that Gina won’t have anymore . . .
Carolinez101 2 kun oldin
Since when was marriage between the same sex an "extra privilege"? ( 6:01 )
Islande Fils
Islande Fils 2 kun oldin
Ok “Gina” sounds like trump n the black guy with the purple shirt disappoints me. I won’t watch this pffft
Aegir 2 kun oldin
This isint an accurate representation it should of been all white dudes with one white lady
Bentley Fisher
Bentley Fisher 2 kun oldin
so many snowflakes in the comments, grow up
Hooded Arrow
Hooded Arrow 2 kun oldin
TFW almost everyone in the comments is a liberal snowflake calling ILLEGAL immigrants all right,and just undeserved pure hatred toward trump and his supporters
DANGER SOUNDS 2 kun oldin
0:56 plot twist
EJ H 2 kun oldin
Gotta love that misfits trump shirt.
LivyWeird 2 kun oldin
3:20 You're paying for it now, suckers
Dominique Ricketts
Dominique Ricketts 2 kun oldin
Mr. Keith, what you said about black people’s issues being the same as other races’ issues, is invalid. White people do not have to fear getting shot at by a police officer when getting pulled over.
Kayla Polo
Kayla Polo 2 kun oldin
This black guy is A UNCLE TOM
Abio genesis
Abio genesis 2 kun oldin
im glad you put up this video knowing the feedback you would receive.
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 2 kun oldin
Johnathon: "it's not a matter of race" But brings up race and tries to pin black vs brown. "What about the black dreamers". Well sweetie, DACA recipients come from all parts of the world. We have DACA recipients from Africa, Asia, Middle East to Latin America...heck even some white European DACA recipients. Secondly we do not disclose our status when applying for jobs, only after being hired and we signed our offer letters. The wall does not and will not stop undocumented immigrants. As I meantioned, we come from all over the world. To assume we all cross from the border is naive. Lastly 1 in 3 undocumented folks have a felony? I need them sources
Benedikt Birnuson
Benedikt Birnuson 2 kun oldin
Is he a good role model? No, he has sexually assaulted multiple people
Louis Gang
Louis Gang 2 kun oldin
Get it Gina
Rohan Shetty
Rohan Shetty 2 kun oldin
3:36 that is statistically wrong. Not bashing his view or anything just saying
Alex 2 kun oldin
Who is the woman in the blue dress
Senpai Nertified
Senpai Nertified 2 kun oldin
I think she's from the movie Austin Powers goldfinger
Sanaa K
Sanaa K 2 kun oldin
You mean to tell me, she's transgender and doesn't strongly agree with supporting the lgbt community??
Johnae McGraw
Johnae McGraw 2 kun oldin
Did she just say Trump is making America woke?! Lord Jesus take the wheel