Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!
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8-Fev, 2019



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Fikrlar 7 358
Reggie Heinrich
Reggie Heinrich Soat oldin
I have those Bose and they’re so nice
Gregor Achtziger
Gregor Achtziger 10 soat oldin
11:52 it looks like Brian was holding both sledgehammers
Torin Simmons
Torin Simmons 20 soat oldin
mr beast ripoff
Josiah Payne
Josiah Payne Kun oldin
That is dangerous but I like it
Aiden Hendrix
Aiden Hendrix 2 kun oldin
My mom has a Dyson hair dryer
Ninja Nick
Ninja Nick 2 kun oldin
9:48 is Bryan from the walking dead
yum airpods
Wilding Wings
Wilding Wings 3 kun oldin
How do you know he can put gallon of ketchup in his nose and why would you coundcut that experiment
Max Thompson
Max Thompson 3 kun oldin
Sheri Bottom
Sheri Bottom 4 kun oldin
15:01 hE GoT aN AtAbOx
Gacha_ Wolf
Gacha_ Wolf 4 kun oldin
This is so nice
Tshepang Chilume
Tshepang Chilume 4 kun oldin
That so sad poor corey 😢😢😢
Patrick 1256
Patrick 1256 5 kun oldin
Team Edge 16:00 the old theme song plays if your an OG you would remember that 😢
Sven Van Gestel
Sven Van Gestel 5 kun oldin
the round with the hairdryer the sledgehammer with the handle will not brake the the Drayer and if Nathalie smashed then is it it still broking that's what I call girl power
Jelaine Raven Cabadato
If i were them i wont smash my expsive technology but ill smash my guchi clothes Heheh
Elijah Harris
Elijah Harris 7 kun oldin
7:06 That was an Iron Chef turn right there
Aiden cage
Aiden cage 7 kun oldin
You should make a horror movie.
Leo-Duks- MC & More!
can’t they just buy the items they want?
Charmander52008 8 kun oldin
0:21 AirPods, This guy has the superpower to smell poor
Glenn Watson III
Glenn Watson III 8 kun oldin
yOU BETTER give him that i pad brand new
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 8 kun oldin
brooklyn porras-alvarez
i have a jbl speaker
C Schisel
C Schisel 9 kun oldin
Ha ha ha
Shresun Shamsundar
Shresun Shamsundar 9 kun oldin
Wow the employees are betraying their people who gave them the things which they wanted so I disliked this video
May Norris XD
May Norris XD 10 kun oldin
Joey with that AirPod flex 😂
Simon Mell
Simon Mell 10 kun oldin
Gliceria Gamit
Gliceria Gamit 10 kun oldin
At 14:00
Just iSneaky
Just iSneaky 10 kun oldin
1:36 ew ps4 pro
PZ M7 11 kun oldin
I have Mr.Beast vibes *Read more*
PZ M7 11 kun oldin
Did I get ya?
The Estes Family
The Estes Family 11 kun oldin
Jack Lay
Jack Lay 11 kun oldin
Nasir Padro
Nasir Padro 11 kun oldin
I feel bad for the people that went against Joey because they really wanted there items and was hoping it wouldn't get smashed 1 like = 1 prayer for Natalie and Corey's broken iPad and Dyson hair dryer But I feel especially bad for Natalie because the hair dryer didn't get smashed by the sledge hammer so they had to smash it Edit #1 I also feel bad for Corey's iPad
joe momma
joe momma 11 kun oldin
15:29 pretty sure brian looked at where the item was just so he wouldn't crush it which i think is nice :)
Amber Barrett
Amber Barrett 12 kun oldin
how many likes on this comment is going to be how many mc doubles i have to eat on my channel joe7701 gaming
Puukukui 12 kun oldin
Cory is white as a ghost
Brighton Mansfield
Brighton Mansfield 13 kun oldin
Hert my nose watching it
JackUnliGamer Playz
JackUnliGamer Playz 13 kun oldin
His face at 12:47lol
Kevin Pontanosa
Kevin Pontanosa 13 kun oldin
I think he have the roblox merch
Kevin Pontanosa
Kevin Pontanosa 13 kun oldin
I think Kyle is playing a roblox
Franny The Weirdo
Franny The Weirdo 17 kun oldin
Lol “Kyle... were not entirely sure” XD
At0mic 700
At0mic 700 17 kun oldin
If only that ipad was a samsung
Doctor Doge Games
Doctor Doge Games 17 kun oldin
U know what’s dumb? All of j-Fred’s smashing was on the item. The rest didn’t hit the item
Jenny Olson
Jenny Olson 18 kun oldin
I think that joey can see through the thing cad he is so tall no arena joey just saying and you guys are hilarious give like if you feel the same
Kadyn Swank
Kadyn Swank 18 kun oldin
Have cory just fix the screen bc it completly works
Emerald Orca
Emerald Orca 18 kun oldin
It would have been funny if the person with the merchandise said (before the person with the condiment pulled the lever) “You brake it you buy it”
Game Hacker
Game Hacker 18 kun oldin
You are crushing money
NickPlaysGames REAL
NickPlaysGames REAL 18 kun oldin
R.I.P Ipad You Will Be Missed.
xXTheRealDeal227Xx 20 kun oldin
7:38 - 7:53 has me dying 😂
OddNoobSwe 20 kun oldin
Haha the heartbeat for the iPad lol!!!
Sinister Siang
Sinister Siang 21 kun oldin
I don't feel bad for the Employees Cuz nothing happened to them. But I feel bad for the electronics that got crushed
Ad challenges raw Maraya
Can you please smash mine.... PLEASE
TheMustardSoldier 24 kun oldin
3:05 fallout loading screen notice I did 😃
Andrew chow
Andrew chow 24 kun oldin
At 13:25 the song of denisdaily like if you notice
I Have The High Ground Now
D.K.: Asks for a new Xbox then proceeds to ask for a Playstation Virtual Reality System (which requires a ps4 to use)... 🤔
MICAH KIRBY 3 kun oldin
But later he said he had a ps4
Amanda Huynh
Amanda Huynh 24 kun oldin
I can't believe Joey smashed both his people's items
i dont know a name
i dont know a name 24 kun oldin
Kxbi __
Kxbi __ 25 kun oldin
Anyone know where I can get Kyle's jumper please????
Julian Hau
Julian Hau 25 kun oldin
Corey said the f word when he got j Fred with the sauce.
Diamond-Juelz Harris
You need better titles
Annette Cerritos
Annette Cerritos 27 kun oldin
Love how Bryan loves that they win
Adgerlina Sneed
Adgerlina Sneed 27 kun oldin
Plot twist every one has a warranty
SCP - 173 Peanut
SCP - 173 Peanut 27 kun oldin
Who are the real losers, the people that watched their items get smashed in front of them, or the people that spent about $500 on every person?
Jimmy PARKES 28 kun oldin
Don’t press it
Jimmy PARKES 28 kun oldin
Oh wait you don’t need to
Vasilis Boutsis
Vasilis Boutsis 28 kun oldin
5:16 press F for the iPad 😢😭😭
Glow Korupt
Glow Korupt 28 kun oldin
Song? 13:20
Alexander Willow
Alexander Willow 29 kun oldin
Now this is kinda cooler than a holiday bonus.
Natisha Jones
Natisha Jones 29 kun oldin
Humble Moneyman
Humble Moneyman 29 kun oldin
Anyone else saw Joey with AirPods?
Yung Saucey
Yung Saucey 29 kun oldin
Natalie is my wifu.
Lee C
Lee C Oy oldin
OMG joey got it right OMG j-Fred got it right! Like plz likes feed my family
Tawny Kerney
Tawny Kerney Oy oldin
Does anyone notice that j-Fred has an air pod in ?
Joaquin Oy oldin
Joey ruining lives since 2019
All scripted so far Riche build see the ketch up what a nice social example
Allison Nassivera
Don’t press it
Justin FZ6
Justin FZ6 Oy oldin
I bet they are able to see where the item is at from the reflections in the glasses but the ketchup was absolutely hilarious
Kye Bates
Kye Bates Oy oldin
I’d take my iPad back to the store and get another one lmao
Emma’s Room
Emma’s Room Oy oldin
I’m ready to have my dreams crushed
Larson S.
Larson S. Oy oldin
Officially a fan for Rich
Oof_its Becca Yeet
Who else got an add right at 5:15?
Urooj Naseem
Urooj Naseem Oy oldin
5:33 my ipad us like this
Nate Bombf iii
12:40 it looked like joey couch blood
William Cooper
That was good
Captain Pineapple
Joey looked like a murder sean
Anne Scott
Anne Scott Oy oldin
This is so disrespectful
Andrew Gowe
Andrew Gowe Oy oldin
0:53 I have the same mouse dude!
Worinof Oy oldin
Soo sketchy, they lean forward so they can see their items on the opposite side
Phil Kauzlarich
RC car sumo wrestling (you send two cars at once and first one to fall off the table loses)
James F
James F Oy oldin
7:09 busted getting signals to where the item is. This just ruined the series for me.
Day Dreamer asthetics
“Ahh I wish I could have filmed that with my broken iPad” that had me dead 😂😂😂
Luis Hernandez
Air pods
dr web
dr web Oy oldin
the worst video i ve ever seen
FaZe Engine
FaZe Engine Oy oldin
7:08 sow the gye ine the left hand the camera man was say to hem the right way to get ths phon
Shruti Oy oldin
I'd have cried if the Bose headphones got smashed
Sangita Surve
Sangita Surve Oy oldin
🤕 prey for broken things 👔 1 like 1 prey 👖
Lily Mae
Lily Mae Oy oldin
They have to have warrantees on all this stuff
jefflit jeff
jefflit jeff Oy oldin
jefflit jeff
jefflit jeff Oy oldin
Joey has airport
AxSynction Oy oldin
fossils exist
A RANDom uSErname
whats the name of this music? 14:54
Dianne Polmanter
Joey is extra adorable in this video.
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