Don Lemon On Responding To Kevin Hart, Homophobia In Black Community | The View

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11-Yan, 2019



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Matt King
Matt King 2 kun oldin
Wait what being gay is wrong and being a transgender thats stuff aint normal its sickening, I don't support the lgbt I'm against it, so if kevin hart was being serious I support kevin, the problem with this country is that people need to stop comparing gays to blacks, being gay and being black aint the same thing, I would love to burn a gay flag, Kevin Hart don't need to apologize. Being a trans or gay is a mental disorder those people need treatment
king james
king james 12 kun oldin
Acceptance is more than a black man having sex with other etnicity ,it should express love towards all races that includes love and understanding between black men whether their gay or not
king james
king james 12 kun oldin
If you want to teach afro-gay than you need to tackle it in the media,like music ,gaming, movies and especially cartoons and movies
Fred Krueger
Fred Krueger 14 kun oldin
Today, if you are a Black Gay Muslim/Jew Leftist, you are stronger then Giant Panda.
Victoria Charles
Victoria Charles 24 kun oldin
While you are allowed to be gay as Christians we are also allowed to believe the scriptures that say it is an abomination in gods eyes ! Never are we allowed to be hateful or mean to gays but we can believe it is wrong
SNAKEEYES44 28 kun oldin
Lemon should apologize to Kevin Heart and be fire from CNN for the damage that he did to Kevin
jay meece
jay meece Oy oldin
We're all being bullied into being pro gay which I feel is a shame. If you do not believe in pro gay rhetoric all if a sudden you're the villain. I believe in live and let live, but I do not accept this pro gay bullying.
Katlin Long-Wright
Im not attacking Kevin Hart but i want him to lose his job... ??? How are we supposed to ally with these movements if the individuals propagating it only seem to hate, back track, and destroy everyone THEY deem as wrong. Its not about reverse racism or any of that crap, whats at stake is definition. Sexual assault, verbal assualt - people who arent in positions of law are the ones claiming the definitions. Im pissed that law makers in the US and Canada dont speak up and address this nonsense. Hollywood culture ruins evrything it seems
Daniel Oy oldin
I hate this mtf
Marco V
Marco V Oy oldin
the view is a joke, this was jokes done years ago and having that clown Don Lemon get off tv
Aiysha Mayfield
Karma Wangchuk
Try going to Nigeria ..... nightmare for LGBT folks!!
Leon Blalark
Leon Blalark Oy oldin
i like don. i watch don on cnn... but he's wrong on this. whatever happened to "who cares what others think, feel and say about you"? kevin is a comedian. those were jokes. if you don't like the comedian, don't listen, support, or watch him. period. what comedians, actors, sport players, activist, ect...whatever these ppl say or do cannot make an impact on the world. take that same energy and anger and direct towards the ppl in power that make laws and that are most likely white racist ppl taking your money and oppressing you at the same time. kevin said he apologized once before, he's apologized again after that, and now..., accept it or don't, if not, then just ignore him and move on.... otherwise it does start to look like an attack.
vale Oy oldin
Stop pushing homosexuality on us - We don't have a phobia, We don't have a problem. We didn't tell Don or anyone else to not live a gay lifestyle - As a community - we just don't like or accept the lifestyle of homosexuality and there is nothing wrong with us because we don't accept it and want to be an ally with something we don't like and we are fed up with being bullied about it. Black people don't give a !@# about the Oscars - Kelvin stop apologizing for your preferences. By the way - In the bible it is YAH that said homosexuality was an abomination - Not black people - Take it up with HIM.
jennifer green
jennifer green 2 oy oldin
black on black crime. smh
jennifer green
jennifer green 2 oy oldin
Why is Meg speaking upon allies????
tubeMonger 2 oy oldin
Why do they interview that blatant racist?
Paragon 7
Paragon 7 2 oy oldin
Don lemon was gay... all this time. If they were more like him, not so flamboyant it would go over well in the work place. Alot of gay people get along well with people when they are not flaunting their sexuality.
Rees Ezpeasuz
Rees Ezpeasuz 2 oy oldin
Poor poor Don Lemonhead. He's the King of Victimhood. He's Black, he's gay, he's a multimillionaire who thinks he's not a billionaire because he's Black. He's also an anti-White RACIST and an all around bias, liberal scum bag.
MrShitfire 2 oy oldin
I wouldn't want my son to be gay either but if he is that doesn't mean I wont love him any less or support him. All parents have expectations of their kids and often kids stray away as they grow older and make their own choices.
Andre Remy
Andre Remy 2 oy oldin
Why is nobody talking about other comedians who made jokes about these real situations? Why just target Kevin hart??
Andre Remy
Andre Remy 2 oy oldin
Maybe the Oscars should let the lgbqt community host collectively. Kevin Hart is not the core of hate crimes. Neither are comedians.
Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips 2 oy oldin
No don there are verses in the bible just for gay people. Capitol punishment.
Didi Maz
Didi Maz 2 oy oldin
bravo Don Lemon...well said...you are spectacular
Reinier Cabiedes
Reinier Cabiedes 2 oy oldin
Don you are a jokw
Michael R
Michael R 2 oy oldin
What a phony
Tawana Davis
Tawana Davis 2 oy oldin
He just wanted to keep it going.
Nubenegra martinez
he did not apologize "Eventually" he did it #$%^e!.... years ago...
lee lee
lee lee 2 oy oldin
Why is he wearing lipstick! Smh😒
kenneth margaret
kenneth margaret 2 oy oldin
This is stupid..and Don Lemon is stupid. You can't force no one to be a champion for your way of life. They can accept it but they don't have to be a cheering squad for it.
Arainea CuteBrownNurse
I look at Don Lemon and I ask myself over and over , Why can’t I even stand to look him? He just irritates me so much and I don’t understand why.
candy girlll
candy girlll 2 oy oldin
lawd...how poor rkelly get into this🤣
S. Jay
S. Jay 2 oy oldin
The Kevin Hart impersonation was hilarious!!! LOL.... I disagree that you should apologize over and over. I believe one should apologize and change their behavior. If we expect people to apologize over and over, we are not allowing them to grow and change their behavior. We keep forcing them to re-live something that they admitted they were wrong for saying/doing.
Steven Galmore
Steven Galmore 2 oy oldin
They've taken black pain and covered it with homosexuality.
Acacius 2 oy oldin
He is 52 and he looks 28. What the actual f***.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 oy oldin
Homophobia is a label used by libtards. Some people just don't like gays, its against their religious beliefs. Its really that simple.
Jay Green
Jay Green 2 oy oldin
Wtf being gay is a choice a disgusting one but it is a choice 2 men together i don't care what anybody says is just gross
Laquan Mcintyre
Laquan Mcintyre 2 oy oldin
i thought don lemon was a pure logic kind of guy, but he's proof that you start sounding stupid when your backing a personal cause on the platform you have that provides information for millions of viewers, because eventually the logic goes out the door and your emotions take over.
Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 2 oy oldin
Calls out Ellen for being a spokeswoman for the gay community, while also being the self-proclaimed spokesman for the black gay community. Mr.Lemon is such a tool.
Jonathan Sanders
Jonathan Sanders 2 oy oldin
Kevin and any straight person who’s God fearing doesn’t want to be no ally with gays, we don’t support ur satanic living that’s Law....so kick rocks cuz u get none of my sympathy with your blasphemous ways....don’t @ me if u salty 🤷🏾‍♂️
Trl Dr fu tv lyric
You can't speak for the Black. Community.... You're sad bully
Veracity 2 oy oldin
Comedians joke about race, sex, and even religion, but, it does not stop both white or black audiences, just as both Male and female audiences from attending comedy shows. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and believes... we have to accept that too we can't change everyone. Period
Veracity 2 oy oldin
Be submissive to LGBTQ or else, this is ridiculous...we all have our own opinions period a straight and LGBTQ opinion. Respect it and move on. The straight community should start their own movement. If that were to occur LGBTQ would call it discrimination. Just respect a straight person and leave Kevin alone.
Veracity 2 oy oldin
Be submissive to LGBTQ or else, this is ridiculous...we all have our own opinions period a straight and LGBTQ opinion. Respect it and move on. The straight community should start their own movement. If that were to occur LGBTQ would call it discrimination. Just respect a straight person and leave Kevin alone.
Son Goku
Son Goku 2 oy oldin
If someone where harassing him how he is doing to Kevin, the lgbtwxyz would be pissed. When will it stop? The toxic whining? Lgbt harrassment?
Jfw 321
Jfw 321 2 oy oldin
They trying to take out the black masculine man
King Bey
King Bey 2 oy oldin
Are we watching the same video ? I heard Lemon say “Kevin doesn’t have to be an ally if he doesn’t want to”, “we can’t bully someone into an apology”, acknowledging that Kevin has already apologised and what I got from this is you don’t have to like what someone does however respect it. So with that being said why so much hate in the comments?
Arjey frost
Arjey frost 2 oy oldin
all I see is the LGBTQ community over reacting jokes made 10 years ago. The so called feminists find every and any reason to complain, make a scene and even says being a male is toxic. We also have people over reacting to everything bring in race card. And even people constantly referring to immigrants as criminals and terrorists. Let's face it Americans are becoming soft and get triggered so easily everyone goes viral.
rockafelladw 2 oy oldin
Where was Don Lemon's outrage when Michelle Wolf was calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders fat and ugly? I don't recall seeing a View appearance.
Jillian Valentin
Jillian Valentin 2 oy oldin
Wow these comments prove homophobia is alive and well!!!
Samuel s Glover
Samuel s Glover 2 oy oldin
Y'all should put y'all gay initials on this gay channels to avoid all these verbal intercourse. ✌
Philip Anipah
Philip Anipah 2 oy oldin
I used to like this guy but now he's getting on my nerves. Now we have to please gay people, thanks to Obama for the localization.
Kenneth Tucker
Kenneth Tucker 2 oy oldin
People got this whole black thing and gay thing twisted first of all I'm born black like all blacks is and gays are gay by choice. My forefathers where forced to be slaves and discriminated against and gays have the option to be gay nobody black has the option to be black. I wish they stop associating gays with blacks.you got more gay whites then black and I got news homosexuality was started in Europe.
Eric Ramsay
Eric Ramsay 2 oy oldin
Nobody elected any of these people to speak for them.
Theodore Coleman
Theodore Coleman 2 oy oldin
Let it go Ellen has supported Kevin and believes he is sorry..
vegomatic100 2 oy oldin
Yea KH apologized so that you would STFU about it already. Apparently it didn't work.
Denise Allison Stout
Fire don lemon now!
puffin king
puffin king 2 oy oldin
A white man is fucking him btw I don't get y they always play the race card 😂😂😂😂
Paul Hawes
Paul Hawes 2 oy oldin
We can love people regardless of their sexuality but we don’t have to except it as a normal behavior. You have every legal right to live however you want but you have no right to tell others to except such a horrible act. We will love and pray for you but at least I will never except that behavior because sin is not acceptable . That’s my right!!!
Dele X
Dele X 2 oy oldin
There must be something that could really be news worthy. This isn't. It's boring.
GymJunkie23 2 oy oldin
Kevin has apologized so many times to the point I now think he should have never apologized and stood his ground. Reason being he apologizes and then that's not enough and wanting him to do this or that to prove he is really sorry. He apologizes again and they again say it's not enough. He cant win so he was better off not apologizing in the first place..... and they keep talking about him being an ally to the LBGQT community. Maybe he doesnt want to be one. You can not have any issues with anyone because of their orientation. You can be ok with a person living their life however they want but doesnt mean a person has to be an ally to your community.
Deb wright
Deb wright 2 oy oldin
😠😠😠😠Don Lemon, leave Kevin Hart alone. Kevin Hart is the last person you should be picking on. He made his apologies, explained himself, it was good enough for me, Ellen Degeneress, and so many others. That's the thing about living in a racist country in denial, you have to be careful who you allow to be a spoke person for a particular group, especially people of color, many of them are sleeping with the enemy and are bought and paid for just like corrupt politicians. Don lemon, stick to news commentary, your personal life is your own. I am not interested in who you screw.😒😒😒😒😒😒
Blake Andrews
Blake Andrews 2 oy oldin
Its so sad that this guy can say things like “my people” and and no one calls him out on it, and he’s trying to act like because he’s black and gay, that all other gay black people must have the same opinion as him, that’s literally the definition of bigotry...
simon Leji
simon Leji 2 oy oldin
Don Lemmon and all SODOMITES need to REPENT and go down in water in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST
Nerozumim 2 oy oldin
I think Kevin Hart went over the board by refusing to host the Oscars. He could have said "I'm sorry but I already gave an apology, now can I still host the show?". I think the Academy acted fast upon hearing rumors about homophobic tweets and didn't realized Hart had already apologized, but at the same the toughness of Kevin Hart to refuse tackle the issue again is, well, a personality issue really. He could have been more relaxed, I don't think that his career was threatened by this.
Eric Stoker
Eric Stoker 2 oy oldin
I had a huge amount of respect for Don before this. The fact that he keeps pushing, after Keven has apologized repeatedly, proves he is nothing more than a bully and a hypocrite.
jocampo85 2 oy oldin
He’s gay??!!!!
von 50
von 50 2 oy oldin
Yes!! Shocking!!..
randy911 2 oy oldin
He’s a COMEDIAN you bunch of snowflakes you can’t censor that. Stop trying to censor everything bigots
elsoda 2 oy oldin
simon Leji
simon Leji 2 oy oldin
Fucken sodomites don Lemmon you a joke
von 50
von 50 2 oy oldin
Jealous much!!
lee johnson
lee johnson 2 oy oldin
Don lemon is a bully trying to force his life style what an embarrassment.if o was his mother I would be ashamed. This guy sums him up m.uzvid.com/video/video-CGuZuBXDqys.html
Zerry Hogan
Zerry Hogan 2 oy oldin
All of you people saying “Kevin hart is a comedian, he can joke about what lever he wants” or “I don’t have to agree with homosexuality” or “This is bullying” I guarantee you would be the first people to get upset if a white comedian made jokes about black people being 3/5 of a person, slavery or lynching. If a white person said “I would prevent my son or daughter from marrying a black person at all costs” you would get offended, would you not? Because words have consequences, by saying something like that they are perpetuating stereotypes against black people. They are signaling that there is something wrong with black people and it is okay to treat them differently. You all remind me of people who were against the Civil Rights movements. I’m sure they thought black people were being “bullies” and being “sensitive”. I’m sure they were annoyed that they couldn’t do black face anymore. And in the same way as many of you, they used the Bible to justify their beliefs. They believed God made white men to rule over black men because they were inferior. All I’m saying is you all are being hypocritical and forget that if the situation was reversed you would be demanding an apology too because those words hurt your community. When people around the world are still being killed for being gay, celebrities being openly homophobic only further perpetuates the problem. In the same way Donald Trump pushing his White Supremacy agenda is dangerous to minorities. Think about.
Bobby Maes
Bobby Maes 2 oy oldin
Only a gay man will question if an apology is “genuine enough” lmao that is just pettiness. Also these people don’t realize the tweets were from 10 years ago.. and he apologized for them after receiving backlash for it then. So why try to bring it up again and have him re apologize ? Don lemon go suck on some big hairy go nads you cuck
Lamont Hyatt
Lamont Hyatt 2 oy oldin
What’s wrong with being an old-school man! Kevin Hart🤜🏾
B Pitts
B Pitts 2 oy oldin
Forget being a black man. As a man in general your goal or hopes is for your son to be straight. With that being said don’t mean you would love your son any less because he became gay. It’s about acceptance. He apologized years ago and recently. Even turned down the oscars and still apologized. Then Don said you talked to him on the phone for hours but still bringing him up. Get past it sir
Onyx Morris
Onyx Morris 2 oy oldin
I can’t stand him
ANARKYPLAYA 2 oy oldin
We do not need to promote something we do not approve of. We are not your slaves we do not have to promote something that is not in our culture GET OVER IT
contactpq 2 oy oldin
I had no idea Don was a Romp Ranger until he started whining about kevin Hart now I can't watch him anymore
TessieTelevision 2 oy oldin
Oh brother I can’t believe this show is still on...🙄
j r
j r 2 oy oldin
Don you are gay
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 2 oy oldin
The view has not view.
Imonous 2 oy oldin
No Don, you do not speak for the black community. We actually support Hart over you.
Brian Burgess
Brian Burgess 2 oy oldin
No class
Brian Burgess
Brian Burgess 2 oy oldin
He’s a prestitute he has no class or integrity should of ashamed of himself wat kind of so calls news person who just reads the daily narrative every day at work sad man
Brian Burgess
Brian Burgess 2 oy oldin
Look it’s Uncle Tom house boy don lemon mr hipocrit of the year let’s hear some more fake news keep crying about trump your not famous loser
Shane Rodgers
Shane Rodgers 2 oy oldin
I don't want to live in this world anymore
michael lancaster
Don lemon is one of those guys that I wouldnt be upset was in a skydiving accident
Jon J
Jon J 2 oy oldin
P.s.....Black people are fighting for "Human rights"....you know...like the right not be shot dead in the streets because a so-called police officer is nervous or scared....don lemon and people like him are fighting for the right to pound each other in the butt......big difference.....no disrespect just sayin....
Lij Abilo
Lij Abilo 2 oy oldin
I remember 2 years ago I was doing Uber and I got two gay riders and they told me to take them male strip club and they start conversation with me one of the guy said last time my friend took me to female strip club it was so gross and he said why you guys like pussy it is so nasty and I told him listen men I love natural women. And I said to him for you to become this world being gay woman and men have to sleep together and brought you here brother. Just imagine guys if I said why you guys be a gay they will call police on me.
Will Power Prosperity
Don is spearheading the gay bullying movement. This is definitely a do as we say or else play.
Lij Abilo
Lij Abilo 2 oy oldin
Are you sir raised Kevin’s son or Kevin does? When is the dad allowed to say he don’t want to his son be gay? I personally don’t want my son to be gay and I want my generation to grow. I mean my son not somebody’s son my son period
AliceTooTight o3o
Like I don't know how to say this but this dom guy. is like if I was friends with him I would honestly think he's a snake
Darick Squire
Darick Squire 2 oy oldin
Spoke up 10 years too late!
Luis Campanella
Luis Campanella 2 oy oldin
So many homophobes in the comments. Pressed people get a life
CPM Music
CPM Music 2 oy oldin
They tryna tear down another black man
Denzel 'My Nigga' Washington
Devon Pierre
Devon Pierre 2 oy oldin
It was a joke. He's a comedian ffs. He's apologized numerous times already, move on now.
Sama1966 Salinas
Sama1966 Salinas 2 oy oldin
He everyone look at all these fake people
Pete Jimenez
Pete Jimenez 2 oy oldin
It’s a hate crime against Kevin
Bruise _25
Bruise _25 2 oy oldin
Ahh man! The View, Navaro and Lemon in one room?!?! #perfectdronestrike lol!
bubbiesdad 2 oy oldin
Don is a racist.
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