Drag Queens Guess Real Vs. Knockoff Makeup

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"It smells like nachos."
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Blacklight Rollercoaster_Full Mix
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
The Game_NoVox
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Licensed via Audio Network
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/24082
Gilda Wabbit
Jan Sport
Jiggly Caliente



29-Mar, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 951
Janet Pearce
Janet Pearce Kun oldin
The black girl with short black hair is STRAIGHT SAVAGE
I’m A Cow go moo
Ummm where is katya? Where is ms matell?
artistic gaming
artistic gaming Kun oldin
Are They Men??
Dakota Wilson
Dakota Wilson Kun oldin
Loke Moonstone
Loke Moonstone 4 kun oldin
I’m the drag queens fans fam Cause I love drag queen There so cool!
Kuchipudilover567 7 kun oldin
My Gurl Jiggly 💙💙💙💙
FleurCannon 8 kun oldin
i love gilda wabbit so much
Scott Rhodenizer
Scott Rhodenizer 9 kun oldin
"Slay" The best victory cry in the world.
Leila Trottier-Evans
Madison Bryan
Madison Bryan 14 kun oldin
My favorite line "This brush is lit this brush says drug store"
Princess Jimin’s peasant
“It smells like nachos.”
taytay 22
taytay 22 16 kun oldin
Weren’t two of them on dance moms?
Kiz Bathurst
Kiz Bathurst 16 kun oldin
Call me jiggly😘
CakeBreakerGacha 16 kun oldin
Most of Kylie Glosses and LipSticks have some type if scent
CakeBreakerGacha 16 kun oldin
Daly 16 kun oldin
They arent really queens, they are kings...
Holy Bangtan
Holy Bangtan 17 kun oldin
She didnt get it bc she has so many naked palets?? Wdym
kc vlogs
kc vlogs 18 kun oldin
Littarly my favorite video
Kristy Logan
Kristy Logan 19 kun oldin
The pink ones were the real ones I would have noticed that
Chloe Lau
Chloe Lau 19 kun oldin
It is a cute blushh
Olivia Rundgren
Olivia Rundgren 19 kun oldin
Make a part 2 plsss
Elle Wright
Elle Wright 20 kun oldin
Red Cherry
Red Cherry 20 kun oldin
“It smells like nachos” ... “ooooo it smells like cupcakes”
Ii. Loe
Ii. Loe 20 kun oldin
I know this is a stupid question, but can girls be a drag queen??😭💀🤔
Chaney Clark
Chaney Clark 21 kun oldin
Why did Gilda remind me of sssniperwolf
Janelle Rubio
Janelle Rubio 21 kun oldin
"It smell like cake" 😂😂😂😂😂
Laura Que?
Laura Que? 21 kun oldin
JIGLLY 💗💗💗💗💗💗
Avery Hackerd
Avery Hackerd 22 kun oldin
3:35 just for funzies I’m going to swatch also him smell like nachos 😂😂lmaoooo
Dude Wallfe
Dude Wallfe 22 kun oldin
Danielle Dragneel
Danielle Dragneel 23 kun oldin
I literally have the same dress as Jan sport in blue I just felt as though I needed to say that
Mia S
Mia S 23 kun oldin
why are jiggly's eyebrows shiny and plastic?
Alyssa Dierking
Alyssa Dierking 23 kun oldin
If you haven't noticed all the pink ones are right and all the yellows are knock offs
DuckyMcSwagger Jonathan
Ps I am a girl it’s just my brother name
DuckyMcSwagger Jonathan
Are they all boys?
BADGIRLNIA 23 kun oldin
the knock offs probaly comes from china
Spiritax 24 kun oldin
Why do they have to be drag queens?
Asmr.Gaming. Net
Asmr.Gaming. Net 24 kun oldin
The girl with the (Beautiful!!!!) red dress looks like Katy Perry to me😂♥️
KawaiiThingLover 25 kun oldin
Their make up is beautiful!!
Adela Vlog BBY
Adela Vlog BBY 25 kun oldin
Are they boys?
Ruby Burrows
Ruby Burrows 26 kun oldin
Jiggly caliente is my sister !
Ghainaa AbuZaid
Ghainaa AbuZaid 26 kun oldin
0:12 she looks like Patrick Starr
Saranda M
Saranda M 27 kun oldin
How did they not notice that every fake knock off version had a neon green covering on it and the real ones were covered in neon pink! 😭😂
sidewize 27 kun oldin
I love how it’s easy to tell just by which one has a more high-end packaging before you even get to the product.
FleurCannon 27 kun oldin
Kat Mahtzy
Kat Mahtzy 27 kun oldin
I'm not what I thought I was I'm shook I'm gonna go buy makeup now
Mistwoof 27 kun oldin
Oml loved it! Any you guys look like REAL queens!
Dandilion Daisy
Dandilion Daisy 28 kun oldin
They needed to feel the top of the Kat liquid lip, *texture ❤️❤️❤️👌👌
Melisa Ceri
Melisa Ceri 28 kun oldin
leaaahmayyy I.
leaaahmayyy I. 28 kun oldin
may i call you Jiggly?
phoebe chandler
phoebe chandler 29 kun oldin
Omg I just said to myself omg they are so tacky looking and then I realized they were using neon sticky notes to cover the logo FML 😂😂
Limelight Beanz
Limelight Beanz 29 kun oldin
*Q U E E N S*
kadence Jansen
kadence Jansen 29 kun oldin
I love you guys I really like your guys hair 💋👄
- sad
- sad 29 kun oldin
i see jiggly i click
Noahthepanda 77
Noahthepanda 77 29 kun oldin
Why does Gilda wabbit look like Miz Cracker
Ella Mcloughlin
The drag queen that said i hope i get a high score she actually got 1/4
Angela Howard
Angela Howard Oy oldin
Wasn’t Jiggly Caliente on rupauls drag race?
Raegan Hunt
Raegan Hunt Oy oldin
I can’t believe they didn’t catch on that all the knockoffs were yellow and the real were pink 😂
Beauty Rose
Beauty Rose Oy oldin
Idk why people hate drag queens!Tbh they are pretty cool.
uhh brii
uhh brii Oy oldin
This video...made me so so so irritated.. That they were getting it wrong but.. I'm a makeup addict and I can't blame them 💀
KC Colley
KC Colley Oy oldin
I love drag queen's so much
Monkey21? Oy oldin
Onion rings
Onion rings Oy oldin
Monkey21? Gay isn’t even a offensive word anymore ur living in 2012
Brooklyn Mercado
It's always pink
bye elle
bye elle Oy oldin
Where do I get these knockoffs? If they can fool drag queens I’m down.
S H O O T I E Oy oldin
Knockoff work well but it's cancerous sooooo....
Max #
Max # Oy oldin
OneAndOnly Ana
Jiggly!!! 💖💖💖♥♥♥
Júlia Souza
Júlia Souza Oy oldin
I love Jigly
Brooke-Lynn Koran
All the real ones are pink and the fake ones are yellow
Victoria Hughes
jan sport is left handed
Uu Gg
Uu Gg Oy oldin
Are they male ! this is too gross
Taiyla Gaytan
Taiyla Gaytan Oy oldin
KawaiiKookie Oy oldin
Jan sport as in the company?
Aliyah Bah
Aliyah Bah Oy oldin
They’re all so fluffy howt
Annie Truong
Annie Truong Oy oldin
All the real ones are in neon pink
Adelaide The cheese block
OMFG the kylie one gave itself away because of the packaging how did they not know that the kylie one is silver
Huskie Lover
Huskie Lover Oy oldin
The "GIRL" with the pink "HAIR" is the worst drag Queen I ever saw
Ross Bey
Ross Bey Oy oldin
Girl ! that Urban Decay colour is as cute as that skincare brand @corporesanctum
Awkward Stranger Lady
SugarTheCookie 2006
Gilda looks amazing!
RascalMSP Oy oldin
Almost at 10M!
Sister Bella
Sister Bella Oy oldin
Wasn’t the wrong one covered with the yellow paper every time
Sandra Isaksson
Knockoff Makeup can contain everything from led to poo. www.express.co.uk/news/world/946903/makeup-fake-warning-poo-make-up-make-up-counterfeit-cosmetics-kylie-cosmetics-mac-nars Buy the real stuff. uzvid.com/video/video-G-VsdEy9IF8.html
T A Oy oldin
Omg jiggly couod legit be the sis of patrick starrr😍🙌🏼
Payton Rogers
Payton Rogers Oy oldin
Literally the fake ones had yellow on them
Just Another Girl
Is Jan sport Connor Franta like for real not even kidding?!?
Luisa Hettenhausen
k where do i buy the knockoffs tho?
zoellli mumber
Jiggly queen but I don't really like the other ones lol xD
Aaliyah Foster
Jiggly is soooo beautiful!😍😭
Elpu naattori
Elpu naattori Oy oldin
Jiggly Caliante??? What name is that?
Vecka Sir
Vecka Sir Oy oldin
Omg where did you find those fakes??!!! I want them !!!
prin Oy oldin
The yellow is knock-off and the pink is real
Lujain Bashir
Lujain Bashir Oy oldin
Lol are these boys first I though
Pufii Oy oldin
*It smelled like cake*
multiloiko Oy oldin
Gilda has a face that looks like if Finn Wolfhard was an adult and also a drag queen
Lovey Dub
Lovey Dub Oy oldin
The thing is, I don’t use makeup at all. ;-; Maybe lipgloss and a tiny lipstick, but rarely..
cassady noelle
i have a jansport backpack
Annie Msp
Annie Msp Oy oldin
Soo sassy
Amirah Gallimore
are they boy and if they are they are really pretty
Jenessa Peacock
Jiggly is amazing ❤️