DON'T Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the ICY POOL!! (you choose)

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So today we decided to play a game where we get into a mystery box, and YOU decide which one we push into the ice cold pool..
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If you read this far down the description I love you

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3-Iyl, 2018

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Roberto Torres Sandoval
I I'm Gears
Diego Cisneros
Diego Cisneros Kun oldin
Diego Cisneros
Diego Cisneros Kun oldin
Diego Cisneros
Diego Cisneros Kun oldin
Karalee Hobbs
Karalee Hobbs 2 kun oldin
I watch Rebecca Zomlo :)
Luke Gomes
Luke Gomes 3 kun oldin
She cheated
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 4 kun oldin
Nadia's ROBLOXplays
It got boring when they cheated.
Seeify //
Seeify // 4 kun oldin
My sister loves you
Lupe Nieves
Lupe Nieves 5 kun oldin
Mama rug is a fuckin cheater
Challenge me!!
Challenge me!! 5 kun oldin
I didnt like it cause she cheated you need to do it again and not cheat ! I love all your videos but not this one
My name Is Emma
My name Is Emma 5 kun oldin
We need another one of these rug
Mehak Sakina
Mehak Sakina 5 kun oldin
hey gaze rug it's a tie mama rug cheated
Jessica Little
Jessica Little 5 kun oldin
thumbs up for the adds
Latries Mayo
Latries Mayo 6 kun oldin
Mama rug told her which one you in
Tay-sharn Wesley
Tay-sharn Wesley 7 kun oldin
Anthony Martire
Anthony Martire 9 kun oldin
Chanel got fat
BrawlOps FortHalla
BrawlOps FortHalla 11 kun oldin
BrawlOps FortHalla
BrawlOps FortHalla 11 kun oldin
aneila Sami
aneila Sami 11 kun oldin
I watch Rebecca zamolo
Paramvir Benipal
Paramvir Benipal 12 kun oldin
veth Rios
veth Rios 12 kun oldin
Ruj I want you to fight Jake Paul like Logan vs ksi
Alfredo Espinoza
Alfredo Espinoza 14 kun oldin
Your mom told her
Marisol Rico
Marisol Rico 15 kun oldin
U should do who ever finds bosly they Win and go to in and out
Sylvia alam
Sylvia alam 16 kun oldin
Straight Savage Chanel man round number two ohhhhh
Saylin Perez
Saylin Perez 20 kun oldin
Rug do u have musically
Projex Rezzy
Projex Rezzy 21 kun oldin
When you copy the Ireland boys
Lelani Diaz
Lelani Diaz 21 kun oldin
You should make a intro with Mama rugPapa Rug and Bosley and everybody else in your family
Mirna Hernandez
Mirna Hernandez 22 kun oldin
i love your videos
Ellie Dubs
Ellie Dubs 27 kun oldin
Omg this is crazy!
Hussain Ali
Hussain Ali 27 kun oldin
In your next video play monoply
Heather Page
Heather Page 27 kun oldin
watch (3:24) (its all fun and games right...….. lmfao
TGDeva 27 kun oldin
faze won bc they cheted
Jessica KawaiiXOX
Jessica KawaiiXOX 28 kun oldin
It's Za-molo :) Love your Vids and Rebbeccas ♥
Mr. GoldenWolf
Mr. GoldenWolf 29 kun oldin
Mama Rug Cheated
Fuzzy Lover
Fuzzy Lover 29 kun oldin
Life wit Amber
She cheating
Shilpy Begum
Shilpy Begum Oy oldin
mama rug you cheated!
rocky thedog
rocky thedog Oy oldin
Do you know Molina she is my cousin
I don’t like the fact how they cheated cause only his cousin got to cheat not him so that was really rude but faze won cause of that
Jemma Charles
Jemma Charles Oy oldin
Gucci YT
Gucci YT Oy oldin
Best heart attack that bosley gets 5:57
Catlover 715
Catlover 715 Oy oldin
You should of pushed her on the last one😆
Aaliyah Milligan
I watch her videos to
Jeffy Why
Jeffy Why Oy oldin
not being messed up but its funny how rug use forced to push the box and shnail didnt use that much force
mega lit videos
Cheating cheating you suck cheater
Anita Macy
Anita Macy Oy oldin
I can't tell if she was saying his box or this box
jad hijazi
jad hijazi Oy oldin
its 1
Nana Sefa
Nana Sefa Oy oldin
Mama rug do to much it be a tie but Mama rug cheated
Liliana Mendoza
Proudlion500 Oy oldin
I’ve got 83 subs thanks guys 🙏
MistyFlea 5131
You can tell which one they’re in because the other one has a mini crack of light under the box
Warvel's Warvengers
called it!!! Rebecca Zamolo!!!!
Cynthia Diaz
Cynthia Diaz Oy oldin
Cat Zac
Cat Zac Oy oldin
King Knights
King Knights Oy oldin
Do another just like this
Rosa TWins
Rosa TWins Oy oldin
She said if you want to do a collab ❤️😂
Meadow Gray
Meadow Gray Oy oldin
3:25 “its all fun and games right shanell” *holds up knife* haha 😂 whhhhyyttt hahahahhahah lol
Nick Godinez
Nick Godinez Oy oldin
They both cheated
Miracle Battle
I watch Rebecca
Zoe Collins
Zoe Collins Oy oldin
Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
Freya Wilkins
Freya Wilkins Oy oldin
You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will. 2257
Madeleine Russell
Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 5545
Hypeolize Oy oldin
I always unsubsribe than i come bacj watch some vids and sub iv been watching you since 1.5 mill love u bro
Alexa Gallardo
The one that was Recording was telling janelle
Purple Mermaid
Purple Mermaid
Who watches azzyland here. I do she rocks
Andrea’s Martinez
I love redeca
Andrea’s Martinez
Breanna Reynolds
"Its all fun and games" **holds up knife** "right Shanel?"
Elijah Hiltebrand
That is not 5000 pounds, that MIGHT be 1000
Adriana Perla
Adriana Perla Oy oldin
Lol the pool is full of boxes!!😸😸😹😹
Chris Gonzalez
Your moms a bitch for that
Marwa Alkaissy
pick left
•Gacha Studio•
Who came here from Rebecca’s Zamolo video?
Killer Playz Gamez
she did see you
Darobloxgirl Darobloxgirl
nigel campbell
mom youre a savage
MrFox Oy oldin
Poor rug got cheated on rip
Azza Ali
Azza Ali Oy oldin
Hi down there it's not ace family
Henry Orellana
Dude you doggie paddle
Madisen Courneya
rebecca gave you a shout out also
lania smalls
lania smalls Oy oldin
yall cheated
lania smalls
lania smalls Oy oldin
yall cheated
marina travalini
ur "heart attack" damn near sounds like when I see my bestie after a trip
Peggy Dillon
Peggy Dillon Oy oldin
can i be in your rug rat army you
Rajeev Rampersad
She told her for the last one
Rajeev Rampersad
Your mom cheated
ruby alvarez
ruby alvarez Oy oldin
i love rebecca zomolo
Debbie Hunter
Debbie Hunter Oy oldin
Your mum is not nice to the fans
youngboy 7
youngboy 7 Oy oldin
Go subscribe to my UZvid channel guys
Martha G
Martha G Oy oldin
1: 11 😵😱 I saw a face in the Windows look for your self
shakera Nesmith
do a skitted
Aaliyah Martinez
I love your videos 💖
Pup Paint AJ
Pup Paint AJ Oy oldin
They cheated twice unfair.. poor faze
FUNNY SMS Oy oldin
This was hella lit you should do more vlogs
Stephanie Lopez_8
You guys cheated I feel bad for Bryan
Maria Morales
Maria Morales Oy oldin
Rug you should do dont drink the wrong drink
Anthony Hope
Anthony Hope Oy oldin
your mom cheated
kyle robinson
kyle robinson Oy oldin
your really good at making videos but can you plz stop cussing because im a kid
Jessica Cortes
Do a Kalab with Rebecca zamolo
Angel Luna
Angel Luna Oy oldin
she cheated because she pick A but mamma rug told her in the pick B