Donald Trump Goes To Battle With Another War Hero

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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A week after skipping out on multiple ceremonies honoring veterans, Donald Trump is now lashing out at the war hero who led the charge to take out Osama bin Laden.
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20-Noy, 2018

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Paul Ernst
Paul Ernst 2 kun oldin
I guess he puts gravy, on the kids he f**ks. What happened man, you used to be beautiful.
meh! 3 kun oldin
@4:06 what the hell? Why even suggest that? It's not the presidents right to amend the constitution anyway, but still.
Leo Samson
Leo Samson 3 kun oldin
trump got roasted so much
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop 5 kun oldin
A war hero? Sounds more like another crook
Sagar OPtiC
Sagar OPtiC 6 kun oldin
Laurent Porter
Laurent Porter 8 kun oldin
It is sad seeing new types of "politicians" in the USA and in Europe, but also in the Philippines or Brazil, who incite their supporters and devide nations rather than uniting their people and dealing with today's challenges.
Barbara Brinkmeyer
Barbara Brinkmeyer 11 kun oldin
Laughing. "Another War Hero"..., and another, and another. The world doesn't appreciate Trump's "brilliance", apparently (tongue-in-cheek).
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey 16 kun oldin
Trump is a cruel joke granted office of presidency by the Electoral College...he is the epitomy of cowardly behavior although he does think of himself as a military genius and hero.
Phil Buckhouse
Phil Buckhouse 16 kun oldin
"SUPPORT OUR TROOPS...unless they don't like me. In that case, go to hell." Classic narcissism.
zondaintheair 19 kun oldin
I hope Trump improves Education.
Nader Kamil
Nader Kamil 21 kun oldin
4:30 awesome joker smile lol
crispy 22 kun oldin
TRUMPET (noun); a blow hard Trump supporter
tina Haynes
tina Haynes 22 kun oldin
“ I was not allowed to go to the cemetery “ You will be after you meet Nancy Pelosi in January. You’re going to have lots of time.
tina Haynes
tina Haynes 22 kun oldin
He is on fire.
I used to be liberal I`m sorry
"Orange man bad" *CHEERS* Goddamn leftists are stupid. No wonder it's so easy for them controlling you guys.
sunny robinson
sunny robinson 23 kun oldin
This was a good segment
JS Alvarez
JS Alvarez 23 kun oldin
My apologies but this current president is just full of manure.
Adrian Vintila
Adrian Vintila 27 kun oldin
In some countries in Europe, presidents serve 5 year terms. Hope he doesn't get that in his head.
Seiko Wolfe
Seiko Wolfe 28 kun oldin
I'm honestly embarassed... To this guy, just being associated with Clinton and Obama is enough to discredit someone... That's not talk of a strong person, that's talk of an insecure man... And I'm not talking Kim Jong Un insecure, but VERY insecure and fragile in the ego.
Keith Wood
Keith Wood 28 kun oldin
Isn't it enough that they played soccer with his head on the deck of the ship before they chucked him over board...
Keith Wood
Keith Wood 28 kun oldin
President Chump really doesn't like war heroes does he...
Brandon Toad
Brandon Toad 29 kun oldin
Trump was a Hilary and Obama supporter, until it was convenient not to be. Classic conman
dlee t
dlee t Oy oldin
Wooden balls? Schiff's balls are a hard wood- OAK, trump's are balsa wood,. Rubber cement offers height and a rubber band gives lift and thrust. Rubber offers protection because it bounces without purpose. With a little paper you can take people for a ride. Toy planes are popular with boys because they can pretend to be pilots and crashing hurts no one..
I woulda got all those bad guys if it weren't for those pesky bone spurs.
Dan1984 Oy oldin
“Wooden Balls- the carpet matched the teeth” What an amazing line to go out on!
Elaine Ferry
Elaine Ferry Oy oldin
Good burn by the seal!
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin Oy oldin
Lock up our fake president.
Colton Lee
Colton Lee Oy oldin
“Seal Team Dissed” That’s awesome
Erik Fehrenbach
pelos 26
pelos 26 Oy oldin
wouln’t it be nicer if trump was never born !? would’t i be nicer if your grandparents never left germany? yes it would have lol
Robin Hager
Robin Hager Oy oldin
It's unbelievable how truly ignorant trump is!!! Every time I think that's he said the dumbest thing I ever heard he says something even more ignorant
zepphed72 Oy oldin
What is the song on piano at 1:52 please driving me crazy!
Doom2pro Oy oldin
4:23 - Accidental Jack Black Impression.
Nebula Oy oldin
holy shit I am disgusted
Phyllisha Hart
Durruti Oy oldin
Chris Wallace interviewed Trump and he didn't blow him? I don't believe it. There's definitely an unedited video out there with Chris Wallace eagerly sucking that tiny thing like a baby piglet on a nipple.
Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta Oy oldin
Talk about osama. Video is 9 min 11 second
Eric Claeyborn
It's so ironic... that President Trump is an actual hero for saving the U.S.A. from leftist ideology and hatred, and the Fake News still battles him daily.
That's how you do it Chris, just ignore him and continue with the question.
Sameer Pande
Sameer Pande Oy oldin
Trump is a disgrace to humanity
Blue Man
Blue Man Oy oldin
Could someone tell us what did Stephen say when he did the creepy face shot after Wallace asked about 3rd term office amendment?
Alexander Herzog
Video about bin laden is 9:11 long
Agim Perovic
Agim Perovic Oy oldin
Letterman was legendary, big shoes to fill, but Steven also nails it!
"Chris what r u doing"😂😂😂😂😂
Irene Gavenlock
Just shut up trump !
Kinky Oy oldin
Yeah...I'm not into extrajudicial murder, even of Osama bin Laden. So, Bill McCraven, the admiral who orchestrated that murder of bin Laden and the kidnapping of a sovereign country's leader, Saddam Hussein...like...zero sympathy! Is he in prison? So...um...why isn't McCraven in prison? I guess some military leaders who in civilian life, we call Serial Killers, in America now...we call "HEROS," and their mercenary murder for privatized profits "SERVICE." cut me a break!!
hamdi hassan
hamdi hassan Oy oldin
Lmfao Tump gives me migraines Clinton supporter?? What does that have to do with who the man is or what he’s accomplished?
Keith A
Keith A Oy oldin
Keep doing your thang Stephen
Lea Nights
Lea Nights Oy oldin
As an austarlian legal Sexworker with a respectable brother in the Aus navy for over 10 yrs now, and just married! I follow us politics. From the begining I've said this has all the hallmarks of a dictatorship in the making. However, as time moved on I assumed as everyone else did that he would be impeached fairly quickly as he is a proven lier and the last impeached president was impeached for mearly lying about something that was still LEGAL (as, let us not forget that it was the lying about the blowjob that got him ousted, not the blowjob itself), trump has lied MANY TIMES about things both legal and insignificant to VERY ILEGAL AND SIGNIFICANT yet there has been no impeachment forthcoming. Your demacrates are too dickless and your republicans are too corrupt to get an impeachment in. Your only hope is to TURN OUT TO FUCKING VOTE YOU YOUNGSTERS! FIND A FUCKING WAY!! Otherwise you'll end up with trump as your dictator and the rest of the world will be like, " what the fuck did you expect otherwise?" Therefore I've been more politically active here in AUS to insure our policy moves towards an eventual breakaway from the toxic alliance of the US & AUS. We bleed for thier lies and I'll not let my little bro go off to war for some cunts with billions of $ in the US & thier many corporate interests, just cos they want more billions of $ while billions of people are effected by this petty bullshit.
MsAlice1964 Oy oldin