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We draw our life. Thank you all for everything you've done for us.
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18-Iyl, 2017

Dolan TwinsDraw my life



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Bella Grace
Bella Grace 2 daqiqa oldin
Now everyone who didn’t wanna be their friends and was mean to them is watching their videos and regretting their live decisions. Karmas b
Freya Hills
Freya Hills 3 daqiqa oldin
Omg this made me cry ily guys so much ❤️😘xxx
Bryannah Burchard
Bryannah Burchard 6 daqiqa oldin
“Pre Skool”😂
Corynn Brown
Corynn Brown 32 daqiqa oldin
Lol u know what's funny, You guys are on Episodes 😂😂
Miley Alfaro
Miley Alfaro 53 daqiqa oldin
3:10-3:15 tho lmao
Niya Chowdhury
Niya Chowdhury 56 daqiqa oldin
When people ask me to draw my life all I say is ..... I HAVE NO LIFE
Madison Getz
Madison Getz Soat oldin
I live in Olimpia Washington, I have only been to California, Oregon, and Montana I wish I could come to Las Angelus!!😓😥😥
GamingMCpro Soat oldin
So happy grayson survived
Alexa Kathleen
Alexa Kathleen 2 soat oldin
3:11 when they screamed it was 12-12:45 and my volume was like halfway up (mind everyone was asleep and it was dead silent) and my parents woke up and yelled at me to stop screaming 💀
Lesliee Gomez
Lesliee Gomez 2 soat oldin
omg this is so old but SO FUCKING CUTE AWWWW
Meike Hofman
Meike Hofman 2 soat oldin
3:15 759k atm...
Madeline Call
Madeline Call 3 soat oldin
20 minutes! I feel bad for my mom, I was born 2 hours and 11 minutes before my sister😂
Kateřina 3 soat oldin
I was born the same day 😃😃
Kailey Sturtz
Kailey Sturtz 3 soat oldin
My Name is Kailey a lot Like Bailey 😁😁
Holly’s Life
Holly’s Life 3 soat oldin
Rip Sean Dolan I’m happy u got to visit Ireland witch is my own hometown I fucking love u
Lia Taylor
Lia Taylor 4 soat oldin
When they yelled my ears where quaking
Daisy Hyde
Daisy Hyde 5 soat oldin
Great video 😃
Luna Eilish
Luna Eilish 6 soat oldin
R.i.p Sean♥️
Camila Ortellado
Camila Ortellado 6 soat oldin
Rest In Peace sean😭
xXGachaGrlXx hey
xXGachaGrlXx hey 6 soat oldin
I live in ireland
Danielle Parrish
Danielle Parrish 8 soat oldin
rip Sean😭 we love you and you will never be forgotten💔❤️
sapphire_slayer 2007
sapphire_slayer 2007 10 soat oldin
Yo i found your old channel unimoo 36 - ASMR
ella brodie
ella brodie 12 soat oldin
GamergirlHD Heya
GamergirlHD Heya 14 soat oldin
r. I. p Mr. dolan
Confused. Carme
Confused. Carme 14 soat oldin
OMG 3:11 killed meh bc I had my headphones at full volume and it killed meh ears •••••••••• WARNING EAR RAPE!!!!😂😂😂
bella lol
bella lol 15 soat oldin
Is your dad alive
Hype Beast
Hype Beast 15 soat oldin
R.I.P Dolan Twins DAD 😔😞😢😓
BlakeBeast 16 soat oldin
R.I.P sean dolan. ❤️
Murphy 16 soat oldin
My sisters and I are unidentical twins we are 1 min apart I sort of wish we were identical because everyone thinks we are like 3-4 years apart I age and I feel like it would make us a lot close 😭❤️💖
Addison Thorp
Addison Thorp 17 soat oldin
So sad to think that if they ever go on tour again...Sean won’t be there...gawd I’m so sorry guys...😭😭😭...my prayers go out to y’all...💜💜💜...feel better and spend as much time as possible with your family as you need...I know this can’t be easy...don’t forget...we are all here for you...LOVE YOU GUYS...😭💜😭...RIP Sean...gone but never forgotten...#Sean-Nation4Ever and always...💜💜💜
Kyleigh Cameron
Kyleigh Cameron 17 soat oldin
I miss Sean, yes I am watching this the day he has passed, we will all miss him and we love him forever and always, rest peacefully Sean💜
Jaide Coombes
Jaide Coombes 17 soat oldin
I’m watching this after Sean ( their dad ) died and it was kinda sad when they started to talk about how he introduced them to sports
Darek Acevedo
Darek Acevedo 17 soat oldin
3:11 earrap
Ivy L
Ivy L 17 soat oldin
“To this day we still don’t know if we’re fraternal or identical twins” Brooooo y’all r obviously identical twins😂😂😂
Once you Jimin You can’t Jimout
Found out that their dad had died yesterday (or someday near that, as I do not know the exact details) and came back to watch this. I hope you are doing well Ethan and Grayson, he will forever be in your family’s hearts if he is not here physically ❤️
Delilah Frentz
Delilah Frentz 17 soat oldin
They were 15 when they moved out?!? Shiiii
Shelly Garcia
Shelly Garcia 18 soat oldin
So sad
Arionna Lemrick
Arionna Lemrick 18 soat oldin
Love the vid and love you guys
Nikeeta Khurana
Nikeeta Khurana 18 soat oldin
Omg I live in nj
ALI D 19 soat oldin
The same thing happens to me when I was born I got stuck and stoped breathing
#devilsdaughter 19 soat oldin
That butt at 8:49 Also was he flipping us off at 8:51
JustErich 26
JustErich 26 19 soat oldin
0:51 “I don’t know how he died”
VictoriaRosë 19 soat oldin
Awe, and their dad just died😭😭😢
Alexis Senopole
Alexis Senopole 19 soat oldin
Did anyone come here from tik Tok???
Kaerae303 20 soat oldin
Me and my twin are a minute apart😂
BTS fan Girl
BTS fan Girl 20 soat oldin
BTS fan Girl
BTS fan Girl 19 soat oldin
BTS fan Girl
BTS fan Girl 20 soat oldin
3:12 rip me I’m a head phone user
Maya Breakspear
Maya Breakspear 20 soat oldin
RIP Sean! 💜
azariah paige
azariah paige 20 soat oldin
Rih sean.Prayers for you guys family.-paige and kidd family.
Rianna Swain
Rianna Swain 20 soat oldin
fly high sean 🕊🤧💔