Don't Trash Talk New York

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Brennan Lee Mulligan
Rekha Shankar
Ally Beardsley
Patrick McDonald

Director - Arthur Enright
Writer - Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer - Lucretia Stinnette
Production Coordinator - Annie Humphreville
Director of Photography - Cooper James
HMU - Crystal Gomez
Sound Mixer - Anthony Kozlowski
Editor - Mike McAlister




8-Sen, 2018

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Livi Read
Livi Read 3 soat oldin
Yeah I’m from Omaha and it is a whole trash
SergeantSeabass 5 soat oldin
To be fair, Atlanta iiiis perfect.
xl 10 soat oldin
What's the name of the girl without any make up ?
macy lawler
macy lawler 14 soat oldin
New york: can go and see a play about a dog losing a strand of hair outside of central park
02protoman 14 soat oldin
Brennan you’re my favorite
Sawyer Bass
Sawyer Bass 17 soat oldin
2:55 got me. That's my fertissssssh
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 17 soat oldin
WOW! Brennans performance is amazing! haha love this dude!
T. Simmons
T. Simmons 19 soat oldin
I love this video! It makes me miss New York. 😂😂😂😂
Sir Waff. L. Hammer
Sir Waff. L. Hammer 21 soat oldin
Becca R
Becca R 22 soat oldin
But what about the state of New York? Like, the state of New York. Not the city.
MP Kun oldin
Living on Long Island and commuting to the city daily, all this is highly accurate
Jason Simone
Jason Simone Kun oldin
Illuminati confirmed 3:58
Mr. Benjobilly
Mr. Benjobilly Kun oldin
Oh no a whole trash
Snow Fae
Snow Fae Kun oldin
This made me feel proud of my home.
comma period
comma period Kun oldin
This is my favorite video of all time.
the cat man
the cat man Kun oldin
Brennan and grant are the only good ones left
mohammed a
mohammed a Kun oldin
rat don't lay eggs, they givebith
Andrey Smolyakov
B in Brennan stands for Brilliant.
Taylor jay
Taylor jay Kun oldin
I liked New York City. The pigeons have attitudes and wanna fight if you don’t move out of their way when they’re walking! It’s amazing! 😭
LDNballer Kun oldin
Hahaha I'm from london, sending this to all the country mouse dickheads at work hahaha
Amrit Acharya
Amrit Acharya Kun oldin
Such good acting 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
SoundOfSwords Kun oldin
sully Kun oldin
Worst part of New York is the smell.
KennedyEbony Kun oldin
Roast 'em! >:D
Marlee Couch
Marlee Couch Kun oldin
I talk mad shit about Cincinnati. Ohio is just the worst.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Kun oldin
I love the twist at the end
Nick Lang
Nick Lang Kun oldin
However plot slide hire American confuse wave hear spot traditionally future.
Killahtone Kun oldin
brennan is funny af in every video hes in
reycon13 Kun oldin
Brennan is soooo good at this!
Omninaut Kun oldin
"Temecula sounds like so much fun" - a sentance noone has ever said
Kevin Damgaard
Kevin Damgaard Kun oldin
i really like Brennan, he's really cool
MParty111 Kun oldin
Brennan is the funniest person at College Humor, besides Katie.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Kun oldin
I love the facial expressions in this one. The girls are the best. Santacon was the funniest.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Kun oldin
Is it weird that everything he said happened to me? Nah. New York new York.
Jestaaar Kun oldin
2:25 because everyone cares about New York and doesn't give a shit about Cincinnati
James Hamilton
James Hamilton Kun oldin
That man is the best thing to happen to college humour since that guy left to work on last week tonight
Caroline Stacey
Caroline Stacey Kun oldin
Isaac Zak
Isaac Zak 2 kun oldin
Brennan Can Do A Horror Movie
Noah Wolcott
Noah Wolcott 2 kun oldin
NYC is shitty but the rest of the state is fine
Kevin 2 kun oldin
2:07 - 2:12 close your eyes...why does it sound like McQueen lol (Owen Wilson)
Kristine Palladino
Kristine Palladino 2 kun oldin
This is epic
Georgi Raikov
Georgi Raikov 2 kun oldin
Amazing acting.
Peter Fancovic
Peter Fancovic 2 kun oldin
Brennan is brilliant!!!!!
Jia Jin Lam
Jia Jin Lam 2 kun oldin
Annnd... that's why he is the CEO of Everything
Iain Brennan
Iain Brennan 2 kun oldin
brennan is so irish and i love him for it
Nikhil Wadhwa
Nikhil Wadhwa 2 kun oldin
I love Brendon !!!!!!
Mundie Sins
Mundie Sins 2 kun oldin
Guys I think I saw a homeless guy dying out the- *Bursts in through a wall* ALLY SAW A WHOLE TRASH IN NEW YORK
Furqan Baba
Furqan Baba 2 kun oldin
Brennan is the best actor in CH
Nance 2 kun oldin
He's from New York? Damn CH your campaign for me to love him any more is going too well.
The_Rising_Pheonix 2 kun oldin
Oof I'm a new Yorker
Dawnemperor1 2 kun oldin
But then New Yorkers talk shit about New Jersey...
Matthew H
Matthew H 2 kun oldin
NYC is the greatest city on the planet.
rhys rhys
rhys rhys 3 kun oldin
Mudvil?? PRECICLEY!!!!
Nate Dog
Nate Dog 3 kun oldin
Newyork has the worse gun laws in the world
S.M.P 3 kun oldin
Lol. So many people hate New York state and New York City that its population decreased over the course of 50 years. No one truely wants to live in New York for more than a few years.
Johnyliltoe 3 kun oldin
Suddenly thinking it may not have been so bad that I missed going to New York when I was closer to the east coast.
Anish Kumar
Anish Kumar 3 kun oldin
CH is the best. Brennan is better.
anzz97 3 kun oldin
After jake&amir left, CH went down the shitter, but Brennan might single-handedly pull these other mediocre-acts out.
some person
some person 3 kun oldin
I love this guy
Subhodeep Mukherjee
Somebody Give Brennan an Oscar Already!😂😂😂
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi
Brennan is an actor...like the real deal!
KillPenguins AKA xtzyshuadog
*"oH I'M a little SCARED because I saw a little RAT lay a little EGG inside a little VAGRANT'S open KNIFE wound..."*
first last
first last 3 kun oldin
LA and NYC nice places to visit too expensive to live there though
Angelo A
Angelo A 3 kun oldin
Ever have anyone hold a door for you in New York? Neither have I
Logic ftw
Logic ftw 3 kun oldin
Where's the dropout?
S P 3 kun oldin
This was again a great skit where Brennan played the script really well. This is as great as the Tide CEO. Really good.
emil falk
emil falk 3 kun oldin
*_A whole trash?_*
Jason clixandquesadillas
I never see people bad mouth new York. It seems kind of the opposite. Everywhere I go I see someone wearing an I love ny shirt. Maybe it has something to do with my living in florida
Ariq Fauzan
Ariq Fauzan 3 kun oldin
They should do more brennan sketches. He's a really good actor
Al Radi
Al Radi 3 kun oldin
This guy is awesome!
Stargazer 3 kun oldin
I've been in new York a couple times now and it's actually nice. The streets are organised and it's almost impossible to get lost. The public transportation is very nice too.
Anthony Mathias
Anthony Mathias 3 kun oldin
No but as a Londoner (London, UK), New York is pretty trash
Sahar Amjad
Sahar Amjad 3 kun oldin
Who's talking shit about New York, I love it
travelerInBlack 3 kun oldin
Worst. City. Anywhere.
FlyingBeto3 3 kun oldin
HE is the best of the recent new people
CoolGuy Mario
CoolGuy Mario 4 kun oldin
New York is my fav place I want to go there someday
Alzeer Salem
Alzeer Salem 4 kun oldin
Brooklyn we go hard!
Ibrahim Nur
Ibrahim Nur 4 kun oldin
I live in Northern Virginia. It's pretty decent, all things considered. Plenty of jobs, safety, proximity to DC, etc etc. I wish I lived in NYC though. :(
The subtext of this video is that Cincinnati is, objectively, the worst.
sarahinacan84 4 kun oldin
Lmao this is exactly how I feel about LA, where I'm from
Markus Childers
Markus Childers 4 kun oldin
It's funny that my experience being from Tampa and currently living in Austin is that this plays out exactly the opposite IR where New Yorkers feel free to compare everything about experience and upbringing with the other 49 States (rather unfavorably) to New York. But don't take my 35 years of life experience too seriously... (it's probably just me.)
battledroid0521 4 kun oldin
Brennen is by far the best new cast member
K E N K U R A 4 kun oldin
Brennan could play a villain. His voice acting was on point.
Adam Victor Nazareth Brandizzi
It's funny because I really do love to talk trash about Los Angeles. But of course, as Brennan said, we just love to hate the greatest places ;)
DarkScarlettVixen 4 kun oldin
Wow, that was intense
Elyce A
Elyce A 4 kun oldin
Proud NYC native.
darth chee
darth chee 4 kun oldin
This dude is a genius actor I love him
elowe81 4 kun oldin
In reality, it's New Yorkers (and people from LA) who do the most trash talking. Either implying (or outright stating) that basically everything between the East and West Coasts doesn't really matter. And it's even worse when you have a New Yorker visit YOUR city and pick it apart for, basically, not being New York. I always remind them that at least my city doesn't smell like hot garbage juice, and I don't have a 50/50 chance of watching someone urinate on the spot where I'm about to be walking. And the worst thing? Most of these loud-mouth idiots aren't even from New York or LA originally. They moved there and immediately put on the entitlement.
Şafak Boyacıoğlu
ok to be fair this could be the best video they have ever uploaded
Lothric Knight Sword
When will Brennan become a professional actor?
Jeff Cirelli
Jeff Cirelli 4 kun oldin
so apparently no one told me, College Humor got funny again. Its brennan. He brings the funny. Ha, oh golly. A whole trash.
L.A Tv
L.A Tv 4 kun oldin
kay Benton
kay Benton 4 kun oldin
This is great
Judean People's Front
Can't you guys afford a focus puller yet??? My retinas hurt.
pop5678eye 4 kun oldin
Ratio of 'excited' posts about visiting NYC versus complaints? 20:1. Ratio of posts about Cincinnati... Wait. There are any people actually excited about visiting Cincinnati?
pop5678eye 4 kun oldin
Over 8 million people live in NYC, the most populous city in the USA. Surely they hate themselves and want to suffer by living there because 'NYC is so awful nobody wants to live there anymore...'
anakin11380 4 kun oldin
Maybe if New Yorkers stopped voting non-stop for a corrupt governor things will get better?
Stephen Jabaut
Stephen Jabaut 4 kun oldin
This was incredibly cathartic and just helped me process all those times when people say "I don't think I could ever live there" and I want to answer "YOU PROBABLY COULDN'T IF YOU TRIED". And just when I thought I couldn't agree more they added "The Grind" which is exactly right. I love New York, and now I am in Los Angeles.
Lo Mein Gaming
Lo Mein Gaming 4 kun oldin
Come to East Village. We have crackheads yelling nonsense.
brady robertson
brady robertson 4 kun oldin
Brennan is the only good part of college humor these days
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