Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

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Trump and the EU's tariff reciprocation is as much a trade war as a competition of 'anything you can do, I can do dumber.'
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26-Iyl, 2018

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Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox 2 kun oldin
America did ok before China opened up around 1980, just saying, they aren't a required trading partner.
Biên Hòa Memories
This idiot will bring America down not great - who ever trusted him - Believing him - support him must be in sane like him . Time to wake up . .. is not to late .
Biên Hòa Memories
In White House over 1 year lies after lies - he lies so much - he don’t remember what he talking about - because he is in sane .... lock him up with his staffs and his children’s they are all traitors -
Biên Hòa Memories
Made in America ? and his daughter have business in China ? What a jerk - lies .....
NadEr 4 kun oldin
The only thing that we envy Americans about، is the freedom of speech, If I just criticize our dictator on Tweeter with my real name, I would loose my whole family and what we own, and my friends too 😁🇸🇦
Jay Magic
Jay Magic 6 kun oldin
where is the impeachment? what kind of world we living in????
David Edwards
David Edwards 8 kun oldin
I like how Steven emphasizes the European pronunciation of names, while he himself uses the European pronunciation of his own name 'Colbert...Cole Bear' rather than the American 'Cole Bert'.
rierie c.
rierie c. 10 kun oldin
I Love You Stephen Colbert
Kelly Vadova
Kelly Vadova 10 kun oldin
This dude sucks
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher 13 kun oldin
Without Trump , this clown wouldn't have a show ! If you watch him once , you don't have to worry about missing the next show , YOU ALREADY SEEN IT !
TameTusker Silly
TameTusker Silly 13 kun oldin
The US is slipping. Under the effect of Trump toxin.
Mark robinson
Mark robinson 15 kun oldin
SO everyone else can put tariffs on usa but we can't put tariffs on them. that doesn't make any sense thats bad business
john smith
john smith 16 kun oldin
Michel The good one
Michel The good one 16 kun oldin
Poor true american... if you want to know what the démoc rate prepare for you,,, just check the movie the 4 dimension and check the guy in the train...
Elio Lopez
Elio Lopez 16 kun oldin
Actually there are a lot of people who can out stupid Chump. They're called RePUGliKLANs.
William Ridge
William Ridge 16 kun oldin
Isn't it nipping at your heels? Not snipping at your heels.
Ahmad Zabidi
Ahmad Zabidi 17 kun oldin
Please VOTE Stormy Daniels for President☝ Opportunity for Presidential Blow Jobs, Balls Spanking and Golden Shower in the Oval office. Pick a number please line up.
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 18 kun oldin
How much is Trump profiting off the tariffs?
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 18 kun oldin
God the idiot had to be told not to look at the eclipse! Please stop nauseating people with images of Trump! Too many already!!!!
Nelson Club
Nelson Club 18 kun oldin
Trump - like his supporters - are not smart enough to realise how dumb they are.
normie x
normie x 18 kun oldin
Btw, If the US would drop farm subsidies the american farmers would literally starve. As usual, Trump was bluffing.
m bk
m bk 19 kun oldin
All of these are Classic.
santolify 19 kun oldin
Shouldn't it be the Russian flag @1:54?
Debbie Richardson
Debbie Richardson 20 kun oldin
You are so much more ignorant than Trump.
Bob York
Bob York 20 kun oldin
Colbert is a soy boy
ScottTheAngel 20 kun oldin
Some one should give Trump the moron of the year award and obese man of the year.
ScottTheAngel 20 kun oldin
I was trying to think what age I would have bought the things Trump says and maybe about eight years old I think at 13 he would of sounded dumb to me this is no joke 7 to 8 years old those are the years of age I might I'm having second thoughts it might be younger.
Ivan Hewitt
Ivan Hewitt 21 kun oldin
Who else remembers when Stephen Colbert had jokes other than about trump, he used to have a lot of opinions that weren't political
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala 21 kun oldin
Make America hate always.
jahna roth
jahna roth 22 kun oldin
If Trump put tariffs on the EU as a tantrum due to Brexit then says why not flood US with Chinese soybeans and Japanese beef. Then has a tantrum to say if I can't flood the US with Japanese Beef and Chinese Soybeans. I'm a Hoosier. Nobody noticed that our farmers were being gobbled up by ConAgra who the US government pays ConAgra to NOT plant Soy and Corn. Nobody noticed in 1985 it was lucrative.
KJ 22 kun oldin
Well in this case, he's not wrong a flat out global abolishment off all tariffs would be a positive thing. If that is his ultimate goal then I can't really disagree here. No point in cutting off the nose to spite your face. Obstructionism is silly, screaming no no no for sake of screaming no no no makes you the idiot when the goal is a progressive one. Take the wins you can get people...
Doc Vega
Doc Vega 23 kun oldin
Trump supported Brexit! Why because the management of monetary supply was taken away from the member European states like the UK and decisions were made by one centralized power in Belgium! the UK was losing billions in trade deals and when they threatened to exit all kinds of media bullshit about dooms day and racism began the same way our media is full of shit in America and guess who supported not leaving the EU? Hillary and Obama, the dense twins! Wake up people!
Tim Stay
Tim Stay 24 kun oldin
Two hands to drink a small glass of water??? He must have some real good drugs!!! Wow! Way out there!!
Wajahat Shah
Wajahat Shah 25 kun oldin
Dee Elo
Dee Elo 25 kun oldin
U r truly witty and I am sooo happy u can make me laugh but w this Rump we should all b crying. Thanks for getting us thru...😣
tcwaterdrill 26 kun oldin
He gave big companies a tax break worth billions, then turned around and put tariffs on imported good worth billions that the big companies just passed on to the consumers. Taxes and tariffs are the same thing, just put a spin on it saying it will help American companies bring jobs back and everyone is ok with the tax (tariffs) We were told years ago that NAFTA would be good for our country, allowing low paying jobs to go south of the border, it would give jobs to the people that live south of the border thus they would stay at home and not try to inter the USA, while we would get more high tech jobs here in the USA. Yes and would you like fries with your order is what became with that. We see how well NAFTA worked out.
James Gentry
James Gentry 26 kun oldin
Trump is a turd.
David Castaneda
David Castaneda 26 kun oldin
joyjoyjoyjoyjoy 27 kun oldin
Trump is not capable of bringing America economy to a desirable level . Must get Obama to run the country again .
john smith
john smith 27 kun oldin
Cant believe how many stupid people America has. I feel sorry for the real Americans...
Portalatin Marcos
Portalatin Marcos 28 kun oldin
He could have made America Great Again if his first goal was to payoff 12 billion dollars of students debt. The only way this country will be great again is when our government starts spending equally on education for American citizens as they currently spend on National Defense!!
TamiaSkyy 29 kun oldin
Hey everyone! I keep seeing the craziest campaigns raise a lot of money. We could use some, so I figured I would make a parody of the trump wall's viral campaign to express my honest opinions on it as well as use that platform for the help my family needs. Donating, or sharing the GoFundMe with your social network would mean so much. You are appreciated! www.gofundme.com/TheStupidWall
4Zeus20 29 kun oldin
your remark on domestic abuse was hideous how would you like to be hit and hair pulled you need to be fired
morgan Oy oldin
wait in his "stupid compilation" you put him saying God bless America wowwww this video is insanely stupid
Blabla Blabla
Blabla Blabla Oy oldin
Not we. But yea I know what u mean
richard thayer
Herbie Klein
Herbie Klein Oy oldin
Nice chess reference thou B)
Steve Read
Steve Read Oy oldin
Obviously, no Brit or European could outstupid America. You are a country of experts.
Hungarian Pussy Magnet
Orange man bad ? Global communist cabal good ?
Norma Flores
Norma Flores Oy oldin
China has reduced the recycling materials from The U.S. The landfills are getting over filled. The smell is coming right out of the White House. Smells like corruption at it lowest.
Josip Suvak
Josip Suvak Oy oldin
When Trump calls media enemy of the people he is talking about stuff like this. Yesterday Juncker was drunk again at EU summit and it made me think. He was always totally disrespectful to other european leaders, he is casually checking phone during press briefing, he is always tipsy and sometimes he is so drunk he can not walk and best part is nobody is talking about it . Just search for "Juncker funny" on youtube and check was he doing and how much views does those clips have. He is defacto most powerful man in EU elected by ELITES not european people doing weird shit for 3-4 years. Trump at least have mandat compared to Juncker who was minister of finance in Luxemburg for 15 years then prime minister of Luxemburg for 10 years then elected for EU commissioner by EU elites. Just for your information Luxemburg is small micro state (population of cca 600 thousand people) and is known as tax heaven... Next time have some decency Stephen!!!
Die Fotobummler
Die Fotobummler 23 kun oldin
Josip Suvak in my opinion the election system in Germany is the best in the world for countries with stable democratic structures. They are a combination of the both election systems ensuring the votes represents the actual representation in the parliament and having nearly all opinions in the parliament... but also avoiding to have hundreds of parties in the parliament... but to be honest it were the Americans who helped to set up this election system after the war
Josip Suvak
Josip Suvak Oy oldin
+Die Fotobummler So he is being disrespectful naturally. My main point was most of people in EU doesnt know who is Juncker and how is he elected. Also you are talking about Trump getting less votes then Hilary when we have same shit in european parlament. Just check how much is worth 1 single vote in luxemburg and how much is worth in germany.
Die Fotobummler
Josip Suvak WRONG! that he was drunk is not proven. And the president of the comission is voted by the leaders of the single European States, and suggested by the European Parliament, which is voted directly from the European People. They have also to confirm the president after the election. So it is Even more democratic than the American System. You have the State Leaders, elected by the people and the European Parliament elected by the people. As far as I can remember, Trump even got less votes than hillary (by the people of america)
H Chahal
H Chahal Oy oldin
What I think is that Trump has a "thing" for the American flag, maybe him and the flag should have dinner together at a nice restaurant at his choosing and then take her to a room at his Trump International Hotels in Atlantic City, New Jersey and then if things go smoothly have a intimate time with each other. 🇺🇸🍷🍲😂😂
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Oy oldin
Trump is the epitome of uncool.
chucku00 Oy oldin
Donald Trump Done with piss.
Nawal Ait El Cadi
Amazing, I should have watch everything, would have been more fun doing my job. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏
Horror Dash
Horror Dash Oy oldin
Trump is very dumb
Sean C
Sean C Oy oldin
Powderfinger Oy oldin
Did Congress ok the $18 billion in subsidies to US farmers hurt by the tariff war?
left-hand yogi
"Bless the united shaysh..." XD
Nick Kingston
Nick Kingston Oy oldin
Switch your tv off, read a book, do some gardening, grow something to eat,dont watch this crap
Angelo Sinisi
Angelo Sinisi Oy oldin
I am not American but this guy is starting to get onto my nerves. Every fucking programme he has something to say about Trump which is not funny but a meer insult.
Dark of the knight
Lol the current EU can't be trusted and soon be doomed in any way lol. Trump are dumb in some action but I believe some of his action like migrant crisis, and the tariff on China and supporting Taiwan should be respected.
Rhonda Pickett
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joe 90
joe 90 Oy oldin
Traitor..dont like uncle Sam move to Zimbabwe
In Soviet Union there is no Great Depression. Instead we have Great Gulag.
Best Place 2
Best Place 2 Oy oldin
Love the the comments, Stephen Colbert is a pretty funny guy. Love how he shows his twist on things. Keep up the great work. How dumb is he though? He is a billionaire, He must of had some smarts at one time? Has he lost it all? let me know
Gérard Lefrançois
To Out Stupid someone is to Out Stupid your own self. Can you get that ?
something else
If USA is ready to remove all tariffs with EU then why is EU not ready to do the same?
Oscar Robinson
GOP: Genocide Of Poor.
Finlay Easson-Brausch
I lost it at "God bless...the united shaeeshs"
normie x
normie x Oy oldin
I have to admit, we can't top off Trump, he's superstupid, it's not even fair.
Young Shway
Young Shway Oy oldin
trump's idea was not bad, but the way he did it was a pure stupidity. first u can't win a war with all countries around the globe, second u should never wage a war with everyone else at the same time. it sounds like the president is having a hard time differing being a talk show celebrity from being a president, which is horrible enough already, yet the most terrifying thing is, he has a perfectly correct goal.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Oy oldin
I will see you in American court
Potater LMG
Potater LMG Oy oldin
I don’t think this guy is Donald trump
Imma Fukface.
Imma Fukface. Oy oldin
The farmers won't see a cent from that bail out.
armegaz Oy oldin
Trump adding more debt and republicans say Nothing! When Obama was President, was different.
Natalee  Steele
The fact that the whole world is treating this as a joke is unbelievable....it's having real and lasting effects
Teddy Dulca
Teddy Dulca Oy oldin
Flyguy232323 Wee
It funny. But enjoyable... why American people select this guy as President....😲
Joe Pierre
Joe Pierre Oy oldin
Free trade is destroying America we must fight back they've been using unfair tactics on us it's time we go right after them and destroy their economies you realize is no economy not even when you combine all the major 20 that could stand up to America's economy God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter and thank the military and Border Patrol and threats I hope this triggers a liberal and keep on going greatest War ever trade war with Japan China Germany Canada Mexico and my list goes on there all nasty little hoes with hairy Little Women and they look really ugly let's keep it on Australia America England Israel South Korea and that's the only people that can come in and we need to start deporting people to North Korea for re-education program it's only $0.40 a day I'll sponsor a liberal six months long and it's guaranteed to change your attitude when they get back here
Sean C
Sean C Oy oldin
I love me some Colbert, but this obnoxious voice everyone seems to be doing when reading something Dumb-Dumb-Donny tweets or when impersonating him in general, that needs to stop. Yea he sounds like an idiot, we know, but you don't have to mirror that idiocy to point it out. It's bloody annoying already, just stop.
Steven Rains
Steven Rains Oy oldin
Is this guy supposed to be funny ??? I want my money back.
Calitrocity Oy oldin
Guys I'm sorry but I have to make a correction- It''s actually MAWA, which stands for make America white again.
StonyRC Oy oldin
Damn, The President doesn't understand economics OR human nature and the process of negotiation. Still, I guess after he royally screws up the economy and international trade he can simply blame it on former President Obama and Hillary Clinton - after all, how COULD it be his fault?
cleanview70 Oy oldin
America, you voted for him. You only have yourself to blame.
M Rykwal1
M Rykwal1 16 kun oldin
The majority did not!
rockstar rocks
You don't argue with idiots. It's like mud wrestling a pig, I mean even if eventually you win the pig likes to do it. Plus now you have to do laundry.
Larry Ellivremmus
Ladies and gentlemen this guy is an idiot he's the only certified idiot in the whole country see what an idiot is is a person that can't move he can't do anything like this person he's funny I love his jokes but what does he do for our country majority of time he's down in Americans down in the American way of life advocating for foreigners believing that we Americans have something to do with somebody else's country sir would you please just leave our country you like people like you we've already bent over and have allowed the shafting of your honor integrity and respect to be abused I will continue to love to watch your show because I believe that the show it's full of jokes so every time the camera turns on you I see another joke you are a joke that's why we love you so much you're the biggest joke ever don't don't even try to reply to this because I would have to look at your picture in order to get the joke so your face is the joke your attitude is the joke your personality is the joke your ability to speak badly about the president in our country is a joke but that's look at another joke the day that someone comes and puts handcuffs on you and places you under arrest for attacking the United States government and making false misleading statements to the public causing the public to believe it if you want to be political be political run for office but I think if you did that you would be a bigger joke keep doing the job that you're doing now until we come and get you I bet you I can make you say President Donald Trump is a hero I bet you I bet you
Allon mielke
Allon mielke Oy oldin
But I don't understand, Stephen Colshit, if the tarrifs are so terrible for world trade.....why is it that the world economy is doing better than (wait for it!) UNDER YOUR GOD, HUSSEIN OBAMA!????
Donna Lopez
Donna Lopez Oy oldin
Peter Fitzgerald
More anti Trump, pro Hillary crap,,,,,,,,it is all just so boring and bias now..........what a great President
Student Loans Are Cool
Trump should do that Commercial for Holiday Inn, “who me, an international economic trade expert? I just stayed at the Holiday Inn”
SLIME (Music Video)
13 soat oldin