Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over

Mr. Kate
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Producer: Brandon Walowitz
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Tim Banks, Chris Phelps
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Art Department: Julie Ziah, Joe Oosthuizen, Emily Banks
Sound: Nick Carignan
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille

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31-Iyl, 2018

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Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate 15 kun oldin
Two of our best reactions ever!!!! 😱😱 What do you #CreativeWeirdos think???
Anna wilkinson
Anna wilkinson 2 kun oldin
Mr. Kate hey could you do my room
Arianna Koutrias
Arianna Koutrias 2 kun oldin
Mr. Kate
Jade Wong1
Jade Wong1 3 kun oldin
Mr. Kate I love it! This creation is amazing!!!
Casey Keith
Casey Keith 4 kun oldin
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 52 daqiqa oldin
For loo outside lighting i look for a nice solar powered lights and if i don't find any i make my own
Natalie K.
Natalie K. 3 soat oldin
someone please tell me where that sign junk yard is where they got the Ds and Ts
Anahi Moreno
Anahi Moreno 3 soat oldin
when they were hugging bye all i could think of was “look at that ass”
Isabella Rios
Isabella Rios 5 soat oldin
11:22 me at school
Delaney Savo
Delaney Savo 5 soat oldin
do shane dawson please
Svava Rún Snorradóttir
Do emma chamberlain house next!!
It’s ya girl AA Love
Ethan has “XXX” on he’s leg
MissA 7 soat oldin
I have triplphobia it gives me the shivers once i was swimming in a reef and tyere was a bunch of coral and I got so creeped out omg I had to swim back
Bianka ._.Breezy
Bianka ._.Breezy 8 soat oldin
Bianka ._.Breezy
Bianka ._.Breezy 8 soat oldin
21:54 someone isn’t going to like those holes
Melina Idalia
Melina Idalia 8 soat oldin
Do Emma's apartment next!
Devora Organic
Devora Organic 8 soat oldin
do emma chamberlains now🤘😬👍👍👍
Daisy 9 soat oldin
I like the dolans but damn they’re extra and somewhat fake hyped
john kennedy
john kennedy 9 soat oldin
rupaul's contestnts are less extra then the dolan twins
Aris Jamison
Aris Jamison 9 soat oldin
Please do Emma chamberlains new house
Cecile Amanda
Cecile Amanda 10 soat oldin
Love that Grayson’s shirt keeps changing colors
Alicia Laverty
Alicia Laverty 16 soat oldin
their reaction is at 28:22
CorExDraconem 16 soat oldin
Joey, are you in any way related to the UZvidr Alex Clark?
Green_ Panda ._.
Green_ Panda ._. 16 soat oldin
Why were the dolan twins so awkward
Faith Hang
Faith Hang 16 soat oldin
The egg chair and the dinning room chairs made me think “doesnt E have tryphobia ??” But like 🤷‍♀️
BASIC TRASH 18 soat oldin
*-Daydreaming-* Teacher: so trash what’s 2+2 Me: 11:22
hello 19 soat oldin
can you go to garrett's house???
Annie An
Annie An 20 soat oldin
when I saw the yellow chairs I thought "Oh no,Ethan...His phobia😂"
Isabella Rios
Isabella Rios 5 soat oldin
Annie An i have the same phobia as ethan and i couldn't see the chair for one more second
Mindy Torre
Mindy Torre 21 soat oldin
When u showed the pineapple i started to cry because im in love with pineapples i think like there cute im crying right know lol
Sophie Megan
Sophie Megan 22 soat oldin
Oh no, the yellow chairs
Esme Jt
Esme Jt Kun oldin
Do a loft bedroom/ conversion!! Xx
Monse Nolasco
Monse Nolasco Kun oldin
Men I wish you guys can come alway were I live and help me with my room because since I'm getting order I want my room to be different. Plus you guys are the best at decorating other people's places. 😁🇺🇸😁 Sincerely A Subscriber
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Kun oldin
The Dolan Twins are literally me
Priya Guerra
Priya Guerra Kun oldin
love how the dolan twins dont know anything about there house lol
WDW Wisher
WDW Wisher Kun oldin
You should do Sam and Colby
Priya Guerra
Priya Guerra Kun oldin
love ur channel both
Elvy de Groot
Elvy de Groot Kun oldin
But... what happend with the trampoline?
Adeela E
Adeela E Kun oldin
These guys are so hilarious 😂
judy baker
judy baker Kun oldin
Hi my name is Madison this is my mom's phone and me and my family live in our care and I live in Santa Rosa California and when we get a modderhome we would love fire you to decorate it and I watch your vids and there is 4 people in my family my mom Judy, my dad Darren, me Madison and my brother Jarren he is Down syndrome and we are twins we are 9 can't what to talk to you
judy baker
judy baker Kun oldin
And hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!
Saad Qadar
Saad Qadar Kun oldin
Love you who else huh
Mary Martinez
Mary Martinez Kun oldin
Plz 😀😃
Mary Martinez
Mary Martinez Kun oldin
Do Ireland boy house they got a new house
Macy Hutfless
Macy Hutfless Kun oldin
Comes from the Dolan Twins falls in love with Mr. Kate 🤣
Larry and Garry Vlogs
Do Shane Dawson plzzzzz
Payton Blackwell-Hannaford
You guys need to do the why don’t we boys! You would make their house complete
Sarah Warbis-Rodda
You are soooooo lucky to hug and hang out with the Dolan twins😍💖
Jenna Ysabelle Ko
You guys should totally do emma chamberlain's apartment
Camille Prestwidge
Except when wood isn’t a conductor, it’s an insulator 🤣
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
i imagine those white cushions getting so dirty. how do you clean them
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
Ive always wondered if these guest pay for these things or if because its sponsored they dont and its like exposure
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
i love egg chairs
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
I wish yall would have guest on that I like and already follow so I could invest
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
that framed art work is so pretty.
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
you cant book a hotel at 18? is that a rule in that state?
Abigail Lacey
Abigail Lacey Kun oldin
Do Alisha Maria or I Justine or Rosanna Pasinnio
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Kun oldin
18 years old? WHAT? that would not have been my guess
Sammybv Bravo
Sammybv Bravo Kun oldin
“IT IS THUNDERING!” I’m dead haha
Jade Lazore
Jade Lazore Kun oldin
Can you come to my house and do my room
Jessica Stauffer
OML PLEAESE PLEASE PLEASE DEC MORGANS ROOM PLEASE she desperately need it’s she sleep on a am mattress
Deztiney Hemphill
the rug and the shirts match 20:34
Ariel’s Amazing World
Can you do my room it is a pink and purple furniture and ONE purple wall and I really love what you do I found out about you by my life as Eva and laurdiy and Alisha’s room redo and you are like magical unicorns and mermaids that redecorate homes and rooms. You are amazing and I just subscribed and plz do it because why not. I am creative weirdo and I have a brother who may want you to do the same for him. Does it cost money for you to do it because if it does I guess it can’t happen. Love your channel and hope you read this. I live in Arizona and have lived at this house with my family for 7 years and my room feels a bit old. I am 10 years old. Thx
Isabella Giroux
Isabella Giroux 2 kun oldin
Aawww😍😍😍 I love seeing them happy😍😍😋😁
Kara Schoen
Kara Schoen 2 kun oldin
I want my room done so much its so boring and I am so over the style
Holly And Ashley
Holly And Ashley 2 kun oldin
Montage at the end lololili
Haley Foster
Haley Foster 2 kun oldin
They are 19
Yuncomponstacio Garza
Y’all should do shane dawson
Purple_phantomxx x
Purple_phantomxx x 2 kun oldin
Mr Kate I wrote to you for my room hope you got the text :)
Nayana John.
Nayana John. 2 kun oldin
Who else just came here for the Dolan twins?
layla starks
layla starks 2 kun oldin
Do Sofie Dossie like if you agree
_blackdalia 2 kun oldin
Aw they’re so sweet! I love it 😍
Olivia Helmig
Olivia Helmig 2 kun oldin
I’m not subscribing until you do sister James house
marwa Moussa
marwa Moussa 2 kun oldin
11:00 graysons focused face :-)
eetee weetee
eetee weetee 2 kun oldin
the chairs triggered my trypophobia... ;-;
FayeTeddy X
FayeTeddy X 2 kun oldin
PLEASE COLLAB WITH SOFIE DOSSI she is an amazing contortionist who came second on america’s got talent and is sooo funny and kind! please please pleaseeeee yall should watch her if you don’t already. her and Zac and her subscribers are gonna conquer the world.
karolina valantinaviciute
Just Yeera
Just Yeera 2 kun oldin
Jordan Banks
Jordan Banks 2 kun oldin
Shane Dawson’s house, he needs help, he’s such a babe tho 😘❤️😍
Tiffany YT
Tiffany YT 2 kun oldin
Pls do dantdm 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😐😐😐😐😐😐🙂🙂😭😜😛😘😞🙂😔
Samantha p
Samantha p 2 kun oldin
32:14 I always thought Ethan was the kinky one
Vidi Khrisnadi
Vidi Khrisnadi 2 kun oldin
Almost like industrial
Vidi Khrisnadi
Vidi Khrisnadi 2 kun oldin
The furnitures are stunning
Janelle Willows
Janelle Willows 2 kun oldin
Mr.Kate made a rule on there channel for there guests to never swear and ethan did (no hate)
Janelle Willows
Janelle Willows 2 kun oldin
30:59 just listen till ethan talks after grayson he says What the fuck
secutina 2 kun oldin
Lmao even I felt so dumb watching this when joey was telling them what all these things were 😂
The Sheet Mask Lady
OMG The twins have the best reaction ever LOL! THis is my fave reaction/reveal ever!
Laura.brown 2 kun oldin
Shiloh Gomez
Shiloh Gomez 2 kun oldin
Thier teactions were priceless
J R 2 kun oldin
The boys look like George Michael! :)
Shiloh Gomez
Shiloh Gomez 2 kun oldin
1st time watching this channle but if it is not a tv channle it should be, i also did the type of painting they did with my dad! :)
Sanjana V
Sanjana V 2 kun oldin
U get those yellow chairs all over India
Danielle Harrison
Danielle Harrison 2 kun oldin
You guys should do the merrell twins
Seanti O'Connor
Seanti O'Connor 2 kun oldin
Hello Mr.kate and Joey my mom said you guys might be able to come over !
Addison Pinto
Addison Pinto 3 kun oldin
“This is from cvs or something” haha I can’t
Samara Palacios
Samara Palacios 3 kun oldin
Omg I love this 😭😭😭😭❤❤
frizz Queen
frizz Queen 3 kun oldin
Do my room my room is ratchet it’s needs so mr Kate fixing
Jasmine A.
Jasmine A. 3 kun oldin
Hi can you plzzzzzz come over I justed moved and I had to put every thing that I had before and I would love you could come and it’s my bday on August 15 and I am your biggest famnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ever I ordered almost all your merch I looooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeee you 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😛😛😛😘😍😍😛😛😍😍😘😛😍😍😍
Natalie 3 kun oldin
wait what!? i didn't know you couldn't book a hotel room at 18. what do they do when they travel?
Jaydy Ramirez
Jaydy Ramirez 3 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the gucci’s ❤️😂dammn ethan
Jenn Mendoza
Jenn Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Maybe u could go to ldshadowladys house
Leann Wheeler
Leann Wheeler 3 kun oldin
Eric Jankowski
Eric Jankowski 3 kun oldin
Do Jessie Paige's new apartment!
Danika Mccoid
Danika Mccoid 3 kun oldin
Can u do my room
Molly XoXo
Molly XoXo 3 kun oldin
Emma Chamberlain
Ivette Mateos
Ivette Mateos 3 kun oldin
The tweens are so annoying 🙅🏽‍♀️💩
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