Don't Open The Wrong Mystery Door!!

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1-Iyn, 2018

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Team Edge
Team Edge 16 kun oldin
Hey guys! Where should the mystery door be next? What clues could we give the guys? Let us know down below! Check out the Prison Escape Challenge!! uzvid.com/video/video-NICK8lK3LGA.html&t=1s
Amanda Kaye
Amanda Kaye Kun oldin
Team Edge
Reagan Lonneman ooiikkiiiiiiii
JaceBox Playdate
JaceBox Playdate 2 kun oldin
Team Edge bb
Rowan Kearney
Rowan Kearney 6 kun oldin
Team Edge mm
E Boy
E Boy 7 kun oldin
Team Edge I
Yin Toutai
Yin Toutai 9 soat oldin
Andy come
deborah ball
deborah ball Kun oldin
I love nacho cheese!
Ana Sinclair
Ana Sinclair Kun oldin
I just had a loss and you guys have helped me soo much.
How did bryan broke his hand
Joe Alejandro Makhlouf
Gol de colombia. Colombia for life.
Noah Sistrunk
Noah Sistrunk Kun oldin
You guys are the best Chanel Ever
Noah Sistrunk
Noah Sistrunk Kun oldin
Team edge is the best y’all should have 10 million subs
Damarcus Mitchell
Im sharp 😉
Rizaldi R6S
Rizaldi R6S 2 kun oldin
What happen to bryans left hand
Avery Williamson
Avery Williamson 2 kun oldin
Try to make up a try not to get scared challenge
Diana Chavez
Diana Chavez 2 kun oldin
Imagine if team edge and dude perfect did a video together 😁😁😁
Christopher Peg
Christopher Peg 2 kun oldin
Gol de Colombia! Gol de Colombia! Gol de Colombia!
GhostKiller 2 kun oldin
Green Screen Technology behind the door, Pure Genius
Der Vang
Der Vang 3 kun oldin
I hate Bryan now but I hated him since 2014
Waak Videos
Waak Videos 3 kun oldin
You’re a sap
Thành Nguyễn Hữu
This is so edgy
ellie gerber
ellie gerber 4 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that joey chose door one and brian was in door two but joey got scared and got hit didnt he choose door 1?
ellie gerber
ellie gerber 4 kun oldin
what happened to your arm brian
Ajiva Diva
Ajiva Diva 4 kun oldin
I cannot with joey screaming
Jaime Fry
Jaime Fry 4 kun oldin
What happened to brains hand
Julia Rios
Julia Rios 4 kun oldin
My birthday is June 1st !
Ty VanZanten
Ty VanZanten 4 kun oldin
everybody forgot about Matthias like if you want him back
Sanjay Buen
Sanjay Buen 5 kun oldin
Dalvina Wagoner
Dalvina Wagoner 5 kun oldin
What happens to Bryan’s arm?
Jenny Paz
Jenny Paz 5 kun oldin
I stopped watching for a while because they basically replaced Matthias with boby
Jr vlogs
Jr vlogs 5 kun oldin
Bryan moved wtf
quanmaii 5 kun oldin
High five me
Mayghan Kemnitz
Mayghan Kemnitz 5 kun oldin
If Bryan did get hit in the *no no zone* at least he already has 2-3 kids already
boss anti dab police boss
Gunner has Disneyworld World
emporer Paws
emporer Paws 5 kun oldin
Just went Disneyland
ItsSummerTime 5 kun oldin
I like how he kept getting wedding ones. It's a sign!!!
Savannah Bug
Savannah Bug 5 kun oldin
I love joeys scream
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 6 kun oldin
Can y'all do another one this was an awesome challenge. I loved it!😊
Spring Trap
Spring Trap 6 kun oldin
Lol I love cold rice
random eyeballs
random eyeballs 7 kun oldin
What happens to Brian
Kute Kupcake
Kute Kupcake 7 kun oldin
Sky Panda
Sky Panda 7 kun oldin
Thank you guys for making us laugh 😊 today’s been a little rough, but you all made it better.
Demarie Johnson
Demarie Johnson 7 kun oldin
I like nacho cheese
Annabell Pike
Annabell Pike 7 kun oldin
Mr-Water Flip Master
Pixelice59-Roblox and more!
Wow that's normal u get rice thrown at u right when u open a door
MonkeyBoy55 8 kun oldin
Jeshua Oei
Jeshua Oei 8 kun oldin
Moka Chu
Moka Chu 8 kun oldin
Brian got was not your cheese very cheesy joke
Jacinta Hood
Jacinta Hood 8 kun oldin
Caroline Harrell
Caroline Harrell 8 kun oldin
Where's Matt?😢
Jessica Veith
Jessica Veith 8 kun oldin
WinterBundle343 8 kun oldin
I’m from GA we only have white cheese
mariem khan
mariem khan 8 kun oldin
U guys r cool 😍😍😍
David Kolani
David Kolani 8 kun oldin
xl bon soire
Dewi Irawati
Dewi Irawati 8 kun oldin
Plz do part 2
Antonios Sigalas
Antonios Sigalas 9 kun oldin
Gab Ful
Gab Ful 9 kun oldin
J Fred u r not the only Giraffe
Cosmo the Birb
Cosmo the Birb 9 kun oldin
Make a video of moment Bobby was hit on the no-no spot
TheLightNinja Boy
TheLightNinja Boy 9 kun oldin
I hate natcho cheese to
Scarlet Powers
Scarlet Powers 9 kun oldin
What happened to Bryan's hand?
Magdy Moawad
Magdy Moawad 9 kun oldin
socer match nachos bees rice royal wedding engagement dinos / prehistoric theme park disneyland
Siggy Dahlstrom
Siggy Dahlstrom 9 kun oldin
I remember when you were at 1,000,000, they have come so far, GOOD JOB!
Patty Mayo Is my Daddy
I guess I’m a sap...
John Carter
John Carter 9 kun oldin
Our friends wedding is actually tomorrow so Joey's place that he had to guess was actually convenient
Luz Cabral
Luz Cabral 9 kun oldin
Your so dumb I love nocho cheese
_ MouAe7
_ MouAe7 9 kun oldin
Its a football match****
Solo Singer
Solo Singer 9 kun oldin
That took J-Fred long Enough
Anthony Ruggiero
Anthony Ruggiero 9 kun oldin
Bryan moved
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi 9 kun oldin
the RealCountryBoy
the RealCountryBoy 9 kun oldin
One of my cats died a few days ago and she was only a year old, can I have some likes to try to help me calm down😥😩😫
Barrett Gregory
Barrett Gregory 9 kun oldin
Imani Humphries
Imani Humphries 9 kun oldin
I haven’t watched u guys in 2 years :/
Carter Pittinger
Carter Pittinger 9 kun oldin
Samantha Jenson
Samantha Jenson 9 kun oldin
Im in disney land
Car Car 27
Car Car 27 9 kun oldin
Jake Paul is goat u can’t mess with him
Cheesecake Queen
Cheesecake Queen 9 kun oldin
yess xD
James Benedetto
James Benedetto 9 kun oldin
Last 😎
Dylan roo potter
Dylan roo potter 10 kun oldin
I love you guys I love all of your videos Lol XD hi guys
Cristian Hidalgo
Cristian Hidalgo 10 kun oldin
Hello I'm sorry Really I am Goodbye
Deanna Carhart
Deanna Carhart 10 kun oldin
Was the places edited?
yousuf khan
yousuf khan 10 kun oldin
It's still trending
MiloticMan305 10 kun oldin
R.i.p Bobby’s chance of having children
Joseifeth Alarcon
Joseifeth Alarcon 10 kun oldin
Bryan used to be my favorite now he’s not
Speedy Banana
Speedy Banana 10 kun oldin
#48 on trending nice
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez 10 kun oldin
what do you call cheese that's not yours : nacho cheese
Mandeep Dhaliwal
Mandeep Dhaliwal 10 kun oldin
Can you make giant skeeball2
[Genocide] Poppy
[Genocide] Poppy 10 kun oldin
원해 ᶜʳᵘⁱˢⁱⁿ’ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᴺᵉᵐᵒ
Couch gaming news
Couch gaming news 10 kun oldin
This bores me
Seriously Yavi
Seriously Yavi 10 kun oldin
4.3 Millilion subs yet this is the first time I’ve seen them
Meghan Holland
Meghan Holland 10 kun oldin
what is wrong with Bryans arm
S1X 10 kun oldin
man some of those doors are... Edgey
Marianaaa V
Marianaaa V 10 kun oldin
Gol de Colombia gol de Colombia 🇨🇴 😂
stider48 10 kun oldin
U guys r amazing
Juan Nunes
Juan Nunes 10 kun oldin
in im Brazilian
camden Holder
camden Holder 10 kun oldin
v c
lps jackson
lps jackson 10 kun oldin
I'm no sap
M0j0 N3RD
M0j0 N3RD 10 kun oldin
Brian's a jerk
C.J. Quandt
C.J. Quandt 10 kun oldin
the ocean. give whale noises,throw coral, and shrimp
C.J. Quandt
C.J. Quandt 10 kun oldin
you guys are awesome . joey don't stop doing groin shots # funny. Brian is my favorite.bobby is ok.
Trey Clark
Trey Clark 10 kun oldin
Nolan Alexander
Nolan Alexander 10 kun oldin
Brian is a fuc king cun t
TACTICAL JON 11 kun oldin
He pulled the trigger on the cannon and I think I pooped