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11-Yan, 2019

The ViewDon Lemon



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vegomatic100 3 soat oldin
Yea KH apologized so that you would STFU about it already. Apparently it didn't work.
ppl v ppl
ppl v ppl 8 soat oldin
Don is NOT a black.
ppl v ppl
ppl v ppl 8 soat oldin
the media of today are the enemies of the United States of America, is a team with a perfect system that works 24-7 to destroy the lives of people who hate and put journalists cold, evil, without ethics, without morals, without values, people who have psychological problems, people who are injured from the heart, people who suffered when they were children and who do not care about anything to fulfill that destructive, evil mission and that I imagine will give them a few dollars to be able to pay the debts they have. I think we should sense the MEDIA.
Denise Allison Stout
Denise Allison Stout 10 soat oldin
Fire don lemon now!
puffin king
puffin king 15 soat oldin
A white man is fucking him btw I don't get y they always play the race card 😂😂😂😂
Paul Hawes
Paul Hawes 18 soat oldin
We can love people regardless of their sexuality but we don’t have to except it as a normal behavior. You have every legal right to live however you want but you have no right to tell others to except such a horrible act. We will love and pray for you but at least I will never except that behavior because sin is not acceptable . That’s my right!!!
Dele X
Dele X 19 soat oldin
There must be something that could really be news worthy. This isn't. It's boring.
GymJunkie23 20 soat oldin
Kevin has apologized so many times to the point I now think he should have never apologized and stood his ground. Reason being he apologizes and then that's not enough and wanting him to do this or that to prove he is really sorry. He apologizes again and they again say it's not enough. He cant win so he was better off not apologizing in the first place..... and they keep talking about him being an ally to the LBGQT community. Maybe he doesnt want to be one. You can not have any issues with anyone because of their orientation. You can be ok with a person living their life however they want but doesnt mean a person has to be an ally to your community.
Deb wright
Deb wright 21 soat oldin
😠😠😠😠Don Lemon, leave Kevin Hart alone. Kevin Hart is the last person you should be picking on. He made his apologies, explained himself, it was good enough for me, Ellen Degeneress, and so many others. That's the thing about living in a racist country in denial, you have to be careful who you allow to be a spoke person for a particular group, especially people of color, many of them are sleeping with the enemy and are bought and paid for just like corrupt politicians. Don lemon, stick to news commentary, your personal life is your own. I am not interested in who you screw.😒😒😒😒😒😒
Blake Andrews
Blake Andrews 22 soat oldin
Its so sad that this guy can say things like “my people” and and no one calls him out on it, and he’s trying to act like because he’s black and gay, that all other gay black people must have the same opinion as him, that’s literally the definition of bigotry...
simon Leji
simon Leji Kun oldin
Don Lemmon and all SODOMITES need to REPENT and go down in water in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST
Nerozumim Kun oldin
I think Kevin Hart went over the board by refusing to host the Oscars. He could have said "I'm sorry but I already gave an apology, now can I still host the show?". I think the Academy acted fast upon hearing rumors about homophobic tweets and didn't realized Hart had already apologized, but at the same the toughness of Kevin Hart to refuse tackle the issue again is, well, a personality issue really. He could have been more relaxed, I don't think that his career was threatened by this.
Eric Stoker
Eric Stoker Kun oldin
I had a huge amount of respect for Don before this. The fact that he keeps pushing, after Keven has apologized repeatedly, proves he is nothing more than a bully and a hypocrite.
jocampo85 Kun oldin
He’s gay??!!!!
Tobi Worley
Tobi Worley Kun oldin
Yes!! Shocking!!..
randy911 Kun oldin
He’s a COMEDIAN you bunch of snowflakes you can’t censor that. Stop trying to censor everything bigots
elsoda Kun oldin
simon Leji
simon Leji Kun oldin
Fucken sodomites don Lemmon you a joke
Tobi Worley
Tobi Worley Kun oldin
Jealous much!!
lee johnson
lee johnson Kun oldin
Don lemon is a bully trying to force his life style what an embarrassment.if o was his mother I would be ashamed. This guy sums him up m.uzvid.com/video/video-CGuZuBXDqys.html&t=300s
Zerry Hogan
Zerry Hogan Kun oldin
All of you people saying “Kevin hart is a comedian, he can joke about what lever he wants” or “I don’t have to agree with homosexuality” or “This is bullying” I guarantee you would be the first people to get upset if a white comedian made jokes about black people being 3/5 of a person, slavery or lynching. If a white person said “I would prevent my son or daughter from marrying a black person at all costs” you would get offended, would you not? Because words have consequences, by saying something like that they are perpetuating stereotypes against black people. They are signaling that there is something wrong with black people and it is okay to treat them differently. You all remind me of people who were against the Civil Rights movements. I’m sure they thought black people were being “bullies” and being “sensitive”. I’m sure they were annoyed that they couldn’t do black face anymore. And in the same way as many of you, they used the Bible to justify their beliefs. They believed God made white men to rule over black men because they were inferior. All I’m saying is you all are being hypocritical and forget that if the situation was reversed you would be demanding an apology too because those words hurt your community. When people around the world are still being killed for being gay, celebrities being openly homophobic only further perpetuates the problem. In the same way Donald Trump pushing his White Supremacy agenda is dangerous to minorities. Think about.
Bobby Maes
Bobby Maes Kun oldin
Only a gay man will question if an apology is “genuine enough” lmao that is just pettiness. Also these people don’t realize the tweets were from 10 years ago.. and he apologized for them after receiving backlash for it then. So why try to bring it up again and have him re apologize ? Don lemon go suck on some big hairy go nads you cuck
Lamont Hyatt
Lamont Hyatt Kun oldin
What’s wrong with being an old-school man! Kevin Hart🤜🏾
B Pitts
B Pitts 2 kun oldin
Forget being a black man. As a man in general your goal or hopes is for your son to be straight. With that being said don’t mean you would love your son any less because he became gay. It’s about acceptance. He apologized years ago and recently. Even turned down the oscars and still apologized. Then Don said you talked to him on the phone for hours but still bringing him up. Get past it sir
Onyx Morris
Onyx Morris 2 kun oldin
I can’t stand him
ANARKYPLAYA 2 kun oldin
We do not need to promote something we do not approve of. We are not your slaves we do not have to promote something that is not in our culture GET OVER IT
contactpq 2 kun oldin
I had no idea Don was a Romp Ranger until he started whining about kevin Hart now I can't watch him anymore
TessieTelevision 2 kun oldin
Oh brother I can’t believe this show is still on...🙄
j r
j r 2 kun oldin
Don you are gay
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 2 kun oldin
The view has not view.
Imonous 2 kun oldin
No Don, you do not speak for the black community. We actually support Hart over you.
Brian Burgess
Brian Burgess 2 kun oldin
No class
Brian Burgess
Brian Burgess 2 kun oldin
He’s a prestitute he has no class or integrity should of ashamed of himself wat kind of so calls news person who just reads the daily narrative every day at work sad man
Brian Burgess
Brian Burgess 2 kun oldin
Look it’s Uncle Tom house boy don lemon mr hipocrit of the year let’s hear some more fake news keep crying about trump your not famous loser
Shane Rodgers
Shane Rodgers 2 kun oldin
I don't want to live in this world anymore
michael lancaster
michael lancaster 2 kun oldin
Don lemon is one of those guys that I wouldnt be upset was in a skydiving accident
Jon J
Jon J 2 kun oldin
P.s.....Black people are fighting for "Human rights"....you know...like the right not be shot dead in the streets because a so-called police officer is nervous or scared....don lemon and people like him are fighting for the right to pound each other in the butt......big difference.....no disrespect just sayin....
Lij Abi
Lij Abi 2 kun oldin
I remember 2 years ago I was doing Uber and I got two gay riders and they told me to take them male strip club and they start conversation with me one of the guy said last time my friend took me to female strip club it was so gross and he said why you guys like pussy it is so nasty and I told him listen men I love natural women. And I said to him for you to become this world being gay woman and men have to sleep together and brought you here brother. Just imagine guys if I said why you guys be a gay they will call police on me.
Noumen Omness
Noumen Omness 2 kun oldin
Don is spearheading the gay bullying movement. This is definitely a do as we say or else play.
Lij Abi
Lij Abi 2 kun oldin
Are you sir raised Kevin’s son or Kevin does? When is the dad allowed to say he don’t want to his son be gay? I personally don’t want my son to be gay and I want my generation to grow. I mean my son not somebody’s son my son period
AliceTooTight o3o
AliceTooTight o3o 2 kun oldin
Like I don't know how to say this but this dom guy. is like if I was friends with him I would honestly think he's a snake
Darick Squire
Darick Squire 2 kun oldin
Spoke up 10 years too late!
Luis Campanella
Luis Campanella 2 kun oldin
So many homophobes in the comments. Pressed people get a life
CPM Music
CPM Music 2 kun oldin
They tryna tear down another black man
Denzel 'My Nigga' Washington
Devon Pierre
Devon Pierre 2 kun oldin
It was a joke. He's a comedian ffs. He's apologized numerous times already, move on now.
Sama1966 Salinas
Sama1966 Salinas 2 kun oldin
He everyone look at all these fake people
Pete Jimenez
Pete Jimenez 2 kun oldin
It’s a hate crime against Kevin
Bruise _25
Bruise _25 2 kun oldin
Ahh man! The View, Navaro and Lemon in one room?!?! #perfectdronestrike lol!
bubbiesdad 2 kun oldin
Don is a racist.
brielle ricker
brielle ricker 2 kun oldin
the iroony is most black men are bi i said what i said
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor 2 kun oldin
The View? More like The Opinion. Don Lemon is a cuck and this show is a dumpster fire.
Johnmiccael1 2 kun oldin
I can't wait for him to die from AIDS and anal herpes
Gerryo 2 kun oldin
I'm a black lesbian the type you'd never know by seeing me and still wouldn't believe if I told you. I don't feel Kevin Hart needs to be an Ally for gay people. I'm not a huge Kevin fan but if he apologized let it go. As long as you're respectful you don't have to agree with being gay their are certain things in the LGBT community I don't understand and I've been out for years. I get it it's not easy being gay and most people deep down don't want their children to be because they know life will be harder for them. So he apologized don't force him to be an advocate if he doesn't want to be. And I like that Don Lemon mentioned racism in the gay community because that's a thing it's just more subtle.
Jay R
Jay R 2 kun oldin
Don really doesn’t like himself. He acts white because he doesn’t want to be black and he doesn’t want to be a man so he acts like a woman.
Clive D. B
Clive D. B 2 kun oldin
Who this ugly white lady on the left talking about violence,him picking the kid up. He never said he'll pick his kid up he was gona hit him over the head with the doll and the fact of the matter is #ItWasJustAJoke have any of this people ever watched any of his shows nd that That ugly white lady just ask the guy if kevin really apologized. So if that dude didn't tell her they wouldn't have known?! Like wtf.
Zudoteku 2 kun oldin
J. Santiago
J. Santiago 2 kun oldin
To Don Lemon, being an ally is being ok with being turned out and having people around you turned out
gypsygrl1 2 kun oldin
Lemon is a very nasty person - I'm not surprised he's on this disgusting show. Kevin already apologized. Why does Lemon keep harassing and bullying him?
Ran Ran S
Ran Ran S 2 kun oldin
Kevin Hart does t have to be a voice for the gay community. He apologized and moved on. People are making it seem like he’s this terrible person, I’m over it and so is he he won’t make anymore gay jokes
Jayjay Asor
Jayjay Asor 2 kun oldin
Blah blah blah shut F up people...! God created Adam and Eve not Steve 😁 just let it go.
FlameYa Johnson
FlameYa Johnson 2 kun oldin
heterophobia is what don lemon is.
Shihab Kazi
Shihab Kazi 2 kun oldin
don lemon is a fruit basket whos always butt hurt
Al Ghnam
Al Ghnam 2 kun oldin
Unfortunately, fagots control America and can easily manipulate public opinion over there.
Brian Klein
Brian Klein 2 kun oldin
this came up a long time ago and he then apologized and made a change in his acts. Comedians are in trouble if they can't offend anyone anymore. Its sad really. Where were these people back then, people are just jumping on it now because its free screen time. Its a sad attempt to get more recognized. I applaud Kevin for being the bigger person and addressing this one last time and now moving on. People need to stop being mad just to be mad. a person should only need to say sorry once, its up to you if you accept it. Go Kev
james moore
james moore 2 kun oldin
So everybody have to like gay ppl now
Luke Adonis
Luke Adonis 2 kun oldin
its a fucking joke
F G 3 kun oldin
I admire the way he communicated in this interview. Everyone says their sorry in their own way. Amen to that..
truHipHopTv 3 kun oldin
Que? homophobia what about the homosapien heterosexual
Samuel A
Samuel A 3 kun oldin
In todays day and age....freedom of speech is only freedom of speech If black gay men say its ok
Ayuba Elisha
Ayuba Elisha 3 kun oldin
I hate this guy
Samuel A
Samuel A 3 kun oldin
The view and don lemon..... Man this going to be crazy.
Alec Minello Music
Alec Minello Music 3 kun oldin
He did not even say anything "homophobic". He never stated he hates gay people, he never stated he does not like gay people. He cracked some harmless gay jokes as he is a comedian. If you don't find it funny, move on. Regardless of this, he STILL apologized and yet you people keep giving him a hard time and you aren't letting it go.
Latrice Anglin
Latrice Anglin 3 kun oldin
Kevin was young and was learning just like us leave him alone
Latrice Anglin
Latrice Anglin 3 kun oldin
God forgives all the time why can't we he apologized. I accept kevin we feel your love
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel 3 kun oldin
Don people don't like you because you are a nasty piece of work! It has nothing to do with being gay or black. You are not fooling ANYONE!
C. LANDIS 3 kun oldin
why does kevin have to be a "Ally"?
noja music
noja music 3 kun oldin
Lemon is a creep and a horible TV news anchor. Basically a dunce!
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo 3 kun oldin
It’s Kevin’s choice wether he wants to be an ally or not. We as gay people also have the choice to quit supporting a person who doesn’t reciprocate the love. I’m happy he’s up-front with it, I fancy a person that can speak their thoughts exactly the way they want and big props to him for not going back to the Academy to get that gig back.
hidden truth
hidden truth 3 kun oldin
Don starting to look sicc.population control dummie.more natural women for us fellows
Luke Verble
Luke Verble 3 kun oldin
Just here to dislike the video and let everyone know I despise all the individuals in this video. Have a good day everyone!!
Stephen Lylyk
Stephen Lylyk 3 kun oldin
EnGee 73
EnGee 73 3 kun oldin
Don is a pussy bruh 😂
HilariousGamer Playgames ForFun
Wish I was living with aliens. Humanity is destroyed by this libtard
Fran B
Fran B 3 kun oldin
Don lemon, Why dont you let it go man.....i mean girl, let it go, Kevin hart is a comedian and in order for a comedian to be sucessful they need to touch some sensitive issues, but it seems like the LGTB its way beyond sensitive.... this doble moral have to stop man..what do you want ....Kevin to get on his knees and apologize!!!! Or do something else ....let it goo
pRinCe 954
pRinCe 954 3 kun oldin
This is a good way to make ppl build resentment.. .
teacher roy
teacher roy 3 kun oldin
poor Kevin
Hannan Mukadam
Hannan Mukadam 3 kun oldin
Double minority = Ultimate snowflake victim
fortnite Tips
fortnite Tips 3 kun oldin
Some gay people dont even want their kids to be gay. So when a straight men say it , its a problem.
Don Lemon doesn’t know how to forgive people who makes mistakes. Okay Don you’re Gay! But what’s the real problem here???? You came out the closet just to end up in a bigger closet????
JonnyCashh 3 kun oldin
He needs to be slap he doing to much
SaiyanPride 3 kun oldin
This dude says he wants to stand up for "his people" yet here he is tearing down a black man. 🤔
Champ Anderson
Champ Anderson 3 kun oldin
Why should anyone have to be an ally for anything they do not agree with?
Grinning Duck
Grinning Duck 3 kun oldin
Is that lipstick?
TD hutch
TD hutch 3 kun oldin
If the LGBT community haven’t gotten toxic to the point that they have been I could say he probably would’ve been be able to be an ally. But the LGBT community have been very bully’s if you have any different opinion you are bashed for it, regardless of respecting the lifestyle and this community has labeled with a medical disorder that is not defined in the DSM people are labeled as “Homophobe”
Desmond Skinner
Desmond Skinner 3 kun oldin
It's sad that gays have better rights then blacks! Even black gays get treated better then straight black men.
M A 3 kun oldin
Am I watching same topic a lot of times?....
Will Gonzalez
Will Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Don lemon is a joke...
BeKindRewind 3 kun oldin
Just because you have a "platform" does not mean you speak for whatever "community" you have aligned yourself with. YOU speak for YOU and no one else!!
Michael Sweatt
Michael Sweatt 3 kun oldin
We are leading people astray saying it's okay to be gay or even support them. Fight the fight
Michael Sweatt
Michael Sweatt 3 kun oldin
I love everyone but hate the sin.
Michael Sweatt
Michael Sweatt 3 kun oldin