Drag Queens Guess Real Vs. Knockoff Makeup

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"It smells like nachos."
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Blacklight Rollercoaster_Full Mix
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
The Game_NoVox
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/24082
Gilda Wabbit
Jan Sport
Jiggly Caliente



29-Mar, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 041
Miranda idogg
Miranda idogg 2 kun oldin
Rupaul is quaking
Iva Liu
Iva Liu 2 kun oldin
I love putting on make-up
Ella Tutic
Ella Tutic 3 kun oldin
Name of Kylies Lip kit that they used? PLS
Slime Queen44
Slime Queen44 4 kun oldin
Why are all drag queens boys
Eugenia Morrow
Eugenia Morrow 5 kun oldin
Are these men or woman or DRAG QUEENS
Cristi Palcu
Cristi Palcu 5 kun oldin
Kikuš 5 kun oldin
This is sick....
apado gwenchana
apado gwenchana 5 kun oldin
0:11 I seriously thought u were xiaxue
kay 6 kun oldin
“and that says drug store” I’M-
Candy heart
Candy heart 6 kun oldin
“It smells like nachos”
Alyssa Dierking
Alyssa Dierking 7 kun oldin
Haven't you noticed every neon yellow one was a knockoff!???
Catherine C
Catherine C 7 kun oldin
‘These two things are exactly similar’ 😂
ANDREW WALSH 7 kun oldin
"And that says drug store" lol my whole room says Wal-Mart
Bell Ledvmfnjyf TV Bggvvbg
Jiggly girl you SLAY
Haya Hamad
Haya Hamad 8 kun oldin
You are all boys
Minhlai :3
Minhlai :3 9 kun oldin
Is Jan Sport transgender?
Ava Val
Ava Val 9 kun oldin
Drag queen : I watch a lot of makeup videos * gets 1/6 * right
Kivis Blet
Kivis Blet 9 kun oldin
I have urban decay palette..
DeEtta McKnight
DeEtta McKnight 10 kun oldin
And dummy
DeEtta McKnight
DeEtta McKnight 10 kun oldin
And you are gay
DeEtta McKnight
DeEtta McKnight 10 kun oldin
I hate you 🖕
DeEtta McKnight
DeEtta McKnight 10 kun oldin
Alyssa Alyssa
Alyssa Alyssa 10 kun oldin
The one with the full head black hair her face looks like sssniperwolfs face idk like if you agree
ocean subs ;;
ocean subs ;; 10 kun oldin
I think drag queens are the best people to show you how to be confident!
Chloe Zheng
Chloe Zheng 11 kun oldin
Every single yellow one is a nockoff
Meda Meduolis
Meda Meduolis 11 kun oldin
all the makeup in pink are real and knockoffs are in green.. its easy. use logic 😅😄
Rhianna Turbill
Rhianna Turbill 11 kun oldin
Jan 💜
Burned Reyes
Burned Reyes 11 kun oldin
Why do they sound like boys
Killian Billings
Killian Billings 13 kun oldin
Dooz lips do
Canadian Tragedy
Canadian Tragedy 16 kun oldin
Jiggly’s wig... I love her but no.
Karina Montes
Karina Montes 20 kun oldin
It smells like nachos
lavagirl 8
lavagirl 8 20 kun oldin
I do not like these people
unicorn fun memes
unicorn fun memes 20 kun oldin
Just Me
Just Me 22 kun oldin
What is a Drag Queen?
Yassir Dakhouch
Yassir Dakhouch 24 kun oldin
Are they drag
Kimberly Ashley Grant
It's not Halloween yet
Kimberly Ashley Grant
Drag queen need to learn how to paint softer
HaNnAh lOvEs PiZzA 🍕
*It smells like nachos 😋*
Go Go
Go Go 27 kun oldin
they should do more drag queens try stuff!! their opinions are GREAT and FUN!
Fatoumata Soumare
Fatoumata Soumare 28 kun oldin
How did they not notice that all the knockoffs were neon yellow
Madhu Ghosh
Madhu Ghosh 28 kun oldin
gilda is kinda like bella thorne... like if you agree
Chaney Clark
Chaney Clark Oy oldin
Am i the only one who thinks Gilda Wabbit looks like sssniperwolf? 😂
Dva_monnie Overwatch
4:14 voice crack
Aimee Clarke
Aimee Clarke Oy oldin
How did they not notice that the neon yellow are knockoffs come girl 💄💄
Max Blood
Max Blood Oy oldin
Who are you're favorite queens mine are Katya Adore Trixie Jiggly Detox Hard to order them but Katya is my top
Zach Oy oldin
Who taught Jan Sport how to swatch, gurl. >:l
Kookie ARMY
Kookie ARMY Oy oldin
Knockof is allways neon yellow like if you saw that too
Sean Barry
Sean Barry Oy oldin
Ok Jan Sport may be one of the best drag names I have ever heard
Aeth Elion
Aeth Elion Oy oldin
Gilda Wabbit's eyes are similar to Talulah Riley who played Angela in Westworld
Amiel Laxamana
hey it's season 4 contestant of rupaul's drag race Jiggly Caliente
iconic_ixvy Oy oldin
jiggly caliente is my queen 👑✨😂
Louisseana Kathleen
I hate the drag queen who wears pink and has pink hair and she said 2 for 2 I HATE IT
The Gacha Sisters
Ihaia Rountree
SammyLps 18
SammyLps 18 Oy oldin
She watches youtube. Shes an expert
hans G
hans G Oy oldin
Jiggly has grown like, so much. Her paint looks good, those grills lookin good, I wish shed be on all stars
Time Traveler
Time Traveler Oy oldin
This is disgusting
Kawii Hedgehog The Fluff
“They are exactly similar” Me: *giggles*What....
kirbythani Oy oldin
I could smell the makeup through the phone
Mr Jammy James
You know I've really been getting interested in Drag Queen stuff and if I did it I recon I'd look stunning...maybe. Buy if I was doing this then I wouldn't really know what is the real and what is the knockoff
Lizzy Poop
Lizzy Poop Oy oldin
Oh Jiggly, that wig looks like you bought it at a dollar store. Why 😭😭😭
mavrick luv
mavrick luv 2 oy oldin
Giggly is me
Janet Pearce
Janet Pearce 2 oy oldin
The black girl with short black hair is STRAIGHT SAVAGE
I’m A Cow
I’m A Cow 2 oy oldin
Ummm where is katya? Where is ms matell?
artistic gaming
artistic gaming 2 oy oldin
Are They Men??
Dakota Wilson
Dakota Wilson 2 oy oldin
Loke The Lowkey
Loke The Lowkey 2 oy oldin
I’m the drag queens fans fam Cause I love drag queen There so cool!
My Gurl Jiggly 💙💙💙💙
winnie 2 oy oldin
i love gilda wabbit so much
Scott Rhodenizer
Scott Rhodenizer 2 oy oldin
"Slay" The best victory cry in the world.
Leila Trottier-Evans
Madison Bryan
Madison Bryan 2 oy oldin
My favorite line "This brush is lit this brush says drug store"
Princess Jimin’s peasant
“It smells like nachos.”
taytay 22
taytay 22 2 oy oldin
Weren’t two of them on dance moms?
Kiz Bathurst
Kiz Bathurst 2 oy oldin
Call me jiggly😘
Daria 2 oy oldin
They arent really queens, they are kings...
Holy Bangtan
Holy Bangtan 2 oy oldin
She didnt get it bc she has so many naked palets?? Wdym
kc Clair
kc Clair 2 oy oldin
Littarly my favorite video
Kristy Logan
Kristy Logan 2 oy oldin
The pink ones were the real ones I would have noticed that
Chloe Lau
Chloe Lau 2 oy oldin
It is a cute blushh
Olivia Rundgren
Olivia Rundgren 2 oy oldin
Make a part 2 plsss
Elle Wright
Elle Wright 2 oy oldin
Red Cherry
Red Cherry 2 oy oldin
“It smells like nachos” ... “ooooo it smells like cupcakes”
Ii. Loe
Ii. Loe 2 oy oldin
I know this is a stupid question, but can girls be a drag queen??😭💀🤔 Nevermind💀
Ii. Loe
Ii. Loe Oy oldin
mister bleach I just googled it, it’s a male who dresses up like a woman for entertainment.
Ii. Loe
Ii. Loe Oy oldin
mister bleach Oof
mister bleach
mister bleach Oy oldin
Good question IDK 😂😂😂
Janelle Rubio
Janelle Rubio 2 oy oldin
"It smell like cake" 😂😂😂😂😂
Laura Que?
Laura Que? 2 oy oldin
JIGLLY 💗💗💗💗💗💗
Avery Hackerd
Avery Hackerd 2 oy oldin
3:35 just for funzies I’m going to swatch also him smell like nachos 😂😂lmaoooo
Dude Waffle
Dude Waffle 2 oy oldin
Mare the red queen little lightning girl
I literally have the same dress as Jan sport in blue I just felt as though I needed to say that
Mia S
Mia S 2 oy oldin
why are jiggly's eyebrows shiny and plastic?
Alyssa Dierking
Alyssa Dierking 2 oy oldin
If you haven't noticed all the pink ones are right and all the yellows are knock offs
DuckyMcSwagger Potato
Ps I am a girl it’s just my brother name
DuckyMcSwagger Potato
Are they all boys?
BADGLRNIA 2 oy oldin
the knock offs probaly comes from china
Spiritax 2 oy oldin
Why do they have to be drag queens?
mister bleach
mister bleach Oy oldin
Because they want to *Simple*
Oof_kaylin 22
Oof_kaylin 22 2 oy oldin
The girl with the (Beautiful!!!!) red dress looks like Katy Perry to me😂♥️
KawaiiThingLover 2 oy oldin
Their make up is beautiful!!
Adela Vlog BBY
Adela Vlog BBY 2 oy oldin
Are they boys?
Ruby Burrows
Ruby Burrows 2 oy oldin
Jiggly caliente is my sister !
Ghainaa AbuZaid
Ghainaa AbuZaid 2 oy oldin
0:12 she looks like Patrick Starr
Saranda M
Saranda M 2 oy oldin
How did they not notice that every fake knock off version had a neon green covering on it and the real ones were covered in neon pink! 😭😂