Dog Found Alone In Woods, Then Hikers Learn Why Owners Abandoned Her

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A kind-hearted family from Brisbane, while on a bushwalk in a secluded section of D’Aguilar National Park, recently ended up on an unexpected dog rescue mission.
Jessica Paton, Luke McMillan (her husband), and Graham Paton (her father), were exploring some rock pools when they noticed an animal in the freezing water of one of the deeper pools.
Thinking the animal might be a kangaroo or a platypus, they approached quietly, only to see the frightened face of an exhausted dog looking up at them.

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23-Apr, 2018

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Fikrlar 561
Mel Toretto
Mel Toretto 4 kun oldin
Human Kindness!!!! Thank You!!!!
Rusty Lindsay
Rusty Lindsay 15 kun oldin
None the less the people who found her and got her out deserve the award
MahmoodTasneem 28 kun oldin
tallulah 29 kun oldin
To loose a pet is tragic. Lucky owners that they found his dog...with help of kind people.😁😁😁
I. Z
I. Z 29 kun oldin
El perro no se perdio sus dueños lo abandonaron deslike para ellos
Ava Smith
Ava Smith Oy oldin
Guys just watch the video geez STOP complaining
Lorna Dealca
Lorna Dealca Oy oldin
FR PHILIPPINES tho your caption is not true. Still i admire people like you.. God Bless
Moaning Minnie
Well how could the family abandon her when she escaped the garden. God sake stop lying.
Robert Mendieta
Thank Good for people like you, that rescued, may God bless you all 😘🐕
Amy Warwick
Amy Warwick Oy oldin
lovely dog I want her so bad she is so cute
Kenny Cox
Kenny Cox Oy oldin
How sweet
ItzMikeOmg 2 oy oldin
Stop using communist measurements for crying out loud.
grand'ma 2 oy oldin
Abandoned? De-Sexed? I suspect this is a machine translation into the Ingles.....
Penny Freeman
Penny Freeman 2 oy oldin
Ppl that just give their loved pets to what they think someone will find them and give them a new home and b loved it dont happen to all that they do it to it is r responsible to take a beloved aninimal in and take that life in ur hands for that animals life sapn if u cant dont take the responsibility !!!!!!!!!
J Clay
J Clay 2 oy oldin
love this story, love the happy ending, with all the evil in this world it's so awesome to find such good hearted people!
Todd "DD Digger" Brush
True Heroes!!!!
Krystal Castillo
Krystal Castillo 2 oy oldin
Thanks for caring for animals! 🐾
Lyndon Reddick
Lyndon Reddick 3 oy oldin
Where's the reason why, did she get dogknapped?
Timberwolf DT Productions
“...then hikers learn why owners abandoned her”??? - How is that part of this story?
jeanette barbieto
Tina Guo
Tina Guo 3 oy oldin
This title is misleading...-.-
Linda Burnage
Linda Burnage 3 oy oldin
Lovely story, I like it when people ,even when things get tough, carry on to rescue a helpless animal, lucky 🐕 and you were meant to be there at just the right time. This once again is fate stepping in. Xx
susanlbk 3 oy oldin
Click bait! She was lost not abandoned.
m miller
m miller 3 oy oldin
So, the owner didn't really abandon the dog. Very misleading title, wouldn't you say?
NoraCarlton Burton
Wonderful story, needs a different title,,
hi Jardine
hi Jardine 3 oy oldin
Omg... I am literally about to cry... Who would want to get rid of that adorable puppy :-( :-( :-( Thank you the family that found her.... If you didn't go to the woods.... She's still be there :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( let's just thank you family that saved her....
A. J. R. Wilde
A. J. R. Wilde 3 oy oldin
Paul Atteberry
Paul Atteberry 3 oy oldin
Thank god for people like you!
Gabby Davis
Gabby Davis 3 oy oldin
This was an amazing and inspiring story . There should be more people like the heroes in this video
doctorwho0077 3 oy oldin
These many stories all by the same people have much in common, they are all quite misleading, they walked in, and had to carry the Dog out ? Much of these stories lack important details and exagerate others killing any credibility. Other stories include the 80 year old that was insulted by so called "Bikers" messing up his food, he paid for it, and then destroyed all their motorcycles in revenge, a real crime.
Vault Boy
Vault Boy 3 oy oldin
The Shit 10 31 The god Damn dog Wasn't Abandoned ReTaRd
Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise 3 oy oldin
WTF??? Owners didn't abandon her! Stop lying to get clicks!!!
Michael King
Michael King 3 oy oldin
So you guys understand the headline that seems to be in question. If you came on a dog like that with the owner no where to be found you would see it as abandoned. They later found out it was a lost dog, but their initial thought was that it was abandoned.
Sasha Alex
Sasha Alex 3 oy oldin
2:41 that face though XD *Dont you dare drop me!*
Anthony Montoya
Anthony Montoya 3 oy oldin
what a misleading, scummy title for a video. She was lost, not abandoned. Hell, you guys even stated that in the video yet the title remains. Smh...
GameClips 3 oy oldin
The dog wasnt ABANDONED she was LOST.... Do those words sound similar...... NOPE
Kibby Tzlil
Kibby Tzlil 3 oy oldin
My dear Jessica Paton, Luke McMillan, and Graham Paton God bless you with life and love and let prosperity be with you all your life with love yuli :)
gillian bc
gillian bc 3 oy oldin
'Then hikers learn why owners abandoned her'? According to the video, they hadn't; she was much loved and had got lost. Looks like you made a boo-boo with the video title - please change it.
Wilhelm Geisler
Wilhelm Geisler 3 oy oldin
Beautiful dog and story! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful dog and family!
Maria L. Rapaglia
Brook Gowin
Brook Gowin 3 oy oldin
thumbs down because of the misleading title
Kyle Moonlight
Kyle Moonlight 3 oy oldin
Clickbate! They didn't leave her
gacha Savage
gacha Savage 3 oy oldin
we need more ppl like this kind hearted ppl
Neil Michael Walsh
really boring
Deadly Kitten
Deadly Kitten 3 oy oldin
I call this click bait
Unzareh 3 oy oldin
What a clickbait and false title.
Noe Aguirre
Noe Aguirre 3 oy oldin
Why do the do that to dovs
Sin in the sun
Sin in the sun 3 oy oldin
default with 13 subs
Y u abondon doggo
shikure tetsuya
shikure tetsuya 3 oy oldin
there is a big difference between abandoning and losing a pet, but im happy that the dog found her owner
Sypf_ Harp
Sypf_ Harp 3 oy oldin
Brisbane was pronounced incorrectly
0ut0fFocusWot 3 oy oldin
Back in the ‘70’s, when I was a teenager, I rescued a neighbour’s dog who had impaled himself on their tall, steel gate. They weren’t home (and nor were my parents), so I think he was trying to escape. I had to lift him up and off, and he was not a small dog. Before I investigated what the awful noise was, he must have been there for over an hour. After setting him down on the ground, I waited for my boyfriend to arrive and together we put him on a blanket and into the back of his car. Now, there were no 24 hour vet clinics or animal emergency facilities available, so we got the good ol’ phone book out and just called every vet clinic until we found one which was open. Took him down, stayed while the vet checked him over and we saw he had impaled himself about an inch from his penis. Fortunately it missed other vital organs as well and they kept him in overnight. I left a note at the neighbour’s door with all the details, then called around a few days later to see how he was faring. I was a bit shocked at the lack of empathy from this neighbour, and they never said thank you. Months later, I saw the dog running around out front and went to greet him. He wouldn’t have a bar of me! Wouldn’t come near me! I thought he would have showered me with kisses! Anyway, he was fine and that’s all that matters to me.
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze 3 oy oldin
clickbait the owners DID NOT abandon her
AJ Llewellyn
AJ Llewellyn 3 oy oldin
Great story in spite of the misleading headline. By the way Brisbane is not pronounced Bris-bane it's like Brisbuhn.
Willam Kikku
Willam Kikku 3 oy oldin
I’m the 460th commenter
Tarman The Champion
The dog was female & "de sexed"?! LOL! You mean neutered?!
Dominic Briggs
Dominic Briggs 3 oy oldin
People find lost dog should be the title
Ivan Simovic
Ivan Simovic 3 oy oldin
I really like how families stop by animals to help them
xM4DN355x Gaming
xM4DN355x Gaming 3 oy oldin
"Dog Found Alone In Woods, Then Hikers Learn Why Owners Abandoned Her" but... they lost her...? they didn't abandon her...? nani...?
Jason Greenwood
Jason Greenwood 3 oy oldin
I got the same dog it's a boxer female they are so nice
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 3 oy oldin
The sweet thing went on walk about and got lost.
Kay Ci
Kay Ci 3 oy oldin
Yet another title that has nothing to do with the content. They never say why the owners abandoned the dog, which apparently did not happen.
precision Brown
precision Brown 3 oy oldin
Again, being a rescue and foster Mom I cannot thank you enough for helping. Thanks so much for taking the time to help 💕💓
James Vaught
James Vaught 3 oy oldin
That's a good story, but nowhere in it does it indicate WHY she was "abandoned."
Gypsydreamer 3 oy oldin
Why the misleading title?
Goat simulator PRO
Great story but owners didnt abandon her
Spoopy Spooky
Spoopy Spooky 3 oy oldin
He said abandoned because the family probably STOPPED looking for her. Oh by the way if you give me hate on this comment i don't know why you bothered because... I don't care about the hates! HATERS GONNA HAATE! and those to think I am right thank you. Now bye bye ;D
SkiMaskJoshh 3 oy oldin
I hate clickbait
Official ParishTorch
A lot of UZvid videos get it wrong for shock jock reasons! The owners didn’t ‘abandon’ her. He LOST her.
Madi and Cassy Vlogs :P
3:16 Okay so you wear socks and sandals and to make it even worse you have a ripped sock
Help Me
Help Me 3 oy oldin
Beautiful story buuut click bait she was not abandoned her owner was looking for her not abandoning her!
axo lotol
axo lotol 3 oy oldin
It says the owner of the dog abandoned it but then the narrator says thr dog escaped his yard wdym
Harvey Glick
Harvey Glick 3 oy oldin
I've been watching a number of your videos, but with this despicable misleading title, I'm dropping your work. Why are you so stupid to do this?
kenneth enriquez
kenneth enriquez 3 oy oldin
If you change the title to Hero Rescuers you might get more views
Yvonne Camacho
Yvonne Camacho 3 oy oldin
Stories like this makes my heart very sad. Thanks this one was reunited with its owner but what about others. The abused, malnourished, unloved are sometimes never found. I pray for them to find true love with a caring person. I often wonder if the golden rule is still taught or obeyed. Do unto others as you want done to you. Animals have souls just like people. They are our best friends here on earth. They don't deserve what they often get.
Jasmin Kooloos
Jasmin Kooloos 3 oy oldin
SHE WAS NOT ABANDONED!!!!!!😠😠😠 SHE WAS LOST!!!!!!!!😡 Btw putting that as the title isn’t very good clickbait because I was trying to avoid watching this cause it would make me sad! So maybe next time DONT put a misleading title, instead just do it how it is!
N. Igma
N. Igma 3 oy oldin
Your caption is very misleading. The owner didn't abandon her. According to the owner, it seems she wandered away from home.
Flyboy Steven
Flyboy Steven 3 oy oldin
We wouldn't have to "click to start blocking ads" if the damn ads wouldn't pop up in the first place! DUH
Carol Ann Rompca
Carol Ann Rompca 3 oy oldin
Thank you Jessica ,Luke and Greame, I'm pretty sure Ali babi would thank you too if she could,you all did a brilliant job saving this terrified pooch from a probable awful death......God Bless you all.....
Nae Granados
Nae Granados 4 oy oldin
can't stop thinking it or saying it as little parts of our world keeps burning and you give up on it and the way humans act you start feeling there really isn't any hope and then you find two people that do what they did for that dog thank God there's still people in this world like you guys bless you guys I hope you get so many blessings God bless
Nilav Kumar Jena
Nilav Kumar Jena 4 oy oldin
Clickbait title. According to the commentary they didn't abandon her then why the fake title.
Lucas Scheuren
Lucas Scheuren 4 oy oldin
kinda click bait u said they abandoned her and they found out why the owners abandoned her soooo
Yandere Sama
Yandere Sama 4 oy oldin
Kanisha Houzah
Kanisha Houzah 4 oy oldin
Oh so I am the only one who seen them socks
Leif Anderson
Leif Anderson 4 oy oldin
My dog weighs 64 pounds but probably more now
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 4 oy oldin
whoever disliked you obviously hate animals and wanted this dog to die.
James Phillips
James Phillips 4 oy oldin
I'm so sorry
Lason Likes
Lason Likes 4 oy oldin
Your just trying to get more views
Walrus Nugget/Terraria Thing
2:48 is my face when I drop a spoon at 3 in the morning
Late Gamer
Late Gamer 4 oy oldin
Your not a nice person for saying that
Late Gamer
Late Gamer 4 oy oldin
Shut up
Vietnam Numbah 1
Vietnam Numbah 1 4 oy oldin
so how did the owners abandon her?
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey 4 oy oldin
This is a nice film, well-enough made with voice-over & narration so why go with the BS title. If good producers have to belittle themselves with click-bait it seems it'll only get worse.
Christine Thompson
He doesn't look very happy with that man. He looks scared. Too bad those great people didn't keep him because he was smiling so much around them!
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 4 oy oldin
Like if you’re Aussie! #AussieSquad
Meeche Miller
Meeche Miller 4 oy oldin
What wonderful people to take the time to rescue this sweet dog
James Renshaw
James Renshaw 4 oy oldin
Wtf is that sock at 3:07?
Cindy January
Cindy January 4 oy oldin
TheRandomFox 4 oy oldin
Abandoned? U just told us he lost his dog.
TheRandomFox 4 oy oldin
Abandon? Just told us he lost his do.