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Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? #4 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? Watch to find out!
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Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? #4 (REACT: Do They Know It?)




30-Dek, 2018

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Dodi Reza
Dodi Reza Soat oldin
Can you put these Awesome Songs for Next Episode? 1. uzvid.com/video/video-2nWv2Hz_GXs.html 2. uzvid.com/video/video-CinJuVtdp3Y.html 3. uzvid.com/video/video-zB6X1h6eGTc.html 4. uzvid.com/video/video-Pn-6eOxnEMI.html 5. uzvid.com/video/video-fzWSlcuJOoY.html I'm pretty sure these Awesome Songs weren't mentioned before ;) thanks
Falcon Wolfe
Falcon Wolfe 3 soat oldin
NA na na by my chemical romance and please do a teens react to Palaye Royale
blaga19 4 soat oldin
teens react to papa roach
MrDakota776 5 soat oldin
5:45 when someone says yo listen to this new song
TheD1amondM1ne - IceyD1amond
im gnna miss these Pop Punk Reactions in a few years. They are so good and I love seeing if I know any of them. I knew most of these except from Starting Line. The others I knew.
Hristo Petev
Hristo Petev 7 soat oldin
but those kids are clueless oh jeez...
kamryn haake
kamryn haake 8 soat oldin
i uh know all these songs and i’m 13???
Mitchell Sidebottom
Mitchell Sidebottom 8 soat oldin
Kind of surprised by the 0/8 on MCR.
Anthony Rock
Anthony Rock 8 soat oldin
All of them uncultered
Jakeasaurus01 9 soat oldin
No new found glory? All time low? Adtr? Bowling for soup?
lheanna games and vlogs
im barely a teen and yet i knew every single one
Julianna Scully
Julianna Scully 11 soat oldin
Did any of these kids actually have an emo phase? 😂
Montana Church
Montana Church 11 soat oldin
*MCR plays* me: SCREAMING every word Them: I just see their fan art with like the little marching dude Me: you are a disgrace to our generation 😂
Ryan Farrugia
Ryan Farrugia 14 soat oldin
Have metalcore next!
DavieG2 14 soat oldin
i was born in 2002 and knew ALL of these songs. its about priority kids!!!
DSH1904 14 soat oldin
Do Nu Metal!
TheHappyxcamper1 15 soat oldin
Just goes to show how little these bands matter in the music world...just like the crap on the radio now.
conlan gooch
conlan gooch 15 soat oldin
I know MCR are still popular!! HAHHA NO
conlan gooch
conlan gooch 15 soat oldin
IS the kid in the brown leather jacket famous???????
conlan gooch
conlan gooch 16 soat oldin
WHO ELSE WAS SIGNING ALONG... no..one.,... ME... okay
Pj 16 soat oldin
I went crazy when they played Best Of Me by The Starting Line, I feel so nostalgic I just wanna go back to my childhood 😭
Giovanni Piccione
Giovanni Piccione 16 soat oldin
Omg I been waiting so long for another 2000s punk pop!!
mickie Leanne
mickie Leanne 18 soat oldin
This is just sad
Melkor Mage
Melkor Mage 19 soat oldin
That Filipino kid is so attractive.
Melkor Mage
Melkor Mage 19 soat oldin
Sorry kid. U were born at the wrong generation.
Mr cs93
Mr cs93 19 soat oldin
if you notice in almost every teen video where this blond girl appears she knows almost ALL bands but doesn't get any of them xD
GiantShouter 20 soat oldin
Pop punk = Dear maria count me in
Phoebe Roose
Phoebe Roose 20 soat oldin
I'm not okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Handrian Wiguna
Handrian Wiguna 21 soat oldin
I'm not okay with this
My chemical Romance
My chemical Romance 21 soat oldin
I’m not okay
Bella Marshall
Bella Marshall 21 soat oldin
“cOmE oN pEopLe tHiS iS gOoD muSiC” *doesn’t know one song*
Maddy Murderscene
Maddy Murderscene 22 soat oldin
I’m 12 and Ik them all and I’m so sad that no one got mcr
jjroxursox 23 soat oldin
This is just ,,,,,,,,,sad
Zee 115
Zee 115 Kun oldin
Lmao where the hell is new found glory? Weezer and jimmy are not even pop punk tf you guys.
Dj Snifflez
Dj Snifflez Kun oldin
Lol MCR is not pop punk
Biscuit Barbadensis
I'm more shook that no one knew jimmy eat world or starting line This turned out to be a try not to sing along challenge LOL
daniel514ish Kun oldin
Weezer is not pop punk
Antonio Leonardi
None of them have heard the starting line and I still listen to them in 2019
The light gamer 101
Demolition lovers by my chemical romance
Triatan Albrecht
Ok now nu metal from 90s and early 2000s
Edward Thompson
Edward Thompson Kun oldin
Teens, college people or young adults reacting to 2010's pop punk (All Time Low, The Story So Far, Neck Deep, A Day To Rember, etc.) 😁😁😁
Just Another Boring Loser
Half of these are on my playlist. I'm 14.
Benjamin Keller
Benjamin Keller Kun oldin
This makes me sad and want to go back in time.
LøcalBanditø Kun oldin
as an emo kid im offended at the kid who said "kids going through emo phase" < its a lifestyle kid and the fact nobody knew the song ( Im Not Ok ) is not okay
Captain Crab
Captain Crab Kun oldin
No one got MCR... I'M DONE!!!
Dalløn at best
Dalløn at best Kun oldin
"Omg I love Weezer" ...... has never heard hash pipe
Captain Crab
Captain Crab Kun oldin
Rae Duffield
Rae Duffield Kun oldin
Omg never felt younger as a teen! Only knew one lmao
palaye fan
palaye fan Kun oldin
How the heck did they not recognize My Chemical Romance???
Court Kun oldin
This video physically pains me
Carmine Lillo
Carmine Lillo Kun oldin
They broke my heart without knowing the best of me by the starting line.
Jimmyjazz 39
Jimmyjazz 39 Kun oldin
I knew all of them (16 btw) i should be on this show
LNxTCB Kun oldin
I like how I have to verbally say the answer to validate that I know every single song, haha.
Oliver Marius Stingu
Jamie Sunshine
Jamie Sunshine Kun oldin
MCR is NOT pop punk. Redefine your categories xD
IssaDude Kun oldin
Expected much more bangers from this Honestly this isnt okay either, Gerard..
James Hogg
James Hogg Kun oldin
I’m 12 and I new all of them
James Hogg
James Hogg Kun oldin
“Mcr are still pretty popular” 😔😔😖😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Adam White
Adam White Kun oldin
Wow okay this was disgraceful
Joseph Castillo
Joseph Castillo Kun oldin
Do one of heavy metal
maxwell munan
maxwell munan Kun oldin
Nowadays is mumble rap era.. you know what i mean? Lol. We back then have lot of meaningful music. Pop punk is one of it
hack jam33
hack jam33 Kun oldin
I could name like 1000 cos I'm a full-on punk with mohawk and everything but I'm just going to name three 😂 1 my evil ways but nearly deads 2 novacane by fit for rivals and 3 rot by lacey sturm
Gabby Skylit
Gabby Skylit Kun oldin
THROW AWAY THESE KIDS..no use for them.
shawn cypret
shawn cypret Kun oldin
I wonder if anybody knows that Jimmy eat world is a Christian rock band or punk band or whatever
Crystal Ortega
Crystal Ortega Kun oldin
It's all down hill after good Charlotte
Alex Dimaculangan
Paramore and mcr are emo not pop punk hahahahah
Ron Michael Macias
TalentZ Kun oldin
They know way more than I thought lmao
SomethingLame Kun oldin
The kids won't be okay.
JoshBeut Kun oldin
Welp. I'm old.
Kalpataru A.I
Kalpataru A.I Kun oldin
They just born in different generation, thats it
Lance Miller
Lance Miller Kun oldin
RockBassTv 2 kun oldin
Weezer is very violent !!! I'm 28 and feel sooo freakin old now...
Callum Eddy
Callum Eddy 2 kun oldin
can we all agree that mcr isn’t pop punk? there’s a big difference between blink-182 and mcr
destiny j
destiny j 2 kun oldin
The last song is my favorite by mcr
DOC -BIG 2 kun oldin
No Green Day, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco? Hello?
adventure failure
adventure failure 2 kun oldin
How don’t you know I’m not okay what the heck I am freaking out
adventure failure
adventure failure 2 kun oldin
6:18 you got to be shiting me what the hell
La Compañera De Risas
"Oh god I know this, but I can't remember what it's called" Gerard Way: * screaming 'I'm not okay' in the distance*
Pintobean_13 Gaming
MCR as POP PUNK?! No way
Mandogy - Games
Mandogy - Games 2 kun oldin
I'm not Okay is what got into MCR in 5th grade
Wimborneo 2 kun oldin
wow didn't expect american hi-fi in this
Dameon A. Monsanto
Dameon A. Monsanto 2 kun oldin
Next Up Is Gonna Be Some Modern Pop Punk Music.
Corey R
Corey R 2 kun oldin
At least they knew Paramore
Corey R
Corey R 2 kun oldin
9:23 YES
Franco Burgos
Franco Burgos 2 kun oldin
I like have that necessity of kicking everyone in the face especially the one with glasses
Tyler Webster
Tyler Webster 2 kun oldin
If they think this stuff goes hard or violent I’d love to see them react to some heavy metal.
Miguel Burbano
Miguel Burbano 2 kun oldin
Feel sad for this kid
mygreenromanceathedisco {}[]
Me: *sees gerard* *clicks*
sirgreifalot999 sirgreifalot999
Do kids react to punk rock
paranovafiles 2 kun oldin
I'm the kid going through the emo phase in his senior year lol
Arthur Tayt-Sohn
Arthur Tayt-Sohn 2 kun oldin
wtf these kids are listening today?
LakeEffectNoey 2 kun oldin
*looks down at MCR hoodie and FOB wrist band* nah I won't know any
vK B3as7 plays
vK B3as7 plays 2 kun oldin
"This goes so hard" Me: LMAO "Hunny you should hear Guttermouth "
Tater2018 2 kun oldin
Look at these fools for not knowing MCR
Axyl 2 kun oldin
these teens are not what i subscribed for 😭
Lauryn Nunez
Lauryn Nunez 2 kun oldin
Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre 2 kun oldin
How MCR didn't get recognized
Marc Malloy
Marc Malloy 2 kun oldin
They know nothing
Felicia Ernst
Felicia Ernst 2 kun oldin
The Starting Line and MCR deserved better than these kids.