Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!
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8-Fev, 2019

don't smash the expensive itemdon't smash my stuffdon't sledgehammer the expensive itemdon't smash your employees expensive itemsledgehammerbox of liesteam edgeteam edge challengeteamedgedestroy the xboxdestroy the dronedyson hair dryeripad prodji sparkbose headphones



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Mshamidha 58 daqiqa oldin
Don’t press it You will have a good time forever
Brandon swarthout
don’t press it you have good luck forever, but i’m not a like beggar, so enjoy the luck!
Horst Oden
Horst Oden 3 soat oldin
this dude living in 3019 wearing one singular ear pod
Kosta a
Kosta a 3 soat oldin
I feel so bad for cory
JPGR Thatch
JPGR Thatch 3 soat oldin
Cory cursed 6:08
Brian Gamez
Brian Gamez 3 soat oldin
Iphone 7 Looooool
Realmaximilianmus 3 soat oldin
Shut up
wries 3 soat oldin
you should put your pets on there next time
Grant Cohen
Grant Cohen 3 soat oldin
He can just get the screen fixed right?.....
Priimointhecutt _
Priimointhecutt _ 4 soat oldin
Rich hit the meanest about face I've ever witnessed
Amanda Edwards
Amanda Edwards 4 soat oldin
I feel like the guy with the hat always smashes their things wth
ZappierMarlin16 4 soat oldin
🤮 air pods you can’t even afford a wire
John Veneau
John Veneau 4 soat oldin
Dumbest people on earth
PeteDaMan 5 soat oldin
Oh yes, the dude perfect knock offs
The Destroyers
The Destroyers 6 soat oldin
I am listening to this on the headphones the sound cancelling ones
zeroNone 7 soat oldin
Thought it would be just as cool for someone else to place it on one side and step away, while the owner has to choose a lever to pull possibly destroying his own win.
salam salam
salam salam 7 soat oldin
The iPad will be fine if you swap the screen out
Smiling Lama
Smiling Lama 8 soat oldin
You guys should make a giant jack in the box challenge
John Bishop
John Bishop 9 soat oldin
You Will Never Guess Who The Best Person In The World Is Read the first word
STEALTH Alri 9 soat oldin
14:50 hey its vsauce here
Demon Joker
Demon Joker 11 soat oldin
hade phones
annie mcfly
annie mcfly 12 soat oldin
I dont like this video. It just seems like a dumb thing to do. Even if its all fake. Like wat is the entertainment in this video.
Moxie Java
Moxie Java 12 soat oldin
Lachlan Fielding
Lachlan Fielding 12 soat oldin
I hate the new noise the like button makes
Yoni Hyams
Yoni Hyams 12 soat oldin
Great content
MCPESlayer21 13 soat oldin
bryan blinked before he got ketchup on his face 10:00
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings 14 soat oldin
He wants the XBOX to play Blu-Rays ? Who uses those really though ? I mean, Blu-Ray had a short lifespan since it went to streaming real fast.
Marz Barz
Marz Barz 15 soat oldin
Team slEdge
maryam heeps
maryam heeps 16 soat oldin
*cough* hard airpod flex *cough*
Kyle and Keags
Kyle and Keags 16 soat oldin
my name is also kyle
Prashib Pandey
Prashib Pandey 16 soat oldin
*he can’t hear us, he has airpods*
GeorgeS 16 soat oldin
syntra 17 soat oldin
is this what the future is like?
Samiam 17 soat oldin
Figures that Just would be the only one to destroy things.
FàTé Malice
FàTé Malice 17 soat oldin
57k likes. 5.7k dislikes
Anneth Lopez
Anneth Lopez 19 soat oldin
I like how nobody noticed Brian tripping
Ian Ashbaugh
Ian Ashbaugh 19 soat oldin
Is DK Dakota’s??
Anastasia ortolano
Anastasia ortolano 20 soat oldin
The guy with big ears looks like Matthias brother ....or do only dudes with big ears run channels at hi5?
Noobymarbles 20 soat oldin
I wont
can of coke
can of coke 20 soat oldin
I haven't watched since July 2018 how much has happened
Super duper Surgent detergent
Freddy Kruger ovee here is showing off his airpods before the video even startedl
Roninlovesfootball productions
1 like =one prayer for Cory
Michael Gould
Michael Gould 21 soat oldin
There inspiration, team 10 The twins idea, team 10 One girl idea, team 10
Spencer Kane
Spencer Kane 21 soat oldin
Omg_itz_Olivia 608
Omg_itz_Olivia 608 21 soat oldin
*eric dies when he says its smashed*
The Lastoise
The Lastoise 22 soat oldin
Quality content! Kudos to you!
NONVANTE K 22 soat oldin
Christian campos
Christian campos 22 soat oldin
At 15:45 the guys said “why does the hammer always look like it’s going to fall” why would he say that if he didn’t see the other people go? UNLESS HE DID DUN DUN DUUUNNNN myth busters
Midnight Black
Midnight Black 22 soat oldin
Don’t unleash them please
Hamz 23 soat oldin
Hella love this game
Grant Smith
Grant Smith 23 soat oldin
do u guys live in utah?
FILI J3ZZNEL 23 soat oldin
why smashing gadgets instead of giving it to people like me who needs it
Foster Clontz
Foster Clontz 23 soat oldin
This video is rigged
Collin Nickels
Collin Nickels 23 soat oldin
7:39 who else thought the other hammer was gonna fall all the way as he turned around😂
Spicy Maple Syrup
Spicy Maple Syrup 23 soat oldin
Air pods = stop flexing
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 23 soat oldin
How you gonna fully break the hairdryer but not the iPad
Drew Chestnut
Drew Chestnut Kun oldin
Thirteen year olds in grown men's bodies. Yay.
Devon Williford
Devon Williford Kun oldin
Who else had a tear when they broke the iPad
Alejandro Lopez Romo
i swear to god i will like this comment you said it
Xgamer10 Kun oldin
Dude perfect celebrates better
Caprex 1101
Caprex 1101 Kun oldin
They should of done it where they smash their own things they wanted.
PandaPoop Kun oldin
Ooh! I want a dyson hair dryer too! I saw Kang Daniel use one lol
Erik T. Olson
Erik T. Olson Kun oldin
Haven't seen your family since last Christmas come on I haven't seen mine for 15 years and get a haircut talk about 4000lbs of Berserkers stress off my shoulders since my move from Reykjavik.
Gracie Colpitts
Gracie Colpitts Kun oldin
I wish I could filmed that in my broken iPad😂😂😂😂👌
Kyle Shoemaker
Kyle Shoemaker Kun oldin
Why is every video the same thing
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Kun oldin
So this is like a great value version of mr beast
Jesse Isaako
Jesse Isaako Kun oldin
7:45 they ask you how you are and you say that you're fine but you're not really fine....
NEHEM30 Kun oldin
They have to sit infront of the ketchup bottle so, that means the other person is going to know where the matchup is and what lever to pul
BLARE Kun oldin
You telling me you guys are rich and got him an iPhone 7
Chaos Kun oldin
10:26 "2 O'clock at *night* "
sop. cuse! I am. mad Cunningham
Someone cussed
Stop oh Yeah yeah
Buddy in the blue is getting a bit too excited holy fak
William Waffle
William Waffle Kun oldin
7:46 is what you're here for
Insert user name here
0:20 and no they don’t fall out
One_strangecat Kun oldin
No you are so mean to your employees if you but them new ones of the ones they lost
Zart Kun oldin
*Evil has entered the chat*
Spencer Reynolds
If this is your job, the world is ending and you are all to blame.
cody vautour
cody vautour Kun oldin
The guy that got the drone obviously knew what one bro you looked at it and opened your mouth wide like ahhhh 😂😂😂
abby chavarria
abby chavarria Kun oldin
That girl is a good sport, I wouldn't have let them touch the hairdryer a 2nd time. She goes and does the deed herself. I personally would have been hella salty and probably would have dumped the rest of the ketchup bottle on him. It survived the hammer, she should have been able to keep it. XD
Alyssa Reiring
Alyssa Reiring Kun oldin
Brush he really try a show off those air pods
Lucas King
Lucas King Kun oldin
Get Out Of My Recommended
Hermione Lee
Hermione Lee Kun oldin
Can I have that mini hat it's cute
*anonymous *
*anonymous * Kun oldin
im wearing thos headphones right now
Rashmi -
Rashmi - Kun oldin
Its sweet how everyone is happy whether they win or lose.. just wish the dyson didn't have to get crushed..and totally miss Matt on Team Edge..
Bernadette Beesmith
RunningMan647 Kun oldin
Why does Joey always wear air pods???
Tortured Soul
Tortured Soul Kun oldin
I can't believe people like this. it's giving someone hope and then smash it. you know what people are called who do that? answer: below Assholes!
Mieks X
Mieks X Kun oldin
Bobby is going to get fired
HorseLoves1 AJ
HorseLoves1 AJ Kun oldin
Poor Cory
Kyle Mason
Kyle Mason Kun oldin
Charles Reid
Charles Reid Kun oldin
He has airpods in he cant hear us!
tchesh Kun oldin
10:19 Teddy Fresh. Hell yes.
annabelle Plouffe
Why did they not destroy the iPad but destroyed the hair dryer ?
Kudi Hr
Kudi Hr Kun oldin
Yeetus Delete This
Mate why? WHY?!?
Blue Leader
Blue Leader Kun oldin
Air pods. I feel so poor
mirko dimcovski
mirko dimcovski Kun oldin
there goes my weekends plan
Cheeky Angel
Cheeky Angel Kun oldin
Natalie sounds like Jeana from BfvsGf...she even laughs like her.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Kun oldin
iPhone 7 in 2019
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