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Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone | This shelter dog was so shy around his new family - then he started hanging out with his brother. You can keep up with Hedgie, Mason and all of their adventures on Instagram, hedgiethehedgedog: thedo.do/hedgie. You can also follow them on Facebook: facebook.com/hedgiethehedgedog/.

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26-Iyl, 2018

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midnight Wolf
midnight Wolf 7 soat oldin
Þhats like my dog she sticks by my side
blackfeather dog
blackfeather dog 11 soat oldin
Mason thank you for loving him.....
iiGalaxyWolf Kun oldin
What are you guys' favorite type(s) of dog? Mine are Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd's and Pomeranians 😊
Floof Kun oldin
Roshni Jaiswal
Roshni Jaiswal 2 kun oldin
Joseph Bustillocruz
LuAnn Sunsdahl
LuAnn Sunsdahl 2 kun oldin
What a beautiful friendship!...I currently have an Irish Wolfhound that was born with MegaE....he's now 5 and doing well with a liquid diet, motility medication and eating at an extreme incline (he's 130#, so a Bailey's Chair is not an option for him). Wishing you all the best! 😊
Isabel Sinclair
Isabel Sinclair 2 kun oldin
I have a cat that is my best friend in the only one that can pick her up and pet her and she wants to be there I am.If someone else pet her or picking her up she will scream and try to go away. But other can pet her more now but she still doesn't rely like it.
Tiramisu Desu
Tiramisu Desu 2 kun oldin
a good boy for a handsome boy.
Noa Gamer
Noa Gamer 2 kun oldin
I dont like dogs, but that dog, it doesnt look so bad
Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor 3 kun oldin
There are 740 people here that I dont ever want to know....or meet.
tan hock jun
tan hock jun 4 kun oldin
It looks very humble :)
Cindy S
Cindy S 4 kun oldin
Mason, I love how much you love your brother. I too had my love of my life, his picture to the left of my text is my heart. I believe God created animals to show us what unconditional love is. 😌🐾🐾
Dyed Bliss
Dyed Bliss 4 kun oldin
So strange that a vet would say to put this beauty down because of megaesopgogus! A LOT of larger dogs & Great Danes have that syndrome! Special care and a cute little baby chair & love is all that's needed!
Lil Poopy
Lil Poopy 4 kun oldin
He probably fucked the dog to be honest
Balatac73 5 kun oldin
I miss my dog so much! I wish he was still here beside me.
Mai 6 kun oldin
Love me love my brother.
BrownTownCurry 8
BrownTownCurry 8 6 kun oldin
Damn those onions man. They really get to me
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins 7 kun oldin
This is a medical condition some dogs have. With training, the owner can learn to work with the dog, feed them properly, so he takes nourishment, and does fine. It is a manageable condition. Once you know what you're dealing with? Then you get the special chair, and life becomes a whole lot easier.
Mary  Richardson
Mary Richardson 7 kun oldin
Thank You💝
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 7 kun oldin
this is what it's all about......
Bora RG
Bora RG 7 kun oldin
I love dogs I always wanted one so I got it but she got hit by a car and now she has only three legs😢😭😖
somebody 8 kun oldin
Mason always wanted a hedgehog That's what it says rewind the video to the start and seee
Ruby Mortimer
Ruby Mortimer 9 kun oldin
At the very start when I saw that food thing where he was sitting up I immediately was like, oh deer i know that dog product which means I know what sad part of the video that’s coming up, and I was right. Poor doggo
Lyn Travis
Lyn Travis 9 kun oldin
He has the bully bark.
Izzy T.V.
Izzy T.V. 13 kun oldin
Is it just me or the dog has beautiful eyes, no just me ok
Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker 14 kun oldin
Who sad the sad lonely people that would DIS-LIKE this video?
Melissa Little
Melissa Little 15 kun oldin
I think y’all have it backwards. Mason is Hedgie’s human. Looks like they picked each other.
liz c
liz c 16 kun oldin
Omg he’s so cute I can’t even ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Super Funtime Foxy
Super Funtime Foxy 17 kun oldin
Mason: Speak. Hedgie: *ARF* Me: Oh, that's cute. But I'm fine with my- Mason: Whisper. Hedgie: *Aaarooooooeer* Me: (picks up phone) Hello, animal shelter. I'd like all of your pit bulls.
Lily Petree
Lily Petree 18 kun oldin
I’m a simple woman I see a cute boy, I click
Mel_Qeen 17
Mel_Qeen 17 18 kun oldin
The boy and the dog are cute
Dogs Tube
Dogs Tube 18 kun oldin
sophie d
sophie d 19 kun oldin
1:01 *pause* aha my dogs have that snake 😂
Aura Grind25
Aura Grind25 20 kun oldin
This is why i lrefer dogs
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 20 kun oldin
pne of the most heart worming clips on youtube
HippyMops 20 kun oldin
In the First Night I bet he fucced the dog
Gay Fucker
Gay Fucker 21 kun oldin
2:56 my dog running into my legs
ODIN231 22 kun oldin
This kid sounds gay
Patrick Turlan
Patrick Turlan 22 kun oldin
My dog had that, I put him down a d got a better dog
Swechha Mishra
Swechha Mishra 22 kun oldin
Such an adorable dog...and masion u are really a nice kid
Just Me
Just Me 23 kun oldin
Why is everyone so surprised a 15 year old can care ? Lets not make them out to be monsters for god's sake
Christina Torres
Christina Torres 24 kun oldin
am i the only one crying??
TimeToGacha! TTG
TimeToGacha! TTG 25 kun oldin
What did we do to deserve dogs? No What did dogs do to deserve us?
Who put it?! WhO pUt tHe OnIons oN mY EyEs?!!
Nina allth
Nina allth 25 kun oldin
My dog runs away if the gate is open, this stupid little cute brat
Shreya tiwari
Shreya tiwari 25 kun oldin
Aww so sweet bonding 😍😍
True Crime Maniac
True Crime Maniac 26 kun oldin
I had an American bulldog from when I was 7 to 15 and he would not sleep on my bed no he'd sleep on top of me every night he was really old we got him when he was 8
SATAN 26 kun oldin
Now I am going to adopt a dog....this video motivated me a lot 😤
meg grotte
meg grotte 26 kun oldin
Oh he's a good dog owner and his dog very blessed to have him