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Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone | This shelter dog was so shy around his new family - then he started hanging out with his brother. You can keep up with Hedgie, Mason and all of their adventures on Instagram, hedgiethehedgedog: thedo.do/hedgie. You can also follow them on Facebook: facebook.com/hedgiethehedgedog/.

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26-Iyl, 2018



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Fikrlar 2 934
Zyrex 16 soat oldin
How did he teach him to ring the bell if i got a dog would probably do that
MrAMYJACK 19 soat oldin
Makes me feel good.
Caption Saturn
Caption Saturn 20 soat oldin
0:06 mason always wanted a hedgehog Me: well you got that wrong
Glyn Parker
Glyn Parker 2 kun oldin
A boy and his best friend ❤❤❤❤
medelina adelina
medelina adelina 5 kun oldin
ThxSxddxst ASMR
ThxSxddxst ASMR 5 kun oldin
If your dog looks like you than you gotta bond. They would’ve been twins if hedgie was human.
Vanz Gaming
Vanz Gaming 6 kun oldin
When people say "pitbulls are dangerous and mean" show them this video
J. Vereen
J. Vereen 7 kun oldin
So Sweet❤ There so cute and happy together.
Cindy B.
Cindy B. 7 kun oldin
Great job Mason!
DiMpLe FaCeD pEeP
DiMpLe FaCeD pEeP 7 kun oldin
He probably had girls running up to him for prom.
RACOON yt 7 kun oldin
peapol are sick dogs are nicer
Erica Lop
Erica Lop 7 kun oldin
I wish I could have a dog. Like that
Jj Smith
Jj Smith 8 kun oldin
Awesome Job Mason taking care of your dog 😊😍
Laura Benitez
Laura Benitez 8 kun oldin
Get you a man that loves you like Mason loves Hedgie.
Avist_ Trapz
Avist_ Trapz 8 kun oldin
Same this basicly we had bought a dog for $500 stoped at a gas station to let her use the bathroom and boom she slips out the collar and runs into forest this is some back woods in alabama we had to call the ppl we got her from to bring the father and mother they got her she was a bright white but when wr got her back she was chocolate gave her a shower in the flyin J trucker shower and headed home after 1 day just sleeping on a floor with me i would walk into the bath and she would cry still dose to this day go out to check mail cry loud to if i wasnt with her she would cry loud then i was separated from her for ablout 3 months didint think she would recognize me beacuse she was a puppy but little did i know thry let her into my room right when they get home and she starts yelping and freaking out and like omg my bestie where were u but yeah love her so much she is gonna be a mom soon to gonna split the litter in half half for me half for my mom who owns the male who is also my baby basicly but he growls beacuse he thinks he is a macho man
յմӏíҽղ Ƙíղց
Cold Night
Cold Night 10 kun oldin
Damn this dog is more civilized then some of my friend
Jrdme03 10 kun oldin
Did he have sex with the dog at night to change the dog?
Honey Lavender
Honey Lavender 10 kun oldin
Not all dogs are good boys Some are good girls!
glitching guy
glitching guy 11 kun oldin
Your it’s master not brother
ZovaZey 11 kun oldin
Good boy finds gooder boy. You decide who the gooder boy is. It's both, both are the gooder boy.
Kaylee 11 kun oldin
StevenIzAGod 11 kun oldin
Why does the title say pitbull
Hiei 13 kun oldin
If that's a pitbull then I'm a dinosaur
Asia Osby
Asia Osby 14 kun oldin
damn you dodo, stop trying to melt my heart
RideoutMr 14 kun oldin
Sara Chokshi
Sara Chokshi 14 kun oldin
Why not I mean the brother's cute
Blxst Power
Blxst Power 14 kun oldin
cecilia mcneal
cecilia mcneal 14 kun oldin
Yes he is a good friend to have but Mason you are an awesome young man and a wonderful pet owner. God knew he would need a special person to care for this dog, you are that person.
XxPink_ LoverxX
XxPink_ LoverxX 15 kun oldin
That seat, another dog has it, a golden retriever named Jalopo
Purple Gorilla X2369
Awwwww... 💕
Happy Doggo
Happy Doggo 17 kun oldin
Best bromance
C Louise
C Louise 18 kun oldin
I'm not crying. You're crying!!!
Chantel Putter
Chantel Putter 15 kun oldin
no you
Linn Strand
Linn Strand 19 kun oldin
Mason is a snack tho 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 20 kun oldin
This is just like me and my dog Doodlebug
Patricia 20 kun oldin
Such a sweet bonding!
Sean Masami Shimamoto
Hedgie is such an adorable dog...and Mason is such a handsome kid! Their symbiosis personifies happiness!!! 😍🤙🏽
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 21 kun oldin
Thats a large strange looking Hedgehog
IceCube 21 kun oldin
What is te ras of the dog
grease monkey
grease monkey 22 kun oldin
i doelike people saying dog mum or dog dad, but these two are true brothers.
Saige Kotkin -Bartell
Gee mom, stop calling Hedgie an IT
Bbbandit 2000
Bbbandit 2000 25 kun oldin
Love from Yorkshire, UK xxx
Bbbandit 2000
Bbbandit 2000 25 kun oldin
You so remind me of my Son!! What a wonderful young man!! 👍🏾🌎🇬🇧🇺🇸🌈🌺🙏💐 xxxxxxx
wheniamhome 26 kun oldin
Oh, Mason you are so awesome with your pup!!!! Bravo!
Author Productions
Author Productions 26 kun oldin
Mason always wanted.... A pet hedgehog....
Bug Rescue - 3 -
Bug Rescue - 3 - 26 kun oldin
I just watched a whole 34 minute ad to support The Dodo.
gabriel frost
gabriel frost 26 kun oldin
this kid deserve a scholarship
Ethan Tyler
Ethan Tyler 27 kun oldin
This reminds me of my dog Loki that I got when i was diagnosed with depression 3 years ago and he saved my life tbh
Brian Parent
Brian Parent 29 kun oldin
Mason is a super good person...Love the dog
gundam meister
Good boii
gundam meister
What breed is it
CanuckHead Oy oldin
I wish dogs could live longer...
rubymimosa Oy oldin
My husband adopted a puppy for me (I thought it was a ferret it was so small). Every time he drank water he would vomit it up, same thing with food. So we found out he had megaesophogus within days of adopting him. I’d never had such a small dog before (chiX), but his level of disability is needing burping after eating now. He growls and rubs his teeth against my cheek to let me know he thinks it’s a bother, but he’s actually a bit chubby : ( so we know it’s working. Luckily our vet just recommended burping him.... Your dog is truly blessed in you.
Maya Reigle
Maya Reigle Oy oldin
He's so cute Both of them
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Oy oldin
AWESOME.............. with love and respect from the UK 🇬🇧 !!!
Mutiara Lotus
Mutiara Lotus Oy oldin
winston smith
winston smith Oy oldin
Obama would have just eaten the dog. Fact.
Ildiko Sowinski
He is very handsome !
Holly 1992
Holly 1992 Oy oldin
Dogs are gifts from God, so work to deserve their love and devotion!
Carlin Gregory
I bell trained my old dog and my puppy already learned and she is 13 weeks
Elida Rodriguez
How come that this video has dislikes?
julius turner
julius turner Oy oldin
Great couple🌟🌟
Sheyla Abarca
Sheyla Abarca Oy oldin
Such a beautiful pair...💕💕💕
Monkey Slasher
I have a female dog just like this her name is dazha
Tug Wree
Tug Wree Oy oldin
I want a dog cant trust human but I think I can trust my dog
Dwayne Dunlop
Dwayne Dunlop Oy oldin
Not trying to grab any attention but that's what dog shadow did with me. First day I had him he went for me and really didn't want anything to do with me. But I didn't give up and by the night time of day 1 he was asleep with his head on my chest by day 2 he was following me everywhere. I've had him 9 years now he was said to of been about 2 when I found him (an experienced vet checkef him ovet) when i come across him he had No collar or micro chip and his face was covered in fresh cuts and quite a few scars. He's not dog aggressive though. I Had him at my parents for years and he lived with 4 other dogs 2 other males and 2 females
joëlla best best for ever
Dogs are better than human I mean at least dogs understand more than humans
Marshmallow Good
Sonic the memedog
Redwood the Leafwing
Jacqueline Alexis
Who asked for onions ? Geez
Andrea Tomonaga
Jorge Wong
Jorge Wong Oy oldin
My dog always wanted to be by my side.
adore animals
adore animals Oy oldin
Fabulous pair, soul mates. Thank you for sharing, they brightened my day x
Bella Botello
Bella Botello Oy oldin
I awmost cry on every vidio i watch
tim tim
tim tim Oy oldin
How great!
Mydingdongso Long
I didn’t know I was smiling until the video ended
Stacey Wilkinson
This is so adorable! 😍
Sunny All Day
Sunny All Day Oy oldin
What a special 15-year-old!! 😀 His mom is raising him right! 😀
Daniel Richards
What an ingenious eating chair/table for him! It's almost like a highchair for a medical condition
Luciana Pinto
Luciana Pinto Oy oldin
They’re both so cute
Klyde Barney
Klyde Barney Oy oldin
u r one handsome snacc, sorry what? the dog’s cute lmao HAHAHAHAHA
Will C
Will C 2 oy oldin
when you feel like life is tough, watch some of these videos and you will realize you dont have it so bad. Maybe save a dog or cat and you get a lifelong friend.
Worst Nation
Worst Nation 2 oy oldin
Breaks my heart when happy things come to an end. 😔
mochi mochi
mochi mochi 2 oy oldin
Friend goals!
amazingdakota 2 oy oldin
mason looks a lot like my friend and sounds like him ;//
Mizzycakes Fails at grammar and Minecraft
I want to SPAM the like button SOOOOO MUUUCH
Atrum Phasmatis
Atrum Phasmatis 2 oy oldin
Call me silly... Call me weird but I think when we (mankind) distanced ourselves from nature. A piece of ourselves (our souls or whatever) broke and is now living inside of dogs. Just my opinion and I'm probably making myself look stupid by expressing it but idc.
Haley Childe
Haley Childe 2 oy oldin
My dog just follows me around all the time and my mom told me when I’m at school he just sits on the couch and whines
Mason_Baller Videos
1:20 I do the little bell thingy too and my name is mason!
Aviaaja 2 oy oldin
Dori Apati
Dori Apati 2 oy oldin
What a wonderful young man! We need more Masons in the world ♥
Mr Meme
Mr Meme 2 oy oldin
Beckett Frye
Beckett Frye 2 oy oldin
Bruh when that dog dies that’s ganna be the saddest day ever
Steezy vK
Steezy vK 2 oy oldin
Good doggo
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 2 oy oldin
Who would dislike this I mean... really
Emperor Bitt
Emperor Bitt 2 oy oldin
True love
Kaylee Milligan
Kaylee Milligan 2 oy oldin
You didn’t tell us about the thing he was diagnosed with (can you get rid of it)
shon lembersky
shon lembersky 2 oy oldin
He looks like a school shooter
Jade Ort
Jade Ort 2 oy oldin
Brother love ❤️
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