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Dog Rescued From A Lab Sees Her Old Friend Again | This dog was saved from animal testing and was SO shy her first year living with a family - until she was reunited with an old friend. To help save more dogs like Frannie, you can support her rescuers at the Rescue + Freedom Project: thedo.do/beagle.
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18-Iyl, 2018

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jim poop
jim poop 6 kun oldin
I just watched plague dogs which brought me here,these people are amazing.
Thommy Turtle
Thommy Turtle 7 kun oldin
its good, that there a such humans on this strange world. Respect.
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins 12 kun oldin
What a cool, loving group of people....
Nicky Wilks
Nicky Wilks 14 kun oldin
This family are the kindest most caring people ever. What lucky dogs cats and children.
Serena's Destiny
Serena's Destiny 17 kun oldin
I love dogs she is so cute🐶❤️🐶
Cuong Jay
Cuong Jay 24 kun oldin
A so wonderful story . My admiration and my best wish to all of you !
Speed Hawk
Speed Hawk 24 kun oldin
Good people!
Lavanya Yadav
Lavanya Yadav 26 kun oldin
Y do people exploit and hurt these babies.... M grateful that u rescued her. Thank you 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lourdes Via Dolorosa
grytlappar 29 kun oldin
It's just so f'n awful what they do to these animals. And then, to top it off, they're gonna put them down - a young dog, and for no particular reason at all. Eff them.
Suzi C.
Suzi C. Oy oldin
Animal testing sickens me so much... This is just heartbreaking 💔 what a great and social family! I hope you will have a long happy life together 💕
Neha Ram
Neha Ram Oy oldin
Mind blowing...this couple are just angels
Zoe Delgado
Zoe Delgado Oy oldin
I also have a beagle called Lisa from a lab
Rick Danner
Rick Danner Oy oldin
I could never be the person these people are god will bless them !
onigiRia Oy oldin
And this is why I spend my hard-earned money on Lush products,and other animal cruelty free products.
RUBY Oy oldin
I am sure, God is with you ,lady.
M W Oy oldin
Poor little baby dog 😥
Pony Unicorn
Pony Unicorn Oy oldin
My beagle in not gentle and he does fight back and he is really wild is there something we can do to fix that so my family won't get rid of my baby?
lillady697 Oy oldin
Aww God bless u for taking her in after all that horrific testing
TheCookingNerd 2 oy oldin
This breaks my heart......We fostered beagles from a lab and that’s how we adopted our third dog, Steinway
Aimee Pollock
Aimee Pollock 2 oy oldin
Wtf could these “tests” do for us? I mean really, just why do companies do this?
Sarah Willoughby
Sarah Willoughby 2 oy oldin
I’m glad that Frankie’s vocal cords were not cut. Because scientists/lab techs/ doctors don’t like to work in noisy conditions, AND THEY CERTAINLY DON’T WANT TO BE DISTURBED BY DOGS SCREAMING IN HORRIBLE PAIN, laboratory dogs (almost exclusively beagles), the dogs’ vocal cords are cut. Perhaps some of the experiments ultimately serve humans, but it would take a moron not to realize the detrimental effects of bleach poured into a dog’s/rabbit’s eyes. So many of the experiments are done solely to make money for scientists, in the form of grants or for cosmetic or household cleaning products so they aren’t legally held responsible if someone ingests the product. Doesn’t it make you want to go out and buy Tide laundry detergent knowing how the product has been thoroughly tested year after year on innocent animals. Also some labels that say they are not tested on animals have been called into question.
Audrey and Remington
This is so sweet! I couldnt imagine my beagle spending his life in a kennel!
Pammi Sethiya
Pammi Sethiya 2 oy oldin
They both are in heaven
Pammi Sethiya
Pammi Sethiya 2 oy oldin
I lost my two beagle puppy
Pammi Sethiya
Pammi Sethiya 2 oy oldin
People who experiment on such cute beagles are the devil's
thequietCalm 3 oy oldin
Jesus lord you guys are making everyone look bad! Props on all you've done for the kids and dogs!!!
Nicolai Santos
Nicolai Santos 3 oy oldin
Why the hell people will experiment on this dogs
trish 3 oy oldin
That woman has a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!
Jana Wilson
Jana Wilson 3 oy oldin
The little boy sleeping with dog ♥️♥️♥️. The kids and the dogs are so cute!
skskm 77
skskm 77 3 oy oldin
You know... I wish they would use the lab PEOPLE that test stuff on animal and stuff needle on their nails and tattoo their ears
Fong Yan
Fong Yan 3 oy oldin
Can we do a donation to her family 🙈
Anchuhan Ramalingam
If they want to experiment.. why they do with other animals... they should do that on themselves 💪👌
Voixtalks Mos es
Voixtalks Mos es 3 oy oldin
Sew Me
Sew Me 3 oy oldin
She just hates white people don't she? Adopts non white kids as if non-whites ever adopt white kids. Or does she just like to admit that healthy black girls are hindered and disabled by their very nature of being normal black girls, just like blind chinese boys and socially deprived and abused animals are hindered and disabled by being blind or abused? That black girl must have to think, wait, this lady likes victims and disabled animals and people, what's my disability? her disability is being black she will smartly conclude.
Unknown 3 oy oldin
I own a beagle (as you can see from my profile), and I find them the sweetest animals. My previous beagle (and current) were rejected hunting dogs. They were going to be put down, but we got them just in time. My old beagle was so sweet, and let you do anything to him. Sadly, he died a couple years ago. Later, we adopted another rejected hunting beagle, and she was so scared when she first came into our home. Now, she is very fun and playful.
Little_ Robinson18
I have a beagle
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed 3 oy oldin
I used to work at a lab where these beagles were used for medical testing. I was pre vet and needed experience in the field and thought I could learn a lot. It was traumatizing. I stopped wanting to be a vet after that and majored in statistics instead to help with scientific research that can be done without any animal testing. I don't think it's worth the suffering those animals endure. The worst part is that they are social creatures who are kept alone in a concrete box the whole lives.
Cheffy Prad
Cheffy Prad 3 oy oldin
Where is humanity???!!! In the woman who rescued her😊😊😊
SophieSophSter GealGeGest
Those animals deserve a better life than in a cage being tested on. I'm glad there are people like this lady who will give unconditional love to these animals, and they give it back.
Kurai Seishin
Kurai Seishin 3 oy oldin
They should named them nine and twelve fron zankyou no terror..
laura 3 oy oldin
Wonderful people.
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith 3 oy oldin
God bless these people. This tore at my heart. Such cruelty inflicted on an innocent little animal.
Nichole S
Nichole S 3 oy oldin
When I was younger, I went to a job interview for a security guard position. I knew it was a pharmaceutical company, but I was unaware that they did animal testing at that site. I was told that I would have to go into that room several times during a shift. The beagles had a tendency to go stir crazy, and they would start chewing their own limbs off. I asked why they only tested on beagles and I was told that their lungs were similar to human lungs. I tried holding it together, but I totally lost it in the interview. If you need to test on something, how about all the pedophiles sitting in prison that taxpayers are supporting?
Diane Threadgold
Diane Threadgold 4 oy oldin
Animals have differant skin types all expermants should be banned.. I dont care what anyones says
Diane Threadgold
Diane Threadgold 4 oy oldin
These people who do any experiments on animal need the same doing to them evil people
Shannon Feathers
Shannon Feathers 4 oy oldin
Wonderful people for obvious reasons... all 4 of those babies are sooo lucky to have that mommy and daddy! bless those angels. 😇❤🐾🐶
judy morgan
judy morgan 4 oy oldin
How wonderful these people are i hope they post how did they get these dogs? Other people out there my be able to provide a loving home also
judy morgan
judy morgan 4 oy oldin
Insist on products not being tested on animals if you cannot find on label email company and post safe products and let people know what companies test on animals the one thing manufacturers understand is profit margins we all have a voice and its call purchas power
Bertha Koos
Bertha Koos 4 oy oldin