Do People Judge You Based On Lip Color?

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Fashion is about taking risks not matter what people think!
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12-Iyl, 2017

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Belal Hosa
Belal Hosa 3 kun oldin
Where in the world do u get Bright Green/light blue lipstick??????.
Gianna Iannucci
Gianna Iannucci 3 kun oldin
Your so pretty!!💗
Valeria Castaneda
Valeria Castaneda 4 kun oldin
I feel like the “green” lipstick is more blue.
ARMY LOVE 5 kun oldin
I like that black lipstick
孔霞 5 kun oldin
not good
Jessica Evie
Jessica Evie 6 kun oldin
3:30 she is wearing the same lip colour as the goth black 😯😯😯
Aierato Capello
Aierato Capello 6 kun oldin
I think if you wear maroon colour lip stick you look like you are the beautiful women in this world. And the black lip stick doesn't makes you look like a goth it makes you look like a good person 😍😍😍😍
Alden Elizabeth
Alden Elizabeth 8 kun oldin
Day 4 wasnt green... that’s blue or teal.
Alysta B
Alysta B 9 kun oldin
3:38 doggo!
none of your business what my name is
The green one pops to much and it makes you look like your a horrible person and you look like people would think she's ridiculous Edit :but I love you
Ruby Mortimer
Ruby Mortimer 11 kun oldin
I think she suited them all except the auqa, I think it’s because of her outfit though, if she had a brighter more vibrant outfit it would work better
Ruby Mortimer
Ruby Mortimer 11 kun oldin
Their answers are quite accurate
Maryam Raslan
Maryam Raslan 12 kun oldin
Red and black are baeeeee!!!
X O 12 kun oldin
Selorm is G O R G E O U S The pink wasnt the right shade she needs a different type of pink
Zoey's Studio
Zoey's Studio 14 kun oldin
No lie, the bright green made me flinch because it was so bright
Kathleen Barney
Kathleen Barney 14 kun oldin
Great speach👏
Lydia Guemiri
Lydia Guemiri 14 kun oldin
5:27 i love her Accent
Samaya Rose
Samaya Rose 15 kun oldin
Black people can get away with this lol.
lily welty
lily welty 15 kun oldin
I am from Maryland
Emely Otero
Emely Otero 16 kun oldin
Tbh those lipsticks are not good at all
KpopAddictx 18 kun oldin
i thought the green lipstick was turquoise?
Johanna Habley
Johanna Habley 18 kun oldin
I think the first lipstick looks aaaamazing.
Kennedy and Shyann show
Day 4 was my favorite of all of them
grouse 2008
grouse 2008 19 kun oldin
It doesn’t matter who you are you are you
Miriam Mestre
Miriam Mestre 19 kun oldin
*_OK the bright blue looks good on no one_*
get out of my car now
3:33 ew why did that give me chills
Finally Awakening
Finally Awakening 20 kun oldin
4:15 it looks like Mia’s mom from dance moms
carly cat
carly cat 20 kun oldin
Awwwww ur so nice
mira chen
mira chen 20 kun oldin
2:02 Her hair is so pretty omg
no wavvez
no wavvez 20 kun oldin
I was really bothered how girls mostly gave good feedback, or constructive criticism - but Dudes responed mostly with really negative answers, always somehow connected to something sexual, mostly for the first two shades
Emma Fernandez
Emma Fernandez 21 kun oldin
That bright green is more like a bright blue 💚💙🔵⚪️
Emma Fernandez
Emma Fernandez 21 kun oldin
2:35 🤦🏻‍♀️ that haircut tho
mariposa Flores
mariposa Flores 22 kun oldin
I love black lipstick 💄 💄
I feel like this experiment would have been better with a few more people with different skin tones or styles. The turquoise didn’t work at all because it didn’t match her skin tone. The black would have looked more edgy on a white person, but it matched her tone.
Jade Mackenzie
Jade Mackenzie 25 kun oldin
That’s blue not green and it’s light blue
Abigail Richter
Abigail Richter 25 kun oldin
in maryland ppl wouldnt think that unless u live in baltimore city
Agnes Frey
Agnes Frey 25 kun oldin
the lipstick brand was terrible tho tbh lol
Nocturnal Nikki
Nocturnal Nikki 25 kun oldin
It's GreenDay! Yas
Lainy Lowrie
Lainy Lowrie 26 kun oldin
I think the bright colours looked bad because they looked really dry and crackly, those shades in a nice glossy moisturising colour would have looked great.
Diogo Vieira
Diogo Vieira 26 kun oldin
Otaku Kun
Otaku Kun 27 kun oldin
day 4 is not green mother fuckers its blue
Isolated Cat
Isolated Cat 27 kun oldin
Today I'm going to try black lip stick. Tomorrow, red.
Maanasi Jeevakaran
Maanasi Jeevakaran 28 kun oldin
OMG you looked so beautiful in the bright green lipstick you should wear it more in my opinion
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson 28 kun oldin
2:37 at first, that guy in the background rooked like he was p*ssing 😂
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson 28 kun oldin
“I put on a dark black lipstick” wait....There’s different shades of black?!
Macy Hunt
Macy Hunt 28 kun oldin
That is not green it is BLUE!!!!!🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
Lynda FItzpatrick-Brown
If you asked me what the green lip stick looks like I would be like you look like you don’t give a frootloop of what you look like
Sarwee Nimlejdhegvvy
Lilly Watts
Lilly Watts Oy oldin
So those two man most likely is from Baltimore Maryland or in that area , I'm from Maryland and I would never say or think that . I know what people from Baltimore would say, and 55% or 60% of them would say that . That is because schools in Baltimore are not the best and people in this area aren't good people as you most likely have seen on the news . All though Maryland is in my opinion is a great state with one bad city . Also I loved the black lipstick on you , and I loved this test . Sorry if this made anyone upset that wasn't meaning of this comment .
mom kupp
mom kupp Oy oldin
You look great in all the colors
Maylie Lemon
Maylie Lemon Oy oldin
Awwww thank you I'm emo!!!
Ava Murray
Ava Murray Oy oldin
Slay! You look so beautiful in all those lipsticks YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS QUEEN
Tegan Frier
Tegan Frier Oy oldin
Tbh my favourite was the green/blue 😂
Winter wolf alpha
Your 23!!😮
Jane Douglas
Jane Douglas Oy oldin
I think any of these colors would work great on you, they're just not in your shade. You need an orangy red, it would look hot!
Its Skylarxxx
Its Skylarxxx Oy oldin
You don't need any make up you are so beautiful
Annette Pugh
Annette Pugh Oy oldin
I love the black lip colour on you, it suited your style the most I think
Artemis wolf of Da mooon
Black lipstick personality: cool and dark Pink lipstick personality: happy and vary bubbly Red lipstick personality: popular celebrity Light green lipstick personality: someone who is seeking attention
Iyla’s Corner
The green looks blue
AR mail
AR mail Oy oldin
She is beautiful and all but that last colour looked *terrible*
Ava Frank
Ava Frank Oy oldin
I want this video redone with lipsticks that aren't DRUGSTORE BRAND!!!
jadkins Marmicfire
you looked younger with the pink Lip color on
big boi
big boi Oy oldin
Yeah purple isnt normal over here
Annabella Peta
"I put on a dark black lipstick"
Mariam Alsabaa
The red color looks better in her
Alex Yellow
Alex Yellow Oy oldin
dont swear
I FROM MARYLAND AYE, I feel like Maryland is a black people and white people place.
Gabrielle Angelina
I think you look ssoooo good with the black color
Marshadow Oy oldin
I feel like If the red was darker it would so match yoy
MayaMabrey Oy oldin
I’ve always wanted to try black lipstick because I think it’s soooo cute, but I’ve never had the confidence to do it.
JackiePlaysRoblox_Roleplays/And more
I like the black and the pink
Maleah Atkins
Maleah Atkins Oy oldin
inner goth she need god
Jenny Meetre
Jenny Meetre Oy oldin
about the pink more common to wear nude shades
Jenny Meetre
Jenny Meetre Oy oldin
the two black guys from Maryland are very correct
Lila Fox
Lila Fox Oy oldin
I really don’t want to offend any one but I also think they should do this video with 2 people with light and dark skin.
Furry lexie
Furry lexie Oy oldin
I never thought of lipstick that much....
mom it’s not a phase. this is the new phase
She should have also done yellow. She would look so pretty!!!
Drew Porter
Drew Porter Oy oldin
I love the black
Marc Dancel
Marc Dancel Oy oldin
I feel like you'd get less judge if you have a matching eyeshadow per lip color
Alicia Leclaire
Is that Nia’s mom from dances moms 4:10 😂
EmilyVlogs Oy oldin
“Dark black” That bothered me, but I feel this is inspiring or like idk how to describe how deep this is in a way lol
Sushi Chai
Sushi Chai Oy oldin
Yes they do I was in nyc with my friend I was 10 we went into a Sephora I wore blue and so did she and everyone was was whispering about us and we could hear it they did not approve
Modesty B
Modesty B Oy oldin
She look like blame it on k way.
Joey cox
Joey cox Oy oldin
This is why i love jazz, when selorm wore the teal lipstick everyone was super condescending about it and jazz is always just like “you rock it”. Bc shes so bold, shes more open to bold fashion choices and not super judgmental and i love that.
CrazyCatLady !
You look pretty either way so yeahhh
Cydney McKoy
Cydney McKoy Oy oldin
I love the bright blue lipstick
Kaela List
Kaela List Oy oldin
i feel like a more green than blue would have looked good
Charles Sloan
Charles Sloan Oy oldin
The green looks blue
Maebae Michaels
Ok I'm sorry Selorm but that's not green that's turquoise
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Duncan Oy oldin
Ok honestly the turquoise looked awesome, especially on her full lips
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Duncan Oy oldin
My problem with getting unconventional lipstick shades is that even tho I'm a mua same love fun looks, I don't have a lot of money to spend on lipsticks so I have to buy shades I can use work serval different looks
KenzieHurlock Oy oldin
That's not green. That's cyan which is a shade of BLUE!
Izabella Kirby
I don't know if color blind but Thursday it look like blue
Safala Bista
Safala Bista Oy oldin
I’m not used to seeing her in bold lip colors (or any lipstick), perhaps that’s why it felt weird to me.
Multiapplecat Oy oldin
Green lipstick?? That's aqua
Izzy B.
Izzy B. Oy oldin
I think she looks good in all of them!
mom it’s not a phase. this is the new phase
Selorm looked so beautiful no matter what!
Alfie Lola and lottie
Paulette M
Paulette M Oy oldin
You are a Beautiful black woman you did Amazing job with the different lipsticks I love them but not the green
PJ U Oy oldin
I'm sorry I thought that second guy was Josh Peck lol