Do People Judge You Based On Lip Color?

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Fashion is about taking risks not matter what people think!
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Writing Down The Details
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12-Iyl, 2017

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Reyna Prado
Reyna Prado 18 soat oldin
You looked prettyer whith out lipstick
sarah banana
sarah banana Kun oldin
my fav is black
Brenda Sajuan
Brenda Sajuan Kun oldin
PieceOfToast Kun oldin
Some of these people sound so mean and judgmental
Doorknobs daily
Doorknobs daily 2 kun oldin
that is not one bit green its 100% blue
Shalissa Shalissa
Shalissa Shalissa 2 kun oldin
Idc bout ur lip shade, they look good anyways
Gulalay Shahzad - Shelter Bay PS (1561)
*Your bright green lipstick makes me need to adjust my brightness.*
Tavia Parham
Tavia Parham 2 kun oldin
It’s not the lip color, a bold lip with no makeup just looks crazy ON ANYONE
Tavia Parham
Tavia Parham 2 kun oldin
Sarah Jangard
Sarah Jangard 3 kun oldin
The black lips are similar to cartoon
Sarah Jangard
Sarah Jangard 3 kun oldin
Them red lips look like human blood/flesh and thus make me hungry! *stomach growls*
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PurpleBunny 13
PurpleBunny 13 4 kun oldin
I LOVED the green
Soul Creeper
Soul Creeper 4 kun oldin
Okay your sister is very rude.
Yashi Badmaeva
Yashi Badmaeva 4 kun oldin
What u look like you are 18 years old and you are 23 😱🤗
Angie H
Angie H 4 kun oldin
I like to see bright red on dark skin
Louise Vendelbo Holm
THAT is not green that is blue
Esther Unicornlover123
Lisa R.
Lisa R. 6 kun oldin
Ok that aqua lipstick was awful. I can’t think of anyone who could pull that off. Yikes. Also, she should’ve used a lip liner and those matte lipsticks seemed kind of chalky. LOVED her in the black lip and the red was okay(although there are a lot of red hues and I think a less orange one would be even better) and she can pull off a pink lip as well if it’s the right shade...that chalky Pepto Bismol shade wasn’t it though. She’s so cute and has beautiful lips though and she could really do them justice with the right products!
Kayley Kamnik
Kayley Kamnik 7 kun oldin
That is not green
Lost Trust
Lost Trust 7 kun oldin
BFF Adventures
BFF Adventures 8 kun oldin
Does anyone else know the channel ladylike? If yes on the red lipstick one of the girls was on there
how do you know i'm not big?
the red one looks soooooooooooooooooo good on her. Go queen.
Riotiro 8 kun oldin
The red color made me think of how white people used to draw black people in racist cartoons :^|
Riotiro 8 kun oldin
I also think for the Green one to look less notorious, she should have worn something of that color as well
bruce shelton
bruce shelton 9 kun oldin
at 4:14 its a dance mom (i think)
fatumarie Bousso
fatumarie Bousso 10 kun oldin
I like how the pink looks on Selorm!
Moustache hehehe
Moustache hehehe 11 kun oldin
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Phoebe Ray
Phoebe Ray 11 kun oldin
christen from ladylike was there
Maria Alzate
Maria Alzate 11 kun oldin
What brand are those lipsticks?? I love the shades ❤❤
SLURP Gamez 12 kun oldin
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 i will add one more if you sud me
Nameless channel
Nameless channel 12 kun oldin
Isn't it turquoise
GalaxyKittenPlushie 12 kun oldin
I think that ALL colours suit black woman Or guys?xD (Its my oppinion so judge me if you find a reason)
scarlett sullivan
scarlett sullivan 12 kun oldin
that makes me a bit sad know what I mean.
Missy Clark
Missy Clark 12 kun oldin
I think the colors are just not good shades for you. It's not what the color means-just poor choices for your skin tone
wildfire smoke
wildfire smoke 12 kun oldin
I kinda like the blk tho
mary casha
mary casha 13 kun oldin
Her lips are sooo nice, I feel like they all looked good
Angela Cooper
Angela Cooper 13 kun oldin
I love my black lipstick. YES I got called a witch by a classmate in 7th grade. Never fazed me. It took me a long time to wear pink lipstick but I can wear it with brown lipliner. Now my lips are perfect in red!!!
Emilynn Pinkham
Emilynn Pinkham 13 kun oldin
Your are ‘my Favorite channel by far
BTSARMY Jungkook
BTSARMY Jungkook 15 kun oldin
The Green color actually looks nice
Crime Crusader
Crime Crusader 15 kun oldin
This was a great, well thought out experiment!
Eric P
Eric P 15 kun oldin
@2:41 dude really got a porn stache 😂
Lina Mauk
Lina Mauk 16 kun oldin
Who’s the woman at 2:39 she looks so familiar
Mackenzie McNaught
Mackenzie McNaught 16 kun oldin
Your lips pouting out!!!😍😍
sarah cunha
sarah cunha 16 kun oldin
Did it bother anyone else that she kept going out of her natural lip line?
AEPtheLabyrinth 16 kun oldin
That black lipstick looks so good on you!
JMua Tutorials
JMua Tutorials 17 kun oldin
I love wearing purple, green and blue lipstick and no-one in my school judges me
MamaPiggy TPPCM
MamaPiggy TPPCM 17 kun oldin
My fav on you: Red, Black, Pink My least fav on you: Aqua, TOO MUCH, AND TOO BRIGHT GURL
Mouse Queen
Mouse Queen 17 kun oldin
Saphira Cipher
Saphira Cipher 17 kun oldin
This is Turquaz not Green
Basant Mohamed
Basant Mohamed 17 kun oldin
The blue color looks awful on you
De R
De R 17 kun oldin
Haha i like 3:32
chryz.wonderland 17 kun oldin
Lol wow...Yep,the green lip shade does scream unemployed or uneducated. Kind of like a trashy wannabe influencer look.
chryz.wonderland 17 kun oldin
The answer to this is yes. It should be automatically known knowledge....but I'll watch this anyway..lol
Molly J
Molly J 18 kun oldin
Lol I wear black lipstick and dark purple alot and most of the time people think I'm super serious and like that chick u don't wanna mess with when in reality I'm super bubbly, always telling jocks even though I despise bright colours
Alyson Armentrout
Alyson Armentrout 18 kun oldin
I have a good underbite so I can’t wear lipstick I’m unhappy but this cheered me up
Broken Eve
Broken Eve 18 kun oldin
I love her lips ❤️
oO_ FIZZY _Oo 19 kun oldin
The ‘bright green’ looks kinda AQUA BLUE to me.
BALLISA F O R LIFE 19 kun oldin
Cherry Lipgloss
Cherry Lipgloss 19 kun oldin
This was so interesting and an amazing presentation 👍
Emily Sea
Emily Sea 19 kun oldin
Red the best 👄👄👄👄👄
NIRVESQA 19 kun oldin
“Eww,why your wearing that color?!?” “ITS AT MACY’S IT CAN’T JUST STAY THERE!” “.......”
mInY_muffin Love
mInY_muffin Love 19 kun oldin
*i ThinK iT sAyS thAT you lIke.....FloWeRs?*
SunzOffski 19 kun oldin
The black one looks awesome, shines nicely and looks somewhat introverted, shy sexy.
PlayTOwin Elliott
PlayTOwin Elliott 19 kun oldin
Glitter Sparkles
Glitter Sparkles 19 kun oldin
Her side profile with the green lipstick was 😭💝🔥🔥
Addy_ 7
Addy_ 7 19 kun oldin
I can’t believe you guys think that that color is green! It’s obviously blue!😂
Mohammed Abid
Mohammed Abid 20 kun oldin
The only lip color that people won’t judge you for, be it your education or your profession, your lifestyle, your background, your status and etc. is its natural color. Hence, let’s embrace the natural beauty of the lips for that is always in vogue no matter how many new shades are invented.
Sofie Mundy
Sofie Mundy 21 kun oldin
I love the black and red on her
Zahara  Potato
Zahara Potato 21 kun oldin
Gurl you are soooooooo gorgeous!!!!!
JustSimple A.H
JustSimple A.H 21 kun oldin
Its not green but cyan but ok
Ricardo R.
Ricardo R. 21 kun oldin
The answer is yes, people judge you for everything you wear. You answered your own question in the first minute of this video.
Maurasighting 21 kun oldin
“I look like my catholic schools worst nightmare” IM DECEASEDDDD
nancy apollo
nancy apollo 21 kun oldin
4:41 when I decide to get up for school💀
Pheobe 17
Pheobe 17 22 kun oldin
That’s not green it’s ice blue
Josie Lee
Josie Lee 24 kun oldin
My favorite was the green because it's something that I would wear!
kyutecumber art
kyutecumber art 25 kun oldin
With the glasses and the outfit she looked great in the green(blue) lip
wolfraisedgirl52 26 kun oldin
Damn you look good in all of them!! Slay queen :3
wolfraisedgirl52 26 kun oldin
I like you with black lip color :3
Moosh 26 kun oldin
4:13 love that girls shirt
TandemPVP 26 kun oldin
5:50 now that looks good on you!
Gabbie M.
Gabbie M. 27 kun oldin
Salute for her boldness to carry this out. :)
Victoria Grace
Victoria Grace 27 kun oldin
3:11 REALLY don't understand this. What does a Black woman wearing pink lipstick have to do with her "trying to be a White girl"? LMAO. I've seen tons of Black women wear pink.
Ireland Gerlach
Ireland Gerlach 28 kun oldin
You are so cute Selorm, you can rock any color❤️❤️
Marleigh Rennirt
Marleigh Rennirt 28 kun oldin
Your to beautiful! your lips are so full girl and i bet there is so plastic in them
-eon the killer-
-eon the killer- 29 kun oldin
I think it was the way you applied it. Doesn't seem to me like you're very good at it.
The world according to Reese
The red looked the best on you
Korean Freak
Korean Freak 29 kun oldin
All I thought was NICKI MINAJJJJJ
Jane 14
Jane 14 29 kun oldin
The bright green lipstick made my eyes burn. Literally, it was too bright...
Lemeia RoseTM
Lemeia RoseTM 29 kun oldin
Omg your Amazingly Beautiful like omg..and your lips are are SOoo Nice😍
Hany Morales
Hany Morales 29 kun oldin
Bad b
Perfectly Weird
I like the green blue lipstick
xxNadya xxx
xxNadya xxx Oy oldin
you like flower.
Vanessa Crooks
i think she can pull off all of them. but the brighter colors are so difficult to maintain during the day, it's such a hassle. My absolute favorite was the black, weirdly enough, because it looks so elegant on her. I could never wear it, tho, because i am so pale that i WOULD look like a goth, and i don't want that.
Aubrey London
Aubrey London Oy oldin
The black luks gud huny
Cheyanne Coleman
Aw who let that girl do that to their self
celeste hernandez
That “green” lipstick wasn’t green it was more aqua or like a bright blue
Lucy Spamer
Lucy Spamer Oy oldin
2:32 mood
Boss Baby
Boss Baby Oy oldin
I'm in maryland
Lonley Anthem
Lonley Anthem Oy oldin
OMG I love that green day reference!!
Think Feng Shui 🤷🏾‍♀️ colors can be powerful
Parijat Halder
Bright green?? It's BLUE