Donald Glover Meets The Girl Scout Who Went Viral With 'Redbone'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Atlanta' creator and star Donald Glover isn't the only one furthered his career with the Grammy-winning hit 'Redbone.'
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1-Mar, 2018

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C. Banks2010
C. Banks2010 19 daqiqa oldin
Im like omg, it's sesame Street, lol
scazermazz 58 daqiqa oldin
Awwwwwwww geeeeeeeeeez............how insanely cute was that?
Brad Brunstetter
ah i couldnt describe all this time. Curb for rappers is spot on.
Dragonetta Kun oldin
He's a renaissance man.
AbbadonsMonsters 2 kun oldin
love Donald Glover. Just seems like such a gentle soul.
jake bahari
jake bahari 3 kun oldin
Kinda weird
Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson
What an absolute unit of a dad
sacoboys 4 kun oldin
This video is horribly interlaced, cmon stephen, cmon
Meme Worshiper
Meme Worshiper 4 kun oldin
I dont know about yall but i would love to see Donald glover in the next avengers movie... in some way
Ejiaka Delight
Ejiaka Delight 5 kun oldin
Her hair is beyond adorable
Joel Wateres-muddy
Joel Wateres-muddy 6 kun oldin
I adore Donald Glover I don’t sell Girl Scout cookies I’m 62 what can I do meet him ? I know we would be BFF really I wAs going to fly to ny to see his show at msg but had to have back surgery bad trade off none the less I know someday I’m going to take him to lunch here in Miami
Ed Boxall
Ed Boxall 7 kun oldin
Joseph Shindell
Joseph Shindell 7 kun oldin
Someone need to hook my dude up with some MTG!
GamingWithJohn 8 kun oldin
Why does Donald Glover look like Childish Gambino?
R Nickerson
R Nickerson 8 kun oldin
Why does he seem so depressed?
Oisín Murray
Oisín Murray 9 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the dad sort of look like Samuel L Jackson
TheQuiteOne Love
TheQuiteOne Love 9 kun oldin
I don’t know about you guys but he just flexed on that whole studio
Jake Lang
Jake Lang 11 kun oldin
Did Colbert sat humanist? No thanks
kristen pineda
kristen pineda 11 kun oldin
Wow i love frank ocean
Beruset Visånd
Beruset Visånd 12 kun oldin
this is just such a very beautifully rad video to watch, man. it has everything: donald glover/childish gambino, stephen colbert, a child, girl scout cookies, music, comedy, entertainment, charity, love, joy, chivalry, honor, a child meeting her hero, with her fathers support, even shows racial equality! THIS is America (pun intended)..this is the REAL America! honestly, to all the 1.5k people who disliked this video- just rot in the ground and burn in hell simultaneously whilst sodomizing each other with satans pitchfork. yeah, that seems appropriate.
Matt gaming
Matt gaming 13 kun oldin
Lol his face
Tlade o
Tlade o 13 kun oldin
she's so cute!
Teodor Recabarren
Teodor Recabarren 13 kun oldin
Damn Donald Glover really looks like Childish Gambino
Smarter vs Dumber
Smarter vs Dumber 14 kun oldin
Manz is fried lol
Payton Uchiha
Payton Uchiha 14 kun oldin
Yo this warmed my heart 😫
kaylee s.
kaylee s. 14 kun oldin
Actor, Rapper, director, writer, comedian what can Donald Glover not do
Double 0hsnap
Double 0hsnap 15 kun oldin
Had to rewatch this after I got my girl scout cookies in the mail today 😬
hhhuj kgjjn
hhhuj kgjjn 16 kun oldin
I bought my dog a redbone
Drake Strydom
Drake Strydom 21 kun oldin
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 25 kun oldin
Way to put him under pressure or on the spot.
Melody Gurman
Melody Gurman 27 kun oldin
Rebecca Long
Rebecca Long 27 kun oldin
Omg Donald Glover is awesome that was such a nice thing he did for her and to the audience ❤️ I wanna meet him that's my goal ✨ I love him
anaxtruong 27 kun oldin
Modern day renaissance man ❤️😩
Emmalyn 28 kun oldin
“They’re vegan” What?!! I’ll never have to turn down a girl scout again.
Be.you.tifully Made
Had the same upbringing. I can totally relate.
Ew_It's_Tessa Oy oldin
Take a shot everytime he says "like"
star shadow
star shadow Oy oldin
The next 2019 Simba.....
Ernesto Paz
Ernesto Paz Oy oldin
Well to be honest, I have never made the "match"... For me it was completely different person... Gambino and Glover... So I think he's right (I never googled the guy, just listened to his music)
Rachel Muller
Rachel Muller Oy oldin
Funny, I can relate to not having much and have my imagination open as a child. And now I'm so curious about the world.
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew Oy oldin
So this dude is gonna be Simba?
Madison Lippert
I love she has the cookie order form ready for him. The grind never stops for her.🤣
Madison Lippert
Madison Lippert 8 kun oldin
Karrimom I understand, I was a girl scout at one point.
KarriMom 8 kun oldin
Madison Lippert my daughter would have done the same. She’s a brownie and everywhere we go, we have a form ready. I’m meeting a superstar. Yeah, get that form.
Austin Oy oldin
3:51 thats because you do EVERYTHING as a job
7satellite Oy oldin
this interview is 💖
Donald Swamp
Donald Swamp Oy oldin
That was beautiful from start to finish. He has a new fan.
Bridgette Alley
Sense TV
Sense TV Oy oldin
I like him he's not like your typical black guy that you see on the streets smoking marijuana with their jeans down to thier knees, he's much better than that
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 24 kun oldin
Sense Oh cause White guys don’t do the same shit too? Oh wait I forgot you’re a hypocritical cracker
Killuminati S4M
Seymour ate all the cookies!
Chris Baker
Chris Baker Oy oldin
Donald Glover seems like a very interesting person. I not big celebrity person but I love to meet him.
David Oy oldin
Donald seems like he would be a good friend.
Donnie Oy oldin
Here's that crazy thing on you tube, Someone in Hollywood can say, I just sold my soul to satan, and most of the people here say, I just love him or her like there in a trance, and they are. until they come to Jesus, there in a demonic trance, I tell you the truth, Can you handle the truth? because, I'll tell it like it really is, Always will, Check it ( " , )
Donnie Oy oldin
Donald Glover didn't get to do worly things, Have worldly possessions and He didn't get to enjoy MAGIC, Now He want's it all, What kind of artist name is Childish Gambino? some kind of Italian mafia boy? He hardly makes facial expressions, maybe a smile every once in awhile, I remember him in the tv show community. they were all so funny, I was un aware that He was waering so many hats these days, and this Gambino Carector is very strange, who goes from just being an actor on a tv show to doing so many things seemingly over night, I believe like most people in helliwood, he sold his soul as well that would explane it all, because his videos are so strange. that's not art That's sick.oh well evil is as evil does no pun on forest gump.
Donnie Oy oldin
Donald said he thinks Childish is a different person but hre don't think people notice the difference, just a little unsettling
Michael Koellner
thats so sweet
Larisa Pearson
comedian actor director rapper songwriter dancer
Margaret Brown
My heart 😭
Margarita M.
Margarita M. Oy oldin
Oooh I want to cuddle with him, he’s adorable and devilishly talented.
Jackal Oy oldin
What if he said "nahhh i don't like girl scout cookies"
Ryley Grainger
He is so interesting. Such a talented guy
BooBear_ King
BooBear_ King Oy oldin
Who could thumbs down this video it’s adorable
The LP
The LP Oy oldin
7:09 Where did Donald Glover go for like 3 seconds?
Nathan T G
Nathan T G Oy oldin
Im sorry... I can't buy him as Simba
LevinJeez Oy oldin
Gimba. Childish Simbino
Devyn Wiesner
Devyn Wiesner Oy oldin
This our new simba
pizza time
pizza time Oy oldin
Omg I didn’t have birthdays too!
C9 Autimatic
C9 Autimatic Oy oldin
I can see Donald Glover as president of America at some point in the future.
minhhai kim
minhhai kim Oy oldin
Bruh I swear that dude look like my classmate in high school
Zesty Meme For A Depressed Teen
So wholesome
mugiwarasesions 2 oy oldin
he is so humble and educated that when they say lets give them out he grab the Basquet to give them
I too would be proud if my son is an actor, director, writer, comedian, musician and being so fucking good in everything he does. He can literally shit while he's high as fuck in my front yard and i'd still be proud of him
How am I supposed to know?
Wonder if he also bought literal Girl Scout cookies. You know the strain of weed.
skyson b pei
skyson b pei 2 oy oldin
Cmon now gambino got redbone from bootsy collins
Flamingbolt 1538
Flamingbolt 1538 2 oy oldin
I don’t think I saw a single mean person in this video. The audience was great, the host was great, the guests were great and then there was Glover who bought cookies for EVERYONE in the audience. He’s a good person
Hamudi Ghaleb
Hamudi Ghaleb 2 oy oldin
Actor singer comedian. Dreams comes true
Jeanae Rowley
Jeanae Rowley 2 oy oldin
He was soooo sweet to her 😍💞
Rasmus Vest
Rasmus Vest 2 oy oldin
I thought Donald Glover and Childish Gambino was to different persons, but they just looked alike.
summer givens
summer givens 2 oy oldin
He stood up to offer that man his chair so he would stand while the man and his daughter had seats 😭😫 what a beautifully humble mannnnn gunna cry hes so PURE DAMN IT
Naveen Magapu
Naveen Magapu 2 oy oldin
afroman47100 2 oy oldin
Sounded a bit change of guard when he walked out
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Lookin like a thin mint himself .:))))) 🙃🙃
Denise H.
Denise H. 2 oy oldin
I know this is old but it’s so sweet and Donald Glover is just the best we love everything he does
Sam Sumners
Sam Sumners 2 oy oldin
More of a Samoas man myself
Major Key
Major Key Oy oldin
Funkadelic Threads
How many ways can you use wack?
Funkadelic Threads
Is it ok with your parents now? ... Well no ...
Mr Mosbey II
Mr Mosbey II 2 oy oldin
That was a trap.
Quan Littel
Quan Littel 2 oy oldin
I can imagine Donald just showing up at his place with 113 boxes of thin mints just like where tf am I gonna put these
Alex Moraitis
Alex Moraitis 2 oy oldin
He’s so humble he deserves the world
Steven 2 oy oldin
This is the best video I have seen in one hot minute :)
Chewy Chipwich
Chewy Chipwich 2 oy oldin
It touched my heart when he waited for the dad to sit down in the chair. He was going to allow the dad to sit instead of him. What a great man!!!!😄
loulou pie
loulou pie 2 oy oldin
He was raised as a Jehovah witness so he kept the manners.
Roger G. Mosquera Jr.
luv it
Captain Blackjack
This was one of the most interesting interviews I've seen in a while.
finisher489 2 oy oldin
Why are you wearing pink? You're not Shazaly!
The Natural Introvert
Why was this so awkward????
Neb Uluos
Neb Uluos 2 oy oldin
I feel like.. beside the obvious talents he has, one part of Donald Glover's mass appeal is that he is a refreshingly regular genuine/honest guy who just happens to be unusually interesting, intelligent,talented,and restless. As a bonus this is also a refreshing enigma in terms of "black guys" in the entertainment loop. A regular but unusual..but really just himself, normal but unusually epic, but also a dude whos "black" but doesn't feel that means he has to come off as loud, ignorant,toxically masculine or thuggish/ghetto,self destructive,perpetually "cool" and closed minded. Besides everything else about his works and besides the reality that there actually many other "black"(I usually quote because I dispute racial biology) entertainers whos appeal comes from just being themselves..the chill and unique "black" dude part,unfortunately, still seems rare and refreshing in the entertainment industry. Anyway, great clip!
loulou pie
loulou pie 2 oy oldin
wow...intense talk!
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed 2 oy oldin
I love Donald Glover. He’s AMAZINGLY talented, at seemingly everything he touches. And he seems like such a sweet dude 💜
Sefia Bello
Sefia Bello 2 oy oldin
Childish Gambino
funkdoob80 2 oy oldin
i love glover. but...why is it never mentioned that he sampled Bootsy Collins? it's NEVER brought up. it's so strange. especially because it's the bass line and he is one of the most famous bassists ever. does anyone have any insight into this? thanks!
Paul Miner
Paul Miner 2 oy oldin
This was so cute 😃
Terri Mabrey
Terri Mabrey 2 oy oldin
I love this!!!!!
Christina Mancuso
So wait Donald Glover and cookies all in one. That’s too much sauce. ❤️🍪
Hollis2Hollywood 2 oy oldin
She's adorable!