Dounia & Kehlani - Rich Girl Mood (Official Video)

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The Avant-Garden available now!
Thank you Bohemia Tea Parlour | Best Tea in LA
Thank you EMPIRE!
Tired Studio Production
Treatment& Direction| Dounia & Kehlani
Editor| Dounia
Executive Producer| Elena De Santiago
Director of Photography| Elena De Santiago
2nd Unit Director of Photography| Amber Asaly
Photographer| Amber Asaly
Unit Production Manager| River Harmony
Line Producer| Victoria Brandt
Production Designer| Jamie Vezolles
Stylist| Justin Broadnax
Make Up Artist| Kathleen Ty
Hair/ Wigs| Mireya Morales
Gaffer| Brian Hickman
BTS+Art Assistant| Andrew Aquino
Camera Assistant| Cole Harbaugh
Production Assistant| Matt Geffen
Production Assistant| Van Ward
MGMT| The Revels Group
Much love to everybody involved and Kehlani for being the love of my life.




28-Noy, 2018

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Fikrlar 783
Britni Ghimire
Britni Ghimire 2 kun oldin
I’m here cause of Zena ♥️
Rainbow Ann Lloren
Rainbow Ann Lloren 6 kun oldin
Kehlani is so hot omg 😩❤️
Atohny 6 kun oldin
lourd lourd lourd je vais passer des bon moments dans ma voiture !!
Eryn 8 kun oldin
This song go hard!
Killer. from Heaven DeatH. KiLL!! Hell Borne
I'm a need back the follow on twitter because I'm trying to slide Bring this chick right so we could work on some tracks Oh and tell her my finger game is insane so I might make her hate herself when she leaves if it ain't real
Oceana Vasquez
Oceana Vasquez 12 kun oldin
Y'all here cause khelani but I'm here for dounz 😘
strawbabygirl 14 kun oldin
here bcus of dounia. if y'all haven't listened yet, go find "east coast hiding" + "how i see it" !!!!! i found her on spotify & she SNAPS.
Megan Cole
Megan Cole 15 kun oldin
12 days into government shutdown like .... "you these politics matter, well shorty clearly they don't."
ItsMyaBitchx x
ItsMyaBitchx x 16 kun oldin
Franny Becker
Franny Becker 16 kun oldin
Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹 Saudações um abençoado 2019 🥂🙏🍾 Love 🧡🇧🇷💖
Freddy Mayemba
Freddy Mayemba 18 kun oldin
Where can i find that snake skin 2 peice
Sadalien Movingcat
Sadalien Movingcat 21 kun oldin
Cosmo and Wanda are rich now damn
ariesi Xuz
ariesi Xuz 23 kun oldin
Cheil Kuran
Cheil Kuran 26 kun oldin
Me: I'm straight ..... (sees Kelhani).....I think.
Irene Kelly
Irene Kelly 29 kun oldin
Why no one subcribed to her😐
Sara Alef
Sara Alef 29 kun oldin
phan Øf bands
phan Øf bands 29 kun oldin
Wanda and Cosmo ain't slick
Besto Bsto
Besto Bsto 29 kun oldin
Marocco ❤❤🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦❤💓🔥❤💓🔥
Paigey Oy oldin
Needs to be sent to the biggest slut on UZvid, hey Erika :)
Cora Carver
Cora Carver Oy oldin
This. Omfg. This is something i never expected but fuuuuuuuck me thank the lords fr blessing me with shit i didnt know i needed. 😍😍😍😍
L E ' Y A N I
L E ' Y A N I Oy oldin
Dounia...... you want a girlfriend? Cause um.... it’s your fault I’m questioning now
Liv Miserables
Dounia and Kehlani; the only artists making real hits in 2018 tho
Dola  B
Dola B Oy oldin
Where are theses two from ?
Alba Maria Christiansen
yaaas reine!
Jay Nguyen
Jay Nguyen Oy oldin
Khelani ate the last verse!
Ibtissam zaruali
I love kehlani 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
ti nuz ile de batz
Dounia est bien partie, tant pis pour les fuck away...ils auraient dû faire preuve de tact et s'approcher au bon moment. Cette fille est géniale. cette artiste va devenir indispensable!
Аносчка Катарина Хана Малон
I like these two separately but together... damn 👄😝💕
JSH757King Oy oldin
That ass at 1:00 and 1:10 🤦🏾‍♂️ What is her name!
Royalty Oy oldin
I'm so happy that UZvid stay giving me these bangers as ads lmao
victoria The weirdo
Yes hah
Yes hah Oy oldin
im broke af but i still love this song
Aet Oy oldin
uhhh some lyrics got me ??? but KEHLANIII THOOOO
Taylor Theangel
Wanda and Cosmo ain't slick. @2:01
angle loves
angle loves Oy oldin
This has to be old because she pregnant
Katherine J
Katherine J Oy oldin
is kehlani pregnant in this video?
nkd Oy oldin
oooh yess!!
Lavínia Carminatti
They're so rich they are breaking in a party
3Z DEN Oy oldin
morrocains bano hna 9bel matwelli mxhora n7sbkom
selin su
selin su Oy oldin
came for kehlani, stayed for the song
Prohi Deep
Prohi Deep Oy oldin
Your voice is addictive dounia
ella w
ella w Oy oldin
this is AMAZING holy shi xxxxxxx
Alanna Argudo
Alanna Argudo Oy oldin
I've had this song on repeat since I first heard it 😍 I love everything about it
Freshly Baked Bread
I can never decide if I wanna b like kehlani or b married to kehlani goddamn
ashima pal
ashima pal Oy oldin
Matthew H-B
Matthew H-B Oy oldin
Kehlani: “Who doesn’t check the bathroom at their job before they close the store???” Me: “👀👀👀 ...oops.”
Lïmïtëd Prïncëss
*snatches wig off and throws it*
Wiley Bey Visuals
Kehlani @ 1:30
Cuteolgy Q
Cuteolgy Q Oy oldin
Fount avant garde playing in shoe store and know dis bitch got kehlani..
Bazoka Xaramawii
Lesbo 😂
huriya Oy oldin
omg yes im gay
tacky tacky
tacky tacky Oy oldin
I'm here to peep her pregnancy look and she's glistening w her curly hair and all❤
Ashlee Renae
Ashlee Renae Oy oldin
Bruh this songggg is a big mooood
babyduarte86 Oy oldin
Kehlani looks sooo bored haha.
Hoseok King
Hoseok King Oy oldin
I’m difently not straight.
Alexa Bowman
Alexa Bowman Oy oldin
Dounias voice 😍💜😍💜 better come out with curvy girl lingerie . That's a sexy mood 👄
intwopieces k
intwopieces k Oy oldin
Holly Nelson
Holly Nelson Oy oldin
Came for Kehlani, stayed for Dounia 😍🤩
Darlene Hunley
Luv it🔥💯
Jacque Annie
Jacque Annie Oy oldin
Your Instagram ?
FighterJace Oy oldin
"I'm bi-flexual, debit & credit." - hardest bars 2018
Maria angela Martinez
Kehlani is the best ❤ yeeees queen 👑
ciliaa x
ciliaa x Oy oldin
wheres her baby bump lol
babidoll F
babidoll F Oy oldin
Zenasativa dancing in the white dress ayyyy
Moon Shi
Moon Shi Oy oldin
this is hot
Constantino C
Constantino C Oy oldin
Kehlani acaba com a minha RAAAAAAAÇA!!!!
Adam Kejji
Adam Kejji Oy oldin
i hate bitches but i like this music
Carlita Lopez
Carlita Lopez Oy oldin
My two good gyal demmm
kay christoph-bower
☯️🎶▫️.. & i woulddddd sell you a fucckk; but i just now ran outta it! ..▫️😉❇️
Jess Smiles
Jess Smiles Oy oldin
Kehlani, take me now
Aryka Chrystana
I’m obsessed
Danny Gonzalez
Record it. Post it. Share it. Send it to meeeeee. And yes I do mean the sex tape
Nina Bresser
Nina Bresser Oy oldin
big strap energy
Astromarine Oy oldin
This shit was *amazing* and Imma watch it 3 more times brb
Psycho Rainbow
Cosmo and Wanda ain’t slick
penelope davis
Shiiit bag of porn 😍
lil perfect jr
keep it real cool calm and collective.
Jupiter BlueMount
I ship them, they are cute
Selena’s life
Love you both
S. Carswell
S. Carswell Oy oldin
The Queen 👑 strikes again! #teamdounz
Leila Daoust
Leila Daoust Oy oldin
douns and kehlani look....so hot together
Lucy Lacemaker
kehlani is looking like a snack...i mean..shes always a snack but in this video shes just ugghhh
Un-Follow Me Now, This Is Gonna Be the Only Thing I Talk About For The Next Week. Ive Wanted This For Years Fuck. What The Fuck.
kay b
kay b Oy oldin
Why does she have curly hair thooooo
Sharyse Arriyana
i just realized Kehlani was driving @3:00 lol
Mabel Oy oldin
keh rapping is a rich ass mood
IamShekia Oy oldin
Kehlani talks mean girl shit now?! Swag I guess since shes my boo.
way2ez Oy oldin
damn that ass phat
Alicia Griffin
Kehlani is my girl crush
gabriella Oy oldin
this cross over omf
Kehlani, I love you and its my dream to work with you one day! I did a cover of your song here too uzvid.com/video/video-CB9SAbtAJ3o.html have a nice day!!!!
natibohe373 Oy oldin
Brand new to Dounia but this jam is a banger...
XxSarah.AxX Oy oldin
How is this song not popping is litttt🔥❤️
manu Oy oldin
me fode kehlani
That'stheway Ms.J
This was crazy 😝
jazzanator Oy oldin
Bag issa bag issa bag... issa bag issa bag issa bag.. gettin bags gettin bags gettin bags gettin bags. 🤷🏽‍♀ periodt 🤣🤣
Kehlani baby😍😍🖤💜💜🖤
Keyanna Porter
Umm why hasn’t 20gayteen exploded yet😂
XxSarah.AxX Oy oldin
Kehlani hot af ahlie‼️🔥❤️