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On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!
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1-Iyn, 2018

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Team Edge
Team Edge 2 oy oldin
Hey guys! Where should the mystery door be next? What clues could we give the guys? Let us know down below! Check out the Prison Escape Challenge!! uzvid.com/video/video-NICK8lK3LGA.html&t=1s
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 15 kun oldin
Team Edge that is notyourcheese that was mine give it back!
Queenee Chung
Queenee Chung 21 kun oldin
Abbie 9in ffffh zjxjdjdjdhdbrohydyeeu corner I love you so much fun I love you team Edge you're the best UZvidr ever
Reggie and Micah
Reggie and Micah 26 kun oldin
Team Edge the next one should be high five studios hint one is Matt yelling hint two is J-Fred yelling and hint three is Bryan yelling
Rachel		 Perry
Rachel Perry 29 kun oldin
Do real baseball in sed of beach ball baseball
Trell Pritchett
the wedding was easy xd
Chris Ausbrooks
Chris Ausbrooks 2 kun oldin
I like cheese so 😝
Patrick Vigil
Patrick Vigil 3 kun oldin
aliba ateeq
aliba ateeq 6 kun oldin
Bobby is just over reacting
sakato 1111
sakato 1111 6 kun oldin
Love this video keep up the good work man
ItzLuksIx 7 kun oldin
Brazilll Oi oi oi
blondachiever56 8 kun oldin
I like how you can see the reflection of the green screen 0:14
SereneWolf gacha studio
Omg Bobby: uh... HEy HEy... J-Fred: did they knock Bryan: *dances like nothing is happening* XD OMG...
Hnh Gaming
Hnh Gaming 9 kun oldin
You should make a Minecraft styled door
I miss Mathias
Gnome Child
Gnome Child 10 kun oldin
does anyone else not get this
Memeem _
Memeem _ 10 kun oldin
More J-jokes?
Wolfy The master
Wolfy The master 11 kun oldin
I'm from Brazil
Daniel Guerrero
Daniel Guerrero 11 kun oldin
Y’all need to hire some hot gay guys
bernarda korošec
bernarda korošec 11 kun oldin
Its just rise
Wayne Bready
Wayne Bready 12 kun oldin
Grahea Pratt
Grahea Pratt 13 kun oldin
I love you guys
h1h2h350 13 kun oldin
did matthias leave team edge
Bryce Manning
Bryce Manning 13 kun oldin
I ain’t nice because my name is Bryce
The Rains Down In Africa
The first one should have been a vid on its own
Jason Moerman
Jason Moerman 15 kun oldin
I Like it
Austin Mcdade
Austin Mcdade 16 kun oldin
You should make a team edge uncensored
cynran gamer
cynran gamer 16 kun oldin
You like jazz!
meatball meatball
meatball meatball 19 kun oldin
Hey like nacho cheese
Cynthia Sleeman
Cynthia Sleeman 20 kun oldin
What happened to Bryan's hand?
Geisse boeckli-
Geisse boeckli- 20 kun oldin
Bobby shoulndt feel pain in the balls since he gets shot every time in the balls
Zachary Perkins
Zachary Perkins 21 kun oldin
Bobby it’s just rice
Goryan Productions
Goryan Productions 22 kun oldin
Bobby what type of haircut is that cuz it looks cool
Kade Kareko
Kade Kareko 22 kun oldin
I love the way Joey screams
Black Screen Random Musics
Faris 2009
Faris 2009 24 kun oldin
Who likes nacho cheese
Maryann 24 kun oldin
“Crotcha la vista” “it’s just rice”
HopeStiX 25 kun oldin
How dare you I love nacho cheese!!
Valina LIAROKAPIS 25 kun oldin
Pls more
Alexander Chris Ilagan
im watching this at midnight
Sal McBride
Sal McBride 26 kun oldin
toy remix production
what funny is that joey, at his last door, said something like, time to open my destiny. he wasn't wrong, or maybe he was.
Gizelle Aboueid
Gizelle Aboueid 28 kun oldin
Part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cameron Corbett
Cameron Corbett 28 kun oldin
The "bees" were Vuvuzelas
The Nutella Glitch
The Nutella Glitch 28 kun oldin
Brain is a jerk
Jonathan Wilkins
Jonathan Wilkins 29 kun oldin
Don't call me a sap
Xander Warlick
Xander Warlick 26 kun oldin
Ramon Landa
Ramon Landa 29 kun oldin
Can you guys plz do the fortnite dance challenge
Xavier Courtney
Xavier Courtney 29 kun oldin
I'm a zap
Sac King
Sac King Oy oldin
Hou do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S3RENITY Oy oldin
Lol you can see the green screen reflecting off their glasses.
saturn perez
saturn perez Oy oldin
IT’s just rice
bees...chips.. and CHEESE!
Alice Heart
Alice Heart Oy oldin
I don't like that Brian moved Bobby chose right and that was bad sportsmanship
Queneisha Official
bryan is soo funny
ITs Elpenguino
Oh yeah well u Bob for tacos in the trash can
NorthStar Playz
I'm on bogeys side I l9ve get to ches
guccipanda gucci
Woffle #POLSKA
you can go throught any door if you have the right tools like a pick lock! !
Alpha-x-Luna Oy oldin
Ender Man
Ender Man Oy oldin
I died laughing when bryan opened the door and went into a stadium with french language
Hailee Stevenson
I’d marry Joey
Camila Tavarez
do more
Kait kat
Kait kat Oy oldin
i love j-freds screams so much :)
Brandy O'Reilly
I make my nacho chesse and it so happens to be that im eating it right now
Nelson Castaneda
Rafa Adista
Rafa Adista Oy oldin
Fack you bobby
Danny Demskie
Danny Demskie Oy oldin
Jennifer Stewart
J-Fred: Wedding Bobby: Disneyland Bryan: Sports Game
Alec Takaki
Alec Takaki Oy oldin
What kind of hints are these?
scrapy inc
scrapy inc Oy oldin
I love joey scream he is so funny when screams like that
agata grochowski
ps4vader Gameplays
Thunder mountain was the first
Cali's Cool Captures
Can you do this type of thing again I really liked it
Stephanie Pimentel
You are the best team edge ever 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Ruzzle Yvy Enriquez
By the way my name is Aisha
Genocide Sans
Genocide Sans Oy oldin
my favorite people in team edge is Bobby, and J-fred
Charlie Wawia
Charlie Wawia 14 kun oldin
what about bryan
Tanya Sanders
Tanya Sanders Oy oldin
Genocide Sans I prefer brian
El Puto
El Puto Oy oldin
Chip and cheese
Chibi Jay
Chibi Jay Oy oldin
I caught the bouquet
jelsa and adrenette lover
J Fred you offended me I love naco cheese
Game changer Reviews
Why does Bryan always cheat I can’t even watch team edge anymore I hate you Bryan!!!!!!
Mackenzie Frank
I'll marry you J-Fred 😁😂😍
Maureen Adams
Maureen Adams Oy oldin
Justin Beauvais
J-Fred is a wedding
Aquilino Amayaa
Do you guys watch your own vids i love the vids
Apollobear11 Oy oldin
That looks like that challenge hurts a lot😂😂
MLG Doge
MLG Doge Oy oldin
Bryan has the Same brace as me for his arm
Cody Sacco
Cody Sacco Oy oldin
I have always wanted to live w yall
Bryan Mizusaki
It is funny J-Fred said Bryan is in Brazil but the commentator of the soccer game said gol de Columbia in Spanish
Prince Angelo Mariano
Cheating bryan
pumpkinmist gaming
What happened to your fingers
Madeline Gouin
and didn't they have around 9.4 million subscribers
Madeline Gouin
anyone remember when team edge was kind of better and had matt in it and did like more creative and exciting challenges
Tuan Ngo
Tuan Ngo Oy oldin
J fred hates nacho cheese... Somebody fire him
Jazze Love
Jazze Love Oy oldin
is that Matthias's brother
MBravis Oy oldin
The girly scream from Joey 😂😂😂
puppy toutune omg
I can't watch your new team edge video don't smash your head through the wrong wall
Gina Horton
Gina Horton Oy oldin
Why did u take off dont smash your head through the wrong wall?
OreoYT :3
OreoYT :3 Oy oldin
Sé que es tarde pero ... Hola.
Catherine Austria
Make a part 2 of the challenge
Mk O
Mk O Oy oldin
Number 3
Makeup with Amanda
What happened to Bryan’s arm
Bryan's shirt is EDGEucated
T. Metz
T. Metz Oy oldin
I just got back from 5 hours at the pool and I'm really tired. This video cheered me up. Thank you Team Edge