Do People Judge You Based On Your Makeup?

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What do people REALLY think of your look?
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10-Sen, 2017

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Emma 7 soat oldin
I think people on social media were judging her for looking "lazy" because the picture was compared to pictures in which she wears makeup. On the streets, those people just see her only without makeup. And of course in social media so people are more forward and honest.
Chimeric Folioscope
Hah I’m not confident and I don’t wear makeup
Andreea DIY
Andreea DIY 2 kun oldin
Any girls who don't wear make-up because they don't look good with it ?
beth stepongzi
beth stepongzi 2 kun oldin
This is crazy.....I have really tried hard to get really good at make up, and when I wear it I am trying to show just how confident I really am. It also took me YEARS to be comfortable enough to go out without makeup and be completely comfortable in my own skin.
helena cvetković
helena cvetković 3 kun oldin
that boy in 5:06 is an idiot
Daisy Cygne
Daisy Cygne 3 kun oldin
Okay, it is not the make up. It is how a person acts. How you walk, talk, and stand matters.
Kháli Issis
Kháli Issis 3 kun oldin
you should do this with people with acne or scars
tom dahl
tom dahl 6 kun oldin
Morons judge me for mine sadly.
ɪʀɪs ʙᴇᴇ. †
I like makeup really rarely. Just when i want. Not even for parties. But i always feel like...horrible ew
Faye Sutherland
Faye Sutherland 7 kun oldin
What I will say is that all of the Buzzfeed women who have done these no make up challenges have beautiful faces and really nice skin. As someone who has a lot of dermatological issues I've received a lot of judgement from people when I haven't worn makeup and I'm not sure that these particular challenges have shown the full extent of what people think when you're not someone who is naturally society's idea of beautiful.
tsibris 7 kun oldin
well of course make-up, like clothes is appropriate in a context of time and place. and a no make up chllenge would get much different reponses for someone less beautiful and with less perfect skin
Mirella Farias
Mirella Farias 9 kun oldin
Makeup confuses me. when i don't wear it which is like every single day people tell me a little makeup couldn't hurt but when i do my friends tease me. its very strange
Kawaiii Cookie
Kawaiii Cookie 9 kun oldin
You look a lot better with no makeup. You're a beautiful person ♥
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 9 kun oldin
I think you look younger without makeup.
Audrey H.
Audrey H. 10 kun oldin
I went from wearing full glam makeup to zero makeup and for almost two months now and it is so freeing. My skin is night and day better, and I no longer have acne. I actually look better without it my friends and strangers say. But to the girls who feel the need to wear it or want to wear it for themselves, you do you girl!
Fangirl san
Fangirl san 11 kun oldin
I personallllly don't Like make up I NEVER wear any.
Leah Glidewell
Leah Glidewell 11 kun oldin
Not a fan of makeup. :) Haven't worn it but a few times and all of those times it was uncomfortable.
Ezra_Scribbles 11 kun oldin
Here in the philippines if you wear that full face of makeup IT WILL MELT! because of the hot and humid weather here 😁😊😁
c w
c w 12 kun oldin
Moon Light
Moon Light 15 kun oldin
Yes people do judge, people treat my sis like angle and me without like beggar Tired lazy poor This is true
Evie Garstang
Evie Garstang 15 kun oldin
Do whatever makes you feel better. People will judge you anyway
Dat Random Slytherin
I don't wear makeup why am I here lol
Kitababy 248
Kitababy 248 16 kun oldin
5:03 I don’t know if the guy was staring at them or something else (I am assuming them) but it caught my attention and I started laughing really hard
ninix007 17 kun oldin
7:20 : he looks like a deer in headlights and stupid. 7:30 : What did I say ?
Halo 321
Halo 321 17 kun oldin
No make up doesn't always mean confident. I'm highly insecure but I almost never wear makeup. The most I ever do is a little eye shadow, highlight, lipgloss and curl my eyelashes but I'm either too lazy or don't have enough time to do it all the time or ever do full face so I end up worrying I look gross all the time
Natsu Draganeel
Natsu Draganeel 18 kun oldin
The answer is definitely
Scarlet Ash
Scarlet Ash 19 kun oldin
I stopped wearing makeup for everyday life because it takes too much time that I just don't want to dedicate to. I don't feel like I need to do anything fancy for a 2 hour late class for the same 20 people everyday. It was a big deal to me to stop wearing makeup because I'm a natural redhead with very fair features. My eyebrows and lashes barely have any color. I thought I looked weird, I still kind of do, but I have definitely gotten used to not wearing it. I've talked to my friends/classmates about it and no one can tell when I do or don't or they just don't pay attention enough. Trust me, you can tell when I go from white lashes to brown...and yes I use brown mascara and eyeliner, it just looks better against my incredibly white skin.
XxxSherry LinxxX
XxxSherry LinxxX 20 kun oldin
Ehat I think Full: party gal, confident, high class, attention seeker Normal: fading to the background, normal person, sweet, gal down the street. No: Lazy, busy, HELLA CONFIDENT, Chill, nerd (?), comfortable/casual
Марія Буць
Марія Буць 21 kun oldin
Idk but in my case when only for one day I went to school wearing no makeup on every girl noticed and most of them told me how tired I look and that I have giant dark undereye circles 😔😞😒
Danica Bien-Amie
Danica Bien-Amie 21 kun oldin
"There's no wrong way to do it." *Points at face* Jon Cena Voice: Are you sure about dat
Aurora Hutchinson
Aurora Hutchinson 21 kun oldin
lowkey so much more into makeup free
Mima Flaherty
Mima Flaherty 23 kun oldin
Chloe's so beautiful 😍and I love her accent
Pool_of_Lymph 23 kun oldin
I hardly ever wear make up. I like the way I look, makeup hurts my eyes, and I am lazy lol
Dakota Clifton
Dakota Clifton 24 kun oldin
5:05 hahahahaha the idiot with that shirt
MorningFox 24 kun oldin
I need to know what foundation she was wearing! Each one she looks incredibly flawless and beautiful 🖤
Lov!ingL!fe 24 kun oldin
Zero make up I feel like frompy lazy don’t care about my self . I am all about natural makeup
Georgia Gallagher
Georgia Gallagher 25 kun oldin
I wonder if you did the same experiment in a town in the South rather than in California if you'd get a different response. Different regions of the country have different makeup trends and women in the South tend to always wear a full face rather than no makeup so I wonder how the results would change.
Stacy RN
Stacy RN 26 kun oldin
Damn thats a precise eyeliner lmao
Catherine Jimerson
Catherine Jimerson 26 kun oldin
i love makeup, i mostly wear it to feel like me. i used to be a high maintenance lipstick lesbian. so my face hair and outfit would take over an hour. some days i come to work with no makeup or minimal. i haven't purchased any new face makeup just eyeshadows and liners and lashes. also eyebrows. lol i always get the "you look beautiful and younger without makeup", well as nice as that is, i wear it as a form of childhood freedom. living with an extremely strict mother, makeup was one thing i could do on my own and i played around with it a lot. so for me, this is just my freedom banner waving high. and idgaf what people think. except my wife. her opinion is always welcome.
shay hayon
shay hayon 27 kun oldin
It's annoying that guys say "i dont like when women wear makeup." (by the way guys can wear makeup too, i dont have a problem witb that.) because a lot of people including me wear makeup just because it's fun to do, not because we think we are not pretty without it.
Rose Renee
Rose Renee 28 kun oldin
I don't give a crap if anyone internally judges me as I walk by. I am NOT going to wear make-up just to go to the store.
Kiky Kiky
Kiky Kiky 28 kun oldin
You are very pretty with or without..so jealous😭
Jeff Biddle
Jeff Biddle 28 kun oldin
Personally, I don’t like it when girls wear a full face of makeup. A bit of color on the eyes and lips is more than enough.
I wear a lot of makeup because it makes me feel confident about myself. But I love it for the artistry. I don't care what people think of me regardless.
Ina K
Ina K Oy oldin
I get judged for having a brown face anyways
Take me Away
Take me Away Oy oldin
I use to not wear any makeup but now I just wear conclear to cover any spots or scars honestly I don’t really care for it and I still have a boyfriend
Amanda Holt
Amanda Holt Oy oldin
You mean people give you their opinion when they're asked? And that they notice how much effort you put into your appearance? Shocking...
KajaJens1 Oy oldin
5:06 logang😂😂
Sleepy Sunshiner
7:30 min! Yas
Nurul Aeni
Nurul Aeni Oy oldin
Women with healthy and flawless skin or naturally pretty women wouldn't look much different with makeup. People would still think they are beautiful. It's different I guess when you have skin problems and go out with bare face.
Gabriela Broda
I need a Boyfriend who’s that sweet 5:02
huyked Oy oldin
Chloe, you're beautiful with any level of makeup here.
Royalt1 sb
Royalt1 sb Oy oldin
They should do one based on the oufits they wear
Babey Eliana
Babey Eliana Oy oldin
I look like a different person without makeup she’s so gorgeous
Serenity Moon
Serenity Moon Oy oldin
When I don’t wear makeup I’m told I look tired or ill and constantly get disgusted looks and am endlessly asked whether I’m okay, but when I wear makeup, I am constantly lectured how I shouldn’t put it on and should be happy in my own skin.
Serenity Moon
Serenity Moon Oy oldin
Well if I looked as beautiful as you without makeup I wouldn’t bother.
Halimah Moad
Halimah Moad Oy oldin
Haha when a woman doesn't wear makeup she can be called lazy, but that would mean that almost all guys are lazy. Darn, better start splashing chemicals on your face, Bob, or you might not get the job.
D N Oy oldin
could you check the same reactions in nightlife?
Veldrin on Mirror’s Edge
Zero Makeup = GORGEOUS. WHAT a WOMAN. (wihtout makeup is the REAL full face) the makeup ones = boring personally i find especially lipstick irritating. I don't like to see it. It makes me feel uncomfortable, but not in the good way.
paylivm ii
paylivm ii Oy oldin
JaDa sPiCy ChEeSe
Simonne Oy oldin
Her zero and natural everyday makeup are the same
sharissa kim
sharissa kim Oy oldin
seriously i don't even care to wear make up....i'm.confident with my bare face.I have acne and scars but so what? i still live well
nausheen siddiqi
Peep Bran Hampton
Brittany Campo
The only discernable difference between the "night look" and the "natural look" is the lipstick. Pink vs red. Who cares? It's just lipstick. Another point. People think I'm either a) male when I don't wear make up. B) old when I don't wear make up. C) sick when I don't wear makeup.
Lucia Tat
Lucia Tat Oy oldin
No make up is the best look a woman can have! Without make-up we look natural and beautiful! Make-up makes a face look fake.
Sakura Ogawa
Sakura Ogawa Oy oldin
I mean she's pretty either way XD
Marg SR
Marg SR Oy oldin
Such a beautiful woman!
Jiyoon Choi
Jiyoon Choi Oy oldin
i really didn't like it when those guys said that they wish women would wear no/less makeup. anybody can wear whatever they want. makeup is an artistic way to express individuals' personalities; whether it be boosting one's confidence or simply just emphasizing whatever emotions they are feeling.
Kerenza Iris
Kerenza Iris Oy oldin
Why do I love mike’s voice 😂😂
Kieya Burton
Kieya Burton Oy oldin
Sadly they do, you could be the hardest working person and not be wearing an ounce of makeup, and people will assume that youre lazy and a piece of trash
Bridgetta Winchester
I wore makeup to school everyday that was heavy af, everyone thought I was a party girl. I went home to sleep lmao
Meaghan Burton
Tmw your everyday makeup is more of an involved process than her “full face” look...
Comment honestly on social media? Are you high?
Swordchild001 Oy oldin
Wow...so if you don't wear make up you are considered lazy and not as professional :(
KSJDbv Oy oldin
2:46 Whatup Hampton Brandon
Rose Garza
Rose Garza Oy oldin
I love that girls Selena shirt at 0:42
Serena Perez
Serena Perez Oy oldin
No one has the right to judge someone because it their DAMN face
Haililibunnie Oy oldin
*Where are you going? Can i come?!*
Anita Martin
Anita Martin Oy oldin
3:51 Sara 😘
Emmy Oy oldin
I feel like the results would've been different if she had acne or scarring like me and went without makeup, but cool video nonetheless, she's really beautiful!! to be fair though I literally just don't bother with makeup because I'm lazy lmao
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 2 oy oldin
You look absolutely beautiful with no makeup! You don't need it but if you like it, do it.
Space Kitty
Space Kitty 2 oy oldin
I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis because i don’t feel I have to. I will wear makeup on occasion and if it’s like a special event or black tie then I do wear makeup. I personally don’t care if someone wears makeup or not. It’s fun to wear and makeup is used to express yourself, it makes some people feel confident and pretty and there isn’t a right or wrong way of wearing makeup. If you want to put 15lbs of makeup on fine, if you want to only wear eyeliner and lipstick do it, and if you want to just go natural that’s fine as well. Why should you care whether someone likes your makeup or not they aren’t wearing it so why should it matter?
VoixMortelle 2 oy oldin
If they wanted this "experiment" to be accurate they probably should've used a woman who isn't already conventionally attractive without makeup.
Kumagi Nami
Kumagi Nami 2 oy oldin
If I dont wear makeup at work I always get comments from my customers and management that I look tired or irritable
krystal 2 oy oldin
tbh the only reason i dont wear makeup is because i dont like it the only make up i have is contour concelar and highlighter like i look like im never wearing makeup even if i am
Victoria Goforth
Victoria Goforth 2 oy oldin
Wear what you want to wear! If they don't like it who really cares...If you like it then it's OK!
9 8
9 8 2 oy oldin
1:07 someone's jealous! lmfao
Marcy C
Marcy C 2 oy oldin
This is stupid because shes pretty anyways and looks exactly the same with or without. They should have chose someone else
Jaqen Hegar
Jaqen Hegar 2 oy oldin
6:00 heard the jumping in swimming pool voice?
Helper Tool
Helper Tool 2 oy oldin
You look like Jennifer Lawrence without makeup on
Kristina Lopez
Kristina Lopez 2 oy oldin
I need that Selena shirt in my life!
Mist Haven
Mist Haven 2 oy oldin
Definitely a diva every single day. I always do full face minus the eyeshadow, contour, and highlighter. I go all matte.
Pip Rosi
Pip Rosi 2 oy oldin
The greatest problem is that a lot of big makeup companies are not concerned about health or the environment. Many chemicals found to be toxic are used in makeup, many tested on animals, and too much production/packaging is involved. Good to research ingredients and look for smaller more conscientious makers that practice sustainable sourcing and methods. As to looks-This woman has fairly flawless skin so the face makeup (foundation) seems overkill. And more subtle eyeliner would be flattering- the thick dark line overwhelms her light coloring. The main appeal is a healthy glow, which comes from a healthy lifestyle, more fresh plant-food, hydration, fitness, inner work and helping others, e.g. spiritual well-being. Not to mention clean air and water (which big companies are making a thing of the past sadly, but we can do our part with the way we live). Oh and yes it is well-known that you get treated better with some makeup on no matter what anyone says ha ha.
rin116 2 oy oldin
Interesting :) Full face makeup on her was really looks like an event or night time makeup.. Some people are just like that, and some people like me just looks avarege.. My face is just plane and flat nothing prominent XXD
Joudy Agha
Joudy Agha 2 oy oldin
Try the last experiment with my eyes bags..
Anna Noel
Anna Noel 2 oy oldin
You just look more like a real, approachable person without makeup.
Saniyah R
Saniyah R 2 oy oldin
uniquelyamazingg 2 oy oldin
You don't have dark circles under your eyes or acne. I feel the need to wear makeup because I have dark circles and excerience light acne from time to time.
EE AA 2 oy oldin
Wearing a full face in the daytime isn't necessarily someone being "insecure" or "extra" or "doing the most". The irony is these same people making assumptions in the beginning of the video prance around whining about how they don't fit into beauty standards. Buzzfeed staff needs to get it together on the hypocrisy.