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Kanye the Shelter Dog Cries Every Time He's Touched | Kanye the shelter puppy couldn't stop crying out in pain when anyone came near him because he'd never felt a gentle touch. But then he met this woman, and she knew exactly how to transform him into the most trusting dog ❤️
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Credit: Monica Mitreanu via JukinVideo (www.jukinmedia.com/)
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30-Noy, 2017



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The Dodo
The Dodo Yil oldin
Best Kanye of all time? Thumbs up if you agree.
Violet Skye
Violet Skye 5 kun oldin
@The Dodo I can’t believe you made a Kanye joke under a video about a horribly abused dog. Is someone else running “The Dodo” now? WTF?
+Mopey kkmk lol
randomflow unnenn
randomflow unnenn 24 kun oldin
I like watching these kind of videos when i start my day thanks man!!!
Kaye Vogus
Kaye Vogus 29 kun oldin
Hardcore Gamer
Dogs are living beings just like humans and deserve affection and love, they feel all the same emotions as us, mistreating them is like mistreating one of us.
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway 30 daqiqa oldin
I am not crying 😭😭
Vedas Dixit
Vedas Dixit Soat oldin
You are very kind dude.keep it up 👍👍
Alyssa The Neko
Alyssa The Neko Soat oldin
Dicks just say "calm down its alright" or maybe at the least hug hug the poor thing
HowToRoblox 2 soat oldin
I swear if i meet that guy or girl Who abused the pup i would punch her or him 1 like 1 punch to The one Who abused the sweet pup
Abominable Dr Phibes
I Hate Scumbags who hurt Animals. I hope there really is a Hell for them.
PeyFul 4 soat oldin
the woman is from romania bexause she speaks romanian
GUATEMAX Animations
GUATEMAX Animations 4 soat oldin
Sad happiness
aqaweel adnan
aqaweel adnan 4 soat oldin
This is proof that we are biggest monsters of our world.
Zaaza 4 soat oldin
Pigs and cows in the slaughterhouse cry and scream just the same.
Robloxplayer43 Oh yeah yeah
So sad I cried just thinking about what he or she has been through
Ghost of Ronin
Ghost of Ronin 5 soat oldin
Can we just implement a death penalty for animal cruelty?
Beginning - Dog : *Prays to god* End - Dog : So this is what it means to be loved.....
Sol Surfer
Sol Surfer 5 soat oldin
johny ubankta
johny ubankta 6 soat oldin
Hes afraid and seems to be trying to shout out hpw badly hes been treated by the scumbag who did this to him.....poor little guy....how could someone hurt an animal so badly I FUCKING HATE KNOWING THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT TREAT ANIMALS THIS WAY AND WORSE.....THIS IS FUCKING NOT RIGHT....GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN AND HER KIND HEART!!!!!
Carmen D
Carmen D 6 soat oldin
It looks like he's been probably beaten and starved and finally saw some kindness
Jorge Kalkman
Jorge Kalkman 6 soat oldin
That gay music has gotta go... That's more sickening than anything else 🎶🤮🤮
Bryzza Unique07
Bryzza Unique07 6 soat oldin
He Made me cry poor baby abuse his whole life dam I feel rlly bad for him you need to stop abusing animals or anyone that’s makes me sad cry at least he’s better❤️😭🙏
Danielito Gonzalez
Danielito Gonzalez 6 soat oldin
plmoknty 7 soat oldin
I love dogs than majority of humans
Joey Wall
Joey Wall 7 soat oldin
DieHardAsItGets 7 soat oldin
OMG this makes me so mad!!! That dog must of been so scarred for him to act like that. I’m sure nothing big happened to the person who did this.
SrananKing 8 soat oldin
Kanye? Hahahaha
Savage Plays
Savage Plays 9 soat oldin
The way that pup cried broke my heart 💔
Wm. David meade
Wm. David meade 9 soat oldin
I feel in my heart that there will justice for all of God,s creatures. When these assholes who mistreated all these poor animals meet Our Father on judgement day. God put all these aminals on earth for mankind to love and protect. Not too mistreat them and, abuse for their enjoyment. God Bless You sweet lady for showing that poor dog what love and, understanding feels like.
sherwin conde
sherwin conde 10 soat oldin
I've watched this video before. Turns out again on my recommended videos. It still makes me cry how such humans can be abusive to this dear creatures.
fly5 10 soat oldin
for all of you who are calling this dog "baby" stop. this is not a human this is a dog.
SevenFour 7 soat oldin
I don't understand what's wrong with giving a dog a nickname
Nathaniel Pardoe
Nathaniel Pardoe 12 soat oldin
jf76 12 soat oldin
I can hardly imagine the trauma that this puppy must have experienced to scream like that - and yet even in extreme terror it did not bite. After a little bit of loving soothing it calmed down. Great work by that shelter.
Clayton Shea
Clayton Shea 13 soat oldin
..........*eyes burn with the desire to make the human scums that would do such a thing, and make them do the same and worse*........ *holds puppy gently and hopes that warmth and kindness falls on such a much more deserving life than what they had gone through. Poor defenseless puppy*.....
Dilson Almeida
Dilson Almeida 13 soat oldin
Such freaking Hell's scream!!
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh 14 soat oldin
That become heart wrenching way too fast😢😢😢😢
precision Brown
precision Brown 14 soat oldin
Oh my this really breaks my heart. I volunteered for a long time and this condition is the worst thing I’ve dealt with. It takes time patience and lots of love to help a dog that’s that scared. It makes me wonder who was so mean and upsetting that he’s so afraid. Poor baby. The only thing I would do is try to gain his trust starting with pieces of food and lots of pets and love. Little by little they will come around 💔
Soloman Vendi
Soloman Vendi 14 soat oldin
fuk me sounds like a teradaktil
Yep Ok
Yep Ok 15 soat oldin
❤This really shows his nature, he didn't even get aggressive or bite even though he was sooo scared! What a sweet heart!❤
pickledplumtree 15 soat oldin
Snoop Ham
Snoop Ham 15 soat oldin
Don’t touch can kill
Ronnec 15 soat oldin
Is it pronounced kanye west or kane
Music Laboratory
Music Laboratory 15 soat oldin
People that think the death penalty should not be aloud should watch this video
Elias 15 soat oldin
Doamna e romanca
Now That’s the Tea
Now That’s the Tea 16 soat oldin
Those screams made almost cry. Why would a human ever abuse a animal like that?
kailash bhati
kailash bhati 16 soat oldin
You should slap him when he scream then he will stop
Sheela Noxx
Sheela Noxx 16 soat oldin
Hate humans
Charlotte Deacon
Charlotte Deacon 17 soat oldin
Poor dog, I’m glad that it’s happy now!! ♥️♥️
Pokemon _guy
Pokemon _guy 17 soat oldin
Even dogs get more love then me xd
The Universal union
The Universal union 18 soat oldin
Whoever abuses animals I hope you burn in hell
self promotion police
self promotion police 18 soat oldin
poor doggie 1 like one prayer
Perlita Habanera
Perlita Habanera 18 soat oldin
Whoever abused this little Ángel is goin to pay for it bigtime before he dies. The law of the universe, Karma.
Marc Moore
Marc Moore 18 soat oldin
God bless you
akash chavanke
akash chavanke 18 soat oldin
I really feel very nice dear
B Fish7
B Fish7 19 soat oldin
Whoever dislikes this is a horrible person
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar 19 soat oldin
The dog is telling, "they hurt me and I'm scared!" How 9,000 people could dislike this just plain disgusts me. You're *AWFUL* human beings and should be ashamed!
Alex Parillo
Alex Parillo 19 soat oldin
1 like = 1 kick to the face to the previous owner
Alex Parillo
Alex Parillo 19 soat oldin
You go near the dog and it screams
Now Go Away And Do Something Good
if a stranger grabbed my butt, that's the sound i would make
Carl john Libao Agonias
Puppy really
Barbara Sunday
Barbara Sunday 21 soat oldin
My daughter has that gift too! It is amazing to watch. I am glad the dog found a comforter.
Drawv 21 soat oldin
Maybe this is what love feels like
Enrimel 22 soat oldin
Cute puppy ..... who ever hurt her/him they will pay hhahahahahahhahahahahah
Lekz Flores
Lekz Flores 22 soat oldin
I'm feeling sorry for those who haven't found 🙁
Kim Frankie
Kim Frankie 22 soat oldin
Im the on only crying here???😖
costa diego
costa diego 23 soat oldin
Salute to that woman 💖
Pepe The Frog
Pepe The Frog 23 soat oldin
Just look in its eyes 😭
Roxanne Chavez
Roxanne Chavez 23 soat oldin
Why does dog abuse even exist, why can’t owners take care of their dogs and not abuse, I feel for dogs, and whoever abuses dogs, you have no heart and I hope you don’t go anywhere near heaven for abusing dogs (only for dog abusers)
Armando Carricaburu
My opinion is that humans should be wiped off this earth just like the dinosaurs. Who agrees??👍👍👍👍
T3R0R Kun oldin
romanian language :D
L andy
L andy Kun oldin
she is a hero in romania.
wat3rl1ly Kun oldin
He must’ve really had something horrific done to him...
WakeStyle Xx
WakeStyle Xx Kun oldin
Ozzie Jim
Ozzie Jim Kun oldin
Jeezus that’s heart breaking, but a wonderful out come.
Mei chan
Mei chan Kun oldin
It's really sad that I kinda know what the dog feels... Not being treated with kindness from most of my life... And when a genuine kind person comes to me it feels really suspicious... Aww this make me cry
crampus 9
crampus 9 Kun oldin
Wait a second...... Is this the dog from the shovel dog gif?
jurassicborn carno
Ahh dodo always keeping us happy in this unforgiving and dying world we call earth
Jeannette Oliver
Sad 😔. And beautiful ❤️.
Gamer_ Dragonsealgirl -or call me Angelx-
Omg so touched ;) That’s why when I see any animals abused or tortured it just breaks my heart, especially of the crys! Loved for the first time! Can you imagine that!? And look at that, that cute little pup has friends now. I am in need to stop people from abusing animals!
MrSurprenant1 Kun oldin
God bless you for saving this beautiful dog
camerun calderon
So sweet Iove animals
Omar Certiz
Omar Certiz Kun oldin
No mote abosing
Hayley Showyin
Hayley Showyin Kun oldin
Words cannot even begin to describe how much pain this dog has endured. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!
Sunny Fox
Sunny Fox Kun oldin
Dog abusers are going to hell
•stellar• Kun oldin
I’m not crying, you are-
Angel C
Angel C Kun oldin
1 ANYTHING=1 gunshot to the chest of the abuser
John Gilbert
John Gilbert Kun oldin
Rylee Giebisch
Rylee Giebisch Kun oldin
Poor fellow!! No one deserves this!!!!!!
bro gamers 1
bro gamers 1 Kun oldin
Give it a thumb up if u feel bad
KelSavvy Videos
KelSavvy Videos Kun oldin
This is why people that do this to dogs need to have their ass kicked and put in prison. Poor dog
Dillon Roller
Dillon Roller Kun oldin
Why didn't the dog bite her? Was she not worried at all about that?
J0KER Kun oldin
Vicar Amelia in real life
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan Kun oldin
Id like to meet whoever made that dog like this in a locked room 😡
Minecraft Player 123
The previous owner shouldn’t deserve anything >:(
Kera Jordan
Kera Jordan Kun oldin
Thank you ❤
Caca Of Caca
Caca Of Caca Kun oldin
This made me cry because how much it was getting hurt 😢
נתן קורקות
Hes been through horrible stuff 😭😭😭 hope hes happy now
Razvan Kun oldin
E româncă femeia. Foarte trist😭😭😢
Swipe Kun oldin
lemons Kun oldin
Why do people do this to animals
Super Vegito
Super Vegito Kun oldin
That lady really had the courage to pet the dog and comfort him, awesome lady, I would be scared to pet a dog that is screaming
beachlover Kun oldin
That poor baby😢
Sayesha’s World
The dog didn’t attack the lady even once 😭animals need respect ! So Treat Them how you want to be treated !
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