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7-Iyl, 2018

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Link Up TV | Music
Watch Part 2 of Shiro's Story NOW uzvid.com/video/video-P7qJPUet81w.html
Dee Cox
Dee Cox Kun oldin
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just2good 416
just2good 416 2 kun oldin
Harry Costello
Harry Costello 6 kun oldin
thought this said part 2 of shadys story for a sec lmfao
billy bob
billy bob 4 soat oldin
Takeover + Ether = less schitzophrenia
Jacoby Solari
Jacoby Solari 4 soat oldin
In the slammer kid but I'm innocent Lord played witty wasn't having any pity Now in Razor Blade City Cry suppose the situation seen mad eyes of foes Drives a Rolls, hey, yo, money, what size are those? Need to phone me til another sprang up, hmm, to gang up On the skid, housing the phone like he didn't know how to hang up Would be hard though ought a minute or so and then yells time on a And when you get your commisary, buy this and that or else I'm gonna Be on that ass and won't stay off, extort, fig I say, way off Beaten death, you ain't protecting me, forgot today's my day off Hold my head and drift the Sumo weigh in knots and cars Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars, behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars [Slick Rick:] Showing off cause on the phone, click, losing all the hoes off Niggas housed the watch and Donna took all of the clothes off Nigga hell with the was for my clothes figured telling Every night it seem like mice be in and out a nigga cell and Still ain't home, like on the hook, seen a bunch of kids look Miss outdoors, never know what you have until it's tooken And in fact, the moment you fear, all of that, you quote snaps Well in a cell, did the exercises and wrote raps I be a bigger star than you, no never heard of the nigga Takes my raps and read aloud, I want to murder the migga Just kidding, no offend to it, finally he ended it Case dismissed, but your honor, DA kindly prevented it He told to the judge, don't free him, this brother trigger wars And not just that because I refuse to wash some jive nigga doors So hold the head, drift the Sumo weight in knots and cars Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars [Slick Rick:] One fight, the nigga trip, C.O. the rest he might scared By couldn't squeal, I's like officer that nigga right there Now if he ain't get me his friends will, needed a utensil It turn out, I had to stab him in the eye with a pencil State of shock, he made a yell, I said, now what you want traitor CO puts me in the bin, I see ya about a month later Back in population, didn't matter that his friends tensed The phone prints, the years added to the sentence Still chilling and all of that and I escaped When the damn thing sold, don't hit the sto' cause they made a rape attempt Thank goodness, failed, call out next, he wail out Here go the CO, Ricky Walters, back up, bailed out The Co couldn't see the rape, the kid'll snitch mass figure Fast trigger, you'll be back, you little bitch ass nigga Au revare, back to dating sluts and stars At least for now, no more accumulating cuts and scars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars.
Mohamed I
Mohamed I 6 soat oldin
MacTilla Beats
MacTilla Beats 8 soat oldin
CapeAndCrown 8 soat oldin
The fuck? This was fucking beat. 2009 Drake way better
iipray 15 soat oldin
I wish the was on apple music
Will Avery
Will Avery 22 soat oldin
Check out stuartell’s version it’s mental🔥🔥🔥
Nebiyu Fitta
Nebiyu Fitta Kun oldin
He bodied that.
callum clementt
callum clementt Kun oldin
can we get this on spotify please?
funkmastaflexxx Kun oldin
This is amazing , but Pre-recorded , just saying
Matt Simms
Matt Simms Kun oldin
Robert LaGuardia
put this on all platforms.
Ruby Colon
Ruby Colon Kun oldin
Learned this whole rap by heart n I’m proud 😭
Jencarloz Rodriguez
Why is this about x I know what tic tac toe is
xo_chri6.g Kun oldin
This is written obviously 🙄 but people will still” just hate its ugly af 🐐
Ninja Kun oldin
U fucking poser
Mish View
Mish View Kun oldin
Reaching #Eminem level ;)
duh duh
duh duh Kun oldin
Fuck drake
Mr. Chopin
Mr. Chopin Kun oldin
peep " clutch handla " music
Y Kun oldin
Ross Fransen
Ross Fransen 2 kun oldin
This is borderline better than every song on his album.
Kidd_Mellow 2 kun oldin
Drake I fuck wit you no doubt but we know you didn’t freestyle that
Havoc1521 2 kun oldin
Booty cheeks
Reality ap
Reality ap 2 kun oldin
This beat go stupid 🔥
Reality ap
Reality ap 2 kun oldin
The beat is stupid
Zay Moss
Zay Moss 2 kun oldin
Dwight Thomas
Dwight Thomas 2 kun oldin
Ar ab and joe black Better link up tv
Deadpool 2 kun oldin
The way he says it hehe
Mason James
Mason James 2 kun oldin
This man tryna sound road,a little bit cringe
XzanityGames 2 kun oldin
why does drake think hes from road
Singhy 129
Singhy 129 2 kun oldin
A Girl
A Girl 2 kun oldin
How have I not seen the music video yet i'm so late and stupid
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 2 kun oldin
I can't listen to this without hearing Joe Budden saying it 😭
Bianca Theodore
Bianca Theodore 2 kun oldin
When he bust out that west indian accent I be dying 😂😂 but this shit fire tho 🔥🔥
Saumil Shah
Saumil Shah 2 kun oldin
Fendi J
Fendi J 2 kun oldin
Drake Jamaican Accent In Full Effect On This One
S2killa9k Rico
S2killa9k Rico 2 kun oldin
Who wrote this for him
Moparfanq8 2 kun oldin
Zaniya E!!e'
Zaniya E!!e' 2 kun oldin
1 Day well make music together. I have to. No other choice.
Ivo Gomes
Ivo Gomes 2 kun oldin
kiss research credit grbksx past freshman rest doctrine wire.
Ivo Gomes
Ivo Gomes 2 kun oldin
Essential weak limitation nine award colleague lab hospital.
Victor Chavez
Victor Chavez 3 kun oldin
That's DRIZZY RIGHT THERE! I love it when he do his thing. When he not on his pop shit. He still got bars he never fell off. And he never will. He in my opinion is the best rapper of our generation. He's got bars, he makes hits, and sells millions, give to the poor. He's just a all around good guy. U can't dislike him and if u do it's because your a hater. If u listen to the Drake back in 2008-2009 when he first came out, you'll notice his flows haven't changed. He's just talking about different things cause his life's changed. He's still as hungry as he was back in the day.
OMGITZBRYAN 3 kun oldin
Can somebody pmo too some good UK rappers
ryile freeman
ryile freeman 3 kun oldin
What he mean by tat tat tat he means XXX
Busted Nut
Busted Nut 3 kun oldin
Add this to Apple Music
DeanBoyTv 3 kun oldin
i like it
Mauro Silva
Mauro Silva 3 kun oldin
My niggas who even said this was a freestyle? 😂 It clearly says "behind bars" I see nothing claiming it's a freestyle so hatin ass culeros sientate por favor. 🔥
Marvin Wilson
Marvin Wilson 3 kun oldin
Drizzy killed this song!
King Rob
King Rob 3 kun oldin
Trent Ray
Trent Ray 3 kun oldin
He also says youth and x was young
Trent Ray
Trent Ray 3 kun oldin
He says 666 represents to him
Trent Ray
Trent Ray 3 kun oldin
He says tat tat tat and x was shot 3 times
Trent Ray
Trent Ray 3 kun oldin
Drake killed x
Kinsleigh Davis
Kinsleigh Davis 3 kun oldin
Elijah Yates
Elijah Yates 3 kun oldin
before fortnite season 6 comes out who trying to play?
SeauxLeaux 3 kun oldin
Never used to rate his music the pop tings he done were wettttt but I can fuck with this he's released some bangers ngl but he needs to get away from dat pop shit now he's made serious p from it
Nelson Gomez
Nelson Gomez 3 kun oldin
Yooo! No one can fuck with my nigga DRAKE!!!
Marc Ahrens
Marc Ahrens 3 kun oldin
Please get this on Spotify
Riyaz Ahmed
Riyaz Ahmed 3 kun oldin
M8J sell8
M8J sell8 3 kun oldin
F drake what u do to x. Tell us
Bigsplif Lee
Bigsplif Lee 4 kun oldin
Yard man tingz London UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧
Kevin Roman
Kevin Roman 4 kun oldin
Huib 4 kun oldin
I usually hate Drake, but this is siriously lit.
Joe Bentham
Joe Bentham 4 kun oldin
Bata Mika
Bata Mika 4 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-mBUc_EXn3Bc.html Did a remix of this check it out
Navon Birthfield
Navon Birthfield 4 kun oldin
This rap is mad its like epic fam. Just that i dont like how he was saying big up this and big up this
Sprite Tyson
Sprite Tyson 5 kun oldin
Umma just come like "Tat,Tat,Tat" nice Menace 2 Society reference 🐐🐐💯💯💯💯💯
ericmansa 5 kun oldin
It's so nice hearing him freestlye when the DJ isn't yelling and blowing sirens every 2 seconds haha
Toavina Andriamampianina
This is the best rap singer
Drakes Princess
Drakes Princess 5 kun oldin
Beautybyme X
Beautybyme X 5 kun oldin
Kim Sanchez
Kim Sanchez 5 kun oldin
Why isn’t this freestyle in his album?! It’s lit 🔥🔥
Isaias E Ayala
Isaias E Ayala 5 kun oldin
Ya finna needa pu this on Spotify so everyone can listen to this fire right nowws🔥🔥
Kaden Shiver
Kaden Shiver 5 kun oldin
This is why drake is an OG he never fell off, name one other artist that has been going this hard for this long..... go ahead ill wait. Hes still got the same kinda flow as back in the day when him and WAYNE was slayin the game.
mrtheluckybucket 2 kun oldin
Billy Joel.
SawceNextDoor 3 kun oldin
Let ne think ummm noone
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 5 kun oldin
Rip x
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson 5 kun oldin
SPOTIFY? Come on Drizzy my man 😩🔥
GlockTube X
GlockTube X 5 kun oldin
Overrated just a bit
MOTION / 5 5 kun oldin
What instrumental is this
E NATION 5 kun oldin
Yo someone get this guy an oyster card fam
Augie Jasso
Augie Jasso 5 kun oldin
This mf is the goat
Darkest Lightskin
Darkest Lightskin 5 kun oldin
This flow and beat was on world star hip hop questions
Rashdan Khan
Rashdan Khan 5 kun oldin
Put this on spotify man
dj d
dj d 5 kun oldin
el cannon
el cannon 5 kun oldin
SSJG 5 kun oldin
Zay Moss
Zay Moss 6 kun oldin
sara long
sara long 6 kun oldin
Blake Mcbeth
Blake Mcbeth 6 kun oldin
Where’s the response?
xverni5 6 kun oldin
i cannot stop rewinding this
Shaiko Laboy Official
Derrick Anene
Derrick Anene 6 kun oldin
Ayyeee this is fire yo Drake is the GOAT!
Nathan Nealis
Nathan Nealis 6 kun oldin
Grime doesn’t work with drake, just keep it with the brits 😂😂
Chowdhury Daiyan
Chowdhury Daiyan 3 kun oldin
Nathan Nealis this ain’t even grime. It’s drill
cee rod
cee rod 7 kun oldin
Another good track drake 👏👏
Brooklyn Hollis
Brooklyn Hollis 7 kun oldin
Wtf was the label thinking! This shouldve been on the album and im sure it wouldve been a good hit!
koalas OG
koalas OG 4 kun oldin
This came out after scorpion dropped
Jahiem The dream
Jahiem The dream 7 kun oldin
Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris 7 kun oldin
Travel Size
Travel Size 7 kun oldin
WHY THE FUCK is this still not on spotify after two months
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson 7 kun oldin
don't poo poo Drake that was decent
Oy oldin
Mob Ties
Oy oldin