Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Trump and the EU's tariff reciprocation is as much a trade war as a competition of 'anything you can do, I can do dumber.'
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26-Iyl, 2018



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Big De
Big De 40 daqiqa oldin
go back and watch 2016 to 2019 on what COLBERT has said about Prez Trump. Now that 3 investigations have finished.. not ONE will say.. you know we got it wrong.. TRUMP is stupid but we did get it wrong..sorry America.
Michael Tipton
Michael Tipton Soat oldin
Trump 20/20
claire bigelow
claire bigelow 2 soat oldin
there is NOTHING in the UNIVERSE as STUPID as Trump......
Nevuah Gallery
Nevuah Gallery 3 soat oldin
This country should not tolerate another 4 years of this Unstable Genius and his tangerine skin suit in the Oval Office.
Max Ra
Max Ra 16 soat oldin
Haha !!!! These people who are watching this guy program are really dumb !!! He thinks he is fooling everyone!!!!
HGH 17 soat oldin
Typical liberal Trump bashing, getting old.
Customer Service
Customer Service 21 soat oldin
Mueller Time lol
cryptghost Kun oldin
LOL. Donald Trump. The first person to be a US President and a Billionaire💰. Being called "stupid" by the minorities collecting welfare checks, in the UZvid comment section. Spend less time on UZvid and more time clipping diaper coupons for little Daquan. 😂😂😂
Storm Clarke
Storm Clarke Kun oldin
All I can think abt it "countrty"
Dirty dog
Dirty dog 2 kun oldin
This is comments section.... Be cool
Zapdog 3 kun oldin
With how much you have to rely on Trump-bashing for views, you’ve already done it.
Barbara Brinkmeyer
Barbara Brinkmeyer 3 kun oldin
Visualize golden prison bars bearing the name, "TRUMP".
Jesse Ihaia
Jesse Ihaia 3 kun oldin
His supporters are some of the most stubborn and willfully ignorant people ever, no matter what bad decision he makes or what stupid shit he says they'll support to the end, so dumb.
Lukas Trece
Lukas Trece 6 kun oldin
The king of the dumb
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 6 kun oldin
So? what should we do to them? (the Trump Supporters) kill them?
Betty Kolaiti
Betty Kolaiti 7 kun oldin
Wow the left propaganda
Mikaela Helsing
Mikaela Helsing 8 kun oldin
God, save America from that stupid screaming carrot!
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 8 kun oldin
I mean I am the best at everything, including some not so great things. But I'm still rich.
DragonSky Lords
DragonSky Lords 9 kun oldin
The black-wrestler president in Idiocracy was a composite of Obama and Trump. Your presidents are obnoxious buffoons and thugs. They are preselected, not elected. You're forced to vote on rigged machines with no paper trail. Who's counting the votes?
DragonSky Lords
DragonSky Lords 9 kun oldin
When will people realize the entire presidential election is a rigged farce and these psychopaths, thugs and buffoons have been preselected years in advance? Why do you think Obama had TWO AUTOBIOGRAPHIES published when he was a nobody with nothing to say in his early 30s? A 10 year old could hack and rig the software in the paperless, unauditable voting machines to "flip" the votes. Who counts them? Wake up people.
tobber08 9 kun oldin
Colbert, you are just not funny, or entertaining. Try your quips while parking valet cars.
Leander 9 kun oldin
Im not pro trump but whats with the sitcom laughs that stop immediately when he starts speaking?
خضر 313
خضر 313 9 kun oldin
Only person that can out stupid Trump is Brazilian president Bolsonaro
Paul Osterberg
Paul Osterberg 9 kun oldin
China bought up all the soy bean futures before the tariffs kicked in. Stupid Trump
Alex Hoo
Alex Hoo 10 kun oldin
U.S. drop barriers? What about the barrier Trump wants to put up between the U.S. and Mexico?
Steven Horton
Steven Horton 11 kun oldin
Just Human
Just Human 11 kun oldin
Think of all the things that the white house maintenance crew need to do after the dumpf and his vermin leave. They will have to fumigate the entire building, burn down the pig sty where the pig slept, because there is no salvaging that. Reconstruct it from scratch, and de bug the oval office for russian bugs. Dumpf and his criminal brood had better move out six months prior to the new president moving in.
Raffin mena
Raffin mena 13 kun oldin
I had been a pretty regular fan of Mr.Colbert; even though his sense of humor is sometimes hard to find. But with his Bernie Sanders’ characterization and age issue, he just lost all my appreciation for his unfunny and every day less relevant program. He really messed and fucked it up badly. It’s not just a matter whether Mr. Sanders is fit for office at his 70+ years old. Actually, an issue that doesn’t bother us voters, and recent polls can’t be more illustrative. It’s his lack of decency, taste, stile, graciousness, towards Mr. Sanders that really have offended a lot of people like myself that being in the seventies, don’t see why this has to be a matter of stupid jokes and put down. There are ways to criticize and oppose a candidate for office, but Mr. Colbert’s style is not one of them. Actually, it really stinks.
Teboho Moloi
Teboho Moloi 14 kun oldin
Be cool
George 16 kun oldin
I was at a party for our "Elite Republicans of South Carolina" group last night in Columbia. I can barely type from the hangover, but what a night!!!!! We filmed a dwarf wearing a Trump mask dry humping every female leg at the event. I've never drank that much in my life. What a great celebration. Knowing your party is going to control your State for at least the next 50 years is such a good feeling, you have to let loose and enjoy it! Trump 2020, and FOREVER!!
Maritza Ortiz
Maritza Ortiz 20 kun oldin
I guess you have material to last you for a while, nothing else you can find that’s funny then just bashing the president! I didn’t see you Bash the Clinton’s or Obama, when they were in office, But I guess you are on their payroll, reel the people in day in and day out until Everyone is singing the same song!
Ted Tates
Ted Tates 22 kun oldin
1:57 don don learnt this one from the cheerleader squad in the NBA
Julio Ayala
Julio Ayala 23 kun oldin
This man is an embarrassment to all Americans and the laughing stock to the rest of the world. Pity he will resign to save his children and avoid going to jail. Lock them all up!
Joseph Endreola
Joseph Endreola 24 kun oldin
I think it would be funny if Twitter deleted Trump’s account.
Maxim Vlk
Maxim Vlk 24 kun oldin
well as a big peanut butter fan: the prices for peanut butter here in germany are really high since the tariffs :-(
Dale Gervais
Dale Gervais 24 kun oldin
Wow, what a place to master-bate deamoncrat hate. You use to be funny.
Josef Heilburger
Josef Heilburger 26 kun oldin
Literally everywhere outside of the US Trump is a laughing stock, how can most Americans not clearly see this?
Josef Heilburger
Josef Heilburger 26 kun oldin
I've noticed that whenever any Trumptards try to defend him against actual logic, facts and evidence they just use the "fake news" and "ur just brainwashed" cards, because they don't have any other argument. Such stupidity, I honestly feel bad for you intelligent Americans out there for having to share a country with such Gremlins.
Hold my grapejuice-
Hold my grapejuice- 29 kun oldin
*Im just sitting here in the UK,sipping my tea.*
ivybaby66 Oy oldin
Wow....my dog makes a better impression than trump!!
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Trump must really love farmers because he sure enjoys spreading his manure around.
Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff
We are most recently being told by Donald Trump and Republicans not to trust Mr. McCabe because McCabe is a liar. Lol! If you ask who can Americans trust more? A can unequivocally, with no doubt say, I trust the FBI, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Media,. All our Experienced Military General's more than Donald Trump, Graham, McConnell and any other Republican that stands up and backs up Donald Trump's bold face lies. The truth is Donald Trump Kryptonite.
Ivanov Vasilievich
Orange Man Bad? Uhuh, Okay.
37Dionysos Oy oldin
New tariffs on solar panels from China. America will be dragged only kicking and screaming into the future beyond oil. It's for your own good, people! (heh heh heh). Right, Venezuela?
BirdArvid Oy oldin
Yeah we're not proud of Piers; he's a true dolt..
Bunyinj Bhadi
Bunyinj Bhadi Oy oldin
Does Stephen Colbert, or anyone in the Fake Media world, have any great towers of business? Do these people have quadrillions in the bank? Do these people PAY their very own wages? Do these Media people have ANYTHING at all to offer America? NO to all of the above. People living in glass houses................ "Stupid is, as Stupid does".
errol flynn
errol flynn Oy oldin
WOW, I never thought modern day 'intelligence' would stoop to this idiot for accurate info. Yes indeed, without Trump, Colbert would not have a show...thank you Don S. So, how is everyone since Colbert told Trump NOT to bother running for President back in 2015 or was it 2016. Remember "Come on buddy"? MAGA!!! Who's the stupid one now?! That's rhetorical, you don't need to answer.
Dylan Kaiser
Dylan Kaiser Oy oldin
Trump: nobody knows more about being a complete idiot, than me
Scott rimer
Scott rimer Oy oldin
I have 3 colleges degrees. One one of them medical. But one of the most useful pieces of knowledge was to not look at a solar eclipse. I learned that around the age of 3.
geoff dearth
geoff dearth Oy oldin
And the shutdown delayed the payments to the farmers he left in the lurch.
Charlie T
Charlie T Oy oldin
Najavano P
Najavano P Oy oldin
President Trump 8 Years! 🇺🇲🇺🇲👍👍
Damon Roark
Damon Roark Oy oldin
Did you guys grab the title of this clip from a bowl of a thousand little paper scraps that all had a variation of that phrase written on them? Late night comedy: all Trump, all the time. Brought to you by Lockheed Martin.
Johnyboy buddy
How can a man that says he's christian spew so much hatred, every night. Does he not have any other material.
j g
j g Oy oldin
Free trade doesn't include farm subsidies. That's Socialism!!!! AAgh!!!
Vman Oy oldin
Hi camembert. How they hangin?
Don S
Don S Oy oldin
🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 get your boxes of tissues ready 👊😎🖕.......LMAO
Don S
Don S Oy oldin
Without Trump Colbert would have been off of TV a long time ago working at Home Depot without Colbert Trump would still be rich and famous
Michael Kuhl
Michael Kuhl Oy oldin
Don't try to out-stupid your Demtard friends, Colbert. You never WERE funny, OR intelligent. Back under your rock.
Karen Shaub
Karen Shaub Oy oldin
There is no out stupiding Trump. ZERO should be retired in honor of his I.Q.
Scott Pappas
Scott Pappas Oy oldin
Just when you thought The Pig couldn't get any dumber....Here's Stephen Colbert! Awesome.
Chicken Rex
Chicken Rex Oy oldin
I finally found a place that isn’t just conservatives who hate liberals. I feel relieved.
mike diamond
mike diamond Oy oldin
Colbert,has never created jobs,or done anything but blabber!
Александр Казанков
Donald Trump has 7 repeat allele of D4 dopamine receptor gene (DRD4). His brother died of alcoholism while D. Trimp is himself an abstainee. A great novelty-seeker!
Camo Tel
Camo Tel Oy oldin
Americans have nothing on the insult strength of Britain & Europe
Timothy Kozlowski
If it wasn't for Donald Trump this idiotic losers show would have been cancelled
Katrina Paton
Katrina Paton Oy oldin
So... I don't get it. The Dept of Agriculture is gonna bail out Harley Davidson??
paul grant
paul grant Oy oldin
you do every night stephen.
Lesa Boo
Lesa Boo Oy oldin
I'm tired of the Trump Obama bush etc drama.. I think we should abolish having a president . Do we really need one? Think about it
s4a4v4y Oy oldin
M A G A .........................M exicans A gainst G overnment A holes
John Here
John Here Oy oldin
Debt has exploded. Recession is coming. Institutions assaulted for two years... It will be hard work to recover from gangster in chief trump
Michael Halbert
I agree with Asher, you can't argue with stupid.
China has an unfair trading benefit and Trump is trying to change that. They were declared a "developing nation" by the UN and given discounts on trade to help them out. They're no longer a developing nation, but they still want that advantage anyway. If Trump succeeds then it will be a good thing for our country. It's also funny that Stephen blasts him because it's hurting farmers, but when Trump pays these farmers to cover their losses he just bashes him again. Stephen wouldn't pay Trump a compliment if he ended world hunger.
Alberto Bernal
The only way you'll can out stupid Trump if you do much worst them him.
Michael Talley
The GDP of the entire EU is less than the GDP of the United States. Of course they have some protectionism. Would somebody please read and explain a college Economics textbook to the President?
david black
david black Oy oldin
He’s got a tough job against the European nations
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal Oy oldin
I love Stevens dump.
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal Oy oldin
Don't try to out dumb Dump? I'm fucking possible.
Venn Mellor
Venn Mellor Oy oldin
Emmy Lou harris
YugotSwaqedd Oy oldin
Hilarious as always😂
patrick collins
patrick collins 2 oy oldin
The Dunning-Kruger effect states that while people think they are highly competent, it’s just the reverse. Rudy Giuliani is clueless about his own incompetency he and Donald Trump are walking Dunning - Kruger's. Paraphrasing Confucius, the hard task is to know what we don’t know. Donald Trump is so clueless it would take a think tank,Cray Inc., Apple, Microsoft, NASA, and a host of luminaries to teach Trump about, being a husband, a father, a president, a human being , an orator. The Dunning-Kruger effect is at play in Donald Trump's presidency constantly, it never takes a break. Donald Trump's ignorance drives a lack of confidence. And that lack of confidence,of being misinformed or just downright wrong, as the derailed what the forefathers wanted for our country and, made a mockery of democracy.
midwestkatie 2 oy oldin
So China said screw you and bought soybeans from Brazil. Lost that sales. Thanks Tarriff Man.
fly away
fly away 2 oy oldin
He sure loves the tanning bed!
Kyle D
Kyle D 2 oy oldin
Why is it that every time something happens to America, Trump always conclude that they are targeting him? Get off your high billion dollar horse Trump! It's not always ABOUT YOU!!! Geez!
V904T 2 oy oldin
Most ridiculed president in history
Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox 2 oy oldin
America did ok before China opened up around 1980, just saying, they aren't a required trading partner.
Biên Hòa Memories
This idiot will bring America down not great - who ever trusted him - Believing him - support him must be in sane like him . Time to wake up . .. is not to late .
Biên Hòa Memories
In White House over 1 year lies after lies - he lies so much - he don’t remember what he talking about - because he is in sane .... lock him up with his staffs and his children’s they are all traitors -
Biên Hòa Memories
Made in America ? and his daughter have business in China ? What a jerk - lies .....
NadEr 2 oy oldin
The only thing that we envy Americans about، is the freedom of speech, If I just criticize our dictator on Tweeter with my real name, I would loose my whole family and what we own, and my friends too 😁🇸🇦
Jay Magic
Jay Magic 2 oy oldin
where is the impeachment? what kind of world we living in????
David Edwards
David Edwards 2 oy oldin
I like how Steven emphasizes the European pronunciation of names, while he himself uses the European pronunciation of his own name 'Colbert...Cole Bear' rather than the American 'Cole Bert'.
rierie c.
rierie c. 2 oy oldin
I Love You Stephen Colbert
Kelly Vadova
Kelly Vadova 2 oy oldin
This dude sucks
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher 2 oy oldin
Without Trump , this clown wouldn't have a show ! If you watch him once , you don't have to worry about missing the next show , YOU ALREADY SEEN IT !
TameTusker Silly
TameTusker Silly 2 oy oldin
The US is slipping. Under the effect of Trump toxin.
Mark robinson
Mark robinson 2 oy oldin
SO everyone else can put tariffs on usa but we can't put tariffs on them. that doesn't make any sense thats bad business
john smith
john smith 2 oy oldin
Elio Lopez
Elio Lopez 2 oy oldin
Actually there are a lot of people who can out stupid Chump. They're called RePUGliKLANs.
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