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Dog Stuck In Icy Lake Cries To Rescuers For Help | This guy slid across an icy lake to save a dog in freezing water. Everyone thought the dog was OK, but suddenly he stopped breathing - and they had to figure out how to get him back FAST. Special thanks to Charlies Dog Rescue
& @TheresaFireDepartment (facebook.com/TheresaFireDepartment/) for this incredible rescue footage! For more, visit: thedo.do/charliesdogrescue.
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17-Dek, 2017

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Gururaj Patil
Gururaj Patil 9 soat oldin
God bless you guys!!
Ruby Pineda
Ruby Pineda 21 soat oldin
Muchísimas Gracias Dios los Bendiga, x rescatar al peludito son los Héroes q' todos necesitamos, Abrazos el Sr los llene d Bendiciones.
Marilduito ungido muito abencoado bMarques
Lindo trabalho Parabéns
BB- BRANZ Kun oldin
such a cute labrador man..had my eyes watering and stuff....sniff sniff..NO UR CRYING NOT ME😭
wonglee2424 3 kun oldin
dogs are just like little kids so it's great to see Charlie get a break and a new home
Queen Existence
Queen Existence 4 kun oldin
Yay, Charlie!!!!!!!! Thank you, Rescuers! You're soooooooooooooo AWESOME!
George Hatton
George Hatton 4 kun oldin
I would like to thank any person who goes out of their way and puts themselves in danger to rescue one of mans true companions in this world, along with many other animals.
Ron Lewis
Ron Lewis 4 kun oldin
Awesome job guys !!
cyrus Persian
cyrus Persian 6 kun oldin
God bless to every body loves and cares for animals
Hector Rojas
Hector Rojas 6 kun oldin
Whoever saved deserve a humanitarian award for doing the right thing.
Merzbrylle C0lita
Merzbrylle C0lita 8 kun oldin
Jurng Un Joo
Jurng Un Joo 8 kun oldin
I swear in 0:30 I am hearing "help" from the dog.
BeanBean Squad
BeanBean Squad 10 kun oldin
This is one of the saddest ice rescues I've seen. The dogs cries for help is just heartbreaking. So glad he made it.
Di Wa
Di Wa 17 kun oldin
So this is our beautiful country. Where we care for the least of us. What wonderful human beings live in this country!!!
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
Poor Dog 🐶
_ _Banksy
_ _Banksy 20 kun oldin
Not sure which I love more...😍 the amazing team that rescued the pup or the pup❤️ seriously ❤️❤️🇦🇺
S V 22 kun oldin
Well, dog got a lesson from nature.
Hunter Bravo
Hunter Bravo 24 kun oldin
God bless them, these are good people,
Denize Denize
Denize Denize 24 kun oldin
obrigado por salvar lo Deus abençoe
kira kim
kira kim 24 kun oldin
lando847able 26 kun oldin
I love this stuff
a c
a c 26 kun oldin
Poor baby.
Wanda Ingram
Wanda Ingram 28 kun oldin
I was crying the whole video,I'm so so happy that those guys saved this beautiful dog!! My hat off to u guys!!👍😂
FAO Oy oldin
Guys you are heroes!
Myron Severa
Myron Severa Oy oldin
God bless these hero's!
Jose Fernandez
Oh wow you guys are heroes!👏
mddkc77762 Oy oldin
Awesome thank you all wonderful
sheltomlee Oy oldin
waaazup D
waaazup D Oy oldin
Poor doggy is crying for help
C D Oy oldin
Thank you for helping animals
Mary  Richardson
Thank You.
dcasey77 Oy oldin
1:36 'Somebody get me some blankets out of the ambulance'... Well done on saving the dog but wouldn't it have been better to take the dog into the ambulance where it was warm and dry and wrap the blankets round him instead of putting the blankets on the freezing cold snow and then wrapping the dog in them? Just a thought.
Carolyn Rombardo
Those men who saved him ??...may GOD BLESS THEM N THIERS ❤..its people like that....that restore our faith in humanity..
Linda Roy
Linda Roy Oy oldin
That made me smile. There are good people in this world!
Antonius Oy oldin
So good to see human kind looking out for animal kind.
อาทิตย์ พ.
so mercy to help ,be happy to all...thanks
ge st
ge st Oy oldin
All creatures great and small.
MrMagnusFogg Oy oldin
Beautiful video !!! ...but I still need to understand something - "Someone give me some blankets from the ambulance" ?...why wasn't the dog put immediately IN the ambulance with the blankets, where it would be quite warm, instead of lying it on the snow ?...
A Ali
A Ali Oy oldin
So cute
luis Ruiz Alvarez
¿What's up with those graphics while the dog is barking?
Cris Cee
Cris Cee 2 oy oldin
Boy if he would of died i would be flooding my room with tears. Much love to the Rescuers
Robin Karlsson
Robin Karlsson 2 oy oldin
Love how he grabbed him by the nuts lol
Αικατερίνη Πασχαλίδου
263 dislike -- 263 idiots.
Josy Hofer
Josy Hofer 2 oy oldin
nicoya barcelona
nicoya barcelona 2 oy oldin
No words men people like that i feel the world not the end
Jesse c
Jesse c 2 oy oldin
I wonder how much taxpayer dollars was wasted to keep this dog alive
finnigan 2 oy oldin
Amazing people. Thankyou.
TRIZsTANDs GeGo 2 oy oldin
Set a campfire that will heal him
Bonnie Owens
Bonnie Owens 2 oy oldin
These are real men.
ptliang011 2 oy oldin
Weak dog