Do People Judge You Based On Lip Color?

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Fashion is about taking risks not matter what people think!
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Writing Down The Details
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12-Iyl, 2017

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Gigi Walter
Gigi Walter 3 soat oldin
I wish i had those lips ugh 😍😭 my lips are nonexistent i look so weird when i wear lipstick because my lips are so small... but I still wear it though lmao.
Laura Glaser
Laura Glaser 6 soat oldin
Was that nia mom from dance moms at 4:08
Hex Is A Furry OwO
They all really suit you!!
James Dylan
James Dylan Kun oldin
She should’ve done one where she wasn’t wearing lipstick
Kathy K
Kathy K 2 kun oldin
2:31 idk y but ari made me laugh so much haha 😂
Ruby Jones
Ruby Jones 2 kun oldin
Its ok. I ware red lips every day. Is ok.!
Georgia Gmytrasiewicz
1. She overdrew her lips a bit 2. The green is 100% blue:turquoise
I love sage Witch is my dog
the green lipstick I don’t really like because it is super bright but I also do if it weren’t that bright
Heather Heflick
Heather Heflick 3 kun oldin
You are pretty
Lucy Eve
Lucy Eve 3 kun oldin
Her lips make her look like AHHHH I love them 💖
shadow queen
shadow queen 3 kun oldin
that lipstick is blue
Nalini Ostenrik
Nalini Ostenrik 3 kun oldin
I like black lipstickbut but I dont wear it since I'm a very sensitive person about my outside cover. LESSON FOR KIDS: DO NOT LOOK AT THE OUTSIDE
rosé’s kookie
rosé’s kookie 3 kun oldin
“I think it says that you...like flowers”😂😂😂
HowToDraw Videos
HowToDraw Videos 3 kun oldin
The black is awesome
Shadow Wolfie 101
Shadow Wolfie 101 5 kun oldin
So, yes?
Corgi 5 kun oldin
*I know they do cause when I were young I saw somebody with this navy blue lipstick and thought she was something out of this world*
Rachel Naciloan
Rachel Naciloan 5 kun oldin
You have luscious lips,ur beautiful!!! ♥
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 7 kun oldin
That green lipstick though
itspranaya 8 kun oldin
When she said green day I sCrEaMeD
A R 8 kun oldin
You look awesome with black lipstick
mommy Jorge
mommy Jorge 9 kun oldin
the green was cool
Mermaid Daniela
Mermaid Daniela 9 kun oldin
Maryland yay 😁
T Jackson
T Jackson 9 kun oldin
I'm almost 40 and I wear ALL lip colors and eyeshadow colors. I've never had anyone judge me poorly based on my style, people know that I am very creative. I feel like it's how you style and present yourself along with your lipstick color.
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty 9 kun oldin
The green/blue lipstick is when I eat a powdered donut.
bts can rape me
bts can rape me 9 kun oldin
Are you sure thats green it looks blue
•black• aesthetics
Okay but she low-key pulled off that bright "green" colour though. I know I can't :')
Jasmine Manuel
Jasmine Manuel 10 kun oldin
Nope because i lobe to were wierd crazy colours too!
Marija Suse
Marija Suse 10 kun oldin
I Lowe the blue one
CRAZY Jade 11 kun oldin
Seldom looked really good in the black lipstick 👑
Dalin Zwart
Dalin Zwart 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks mintgreen is blue? xd
Fazz Liew
Fazz Liew 12 kun oldin
maybe on camera it doesn’t look green but irl it is. sometimes that happens
Breoxic 13 kun oldin
the red definitely suits you best, i absolutely love it
Danna Banana
Danna Banana 14 kun oldin
I think you should try this video again but with liners so the colors can be more wearable and see what the difference in reactions are
Carissa DuWors
Carissa DuWors 14 kun oldin
Anybody else thinks the "green" lipstick looks blue or teal?
maire 14
maire 14 14 kun oldin
You can't rock lip sticks
Emmaline Death
Emmaline Death 15 kun oldin
I wore the same thing as Freddy ( aka the last one ) and I got cat called a bunch of the guys in my grade and I’m twelve ....
Leo The Weirdo
Leo The Weirdo 16 kun oldin
I heard Green Day! I know it’s about lipstick, but let me have my fun!
natalie chikh
natalie chikh 17 kun oldin
She's so pretty
dollofvoodoo 18 kun oldin
Personally, I like the black color the best.
Da Silva Ajayi
Da Silva Ajayi 19 kun oldin
Are you guys buzzfeed
Cheelyn Wang
Cheelyn Wang 19 kun oldin
Isn’t the lipstick blue
Lyna Neri
Lyna Neri 19 kun oldin
People should use the word unique instead of weird or unusual
D. W
D. W 19 kun oldin
I’m not a fan of un natural bright colors but it’s just my opinion
ddaengfication 19 kun oldin
Wait green? That's blue...right? Also it was my favorite lipstick on her. She looked like a fashion designer along with the sunglasses.
Brenna Rea
Brenna Rea 20 kun oldin
Selorm literally is a queen and how does she rock all those colors she looks so good in all of them
la a
la a 20 kun oldin
well duh
Alanski Rulez
Alanski Rulez 21 kun oldin
I made my baby sister cry when I showed her a picture of Marilyn Manson
MM Madness
MM Madness 21 kun oldin
The fourth one is blue not green
ayse duman
ayse duman 21 kun oldin
I think red lipstick made her look like an organized young mother
Potato _lover
Potato _lover 21 kun oldin
I have a bright blue lipstick and a purple lipstick
Harmonie Bloomfield
Harmonie Bloomfield 21 kun oldin
Meli and Ellie
Meli and Ellie 21 kun oldin
I live in Maryland and that guys right
ESL SkypeLessons
ESL SkypeLessons 21 kun oldin
The problem with this video is that all of the hues she's wearing are like clown colors on her. I'd be more interested in seeing a video where she's wearing normal shades of all of these same colors that look good on her, and then get people's reactions.
Atzhary Sanchez
Atzhary Sanchez 22 kun oldin
goth is good
natalie carreon
natalie carreon 23 kun oldin
her lips are so beautiful 😍
Gabrielle DeLong
Gabrielle DeLong 23 kun oldin
Am I the only one that cringed every time she called that blue lipstick green 🤣🤣
-Black and Blue -
-Black and Blue - 23 kun oldin
That red lips is bomb on her
McFarland 24 kun oldin
The black lipstick looks so good on you 💄😙
gala gamer
gala gamer 25 kun oldin
Black lipstick is my favorite
I Am Boodles Slime n' stuff
4:12 is that holly from dance moms???
Ravenclaw Pancake
Ravenclaw Pancake 26 kun oldin
Morgan Benford
Morgan Benford 27 kun oldin
Black power 👩🏾
Cutcat5905 28 kun oldin
That is light blue how is it green ??? Omg lol ahha
Shimoga Smg
Shimoga Smg 28 kun oldin
i liked bcz of your honestly😊😊
Cecilia Lovez
Cecilia Lovez 29 kun oldin
Djdodjehebrhrdhksjsj it’s not green it’s blue!!!
Adi Secară
Adi Secară 29 kun oldin
2:35 #badhairday
Junisha Derival
Blue day not green day
TheBuggyGamer Oy oldin
My favorite Is the green lipstick you look beautiful with it
Olivia Hashem
Olivia Hashem Oy oldin
the lipstick is blue!
Maddy Blessing
The black looked great
Natalia Dunyak
She is so beautiful, she should be a model. :o
kitty cat
kitty cat Oy oldin
How come she looks AMAZING in every lipstick she wore?
Tyler Mcintyre
kierapinelli Oy oldin
it pops butifully!! 3:44
iwuvcatzzz Oy oldin
Psyduck Oy oldin
Wow what teal lipstick was that? Makes me wanna buy it
Willow Hunter
Willow Hunter Oy oldin
Her laugh is so pretty!
kitty kit kat
kitty kit kat Oy oldin
Im from maryland.....I wear black lipstick...I see girls with rainbow pastel lipstick on.....I say its normal
adriana life
adriana life Oy oldin
You will rock the green when you are at the pool
Lily the gymnast
Also the red lipstick looks so good
Lily the gymnast
You looked great with the black lipstick
Life With Sophia
2:33 I was literally on the ground! “That you like flowers” Hahaha Lmao!
Emma Davis
Emma Davis Oy oldin
That's blue not green, but other than that LOVED THIS
• Sanni •
• Sanni • Oy oldin
Why is attention seeker a good thing If someone called me attention seeker i would be sad
ᄋᄌᄋcall me baby girl
I get judged all the time because I wear really dark lipstick or purple and reds
it is i sari
it is i sari Oy oldin
the turquoise shade is my favorite colour!!!
Halle Daisy Brewer
You go girl
Megan Jones
Megan Jones Oy oldin
roshni r
roshni r Oy oldin
only like 2 ppl at her work didn’t say anything bad about her green/blue lipstick
Kadence Kieronski
Am I the only person who liked the “green” (which was blue but not the point)😂
Like if u are ARMY
HOLY CRAP I literally thought the green was blue ⚃⚄
priscilla prange
I wear a cherry red to work everyday.
Shivani Navin Srinivasan
I love them all
Saturn Oy oldin
When i saw u in that bluegreen lipstick i thought u just kissed a painted wall
Rachel mcray
Rachel mcray Oy oldin
I like the black one
Meg Torres
Meg Torres Oy oldin
I loved them all, the black and red were my favorites ☺️
smol fries
smol fries Oy oldin
I actually really liked the blue one n hated the pink one lmao
Janeva Herrera
smol fries I liked all of them 😂
Unicorn Mistress - Random Videos
I wanna know what that dog thought of her red lipstick tbh.
Just Nathalie 88
4:23 am I the only one who sees it blue AM I COLOUR BLIND LIKE IF U SAW IT BLUE
Lisettey-Doll Mahogany
I would just outline my lips with a darker liner to make it a bit ombre on me to make it fit me a bit more but that's just me tho
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