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From why termites eat to wood to whether conjoined twins need to buy separate movie tickets, we answer some of your most burning questions about life
Pringle twitter.com/PringleTheOne
Doopie twitter.com/DoopieDoOver
Animated by: JAMESHARK twitter.com/jamesharknado
Written by: Mooclucking & Dolan
Music/SFX by: Epic Mountain Music epic-mountain.com/
Info Sources: pastebin.com/wWbmUYD2
Credits music: "Sugar Plum Dark Mix" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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28-Iyl, 2017

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Alexis White
Alexis White 2 soat oldin
Penguins are awsome
Gary Hoang
Gary Hoang 15 soat oldin
lili heart
lili heart Kun oldin
Cai Maver
Cai Maver Kun oldin
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce 11 soat oldin
What the fuck does that mean
Sue Shipman
Sue Shipman Kun oldin
I remember hearing a great horned owls hoot to keep me of their "territory" #PringleGotFreindZoned
Саша Мухин
9:44 JOJO Referens ?
Gabriel Aaron Cacho
What does Saturn and Earth Can be useful?
cutie cat omg
cutie cat omg 2 kun oldin
How does cancer happen?!?
Howling Heart
Howling Heart 2 kun oldin
1:11 Me: Sad
Thejackcraft10 2 kun oldin
Pringle is having a hard time in this video
gucah #Edward
gucah #Edward 2 kun oldin
Puingin more cool than punhins couse puinguin can breth in water can swim and they can belly slides
Tabea Game´s
Tabea Game´s 3 kun oldin
Lol friendzoned 😂
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 4 kun oldin
I like these two working together. It’s funny.
XD Snipa pug Puglife
If tomatoes are fruit Is ketchup a smoothie? Please answer I NEED to know!
King Rahzar
King Rahzar 4 kun oldin
* cough * * cough * HERE'S THE *REAL* DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PENGUINS AND PUFFINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUFFINS *FLY* PENGUINS *CAN'T* !!!!!!!!!!!!! *CASE CLOSED* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chemical Experiments Girl
Phantom_Wolf xX
Phantom_Wolf xX 4 kun oldin
Take that penguins 😂
Ok Then
Ok Then 4 kun oldin
Penguins are better, also why u hate on penguins :(
Rayan Rizvi
Rayan Rizvi 4 kun oldin
pringle is my sempie
CHEES3 4 kun oldin
Ya Know What's Slower Than Snails? INTERNET EXPLORER
journe cole
journe cole 4 kun oldin
Doopie penguin os the best and puffen the poo
Ethan Crim
Ethan Crim 4 kun oldin
Doopie x Pringle I ship them
929GraMMiTIcaL ERR0r
Pringle got FRIENDZONED 6:51
T N 5 kun oldin
I want to cheer penguin s
Misty Webb
Misty Webb 5 kun oldin
mike sio
mike sio 5 kun oldin
But puffins cant get water to clean if penguins go in water yes xd take dat there both equal mad lol
Little white Pony
Little white Pony 5 kun oldin
Penguins can swim very fast
Jenifer :D
Jenifer :D 5 kun oldin
And also how do mountains get formed
Jenifer :D
Jenifer :D 5 kun oldin
Doobie how did you even get on super Planet Dolan
ArticFoxPT Mapper
ArticFoxPT Mapper 5 kun oldin
Pringle's Status: *FRIENDZOOONE*
장재원 6 kun oldin
They are not rare i have one
Joshua Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez 7 kun oldin
GreenTheDragon 9
GreenTheDragon 9 7 kun oldin
0:46 - 0:48 Going Super Saiyan. 0:51 - 0:54 Genuinely disturbed.
Mal Harrison
Mal Harrison 7 kun oldin
frend zoned *dabs*
Dwayne Strube
Dwayne Strube 7 kun oldin
r we on earth or r we in earth to super planet dolan
Faith Nkanu
Faith Nkanu 7 kun oldin
pungwings ken swim
Shimu Akter
Shimu Akter 7 kun oldin
Zurc Noloc
Zurc Noloc 7 kun oldin
Poor pinguin can't fly😖😞😞😖I'm gonna make pinguins fly😤😤
Gabriel Extreme
Gabriel Extreme 7 kun oldin
What would happen if there was no thees
ManlyNinja _264
ManlyNinja _264 7 kun oldin
*O O O O H H H H*
Earth 7 kun oldin
wait....Planeet dolan.......ill make planet memes next to it! GENIUS!!!
Earth 7 kun oldin
i made art of pringles...very old... lost it :(
Tristan Lee
Tristan Lee 8 kun oldin
I lick pringle also can you see electric
Joshaunna Kemp-hernandez
zorgo diffuse 1:31
Joshaunna Kemp-hernandez
zorgo diffuse 1:30
Mr cop man Zzz
Mr cop man Zzz 9 kun oldin
2:50 when I have chocolate cake
Babycake iko
Babycake iko 9 kun oldin
Why do I need science class when I have this channel
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Gameimations 9 kun oldin
Marina Velazquez
Marina Velazquez 9 kun oldin
spinoraptorattack 10 kun oldin
Pringle is a pig
luna sky
luna sky 10 kun oldin
Morgan Derry
Morgan Derry 10 kun oldin
Merry me and KI$$ me
alan phan
alan phan 10 kun oldin
5 likes=1 Snail family saved
Galaxiaat :D
Galaxiaat :D 10 kun oldin
Wellllll, how do *I* not rust. I eat special K It gives you Iron…
alma lopez
alma lopez 11 kun oldin
What happened if wind pass the line and was STRONGER
alma lopez
alma lopez 11 kun oldin
3:59 omg plz no
alma lopez
alma lopez 11 kun oldin
I have pringles
Drus 13
Drus 13 11 kun oldin
I recently ate Pringles before I watch this video... LOL
Miguel Plays
Miguel Plays 11 kun oldin
Hooters are sexy
Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey 11 kun oldin
You need to download the game scribblenauts unlimited! IT'S AWESOME! I beat it in a few weeks
Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey 11 kun oldin
Like you said doopie THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE
rocker ayush
rocker ayush 11 kun oldin
what is the meaning of narwals
Brianna Biker
Brianna Biker 11 kun oldin
Penguins are my favorute animal
Black Dimensions
Black Dimensions 12 kun oldin
Why do people nut in November?
DeditatedWamborghini Pig
How Can Cats can survives falls?
Allen Froman
Allen Froman 12 kun oldin
Pringles the best and my favorite
the gaming trick ops 37
3:27 when I swear
the gaming trick ops 37
4:01 when I find out I getting a baby sister
Letthepartybe Team
Letthepartybe Team 14 kun oldin
2:39 me when i try a new food xD
Foxy Blaze
Foxy Blaze 14 kun oldin
Puffins? More like POOPINS!
Corazon Corpuz
Corazon Corpuz 14 kun oldin
I ask: *How does our mother’s belly decide what our gender is?*
Golden Ninja
Golden Ninja 13 kun oldin
Corazon Corpuz Not the mother’s belly. Sperm which comes from the father either contains an x or Y chromosome. If it carries a X chromosome, it’s a girl. If it carries a Y chromosome, it’s a girl
SweetToy13 14 kun oldin
Does Pringle eat Pringle’s?
Blue hood 57 and friends
Hahahaha pto ate wood but he dont now what a cupcake hahaha I'm dieing 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😑🤣😎😎😎
saber83scout 14 kun oldin
I like penguins
Maggie Seaton
Maggie Seaton 15 kun oldin
XD 😂
Izzavion Holmes
Izzavion Holmes 15 kun oldin
How do brains work
Lord Dramookie
Lord Dramookie 15 kun oldin
Penguin:Sqawk “covnverts language” Penguin: puffins are pure shit
Give me ice cream NOW! lol
Lol, is pringle a cat?
the ninja eevee
the ninja eevee 15 kun oldin
Why Dolan is so stupid for
Rexypoopoo PlayZ
Rexypoopoo PlayZ 15 kun oldin
I was eating cheese Pringle’s in this vid xd
Cassie Muladore
Cassie Muladore 15 kun oldin
Ahhhh awww ahhhhh awww
Vaughn Wilhite
Vaughn Wilhite 15 kun oldin
What if conjoined twins bought 2 tickets but at different times
Syd123 Wilson
Syd123 Wilson 15 kun oldin
\ / ' ' ___
jose miguel argueta monterrosa
I'm your biggest fan Mikey planet story
Theantivillager11 Gaming
6:51 freind zoned
lv14 charmander
lv14 charmander 15 kun oldin
So your saying if a have a calaco cat xx and one that is xxy i can braed them to make xxy
Linn Cathrin Bær Paulsen
progr1717 15 kun oldin
The video was so good...I love your videos! Okay. Now have a *GUA*
Richard McNutt
Richard McNutt 15 kun oldin
The first time. However the best of the 50th anniversary of a few days ago by the way, I am going to have
Norma Vizcayno
Norma Vizcayno 15 kun oldin
i ship pringle and doopie
pokemon gamer
pokemon gamer 15 kun oldin
I had male calaco cat
Tanya Utenda
Tanya Utenda 16 kun oldin
Hay at least pigwinzs arte cowered like puffiness woah fiy away take that puffiness
Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas 16 kun oldin
Why do people need proof psychopathic
Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas 16 kun oldin
I meant birth certificate
James Topper
James Topper 16 kun oldin
I said *do sapphire next*
Coraline Marsh
Coraline Marsh 16 kun oldin
Pringle loves Dopey am I right 😕
Beckett Aubee
Beckett Aubee 16 kun oldin
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez 16 kun oldin
0:57 that seems unfair
Dan Zittlow
Dan Zittlow 16 kun oldin
You are a hooter
Mr Gaming
Mr Gaming 16 kun oldin
What happens to your body when you eat trash?
Tameem Alfaiz
Tameem Alfaiz 16 kun oldin
What is this umm cupcake Pringle hajagsfahd
Dolan Kart
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