Don't Trash Talk New York | Hardly Working

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Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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Brennan Lee Mulligan
Rekha Shankar
Ally Beardsley
Patrick McDonald

Director - Arthur Enright
Writer - Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer - Lucretia Stinnette
Production Coordinator - Annie Humphreville
Director of Photography - Cooper James
HMU - Crystal Gomez
Sound Mixer - Anthony Kozlowski
Editor - Mike McAlister




8-Sen, 2018

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justin reutter
justin reutter 20 soat oldin
From cincinnati can confirm it sucks
The Outlander
The Outlander 2 kun oldin
Ever notice how Brennan always plays the strong character? The holding shit sketch, the calling in sick sketch, this one, the list goes on
The Outlander
The Outlander 2 kun oldin
*I'm scared coz I saw a little rat lay a little egg in a little vagrants knife wound*
Kiki Ottenheimer
Kiki Ottenheimer 3 kun oldin
I’ve lived in New York my whole life I love it so don’t come for me
Hellfire Heroes
Hellfire Heroes 3 kun oldin
I've seen rustpunks suck eachother off in the open guitar case of a weeping busker
J. S.
J. S. 3 kun oldin
Weird comment, but I want Brennan to yell at me. It would be an honor.
Avakin Stories
Avakin Stories 3 kun oldin
And one time..... I accidentally went out during santacon. And I loved.... every..... second of it
Avakin Stories
Avakin Stories 3 kun oldin
I have *STEPPED* in puddles so *DEEP* and so cold. I was barely the same person when I came out. RELATABLE AS A NEW YORKER😭
Dryden Brown
Dryden Brown 4 kun oldin
California? Florida? Okay then......
Theo Kings
Theo Kings 4 kun oldin
I would love to see Brennan as the Joker or even the Riddler. He has the acting chops for it.
gulamelaka77 4 kun oldin
Also.... The illuminati mug?
gulamelaka77 4 kun oldin
Rats... Lays eggs in New York? 🥚
Vardhan Shrivastava
BTW... Come to Mumbai.
alphanash 5 kun oldin
I'm from London, UK and live in Birmingham. I can 100% relate to this
Jiggly Puff
Jiggly Puff 6 kun oldin
This whole skit had me like "damn."
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice 6 kun oldin
I’m from Long Island. DOes thAT cOuNT?
New Yorker here I love my city is the best one in the world.
Simple Sonata
Simple Sonata 7 kun oldin
Shit was so Savage.
shannon Drohn
shannon Drohn 8 kun oldin
"Well people from New York don't smile." "Yes cause you're there." -roast of 2018
Fedoral Offense
Fedoral Offense 8 kun oldin
So wait, why is there a buncha shit about Long Island? I live in Long Island.
Almighty Loaf
Almighty Loaf 8 kun oldin
Exact same feelings but replace London with New York
Sagar Dimdung
Sagar Dimdung 8 kun oldin
His acting fire
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 9 kun oldin
1:18 You can trash talk New York all you want but DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, trash talk any city in Ohio. The Buckeyes will screw you over in the long run, trust me, we're patriotic even though no one even knows where Ohio is...
Talkin' & Grubbin'
Talkin' & Grubbin' 7 kun oldin
+Charlie Crowley Yeah they only care to blame Ohio for everything that's wrong with America.
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 7 kun oldin
+Talkin' & Grubbin' We're lonely over here
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 7 kun oldin
+Talkin' & Grubbin' I was joking, but no one cares about Ohio though.
Talkin' & Grubbin'
Talkin' & Grubbin' 8 kun oldin
Charlie Crowley Well, I thought in the well-educated Coast they taught basic U.S. Geography? I guess they don't anymore. Also, people can Google a map to find out where Ohio is, or take a trip to their library for geography books.
Prabhnoor Singh
Prabhnoor Singh 9 kun oldin
I think we found the new Joker
Quentin h
Quentin h 9 kun oldin
"I saw two crust punks suck each other off" HAHAHA
TheAvirus 9 kun oldin
My home state is Virginia and you can find many virgins in it.... 👌 Btw im Joking to all those salty people who's home state is Virginia too
WillHellmm 9 kun oldin
Chicago is better tbh
WillHellmm 9 kun oldin
+Charlie Crowley my Dad's side lives there, but I much prefer Chicago, Navy Peir, Lake Michigan, The Parks, etc
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 9 kun oldin
No, Cincinnati, just go to Ohio, it might seem boring but there is a lot of cool stuff, like theme parks. 1. Kings Island ( The best ) 2. Cedar Point ( Rollercoastermania )
Just_me_that's_ fine
Germany! Where the trains come sometimes half an hour late and you meet new people in the train while it stops for another 15 minutes just 5 metres before it reaches the station
David 8
David 8 10 kun oldin
Brennan is the best
poop monster protector
Cincinnati anyone?
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 9 kun oldin
I live close to Cincinnati.
RoronoaZor0 11 kun oldin
I mean there's a whole poem about Mudville
Mathiasthered 12 kun oldin
I'm from new York, but deer park long island and honestly mood
Mariana Gracia Beltran
I feel like this can apply for a lot of capital cities, everybody feels entitled to talk sh*t about your hometown....it happens in my country
Sookie Sycho
Sookie Sycho 12 kun oldin
"No one ever talks shit about Cincinnati" *cough cough we had half year where we shit talked Cincinnati. Remember the ZOO INCIDENT*
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 9 kun oldin
R.I.P. Harambe
CaraRowen 12 kun oldin
Omg, this is one of my favorite sketches to date.
Che1424 12 kun oldin
Charlie Crowley
Charlie Crowley 9 kun oldin
shut up
chaskiandcie 12 kun oldin
As a parisian I have exactly the same feelings! From the "crowded", the "you never smile", the "big rats" to the final "I mean I had to get outta there" ahahhahah
OhMyGamingPickles 13 kun oldin
brennan is my favorite he’s fucking amazing.
Scar Love
Scar Love 13 kun oldin
He's so me. Don't talk bad about my home because you took your happy go lucky spring break trip their wanting to live an episode of sex and the city and your bubble was burst...you couldn't survive you aren't strong enough. GET OVER IT
Nathan O'Keefe
Nathan O'Keefe 14 kun oldin
As someone who grew up in a town with less than 4,000 people, y'all're all city folks.
Patry Atry
Patry Atry 14 kun oldin
3:30 parody of the movie Alien
iluvpopcorn23 14 kun oldin
I hate walking around Manhattan and seeing a whole trash, ugh
Katie Goldsmith
Katie Goldsmith 14 kun oldin
Brennannnnnnnn i love youuuuuuu 😂😂
Dee May
Dee May 16 kun oldin
I get a lot of shit for living in Florida
Emily Ruhnke
Emily Ruhnke 16 kun oldin
I don’t want to have to drive 5 hours to see a movie. In New York, there is something to do in 5 minute walking distance whenever you go! :3
Vinny D.
Vinny D. 16 kun oldin
I hate how people assume that New York is New York City, ITS NOT JUST ONE BIG CITY I personally live in Canajoharie NY a small, get this VILAGE
Herooftwilight 13
Herooftwilight 13 16 kun oldin
What was that about Long Island?
Delta901 17 kun oldin
Now I've never been to New York before but now I want to go so I can see the exotic rat species that lay eggs.
Zachary Axe
Zachary Axe 17 kun oldin
*All upstate New Yorkers are typing...*
Cipherguy 23
Cipherguy 23 17 kun oldin
You think New York has it bad? You should ask Chicago.
Sinus Rollins
Sinus Rollins 17 kun oldin
I liked new York
super cbb
super cbb 18 kun oldin
How about this, don’t trash talk long island
Amelia G
Amelia G 18 kun oldin
He's hilarious!!
Journey Carty
Journey Carty 19 kun oldin
Cincinnati, Ohio is pretty bad not gonna lie probably worse than New York
Game Time with Professor John
Can y’all do a video telling people to stop shitting on Florida? Btw, I work at a dry cleaners and the only customers who give me trouble are from New York. They always go on about how they’ve never seen a cleaners with a prepaid store policy, try to haggle, and complain that a week is too long to wait for alterations. We’re a small business trying to stay open, our prices are cheaper than anyone in town, and we do alterations for a couple of stores so there is a line. “I knew a guy in the Bronx who would hem your pants while you wait for eight dollars” yeah? Well go get him to do it. Anyway, only 36% of the people living in Florida are from Florida, so when you see a headline that says “Florida man caught having sex with flamingo” odds are that it’s really a New Yorker doing the avian flu fandango because, despite being unable to shut up about how New York is better than Florida, they keep moving down here in droves. Cheers!
dhvsheabdh 19 kun oldin
Send this man to Hollywood.
ImsoAwesomE!!! 20 kun oldin
Eminems world lmao
Maya Rech
Maya Rech 20 kun oldin
" A WHOLE TRASH ON THE GROUND " ha ha had me dead
Shmrrf Prrrf
Shmrrf Prrrf 20 kun oldin
Eww, you're from the US
Matthew Levens
Matthew Levens 20 kun oldin
Brennen is my favourite
Dr. Turkey
Dr. Turkey 20 kun oldin
Wow never thought I'd see CH call out racism against white people
Chill Bill
Chill Bill 21 kun oldin
*A W H O L E T R A S H*
Kyle Hughes
Kyle Hughes 22 kun oldin
Brennan is such a good acter
E Derrick
E Derrick 23 kun oldin
i will watch everything brennan is in forever
Jesse Singh
Jesse Singh 23 kun oldin
This guys amazing
Amber Rohrer
Amber Rohrer 24 kun oldin
I am from the Midwest, and a bit larger city as far as Midwest standards go and I can tell you that people’s first reaction to it is not “that’s nice”. The bumpkin thing or the “ehhh sorry” is a lot more accurate. People diss the Midwest all the time and probably more frequently than New York when hearing you are from there because a lot of people idolize New York. Who gives a shit if people insult your hometown? Coming from the Midwest you just accept that people think there is nothing but corn and sadness around you even if you know you feel happy there. I have done a lot of oversees travel and loved different cities across the country and the “you aren’t strong enough...” thing is lame too. People can enjoy different climates and environments. Why do we always have to exhibit so much tribalism about the stupidest shit? I frankly don’t dislike New York or care if you hate my hometown. I just choose to stay in the Midwest because I hate crowds to the point I won’t even go to free events if I think it will be too busy. I can afford to travel to great destinations on an average salary. And it just fits me overall. No need to be sorry for me and no need for me to hate New York.
Zanos Gemini
Zanos Gemini 24 kun oldin
I love Brennan hes so funny
YoItzMelody195 24 kun oldin
I saw a rat lay an egg on a vagrants little knife wound oooeee Oouf
Sketched Out
Sketched Out 25 kun oldin
Pixel Bytes
Pixel Bytes 25 kun oldin
The Ohio southern Michigan Indiana region is truly shit, I live there and every place you go outside of the suburbs is a fucking dumpster fire of blight
Thomas French
Thomas French 26 kun oldin
Oh my fucking god yes! I'm from new York too, and i hate it when people make fun of it.
George Bailey
George Bailey 26 kun oldin
Living in London makes it so easy to sympathise with Brennan 😂
FearAddict 26 kun oldin
Brennan is seriously the new hope of the modern CollegeHumor staff.
Eiffal.B 26 kun oldin
Brennen for the next Joker.
huswsimonbla 27 kun oldin
That indian chick has huge knockers dayum
RainbowSprnklz 27 kun oldin
brennan plays excellent angry characters
DreaMz 27 kun oldin
I'm from upstate ny so this doesn't apply to me
Joel Teo
Joel Teo 27 kun oldin
master mind
master mind 27 kun oldin
Financially Devestated Trump
w H a t B u r O u g h a r E y u O f R o M b r e n N a N ?
Nina Rivera
Nina Rivera 28 kun oldin
My brother and I alike love this video. yay.
PJ Johnson
PJ Johnson 28 kun oldin
College is back with this one!
An untrue definition
That ending was truly terrifying
Alex Crockford
Alex Crockford 28 kun oldin
I loved New York... I’m from Aus but I loved it 😂
Laira Klock
Laira Klock 28 kun oldin
Everyone expresses their love for Brennan. I just want to give props to the sound mixer who set the mood of this video. Great job, man!
Crossover Negro
Crossover Negro 28 kun oldin
Wait you guys are in LA now? Where have I been?
Phil Andrew
Phil Andrew 28 kun oldin
3:29-3:33 Those... Are real tears.
Olivia oney
Olivia oney 29 kun oldin
I hate Ohio. Only thing good bout Cincinnati is KI I’m aloud to hate on Ohio. I’ve lived there my whole life
BlueSkyhawk14 29 kun oldin
I love how people immediately assume that Cincinnati is "nice" when it's almost exactly like NYC 👌 (I lived in Columbus and Cincinnati for a while)
Ali Ghazian
Ali Ghazian 29 kun oldin
Jay Kwan
Jay Kwan 29 kun oldin
At least it’s not Jersey
Nishit Chatnani
Nishit Chatnani 29 kun oldin
This is fucking hilarious 😂😂👌👌
Perspective Comics
i'm from ny not the city but close
Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary Oy oldin
Do a video about Washington DC!
Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary Oy oldin
A W H O L E T R A S H ? !
anonymousey ???
Chicago is better
imaagamer Oy oldin
Rene Romero
Rene Romero Oy oldin
This place sleeps, I was told it does not. This is false advertising. I miss Tokyo.
bbernales177 Oy oldin
Give this man an Oscar
InfiniteSauce Oy oldin
Brennan is great at acting 🙃
Retarded Tests
9 yil oldin
Strip Clubs Suck
2 yil oldin